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watchmegetobsessed · 2 days ago
A/N: some fluffy content followed by some... spice😉
PAIRING: husband!Harry / dad!Harry X Reader
Tumblr media
(gif is not mine)
The business side of his career always bored Harry, the endless meetings, the phone calls and contracts, there was nothing fun about them and today’s meeting seemed even more awful than the usual. Sitting at the long mahogany table, Harry keeps drumming on the table top with his fingers, his chipped, yellow nails scratching against the surface lightly as Jeff goes on and on about upcoming projects and tasks. What’s the use of this? He’ll send out a detailed email to everyone with the exact same things, so why waste the time here when he could be doing so much more important things?!
His phone’s screen lights up in front of him, your name popping up and catching his attention, making him reach for the device right away, but he stops, his hand hovering above it when he sees that you sent him a picture. This could be literally anything and even after all the years together with you, he can never know what’ll welcome him upon opening the message thread. Is it gonna be a picture of the cookies you just baked? Your new nails? A silly selfie or maybe… a spicy one? God, he loved your spicy pictures! He can’t even count all the times you got him all riled up with just a well curated photo of yourself topless when he was all the way across the globe, missing you so much it hurt. You once sent him a picture of yourself in bright red lipstick and he hasn’t seen you in person for over six weeks at that point so it wasn’t his proudest moment when he touched himself looking at that photo and you weren’t even naked in that. When he got home a few days later he insisted you wore that lipstick at all times and he loved seeing it smeared all over your plump lips as he took you on every possible surface of the house…
Leaning back in his seat he glances to his sides checking if anyone can see his phone’s screen and when he thinks it’s safe, he opens the message, the picture you sent him popping up in front of him. He can’t help the cheeky smile tugging on his lip as he types a quick response and locks his phone, placing it back to the table.
Five minutes later he receives another photo, making him smile even wider and it goes on like this. One message, two, three, he keeps getting the photos from you until he doesn’t even put his phone down, just keeps the thread open waiting for more.
“Harry, do you mind sharing with the whole class?” Jeff clears his throat, catching his attention and when he glances up he realizes that everyone is watching him.
“Hm? Oh… S’nothing,” he coughs into his shoulder, locking the phone, but he barely has put it down when the screen lights up again, your name showing on the screen, making it obvious that he’s been texting his wife all along.
“Dude, unless it’s like a serious emergency, would you mind paying attention?” the man sighs, pinching at the bridge of his nose.
Another message lights up his screen and he can’t hold his grin back, trying to cover his mouth with his hand, but there’s no use, everyone has him figured out.
“What, are you like sexting in the middle of a meeting?” Mitch jokes, but Harry doesn’t deny or confirm it, earning a round of gasps.
“Are you really sexting Y/N right now?” Jeff asks with wide eyes and Harry realizes that he totally just gave them the wrong idea.
“What? No! She is just… Let me show you,” he smirks to himself, grabbing his phone again and opening the messages, showing the pictures to everyone around the table. It clarifies him quickly, everyone sighing in relief that they didn’t just witness him get nasty with his wife with them present.
“Alright, I get it. Let’s just finish this quickly and then you can head home, okay?” Jeff nods holding his hands up.
They wrap up quickly and Harry is the first one to sprint out of the room, hopping into his car and finally head home. He is happily drumming on the steering wheel the whole way, singing along to whatever song comes on in the radio, sighing happily when he finally parks the car down on the driveway.
“Baby? I’m back!” he calls out stepping into the hallway, already hearing his favorite little giggle coming from the living room, making his heart swell right away.
“Come here! You have to see this one!” you answer him and he follows your voice, finding you in the living room with the impromptu photo studio you made out of a few sheets thrown over chairs from the dining room. In the middle of the little set up sits your baby girl… dressed as Willy Wonka.
“Oh my God!” Harry bursts out laughing as you take some more pictures of the clueless baby, playing around with a chocolate bar, her eyes lighting up at the sight of her daddy arriving.
All through his meeting you kept sending him pictures of your daughter dressed in silly costumes, you were having a blast with turning her into a pumpkin, a chicken, a potted flower, and Harry’s personal favorite, the one he showed around at the meeting, Cruella. You even got a tiny wig for that and it looked fucking hilarious. It wasn’t your intention to buy a bunch of costumes for your baby, but when you saw all the different options at Target when you were running errands, you just couldn’t stop yourself.
Now your little girl is sitting with a hat on her head and a tiny replica of Johnny Depp’s costume from the movie, flopping her hands around to get Harry to pick her up and he is quick to obey her, cradling her into his arms as the hat slides off her almost fully bald head.
“Look at you, bubba. You’re rocking every costume!” he giggles at the baby who grabs onto his nose excitedly with her chubby fingers, poking around his face with no mercy. Leaning closer he kisses her rosy cheek, making sure it makes a sound, because that always makes her laugh and this time is no exception either. He blows raspberries at her, making her cackle so hard her head drops back and you can’t hold back your laughter either.
“How can she be so damn cute?” you groan, pinching your baby’s cheek who is quite occupied with her daddy now. She is clearly a daddy’s girl, Harry is her favorite these days which hurts a bit after being the one who carried her for nine months and the pushed her huge head out your coochie, but you also can’t get enough of your two favorite people together. You love it when they nap together, your baby lying on Harry’s tummy who always has a hand on her bum to make sure she is safe, or when he is putting up a whole show just to get her to eat the food, singing and dancing around with the spoon in his hand, showing it into her mouth when she is too busy to swat it away. Or when you find him in the kitchen in the morning, baby on his hip, spatula in his hand as he is making breakfast, leaving you sleep in even though he was the one to take care of her in the middle of the night as well when she cried.
Harry Styles was first boyfriend material, then husband material, but you feel like he has always been daddy material. And you have the privilege to watch him take up on this role, experience the ups and downs, growing with your daughter together.
Holding your phone up you shoot a few pictures of the two of them as Harry goofs around to make her laugh before she starts fussing, she is clearly over the costume.
“How was the meeting?” you ask while you dress her down and get her back into her onesie as Harry sits on the floor next to the couch, giving his hand over to his baby to play with and keep her busy.
“Funny thing, they thought that I was sexting with you because I kept checking my phone,” he chuckles making you laugh.
“Well, we could have been doing that, wouldn’t be the first time!” you wink at him cheekily.
“Don’t have to remind me, Love. Still have the pics saved on m’phone.”
“You do?” you gasp, not expecting this answer. “All of them?”
“Of course,” he nods as if it was no big deal.
“Harry, what if someone steals your phone or something? You’re basically giving them my nudes on a silver plate!”
“Don’t worry, they are super hidden and super safe! I would never let anyone see my wife in a lacy thong or spreading her legs on—“ “Shut up! The baby is right here!” you shush him, but can’t hide your smirk either as you take her into your arms, all set and costume free. “But also… this little missus wasn’t the only one who got a costume today,” you hint with a smirk and it got him jump to his feet right away.
“What kind? Can I see it? Like right now?” he eagerly asks, kissing you on the lips while talking.
“Slow down, cowboy,” you chuckle, but it just riles him up even more.
