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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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It was such a beautiful day, I just had to go outside and study on the patio. The oak tree above offered proper shade that was much needed since I sunburned myself last time I was outside (oops).

Haven’t taken notes on math in ages (hello statistics from two semesters ago, I miss you). This review portion seems easy so far, let’s hope it remains this way.

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25.5.2020 | monday

it’s getting sunnier and warmer, and all i want to do is spend my time reading on our terrace. i haven’t been able to order new books so i’m just rereading old favourites! do you have any book series that you just keep coming back to even after all these years? :’)

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hey bookblr! let’s talk Pride Month Reading Plans! if you’re LGBT or an ally, reblog this with what you’re reading now or what you’re planning on reading in June! I wanna get a recs train going

i’ll start. i have Juliet Takes a Breath by Gabby Rivera and Freshwater by Akwaeke Emezi coming in the mail. I’d love any recs for LGBT authors of colour especially!


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25 May 2020 // my long-term goals spread before and after the pen

—☀️ i’m so excited about the future rn, and i consider it a miracle considering how depressed i was. i still get bouts of crippling anxiety and helplessness from time to time, because life’s still so unpredictable, but i’m coping so much better. there are things i’m looking forward to now. things that make me happy. it doesn’t seem like it when you’re at your lowest, but it does get better.

instagrammore original content

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24 may 2020 

well what do you know! it’s some original content! it’s been awhile since i posted something but here are some history notes from wayyyy back. my finals are coming up next week, and i am slightly stressed, but they’re mostly presentations, which should be okay. do y’all have finals? or are you already done with school??

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24.05.2020 | we are back to actual paper notes because after two months of online classes AND iPad note-taking, my eyes hurt D:

The feeling of writing on paper is… nice. But my handwriting is deteriorating…

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how have online classes been for you all? figuring out zoom has been a journey, lol. one student got called out for watching a tv show because he forgot to mute himself, lol!

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honestly productivity happens when you start taking care of yourself. i admit that i’d been struggling with some food problems while i had class (stress eating unhealthy things, then feeling terrible). but now i eat a healthy amount while eating WELL and clean(ish) by making my own food, and i’ve reached a fitness goal! i feel stronger and more focused, and it allows me to study efficiently. take care of yourselves please, and hit me up if you want to talk about trying to be healthier because i’d be happy to help.

— sam 🍉

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5.23.20 — theory of personality reviewers 🌼

long time no post! 🌝

i’ve been pretty busy with my first year in uni even if the last months of the sem were done with asynchronous online lessons and activities :c i feel like i’ve been in quarantine for such a long time because of it! but on the brightside, my classes will be ending in a week and i have 2 major online exams left! i’ve never been so nervous in my life.

anyways, i hope to be able to share more content soon! 💕

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