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535 | I am not actually one of those people who drinks iced coffee year round. I get cold, and besides, there are so many great hot drinks out there, why not go for those. So you can tell when I’m posting older photos by the presence of the iced coffee, lol. 

Still getting into my post student life. Still kind of taking a break and mildly ignoring my emails. Very much so have to stop doing that and finish up my job hunt. 

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533 | So I spent my bar trip one part in Niagara Falls, one part walking around outside little towns in the Finger Lakes. It was a beautiful fall week there in western New York and the absolutely cutest little socially distant trip | Skaneatles, New York

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532 | Back to your regularly scheduled, no longer ‘bar studying’ programming.

Guys my “to be read” stack is SO LARGE oh no. I bought or acquired a ton of books while studying for the bar that I wasn’t able to make my way through until now. The stack is practically toppling over. 

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61+62/100 days of productivity

What I did day 61:

  • Chapter 25 + notes for western civ
  • Math HW 10.1
  • Math HW 10.2
  • Wrote the second draft for my essay
  • Practiced Italian on duolingo
  • Wrote
  • Read
  • Cleaned my room

What I did say 62:

  • Chapter 10 + notes for med term
  • Final draft of my essay
  • Translated and defined a medical record for med term
  • Wrote something on the discussion board for med term
  • Took notes for the 10/15 lecture in math
  • Math HW 10.3
  • Trench warfare activity for western civ
  • Practiced italian on Duolingo
  • Wrote
  • Read

I’m officially a GED graduate, so I’m going to be applying for the paramedicine program at my uni this weekend.

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I have so much to go through until my first grad school midterms next week 🙂🙃 yup, in Korean.

If I study a lot every day it’s pretty manageable, it just takes time. Because of corona and online lessons, my exams are open-book, which takes off some of the stress, but that probably means there will be no time to look up stuff from the book anyway so I better be very familiar with the material. Especially it’s location in the book lol.

It’s nice that the teachers are understanding and didn’t give us homework before midterms. Honestly I’m loving all the professors this semester.

I got this. 💪

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11th october, 2020

it pains me a little bit to have 70 exercises to do as homework for monday’s math class. i’m 32/70 done. i’ve been at it for an hour.

do you have a lot of homework?

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10th october, 2020

some studying i did for last friday’s computer applications test. (i think it went ok, but am scared of the more subjective questions)

did you have any tests this past week? if so, how did they go?

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59/100 days of productivity

What I did today:

  • Wrote an outline for my problem essay
  • Defined a medical report on bone marrow
  • Answered questions about the telegraph act for western civ
  • Read chapter 24 and took notes for western civ
  • Practiced my Italian on Duolingo
  • Read
  • Wrote
  • Took my third GED test

Long day, I’m ready to lay back, but it’s been nice. Filled with school work and all that.

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58/100 days of productivity

What I did today:

  • Read and took notes on chapter 9 of my med term textbook
  • Read and took notes on chapter 23 of my western civ textbook
  • Took my GED social studies test
  • Took notes for Math
  • Read
  • Wrote
  • Practiced my Italian on Duolingo
  • Drew for my Falltober prompts

I’m eating the best bowl of chili ever, my trick is to fill half the bowl with cheese, sour cream, cilantro, and crushed chips, and then add way too much spicy stuff.

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57/100 days of productivity

What I did today:

  • Took my first GED test and passed
  • Wrote down math notes from a class I missed
  • Wrote notes on the lecture in western civilization
  • Watched a video on MLA title format
  • Practiced my Italian on Duolingo
  • Did a shit ton of research on our local elections to know who to vote for
  • Wrote
  • Read

Super glad I passed my first GED test, and God, I hate politics, but its been a nice day. Super foggy. I’m full of caffeine.

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56/100 days of productivity

What I did today:

  • Did my math extra credit that I really neede
  • Took more math notes and got he hang of concepts I didnt understand
  • Took a quotes and italics quiz for writing
  • Read the reading for my writing class
  • Planned out my academic week
  • Drew a falltober prompt
  • Read a chapter of A Passage to India
  • Wrote
  • Folded all my laundry

I’m full of chili and motivation, ready to kick some ass. Also, I have my first GED test tomorrow! Wish me luck!

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It’s interesting how, after longing to study in this city for so long, I am glad to know I’ll leave next year. I knew the city wasn’t for me, but I thought studying here would be great regardless, but I don’t think I’m cut out to be in the Big Cities. I prefer being in a city where I can cycle from one side to the other, with less tourists and mostly just more places where I feel at home. Sometimes I wonder where I’ll end up, if I’ll move across the globe or stay in Europe, then I realize it’s my choice and I’m not sure what to do with it hahaha

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5th october, 2020

i got a couple of big assignments i’ve been procrastinating on… and i think i really need to start working on them… but i genuinely hate the prompt… and the content i have to talk about… help

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Fall season is officially upon us and I am in full sweater-weather-hermit mode so it only seemed appropriate to create a fall-themed banner to post above my first set of goals!

🍂Why I’m posting my goals🍂

I once read a really long time ago that people are more likely to be motivated to reach for their goals if they tell them to others. Apparently, knowing that someone else is aware of their goals motivates the person to actually achieve them because they’re now being held accountable for doing so. I’ve been writing my goals down in my planner to try to keep myself accountable, and while it works a lot of the time, I find sharing my goals with others fun and exciting, so I’m transferring them to my blog!

☕️How do I decide what goals I write down☕️

I am trying to get in the habit of going for what so I have set 2 long-term goals and have broken them down into tangible weekly achievements so I’ll be posting them as the final 2 goals on the list, along with some more academic goals I have each week. If I don’t manage to reach one of my goals by the end of the week, it simply carries forward into the following week. At the end of the year, I’ll see if I’ve managed to get a crack at the goals I had set in the beginning of the year.

My goals for this week:

  • Finish the draft 1 of my 33-paged paper by Monday (due February)
  • Sleep! Less than 2 all-nighters this week
  • Move! Stretch 3 times this week.
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