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inspired by the one and only @studylustre *an absolute angel*, i wanna start writing my daily log/gratitude log for fun! 🤩🤝

wednesday log // 01.20.21

• feeling a little sick since yesterday but oddly find something calming about it?? idk ajdhsjsk

• ate a vv delicious almond choccy 🍫

• watched videos of friends funny moments

• watched relay cams(?) of my best friend’s fave kpop boygroup (NCT) and tbh?? i dig their vibe

• made an amazing cup of cappuccino 🥺☕️💕

• edited my tumblr posts’ tags 🐝

• started rereading one of my fave books of all time: MISERY !! (stephen king’s) !! and gonna start Get A Life, Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert soon❣️

i’m trying to live more slowly these days lol hope y’all have a great one, friends!! 💞

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justifying taking too much courses in the first years of a ba degree by promising that i’ll get some kind of a job in the later years of my university time…

am i digging my own grave by doing so? perhaps. am i going to stop? no 🤡

don’t be like me, kids

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Finally, some og content. It’s been a very long few weeks, with me moving out on my birthday (3 weeks ago tomorrow) and trying to find out who I am. The journey isn’t over yet.

Also, have some epic pics of the sunset as a small celebration.

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january study challenge day 18 @stu-dna​ food while studying?

frozen grapes MY LOVES or BIG oranges

currently listening to:

rendezvous - sik-k
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hi all! i made a studygram if anyone would be interested in following me there! i hope to be posting more actively there :-)

@ inkpierrot

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it is almost the middle of the school year, and it’s winter, and that’s when i usually lose motivation. but watching videos ~productively~ is what keeps that motivation level up, at least for me, and i’m sure for many others ♡ here are my favourite studytubers:

🌼revisign - Daisy

Daisy is a canadian student at uni and she posts study with me videos, tips (how to beat procrastination, how to plan, morning routine, etc). what is unique and her videos is that she always has this sort of calming white noise in the background and it’s so helpful studying while hearing it and her voice. 10/10

☁️gutsy studygirl

gutsy posts only real time study-with-me’s, usually with rain in the background. i watch her videos when i want to feel like i’m studying along with a friend. she also has no music in her videos if you want to put your own music over it. her videos also have a wide variety of settings, from a cafe to her desk at home to the library to a uni backyard.


Dia is in med school and she not only posts daily vlogs of her life and studies, but she also posts study-with-me’s. she is a relatively new channel so expect more videos from her!


she has the most aesthetic place i’ve ever seen. she posts vlogs and multiple study-with-me’s. i can’t recommend her enough, she is so sweet and also posts motivational and self care videos.

🍓studytee - Therese

Therese is norwegian and she’s studying biomedical engineering at university. she has the most beautiful handwriting, sweetest voice ever and clean & white aesthetic. in addition to study-with-me’s, she also has a bunch of helpful videos. she literally saved my grades, 100/10, can’t recommend enough, truly.

this is everyone i couldn’t survive school without. see you in my next post ♡

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I’ve been watching anime like a madman this days, i have a really long list but i’m enjoying every moment. Besides i’ve been drawing again, which is weird to say thinking that my major is art but oh well…

hope y'all are having a good day✨

Btw, that’s my other cat uwu

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14.01.21 | 31-2/100 days of productivity

Take classes online, have a delicious soup for dinner, drink warm milk while reading a book, life is really good so far 😌

studygram - 2_am_ramen

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january study challenge day 13 @stu-dnahow do you deal with stress?

i write everything down on my bullet journal, list all my tasks, write out all my feelings, talk to my friends. put things away for a while and revisit them once my mind is not all over the place. compose myself by listening to calming music or watching some relaxing youtube, but when i’m stressed i usually try to tackle the thing that is causing me the most stress.

currently listening to:

champagne problems - taylor swift
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Internship tips

Some tips for recruitment season for Computer science students based on my experience.

Note: This is mostly for 1st and 2nd year students. Here is what I did to get my first internship offer.

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Today’s been a rollercoaster. I had a PTM followed by an online exam for a university I’m applying to and now I’m going out for coffee with my mom 😊

QOTD: What do you order at Starbucks?

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Ah this is a little late but here’s a few things I hope to achieve by the end of the school year, and by the end of 2021.

☐ keep my grades at 5 or higher; maintaining the grades or improving

☐ read 20 books; explore more genres

☐ take the initiative to participate more in service

☐ eat more healthily

☐ keep an expense log!

☐ work on maths (it’s just 2 more years you got this caz)

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two posts in one week? wild, I know. well, the first week of winter quarter is over! I have to say- my sleep schedule was definitely not prepared for waking up for lectures again; but I guess the perk of online school is that I don’t technically have to get up super early to get ready, right?

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