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Hellooooooo 👀 I’m finally back with my posts! I’ve spent a while debating with myself on what to write for this post specifically because I’m sure we were all hit by a truck this year. It hasn’t been easy AT ALL. I recently had a good read of my last post and MANNNNN did all of that just go out the window from the first month ALONE. I’m quite used to unfortunate events, but I’ve never dealt with it in such quick succession (picture Road Runner from Looney Tunes). I’ve also never felt myself go on a downward spiral in that rate either. Uh, yeah…2020, for the most part, has been terrible, appalling, horrific, and the long list of synonyms given by my online thesaurus.

So, when it all turns to 💩 what do you do? The answer varies, but I wanted to start fresh.

Hence, I decided to drop forensics and move on into the wonderful world of ✨Biology✨. I am once again a “fresher”. Hitchhiking for freebies aside, I feel very excited (yay) because I have always loved biology. However, I know it’s not going to be perfect upon observing this year’s track record. But imperfection is totally fine! The journey to transferring has been bumpy because it’s not common in my culture to change courses, let alone repeat a whole year. Although I did calm the waters a bit by telling my Asian family I was planning to be a doctor which is half-true jk (whether I go through with that or not, I have comfort that it’s going to be something I chose for myself).

On top of that, both my ✨anxiety and depression ✨decided to peak last month and I’m still trying to recover from it. I’ve been taking steps to get better to which some have been successful and some have not. Honestly, I’m still pretty sad about the parts that backfired because I truly cannot do anything about it 🥴. So, its a pretty bumpy start to the academic year, but we move still. I do think it’s important for me to post this part because I never want to give an impression of false positivity (more on this in an upcoming post). Okay, enough rambling I’ll end this update here, but I’d love to hear about your 2020 experiences! 👁👄👁

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9/30/20 - 100 days of productivity - 30/100

10:15am - got some starbucks and completed a reading for history of photography (aka i actually did the assigned readings for this week DURING the week)

2:30pm - working on my physics lab (basically done)

5:15pm - going over physics hw answers

8:50pm - more of that^ i was not in the mood today tho ngl

xo- gg

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Oktober 1st, 2020

Today my sister visited so we could study together. I got quite some stuff done and liked the fact that I had someone to talk to for a bit inbetween classes.

Also, how is it the 1st of Octerber?! Time is flying! ❤

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October 1st 2020

I got my iPad!! I’m so excited to learn how to draw and take notes on it!

I have so much neurobiology lectures to catch up on today before my recitation. After that I have to catch up on Tamil. Then i will probably work on research for the rest of the day.

Lol I need to start applying to gap year jobs.

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It’s finally October!! I’ve been drinking chai lattes and apple cider all week and I had an interview at a cat cafe!

I also had two tests this week so all I’ve done is study and I felt like I hadn’t been productive this week. Because I have nothing to show for it. Like homework feels like productivity but reading doesn’t. Well I have a bunch due today so I guess that’ll make me feel better.

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I have two dogs. One of them is a chihuahua, super tiny dog. And other one is a borzoi, very big dog. Her stanging height is same as me.

Today , my tiny dog woke up me at 6:00. So, I didn’t get enough sleep.

Tiny dog named Noel is always barking. And she is so strong and powerful, she is filled up with confidence.

I’m proud of her, but I don’t want her to wake up me every morning.


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october 1 /20

happy Halloween part one I guess? currently studying behaviour modification for my upcoming midterm. also, I know someone on tumblr followed this playlist and I had to delete it because at the time it was private, but it’s now public, you can give it a listen on my Spotify account :)


27. Tuesday, Sept. 29th: What is your biggest inspiration?

I find a lot of inspiration to study in watching study vlogs and productivity vlogs, but I get bigger inspiration from reminding myself of where I’m headed and how successful I want to be in the future. Then, all of a sudden an extra half an hour of studying today doesn’t seem so bad!

28. Wednesday, Sept. 30th: Positive affirmations!  What are yours? Write some!

I am strong. I am capable of handling whatever situations I find myself in. Everything will be okay. I will figure things out, even if it’s one little step at a time.

