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Day 25 & 26 - Shattered & Alternate End

Alternate ending! In this, Steven chose to flee to homeworld after being released, and ends up joining them. His outfit is also different because of this.
Also, I was trying to be a bit experimental with everything and I’m not that happy with it cause it isn’t what i wanted exactly, but it’ll have to do XD


Day 27 - Change Your Mind

A continuation of the alternate endingI It’s another experimental one, I played around with using even brighter colours and other stuff. Also, out of everyone, Steven would insist on Lapis being spared since she freed him. He doesn’t really care about the humans since his father is already dead by now.

And with this alternate timeline, you really shouldn’t trust the Diamonds too much. Especially White.

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Day 23 - Why so Blue

“And why would I listen to a shorty like you?”

My current interpretation on how the scene would go in Mirror Diamond! Very likely to change in the future.


Day 24 - Alone

“They’re coming back, aren’t they?”

Steven in the early years in the mirror :) He’s a sad bby who very much think’s that he’s gonna be let out soon. he won’t

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Sjdks sorry @bluesttears for the messy sketch but i drew this during my break at work in pen

Backstory is i was going thru ur yellow playlist and after i learned that insane clown posse is on it i just couldnt get this conversation out of my head LMAO

Also happy one year anniversary for ur au! 🥳

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Day 21 & 22 - Magic & Game

Combined the prompts to have them be in a sort of fantastical video game i guess?? anyways sorry for being so late Q>Q I had to rush to finish an art class assignment and have been feeling pretty burnt out.

also, here’s a seperate flat colour version of connie since I really liked how her outfit came out! :D

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Happy Ace Awareness Week everybody!

I’ve returned from my slumber to bring you all a celebration of Ace week in honor of those from the ace community! Some sources may disagree on when the week is happening this month, but the 25th (the day I posted this) generally falls under most of the sources’ time frames, so yeah.

And to all of you beautiful people who identify with the ace community, I hope you have a good time! You are absolutely valid and so is your sexuality! Don’t let people who say otherwise get you down!

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