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I rearranged my room today a little bit and alsooo got a new wardrobe which is sooo freaking cuteee 😍

Also I am getting better in Spanish altho I need to go a looooonggg way.

This is me with video lectures again - semiconductors today because I didn’t really feel like studying and I know I will have to do this chapter someday so why not get a headstart.

Stay safe💫💫

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You need motivation to study? Let me introduce you to spiteful studying. When you study a subject to prove someone wrong. When you spend hours writing up notes so that you can get that grade and smile smugly at the teacher who predicted you a lower grade. Find someone to prove wrong, it can be a teacher, a parent, friend or just to prove society that you’re so much more capable then they say you are!

Trust me, it works.

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Coffee with foamed milk and cocoa powder, a homemade waffle, and fresh raspberries. Had a really productive Zoom class with some classmates but I still have so much studying to do for my exam on Monday… I’m excited for Thanksgiving food tomorrow though!

Fall 2020 Challenge

Do you study language?

  • I speak Spanish. I wrote an honors thesis in Spanish as part of my B.A. in Hispanic studies, and I was fluent at the time. I’m a little rusty now since I don’t get a lot of opportunities to practice and I’m a little shy. I read novels and watch Spanish language TV/movies every once in a while.
  • I also took a couple of years of basic French in high school and I’d like to learn more.
  • At the start of quarantine I was inspired to start learning Russian. The Cyrillic alphabet is really interesting but I definitely struggle with pronunciation (especially ы). I haven’t learned much unfortunately, because I started med school and I haven’t had the time or mental energy to study anything outside of medicine.
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ENGL 412

  • Second Chance Essay due 11/29
  • Macbeth Essay due 12/06
  • Final Essay due 12/09 @ 10 am 

HONR 353

  • Finished proposal due 12/08
  • Present proposal due 12/08 @ 5:30 pm 

HIST 424

  • Final Exam due 12/03 (moodle)
  • We Wish to Inform You Essay due 12/03 (email) 

ENLG 436

  • Research Project due 12/01 
  • Presentation due 12/08 @ 10:30 am 

ENGL 333

  • Interpretive Paper due 12/02
  • Final Exam due 12/04 

PHIL 301

  • Final Exam due @ 12:30 pm 
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This is a great app I used to learn the kana, and am now using it to learn vocab! There is a time limit which can be unlocked by paying for a premium version, but I think that 5 minutes per day is plenty to keep your vocab embedded in your mind!

Sorry I don’t have a link for the iOS version, I don’t have any apple devices on hand (just search “Japanese Drops”!)

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this week is thanksgiving break for me and most other americans, so I have far less work assigned by my professors.

my goal for this week is to use all the extra time to catch up on my lab notebook and other projects that i’ve fallen behind on. my biggest issue so far with virtual school is the lack of time reserved for studying and studying alone. most of my professors have been making us complete a ridiculous amount of extra assignments, quizzes, projects, etc. to make up for not having a lecture/lab. although i understand their intentions, i wish they wouldn’t because this leads to me spending all of my time completing these assignments and barely having any time to just study. I have never had so little time to just study in my life. despite this challenge, i think i’m doing fairly well. i’m a straight A student baby!

anyways, happy holidays to you all, i hope that those of you who get a thanksgiving break find some time to relax and destress this week!

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