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#stylin' breeze fics

Karasuno holds a school dance at the same time as hosting a training camp with Fukurodani and Nekoma. And due to a bet between Hinata and Konoha, things might not go as planned…

Read here:  AO3  FFN

Length: 5,552 words
Rating: General Audiences
AO3 Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Category: Gen
Relationships: Michimiya Yui/Sawamura Daichi
Characters: Hinata Shouyou, Kageyama Tobio, Sawamura Daichi, Sugawara Koushi, Azumane Asahi, Michimiya Yui, Aihara Mao, Shimizu Kiyoko, Tsukishima Kei, Yamaguchi Tadashi, Yachi Hitoka, Tanaka Ryuunosuke, Nishinoya Yuu, Yamamoto Taketora, Kuroo Tetsurou, Kozume Kenma, Bokuto Koutarou, Akaashi Keiji, Konoha Akinori, Shirofuku Yukie
Additional Tags: School Dances, Humor

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could I request an Usuri drabble with Shirabu or Yahaba?

Usuri and Yahaba it is! :3

(Rules for requests are at the end)


“Shigeru, your cousin is here!” cried the teenager’s mom from downstairs. The younger Yahaba wanted to ignore it, on the bed flipping aimlessly through a Shonen Jump mag, not at all engaged by any of the content he hadn’t read already. He grumbled off the bed and trudged to the top of the stairs.

He was supposed to be playing at Sendai City Gymnasium right now and not see his cousin Michiru until evening.

“Thanks, Aunt Akemi,” Michiru Usuri greeted Shigeru’s mom, holding his bags. Yahaba emerged at the top of the steps, downcast.

The woman caught sight of her boy lollygagging. “Shigeru, help Michiru-kun take his luggage up.”

Yahaba didn’t want to share his room for the duration that his cousin was in town, but such was the agreement with his aunt and uncle in Kyushu. He dumped the bags at the foot of the bed, ensuring enough space remained in the middle of the floor for the futon that would be dragged out after dark.

Usuri, coming off a prefectural regionals win just a few days ago, looked to be on cloud nine.

“Did you win?” he cheerily asked his cousin.

Yahaba’s fists tightened.

“No,” Shigeru whispered. Admitting the truth was enough to unclench his fingers at least….

Continue reading here:  AO3  FFN

(744 words)

Rules for drabble requests:

  • Submit an ask containing a Haikyuu pairing featuring Usuri
  • Drabble will be gen and SFW
  • Specify if you don’t want angst
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Ch.13: H-Hour

While Shimada summoned the invitees to the forthcoming meeting, Yamaguchi sulked.

After hearing Bokuto describe Kenma’s lifesaving operation, Tsukishima discreetly reached out to Tobio Kageyama. His question to the disillusioned creator of SHOYO was simple: if Dr. Kageyama had access to Kenma Kozume, would he be able to restart the military’s SHOYO program?

As much as Kageyama wasn’t interested in the endeavor per se, he would not turn down the chance to study such a special subject’s DNA.

In response, Sugawara and Sawamura recommended that Karasuno acquire Akaashi and Kozume after the mission’s completion.

“Yachi, how do you feel about this?” Tadashi asked his vice-president.

Hitoka sat forlornly, the same concerns plaguing her. “I think it’s awful to save these people only to exploit them ourselves.”

Yamaguchi hated it. Kenma Kozume, Keiji Akaashi, Yuuji Terushima, Kenji Futakuchi—they had all been taken advantage of by successive different governments. To “save” them from Inarizaki only to exploit them for Karasuno’s own gain was no nobler.

But whoever Karasuno didn’t take custody of, Shiratorizawa or Seijoh certainly would. And that said nothing about the futures of Atsumu Miya and Tetsurou Kuroo (who had been designated secondary targets for capture) or of Taketora Yamamoto and Shigeru Yahaba for that matter. None of them would ever be free of the mess they were mixed up in.

His phone rang. Tadashi and Yachi recognized the caller’s number.

After Yamaguchi answered, he couldn’t believe what the caller offered.

Perhaps there was an alternative after all….

Continue reading here:  AO3  FFN

(Chapter length: 5,761 words)
Timeline, Character List and Maps (ch.13 spoilers to be added 5 April, 2020)
Chs.1-13 in Chronological Order
Chapter 1 links: AO3 FFN 

AO3 Tags below

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Tendou pranced through the arena, his mind in another world. He sang to himself, a bit more loudly than usual, a little ditty that he occasionally belted out in the middle of matches. That he sang it now, while they filed through the halls of the inter-prefectural training camp, exuded how much Tendou was on cloud nine.

