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Day 17/100 of productivity


Today’s pathology test was okayish. I didn’t do very well but, considering a week and more long sickness I think I need to cut some slack. It’s alright, things like this happen - I’ve told my self repeatedly.

The second half of the day however was very productive. I managed to finish 2 topics from immunology and I’m proud of this feat. It’s 1am so, I’m going to go get some sleep. I want to use tomorrow to study and prep for the next exams.

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snow outside

I officially hate my school. I’ve always disliked it, but these days I hate it even more. My school is made for white rich people who don’t understand struggle. I do admit that not all these people are bad, but this school seems to attract the worst of the worst. I wish I could leave and go remote. Well… I’m kind of thinkings that I should since we just started the semester. Any one has any advice or motivation I would appreciate it. I just had a very hard day dealing with very racist and sexist people. (The pic is how mature people are in this college)

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Lo vas a olvidar
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The Acute Accent (é/á/ó/ú)

The acute accent has a few purposes in Dutch:

  1. to stress a word in a phrase
  2. distinguish the word een (a) from the word één (one)
  3. identify the difference between meanings of the word ‘voor’ (for)
  4. indicate that a word is derivative of French (ex. coupé)

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23:37, january 25, 2021 - day 57

i didn’t fail my history exam yay !! i did cry though but that’s normal <3 the good news is that my next exam isn’t until thursday so i get to rest yahoo~
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25 January 2021

Day 1 of my #SpringQuarantineStudyChallenge!

Welcome welcome!  I can’t wait to enjoy this challenge and hopefully have an amazing semester/quarter/school season with all of you!  

Alright well let’s just jump in with our latest challenge and the first question of the challenge!  What are your goals?

Here are mine!

1. Straight A’s!  That’s always my goal honestly, and last semester I was sooooo close!  All A’s and one B, and frankly I cried with relief when I got those grades back.  Last semester was really really hard, and the fact I survived was a miracle all by itself.  So hopefully I can truly THRIVE this semester!

2. Do all of my readings and study hard and smart.  I am a big advocate of work smarter not harder, but admittedly I do sometimes skimp on my readings when I’m stressed out.  So I am going to do all of my readings and work on being an effective student, hopefully I get even better grades with less time studying.

3. Get better at stepping away.  I find I am really prone to over checking my school website and therefore not getting enough genuine rest.  I want to create better work life boundaries because I don’t have that boundary physically anymore due to covid.  My bed and my desk are right beside each other.  

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Hello! This was such a fun lesson to learn. Have you witnessed an eclipse in person?

 🌸 I remember when I was a kid, I witnessed a lunar eclipse when we were on our way home from the grocery store. It was so fascinating!

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I bought a few German textbooks and didn’t get the chance to start them until now. I really want to start learning some grammar (I’ve been avoiding it tbh) now that I’ve memorized a lot of vocabulary. So I’m trying to patiently and get through these chapters. 


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Hello, and welcome to my quarterly i-fell-behind-again-but-i’m-having-one-of-those-super-motivated-moments-so-i’m-gonna-commit-to-being-productive-on-tumblr-and-then-forget-about-it-in-2-weeks moment.


Originally posted by abasketofgifs

Enough has been said on this blog about me trying to be productive and starting a new productivity challenge and then failing at it, and you know what? I’m okay with it because that’s life. That’s just how it works, its never how you plan it to be. But that being said, I feel a lot of it depends on what and how you CHOOSE to act in any given moment that really decides how ‘life’ is going, you know. Obviously nothing is ever in our control, 2020 taught us enough about it, but it also taught us that we can really choose what we want to do about it.

More often than not, I CHOOSE to not live like I want to, I CHOOSE to binge watch netflix, and eat a whole bag of chips and do nothing and lay around. Its very unfair to push it on ‘life not always playing around to be how I plan’. So, starting today, I choose to be a person who makes conscious choices about how I spend my time and my day and choose to try harder to be my ideal self.

I was studying and I stressed out so much (finished a whole family pack of chips by myself and got a large chocolate milkshake - being fully aware how bloated dairy makes me) when I realised how much I still had to get done, and then I asked myself - why do I do this? Its not like I don’t realise I’m wasting my time, but then why do I let it get to this point where the stress makes it difficult to breath. Well, because I choose to let it. Henceforth, I’m going to stop being my enemy, I’m going to stop getting in my own way. I’ll push myself to be a better person, to get closer to my ideal day, everyday and to not lose vision of what I want.

This is a big year for me. I graduate uni in May (if I pass my exam, im so nervous, ngl), I want to apply for my dream job in August and if things go well, I’ll be moving to a whole new CONTINENT by September/October. It really is a big year and I won’t stop myself from achieving these things. I won’t let the devil that stays in my head, get the better of me. I just won’t. 

I really hope each one of us achieves what we want to this year (unless what you want is detrimental to someone else’s heath/wellbeing - really need to put this out while manifesting, considering all that is going around atm), and I hope we will all make ourselves proud. This is your sign, commit to that routine, get off your own back, stop being your own obstacle and go chase that life you want. Put your heart and soul and all your blood, sweat, tears into it and see how beautifully it chases you back <3 (any fellow armys got that BTS reference? *wink*) 

Do it for yourself, just believe in you goddamnit. DO IT! I’m rooting for you.

HAPPY 2021!!!!

Manifesting all good vibes for you and for me :)


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