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17/10/2020 & 18/10/2020

I was too tired to post anything yesterday after my chinese language exam (Most of my posts are queued). The exam wasn’t easy, but at least I managed to finish the paper before time was up🤞🏻. The exam venue was somewhere I had never been to, so I walked around the area with my mom after the exam. 

The pics were taken today. I really like this little guy recently and I keep buying stuff with his face lol This is Ryan from Kakao Friends, and he’s a lion, not a bear :)

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20:38pm ; 15 oct 2020 

i discovered the dictate feature in word a couple of days ago and oh my god, my semester is saved. i can play a recording of a class, click on the dictate feature and it types everything out for me while i do something else. when it’s done, i rewatch the class to correct typos and to give structure to my notes. it saves me SO much time.

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14 oct 2020 ; 15:26pm

i finished my first assignment of the semester. i had to analyse how abandoned children are put into family care in morocco and england & wales. it sure was a challenge, but i think it went okay!

feel free to follow me on instagram: autumn.desk

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08:06pm ; 08 oct 20

i am so stressed about picking my dissertation topic. we can choose from a list of subjects, but i feel like most students are proposing their own topic and now i feel dumb for not being able to come up with something interesting myself.

i also made an instagram account, feel free to follow me: autumn.desk

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18:59 ; 7 oct 20

i’ve decided to start the english masters of law instead of the dutch one (my native language). it’s definitely a challenge to follow classes completely in english, but i’m so excited and happy i chose what i like to do (international and european law) instead of the more obvious and safer choice.

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Someone asked me how I make my summaries. I wanted to describe in detail how I do it, so I thought I’d make a separate post. I’ve been making my own summaries since my first year in law school and get decent grades with them. If you have your own way of summarising, that’s totally fine!

A couple examples of how I summarise can be seen below (it’s in Dutch, not English, sorry!)

Example 1


Example 2


I’ll put a ‘keep reading’ on this post, so no one will be bothered by a very long text post on their dashboard :)

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I think Law is a degree that requires a LOT of perseverance and passion. It’s not a degree you can do without being dedicated and loving it, because the workload and overwhelming amount of things to memorize will quickly tire you out. Of course every degree is hard and has work to do and things to memorize, but law is special in that it’s not just equations or diagrams or theories- it’s cases (the names, the summary of the case, the main judgment and any notable dissenting judgments (of which there is a potential to be many of)), legal theories, legal history, actual statute/legislation points… and then being able to use them in an essay and to apply them in problem questions (where you get given a scenario and u have to advise someone in the question as if you were a lawyer).

Note that im about to be an undergrad 2nd year law student and that I study in the UK- but I believe all law degrees around the world follow a similar format.

For first year in my uni we did criminal law, public law, property law and contract law. Out of these property law was the one I did best in tho criminal law was v interesting (tho really hard).

My second year modules look a lot more boring (EU Law, Property Law II, Tort Law and Jurisprudence and one more i dont remember lol) but we will see.

Everyone says law is hard and I agree so I wasn’t too surprised at the difficulty. But I was surprised at how many different skills studying law required- memorization, analytical thinking, debate/persuasion, being able to link multiple cases/theories, good essay writing and citation skills, etc.

Honestly considering my first year was riddled with strikes and was cut short by corona it’s not the best viewpoint of what law is but yes 👍

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I got a new phone!! It’s got amazing camera quality😍
I’ll be able to take better photos for this account hehe.
Also I managed to study for 3 hours. It’s hard to build up momentum after a break but I’ll get back to 10 hours in a couple days

Listening to: Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Greenday

What I did today

June gk- 10 pages

The hindu

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