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My journal habit was gone. I recently can’t keep going to write journal. The reason is simple. I don’t remember that I have to write. I have had the habit to keep writing few months ago. But I quit writing once, I couldn’t keep it.


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Day 115/100 days of productivity - 21.1.2021

  • Drops Portuguese
  • Duolingo Italian
  • 3.5 hours online class
  • 1.5 hours tutoring
  • Wrote another chapter of my Communication seminar paper
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Winter Studying Challenge

21st January - Stay warm or go outside in the cold?

Definitely go outside! It’s so refreshing but the best thing if all is coming back indoors. Today I’m working on an essay due Monday.

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To do list


All this, and I gotta prepare for the Communicative English assignment we have to present tomorrow. And I’m constantly sleepy these days. And I’m on my 3rd cup of coffee for the day.

But I have to power through. I didn’t do too well (ok, Idek if I’ll pass) for the first round of internal exams. And that wouldn’t have happened if I’d worked harder, and more consistently, instead of curl into a ball for a week before the exam.

I’ll probably be more active on studyblr than I’ve been lately; I feel motivated here, while I don’t feel the same way anywhere else.

Let’s go!

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‘don’t stop when you’re tired. Stop when you’re done.’

Another late night session…

The past few days have been difficult, and so I have fallen behind my schedule and now I’m just in a vicious cycle of playing catch up..

I hope I’m able to pick up the pace and complete everything in supposed to soon..

Finals are just over 2 weeks away, and I am starting to freak out(just a little, I swear).

But I know that freaking out won’t help, so wi just keep at it.

Keep hustling, guys!

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Day ? of 100 days of productivity. Idek. I keep forgetting to post but I’ve been busy with a few essays the past few weeks. Professors seem to love having the same deadline for everything….hope you’re all doing well and staying sane ♥️
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18.01.21 (53/60)

  • 8:30-10:00  AL project (PP)
  • 10:00-12:00  AL presentation (exam 3)
  • 12:00-1:30  Breakfast + Prime Video
  • 1:30-4:00  AL project (PP)
  • 4:00-6:00  Shower + lunch + Prime Video
  • 6:00-12:30  AL project (PP)
  • 12:30-1:00  Workout
  • 1:00-2:00  Netflix

Pomodoros: 12

Thoughts: so much work to do, but feeling a bit more confident (at least).

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21 January 2021

It is only the second week of school and I’m struggling. What a joke.

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22.01.20 // 09:44

My 2021 overview spread! In true Bujoign form, we went minimal. In past years, I’ve written a motivational quote - to lay the foundation for the year ahead. This time, I really couldn’t find one that truly reflected how I felt after 2020 😂

My Instagram for more bujo photos: @Bujoign

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22.01.2021, 10/100 days of productivity

Looking over feedback from a report my friends and I wrote. The exam will essentially be a defense of this and a couple other reports we wrote together. Thankfully, they were well received enough that I’m confident we’ll do well.

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Studying and stretching 🐱
Back to online lectures. One of its advantages is having my cat by my side always.
Listening to: honeymoon - Lana Del Rey
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I haven’t been active for a hot minute, but I am back and more driven and inspired than ever 💗 2020 has been tough, but we powered through. Here’s to new beginnings 💗

Anyway here’s my January set-up for my planner ✨

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I recently passed the NCLEX in 75 Q and created this list of tips I would’ve loved to have before I wrote!

- Essentials: Saunders & UWorld

- Nonessential but nice add on: @yournursingeducators ‘s (on Instagram) NCLEX high yield notes.

- Start early and start slow. Consider your preceptorship/final semester your opportunity to start studying for the NCLEX. Depending on your unit there will likely be downtime, bring a review book and do practice questions.

- Do 30-50 practice questions a day during preceptorship on the days your not working. It’s not much and it’s a good way to ease yourself into it.

- Make Flashcards with key concepts that are straight “memorizables”: lab values, antidotes (especially warfarin -> vit K, heparin -> protamine, digoxin -> digibind, Ca -> Mg), rules and formulas (like parkland formula, MAP formula), and mnemonics (like NSAID for cervical collar or “we better think high glucose” for metabolic syndrome)

- Book your exam and don’t look back. Trust that you’ll be ready when the time comes.

- Two-Three weeks before your exam is crunch time. 225-300 UWorld questions a day (3-4 75 question exams).

- Review the rationales how ever works best for you, but actually review and understand them! For me, I wrote them down in a word document separated into sections, putting drugs & diagnoses in bold.

- Before every study session in the crunch time, review your Flashcards and your rationales document.

- Treat each 75 question test like the actual NCLEX - no food or drinks, no pee breaks, no music. If you plan to use ear plugs, practice with ear plugs. I also found it helps to have a specific scent your relate to NCLEX study time. I got a new hand lotion that I used before every session and in the morning before my NCLEX.

- During crunch week set a time or # of questions to do each day and then be DONE. I would go for a walk afterwards to reset my brain. Over studying can happen and you don’t want to burn out.

- Mistakes are how you learn. Don’t be upset when you get questions wrong - be excited that you got it wrong when it didn’t matter and gave you the opportunity to learn something new.

- You will never been 100% ready, but if you’re consistently scoring above average on the Uworld questions, you’re probably good to go. Trust your gut.

- Treat your anxiety symptoms consistently and treat them the same way on the day of the NCLEX even if you think you’re all good. It’s probably partly related to adrenaline but when you get in there you might start feeling anxious - it’s all good. For me, I took the ginger gravol (not the dimenhydrinate) pretty much every night the last two weeks and on the morning of the exam.

- Don’t look up “Uworld % to pass NCLEX” or anything like that. Don’t compare your understanding to anyone else. Uworld’s site says “Test takers with a test bank score of 56% pass at a rate of 92%” - that’s the only number you should maybe think about, but don’t look up what other people had before the test because it doesn’t always correlate.

- Try not to think of it as a 75 question exam that gets longer if you’re doing worse, really try to think of it as a 145 question exam (at present, due to Covid) that gets shortened when you prove you’re doing well. It’s not essential to get 100% on 75 to be done in 75, the computer adapts quicker than that.

- I seriously recommend doing every single Uworld question. Ultimately the best practice for the exam isn’t Flashcards or memorizing concepts, it’s learning how to maneuver the NCLEX style questions.

Conspiracy theory: the test is way over hyped so all these companies can continue to profit off of your self doubt. Your education prepared you for this. Visualize your success. Visualize how cool your name, BN RN is gonna look. Your BN was WAY harder then the NCLEX. You’ve got this.

@crystalcanyon you asked for any advice and it reminded me to post this, so thank you ☺️

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10:49, january 22, 2021 - day 54

please pray for me!! i have my exam in a couple of hours and i’m woefully underprepared. but is anyone even surprised at this point <3 i’m going to start my birthday celebrations today itself because i’ll have to study tomorrow can’t a queer babie celebrate their 18th birthday in peace :(
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