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My motivation to do any work on my dissertation since lockdown began has been… zero. Instead I’ve been procrastinating by cleaning the house and baking things like the double chocolate brownies pictured above! However, today I realised that despite my lack of motivation I still have to work on my papers - so self discipline is my new approach, I’ll let you know how it works out! Stay home and stay safe lovelies. // 01.04.20

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03312020 - 1843

day 2/30 days left of the semester

- 2020 Quarantine Challange -

week one, tuesday - how are you being taught your lessons?

My classes have sort of abandoned our lectures. We mostly get professor notes and then we are told to read the textbook and do the online assignments and study for the tests. It’s a lot to take in all at once.

I also feel like my brain is all over the place and can’t really focus on one subject at a time. It’s different when you’re at school because you are sitting in a classroom talking about the subject for an hour so you can zone in until the next one. At home I kind of feel like I’m sitting in all of them at the same time. I think I would like to do zoom lectures but we aren’t having any, unfortunately. 

I’m in a speech class though and on presentation days we have to give our speech through Microsoft teams, so that willl be interesting. I have a practice meeting next week. Hopefully by then everything will start to be a little easier.

It’s very rainy here again. I am thankful for the few days of sun and warmth we had and now I don’t feel so bad for staying inside to do work since it’s not pretty out. 

Tomorrow begins a new month and a new readathon which I am excited about. I just hope I have enough time to read as much as I would like to.

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Quarantine study Challenge - Week 2 (01/04/20)

Wed - take a picture of your most colourful notes

I don’t really highlight my notes or make them look pretty because of the sheer amount of content so here’s a random page from my psychology stats textbook that I went over recently 😂✨

Click pics for hq

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quarantine challenge week 2

Wed - Take a picture of your most colourful notes


Almost all my notes are digital, and normally I do headings in orange, the majority of the text in black, sidenotes and labels in blue, and examples in green, with yellow highlighting for subheadings or important conclusions, but French class is pretty different from physics lectures, so I’ve ended up with much more colourful stuff. I’m sure it’s not as aesthetic as a lot of other people’s but it’s enjoyable enough for me to read

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¼/2020 | I’ve only had three 25 minute lectures this week, makes me feel like I’m falling behind cause I’m doing way less than normal. I still have plenty of assignments due though, so I’m going to plod along with those.

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My set up during social isolation, I’ve spread out on the dining table because I have too many flash cards for my desk.

Also my bullet journal layout for the month. I wanted something easy to keep up with and more minimal so I don’t waste time trying (and failing) to make it look good so I just copied Elsa Rhae’s monthly spread but adapted it to fit me a bit better with the monthly tracker.

How are you guys keeping productive during this time?

🎵Laura - Bat For Lashes

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> studyblr 2o2o quarantine challenge <

Week 2 ||  Wed - Take a picture of your most colourful notes

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m getting ready for my physics of matter exam, one of the last two left before graduation. I really like this subject but I’m quite happy I won’t continue studying this the next year because I qant to focus more on courses that really interest me.

How is this quarantine going?

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1st April 2020 - I’ve found it so helpful to write down a list of long-term goals foe the lockdown period. Most of them are personal and creative goals, rather than academic or professional. Things like: starting a blog, getting better at guitar, doing a bit of creative writing every day. 

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During these uncertain times, you might feel a little down and disorganized. To feel energized and clarified, I do a weekly reset. You might be wondering what exactly that is or how can you do it, so I’m here to walk you through what I do during these process to clear all of the mental and physical clutter in my life.

Physical Clutter

I always start off with the physical and material part of my reset because it’s just quicker and it is easier to see the progress.

Clear your inbox. I always start off with this because I’m such a mess at organizing my digital space and my e-mail inbox is full of spam, google calendar reminders and lots of unuseful school e-mails. I move into the archive everything that I might need to refer back to later on such as e-mails from my professors and access codes to various platforms (more on this later). I delete all the spam e-mails from shops and random websites, I read the newsletters I am subscribed to and I answer those e-mails that I forgot to address during the week. 

Save your codes and passwords. After clearing my inbox from all the unnecessary stuff, I proceed to copy all my access codes to websites and platforms to a page in my bullet journal so that I can always have access to those. Also, my bujo never leaves my home so there is no risk of losing it or having it stolen. I do this because I always use the recommended passwords from Google and those are way too hard to remember. 

Save your discount codes. I also have a Google Doc with all the discount codes from websites I might want to purchase from so that I can get to them very easily and I don’t have all their spam e-mails in my inbox for months. I also put the expiring date of the code.

Collect loose papers and file them. If you are like me, after a week of working and studying non-stop, your desk looks like a complete mess and it’s full of random papers that need to be filed or thrown away. I usually take 10 minutes to go through all of them and put them in the correct folders or recycle them.

Clean desktop and files. I usually download lots of pdf files when I am studying that just sit on my desktop or my downloads folder forever, just looking at me and reminding me of those horrible tests and practice papers I had to get done so I delete all the unnecessary ones so I am not always reminded of my school tragedies, lol.

Check your to-do lists. I go through my bullet journal of the past and next week to see what I still need to do, what will need to be done and what isn’t important anymore. I also add any upcoming events such as birthdays, tests, exams etc. to my bujo and my Google Calendar.

Mental Clutter

Clean yourself. At the end of the week, I take a long and thoughtful shower followed by my hair- and skincare routines. I also take this time to shave, exfoliate and all the other pampering things that make me feel better about myself.

Treat yourself. This doesn’t mean that you have to spend money, I learnt to do my own nails at home so that’s what I do for my weekly reset. For you, this might be buying new books, go to the movies, have a girls night out or whatever. Just make sure it’s something completely relaxing and entertaining for you and it doesn’t cause strain or anxiety.

Journal. I have this journal I use every time I have something that bothers me in my life. I usually write letters to random people but never actually deliver them, this helps with getting all my emotions out and to clear my mind from any confusing thoughts. I might journal about past traumas that I have been thinking about lately, my relationship etc. If you are not comfortable writing try to do a voice journal, recording notes on your phone, or try a prompt journal.

Catch up on anything fun. I have a goal of reading at least 150 pages a week, this goal doesn’t stress me out because for me reading is really fun but sometimes I get too caught up in other things and forget to do this. During my weekly reset, I take the time to finish my weekly readings. For you, this might be finishing a TV series, finish writing a song etc.

Catch up with family and friends. I take some time to text or call my relatives and friends that I haven’t seen during the week so I am sure they are doing fine and I eventually plan to meet with time sometime during the week.

Reset playlists etc. I reset my Spotify playlist every week, adding some new songs and deleting those I am bored of. I am also preparing a playlist with all the songs I’ve ever liked so when I remove them from my current playlist I move them into this new one so that in the future I can listen to them again.

This is all I do for my weekly reset. Also, keep in mind that I don’t necessarily do all these things during the same time but sometimes I split them throughout the whole week. I just make sure that at some point I do them. 

I hope this was helpful,

Mia, xx

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¼/2020 | 12/60 Days of Productivity | 2020 Quarantine Studyblr Challenge

Wed: Take a picture of your most colourful notes

I stick with a colour scheme of 3 colours per module so they’re all about as colourful as each other really

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