“Did you buy a sexy cowgirl costume?” he asks in a whisper, as if the baby in your arms could understand anything from what you’re talking about.
“You have to wait and see until we’re alone,” you shrug, nodding at the little girl, but Harry is quick to take her from you.
“Alright, time for a nap, princess. Mommy and Daddy have some things to do that last time resulted in you.”
You gasp at his words, though he is not wrong. You got pregnant on his birthday after you showed him the leather lingerie set you bought, paired with thigh-high boots that completely made him lose his mind.
“Harry!” you chuckle, but he is already on his way to the nursery, singing the song that puts her to sleep instantly and you just know he is way too excited to wait too long, so while your husband is taking care of your daughter, you go to your bedroom and grab the bag you bought earlier today to surprise Harry.
“Okay, bubba is out, I think we have about an hour to—holy shit,” he chokes, stopping in his tracks when he sees you sitting on the end of the bed, the red corset pushing your boobs up perfectly, the lacy, sheer thong covering basically nothing of your sex and he sees it for himself when you uncross your legs and spread them for him.
Harry drops to his knees, his lips attacking the inside of your thighs right away, licking and sucking on the smooth skin, making you moan his name as your hand comb through his hair. He kisses you through the fabric of the underwear, teasing your clit with his tongue, his fingers hook into the elastic of it in just a few seconds, already tugging it down, throwing it behind his back.
Becoming parents taught you one thing: there’s no time with a baby around. The two of you have become experts in quickies, always on your toes when you’d hear the cry, chasing your relief you learned how to be fast but effective and it killed the tease out of Harry, for now at least.
So when he dives right into your core with no warning, you gasp for air, your thighs closing involuntarily, trapping his head between your trembling legs as he eats you out like you’re his last supper.
“Fuck, Harry! Just like that! Yes!” you moan louder than you intended and one of his hands comes up to snap on your mouth quickly.
“If you want to cum, you better not wake the sleeping baby in the other room,” he warns you before his mouth busies itself with you again.
Though he would love to see you cum just by his tongue, he doesn’t let you, coming up to kiss you as his hands frantically work on his pants.
“Missed me, big boy?” you tease him, helping him out with the zipper and a few moments later he is standing in front of you fully naked, his cock rock hard and throbbing for you.
“Always, you make me go nuts, baby,” he grunts, pushing you up further on the bed climbing up above you with a wolfish look in his eyes, kissing you hard before you could get a word out. Your hands move to your chest, fumbling with the corset to free yourself, but he is quick to stop you. “This is staying on,” he hums, kissing down your throat until he reaches the swell of your breasts, sucking them so hard you’re sure he is leaving marks on them.
“H, need you, now!” you moan, rolling your hips against his greedily, his cock gliding between your soaking wet folds.
“Right here, baby. Right here,” he breathes out, grabbing himself by the base and he pushes into you without any tries, knowing your body almost better than his own at this point.
He picks up a fast pace, nibbling on your neck as you scratch your nails down his naked back, curling your legs around his waist so he can move even deeper inside you.
“I’m so close, Harry!” you gasp feeling the familiar buildup in the pit of your stomach, chasing your relief desperately.
“Let it go baby. Cum for me, want to feel your pussy tight around my cock.”
His words just push you even closer to the edge and as he kisses you hard, tongue pushing into your mouth, you can’t help but let it all go, your orgasm shaking through your whole body as Harry follows you right behind, his thrusts becoming frenzy and out of rhythm until he slowly stops all together, but remains atop you and inside you. He needs a few seconds to catch his breath and lifting his head up his eyes fall on your boobs once again.
“Damn, they look delicious,” he groans, kissing them softly as you chuckle, running a hand through his hair.
“It’s a little tight if I’m being honest,” you admit. Harry pushes himself off of you, his fingers working on the front of the corset as he unhooks it all the way down, freeing your upper body, a relieved moan slipping through your lips.
“If it was this bad why didn’t you tell me you want it off?” he hums, eyebrows knitting together.
“It wasn’t that bad,” you smile at him, cupping his cheeks in your hands. “And you were into it so it was worth it.”
“God, you’re way too good for me,” he groans before leaning down he kisses your lips gently.
The kiss turns into more and more until you’re rolling around the sheets, making out like teenagers and you feel Harry growing hard again, but just when you are about to go for a second round, your daughter decides to ruin the mood, a desperate cry ripping through the house, signaling that she’s woken up.
“I’ll get her,” he sighs, pecking your lips softly before climbing out of bed, putting some pants on to check on your daughter.
You head into the bathroom to clean yourself up, wrapping your body into a fluffy bathrobe before walking out to find your little one and husband in the kitchen as he is preparing a bottle for her, babbling to her, having a nonsense conversation as if they were discussing the meaning of life. Taking a moment to adorn the scene in front of you, leaning against the doorframe you fold your arms on your chest. This man, this six feet tall man filled with tattoos who was wrecking you not long ago is now cooing at your baby girl, warming milk in her pink little bottle, letting her chunky fingers mess up the hair you were tugging on not long ago.
Gosh, you love this man, a little more every day you spend with him, almost not believing that he chose you to spend the rest of his life with you.
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watermelonsugarsigh · a day ago
be so sweet if things just stayed the same ~ H.S
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Harry Styles x female reader (fluff/angst)
Warnings: angst lmao, a little bit of power imbalance if that's how you should word it - if you are triggered by someone pinning you against a wall then please dni! Also probably grammar mistakes I couldn't be bothered editing this
This is my first thing that I'm posting on here so please be nice! I can definitely see a part 2 in the future so lmk if that's something you'd be interested in 💜
Y/N could barely hear herself think over the sound of a hundred twenty-somethings screeching the lyrics to the song that was playing over the speakers. She would be lying if she said she didn’t know every word, but she wasn’t particularly feeling in the party mood, not after what Harry had messaged her earlier that night.
Hey, I need to talk to you later tonight xx
Those words kept spinning around in her head, keeping her mind completely sober despite the shot of vodka she downed as she arrived. She had been drinking solely mixers for the rest of the night, knowing alcohol would not be a healthy choice when she was feeling this anxious. Y/N couldn’t believe Harry had messaged her like that with no context. He knew how flustered she got, and she hated the unknown. The only thing that Harry had succeeded in doing that night was solidify the idea that whatever he had to say to her, it wasn’t going to be good news. Were his parents okay? Did he drop out of university in his final year? Had Y/N done something to upset him?
He was over at her dorm last night, and everything seemed okay. If she was being honest, he was a little less touchy than normal, but when she asked about it, he claimed he was just stressed and tired. Normally he stayed the night, but he left around midnight, saying he had to be up early. Y/N knew that was a lie, seeming he never worked Saturday mornings, but let him go, knowing he would open up eventually. She thought it was just anxiety over finals coming up, but his text seemed to hint at something more urgent than that. She was supposed to be his best friend, what was he hiding from her?
Y/N forced her fingers to relax around her almost empty cup, relieving the indents she had made on the red plastic, as she spotted Harry across the garden. She took a deep breath and made a beeline for where he was sitting, chatting to a couple of people she didn’t recognise, but must have met before. Harry’s eyes glanced over to Y/N and he forced a smile to mask the feeling that his heart was about to escape from his ribcage at any moment. He didn’t think he had ever felt this nervous before.
