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There's almost an equal split between the sexes on Tumblr - 51% male, 49% female.

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Our friend told us about an absolutely amazing AUniverse so I’ll write about it soon, remember to take it to all your other fandoms when I write about it because it’s way too small

But if you sexualize it I’m revoking your anime privileges for the rest of your life, I’ve got my eyes on you

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that weird feel when u have a dream of the dead world while sleeping, but you are kicked out of there cuz it’s probably not time yet, and realize that u can’t see any sense in this world but also nobody is gonna wait for u “there”. it even seems kinda funny to me.

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Day 40 of 100 days of productivity

  • Today I’m trying to push some work, because the deadlines are in the air.
  • And I started a journal in Spanish. At first I wanted to do it in Portuguese, but because I seem to no longer speak that language.
  • Can’t wait for my book order to arrive!
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2, name something that takes you back to your childhood/your idea of childhood

Playing old video games from when I was a kid take me back. Crash Bandicoot, Tony hawk 1, twisted metal 2, sonic adventure 2 are ones I’ll go back to sometimes

6, name a way you show your love

I’ll buy a bunch of little gifts whenever they remind me of someone and I have the money to buy it haha

11, name your favourite sound

I think it’s a little basic but the only thing that comes to mind is music haha

15, name a musician that soothes you

Dave Grohl when he sings acoustic

19, name a mythical creature you would love to meet

I think meeting a Bigfoot would be great!

25 name a way your friends and followers can make you feel better on bad days

I think talking to me for distraction, sending me asks and stuff, or posting selfies to cheer me up works pretty well haha

Thank you ☺️

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My mom loved sunflowers and used to plant a little field every year. For the past eight years or so I bought sunflower seeds every year but I could never bring myself to plant them. Exept this year and um


He’s a little confused but he’s got the spirit.

I planted the whole package so me and my friends could replant them around the neighborhood but the pandemic got in the way. Since I have no garden I kept one and put it in a pot.

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