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04/05/20 | the moon reminds me “you are still whole no matter what phase you’re in.”

stay safe everyone! be efficient with all this extra time we have and let’s utilize it well ✨

🎶 Song Recommendation: (i’ve been hearing this song everywhere haha)

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Studyblr 2020 quarantine challenge

Week 2

Fri - Take a picture of the view outside your window

This is the view from my desk. It is really nice and peaceful nowadays. I love to work outside sometimes since my house faces the park of the museum and the small artificial lake created by the lock: the dreamland to write all day!

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🍂 01.04.2020 🍂

hey, it’s been a while, hasn’t it?

i’m sorry for not posting in a while. it’s been really really hectic lately. i hope everyone is dealing with lockdown well, and that everyone is doing okay.

so… A levels, huh?

it reallt is so surreal. i’ve still not quite fully come to terms with the fact my A level exams have been cancelled. because, as much as they terrified me, i wanted to them. i wanted that opportunity to prove what i could do. my time at college was cut short, and i barely got to say goodbye to my teachers. my favourite teacher wasn’t even there in the last week. when i last saw him, i didn’t realise it would be my last time i saw him.

but anyone, despite the uncertainty, i’m keeping my head up. i’m writing a lot, painting a lot, making a lot of tiktoks (if you want to follow me it’s @/iwritehurtnotcomfort). college is setting us lots of work still, although after this recent update i’m not sure how long that’ll go on for 😕

so, yeah. everything is a bit strange right now, but we’ll get through it! 💞😁

(p.s. obviously, i won’t be studying much on here anymore. does anyone want me to post more stuff like this weekly plan, or maybe some of my art?)

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Studyblr 2020 quarantine challenge

Week 2 - Monday

Take a picture of your desk/ study space

Today I’m doing easy homeworks, revising my phonology lectures, so I’m studying with James Bond in the background.

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👨🏻‍💻 online classes 👨🏻‍💻

I sent my literature essay and I am now working on my opera class. The teacher admitted that he gave us the wrong deadline and we have until May to do our final essay. I’m so relaxed!

I subscribed to an online class yesterday ‘understanding fashion: from business to culture’ with IFM professors and other brand directors such as Jacquemus. I can’t wait! I subscribed to other classes, including a Jane Austen one.

How are your classes going? Did you subscribe to the 'Understanding fashion’ class?

now playing: maniac by conan gray

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a lil’ sneak peak from my previous post:

Charcot-Bouchard Aneurysm (one of the applied aspects of the Internal Capsule)

  • Microaneurysm
  • Common Vessel Involved: Lenticulostriate Branches of the Middle Cerebral Artery
    • Due to Hypertension
  • With the loss of the integrity of the vessel wall, microaneurysms develop in the arteries, which are at high risk of rupture → Cerebral Haemorrhage. 
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