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Stargate Atlantis | Common Ground 3x07 …ᘛ⁐̤ᕐᐷ…ᘛ⁐̤ᕐᐷ…ᘛ⁐̤ᕐᐷ
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Prettier than the Sunset
Carson Beckett x gn!reader
Summary: you and Carson like each other a lot, and the both of you (ironically) pick the same time to say anything.
Trigger Warnings: fluff, that's about it.
A/N: I'm not very good at writing accents, so Carson's dialogue is gonna look pretty normal.
Also, it's kind of short. Hope you all enjoy it.
Sheppard and McKay were just sitting down for a light dinner when Carson walked in to the cafeteria towards them, looking like a nervous wreck.
"Have either of you two seen Y/N? I want to ask them something," he sounded anxious beyond belief.
"No, not since early this morning. Are you ok?" McKay looked at the doc before catching Sheppard smirking out of the corner of his eye. "Why are you smirking like that?"
"Our dear friend Beckett here has a crush on Y/N. Try asking Ronan where they are. I think I saw them talking to him around lunchtime," Sheppard gave Carson a smile before digging into his food.
Ronan was in the gym, training with a practice dummy. The sound of the doors opening along with a soft knock on the wall turned his attention away from training towards Beckett. "Can this wait a minute?"
"I just wanted to ask if you know where Y/N might be. I had asked Sheppard a little while ago and he said to come to you," Carson gulped, trying to collect his nerves.
"Yeah, they were wondering if I had any idea where a nice quiet spot around here would be. Told them that Teyla likes to go out to one of the balconies from time to time, so they could try that. You finally asking them out?" he asked bluntly.
"I might be," Carson managed to stutter.
"Good luck finding them," Ronan said before turning his attention back to the dummy.
Just like Ronan thought, you were taking in the peace and quiet of one of the balconies. The view made for a wonderful scene to capture in a drawing. Early that morning, you decided today of all days would be the day you finally told Carson how you felt. Little did you realize he was planning the exact same thing.
You had just finished packing up your colored pencils when you heard the door open. You quickly held your sketchbook behind your back and faced a slightly confused looking Carson. "Hi, Carson," a small bit of blush rose in your cheeks.
"I can see why you came to this balcony. The view is amazing," Carson walked over to you. His cheeks had to started to get a little red as he faced the sunset.
It was silent for a few moments before either of you said anything. "Do you want to -," both you started saying in unison.
"You go first," you chuckled.
"No, it's alright. You can go first," Carson grinned.
"By the sounds of it, we were going to say the same thing."
"Do you want to have dinner with me?" He gave her a shy smile.
"Certainly," you smiled widely as you handed him the picture that had been held behind your back this entire time. It was of the sunset.
"This is fantastic. It's just as pretty as the real thing. Certainly not as pretty as the artist who drew it, though," his compliment made your cheeks turn bright red. He took your hand in his with a grin as you both went to the cafeteria for some food.
The End
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@maddypcrez & @naivefell - maddy & cassie !
Tumblr media
When people think about sleepovers and teenaged girls, they don’t really think about the reality of it all. How yeah, they dress kind of slutty and talk about boys and drink, but the bottle they pass is done so with a HINT OF SOMBERNESS, the subject at hand, not their crushes and the way that they couldn’t understand the other person and overanalyzing their text messages, no. They drank and talked about the shit that hadn’t worked, the things that continued to weigh down their consciousness, how, fucked up it felt to be in their skin, despite how others might have wanted their lives, all the same.
                                       Maddy, Cassie, Rue.
             Lexi already down for the count, curled up on her bed, asleep.
The wounds are scraped raw, all over again, tripping on a drunken tongue, and yet, and yet, how necessary it all felt. “I, I uh...” she’s stuttering, like she always does when she’s nervous, how the word TIGHTEN UP within her throat, and it all feels so fucking impossible, why is this so fucking hard, why can’t she just - “I-I thought that like... telling her that, she’d you know, look at me, instead of... of just expecting me to be this other kind of person. I didn’t want to ask her about that girl, in New York, because... because I could just tell that she’d hooked up with her and I didn’t wanna hear about it, you know? Like. You love that person. You love them. And then...”
