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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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//am i dreaming? do i finally have an ask for psychic detective yakumo? anon, this is a wish come true - thank you so much!//

  • How you even got to become this close to him is a mystery that will intrigue everyone who knows him. Considering that Haruka is really the only other person who had managed to get him warm up to her.
  • And yet, here you are.
  • He has an awful habit of keeping most emotions to himself, and being a sarcastic jerk in general. And being extremely blunt when you do something stupid.
  • But he still cares for you. A lot. And honestly, you do get to see a more comforting side of him, every now and then.
  • He can be a bit cold, and not much affectionate, but that part of him does show - albeit in a very subtle manner.
  • Maybe it’s by asking your opinion on a case, or maybe he’ll make remarks about a slight change in your behaviour and appearance. Or maybe it is a genuine display of affection, like by arranging for something you need through Gotou or Haruka.
  • He wholeheartedly entrusts Nao to you - and Nao means a lot to him. If he lets you take care of her, it shows just how much trust he has in you.
  • He doesn’t really keep much from you, except for a few things (regarding his past in particular). If you have your secrets, he won’t go around questioning about them.
  • He respects your independence, so he won’t be pestering you all that much, when you face a problem. Let him know if you aren’t able to solve it, however, and he’ll have the issue settled in no time.
  • He worries about your safety. So, he does restrict you from directly getting involved, if it’s a rather out of control case. He’s had enough of Haruka getting into trouble without you doing the same.
  • He hardly bothers to wear his contacts around you. Another form of trust.
  • He won’t be taking you out for dates and the lot, that’s for sure. But you’re more than welcome to hang around in the club room.
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The lights take the place of the stars, in this city. The sky lights up with an artificial moon and stars, filled with purple, blue, yellow and orange, with several tiny suns hanging in paper. Perhaps, this would prove to be a nice shift from the perpetual sound of silence that surrounds you in your lecture room. Haruka considers it ironic - but you put it simply as ‘a lack of any meaningful noise’.

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Music is stuffed haphazardly into your bag, along with the books, in a  rather gently reckless manner. Hoisting the bag over your shoulder, you clamber onto your bicycle - a modest transportation, but there is something eternally nostalgic about it. You are about to take off, when you hear Haruka calling out your name.

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