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I feel like my love of academics and my course makes it simultaneously easier and more difficult to write essays. I start one, and I’m really loving the work, getting in this awesome flow, then I get stuck thinking “what if this sucks, what if my prof hates it, I’ll be so heartbroken” and then I stop, procrastinate for forever and then start the whole cycle all over again. 

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02.05.2020 - 23/60 days of productivity

i took care of so many phone calls this morning it’s crazy. is this what adulthood is? anyway, i also had my online greek class, did my grocery shopping and managed two hours to work through a chapter for exam prep.

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The secret to your future is in your daily routine.
Don’t study because you need to. Study because knowledge is power. Study because they can never take it away from you. Study because you want to know more. Study because it enhances you. Study because it grows you.
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I went to the stationery shop today. This was the first time I went outside since march. I bought these lovely pens. Studied chemical equilibrium but today wasn’t a productive day for me.

Currently listening: Fromm- Midnight Driver

Currently reading:  Normal People by Sally Rooney

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Hey guys!

Today I had geography zoom class in yhe morning and then I cought up on german. I still have homework to do for math tomorrow.

Something fun outside school I did today is that I cooked a miso soup and it turned out delicious!

I missed this place so much but I had to take a break. I hope to be back now regularly 😊

Xoxo - Nats

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I’m currently learning Mandarin (Chinese) at school and self-taught for Spanish. At first, I found that teaching myself a language is very tricky because I struggled and didn’t know where to start. Here are 30 topics that you can get start to learn a new language. Hope this can help!

1. Basic vowels, diphthongs, and consonants (different languages have different ways to pronounce them)

2. Greeting phrases (hello, how are you, what’s your name, how old are you)

3. Polite phrases (thank you, nice to meet you, i’m sorry, you’re welcome, excuse me, please)

4. Basic people (girl, boy, child, adult, he, she, I, me, you)

5. Number (1-1000, 1 million, phone number, house number)

6. Time (morning, afternoon, evening, night, o'clock, weekdays, months, years)

7. Basic verbs (drink, eat, speak, say, work, study)

8. Family (grandparents, parents, siblings, form sentence to introduce members in the family, where do you live)

9. Sentence structure (learn how to form one independent sentence)

10. Negative sentence structure (i’m not, i don’t have, i don’t know)

11. Question phrases (what, when, where, why, who, how, do you…)

12. Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, brunch)

13. Food (vegetable, meat, fruits, noodles, rice, dessert, fast food, adjective related to food like delicious, sour, sweet, bitter, spicy)

14. Drinks (tea, milk, coke, juice, smoothie, soda)

15. Colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, brown, grey, black, white)

16. Emotions (happy, angry, sad, bored)

17. Transportations (bicycle, walk, bus, car, motorcycle, subway, train)

18. Clothing (accessories, shirts, t shirts, pants, jeans, shorts, dresses)

19. Directions (around, left, right, front, back, north, south, east, west)

20. Basic animal (dog, cat, cow, chicken, bear, fish)

21. Traveling (countries’ names, hotels, culture, customs, traditions)

22. Weather (sunny, rainy, snow, temperature, hot, cold, cool)

23. Seasons  (spring, summer, fall, winter)

24. State of being (i’m sick, i’m uncomfortable, i’m hungry, i’m thirsty)

25. Hobbies (drawing, singing, dancing, reading, writing, watching movies, listening to music, playing musical instrument)

26. Sports (swimming, soccer, volleyball, basketball, hockey, badminton, tennis, baseball, softball)

27. School (subjects like art, science, literature, math, classes, courses, when school starts/ends, classroom, exam, tests, book, pens, calculator, notebook)

28. More verbs (wake up, go to sleep, go to school, cook, play sports, buy)

29. Technology (phones, laptop, social media, app, benefits, disadvantage, internet, TV, chat, video call, call)

30. Occupations (doctor, nurse, architect, businessman, accountant, chef)

31. Past tense (i did…, i was…, i traveled…., yesterday, last week, last year)

32. Future tense (i will, i am going to, tomorrow, next week, next year)

33. Complex sentence structure (if…,then…; besides…, also…;however..,.;but)

34. Locations (school, building, office, cinema, shop, shopping center, library)

35. Body parts (eye, nose, mouth, ear, head, hair, arm, hand, leg, foot, teeth)

36. Description (tall, short, long, thin, fat, skin/hair/eye color, adjective like funny, intelligent, beautiful, handsome)

37. Environment (earth, environment, trees, trash, turn off light/electricity, plastic bags, pollution, recycle, climate change)

38. Cooking (add, stir, boil, grill, fry, chop, mix, bake)

39. Festivals (new year holiday, Christmas holiday, easter, halloween)

40. Preposition (above, below, under, next to, in front, at the back, opposite)

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Day 6/10

i reviewed some gen chem 1 material from last semester to help me remember for when i start learning gen chem 2 stuff on my own.

song recommendation of the day: alright by keshi

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Day 6/100 - hundered days of productivity

Today I:

  • Went on a walk
  • Bought groceries
  • Cleaned the kitchen

My productivity level has gone down mainly because i have been sleeping so late and feeling so drained the whole day… I need to pick it back up 🤍

What happened to George Floyd breaks my heart, the fact that this still happens in 2020, especially in countries like America where it is viewed as a powerful country. This is just sickening. I wish more could be done.

My heart also goes to those families that have been affected by looters, I know this is not talked about as much but I can’t help but feel for them as my family has been through this in the past. I know the rioters are not the same as protestors, and it’s fucked up knowing there is people taking advantage of George Floyd’s death to loot and gain things from it, especially when its not POC.

I wish this whole thing would resolve soon. I don’t know what it feels like to be black in the US, but I will try my best to educate myself on it and try to donate and help out as much as possible. ❤️

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I’ve passed my B1 German exam! 😊♥️ Today I start B2 and I’m so motivated to pass soon with coffee and vegan matcha cookies!

Have a great week everyone~ ☺️🌸

[100 days of productivity 32/100]

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