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apricitystudies · a day ago
what i read in november 2021:
(previous editions) bold = favourite
class & race
why africa urgently needs its own genetic library
first nations kids make up about 20% of missing children, but get a fraction of the media coverage (australia)
why isn’t british ‘sleaze’ called what it really is?
a Black tiktoker was accused of appropriating a japanese character. then she was banned (intersectionality)
gender & sexuality
why japan can’t bring itself to ban sexual depictions of children in manga
the problem with emily ratajkowski’s my body
malaysian transgender woman nur sajat: 'I had to run away'
tiktok has an incel problem
politics & covid
singapore’s tech-utopia dream is turning into a surveillance state nightmare
pakistan’s biometric id scheme is stripping citizenship from thousands of people
a tale of two pandemics: the true cost of covid in the global south
how the right’s radical thinktanks reshaped the conservative party (uk)
drug use isn’t a moral issue. why do police still treat it as one? (australia)
the secretive prisons that keep migrants out of europe
western marxism loves purity and martyrdom, but not real revolution (recommended by @studying-with-k)
cop26: the climate crisis
the global south does not need debt. we need climate justice
pacific delegates condemn ‘monumental failure’ that leaves islands in peril
‘the crisis of gambia’s sinking city
china and india aren’t the climate villains of cop26
history, culture, & media
‘squid game’ highlights plight of south korean workers sacrificed for nation’s economic gain (history)
why there are so many black-and-white movies in 2021
the ghosts of our motel (immigration)
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hernestedlife · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It's the first day of December, and the weather has been gloomy all day. I don't know how to feel about it, because the nicest part of winter is literally doing all the daily activities, from breakfast to studying on the balcony in the sunlight.
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zarifastudies · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
happy first day of december! i’m slowly getting through all of my quizzes and such, and of course, getting ready for finals which are all next week. today, i went out to a small, hidden cafe with my friend and we enjoyed some hot chocolate and chai while also studying! additionally, i’ve applied to another coffee shop for work, since the one i work at currently is far too stressful and busy. i have an interview today, which i am slightly nervous about but hopefully all goes well. i will take pictures within this coffee shop as well!
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studynostalgic · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
finally found a method for watching online lectures that works for me!! while watching a lecture i take cornell style notes, just quickly writing down the most important stuff and summarizing, because if i only watch the lecture i get bored so easily. i don't really stop the video and have the lecture slides open too, if i want to reread something. after that i make flashcards with the app brainyoo based on the lecture slides and my notes. ideally, i would revise the flashcards regularly but mostly i start studying them when exams approach.
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Tumblr media
Day 17/100...
I've completed all my projects for coding.😃So I'm going to do them again but this time with videos playing along so I can see how to improve. Spanish is improving a bit I think..
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outsassing-nero · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
30.11.21// another rainy day of confusion and research! i’m super happy that my phd expose finally starts to really make sense, but it feels kind of frustrating that i have to go through another whole semester of classes i genuinely don’t care about :// my university really told a girl specializing in archival and literature studies (me) to attend psychoanalysis classes, so yeah.
on the brighter side, DO YOU SEE MY MOOMIN TOTE?? i bought it on saturday to reward myself for a really good conference talk :)
plus, look at me eating one of my fear foods :))))!!!
listening to: snsd, my best friend
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itsjuliyuli · a day ago
Types of Academics as Coffee (part 2)
(From what I still know as a tired barista) (Part 1)
Cappuccino: A sword drawn to a lover’s throat. Opting for death before ever hitting snooze. Corduroy pants. Periods of longing after finishing a good book — wishing for a few more words, one more chapter. Words here and there from tens of languages — none, not even a native, mastered. Chapped lips; the rewarding sting of biting the skin away. Really needing to get on top of not cursing. Podcasts on bus rides. Everything dark mode. Messy notes only half glanced over before an exam. Latin — barely mastered, but it’s sounding like it is that’s important.
Cortado: Trips to dollar stores for candy before a movie, giggling as you sneak them in through an obvious pocket bulge. Relief in seeing a seat saved for you. Dark nail polish. Very close to attempting streaming. Clouds of breath in the cold from laughing with friends. Late-night fast food runs, not even realizing it was that late when you finished working — mental notes to start earlier next time. Teasing nicknames. Dumb pictures taking up space in the camera roll, too precious to delete. Studying constellations, plants, animals — all for fun.
Affogato: Dreams broken up by morning alarms. Ikea sharks. Oversized sweaters with freezing fingertips hidden in the sleeves. Water bottle leaving and coming home entirely full, lemon wedges bobbing and sinking in defeat. Taking notes for someone else, extra neat. Remembering a twin pen or band-aid or snack for trips — sometimes for someone else, even if you don’t know who. Rings worn not to look good, but to keep hands busy. Retired candles taking up desk space. Guilty annoyance with comparison, not being recognized.
