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thank you for tagging me, @heyrosiebee!!

nickname: myrtle ⛅️

zodiac sign: cancer

height: 154cm

Hogwarts house: ravenclaw / slytherin 🤓

last thing i googled: a professor in japan with an MD/PhD

song stuck in my head: best part lmao. I’ve been playing it on piano recently.

no. of followers: 1.8k

amount of sleep: 6-8 hours

lucky number: 3, I guess. you see it everywhere: the holy trinity, harry potter series, 3 idiots, we bare bears, totally spies and so on. and they always promote the good values. has anybody noticed that?

dream job: cardiothoracic surgeon

wearing: an oversized shirt and undies

favorite song: right now it’s helio sequence’s october

favorite instrument: piano bc it’s the only one I know haha

aesthetic: both light and dark academia

favorite authors: fyodor dostoevsky (duh), tolstoy, haruki murakami, fitzgerald, vonnegut, michelle obama, arundhati roy, joan didion ofc

favorite animal noise: my husky’s sigh when she’s comfortable

random: my childhood is filled with books mainly because I was not allowed to go out the house, while my brother could—all because he’s a boy. that’s unfair, I thought, but I was too young to do anything about it. so I read a lot of books instead and polished my skills in solitary activities like writing, sketching, and painting. probably one of the reasons why I’m pursuing medicine.

tagging: @gliagirlphd @cancerbiophd @cafe-study @starsandaspirations @studyign @studyingfilms @austentatious + anyone who wants to join ☁️

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Listening and learning German songs is another one of my favorite ways to study this language. It’s a great way to improve cadence and pronunciation, as well as learn new words and cultural references. I usually print out the lyrics and then translate whatever I don’t understand. This method has been really effective for me and it’s also really fun!

🎶 Das Kaputtgehen - Balbina

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Hello! Long time no see! I tried taking notes a little differently here. Most of the times I tend to use loads of mildliners, brush pens and write in print. Do you guys like this new handwriting? I’ve been finding myself writing this way recently.

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It’s 930pm and I’m answering embryology flashcards to end the day. My study buddy is with me, taking a nap. I love berry to death. 😭

The app I’m using is Quizlet! There are a lot of good embryology flashcards there which is good enough for lab practicals.

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“I’m not the sea, I’m not pure blue, I don’t have to take anything you throw into me.” -Margaret Atwood

Last week of exams is finally here and honestly at this point i just want to be done with it bc i can’t take it anymore and I don’t have any energy left to give lol

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3/100 days of productivity

local english student finishes his physics course with an A! cheers to never working with joules ever again.
*this marks the end of my hiatus fellas. happy summer ;)

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july 8, 2020 - I’m taking a free Harvard course on Beethon’s 9th and it’s made me realize how much I genuinely enjoy and have missed note-taking.

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