“Sorry guys,” Harry addressed his friends who were still calmly chatting around him. “I’ll be back in a bit.” He stood up from the chair he had been occupying for the past hour and took two quick strides to meet Y/N at the steps leading down from the raised area Harry’s friends had claimed as their own. Harry was the first to reach out to her, enveloping his arms around her and resting his cheek near her temple.
“Hey, stranger.” Y/N’s lips mumbled against Harry’s shoulder and he pulled away, just enough to see the dim party lights dance across her cheekbones. He smiled then, a genuine smile that seemed to calm some of Y/N’s nerves. Whatever he had to tell her couldn’t be too bad if he was still greeting her like this.
“Can we chat somewhere a little more private?”
Harry led Y/N around the perimeter of the house, stopping to throw her now empty cup into one of the trash bags scattered around the area. Soon they reached a path away from the backyard, where the noise from the party had faded so much that it was practically non-existent. There was only enough room for two people to stand comfortably between the side of the house and the fence that separated it from its neighbours. Y/N remembered having a similar set up in her childhood home. She once saw a spider the size of her hand crawling over the top of the safety switch when she went to check why the power had tripped one day. It was terrifying. She felt her stomach turn at the thought of how many creatures could be around her that she couldn’t see.
Harry stood so close to Y/N that she could feel the heat radiating through his white t-shirt. It had gotten considerably colder since she had arrived at the party, and Y/N had only just begun to notice how the wind frosted over her bare arms, leaving tiny bumps in their place. She began to cross her arms over her chest, both in response to the cold and the intense look in Harry’s eyes, but he expertly caught hold of her wrist before she could complete her manoeuvre.
“We can’t spend time together anymore. I don’t think I can be your friend.”
His words felt like a punch to the gut. Y/N had known him for years, and ever since the first university class they had taken together they were inseparable. It was dark around this side of the house, but the lights from the party around the corner illuminated his face enough to witness the solemn look on his face, eyes focused on the floor as if he couldn’t bring himself to look her in the eye.
“What do you mean?” Y/N asked, voice almost a whisper. It felt wrong to speak any louder in the quiet atmosphere. His grip on her wrist loosened just enough for her to pull away slightly, but Harry tightened once he felt the palm of her hand against his fingertips. His fingers locked with hers, and Y/N could feel his hands were shaking, fingernails leaving tiny crescent shape marks on the back of her hand. Y/N could feel the exact path where his hands had trailed down her wrist, and her pulse quickened out of nervousness. She was never this jumpy, especially around Harry. What had gotten into her? She told herself that it was the alcohol blurring her inhibitions and heightening her senses, but the shot she had downed was almost certainly out of her system by now. Something in the back of her mind suspected it was something more.
His lips parted, but no sound came out. Y/N’s question lingered in the air for a while, and she watched as he silently battled with his own mind. There was something he wasn’t telling her, but what? Y/N grew frustrated with each passing moment, annoyed that he had pulled her away from the party for nothing, and that he was keeping secrets from her. She knew him enough that she had to wait until he was ready to speak; any pestering from her would cause him to shut down and walk away without another word.
We can’t spend time together anymore. I don’t think I can be your friend. His voice echoed in the silence, and Y/N fully registered the weight of his words. She felt like he was begging her to leave, but his thumb tracing circles over hers sent constant reminders that he wanted her to stay. Y/N could feel the anger bubbling in her stomach along with the over carbonated soda she had been drinking all night. Her stomach churned as if she had been drinking straight tequila, threatening to make a reappearance at any moment. She was frustrated, and rightfully so, that he was not only ruining her night, but his friends’ nights as well. If they didn’t head back soon enough, someone would come looking for them, and Harry’s mood would bring the whole party down.
“If you’re not going to tell me, just let me go.” she yanked her wrist free from his hold. “Who the hell told you to stay away from me? Was it that girl you’ve been telling me about?” Harry said nothing in response, but the way he winced at her words gave Y/N all the information she needed.
“Fine,” she spat. “I’ll keep to myself and we’ll never talk again. I hope you have a wonderful night. I’m leaving.” Y/N began to turn her body back to the direction of the party, ready to storm off and sneak out the front door without saying goodbye to anyone, but Harry stopped her, this time trapping her so that her back was flush against the cool bricks of the house. His arms were either side of her shoulders, but he kept his body separate from hers. She held her breath, heart in her throat in fear for what he was going to do next. For the first time Y/N felt threatened rather than comforted by the lean muscle that surrounded her; she was scared by the lack of witnesses and hyper aware of his strength in comparison to hers. As if reading her mind, he dropped his arms and took a step back. He squeezed his eyes shut and shook his head.
“It wasn’t Emma. I haven’t talked to her in weeks. Honestly, neither of us were interested in anything more than a one-time thing.” He scrunched his face up and took a deep breath, as if he was trying to control himself, but it wasn’t working. “You don’t get it, Y/N”, he practically spat in her face. His nickname for her rolled off his tongue as it always did. He was the only one who was allowed to call her that name - even her family knew they were forbidden to use it unless they wanted a bruise on their arm. She felt a pang in her chest as his words shot bullets into her throat, rendering her incapable of anything but standing there in shock. She had never heard him so frustrated.
“I said we couldn’t spend time together anymore. Not that I didn’t want to.” Y/N blinked. Harry had obviously had a lot more to drink than she did because he wasn’t making any sense to her. Why couldn’t they spend time together if he wanted to? The question Y/N hadn’t asked must have been written on her face because he elaborated without a sound from her. “I want to spend all my time with you. Every second of every day. I’m in love with you, Y/N.”
Simultaneously, Y/N’s heart dropped, and her stomach flipped. Her mind was a bundle of emotions that she couldn’t begin to comprehend. Harry had flirted with her plenty of times before, but she had seen him do that with almost every girl he had ever met. She had lost count on how many times they had fallen asleep next to each other, without any romantic context even springing to her mind. Her thoughts were reeling, analysing every little touch, every hug, every time Harry had said ‘I love you’. Y/N came to the realization that he hadn’t said that for a while. She thought back to last week when she had kissed his cheek as a thank you for getting her a drink. His eyes had followed her afterwards and he seemed frightened to come near her. The seemingly insignificant details started to line up like constellations; all pointing to how oblivious she was that she hadn’t noticed it before. Harry’s face softened into a small smile as her eyes finally registered his words; elated and terrified that she had begun to piece it all together.
