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#su n s e t
funcoffeetee · 8 months ago
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Add fun to your life with quotes wardrobe with this MOTIVATIONAL quote!
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suriquesse · 7 months ago
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Tumblr media
#tfw lianfang-zun notices you ó//w//ò (@henshengs‘s post reminded me that I wanted to try to gif faceapped su she since forever so. here she is!!)
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beetrootbot · 13 days ago
how does yori react to death?
Yori,, has a complicated relationship to death as a whole.
She's constantly been in and around hospitals, and has studied all the scientific material she could get her hands on about it. Death, as a concept, isn't scary to her at all. It's as though they have a working relationship, she is perfectly able to peel herself back and look at it from a scientific standpoint- an inevitability, but one she can understand. Corpses don't scare her anymore, nor does death.
However, it's a bit of two sided issue. She's seen the life fade out of people's eyes before. She's heard their last words, she's held their hand as a final comfort before they go. She's feltseen the struggle, seen the hope before the fall. The way some close in on themselves when given the news. The goodbyes never get any easier. It's a terrible feeling to go into the recovery ward with dozens of others and come out on your own.
Her job, her duty, her goal- at least in the hospital- was to delay the inevitable. To stop people from dying from preventable causes, to let them live a full and happy life. She'll cry for those that are lost too soon, as any person would, but she can't afford to mourn for long.
She doesn't like to think about it much.
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princessmuk · a year ago
Steven having a nightmare and immediately calling Connie... Connie driving over in the middle of the night to comfort him... Steven admitting that he feels everything is on him even when he has help, that if he can’t help someone he doesn’t know what to do, and frankly, even though adventures and being a hero seemed amazing when he was a kid, it’s terrifying.
He’s been so close to death so many times. He’s seen his friends poofed and cracked and so close to being shattered. He’s put Beach City in danger just by living there, and her and his dad aren’t safe, either.
Just... Steven getting everything off his chest. Letting himself cry and be vulnerable. Connie rubbing his back and hugging him, wiping away the tears. Connie being there for him. Telling him it’s okay. He’s okay. She’s got him. There’s no danger, and as for the more emotional stuff... they’ll get through it. They always have. And they always will. Together.
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infiniteuniverseau · a year ago
Tumblr media
Ep1 Pg10
I'll work better on the next coming pages because there's going to be no way around it haha. I just haven't drawn Steven in so long!
(Drawing the train is going to be so hard--)
Anyway, I posted 2 pages on Wednesday -- which isn't the usual schedule -- so don't forget to read them!
I tag my comic with "ifxsu"!
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sonseulsoleil · 2 years ago
anyway kill me and bury me in parallels between Johnny and Moira and Patrick and David because god. GOD. 
two fashion forward drama queens and their doting, business minded, blue button up wearing men 
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moonraccoon-exe · a year ago
Among Ruins (Ch. 36)
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