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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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My little morning spread! Still visiting home so am trying to take full advantage of the amount of food my mother has in her house hehe. 

Still writing papers, feeling like that is all I do now! I am getting kicked in the butt by my epistemology paper on phenomenal concepts…and I cannot wait to be done and over with it :|

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Started my sixth semester two days ago! This are my subjects for the rest of the year.

I’m taking Drama, Narrative I and English Phonetics and Phonology II because they’re part of the program.

I had Shakespeare last semester and I really enjoyed it so I’m taking Advanced Shakespeare.

The one in Spanish is called Regional Geography of America and I don’t know if I’ll like it but we’ll see.

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I haven’t really put much thought into it, but it mostly goes like this:

  1. I get my notes from class and my textbook for a certain topic, then I compare to see what is still missing.
  2. Usually, I have enough time to write a more summarized/organized version of the material I need to know (although I don’t really put much effort into making them look pretty).
  3. Afterwards, I look through my new notes and write questions for every subtopic on a seperate piece of paper.
  4. I try to write down the answers to all of these questions from memory and then compare them to my notes.
  5. If I missed anything, I add it in a different colour so I remember it better.
  6. Basically, I then repeat step 4 until I remember all of the answers.

This is what I do for most of my subjects (with slight variations)!

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I decided to restart 100 days of productivity because I feel like my last run didn’t reflect the actual work I put in so let’s get a fresh start.

Reading Their Eyes Were Watching God today and working on notes for my gothic lit class.

1/100 days of productivity

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📸 I took this picture on the 12th of August in 2018 so that’s 724 days ago.. I was entering my senior year of high school that’s so long ago 💓💓


9th of August 2020 // 44/100 days of productivity

I had my third geology exam… I think I did well but I still don’t know my exact grade :/ I also went babysitting so that’s good…

10th of August 2020 // 45/100 days of productivity

I studied calculus since I had a calculus exam the next day :)

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summer studying challenge | 11th august

have gotten to the point in my introduction where i just have no idea what point i’m trying to make, so: back to basics!

what’s your favourite meal to have on the beach?

ok hear me out but… subway… gotta make sure you don’t get sand in it but it rocks

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It was my boyfriend’s birthday! So i didn’t get much work done today, but that’s ok. We were gonna make the vegan strawberry chiffon cake together but his dad ended up making it. Unfortunately the whipped cream failed :( you’re supposed to use coconut milk and i guess the ones we had didn’t separate well bc the cream just fell flat. Ah well, it was still plenty delicious (and extremely sweet) with the pastry cream!

I also drew him a lil card :) i drew inspiration from a card i saw on tumblr (the artist’s blog is sonialazo if you wanna check it out) and he loved it <33

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Fall classes have started and im already missing college. I miss my old routine. I want to be at my campus and chill in the lunch room while i watch the gaming nerds fight each other on what move to make next. I want to study in my favorite dim lit study room while other students take a nap on the large couches or just listen to music. I want to walk the science halls and read or observe the interesting projects/research of physics and chemistry classes. I want to walk into my engineering building and order chick fil a while i wait to start my class. I want to take my walks and sit on the benches under the autumn colors on a cool early afternoon conemplating if i should go home yet..

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Today’s Femme First article is on First Female Doctor of Medicine in India, Anandibai Gopal Joshi. I haven’t started it yet. Will be working from today and posting updates about my work. Ciao!

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