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How I prepare in advance for tests: Tips

  1. Take notes while in class! That way you force yourself to pay attention to what the teacher is saying and end up retaining things easier;
  2. Ask your teacher as many questions as you need while the new material is being taught. That will allow you to gather more information for your notes and will let the teacher know that you’re interested and paying attention. Some teachers value this and you might earn a few participation points;
  3. After class, rewrite your notes. They don’t need to look pretty. Just organize the contents you learned so that you can understand them later. Usually, I even write small notes and examples as if I am teaching future me the contents from scratch;
  4. Do a small revision a week before the test. That way you will have more time to fully prepare and, hopefully, you won’t feel as anxious or think that you are running out of time.
  5. If you have anxiety and have a hard time managing it before the test, try creating an anti-anxiety plan. Write down things that help you relax (like movies, songs, activities, food) and either take some time out of your schedule to do them or incorporate them in your study. Do what you need to not let anxiety ruin your day;
  6. One or two days before the test highlight the important things in the paper and summarize it even more (usually I can turn 6 pages into 2 where I just write the main concepts that are harder to memorize);

And that’s it! Usually, I read my notes the night before the test and review them in the morning to make sure I got everything memorized. I hope this can help some of you. Everyone has a different study method and this one got me through high-school and first of college. Try to find yours in the meantime and feel free to add more tips!

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11-27-20 update:


This is my desk. It’s not as aesthetically pleasing as I want it to be. I’m a bit ashamed of it, to be honest :(( I read a bit of Emma to keep my spirits up ++ had coffee <3 I’m feeling hopeful tho, I’ll be practicing taking pictures so I could post more of my desk rather than searching pictures online :))) I hope y'all are having a day worth reminiscing ;))

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// 26.11.20 //

today was a really tiring day. i watched my film lectures & went to my seminar. then i had a call with some people to discuss our group publishing project.

i played animal crossing & found out that it was a harvest celebration which was pretty cute !!

finally finished highlighting Passing for quotes relating to the keyword. there’s lots to accomplish for my us lit project & i need to get started properly on my feminism essay.

going to practice my handwriting & journal before bed ,,, i am so damn tired

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November 27th- Morning Routine Update

A while ago, you may remember I made a post about trying a new morning routine! Since then, my morning routine has changed quite a bit.

I’m not a morning person. And no matter how I push myself to be, it doesn’t work well for me. So, I’ve altered my morning routine to better suit me. This means I’m waking up a bit later, and taking things a bit slower. But I’m still making time for certain big goals I had. Right now, my mornings look a bit like this:

At seven o’clock my alarm goes off. Unfortunately I do reach for my phone first thing, but I’m slowly working to change this. Then I wake up and get the breakfast that I made the night before, which helps me want to want up more easily :) I eat slowly, then get dressed and pack my bag. I’ve also made more time to pack healthier lunches for myself. Often I’ll either bullet journal or rad for a few minutes before I head out the door.

In the future I’d like to add some stretching and journaling to the routine, but I’m trying to do that gently. Do you all struggle with mornings or find them easy? I think it’s important to identify when in the day you work best! For me, it’s often mid morning or fairly late at night. It’s important to identify that instead of pushing yourself to fit a stereotype of productivity :)

Hope you all have a productive and happy day!

<3 Melody

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Today I’m trying to get my life together because next Saturday I hand in my math final project (which is driving me crazy because I’m not sure what the f to do) and the whole next week is finals (I only have 3 classes, so 3 finals but,,, stress)

So rn I was rewatching a math class to complete my notes and see if I missed some tip on the project :) (I hate my math teacher so much, he gets annoyed really easily and is mean)


November 26, 2020

Notes: Mathematical Thinking I

🎧 “a chill & productive day in my life!” (@Ava Jules Vlogs on yt)

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hello beautiful people! 🌻 i hope you are safe, healthy and happy.

the beowulf summary homework took my two days so i couldn’t study my other lessons. but i think i did a great job and i enjoyed reading and analyzing beowulf. it is an interesting and supernatural epic story.

today, i’ll study ottoman turkish, listening to recorded lectures. it is a bit hard to learn it on your own because arabic alphabet is complicated, at least i find it so because this is an alphabet i’ve never seen before. and by the way, ottoman turkish is a language used in ottoman empire, spoken language is turkish but they write it down in arabic, not in latin as we do today.

and i have an another assignment from my methods and principles of teaching lesson and i’ll start to do that assignment too. i’m supposed to write a “outline syllabus/teaching plan”. i’m nervous about his assignment but i’ll try to do my best.

wish me luck! ✨ good luck and may it be easy to whomever is reading this post. 🌻✨ don’t forget to take a break and drink water!

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