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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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March 31, 2017 

This is me trying to do work and sip on some pina colada with an amazing view of St.Thomas,  a couple of days ago on our cruise. I came back last night and I had to go to school today to hand in my lab report and work on my assignment. And I am back just in time to study for my final exams coming up in two weeks and that’s it for 3rd year! This school year just zoomed past by me. 

On another note, here is some sunshine for people whose weather is as confusing as Toronto’s weather. I’m definitely going to miss all the sunshine that I got during the week because when I landed last night, it was snowing pretty hard … where’s our spring weather? 

- C 

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02/04 ~ i am absolutely in love with this planner i received from the january uppercase box! it has the most adorable drawings & quotes as the cover page for every month 

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Studyblr Questions
Rules: If you’ve been tagged, copy and paste the questions & rules into your own text post, and add who you were tagged by. Answer the questions (but don’t remove them,) then tag some other studyblr blogs! Not all questions are required if you don’t feel comfortable answering. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact @studyvet.

Tagged by: @studyvet (or, well… I wanted to do it!)
I tag: @studysthetics (and everyone else)

1) General
Name: Elin (or Sebbe for my friends at uni, it’s a long story)
Age: 20, going on 21
Pronouns: she/ they
Location: Sweden
Timezone: Stockholm, GMT+1
Native language: Swedish
Zodiac (Sun Sign): Scorpio?
Myers-Briggs Type: INFP? I think.. I don’t remember

2) Your Blog
When did you create it?
June 2, 2015 (almost a year, wow!)
How many followers do you have?
How many people are you following?
This is a side-blog so I have no idea… All blogs combined I follow 588 blogs
How many posts have you liked?
…… 154 697
Did you create your avatar?
Yes! It’s a photo of a drawing I made while eating breakfast once and in lack of actually study related pictures I used it! Probably should change it though…
Did you create your header?
Yes! An actual studying picture from campus
What theme are you using? Did you create it?
I have no idea because I’m on my iPad…
Do you post your own content?
Yes and no? I mean I post my own content (tagged post) but I reblog much more
What inspired you to make a studyblr?
Lack of motivation to pass anything. I created the blog when starting a summer course in nature science and studying drivers ed, so this was motivation
Besides studyblr, what else is your blog about?
It’s only a studyblr

3) Your Education
Education level: Uni
Class of: 2020 (I hope)
What classes are you currently taking?
I soon have exams in “One-variable analysis” (roughly translated) which is basically calculus, and statistics!
What AP/IB/etc. classes have you taken?
I didn’t do AP classes but I took math as an added course to my curriculum and did four courses of math instead of 2.
What AP/IB/etc. classes do you plan on taking?
If you’re taking a foreign language, which language is it?
Well I’m Swedish so English counts as a foreign language I guess. I also speak very limited Mandarin Chinese and even more limited Spanish. (And weird “learnt-through-tourism”-German)
What do you want to be and or major in?
I’m majoring in Education with focus on maths and English
What college do you want to or already go to?
I go to LiU
What, if any, extracurriculars are you in?
None atm, because I don’t have the time
What, if any, school clubs are you in?
Same here, none atm
What is the lowest grade you have ever gotten on an assignment, quiz, or test?
I got a 0 on my linear algebra exam, twice
What’s your favorite subject(s)?
In high school it was English and Math, now it’s statistics

4) Studying
How many days in a week do you study?
Every day. (0/10, would not recommend)
On a typical day that you study, how long do you study for?
I’m easily distracted, so not enough, maybe 3-5? Scheduled time included
What time of the day do you typically study at?
Spread out during the day, I have a serious problem staying focused
Where do you like to study?
Campus on my own, or in my boyfriend’s kitchen
Do you study with background noise?
I usually put on musicals when I study maths, otherwise music without lyrics
Do you use apps to help you study?
^ If so, what apps?
The forest app (I bought it because the chrome extension was good, but I recommend trying the chrome extension first so you don’t waste money on something you won’t use)
I also use duolingo and memrise
Do you put electronics that aren’t needed to the side when studying?
I try to or I get distracted, studying by the computer is death of productivity
Do you take breaks while studying?
^ If so, how long do you study for and how long is each break?
Depends. I try to do 55min studying to 5 min breaks, and if that doesn’t work out I do 25 min studying to 5 min breaks
Do you have snacks while studying?
Do you have something to drink while studying?
Water or tea. Mostly tea. This blog should be named howtosurviveontea
If you have pets, do they bother you while studying?
I don’t, but I’m getting a cat in like three years or smth
Do you ever use websites like Quizlet to study?
I use Studyblue sometimes when I want to speed revise
Do you think doing homework and learning from it counts as studying?
Yes? Why would it not be? Studying is not something holy that you have to do extra to school work. If you’re reading a book for English class, you’re studying, if you’re learning German on duolingo you’re studying. It’s not a competition
Do you think rewriting notes efficiently can count as studying?
If you’re learning from it, yeah! It’s a great way to revise

5) Notes, Stationery, Etc.
Do you use any of the typical “studyblr pens/highlighters?”
I guess
^ If so, which ones & what else do you use? If not, what do you use?
I got a pack of stabilo fine-liners for my birthday so I use those to make my notes look pretty.
Do you like to use sticky notes?
Do you like to use stickers?
I love stickers! I use stickers on everything!
Do you like to use index cards?
In the form of Studyblue where I can have them in my phone, yes.
What type of paper do you prefer?
What type of notebook do you prefer?
I like whitelines for revised notes so I can scan them, but otherwise I just buy the cheapest kind in bulk because I go through them like, well, paper
Do you have and use a planner?
I have, and kind of, I mostly use my phone
^ If so, what kind is it?
We got one during orientation at uni, so it’s a teacher-calendar with spreadsheets for classes and stuff
Do you use printables?
Eeeeeeh, not really
Do you have a calendar?
I have a phone?
Do you like to color-code subjects?
I like to colour-code, full stop.
Do you ever fake calligraphy or use a calligraphy pen?
Fake calligraphy when I’m super bored and want to procrastinate
Do you use a popular studyblr chrome extension as your “New Tab?”
^ If so, which one?
Momento, is it called? Moments? I don’t know. The one that says “Good morning, __________!”

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