Poof. Pow. Shit. It all just fucking fell to pieces. For a long pause, she’s quiet, nursing the bottle that they’re handing around - Rue only here because her mother had given express permission to the Howards so long as they ensured she didn’t leave the house (no chance for another RELAPSE on their watch), handing the tequila over to Cassie, mouth drawn into a line. “... what happened with Mckay, Cassie..?”
- @maddypcrez​ / @naivefell​
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Afternoons at the Peach Pit//Brandon Walsh Fluff
Tumblr media
A/N: Requested by @winchester90210
Prompt: The reader goes to the Peach Pit every day to see Brandon Walsh and Steve can’t take it anymore.
You don't know how you got in the habit of going to the Peach Pitt every day. You went in one day with your friends for dinner and the next thing you know you're there every single day almost. You weren't even eating every time, most of the time you just get a milkshake or a coffee and try and sit at the counter with your homework in front of you so you don't feel so guilty about taking up an entire booth by yourself. 
"So what are we studying for tonight?" A playful voice ask, leaning up against the counter beside you. 
You looked up into the face of the person that brings you back here every day just to talk to. Brandon smiles at you and you swallow the nervous lump in your throat to smile back. He shouldn't look that good in that teal uniform shirt but you had a hunch he'd probably look great in anything. You realize he's staring at you, still waiting for your answer. 
"History tonight. There's a test coming up in Henderson's class next week and I'm completely unprepared." 
Brandon laughed, "Oh come on with the way you're in here studying every day you should ace that test. I think Nat is even thinking about charging you rent."
You laugh along with him even though you can feel a blush creeping up your face and suddenly the pen in your hands is fascinating. 
"Hey, Brandon!" 
You both look up to see Steve Sanders and Dylan McKay setting themselves up in a both across the room.
Brandon waves. "I'll be right back." 
You nod and watch him go, tucking a stray piece of hair behind your ear as you watch him. You didn't notice the way Steve was staring at you while you did so. You tried to turn your attention back to your notes and actually do the studying you told Brandon you came here to do. You use to be terrible at focusing on studying in public places, hiding out in the library instead, but over the last month or so you’d been camping out at the Peach Pit, you’d adapted. You were focused on your notebook when an arm snaked around your shoulders, suddenly made you jump back to reality. You looked up surprised to see Steve Sanders standing there with his arm around you and a chestier grin on his face that made your brow crease slightly. 
“Oh, hey Steve...”
“Hey, Y/N, look I was hoping you could settle an argument for me and Brandon over there.”
He gestures behind his shoulder to where Brandon is standing with Dylan, staring at you and Steve mortified.  
“Um, sure.” You agreed, feeling nervous at the sudden attention. 
You had a class with Steve once and have gone to school with him for years but you had never had a conversation with him before. 
“So, Brandon?” He wiggled his eyebrows and nodded like there was some secret going on between the two of you and this was all he needed to say.
You shook your head, “What about him?” 
You glanced over his shoulder at where Brandon was saying something to Dylan and still staring in your direction, “You totally want him right?”
You almost choked at his words, looking up at him in shock. Your lips opened and closed like a fish out of water, blinking in surprise. Had you been that obvious? 
Steve smiled smugly and nodded, “You totally do don’t you?! I told him you were coming here for more than the coffee!” 
“Wh-,What?” You managed to stutter out. 
Brandon chose that minute to rush over to the counter. “Hey, Steve come on man. Just let it go.” 
He tried to joke it off but from the way he wouldn’t meet your eye you knew he had heard everything.
“I told you I was right Brandon!” Steve laughed, “Now would you just man up and ask-” 
Your whole face went hot and you had to get out of there.  Without waiting to hear any more, you scooped up your books of the counter and tossed your bag over your shoulder, rushing out of the Peach Pit without looking back. 
It was weeks before you could make yourself go back to the Peach Pit. You managed to avoid Brandon, Steve, and their whole group at school. It wasn’t that hard, you never really saw them before you started hanging around Brandon anyway. You were grateful for this. Even thinking about seeing Brandon or his friends made you feel a fresh wave of embarrassment. You fully planned on avoiding him forever and you were pretty sure that was a reasonable plan until he called you. You didn’t know how he got your number and you were too surprised to even ask. 
