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Day 1 of the Studyblr Community Challenge(yes, in the middle of October😭) // Introduce yourself and tell us what you study!

I can’t believe it’s halfway through October already, where did the time go?? Anyways, I’m Alina, a third year studying Sociology and minoring in Asian American Studies! Currently balancing academics with studying for the LSAT. 

I started this studyblr when I was a sophomore in high school, but once I went on to college I kinda forgot about this blog because I was so busy, but now that school is online and most of my hours are spent studying, I’m hoping to start this up again and meet new people in the studyblr community! 

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19/10/2020, 16:38

Day 12/100 of productivity

I forgot to post my days of productivity over the last week, ironically because I’ve been being productive (not that you’d know it from what’s crossed off in my bujo!). Anyway, here’s some photos from the last few days: rather messy lecture and seminar notes, last week and this week’s bujo, some pretty leaves outside my accommodation and some books I bought recently! Very excited for reading week so I can catch up on all the work I need to do (also my first assignments are nearly due in?!! HOW!???)

📚- The Once and Future Witches (Alix E. Harrow) 🎧- folklore (Taylor Swift)

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Guess who is a university student (me babyyy). Tbh though the hype that I had for uni was way too much considering the reality of it. Nevertheless I am now officially an english literature undergraduate student (hence the linguistics notes) and I am ecstatic that ai achieved this goal of mine!!

Good luck with your studies :)

Ig: @aristttle

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the exam was way harder than any of us expected. so far i’ve had lunch and watched an episode of start-up (the good thing today tbh). now i’m trying to get some sleep because i only had 1 hr today before i study for tomrw’s exam.. and this is my view! what a precious, precious little thing in the world 🥰

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you know when people say that when you’re in a bad mental place you feel unable to do the simpliest tasks that are going to help you feel better? well, i’ve been postponing organising and cleaning my desk for an whole week. a week where i felt uncomfortable and apathetic most of the time.

yesterday i got some bad news and that made me break, and i cried for the first time in a long time - while listening to my taylor, hozier and bon iver playlist. somehow i felt more able to do something and change the way im seeing my life and my self-worth.

today haven’t been the greatest day ever, and i didn’t do much, but i started my art project, finished a book and a movie, and watched a very interesting roundtable. and i cleaned my desk - which made me realise that i could make some changes when i’m ready, but i have no idea where to put everything. i’m going to figure out anyways.

i hope this week Is better and i can finish my math lessons. and also fix my sleep schedule. and be a little more happy. :)

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brown and pink //

my color palette has really changed since I started college; I enjoy a lot more neutrals and muted tones now

I procrastinated working on an essay about immigrants in Spain, so now I’m rushing to catch up haha

insta: goblinstudies

// listening to: “House of Memories” by P!ATD

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Morning study session

Day 17 - Tag someone who you think is really kind. @hraewordsmith

Day 18 - Tag someone who makes you think more deeply about things.


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Day 8 - What is the best thing about studyblr in your opinion?

In my humble opinion (and please don’t take that as an offense), I just love the fact that some weird and mostly introverted nerds come together on a dying plattform to talk about all the interesting stuff they are learning. :D

No, but seriously, I love the community, the super caring people on here, the support you experience and all the amazing help you get here. Most of all, all the new friends you make are worth it!

Love you all,

Nadja xx

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Day 14 - what are some of your study essentials?

Not much except for a cup of tea, water and my computer stand (which is not in this pic lol) also paper and a pen I guess.

No mucho, una taza de té, agua y mi stand para la comu (que no está en esta foto jaja) y supongo que papel y una birome también.

Day 15- Tag someone you look up to


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