Chai: Clothes left in the closet, waiting for confidence to fill them out enough to be worn. The starts of many piano melodies — the ends to none. Not being ready to fall in love. Still searching for the perfect cafe; reading nook. Putting off an essay because of the citations page. Snacks in the middle of the night, cold feet against flooring and lights a little too harsh. Brushing fingers when exchanging or passing on papers, pens — trying to think nothing of it. Local legends. Bruises, scrapes of unknown origin. Constantly-changing reading lists. A pleasure to have in class.
Matcha: Not believing in ghosts but wishing you did. Notes apps filled with words never to be looked at again — in theory. Writing your own novel at the age of 12. Inboxes full of newsletters — shadows of past interests that cannot seem to leave (but maybe you don’t want them to). Staring at vortexes made by headlights during cold, foggy mornings. Bit nails, dried blood the only dark thing against a white shirt. Letting thoughts slip between fingers and onto paper; keyboards. Morning alarms that work, sure, but are a little too loud. Slow stretches and back cracks.
Boba Tea: Struggling to stay on top of shifting schedules — staying up into the AMs but waking before the sun has come up. Stickers on laptops (or maybe just the case). Bullet journals not used often enough, although you swore you would this time. A people-pleaser — matching everyone’s energy — but when left alone trapped with an unwritten identity. Too many trends tried and regretted — that one thing not tasting as good, that one style not fitting well enough. Mismatched socks. A small town making up the sum of the world. Disposable cameras matched with disposable moments — not enough time to appreciate it all. Acoustic songs sung for nobody but yourself.
Milkshake: Hesitance in face of finality — be it with major, class schedules, coffee orders at new places, or leaving situations. Hair bleach, box dye, and black gloves. Nostalgia for the times you were younger — times being “gifted” came easy. Roller skating dates — kicking at the colored carpet between turns. Sitting in the back of the room. Random things — the correct spelling of the winning word in a spelling bee, the first few tens of digits in pi — remembered, waiting to have a reason to come up. A little too slow in changing seasonal decorations. Warm-toned lights — cold ones feel too fluorescent. Comfort in routine — in how you look good with the right care.
Lemonade: Upbeat playlists year-round. Sigils in the corner of exams. National parks and their mysteries; plans to solve them one day. Arriving on-time. Sweet, fruity smells — in candles, in perfume. Ice squeezing against plastic cups — never cold enough. Falling asleep on FaceTime calls — or maybe just Zoom classes. Patches on backpacks. Slow, growing respect for the dorky, funky things in life. Acrylic paint and pin boards. Not quite on time but never quite late — constantly in this in-between of a too-full and too-quiet schedule. Anxiety with not doing enough but not having the energy to do more.
If you liked my little scribbles then please consider checking out my blog! These posts do particularly well but I'm still pretty small + new to studyblr -- any visit means a lot!!
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marie-curie · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
02.12.2021 // i really love doodling in my bullet journal during online lectures. it keeps my hands occupied and i still can listen to the prof, which is nice. what was in your advent calendar today? i had a new pen and a nice tea.
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kloudeestudy · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🧿 i hope everyone's December will be filled with happiness & miracles 🧚🏻‍♀️✨
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korstudying · a day ago
Tumblr media
Week 5 vocabulary
안녕하세요~ If you have been following my blog, you’ll know that I am currently studying in South Korea. I decided to share the vocabulary I have to learn every week. So if you want to study in Korea, this might be a fun little challenge for you to try and keep up! This is the actual pace, so a great way to get into the Korean study vibes~~
All the vocabulary can be found on memrise.
to ride - 타다
to get off (a ride) - 내리다 
to sit - 앉다
to get up - 일어서다
to open - 열다
to close - 닫다
to wear - 입다
to take off - 벗다
to sell - 팔다
to (ex)change - 바꾸다
to walk - 걷다
to send - 보내다
to wait - 기다리다
to smoke tabacco - 담배를 피우다
to cut hair - 머리를 자르다
to take a picture - 사진을 찍다
to make - 만들다
to come back - 돌아오다
to go somewhere regularly - 다니다
to borrow - 빌리다
to have a part time job - 아르바이트하다
to withdraw money - 돈을 찾다
mountain - 산
amusement park - 놀이공원
to play tennis - 테니스 치다
college student - 대학생
family - 가족
downtown - 시내
parcel - 택배
to change money - 돈을 바꾸다
account - 계과
to send money - 돈을 보내다
to borrow money - 돈을 빌리다
dessert - 디저트
to taste delicious - 맛있다
to taste awful - 맛없다
to be comfortable - 편안하다
to be uncomfortable - 불편하다
to be handsome / gorgeous - 멋있다
to be beautiful - 아름답다
to be hungry - 배고프다
to be full - 배부르다