“Y/N? It’s Brandon. Look just don’t hang up okay!”
 “Um, hey Brandon?” You bit your lip and shook your head even though you knew he couldn’t see you, “Look about what happened with Steve-” 
“Yeah, I’m sorry about him. Steve’s my friend and all but he’s also kind of an ass. He hasn’t quite learned what tact means yet.”
 You couldn’t argue with that. “Yeah, I kind of got that.” You sighed. 
Brandon laughed, “Listen, why don’t you come by the Pit tomorrow night? Nat keeps asking me what I did to run off his best customer.”
“I don’t know Brandon. I’ve got a lot of studying and stuff to do.” 
“Come on Y/N, just one night.” 
You could practically hear him pouting through the phone and sighed, twirling the cord of the phone around your finger. 
“Okay, just one night. I’ll be there around seven okay?” 
“Great! I’ll see you there!” 
When you walk into the Peach Pit the next night you have your textbooks stuck under your arm and walk straight to your normal spot at the counter. Sitting down you look around for any signs of your favorite waiter but see none. Instead its Nat that comes over to pour you a cup of coffee and greet you brightly. 
“Hey Y/N! We were really starting to miss you around here.” 
“Hey Nat, have you seen Brandon around?”
 Nat nods his head, a playful smile on his face. “Oh yeah, he’s waiting on his date.” 
Nat points over your shoulder. You turn around and there he is. Out of uniform and sitting in a booth in the corner, Brandon smiles at you and waves you over. Looking back at Nat in confusion the older man just winks at you and takes your books and sets them behind the counter before walking off. Hesitantly you walk over to the back booth. 
“Right on time!” He greets, gesturing for you to sit down. You do even though your still visibly confused. “You look great tonight by the way.” 
“You’re not wearing your uniform.” 
Brandon laughed, “No, I only wear that at work. But if I knew you liked it that much I might have made an exception.”  
You blinked, “Nat said you had a date?” 
Brandon nods, sitting up straight in his seat to look at you seriously. “Look I’m sorry again about Steve. He thought he was helping me out by trying to get you to admit to liking me.” 
You swallowed down the memory of the embarrassment you felt that day to ask, “How was he helping you out?”
Brandon bit his lip, “Because I like you and he was trying to convince me to ask you out.” 
“You-, you like me?” 
He nodded shyly. “Yeah, I do. A lot actually.” 
You both smiled but neither said anything, not wanting to be the one to break the ice. 
“So I was wondering if you wanted to go out with me sometime? Like tonight maybe?”
You almost laughed, not believing this was really happening to you or that it was all because of Steve Sanders. “I’d like that.” 
“Good!” He breathed, visibly relaxing into his seat. “And if you want maybe you could start coming around here again after school? I was really starting to miss that.” 
“Yeah, I think I can do that.” You laughed. 
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fallback - extra #1
how tom met bea
Tumblr media
series masterlist
summary: starstruck and silent - how tom met bea for the first time in 2014
Tom was exhausted yet exhilarated. He had travelled around the US to audition for his dream role. He’s one of the finalists now and he’s finally meeting one of the creators of the MCU – Robert Downey Jr in his Atlanta audition. His nerves were getting to him, but he was quickly turning it to excitement. For example, what if I mess up? turned to what if I do great? and reminders on how to improv after a mistake from BRIT school. One thought that was hammering through his head, as stupid as it may be and as outlandish as it might be was what if he reveals to RDJ about all of his dreams and crushes and wet dreams about his niece out of pure nervousness and jittery-ness. 
“Don’t be a knobhead!” Harrison exclaimed, smacking Tom in the back of his head. “Do you think she’ll really come to your audition?” He teased, “Maybe Dylan O’Briens, but not yours.” Tom rolled his eyes, knowing he’s probably right. 
He had a few major roles as a kid and then minor roles in some big movies that weren’t particularly popular. He was also an option for a role – RDJ probably doesn’t talk about that stuff with Bea. 
“Plus, if she sees me, she won’t even think of seeing you.” Tom’s eyes went to the back of his head at that comment, bursting out laughing in the middle of the audition waiting room. 
“Holland, Thomas!” The audition coordinator called from inside the room. “Please come into the room. RDJ will be with you in a second.” 
