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21 OCTOBER 2020

Today I went to the library in my city since I can’t go to the one in the campus cause covid. I like changing the place where I study, I get less bored and more motivated like this.

This library is good, there are outlets under the desk so you can bring your pc and there is distance between the seats. It’s also near the old town and the sea, next time I’ll take photo of that too :))

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Xong deadline

Mỗi lần chạy xong 1 cái deadline nào đó là mình nhẹ nhõm hẳn, coi như trút bỏ được 1 gánh nặng. Tự thưởng cho mình 1 buổi tối nhẹ nhàng làm những việc mình thích và đi ngủ sớm.

Và chuẩn bị tinh thần cho những deadline mới sắp tới..

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21.10.20// organized ish with my @mindelevator planner! I’ve got plenty of deadlines coming up so I’m trying to get all my ideas in one place!

I ordered myself some marble sticky notes and some cute little stickers to keep me motivated and organized!

IG: flatneedledistillery

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Studying veterinary medicine just gets harder and harder! I have been under quite a lot of stress in terms of my studies which is why I haven’t been posting as often as I should. Day by day, I keep working and it seems like it never ends. I will update once I can finally breathe. Meanwhile, enjoy this wholesome picture of Kara and I 🌿

– Jazz

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20th october 2020

note: this was meant to be posted yesterday but it didn’t post for some reason

today i finally finished my philosophy essay after rewriting it 3 pages in because i didn’t like how it sounded but its done now!

i did some spanish my icma is coming up soon and i need to finish unidad 1 by this friday so its definately time for a bit of a grind on my part!

also podcast reccomendation if you are into true crime: my favorite murder is amazing, its funny and really informative and they’re always extremely respectful of the sensitive topics they discuss while still being really entertaining i have been listening almost non stop for MONTHS!!

day 6 : why did you decide to do this challenge and what was your goal?

i really want to make some studyblr friends and this seemed like a great way to get more involved in the community! even though i am a bit behind

day 7: what is your goal for studyblr in the next few months?

to maybe make some friends but also to properly motivate myself and develop good habits by using my studyblr

day 8: what is the best thing about studyblr in your opinion?

definately the sense of community 100% everyone is so kind and motivating and it is so unlike almost every other part of tumblr!!

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21.10.2020 // i finished “Agnes Grey” yesterday and it was a lovely read. when i came home yesterday i found another letter by my great-aunt and i wrote her back this morning (4 pages in total, i’m proud of myself).

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October 19th-23rd, 2020

This week’s album: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: Pt. 2 by Saint Motel

Favorite song: Slow Dance

I’m waitin’ for that slow dance / So I can feel your arms around me / Wait ‘til the music turns to romance / Go tell that DJ that he owes me

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A short post today, as the previous few lessons were quite long. Today’s lessons are about 그러면 and five ways to say “let’s”.

Lesson 15

In level 2 lesson 23 we learned about 만약 and (으)면. Today we’ll learn about 그러면 = in that case, if so, then. 

  • Often 그러면 is shortened to 그럼.
  • Especially if you watch Kdramas you’ll recognize this word because 그럼 also means “Of course”


  • 그러면 이거는 뭐여요? = then what is this?
  • 그럼 이기는 어때요? = then what about this one?

Lesson 16

There are five ways to say “let’s”:

  1. -아/어/여요 -> most used, plain/polite
  2. -(으)시죠 -> formal
  3. -자 -> informal
  4. -(으)ㄹ래요 -> means “shall…”, polite
  5. -(으)실래요 -> means “shall…”, informal


  • 시작하다 = to start
  1. 시작해요 = let’s start
  2. 시작하시죠 = let’s start
  3. 시작하자 = let’s start
  4. 시작할래요 = shall we start
  5. 시작하실래요 = shall we start
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Before the pandemic, my days were quite straight forward. I would have woken up quite early, done my morning routine and then went to the library where I stayed all the hours in between the classes. As we live close to the campus, I was very used to walk around and pay attention to the buildings, the light, the weather. I knew when the leaves are changing, when the flowers are growing. I knew the hues and the shapes of different branches of the trees that I saw from the window of the library. My days were quite filled with the outdoors even if I spent most of the time indoors. It was a geography that I grew to love especially because the campus is quite a fantastic place, very old and very new, filled with trees and flowers and gardens that were taken care of for hundreds of years.

Needless to say, things are different now. I am fortunate enough to still have a seat next to a window but at home. From the window, I can see only concrete walls but during a late walk in the campus, I gathered some red ivy leaves that I know gaze at when I’m studying, trying to remember that the place that I love so much and everything it represents is still here and there, not lost, and that this is only a moment which will pass.

On the bright side is that we are also fortunate to have a lovely walk by the canal very close to home, and we have each other so now we enjoy these long, late in the afternoon walks, with deep conversations with sometimes blackberries to go, that like today, ended up in a breakfast crumble. Learning this slow living and taming anxiety takes is something that I’m not making a lot of progress with but I guess we are all hanging on in there trying to add different smells and rituals that would usually be part of this time of the year, like eating pumpkin and buying chrysanthemums.

In the end, autumn is such a powerful time, I try to at least remember that.

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21.10.2020 // studyblr community challenge

Today is just beginning, had invertebrata lab work and ecology lab work. We dissected snails! I’m sorry these animals had to die but it was for studying and hopefuly nature understands that 💚

Day 19 - Tag someone you are grateful to have met

Hmmm I don’t know this one, I haven’t really met anyone. I’ve chated with @jackabeann a little and she is so sweet!

Day 20 - Tag someone who has a lovely aesthetic

Oh it has to be @study-van and @jeonchemstudy again 🙈🙈 their posts are just so beautiful and amazing!

Day 21 - Tag someone you think works really hard and deserves appreciation

I’m not gonna tag anyone here (sorry @myhoneststudyblr ) just because I think every one of us works the very best we can and we all deserve appreciation for out work!

Love yourselves and stay safe! ✨

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Studying not in Starbucks who even am I? Had to settle for studying up at school in a tutorial room, not the best not the worst I suppose. A month out from taking the NAVLE and I’m freaking out 🙃 My practice exam scores have been fine, the professor who handles all us taking it says I should be fine but ya know, it’s a very expensive backup plan for myself that’d I’d rather not have to pay to take again.

Listening to: Would You by The Vamps

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