Keep on breaking them. What, you say? Their hearts, that’s what.” He skipped to the beat, paying no mind to what the rest of the squad behind him might think. He decided that on the next line, he’d spin around and challenge his nearest teammate to finish the lyric.

Keep on shattering them.”  He whipped his body around. “What, you say??

He cut himself off when he pointed.

At some point, Tendou had wandered so far ahead his team had lost track of him.

Instead, at a loss how to explain himself, Satori found himself pointing at two complete strangers: a second-year setter from Kyushu carrying gym bags and a second-year captain from Miyagi passing by after a stop at the bathroom.

And even more surprising, they proceeded to answer….

Continue reading here:  AO3  FFN

Length: 348 words
(AO3 tags below)

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✨A Raffle? Yes, a Raffle✨

Hello everyone! Thanks to your support, we have reached 750 followers! (A lot of ya’ll love Haikyuu, and God bless you for it.)

While most of what I do is post manga caps and react to Season 4, my roots and my passion are in fics.

So to celebrate 750, we are going to have a Fic Raffle!

Here are the rules:

  • Just reblog this post to enter
  • Only one entry per person (multiple reblogs do not count)
  • Must be following to be eligible (new followers are welcome)

Your prize will be a fic of at least 1,000 words.

  • The winner will pick a pairing (or even a single character if desired)
  • You may pick any characters in Haikyuu or Oofuri/Big Windup (crossovers between the two are OK)
  • The winner may pick a prompt but not required
  • Gen is my wheelhouse, and so the fic will be gen
  • The fic will be SFW (the prompt, if you suggest one, must be SFW too)

The raffle will run for a little over 2 weeks: until 23:59 MDT (UTC-6) on April 2nd, 2020. The winner will then be randomly selected within 12 hours. You will then have 48 hours to reply, or another winner will be selected.

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“Kitty!” Lev screeched.

The black cat in the living room hissed with fur on end, but that didn’t deter Lev from charging for it. The feline vanished in a blur down the hall.

“Kuro-chan only likes you if you have her food,” the cat’s owner Tetsurou teased.

“Dude, you named your cat ‘Kuro-chan’?” said Tora.

“’Twas my mom’s idea,” Kuroo shrugged, but the grin from ear to ear betrayed how much he liked the moniker too.

They had arrived fresh from studying at the Kozumes’ next door. Kenma, Tetsurou, Tora, Lev, and Morisuke clashed over where to get a bite until Kenma decreed they just have sandwiches at Kuroo’s.

“Guys! You have to try the tuna Kuroo has. It’s the best!” Yaku had said, his face sparkling like a boardwalk at night.

Seated at the table now, Yamamoto and Haiba listened to Morisuke excessively extolling the virtues of the forthcoming tuna fish. Kenma, tapping away at a controller, followed Kuroo into the adjacent kitchen like an imprinted duckling. He chanced a glance as Kuroo retrieved two cans of tuna—one from the cupboard, one from the pantry—and distributed the first can equally among four sandwiches. The second can Tetsurou suspiciously spread exclusively on the sandwich intended for Yaku. When Kuroo caught Kenma looking askance at the second can’s label, he commanded his friend’s silence by pressing one finger to his lips. …

continue reading here (713 words):  AO3  FFN

(admittedly inspired by this - spoiler alert)

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I finally finished the first draft of the next chapter of The Kenma Project! We’re almost at the climax, folks!

And here’s a little teaser of the climax (map not to scale)

Find out what mess the Haikyuu next gen captains have gotten themselves wrapped up in here: AO3 FFN

AO3 tags under the read more

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The results of the President of Datekou poll are pretty evident at this stage, so I’m closing the poll. Thanks for voting!

Chapter 12 has been pushed back until mid to late February.

However! Click below for a teaser from the new chapter. Big stuff are in store. (Content warning below the cut)

UPDATE: The chapter is now out! Read chapter 12 at AO3 or FFN (scroll below for tags/warnings links to chapter 1)

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Chapter 12 of my next gen captains spy AU, The Kenma Project (FFN, AO3), is in the works! Chapter 12 will include some new cameos, one of which I’m still not decided on, and that is who the president of the nation of Datekou is. So I’ve decided to open that up to chance!

Follow the link to the Google form below and cast your vote for Datekou’s president among the available candidates (some characters are already spoken for in the fic and so are not available candidates). You don’t have to be a fic reader to participate!

Vote for President here

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An updated world map for my next gen captains spy AU, The Kenma Project, now featuring additional places introduced since the start of the fic!