As soon as Tom entered the audition room, he felt his knees get weak. He saw the brunette hair tied up in a messy bun, a large hoodie that must’ve been rained on, and yoga pants that add some shape to the shapelessness of the hoodie. 
The girl looked up, “Oh hi, sorry!” Bea exclaimed, “You must be auditioning for Spiderman.” In Bea’s mind, she thought she saw one of the cutest guys she’s ever seen in her life. Cuter than her celebrity crush, Harry Styles. He looked familiar though – maybe somewhere with a movie with her friend Saoirse? Or even in a movie with Naomi? But even then, he was probably the cutest guy he’s seen around. He was wearing an all black outfit - probably in preparation to try on the harness and do practice stunts. He wasn’t that jacked, but he was muscular. She could tell he worked out. His brown eyes was warm and kind, as if they were enveloping her in a hug. 
 Tom nodded, almost speechless. “H-hello!” He stuttered out, anxious. This was the girl he spent his whole life admiring. She came from a similar acting background as himself – having acted as a kid in more musical based films and then had a major role in a voice acting film. She then plummeted into stardom, and the interviews and press only continued to prove how beautiful, how eloquent, how funny, how kind, and how entertaining she is. She’s been the girl of his dreams ever since. “I’m T-.”
“Bumble bee!” Robert called out, interrupting Tom. “Hey, sorry about the intrusion, I just needed to give Bea this form so I invited her here.” 
“Are you calling me intrusive?” Bea jokingly asked in offense, “a bother?” Her uncle only rolled her eyes before giving her a quick hug and a kiss on the forehead. 
Tom’s voice was almost as quiet as a mouse. “What’s that for?” He mumbled, motioning towards the form. “If you don’t mind me asking.” He quickly excused, nervous to be in front of two of his idols and to be negatively perceived. 
“The form that lets me disown him as a relative.” Bea teased, making RDJ push her playfully, making her trip over her own feet. Tom quickly reacted, getting closer to her – even if she didn’t fall. “Oh thanks. Fast reflexes.” She noted, before looking at his face and smirking. “Yeah, I think he’s perfect for Spidey.” Tom blushed wildly, making Bea’s stomach flutter – something Tom thought was only happening to him. 
“Alright, nice meeting you. Gotta send this in to Adam.” 
“Adam McKay asked Bea for some forms for the Oscar nomination.” RDJ shrugged off, obviously proud of his niece but trying to downplay it as if it was only what was expected. Tom’s eyes widened, that news having been forgotten. “Oh, congratulations on that!” 
Bea grinned widely at his accent - cute, just like him. , “Thanks! But I really gotta go. Bye, love you.” She gave a kiss to her uncle’s cheek, “Bye! It was nice meeting you…” She slowed down, realizing she didn’t get his name. 
“Bea, stop bothering the kid!” RDJ teased as he saw Bea try to get to know the starstruck actor. Bea silently cursed her uncle. She wanted to get to know him and know his name. He seemed kind, and he was definitely extremely attractive to her. 
 “It was lovely meeting you, and I wish that dick would let you answer the question but it’s fine.” Her uncle threw her a playful middle finger. Tom saw Mr Downey lean in a little bit as if catching something Bea was saying – causing him to look slightly and see her mouthing ‘he’s cute!’ before heading out of the room. Boy, if his face was pink before – he was a tomato now. 
About an hour later, after his successful audition where he bonded with one of his idols (to his surprise) and met his celebrity crush (yet another surprise) – he sees Harrison’s knees bouncing wildly. “What the fuck I didn’t expect her to be there!” Haz exclaimed. “Oh, how did it go by the way?” 
Tom chuckled, “It was great, and bro – I know!” Tom started getting into a ramble about his excitement; his excitement about his new bond with RDJ, his interaction with his celebrity crush, and the possibility of playing his favorite superhero who happens to be a huge icon in pop culture. 
Little did he know, three of some of his favorite things about his life was introduced to him that day.  
And little did she know, the nameless boy became one of the most important figures in her life. 
taglist: @charismas-world
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Natasha Romanoff X Chubby!FemReader
Reader character doesn't has a thin nor muscular body, she's chubby (Cute body) with all the right curves. You can choose your name and favorite things you know the usual.