“Do you see it now?” Y/N felt him shuffle closer, only marginally, but enough to recognise the distance between them becoming scarce. His voice lowered, and she found herself leaning closer to him, wanting to hear every syllable that trickled from his lips. “I wanted to just let these feelings pass. I hoped they would.” Harry placed his left arm on the wall behind her and tentatively placed his other hand on her waist, his thumb gently caressing the small dip above her hipbone. She flinched, and his hand immediately let go, giving her space to step away. Y/N didn’t move, and looked down at his hand, silently giving him permission to place it back where it had just landed. Each minuscule movement he made was sending chills down her spine, and she tried to convince herself that it was the cold breeze making her feel this way. There was no other reason for her to feel this way. His fingers caught the material on her hip, and he sifted the satin between his thumb and forefinger. She didn’t know how it was possible, but he shuffled even closer to her, so that his lips were almost against her ear. “But then you show up tonight, looking like this, and I knew I was done for. I want you. I want everything about you.” He dropped the silky material from his hand and pulled his upper body back so that she could once again see his face in its entirety. Harry lifted his fingers to the side of Y/N’s face, brushing the hair she had spent hours attempting to tame back over her shoulder. His hand found purchase at the nape of her neck, fingers delicately resting at the base of her skull. His bare skin on hers felt like fire and, like candle wax, she melted into his touch without thought.
Before she had a chance to breathe, let alone speak, Harry leant in and placed his lips on her forehead. It was intimate, but comforting, something he had done a few times before when she had been crying over deadlines or stressed about work. It was a gentle brush of his lips next to her temple, which was cautious, controlled and ever so soft, but it set her body alight. It shouldn’t have.
Y/N cleared her throat, shaking these new thoughts about Harry out of her head and breaking the deafening silence that encompassed the two of them. Harry pulled his arm away from her cheek, giving her the opportunity to step away from him and take a breath.
“We can’t do this,” Y/N watched as his relieved expression turned sour, his face falling further at every word she said. She knew she was hurting him and that the friendship between them would never be the same after this, but she didn’t reciprocate his feelings.
Harry avoided her gaze, keeping his eye line firmly planted to the ground. He knew she was doing him a favour by telling him that nothing would happen between them, but it didn’t hurt any less.
“Y/N, I don’t want this to change anything-“
“Exactly.” She was sharp, her mind like glass from hearing Harry’s confession. His head snapped up to the sound of her voice. “You know this is going to change everything. And I don’t think I can risk that.” She reached for his hands in the dark, still struggling to see him completely even though her eyes had adjusted to the lack of light. The air was still cold around her, but Harry’s hands were warm, and she took solace in that for a moment before she continued. “I think we need some space. Just some time to ourselves, and I think you will eventually come to your senses and realise you don’t feel that way about me at all.”
Harry’s shoulders slumped. For once in her life, Y/N wasn’t right. His feelings for her were overwhelming him completely now that he had told her. Every part of her skin that touched him was burning; it felt like she had reached inside his chest and was wrapping her hand around his heart like a boa constrictor. He had hoped that her rejection would help him move on, but expressing how he felt made those feelings real, and there was no way that he could take them back. He nodded reluctantly, dropping her hands and taking another step back toward the fence to give her more space.
“I’m sorry,” she whispered, voice trembling as if she were about to cry. He wanted to reach out and hold her like he had done a hundred times before, but it wasn’t his place anymore. Harry began to understand how much would change now that his feelings had been revealed. Y/N opened her mouth as if to say something, but closed it and shook her head. “I’m sorry,” she repeated, and then walked back toward the glowing lights of the party.
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Accidentally in love...
Sinopse: Está é a parte um da mini série onde S/n e Harry continuam à se reencontrar e sentimentos parecem começar a surgir quando não deveriam.
Emparelhamento: Cantor!Harry xJornalista!Leitora x Amor proibido.
Avisos: AINDA EM HIATOS! Mas surgiu essa idea e a @analuizabreu me ajudou e a escrever isso espero que gostem pois faz um tempo que não escrevo nada e nem sei se ainda faço isso bem.
Tumblr media
"James! Eu adoraria! Eu nunca fui em um show de Harry Styles." Exclamou S/n alegremente ao velho amigo no momento do convite.
Que era ninguém menos que James Cordan um dos apresentadores mais conhecidos do mundo. S/n o conheceu quando começou a trabalhar na mesma emissora que o apresentador, o jeito doce da garota e entusiasmo encantou rapidamente James que se tornaram amigos quase no mesmo instante.
S/n adorava ir a shows, com seu emprego de jornalista certamente facilitava muito para que entrassem em muitos deles e desta vez não foi diferente, então quando soube que Harry Styles se apresentaria em seu primeiro show da nova turnê, ela agarrou a oportunidade rapidamente. Não havia nada melhor para ela do que estar em uma arena lotada, ouvir às vozes angelicais ao vivo, cantar às letras e dançar com seus amigos e outras pessoas.— Tudo aquilo trazia aquela sensação de frio na barriga como uma adolescente apaixonada novamente.
Tumblr media
S/n e James chegaram ao local cerca de uma hora antes do início do show, o lugar que o apresentador escolheu para eles era bem no meio da multidão, mas ela ficou surpresa com o quão bem poderia ver o palco, especificamente o Harry. O entusiasmo da mulher era notável, tanto pela blusa escrito 'love on tour', como alguém acessórios inspirado em Harry.
"Sim e você?"
"Também! Harry é como um filho para mim, estou muito orgulhoso dele."
"Imagino, ele é um fofo e muito gentil, fora o talento." Comentou ela.
Às luzes da arena diminuíram, o que significava que Harry estava prestes a entrar no palco, todas as fãs gritavam ansiosas para vê-lo. A banda começou a tocar e o coração dela começou a bater mais rápido, ela não soube explicar a sensação de vê-lo de novo depois de tanto tempo. Os dois assistiram ao show, S/n cantava baixinho as músicas que conhecia, ambos curtiam cada letra, cada melodia intensamente.
"Se eu soubesse o quão feliz e boba você ficaria ao ver ele, teria convidado a muito tempo."
"O que? Eu não estou." Defendeu-se.
"Está sim! Você parece essas garotas loucas para ter um pouco dele."
"Oh! Não! Não estou." Ela balançou a cabeça e revirou os olhos.
"Ok! Ok! Vou fingiu que não." Brincou ele.
À medida que a música continuava, James não podia deixar de virar a cabeça algumas vezes e olhar para S/n, ver seu sorriso radiante e por um momento ele acha que viu um brilho em seus olhos ao ver Harry.
O show terminou logo depois disso, foi uma experiência de show completamente diferente do que pensava que seria e definitivamente entrou no seu ranque como uma de suas noites favoritas de S/n.
"Gostou do show?"
"O que acha de irmos vê-lo?"
"Sério? Achei que o intuito de estarmos no meio da praieira era não sermos vistos."
"Eu mudei de idea."
"Tudo bem, vamos."
Tumblr media
Quando o show terminou e Harry saiu do palco mandando beijos para seus fãs como sempre fazia, passando pela multidão acenando para todos, na entrada dos bastidores lá estava ela, sua nova namorada, Alicia Woods, uma das atrizes mais comentada do momento, ela o puxou para um abraço apertado.
"Precisamos mesmo fazer isso? Eu estou todo suado." Comentou ele no ouvido dela.
"Sim! Isto precisar parecer real."Ela se afastou suavemente para beijá-lo.
