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I’m graduating from university in about a week, with one essay standing between me and a Bachelor of Sciences in Biology and a Bachelor of Arts in the Dramatic Arts. My weird balance of STEM and the Liberal Arts means I’ve written everything, from 2 page essays comparing plays to 30+ page research proposals. 

While my methods are obviously tweaked for the variety of work I do (and I’ll mention how steps differ when I get to them) this is the sequence of events I always follow when I’m writing an important paper. 

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30-04-2020: Another day, another skype session with my study mate to do statistics excersises together! i think it really works to understand the topic better. 

I also had a skype meeting with my thesis supervisor and I think it helped me further in what I should write the next 2 weeks.

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✨🌱📚How I prepared for my first video lecture📚🌱✨

We are still doing online classes and since we still don’t know how or if we will continue the academic year, our professors have decided to take it one step further and schedule video lectures.

In case you are in a simmilar position and you get as anxious about these kind of things as I do, here is my list that will give you an overwiev of everything you should keep in mind whilst preparing for class.

Let’s start with things you can prepare the evening before your lecture or just a decent amount of time in advance.

🌸✨Tidy your room and especially your desk/ designated work space where you will be sitting during the lecture. ✨🌸

💻✨Find a set up/angle that works for you, so you don’t have to fuss arround to much once the class starts. ✨💻

🖱️✨Make sure you know what you have to do to join the lecture. If you don’t understand the Programm or have any questions e-mail your professor in advance, so they have sufficient time to explain it to you. ✨🖱️

⌨️✨If you need an account to access the Programm make sure to sign up/ log in. Having to create and verify an account for a new Programm 5 minutes before a lecture starts is stressful and can easily be avoided. ✨⌨️

📔✨Lay out all to books/notebooks/writing and referencing utensils you will need to follow the lecture on your desk or withing reach, so you can access them without having to walk away from your class. ✨📔

🛍️✨Prepare clothes for the next day. Wear something comfortable but make sure you look put together and organised and not like you rolled out of bed and grabbed laundry from your floor. This gives the impression that you indeed have your life together during quarantine. ✨🛍️

☕✨Prepare your breakfast (or in my case iced coffee). This way you will hopefully still have enough time to eat in case you oversleep a little. ✨☕

💤✨And lastly, before drifting off into your Well deserved sleep, make sure to set an alarm 1 or 2 hours before the beginning of the lecture. 💤✨

Now onto things to take care of the morning of your online class:

🍙✨In case the lecture is long and you don’t know if there will be breaks, place some food within your reach so you can once again grab it without having to leave the call. 🍙✨

⏳✨Be ready about half an hour before the start of your lecture. Double check if you are logged in and if your device is properly connected to the Internet. If there are issued try fixing them, or e-mail your professor.⏳✨

📱✨Once you have successfully joined the lecture, turn off or mute any other electronic devices that could distract you from focusing on learning. 📱✨

✨🎂✨Stay save and good luck with your clases✨🎂✨

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