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Day 15 - 03/06/2020

Today’s day has been somewhat of a mix. I am improving my vocab for a verbal reasoning test. So, I learn a particular set of words. I pen down the words I don’t know. Last 10 mins, I revise the the words written down. Then, the next day, I revise these words before I start my new set. This strategy is working good. Let’s see how far it will take me.

As for my mock test, I got my result. I got a poor 57% with half the syllabus I covered. Sounds about right. I pinged the person in charge and asked him if I should take up the actual test. He asked me to complete the entire syllabus, then self assess with the question bank and then take up the actual test. So, time to work on that.

As of now, the following things are on my agenda :

1. Vocab words

2. Study for the certification course

3. Stay up to date with the online course

4. Learn about data science

All of this needs to be done while making sure my work goes unaffected. And it is possible to do all four simultaneously. At least that’s what I’m trying for. But, keeping myself occupied like this makes me productive and that makes me happy. Wish me luck with my ambitious plans 🙈


Tiny Girl

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Some late night french notes. Like the skull in the background? He was a birthday present. It’s been weeks, and I still don’t know what to name him. If you have any suggestions, lmk in the notes!

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Feeling like your life is empty……

Tired of being unproductive……

Tired of doing nothing……

Tired of this endless procrastination……

Tired of those people trying to belittle your ambitions and disturb your peace of mind…….

If you are experiencing this condition right now, my deepest sympathy goes to you….

Honey!! you’re not alone…..

These days are not going to stay forever…

Time will reveal a brighter future and vision towards yourself…..

And it will be very wise of you if you choose to create a day worth living…..don’t let others ruin your day……

“Be an encourager, the world has plenty of critics already”

Do something for you and for others…

Try something new….

Study, learn a new language, improve your english, eat healthy, exercise, improve your social skills, read, take care of yourself, help others and be kind please especially kindness towards others….. Be the oil that eases friction, the music that brings harmony to desperate souls….

Set up goals, change your bad habits, push yourself to the best…no one is going to do that for you…. This is your life, your journey….

Believe in your dreams….your dream is the comfort when you occasionally falter…..the compass that guides you when you feel astray…..the inviolable bastion against social woes…. It’s the anchor that holds you through life’s storms……

Please, wake up……

Never grudge yourself a helping hand….

Be a better version of yourself….

Let your acts speak about you……

In short, we have to stop this procrastination and actually be productive…. For our mental health and to feel better ….

So I’m restarting a productivity challenge and I will be posting the achievements of each day here on tumblr….

It’s your turn now to restart……

Good luck for everyone of you😊


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Palmela says hi!

Org chem and physics practice for test tmrw!

I had a busy day! Friends and I had our weekly “check-up call” today! I miss seeing them everyday :(

How’re you guys keeping in touch with friends/family/SOs?

Stay safe xx

PS. thank you guys SO MUCH for 325 followers! I love you! ❤️ Thank you for the constant support, it truly keeps me going! ❤️ This community is wonderful and welcoming and SO SO supportive, I’m so glad to be a part of it!


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Decided to join in on the 2020 quarantine challenge created by @myhoneststudyblr !

Week 11

Mon - What is your biggest pet peeve?

People smacking their lips when eating. That sound just manages to irritate me on another level.

Tues - What motivates you to work hard?

Knowing that if I work hard I’ll get good grades which will get me into a good university. What also motivates me is the feeling of satisfaction you get when you complete a task or goal and knowing that you’re done with it.

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Tumblr ate up my post from yesterday lmao???😂

These are some of the better pictures I took yesterday.

Read some Italian folk tales, and The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins (on the recommendation of Violet @philology-studies THANK YOU❤️) 110% recommend!!!

Biochem, org chem and calculus!

How are you guys doing? Hope your day went/goes well!

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2020/06/02 | 8/100 Days of Productivity

In turbulent times like these, you sometimes need to slow down. This DOES NOT mean you should ignore everything that is happening out there. But you cannot fight for a cause if you are not willing to fight for yourself.

Some days I’ve had some *mood* issues which led me to make these “How to say no to depression/anxiety” and “Quotes to get through the day” pages in my bullet journal. Sometimes, I find myself still going back to these, like today.

I decided to take some of my own advice and spend the day reading. Not only does reading give me some peace of mind in all the chaos, but it can also educate. And it gives me some motivation to catch up on my Goodreads goal.

Above all, I want to urge everyone to stay safe. Yes, stand up for what you believe in. Support the BLM movement. But remember to think of your own safety. I hope the BLM movements comes out of this battle victorious.

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黑人的命很重要 (hei1 ren2 de ming4 hen3 zhong4 yao4) - this is the Chinese version of “Black Lives Matter”

Literally this translates to: Black people’s lives are very important.

I am immensely proud of the langblr community’s commitment to learning about other languages and cultures. It is this openmindedness, curiosity and compassion that will be our weapons in fighting against the ignorance of racism. Continue to be kind, thoughtful, and attentive to the voices of people of colour.

Many of us go to school or work with people around us. Some of us are managers and leaders. No matter where you are, you have power. So use your voice to change the conversation and eliminate the systemic barriers of discrimination and inequity. Be confident and steadfast in your stance. Racism is everybody’s enemy. Today you, tomorrow me.

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