Harry e Alicia haviam feito um contrato de namoro para fins de marketing em suas carreiras. Harry odiou isto, mas Jeff insistiu e exigiu para que ele desse continuidade à esse relacionamento fachada. Não que Harry não pudesse namorá-la de verdade, ele poderia e todos esperavam que de alguma forma ele se apegasse a mulher e tornasse tudo isso mais fácil e amigável para todos, mas até o momento havia um pouco de relutância da parte dele. Uma vez que ele fez o seu caminho para seu camarim, ele correu para o chuveiro, ele precisava assimilar tudo o que acabara de acontecer e um longo banho era tudo o que ele precisava.
Tumblr media
"Oh! Meus Deus! Eu não acredito! James quanto tempo." Harry abraçou o amigo com força, logo que um dos membros de sua equipe o trouxe ele é S/n da arena. "Fico feliz que tenha vindo nesse show, foi muito importante para mim."
"Eu não poderia deixar de vir e prestigiar meu garoto de ouro."O mais velho e sorriu.
"Ei! Eu me lembro de você ." Harry olhava fixamente para mulher. "Aliás pelo look, eu amei."
"Obrigada! Eu sou S/n, um prazer revê-lo." Ela pegou o embalo do abraço de James e também o abraçou, às mãos de Harry agarram firme suas costas, bem mais do que deveria.
"É claro! A jornalista mais simpática que conheci." Disse ele logo que a soltou.
"Com certeza não sou mais obrigada pelo elogio." Ela abaixou a cabeça um pouco envergonhada.
"Eu sou Alicia!" A mulher alta apareceu atrás de Harry segurando sua cintura e oferecendo a mão para cumprimentar-lá. "A namorada de Harry."
"Oh! Ok! Eu sou S/n." Ela diz meio sem graça.
Essa era uma informação que certamente ela não estava preparada para ouvir, da última vez que esteve com Harry, entrevistou ele, não havia alguém a qual ele amava, não havia uma namorada, não havia um amor. Era estupido S/n pensar sobre isso? Talvez sentir um pouco de raiva ou inveja? Era completamente estupido achar que teria chance com alguém como ele! Ela nunca namoraria Harry Styles. E Por que ela estava pensando em Harry?
"Bem, eu vou sair para comemorar o início da turnê, gostaria muito que vocês fossem." Harry aproximou-se de S/n tocando em seu braço. "Assim eu poderia saber mais sobre essa amizade sua com James."
"Então..." Pensou olhando diretamente para James que concordou com a cabeça. " Claro! Adoraria."
"Ótimo! Seria muito bom conhecê-la melhor." Deu uma piscadinha e ela jurou que havia alguma intenção ali.
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macadamiasoo · a day ago
Tumblr media
Night 20 : Pittsburgh.
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loveontourlove · a month ago
Love on Tour ♡
Tumblr media
Having dinner and drinks in my famous popstar boss’s hotel room was definitely not in my job description.
Rule # 1 to survive being Harry Styles’s tour assistant: Don’t let the cheeky bastard intimidate you. 
A series about life on the road with one cheeky popstar. 
Story Masterlist
Las Vegas
San Antonio
Houston pt. 1*
Saint Louis*
Washington DC*
Saint Paul*
Chicago pt. 1
Chicago pt. 2*
Nashville pt.1
Nashville pt. 2*
New York City pt. 1
New York City pt. 2*
Ft. Lauderdale
Tampa part 1 , part 2
The three days off
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thelockscreen · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
EU VOU MORRER DE AMOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
chama o SAMU que eu to passando MAL.
vamo FLODAR de harry styles aqui meus amigos não consigo suportar tanto AMOR.
like or reblog if you use/save xx
don’t repost
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watchmegetobsessed · 21 hours ago
BLACK&WHITE - masterpost
Tumblr media
PAIRING: long hair college!Harry X Mitch's little sister!Reader
WHAT IT'S ABOUT: Starting college doesn't turn out as easy as you expected. Making friends turned out to be a way too hard task for you, so you ask your brother's, Mitch's girlfriend, Sarah to help you socialize. Taking you to a frat party, you run into Mitch's long time best friend, the guy you've always had a crush on but haven't seen in years, Harry Styles. The reunion is shocking, especially because Harry is slowly realizing that you're not the awkward little teenager he remembers from the last time he saw you. He has a reputation he is trying to get rid of, old habits to lose, but no one seems to believe he can change, not even his own best friends who warns him to keep his distance from you, however it appears to be easier said than done.
Tumblr media
🖤 Part One (coming soon)
🖤 Part Two (coming soon)
🖤 Part Three (coming soon)
🖤 Part Four (coming soon)
This story is a work in progress. More parts might be added to the post soon!
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading! Please like/reblog if you enjoyed!
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pasiveagressive · 25 days ago
Y/N and Harry Tell the Truth// h.s
Tumblr media
“Y/N, Harry, we have brought you here today to take a lie detector test.” you both nod your heads “One of you will be hooked up to the machine while the other asks questions, and then you’ll switch. Who wants to be in the hot seat first?” you look at each other,
“Him.” you say in unison and then laugh “Rock paper scissors?” you ask 
“Only if you say it correctly.” you roll your eyes at him 
“Paper scissors rock.” you say at the same time, you throw scissors and he throws rock.
“Damn it. Okay I guess I am first.” Harry gets up from the table and goes to sit across from you.  The polygraph reader comes and starts hooking you up. “Whew, did it just get hot in here?” you go to fan yourself nervous.
“Please refrain from moving too much.” the guy whose name you learn is John says
“Oh sorry.” you grimace and try to sit still. 
“ ‘kay John are you ready?” Harry asks, John just nods his head. “We need to establish a baseline so, is your name Y/N Y/L/N?” you nod your head but then remember it is supposed to be a verbal answer.
“Right, sorry, yes that is my name.”
“Is your boyfriend in this room?” 
“Yes he is.” 
“Were you born in England?”
“Were you raised in North Carolina?”
“Yes.” Harry turns to John at this point. 
“Was that true?” He asks the man who solemnly nods his head yes. “Alright let's start. These questions are only going to be slightly invasive.” he teases you. “So as we already discussed you were raised in North Carolina, is that something you are proud of?”
“Absolutely.” you say 
“Then why,” Harry asks smugly, “Are you applying for dual citizenship to the UK?” you stare at him annoyed
“Hmmm, I don’t know, maybe because my longtime boyfriend is a citizen?” John stares at you 
“The machine doesn’t do well with sarcasm.” he says monotone.
“Sorry,” you make a face “Let me try again, because my boyfriend is a citizen and also to feel closer to my mum’s side of the family.” Harry looks at John who once again just nods his head.
“Over the quarantine your cooking videos became quite popular, would you say that you are a better cook than me?”
“Oh yeah, one hundred percent.” he huffs
“Am I a bad cook?”
“No I don’t think so, I just think I am better.” you smile at him.
“She’s telling the truth.” John announces
“Next question. On Reddit there is an entire page praising you, do you check it?” you furrow your eyebrows 
“No, I don’t think that I even knew about that.” John gives Harry a look
“Is she lying?” he asks the man 
“It’s uncertain.” Harry then gives you a look, you shrug your shoulders
“I swear, maybe my heart picked up because I was a little shocked, I mean a whole page praising me that’s a lot.”
