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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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#stupid kim

I think i feel more confident about my body. Someone took a video of me today and i didnt look as big as i thought. Made feel a bit better about myself :)

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I keep having dreams about my old cat and in all of them, she is starting to look differently. Its so sad that my dreams are forgetting what she looked like. Ive also woken up crying from all those dreams, including the one i just had rn…

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just realizing that i had the chance to date my best friend and i fucked it up and wow this sucks 

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yesterday I overreacted about Chris commenting on this blonde girl in the centre. His friend called her ‘outrageously beautiful’, and for osme reason those words hit me so hard that I went on a full-on attack. I feel really bad about it now, and it feels as if everything has changed between us. LIke nothing is the same. Maybe it’s been coming for a while, I’m not sure, but it hurts my heart :( my insecurity within myself is ruining us, and I don’t know how to fix it.

our 3 year anniversary is in 3 days :(

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cookie dough is lame. out of all the ben and jerry’s flavors you get cookie dough

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  • 🌟- For a secret wish or desire of theirs
    LAZER: to not be stupid.
    MU: l o v e he just wants kindness he knows money doesn’t bring happiness deep down he just tries to not know.
  • 👻- For something that scares or disturbs them, but they refuse to tell anyone
    LAZER: aside from being emotionally bonded to people? nothing really. 
    MU: he’s very open about his fears, there aren’t any he really refuses to tell. 
  • 💃- For a talent that they like to keep hidden from others
    LAZER: he doesn’t have any he keeps especially hidden. he does lowkey like to boast so he puts any abilities he sort of has on the table immediately. 
    MU: singing. he gets super embarrassed about it but he’s got a decent enough voice. 
  • 👁‍🗨- Talk about someone/something you like, but pretend to dislike
    I ha
    d no idea how to do this so skipped. 
  • 🏹- For a talent they wish they had
    LAZER: being a good liar.
    MU: is being rich a talent? no? then networking. 
  • 🖤- For something they secretly wish they could do with your muse
    LAZER: r e f u s e d to answer
    MU: maybe pull a heist and rob an art museum or something? maybe somewhere down the line though it’s too early to commit to the plan for sure but he sees some potential. 
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