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july 8, 2020 - I’m taking a free Harvard course on Beethon’s 9th and it’s made me realize how much I genuinely enjoy and have missed note-taking.

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12.07.2020 ~ Editing another paper that is due on Wednesday.

2020 Quarantine Challenge

Fri - Would you rather be the first person to explore a planet or be the inventor of a drug that cures a deadly disease?

Curing the disease.

Sat - Would you rather be able to control animals (but not humans) with your mind or control electronics with your mind?

Since I feel like my computer is always doing what it wants I’d go for controlling electronics.

Sun - Would you rather have unlimited international first-class tickets or never have to pay for food at restaurants?

First-class tickets to go wherever I want!

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Day 8/100


My books arrived in the mail today! My basic concepts are not as clear as I want them to be, so hopefully, I will be done solving yhis book and it’s second part by December.

Finished the leftover questions for Fourier Series and I’m planning to do at least 20 questions from this book tonight and everyday.

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A fulfilling day, I did not finish all that I set out to do but I gave myself a break in the afternoon and sped through the transcripts of another season of a podcast. I worked on one task that I’ve been procrastinating on, but I did not have time for the other. Overall it has been a really productive weekend, hope this continues. Stay productive folks :)

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Day 10/30 of 30 days of productivity. Started studying biotechnology today.

This is one of my favorite subjects. I just love learning about genetics.

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Studying. Some more studying. Taking a little study break. Studying again.

That has been my routine for the past 2 weeks.

Today I took an extended break and made spaghetti for my family.

Also I should probably start working out. I’m literally the definition wrong of couch potato.

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Is. Is studio ghibli an aesthetic??? Can someone please request an aesthetic so I don’t fall into the rabbit hole of becoming less and less aesthetic

also you don’t understand the sheer whiplash i got from reading the words “restriction fragment length polymorphism”

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These days are all about people graduating. Although I’m really happy for them, it also hurts me to see people who began later than me, graduate before I do. But you know what? It shouldn’t hurt! Life is not a race and it shouldn’t matter who goes over the ‘finish line’ first. Who cares if you get your degree in 5 years instead of in 3? No one! If you struggle with this just like I do: please take some time and be kind to yourself! We are NOT failing, we just need some more time, and that’s okay!

Have a nice weekend you all!❤️ Please stay safe and be a little more kind to yourself!

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Hello everyone! How is your day? Let’s take a look at my desk. It’s just my another typical day, having coffee and working on my to-do list.

It’s almost time to be back to school so I have to review all my notes since I have only focused on other tasks rather than my college for quite too long since the summer break started.

My desktop wallpaper - credit: Studio Ghibli

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Basic Rules to Determine Grammatical Gender of Russian Nouns

Masculine ➞ usually ends in a consonant letter or -й — студент, музей

Feminine ➞ usually ends in or –я — лампа,станция

Neuter ➞ usually ends in , , or -ё — окно, море

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Current electricity notes

I can’t start studying especially physics without my cold brew hehe :)

🎧 lose somebody by Kygo, One republic

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