“That was the truth.” John says
“Suspicious.” Harry says
“The kids are saying sus these days babe.” you inform him. He strokes a non-existent beard
“Sus.” you giggle, but then a look from John causes you to recenter yourself “Anyway next question. Do likes and followers matter to you?” 
“Sometimes, I would like to say no but then I post something that is important to me and I hope that it is well received.” Harry nods his head
“What is your favorite song of mine?” 
“Lights Up.” you say with confidence
“Lie.” John says
“What?! That is my favorite, well… actually, just you or can it be One Direction.”
“Just me.” 
“Then Lights Up.” 
“What is your all time favorite that I have ever sang then?”
“If I Could Fly.” 
“That is a good one.” Harry admits he then looks at the question and bites his lip. “You have been rumored to have dated these four men,” He places pictures of Tom Holland, Brad Simpson, Timothee Chalamet, and himself in front of you and you can feel your cheeks get hot. 
“Yes.” you say
“Do you notice anything about them. Any similarities?” Harry asks the smugness back in his voice.
“Yes.” Harry is now full on laughing at you “Everybody has a type, it is nothing to be ashamed of.” you huff
“That leads into this next question very nicely.” He places a few more pictures out “Would you date any of these striking men?” You stare at the faces of Shawn Mendes, Kit Harrington and Nick Jonas. 
“Well they all three are in committed relationships, as am I so my answer is going to be no. The only guy that I am interested in is this hunk.” You pull up Harry’s picture and see him flush a bit. 
“That’s the truth.” John declares
“You have admitted that you don’t necessarily like being famous. Is that correct?
“It is.”
“Then why do you stay in the spotlight?”
“Because I love what I do and I know that you love what you do and I love you so, that trumps any anxiety or hatred I have of my life being more public than I would like.”
“We do stay pretty private for ‘famous’ people though. Especially you.” Harry says
“We do, or we try to.”
“Last question. Did you lie at any point and we didn’t catch you?”
“No.”  John nods his head at that.
“Okay time to switch.” you are told and John comes to unhook you. 
Once Harry is hooked up you start asking baseline questions,
“Is your full name Harry Edward Styles?”
“It is.” 
“Are you a singer-songwriter?”
“I am.”
“Have you ever been polygraph tested before?”
“I have not.” you look at john who gives you a thumbs up
“Wonderful, let’s get into it. Do you ever miss the One Direction days?” 
“No, I miss the boys sometimes but I don’t miss the way things were.”
“Well there are going to be some very upset directioners out there. Would you ever consider a reunion?” 
“I would, but I think that we have all grown up and changed since One Direction so I think it would be different.” 
“Would Zayn be a part of that reunion?” 
“I don’t know, that would have to be a group discussion and I also don’t know that he would want to.”
“True again.” John tells you.
“Fair enough, moving on. Would you ever feature me on one of your albums?” 
“In a heartbeat.” Harry answers “Just not as a singer.” he laughs
“Would you say I am a bad singer?”
“Yes, but you say it yourself all the time so I think that it's fair.” you nod your head at his answer.
“Okay this is an important one so be honest. Do you think I am a better blonde than brunette?”
“So what you're saying is you like me with dark hair better?”
“Yes.” you look over at John.
“That is questionable.” you turn and stare at Harry 
“Are you lying to me now?” 
“That’s such a hard question, love. I love you no matter what color your hair is, but yes I would say that I maybe like it blonde better I suppose.” 
“So are you telling me that you don’t love me right now as much as you would if I was blonde.” 
“I just said the exact opposite of that.” Harry protests
“He’s telling the truth.” John informs you 
“Yeah whatever. Next, when we first started dating you told me that you had seen all of my movies since 2015. Was that true?”
“I believe so, yes.” 
“So you didn’t go home that night and binge watch me?” 
“What is your favorite movie of mine?” you ask next
“Movie? 5 Feet Apart. But my favorite role that you have played is Alina in Shadow and Bone.”
“That’s one of my favorites too.” you smile at him “When your manager told you that i was going to be in your music video, were you nervous?”
“A bit yeah.” 
“Because I had a crush on you.”
“John?” you ask
“That’s true.”
“Course it is.” Harry protests
“Okay you did a controversial shot for Vogue, is that correct?” 
“Yes but I didn’t do it to be controversial.” John nods his head telling you that its the truth
“Do you regret what you wore?” You knew he didn’t.
“Not one bit.” 
“Very nice.” you say as you get the thumbs up from John telling you what you already knew. “Next question Mr. Styles, and I would like you to remember that I didn’t write the questions I am just asking them. Have you thought about marrying me?” Harry stares into your eyes for a full minute before answering
“Course I have.”
“Have you looked at any rings yet?” 
“Did you buy a ring?”
“Yes.” you both just sit there for another minute, you absorbing what he said and him composing himself after admitting that.
“Well then, I only have one question left for you, did you lie at any point during this interview and we didn’t catch you?”
“I love you bub.” you lean across the table and kiss him.
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enjoytride · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dia Lipa at Grammy Awards 2021 red carpet- From Twitter
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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goldnn-harry · a month ago
loving family [h.s]
i've recently been obsessed with dad!harry fics so here you go <3
warnings: none, just plenty of fluff😁
tags: dad!harry 
harry groaned softly as his daughter lightly touched his arm. not in a bad way of course, just due to the fact of being woken up.
“yes bub?” he turned over to the side of the bed and picked lily up unto the bed. she was still too short to climb up, so she always waited patiently for her dad to help her.
she grinned, “good morning daddy.”
harry smiled and kissed her nose. “good morning princess. how’d you sleep?”
“good, pascal gave me company!” little lily smiled even wider as she showed harry her favorite stuffie, one of pascal from tangled.
“that’s amazing baby. i’m glad you like your stuffie. how about we go brush our teeth, hm?”
lily whined, but still complied and got out of bed with harry. hand in hand, they walked to the bathroom. harry picked her up and set her on the counter, brushing her teeth first and then his own.
“alright bub, clothes or food first?”
lily rested a finger on her chin and hummed, “food!”
harry chuckled, “alright pumpkin, lets go.”
harry helped lily off the counter and carried her to the kitchen. 
he peered down at his daughter as he walked and lightly pulled her thumb out of her mouth, “hey, remember what nanna told you about that? don't suck your thumb baby.” he lightly kissed her forehead to show that he wasn't mad at her, and then set her in her high chair so he could make her breakfast.
“what do you wanna have for breakfast, hm?”
“cinnamon rolls? pleaseeee daddy?” she pouted adorably, earning a chuckle from harry.
“alright bub. but remember that's not an everyday thing mkay?”
she nodded, “yes dada i know. can you eat them too?” she asked him hopefully. most of the time, when he made cinnamon rolls, he didn't eat them. he usually had eggs or toast instead, since he wasn't a big fan of the sugary treat so early in the morning.
but of course, he'd do anything to see lily happy. so, he nodded and started to cook their cinnamon rolls along with scrambled eggs and a couple of cut up strawberries as he listened to his daughter ramble to him (and to pascal of course) about the movie gemma and her had watched a couple nights ago.
a couple minutes later, he served her food in her favorite plate, which featured some of her favorite disney princesses. (***)
after giving lily her food he served his own, and stored the left overs in a tupperware container.
