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//26 May 2020//

I have my finals coming up in six days and I’m very nervous, especially since this is going to be my first time giving an online exam. Just began revising positive psychology. Not really a fan of the subject, but gotta power through somehow. I’ve got my cup of steaming hot frothy filter coffee to help me get through this. Hope all of you are having a great day! xx

PS: I’m new to the studyblr community and I absolutely love the energy and inspiration here! 

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hey bookblr! let’s talk Pride Month Reading Plans! if you’re LGBT or an ally, reblog this with what you’re reading now or what you’re planning on reading in June! I wanna get a recs train going

i’ll start. i have Juliet Takes a Breath by Gabby Rivera and Freshwater by Akwaeke Emezi coming in the mail. I’d love any recs for LGBT authors of colour especially!


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DAY 19-29/30

14 MAY, 2020 - 15 MAY, 2020

Hey guys,

So I’m back, with another episode how to achieve absolutely nothing and then cry abt it..

The past couple days have been very weird. But this time I ain’t gonna use that as an excuse for being unproductive. But beating myself up for it is not an answer either so.. Its okay.

The only thing I’m proud of is completing permutations and combinations. I’d been running from that chapter for long now and I finally completed it.


Today would be the last day of the productivity steak or rather the unproductivity streak. Anyway we’re gonna get more and more chapters done as soon as possible..

And I’m still counting on @nineballbutmakeitstudy to teach me organic chem. ( yep I’m bad at it)

We would make a new schedule and 30 more days of productivity from day after tomorrow.

Till then I should get some sleep because I haven’t been sleeping at all for the past one week and I don’t want it to affect my health more than it already is.

🎶 Pray ~ JRY, Ruth Anne

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24 may 2020 

well what do you know! it’s some original content! it’s been awhile since i posted something but here are some history notes from wayyyy back. my finals are coming up next week, and i am slightly stressed, but they’re mostly presentations, which should be okay. do y’all have finals? or are you already done with school??

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Okay random questions

• does anyone have any medieval history book recommendations?

I’m thinking of reading some of Dan Jones stuff like the Templars or crusaders but does anyone have any more niche recommendations?

also please share your fav tim hortons donuts because my bf & I are sworn timbits fans but then yesterday I tried a honey crueller and was like maybe I should try more? trival life questions to entertain me during lockdown!

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how have online classes been for you all? figuring out zoom has been a journey, lol. one student got called out for watching a tv show because he forgot to mute himself, lol!

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23rd may 2020

it’s going to be ok. i know it. everything that has happened up until now is history, it made me who i am, it made me strong enough to face anything. i’m scared, but i will be confident, i will be myself and nobody else. i won’t hide any longer.

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Hi everyone,

I hope you all had a productive day. Today I annotated one poem only, but it was long and it had a lot of research added to it, so I have to say that I am quite pleased, I also recently got a planner for my birthday and I love my bullet journal and all but I find that it’s not really working for me so I am set on my way to discover a new way of planning that works for me.

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22nd may 2020

4/5☆ it was really good! i liked the characters, the world was incredible and, although it wasn’t the deepest/most complicated thing even, it was a lot of fun and just what i needed to de-stress. an action-packed, dark and yet light-hearted fantasy/dystopian, so nice

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