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First two days of journaling for Hermann Hesse’s Damien!! So my first original post and ik I haven’t gotten ahold of what lighting and flatlay mean AT ALL but hey it’s my first post and there’s room for improvement! As always, appraise {and appreciate my titles as much as I do}

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I was supposed to give 2 online exams (practice), but ended up giving 1 (which I have no issues with😁). I will be attending an afternoon practical of C.S.2 this Saturday and this is why I am studying C.S.2.😅😅


Q-Black Or White?

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After attending this amazing lecture of EM waves, I came home very tired. So, I just solved like 10 sums of Maths and was doing nothing (probably staring the ceiling😑😑)

Which is the better picture? Bedsheet (blue) VS Blanket (grey)?


Q-Are you learning any languages right now?

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What’s up peeps, how are you all doing?
I’ve been dead for a couple of weeks D: First i was super busy with school then i was sick and now i’m pretty busy again but i found some time to work on my tumblr stuff :) Anyways i went shopping this weekend and bought a couple of lush products and got to taste some white rabbit candy. Woop woop!

~ Siel

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This weeks spread! I added some self pressed flowers :) Lately i’ve seen a lot of people using this brown paper and i thought that it would look great with this spread. What do you think?
~ Siel

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honestly dude, don't let that anon get you down, you're amazing and we all love you 💞

Aww thank you so much Angela!! I love you all too 💓💓😭

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