Warning Love is Love.
Natasha looked around the café in search for her target, Bryan McKay. The waiter faked coughed snapping her out of her trance.
" What will you be taking Madam? " The man asked while he took his notepad, looking down at Natasha as she covered the papers she was just reading.
" Just coffee thanks." Looking at the man coldly until he looked nervous and left to prepare her order, Taking her attention on the papers once again she continued studying her target. A HYDRA agent that was apparently in a classified mission assigned in this café. Her eyebrows furrowed confused, what was his mission exactly... Her thoughts were interrupted when she saw Bryan looking at a woman from across the table. Natasha looked at the woman he was looking at and unknowingly her eyes were stuck on the form of that woman. She had fading blue hair as if she had painted it blue but hasn't paint it again in a long time, natural white hair combining with baby blue eyes. Pale skin and slim figure.
Natasha looked away from the woman when she saw in the corner of her eyes Bryan standing up. He moved to the woman's table with a confident smirk and just as he arrived in front of her he sat in the chair in front of her table. Natasha couldn't really hear what they were talking and she didn't knew why but she seemed to have taken a dislike to that woman because she couldn't stop staring at her.
Her staring was interrupted by a young waitress bringing her coffee, she turned to look at her and noticed the waiter from before hiding behind the counter looking at her with terror. Natasha thanked the young waitress and as she placed the cup on her lips she smirked knowing she had that kind of effect with just staring.
" Blackwidow, how is our target." Natasha sighed before pressing the hidden device on her ear to speak with Clint.
" Still in the café. He's speaking with a... woman that looks in her 20's soft looking blue and white hair, baby blue eyes and-." Natasha stopped herself, her eyes staring blankly at the papers in front of her.
The hell was happening to her?
" Blackwidow?" Natasha broke away from her thoughts thanks to Clint's worried tone.
" I'm fine. Just got distracted."
"You sure you're alright...... you went all silent on me. And you ?distracted? By what?."
Natasha moved her eyes back towards the female who seemed bored looking at her target. Then she stood up, flipping her hair sassy style and started walking out of the café with a huff, The man looked annoyed at the fact he was denied some fun. The woman walked out of the café and as she passed Natasha they both made eye contact green eyes looked coldly at warm baby blue. The mysterious woman looked away from Natasha's cold stare before leaving the café.
Natasha bit her lower lip before speaking softly at Clint.
" Just a Butterfly." She lamely said before walking towards Bryan to capture him.
The next time she saw you, you both accidentally bumped into each other. Natasha was drinking her coffee while reading some papers she had to fill before crashing with someone.
Natasha looked annoyed at the person before her cold glare melted. You were on the floor with Natasha's coffee all over her jeans. Natasha opened and closed her mouth but didn't said anything, her eyes were set on the coffee stain.
" I-I'm sorry." Natasha stuttered before composing herself and bringing her cold tone back in. "Are you alright? "
You looked up to find the red haired woman you've seen in quite some time in this café.
" Um.. Yes I'm fine. Thanks... I guess. " You stood up fixing your (F/c) color shirt not noticing the red haired eyes were set not on her eyes.
Biting her lower lip Natasha removed her black jacket and offered it to You. You hummed looking at her suspiciously.
" Just take it. I feel guilty." Natasha barked with her cheeks slightly red not knowing what was happening to her. You hummed but smiled this time and accepted her jacket.
" Thank you..? " You asked your voice sounded like a beautiful melody in her ears. Slightly shaking her head as she replied.
" Maria." Natasha blurted out without thinking.
" Maria.. Thank you Maria." You smiled at her before walking to order breakfast. Natasha stood there dumbfounded after You smiled at her. Biting her lower lip Natasha went to the table she normally went and started filling the papers. After a few minutes someone sat in the chair of the table in front of her.
Looking up with a cold stare Natasha expected to see a random person heck even Clint, but she did not expect you smiling at her as you placed a cup of coffee in front of her.
" Sorry to bother you. I just wanted to repay you with this." Natasha felt butterflies on her stomach but she clenched her stomach to try and burn them away.
" Thank you? " Natasha watched You smile at her widely while poking your (Favorite/Breakfast) with your fork.