29. Thursday, Oct. 1st: Post a pic of your study Space and your favorite drink!

This picture is kinda dark, I’ll have to take a brighter picture next time. My favourite drink is probably water tbh, but to be fancy I also drink cranberry juice!

🎧 pluto projector - rex orange county

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A smoothie bowl a day keeps the doctor away!

(Especially if it has figs, homemade granola and it’s served alongside a london fog latte ☺️)

Btw my favourite ones are Black Mission but mostly people prefer Adriatic ones (aka the green and white ones)

Do you have any preference?

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Day One of My Studyblr Community Challenge!!!

✨ Question of the day~ Introduce yourself and tell us what you study:

Hi I’m Medhavee,a student of grade eleven and I am currently studying the following subjects for the next two years~

  • English
  • Economics
  • Mathematics
  • Media Studies
  • Political Science
  • Psychology

Thank you @myhoneststudyblr for such a wonderful challenge!!!! The first day itself was so exciting….. I can’t wait for more😊… Featuring my Economics textbook that is slowly getting consumed by sticky notes….

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01/10/2020, 11:32

Day 2/100 of productivity

I completely forgot about this yesterday, despite taking a photo and preparing to post it 🤦‍♀️

I spent yesterday watching lectures and doing reading. I spent the evening with my flatmates chatting and watching St Trinians. So all in all, it was a good day.

I will try and be more on time today with my productivity post today!

📚- The Missing of Clairdelune (Christelle Dabos) 🎧- Pure Heroine (Lorde)

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above art made by ponkandk on twitter! please consider commissioning her!

hello ! this is a new studyblr by a not-new person to the studyblr community :”D nevertheless, please allow me to (re)introduce myself and let this be my day 1 post of @myhoneststudyblr‘s 31-day challenge

⚘ basics

  • my name is yuki ! though I also go by pat/patty/ikuy
  • she/her ; 18 ; virgo ; infj
  • philippines 
  • half-filipino and japanese
  • grade 12 student, STEM strand
  • I love dark chocolate, matcha, watching netflix, sleeping
  • I adore ghibli and makoto shinkai
  • my main is @/awanggan ! (which is infinite/infinity in filipino)
  • formerly kickasstudies

⚘ passions

  • social sciences (I actually prefer this over stem sjhdbcd)
  • art and graphic design !
  • filipino/japanese culture and history
  • feminism and women empowerment
  • social justice
  • learning in general, I just want to explore a lot of fields :”> which is both a blessing and a curse

⚘ what i study

  • as a stem student, our specialized subjects are chem, physics, and bio aside from subjects like english, filipino, cle, emptech/computer, and ucsp (understanding culture, society, and politics)
  • on the side, I’m planning on going further with my love for art ! i recently purchased a 3-bundle online course and im so excitedddd
  • I also attend seminars on current events and/or culture to stay informed and aware

⚘ studyblrs that inspire me

dkfjvldkfhv im shy to tag but lets get out of the comfort zone ig

@pltuo @starsandaspirations @philology-studies @studydiaryofamedstudent @studyblr @studykouffee @goblinstudies @acai-studies @noodledesk @adelinestudiess@acataemic@tbhstudying​ (@/myhoneststudyblr tho she’s already been tagged above) 

and many more !

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Day 3/100 Days of productivity - 30.9.2020

I’m actually really proud of myself because I got a lot done today:

  • Room Tyding Part 5
  • Wrote down all courses from university into my student planner with color coding
  • Improved our family timetable in Excel
  • Made appointments for my tutoring lessons

So far the productivity challenge is really going well for me! But on the other hand it’s only day three so whatever haha.


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September 30, 2020

It’s another hell week! Got two exams, an essay, and supplementals due this week, and then two more exams next week. Don’t even get me started on all of the assignments I have due too 😩 Ya girl can’t catch a single break.

Online school means I’ve only been typing notes, so not as much to take pictures of for my studyblr unfortunately.

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