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#su steven

Horror spinel: well isn’t this a lovely sight~ *she laughed quietly as she held steven beaten up body, while slowly digging her scythe into his skin and started to cut though his flesh, earning her a cry of pain from the barely conscious steven*

Steven: *tried to stay conscious as tears had ran down his face* p-please stop spinel

Horror spinel: stop!? I’m just getting starting! *she grinned as she had punched steven in his face, knocking him out as she had dragged his body somewhere while mumbling a song* who am I?… Who am I?… What are you even saying, I’m the loser of the game you didn’t know you was playing… *she said as she had dragged steven body somewhere else*

Hmm what to do

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i think it’d be neat if steven grew little hair ringlets where his sideburns are

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