" (Y/n)... (Y/n) (Last/name). " You started eating when Natasha hummed and placed the cup on her lips sipping some coffee.
Placing the cup away Natasha looked at You surprised.
" How did you know my favorite kind of coffee? " Looking at you suspiciously You only smiled quickly swallowing your food before speaking.
" Because (FavoriteType/OfDrink).. is also my favorite drink." Natasha felt her mind form a million questions about this woman. How did this woman made her brain work faster and harder then normal yet it didn't got any response or stuff done.
" This woman is dangerous." Natasha thought before choosing to ignore you and start reading to continue her work but she couldn't help the small smile on her lips.
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Tumblr media
*not my images*
Avengers A/U
Clint Barton x (OFC) Mariana Ortiz 
“Esperanza Rising”
Part 1
Summary: Mariana Ortiz is a brand new actress one the rise, when she attracts a stalker her friend refers a body guard, one Clint Barton.
It was going pretty good she thought, Sally Ford was on of the most watched morning shows so to be invited had wracked her nerves. Yet the moment she saw her co-actors there she had calmed considerably, Bucky seated on one side and Nat on the other Mariana had laughed more than she could remember.
Sally was straight forward, blond, blue eyed, with black glasses perched on her nose. She had greeted and spent most of the time talking with Bucky and Natasha, since they were already established and well known and well loved actors. 
Now her blue eyes turned on her, “Mariana... Mariana Ortiz, we’ve been neglecting you,” she smiled brightly. “Now this movie, ‘Paths Entwined’, is your first one am I right?”
“Yes!” She said a little too loudly, now under the spotlight, she heard Bucky laugh beside her. “Sorry!” again a little too loud, “I’m a huge fan of yours and I know I’m talking too loudly and really nervous and now I’m babbling,” she laughed, smile wavering a second before she felt a slender hand on hers, she looked over and saw Natasha smiling at her. A small sigh of relief escaping her as she looked back at Sally, “sorry.”
The woman shook her head, “It’s fine,” she waved a hand dismissively, “this was your first and look at your co-stars! Was that intimidating at all?”
Mariana nodded, “oh! You have no idea! When my manager called and told me I got the part...well, my neighbors all heard me, and then they didn’t cause I fainted from excitement and realization that I would be getting to work with these two!”
“Can I cut in?” Natasha interjected, “I have a picture of her on set, her first day...oh, see?” she pointed at the screen behind them, “That was the exact moment she met Buck..”
Mariana felt her face flush, “Natasha!” she exclaimed.
Bucky laughed, tossing his head back, “I thought she had frozen, she didn’t say anything for a good ten minutes and then she started stuttering!” he reached over running his hand through her hair, a tender smile on his lips.
Sally grinned, “so are the rumors true?” she asked catching Mariana’s attention, “you know, that you two are a couple?” she asked pointing at Mariana and Bucky.
Mariana felt her cheeks flame again, “NO! Sorry, no, Buck is like the big brother I always wanted!! That would be-”
“Weird!” Bucky finished when she looked at him panicked, “Mari is my little sister, there is nothing I wouldn’t do for her, but no, there are no romantic feelings there.”
Sally pouted, “yet the love scene in between you two...was so.. passionate!”
Mariana giggled as Bucky shifted in his seat, “well, I am not certain which one your referring to?”
Sally sat back in her seat, “I have to say both? Since it was a movie that portrayed a poly-amorous relationship, I have to say, that movie is beyond steamy!! It was downright sinful! It has been doing quite well in the box office as well.”
“Yes, it has, we were all pretty sure it would do good, but we didn’t expect it to do so well. We like to think that it was this one’s involvement,” Natasha poked her in the side and Mariana yelped.
“Ticklish are you?” Sally giggled, “So what is next for you three?”
Bucky shifted, lifting his ankle to sit on his knee, “well, we all are still touring, so there is another month of that. Mariana has a few things coming up right?” he looked at her with a smirk.
She nodded, “well-uhh, theres a few things..”
The rest of the interview flew by and soon enough Mariana was back in the dressing room provided. Her assistant fluttering around her, rattling off about how wonderfully she did.