to be big - 크다
to be small - 작다
to be many - 많다
to be little - 적다
to be long - 길다
to be short - 짧다
to be high - 높다
to be low - 낮다
to be good - 좋다
to be bad - 나쁘다
to be fun - 재미있다
to not be fun - 재미없다
to be difficult - 어렵다
to be easy - 쉽다
to be heavy - 무겁다
to be light - 가볍다
to be cold (touch) - 차갑자
to be hot (touch) - 뜨겁다
to be cold (feel) - 춥다
to be hot (feel) - 덥다
to be far - 멀다
to be close - 가깝다
to be bright - 밝다
to be dark - 어둡다
to be clean - 깨긋하다
to be dirty - 더겁다
to be wide - 넓다
to be tight - 좁다
to be fast - 빠르다
to be slow - 느리다
to be the same - 같다
to be different - 다르다
to be quiet - 조용하다
to be loud - 시끄럽다
to be relaxed - 편하다
to be busy - 바쁘다
to be pretty - 예쁘다
to be sick - 아프다
to be kind - 친절하다
food - 음식
weather - 날씨
feeling - 기분
meat - 고기
but - 하지만
to live - 살다
people - 사람들
facilities - 시설
atmosphere - 분위기
very - 아주
to write / to use - 쓰다
roommate - 룸메이트
night - 밤
alone - 혼자
around - 근처
to take a test - 시험(을) 보다
speaking - 말하기
listening - 듣기
writing - 쓰기
to go and get back - 갔다 오다
Mongolian language - 몽골어
two days ago - 그제
yesterday - 어제
today - 오늘
tomorrow - 내일
2 days from now - 모레
morning - 아침
midday - 점심
evening - 저녁
day - 낮
monday - 월요일
tuesday - 화요일
wednesday - 수요일
thursday - 목요일
friday - 금요일
saturday - 토요일
sunday - 일요일
workday - 주중
weekend - 주말
last week - 지난주
this week - 이번 주
next week - 다음 주
last month - 지난달
this month - 이번 달
next month - 다음 달
last year - 작년
this year - 올해
next year - 내년
before - 전
after - 후
concert - 콘서트
really - 정말
really - 진짜
really - 참
vacation - 방학
to move - 이사하다
friendship - 우정
story - 이야기 (애기)
to be sad - 슬프다
to be happy - 즐겁다
gloves - 장갑
second - 초
snack - 잔식 먹어요
night snack - 야식 먹어요
to be spicy - 맵다
facility - 시설
fridge - 내장고
wardrobe - 옷장
studio - 원룸
house - 주택
subway station - 지하철역
earlier - 아까
to swim - 수영하다
sometimes, occasionally - 가끔
sentence - 문장
in 2 weeks - 다다음주
2 weeks ago - 지지날 구
in 2 months - 다다음 달
2 months ago - 지지날 달
in 2 years - 내후년
2 years ago - 재작년
dialect - 사토리
broken - 부러
to wash the face - 세수하다
Every day - 매일
farm - 농장
before - 전
after - 후
years ago - 년 전
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pyperkite · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
📁 december 2, 2021 @ finals week diaries
hello, friends! ૮ • ﻌ - ა 🌼
i came back after a year of not posting anything, sooo much has happened in just a span of a year. i left my previous uni to chase my dream in another one. though i’m still majoring in STEM, but the environment is so much more healthier and comfortable. i’m forever grateful that i had the courage to leave and now i’m the student of a top 3 uni!!! that’s just so crazy to think.
i’m having finals this week and i’m just trying my best to get back on track again, hopefully i’ll be more consistent in posting! ^^
i hope you’re all having the best time of the year, let’s plant good seeds and water them with good intention so that they can grow into something beautiful next year! 🦋
🎶 currently playing : All Too Well (Taylor’s Version)
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seltzerstudies · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I’ve shifted from using my bullet journal for school stuff to using a pre-made planner and it’s honestly changed my life! I didn’t have the time to make spreads every week so having the dates already set up is really nice. 
In other news, it’s the holidays! I hope you’re all feeling very festive as the weather (for us Northern hemisphere folks at least) cools down. 
today’s seltzer: aha strawberry cucumber!
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the---hermit · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
85/100 days of productivity
Today was again a relax day, and I am enjoying chilling and taking care of myself so much. I read first thing in the morning, and finally finished Colorado Kid by Stephen King. Then I watched a movie, and again watching movies in the morning instantly relaxes my brain. In the afternoon I continued working on a diy project for a decoration I am making, I read, I booked an appointment to cut my hair in December, and just chilled a bit. I cannot believe that November is over, it was a month filled with studying, and reading, and I am glad to end it on a self care note. I hope to start December with energy and motivation.
Tranquil's winter studying challenge // Nov. 30th
Today, I am grateful because my new books came in!
Day Eighteen: If you could study abroad, where would you go?
Norther Europe, don't ask me why but I have always been fascinated with these countries.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Day 16/100..
On to my last project for the first portion of the course. Those projects are not as refined as I would like them to be but I intend on practicing until I get better. I will be focusing on Spanish reading today so it will be a light session.😊
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sadnessofautumn · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
30.11.2021 • studied in the school library with my friends. finished writing an assignment & studied for the mid-term exam i'll take today.
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