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day 3 of @myhoneststudyblr ’s winter studying challenge!

Q: what is your least favourite thing about winter?

hmmmm i guess i miss the warmer weather of spring during winter? but once I’m in warmer weather i start missing winter again ahaha

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I’m Jay, formally known as Jam, and this is my first post! I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing, but when should that stop you?

I teeter dangerously between extroverted and introverted, so I’m super excited to meet new people (from behind a screen).

Most of my posts will probably look like this, but shorter. I enjoy writing, but nonfiction isn’t really my genre.

Jam Ingredients:

  • I’m in the process of moving to Poland. It has its ups and downs. Learning the language is definitely one of the reasons I started this blog. (*cough* I need a hug and moral support *cough*)
  • Every now and then I talk about Afrikaans. I’m a Heritage Speaker and it bothers me.
  • Eventually, I’m hoping to brush-up on my French. I was relatively fluent until I moved (again). It would be friggin’ fantastic if I could get my CEFLE.
  • Tea or coffee? Yes.
  • Sharks? They are the puppy-dogs of the sea.
  • Etymology? Yes, please!

Wow! You got through all that? Well, thanks! Feel free to send me a message with any studyblrs I should follow or music recommendations or just to say “Hi”. (please say “hi”. I’m pretty bored.)

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december 1st, 2020

first semester of junior year is almost coming to an end! just have finals left. speaking of finals, to spark motivation for finals and the spring semester when it starts, i have made a discord! the minimum age is 15 to join, and there are many channels for academics as well as other topics. one channel i am especially excited about is the accountability channel. the idea is you can message your to do list at the beginning of the day and edit your message throughout the day to check things off. we can encourage and motivate each other to complete our tasks! there are is also a positivity channel i am very excited about, as it is very much needed for these trying times.

if you would like to join the server the link is and if the link does not work feel free to message me!

listening to: home- yezi

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🌹 self care playlist 🌸 — i got new stickers and new washis to play with! today, i decided to make a red themed spread and i’m really happy with the outcome! happy december, everybody! ❤️

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Are you excited for December too?

Happy Monday! I’m excited for next month (and this year to end haha). I know that the holidays will not be the same but I’m trying to make the most of it by doing something I enjoy. So i’ll be baking different treats every weekend for the whole month❣️

Hope ya’ll have a wonderful day/week✨

ig: taurusstudyblr

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Hey guys what are you upto 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️📚📝
I Have been busy with some university assignments and stuff!! 👨‍💻💻📚🖊

Here is new motivation quote for all !! CHECK THIS VIDEO !!

Talk less 🗣
Do more 📑✍

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Are you a struggling online Uni student?

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È uno dei nostri servizi di punta 💪🏻
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hello! welcome to my studyblr :) 

i’m ruby, i’m 15 and currently living in new zealand. once i’ve graduated high school, i hope to go to the University of Sydney to study both commerce and law. i created this blog to keep me accountable for my studies and bullet journaling (which i am so excited to start next year!). i hope you enjoy my blog! 

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Hello, guys. I hope you are all doing well. My sleep got a bit better through last weekend, because I was home alone and I could finally have a me time after a long period of time and i’m really glad for that. I feel more energy, more happy and i can concentrate better for my work. 

Today I called with my friend and we’ve made a pretty nice study session for almost four hours straight. (we are calling again right now, bcuz we have a lot work to catch up so we might stay up late) Anyway I still have to finish my literature notes and write a review for a book from WWI ‘All silent on the Western Front’ and my homework for russia class, so I hope I can finish everything tonight.

Hopefully, you all are doing good, have no big stuggles with school and are healthy. Stay strong, this is not going to last long i hope.

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