The finale is so close! Start reading now here: AO3  FFN

Google doc with scenes reordered chronologically

Google spreadsheet with timeline and character list (fic spoilers therein)

Access all resources at any time from the Kenma Project page on desktop tumblr

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(!!! Chapter 374 spoilers contained in preview !!!)

Their goodbye took place in the middle of the cobblestone sidewalk. Oikawa and Hinata had spent a good deal of time together after their random run-in in South America, rocking the beach volleyball scene in some riveting ways. A wheeled suitcase at his side, Oikawa extended his hand to bid Hinata adieu.

“Well then, take care of yourself, Shrimpy—no,” Oikawa interrupted himself. The months he’d spent with Shouyou Hinata made such a pejorative nickname unseemly. “Shouyou.”

Oikawa laughed internally at the way Hinata’s eyes sparkled like the ocean at earning the older man’s endearment. Shouyou grabbed Tooru’s wrist and tugged so hard Oikawa thought he’d rip it off.

“You bet I will! Thanks so much for everything!”

They bantered a bit until it was time for Oikawa to head on his way. “I’m going to beat everyone,” he coolly quipped. “Be ready.”

“Sure!” Hinata daftly exclaimed, earning a wry leer from the setter.

“Uh, you’re included in that, y’know,” he futilely replied. “Ah, well. See you later,” he peaced and started over the crosswalk. Hinata remained, watching him go. Tooru pulled out his phone to check his flight status. He opened his emails.

In the middle of the crosswalk, he halted, glaring at the cell phone. Shouyou blinked in confusion.

Oikawa put away the device, spun around with a wide smile, and walked back to Shouyou’s side of the street.

“My flight’s canceled. I’m leaving tomorrow,” he said offhandedly.

Shouyou blinked.

He didn’t know how to react at first. Part of him figured surely Oikawa had other things to do. But he remembered where Pedro was going that afternoon, and a lightbulb illumined above his head.

He grabbed Oikawa’s arm with a gasp. “We should go to the Matsuri!”

Matsuri was the universal word for festivals in Japan. The fact Shouyou was crying about attending such a thing in Brazil indicated he’d gone even more insane than he already was.

Continue reading here: FFN  AO3 (2,296 words)

Written with the indispensable input of @kenmagoesblep 

AO3 tags under the Read More

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drabble for Daichi and Usuri?

Usuri birthday drabbles: 6/6

I went with something not canon-compliant this time. Daichi and Usuri would make such supportive friends~ Thank you for this ask!!

All the requests I received came in on Usuri’s birthday, but requests are still open and will be open for anyone else who wants to send one in. Send in a pairing, bearing in mind:

  • The fic will be gen
  • It will be a drabble, of course (though it might gravitate a little longer)
  • Please say if you absolutely don’t want any shred of angst. The fic probably wouldn’t have angst anyway and would have a happy ending even if it did, but if angst is an absolute no-no for you, say so please!

Since it took a month and a half to clear my inbox of just six requests, I can’t guarantee how soon it will be completed, but it will be as soon as time and inspiration allows!


Fic also available here: FFN  AO3

The Meaning of Teamwork

After hearing about his team’s defeat at nationals, Daichi could feel his friend Michiru’s pain, even if the younger boy tried to act strong in text message.

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(Season 4, Episode 1 spoilers)

The training camp was in the works for a couple of weeks. Johzenji’s second-years on the volleyball team watched their coach interrupt practice to take a phone call from Shiratorizawa’s coaching staff at least once a day. Eventually school break came, and then the day for camp invitations, and none arrived for anyone from Johzenji (not that any of them were surprised). Terushima licked his lips at the thought of so many solid players in one place. His coach was helping form the next round of opponents. It was a prime scouting opportunity.

Infiltrating Shiratorizawa Academy proved easier than expected. Terushima snagged a Shiratorizawa jacket and a pair of pants lying in the locker room, and sauntered into the gym inconspicuously. The coaches had stepped out while the students continued a 3-on-3. Monitoring the game from a bench near the locker room, Terushima eyed each play and each player closely. Karasuno’s bespectacled blond was here. On the sidelines, the zippy #10 darted along the sidelines shagging volleyballs.

When one player spiked a ball fiercely into the floor for a point, Terushima couldn’t help clap raucously.

The game stopped as everyone beheld the bystander who sashayed over to them. …

Continue reading here: FFN  AO3

(1,640 words)

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tsukki n usuri please

Usuri drabble requests: 5/6

I keep thinking for these drabble requests I should just write an AU where Usuri and the person are already friends, but I always end up writing something that is somehow canon-compliant anyway

(FYI, this is set right after nationals, but I’ve configured it so that there are no explicit spoilers!)

Read below or at these links: FFN  AO3  (word count: 704)


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