“is it good baby?” he asked, after giving her juice and sitting by her to eat aswell.
she nodded eagerly, “very!”
harry smiled, happy to see his daughter happy. “i'm glad you like it.”
“dada are we gonna go see y/n today?”
harry absolutely loved how much lily loved y/n. she was always so excited to see her, or even to talk about her, anything that involved y/n made her happy. and that was one of harry's biggest concerns, his daughter not liking the person he dated. so when he saw how much lily loved y/n, and not only that, but also how much y/n loved and adored lily, he was more than relieved.
with being a single parent, there's always going to be people that don't want a kid that's not theirs, or just dont want a kid in general, and even though it sucked, harry had to understand that.
but that didn't mean that he didn't worry whenever he had to break the news to someone he's talking to that he had a kid. he'd only dated four people after lily's mom left him (and lily).
the first girl was called ellie, and she was so complicated. she didn't trust harry at all, always accusing him of cheating or whatever she could come up with. she also didn't love lily, but she didn't hate her, and she told harry that she was trying and would eventually love her as her own. and although she was nice and loving at times, harry ended it after 6 months.
the second girl was noelle. she was gorgeous, such an amazing person. but that ended at 10 months, when she broke up with him and harry found out she was never over her ex.
then he dated bella, who was a not affectionate person, and didn't care for lily at all. she always pushed her away and asked harry to hang out, without her. that ended super quickly, just after a month. harry was never going to tolerate or date someone who didn't want his kid.
but then he met y/n. he met y/n at his job. y/n was a clothes designer, and she designed and made most of the outfits harry wore to his last tour.
she had walked into his trailer, hands full of folders and papers which harry immediately offered to help with. after getting situated, they went over all of her designs and harry picked the ones he liked and wanted to wear. their first interaction went smoothly and friendly, just how both of them had hoped for. after that they had to meet each other countless of times for measurements and just overall discussing how harry wanted his outfits to look, fit and even feel.
when tour ended, harry asked her out on a date, which went amazingly. and here they are, a year later, completely in love.
“yes baby, we'll go bring y/n breakfast before i take you to school.” he smiled. somedays, before taking lily to preschool harry brought y/n some breakfast if she wasn't too busy. those were lily's favorite days.
she giggled in excitement and finished her food quickly. “hurry daddy!” she pointed to his still half full plate of food.
“alright, alright pumpkin give me a second.” he grinned and ate his food a bit quicker. he washed the plates and cups and everything they used and carried lily to her bedroom.
he walked to her closet and picked out two outfits so lily could choose. he layed both of them on the floor and set her down. “go ahead baby, pick one.”
lily looked at them for a couple seconds, and then walked to the one on the left. she picked it up and held it up for harry. (***)
he smiled, that had been his favorite outfit too.
he helped lily get dressed and then moved on to her hair. he lightly brushed it, her small curls usually got tangled at night. her hair was exactly like harry's, brown with soft, light curls. he put two butterfly clips on the front and kissed her on the forehead.
“all done.”
“okay now your turn!” lily smiled and pushed harry out of her room and into his as he laughed.
“okay okay i'm coming!” he walked into his room with her, and picked out an outfit to wear. (***)
he also added his pearl necklace, knowing that basically everyone loved it.
after he finished getting ready, him and lily left the house and headed over to y/n's work place with the extra breakfast he had stored in the tupperware.
lily held his hand as they walked inside, eager to see y/n but a bit nervous to be around so many other people.
harry knocked lightly on y/n's door, gently opening it when he heard the soft “come in,” from inside.
“y/n!” lily grinned as she ran over to her, jumping in her arms.
she laughed, "hi lily." she pressed a soft kiss to her head and set her back down.
“we brought you breakfast! show her dada!"
y/n smiled as she looked at harry, who was smiling too, holding the container and waiting for y/n and lily to finish their moment so he could go say hi.
“thank you lily! i bet the yummy treat was your idea, hm?”
lily giggled, “yes! dada made cinnamon rolls.”
“just my favorite.” y/n smiled. lily sat down on the small couch in y/n's office, paying more attention to her toy now.
harry took the opportunity to walk over to y/n and give her a big kiss on the lips. “hi my love. i brought you breakfast, but you already knew that.” he grinned.
y/n kissed him one more time and set the container on her desk. “thank you. i missed you.”
“i missed you too. we've been so busy," he said as he tucked a piece of hair behind her ear.
“i know. is it okay if i stay with you for a couple days?”
harry smiled, “that's more than okay.”
she grinned, “good. i suppose you have to take lily to school now right?” the dissapointment in her voice was evident, as she didn't want to say bye to her so soon.
“yes i do, but i'll take you with me to pick her up. deal?” y/n grinned and nodded, “deal.”
harry kissed her once more. “i love you.”
“i love you too harry.”
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watermelonlovershigh · 3 months ago
My Favorite Harry Styles Fics MASTERLIST
my MASTERLIST with my own written fanfictions
This is going to be a Masterlist full of my favorite Harry Styles fanfictions and other's Masterlist that I recommend and love. The purpose of this Masterlist was originally for me to keep of all my favorite writings in one spot so I can come back to find them easily, but of course anyone is free to view. I actually encourage that you browse through this Masterlist and read these lovely stories.
I will separate and organize this Masterlist dependent on what the writing classifies under. I will separate Series: (has chapters with a continuous story line or one shots with the same plot & universe), One Shots: (really random fics that can have a variety of plots), dad!harry: (writings that are centered around Harry being a dad or states matter of factly Harry is a father), and any other categories I may create when I feel its needed. Then at the very bottom is where you'll find a list of Masterlist I recommend.
Also, I'll give you a mini review on what I thought about each (not including the Masterlist). Stickily my opinion though so take my review with a grain of salt.
This MASTERLIST will be updated frequently & each time, I'll reblog to let you know.
Last updated: (10-14-21)
*Please give these a read or and show the writers some support.*
Warning: will contain a lot of smutty fics!!!!!!!
Sail The Widest Stretch by @beautifulletdownfics
A friends to lovers story about pub trivia, fraying adult friendships, and the squishy parts of us that break and heal.
Personal Review: Great 10 part story (very long chapters I might add) w/ a ending one shot. My only problem was the lack of details when it came to the smut scenes but that didn't push me away enough to not read. Defiantly recommend.
Only Human by @hsogolden
Harry and Y/N are friends…. with benefits, but not the kinds you’re thinking of.
Personal Review: Not much to say. It's a very long 13 chapter fic that has a lot of angst, romance, and fluff.
Take it Slow by @atlafan
Y/N had a bad experience with an ex over a year ago, and finally accepts her coworker and good friend Niall’s invitation to go on a blind date with his friend Harry.
Personal Review: When I tell you this is my favorite Harry fic of all time I mean It. Its SOOO good. It's extremely long. 90 long chapters to be exact. Took me about 3 weeks to read. Lots of VERY DETAILED SMUT. Honestly would love this to become a movie it's so good. Also there is a sequel that's just as good. HIGHLY RECOMMEND if you love the idea of growing a life with Harry because that's what a lot of this is focused on.