“Oh, my god I was so nervous!! I made a complete fool of myself!!” she dropped her head into her hands and huffed out some air, closing her eyes. 
“Heyyy, no, don’t say that! Mari you did so great! I would have fallen on my face and your so beautiful and graceful!!” she hugged her briefly.
Mariana let out a small sigh, eyes opening and she looked over her shoulder at her, Tessa McKay was her first ever assistant, hired on by her manager. She helped with appointments, to scheduling, even going out to get lunch, dry cleaning. Mariana was just glad to have a friendly face to see everyday in the sea of ever changing faces. 
She laughed, “Tessa, thank god I have you.” She straightened herself up, “and these flowers are so pretty!” she smiled touching the petals of the roses.
Tessa’s smile disappeared, “I didn’t get those for you..” she reached over plucking the card and pacing away from Mariana. “UH, look...don’t panic okay? Maybe one of the studio’s people brought it in as decoration or a welcome of sorts?”
Both women jumped as a knock sounded at the door, Natasha poking her head in, followed by Bucky. “Hey, what’s going on? You two look like you’ve seen a ghost.”
Tessa looked over at Mariana who stood up smiling nervously and wringing her hands. “It’s nothing,” she smiled grabbing the card from Tessa and moving back towards the dresser. She swallowed hard, fighting back tears, this had been going on for months. Little things, nothing too huge, small presents arriving before she did at her rooms. 
As of lately though she had been forced to change her phone number. The phone calls were the scariest. Since she had changed it last it had stopped, which allowed her to sleep. Still, Mariana gasped when Bucky’s arm slid past her waist and he plucked the card from her.
“Mariana, you are the sun that lights my life, the breath that fills my lungs, your voice wakens within me what was long since dead. Yours Truly.” Bucky’s grey-blue eyes met soft brown, “what the hell is this?”
Mariana swallowed, “It’s nothing..”
Bucky tilted his head, “this was going on during shooting as well, I remember you being shaken up a few times...” his eyes narrowed on you as Natasha closed the door.
“I asked a couple pf guys just outside, apparently there isn’t anyway to see who came in here, security is pretty lax as well. How long has this been going on Mari?”
Mariana swallowed, “I uh, not long, well..I’ve been getting more attention, and there has only been the one that has been able to get around without being caught. Not that this is like I am so popular now that-”
Bucky shook his head, the frown cutting her words off and making her squirm. Natasha grabbed her hands, “This is not okay nor is it you stroking your ego. You are now one of the hottest up and coming stars. We know you’ve been approached by several for their projects, we told them you would be perfect and your safety is important Mariana!” she waved at Tessa, “drinks please?”
Tessa nodded quickly moving around then finally running out the door to find said drinks. Bucky paced around as Natasha steered her to sit, talking quietly on the phone. “There is nothing wrong with finding a bodyguard.”
Mariana chuckled, “a bodyguard?!” she looked up and realized that was what he was doing, Bucky was calling to find her a bodyguard. Laughter bubbled up, this was crazy, wasn’t it?? She was indeed new to this, and her manager had told her she would need to make some lifestyle changes...
Mariana stared, realizing someone was kneeling in front of her and she almost jumped back. “Woah, hey there now..” Rumlow, it was Bucky’s own bodyguard. She had met him several times before, he was kind and sweet. “Hey, look, here have a sip of this,” he handed her a drink. 
Looking around she realized Natasha had moved to the corner of the room with Bucky, talking with Tessa quietly. “Mr. Rumlow-”
“Hey now, its Brock alright? Listen, if I remember correctly that is your chamomile tea,” he smiled when she nodded taking a tentative sip. “There ya go kiddo, look, just stay calm and tell me everything, I have a friend coming in. He should be here shortly, now tell me whats gone on so far.” Brock listened carefully as she told him, ending with how ridiculous it was for her to even be considering a guard. His chuckle was low and warm, “we prefer to be called protective details, makes us sound more professional. Listen this guy is an old friend, he’ll take care of you.”
“You talkin shit bout me before I can defend myself Rumlow?” All eyes turned to the one walking through the doorway, shutting it behind him quietly. Mariana tensed till blue eyes turned on her, his smirk was cocky and self assured. “Hey, names Clint Barton.”
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