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This is so relaxing… 🌻🙌

When I have a tiring day, being creative in the studio keeps my spirits high.🍀🌠☄️

We all need positivity, patience, and self-belief. 🕊️💐

Before this, I believed that it was a waste of time, that I couldn’t do it. But times changed, my head changed and now I know that I always could.🙌🌠

The problem has always been that I expected someone to encourage me, when in reality it was me who should encourage me. 💐🐝


So please consider fending for yourself, even if no one believes in you 🙌🌠💐

Believe in yourself and you will achieve anything! It is a promise!

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Here’s my weekly spread for October 19 - 25! It’s been a busy week, trying to keep up with some projects and other life admin stuff. 

Made a new weekly and daily templates in portrait mode - and its FREEE !


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October 26 || stuck on replay

If you could dedicate only one song to yourself, which song would you choose and why? For me, I would choose The Reason by Hoobastank, acoustic. I destroy myself every day fighting between recovery and relapse. This song helps to keep me grounded and it reminds me every time I struggle why I’m fighting in the first place.

So what song would you choose to dedicate to yourself?

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¿Cuando quieres resaltar algo importante no sabes con que color hacerlo y cuando lo vuelves a ver no sabes porque lo hiciste?

Puedes etiquetar los plumones con un código para diferenciar todos los apuntes✨🔮📚💫

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540 | Waiting for my bar results to come back like…

I’m hopeful they’ll get them to us earlier than normal this year - fewer people took the exam and the exam was shorter! - but am only cautiously optimistic. I think it’ll likely take longer than expected to review the flags from the remote monitoring service, and that’ll hold the score release up. So until then I will just wait extremely anxiously. 

Currently Listening - What Is Life? George Harrison [Spotify playlist

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midterm grades are going in this week :0 kinda happy kinda stressed. as a side note my boyfriend calls my coffee “chocolate milk” like ok cool kid we get it you drink black coffee psh,,, another side note: let’s ignore the fact that im drinking coffee at 6pm yes?

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Day 7/100 days of productivity

Some neurophysiology and a lot of planning for weeks to come.

I haven’t been as productive these couple of days since we were all worried because my sister and I showed symptoms of Covid. Today she tested positive and I tested negative and we are in isolation for the next 2 weeks , so I am only predicting a lot of studying . Hopefully I will get on top of everything.

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26.10.20 | Days of Productivity [26/100]

I had to work again after two weeks of vacation. Sadly, I didn’t utilize my time off enough and now I have to put in more work this week.

I managed to skim/read 3 sources (and crossed off another 2 which aren’t relevant for my paper). It is getting dark at 5pm now due to the switch to standard time and I was super tired. I did make myself study 2 hours which is okay for my first day back at work. I can’t wait to be finished with my thesis but it will probably take another 4 months. I’ve been researching for 2 months now and plan to start outlining next week.

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Ahh I take the SAT tomorrow and am STRESSED. I’ve done 900+ practice questions on Khan Academy but still don’t think I’m gonna be happy with my score

Day 22 - Tag someone who makes you smile


- Maria has always been so sweet! Her tagging me in things and complimenting my beach photos always makes me smile🥰

Day 23 - Tag someone whose blog you always check 


- There’s a few blogs I’ll always go through and check after I’ve been kinda inactive for a bit, and Chazza’s is one of them! Chazza has beautiful content, and great taste in music

Day 24 - Tag someone who posts the best text posts


- I recently discovered Sophie’s blog, and as someone in my third year of taking French, it’s been a fun and helpful challenge trying to read their posts!

-A, 10/26/20

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