My Everything by @atlafan
What happens with Harry and Y/N after he proposes? How will the two navigate the engaged life while also continuing to juggle their jobs, friends, and families? Let’s find out.
Personal Review: This is the sequel to Take it Slow and It's just as good. It continues their relationship. Its not as long chapter wise (only 20 chapters) but they are very long chapters. This fic made me cry harder than any movie or book I've ever read. Not because it was overly sad, but because of the emotional attachment I had with the characters and sad it ended. Also VERY HAPPY ENDING.
FROM EDEN by @harryhoney-bee
19th century!h / baker!h / forbidden love.
Personal Review: I tagged the Masterlist instead of listing every individual one-shot for this universe. This is a great continuing series that has great smut, great angst, and great fluff. Highly recommend if you're into au Harry fics.
Office Neighbors by @atlafan
You’re a new professor working towards your PhD, and Harry is your new office neighbor.
Personal Review: My third favorite Harry fic of all time. Great, detailed smut. All chapters are over 10k words long. Harry is his soft and caring personality that he has in real life. Harry is a single dad so that means dilf!harry. Great relationship evolution. Completed series as well. Just overall one of the best written fics i've read in a while. And i may have shed a tear or two at the end but it wasn't necessarily sad, i'm just a wimp.
One Shots & Blurbs (random)-
Curious Girl by @permanentcross
Harry/You/Male of choice. Some blind eyes were turned during this for the sake of creativity and fantasy, but I kept it as tightly controlled as possible.
Personal Review: I love threesome Harry smuts and this one is great. Very naughty smut and rough sex. Very long as well.
Harry uses shower head on his misses because her pregnant belly made sex uncomfortable.
Personal Review: It's very short but still a good smut.
in need for more by @harryimaginedstories
she wants to stay after sex.
Personal Review: Sexual but not smut. It's a very good fluffy fic. Not too short but not too long.
LET IT BLEED by @songbirdstyles
you’re on your period, and harry just wants to make you feel good.
Personal Review: The best period sex smut I've ever read. Plus it's not only period sex but it has a very smutty dry sex scene.
Alex from Dunkirk before he goes to war Smut by @adashofniallandasprinkleoflunacy
the night before Alex gets drafted for war, he makes sure to give you a night to remember by going on a date which leads to you both in bed making love all night long.
Personal Review: Its sort of short with not too much dialog but it's still very detailed in what they are doing. Also kind of sad because Alex (Harry) isn't sure if he'll be coming home from war.
Not Your Charity Case by @erodasfishtacos
Harry is a frat boy - who doesn’t need sympathy from anyone. He makes Y/N feel a sense of home when they’re together. But is Harry just like every stereotypical frat boy?
Personal Review: The Harry in this series is SOOO sweet and their relationship is the cutest thing i've ever read. Also he's deaf. It's very long as well, with another one shot in this verse.
Finally Fitting In by @erodasfishtacos
Harry goes homes to meet Y/N’s family. He’s gets more then he expected. He starts to feel like he has a home.
Personal Review: Even better than the first one shot. It is a bit more sad but Harry is still as cute as ever and has a very charming personality even if he's deaf. Plus great smut!
Harry Teaches You How to Masturbate by @floralsatin
harry sitting behind you and teaching you how to masturbate but he ties ur legs to his legs cos u keep closing them
Personal Review: Its short and has a daddy kink involved but never the less hot smut.
Give Me Love-- Harry Styles by @adashofniallandasprinkleoflunacy
After you find out your boyfriend cheated on you, you end up getting drunk and calling Harry (your friends with benefits) and he comes over to have sex with you in the middle of the night. Then you realize you're in love with Harry and so does he.
Personal Review: Its super long with great smut. Also contains a lot of angst as well as fluff.
Friendly Competition by @rollingsins
Harry and Florence are competitive. A little too competitive, when it comes to you. Smut.
Personal Review: This is a very well written smut. Harry and Florence are both dominates to Reader and they argue over who pleasures Reader best. Super HOT!
Man’s Best Friend - One Shot by @atlafan
Y/n begins to catch feelings for her fwb Harry because he has a great connection with her dog.
Personal Review: I don't know what it is about atlafan's writing but i have never felt more connected to fanfic characters as i have with their characters. 10 out of 10 smut. Soft!harry. Quite long. The ending is a bit of a abrupt ending that i wish was continued but that's just a me problem. So highly recommend!
The Kids Are Alright by @atlafan
A single mom starts dating Harry, an oral surgeon, and their relationship becomes stronger until they end up getting married and Harry adopts her two children.
Personal Review: It was great. No smut but that didn't take away from how good it truly was. The fic is also quick pace and skips to different times in their relationship so it isn't crazy long (still long but not anything to crazy long) I may have cried while reading it even though it wasn't even that sad. I'm just a wimp.
DESIRE by @watchmegetobsessed
When you go to stay at your dad's cabin after just breaking up with your boyfriend, you find out you're not alone and your dad's best friend is staying there as well. Then you end up sharing your feeling for one another and things get heated.
Personal Review: Its very long, about 8700 words and its written well. The smut wasn't all that detailed but that didn't make it bad or anything. Plus older!harry is hot!!
Clingy by @atlafan
Harry is a really clingy boyfriend and gets insecure about his clinginess towards you when he over hears one of your friends talk about how they think it's weird how clingy he is towards you.
Personal Review: It's so cute. There is a small smut scene but its mostly fluff with mild to none angst. And it's long but not too long.
Bar Crossed Lovers by @atlafan
Two bartenders that are friends (that have sex) eventually catch feelings when they realize no one can make them feel as good as one another.
Personal Review: It's got fluff, angst, and smut. Written well and I highly recommend. The smut is top notch too.
Lover by @harryhoney-bee
Soft sex with boyfriendrry after the show, plus some domestic love <3
Personal Review: This was written so well and the details in the smut are amazing. If you enjoy soft and love making type sex, then this is a great reading option for you. It's a decent length, over 3k words, and with after care shown. Plus its HSLOT Harry.
In Sickness And In Health by @talesofstyles
After the birth of their twin babies, Harry and YN’s marriage suffers.
Personal Review: Great story. It's very sad with a lot of angst. And a great smutty sex scene.
Ivy Sick In The Night by @erodasfishtacos
harry being woken up in the middle of the night by ivy because she threw up all over herself and she’s crying trying to cuddle into him with vomit all over herself 😭
Personal Review: This is a super short blurb with ceo!harry and it's super fluffy.
Baby Steps by @enthusiasticharry
you’re harry’s sons therapist, and he isn't the only one you end up helping.
Personal Review: Its a singledad!harry fic that's super long and written very well. it has lots of fluff as well as a smut scene.
california dusk by @adore-laur
You give birth to your second baby (this time a at-home birth) and Harry is right beside your side to entire time
Personal Review: It was supper fluffy. Great in details and pretty long.
Harry Styles Masterlist's Library-
(some i have read through a lot and some i haven't read through much but wanted to include because they are still popular in the Harry Styles fic community and it gives you options to browse through if you're trying to find something to read. but most i do advise you to look through because i have read through most listed below)
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