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Some math notes from last semester because I really haven’t taken any new book and here are some extracts from my book titled “the exact opposite of a growing perpetuity” that I’m currently working on. This book is so close to my heart and I hope it goes well.

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I had so much fun filming this 🥰🎥 A quick time lapse of me working on some character notes and developments! I’ll post some pictures tomorrow of how it all came out 🎨✒️
What do you guys listen to while you work? For me if I’m doing artwork and illustrations I have my audiobooks on or if I’m having to write and focus it has to be instrumental music 🎼
Do you like these kind of videos? Or do you prefer IGTV? Let me know in the comments ☀️💕
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(at New Zealand)

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april 3, 2020 – I know everyone has had some difficulties when it comes to studying at home, especially when many of us are used to studying at college in huge libraries. Many of us don’t have that at home, but here are just a few things that can make your time studying at home much more comfortable and productive. Also please do wash your hands and stay a safe distance from others. Stay safe guys!

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text :)

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So here are some few tips that help me to get my shit done

  • clean space, make it functional for u to study there (and also pretty bc come on, when it’s looking good, study feels good)
  • put your phone away (like in an other room or download an the forest app)
  • don’t use your phone at your work place 
    bc ur work space should be a place where you only work and do nothing more (ik this tip is not going to work for everyone but it helped me)
  • make breaks on a regular basis
    pleeease don’t work when u are feeling too tired or stressed bc it’s not the quantity u spend on studying it’s the quality -> study smart ;)
  • eat healthy and move regularly 
    I say it, the internet says it so I’d should be true yk
  • shower, stay hydrated kids
  • keep a to-do list visible to you all the time 

well, that’s all I’ve got so far ah and most importen


It sound so easy but honestly it is: sit down, put ur phone away pull out ur notes, book whatever the f*ck ur use to study and start u’ll get in the flow faster than u think but u gotta star somewhere

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h hope you all get through quarantine time well. i’m actually doing okay. i miss the school routine. i wake up way too late and then rush around with all the school stuff I have to do and then forget to take care of myself. but today i do biology and math homework and then it’s me time! i take a shower, lay out clothes for tomorrow and then watch a ghibli movie or something (which I have wanted to do for ages).

(the pictures, in which I clearly do english, were taken just before the email from my teacher, who informed us that she had moved the deadlines).

i wish you all the best and stay clean! :)


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French Vocab - High Fantasy


une elfe - elf

un nain - dwarf

un troll - troll

un orque - orc

un halfelin - halfling

un fée/une féerie - fairy

un lutin - pixie/sprite/leprechaun/imp/goblin

un vampire - vampire

un loup-garou - werewolf

un loup - wolf

un(e) dragon(ne) - dragon

un centaure - centaur

un minotaure - minotaur

un génie - genie

un druide - druid

un barde - bard

un chevalier - knight

un ranger - ranger

un clerc - cleric

un barbare - barbarian

un combattant - fighter

un moine - monk

un voyou - rogue

un démoniste - warlock

un voleur - thief

un donjon - dungeon

un sorcier - wizard

une socière - witch

un(e) nécromancien(ne) - necromancer

un(e) prince(sse) - prince/princess

un roi - king

une reine - queen

un royaume - kingdom

une épée - sword

un bâton - staff

un arc et une flèche - bow and arrow

un poignard - dagger

une potion - potion

la magie - magic

la sorcellerie - sorcery

un enchantement - enchantment

un sort - spell

un cristal - crystal

des pièces d’or - gold coins

des pièces d’argent - silver coins

une guilde - guild


empaler - to impale

jouter - to joust

tuer - to slay/kill

lancer - to cast (a spell)

conspirer - to conspire

céder - to yield

conquérir - to conquer


écailleux - scaly

irisé - shining

courageux - courageous

résilient - tough

humblement - lowly/humble

dépravé - corrupt

malveillant - malevolent

magique - magical

bienveillant - benevolent

ancien(ne) - ancient

frêle - frail

faible - weak

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French Classical Mythology Vocab

Correct me if anything’s wrong~


mythologie - mythology

une dryade - dryad

une nymphe - nymph

une naïade - naiad

une sirène - siren

un(e) centaure(sse) - centaur

un(e) satyre(sse) - satyre

un faune - faun

les olympiens - the Olympians

un héros - hero

un dieu - god

une déesse - goddess

un demi-dieu - demigod

un mortel - mortal

un monstre - monster

cornes - hornes

une hydre - a hydra

un griffon - griffin

un messager - messenger

une harpe - harp

une légende - legend

le labyrinthe - the labyrinth

céleste - celestial

la prophétie - prophecy

l'aventure - adventure

la mer - sea

un navire - ship

la rivière - river

les bois/forêts - woods/forests

une île - island

la guerre - war

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Hello everyone and welcome🇬🇧
The official first post of The Average Learner. What’s that!? Well according to … okeay okeay STOP!! It won’t be like that! I have been following so many #studygram accounts and it clicked “hey if you really decided to study some new languages, then why dont you create an account to get some inspo on the bad days”. Waoo that’s a cool idea specially during corona 🦠 #whencannotdecide to watch 10 more episodes of your fave series or play 7 more hours with @thesims . Well that’s me, and actually I play 8h.
I truly enjoy creating videos and pictures, therefore it should be fun. Let’s see!
My goal is to learn this absolutely beautiful and crazily #hardtopronounce language 🇫🇷 If you are in the same shoes as me join, to the language club or any kind of learning, reading, singing or sleeping clubs and let’s have fun together!

btw: we can play w @thesims too

Welcome: the average learner
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