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09-19-20// Infatuated with Objective Truth

I am very infatuated with the idea of objective truth. The idea that there are truths that apply to everyone, everywhere, at all times, even if we (presently) don’t know what it is.

I think it has become very evident throughout history that humanity’s ability to know has no baring on the Truth and when it is ready to be discovered, it will be.

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19.09.2020 - 22.45

5&6/100 days of productivity


Today hasn’t been very good. My family has been walking on eggshells all day and my friend was supposed to come over but that didn’t happen because everyone was upset. I’m still not sure that it’s all okay, but there was an apology a little bit ago… but I can still hear some arguing.

I haven’t been feeling the best either. My stomach always has problems but it’s been feeling really terrible this week. I get hungry and then I eat and then I get sick and then I’m hungry but I don’t want to eat again because I don’t want to get sick. My brain has also been suffering from this.

I managed to get a zero on a Spanish quiz, which I know isn’t correct so I’m going to have to email my professor and ask her to look over it. I do NOT like taking foreign language online. Please don’t do that if you don’t have to. But I got through about half of my document for my DBQ that’s due Monday night. I’m going to finish reading the other half and start writing tomorrow after church.

Two good things about today:

(1.)I got to see my grandparents and my Grandmother had some of my favorite pumpkin tea so she gave me some and (2.) I got to finally play a few rounds of Among Us with my brother and his friends. It was really fun and I needed a good moment of rest and fun.

I’m going to meet my friend at Dunkin in the morning before we go to church and work in the child care. I hope tomorrow is better than today.

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Day 14/100

  • Revised 2 kanji lessons from the basic kanji book vol.2
  • Translated a comprehension passage from Japanese to Arabic.
  • Read a few pages from Afrah Al Kubba.
  • Submitted an assignment.

Today was hectic, I did lots of cleaning around the house and lots of going up and down the stairs. (That’s an old photo btw)

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Random Study Updates


Sept. 19

I’ve fallen a bit behind and I am s t r e s s e d. I have another exam next week and I had to drop a class because TWO THEORY COURSES AT THE SAME TIME IS A BAD IDEA. I love my Community Engagement class, though. This week we’re reading about libraries which makes me ~very happy~ as you might imagine.

I really need to stop eating at my desk. My office is the only room in the apartment that has a bug problem, and I knew that before it even became my office, so why do I still push it? *cue homestuck face palm gif that I cannot find right now*

On a positive note, I finally found a short guided meditation that works for me.

Image Description: Book page turned up with the heading “Branch Libraries” in front of a computer screen displaying class notes.

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Had a productive day today, set up all my online tools for college (a post on that to come!), had my first Higher English class this morning, and then I done next months and next weeks diary spread!

There will be more details on where I’ve been and what I’m doing in my next post but for now here is my diary spread ft a sneak peak of my trello boards! I am trying really hard to neaten my writing and practice cursive and so far it is not going very well 😅

I start college next week and, as you can see, my work schedule has been unforgiving for me! I will be running on basically no sleep for 3 days so forgive me in advance if I turn loopy 😬

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thought it’d be fun to give y’all a little tour of my student notion setup. i just started using notion and it’s honestly a lifesaver for me! i use it along with a physical bullet journal for keeping track of daily to-do’s.

i have a page for all my uni stuff that i split into semesters and will eventually be dividing into years. within each semester i have a page for each of my courses.


on each course page, i have info about the course, a section for my syllabus and other important docs, and a calendar where i type all of my notes and put deadlines and reading reminders from the syllabus. all of the calendars on my notion pages link back to a master calendar (aptly named big calendar) and i set filters for specific tags on the different pages (i have a tag for each course and filter my course calendars to show only the items tagged for that course). 


also on the course page, i have a table view of the course calendar that’s filtered to show only my notes so i have easy access to them.


on the page for my private instrument lessons, i have a practice tracker where i log my practice sessions and keep notes. this is a work in progress as i’m trying to create a layout that’s easier to read.


finally, here’s my master calendar! calendars from all of my uni courses, volunteering, and personal pages link to this one so that i can see all of my important information and dates at a glance.


notion is such a great tool, would really recommend checking it out if ur looking for a new way to stay organized😊

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