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coffeecatsandcandles · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
𝐖𝐞𝐥𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐞 | 𝐁𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐲 𝐁𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐞𝐬
Summary: You are properly welcomed to the block by your new neighbor.
Pairing: dilf!neighbor!Bucky Barnes x f!reader (ft. two Barnes children, Rebecca and unnamed son)
Word Count: 1.8k
Warnings: NSFW SMUT (18+, MINORS DNI), mention of divorce, riding, spanking, just a hint of switch!bucky, finger sucking. Reader can be any race!
bucky barnes masterlist
In the first month of living in your new home, you immediately started noticing a change in your demeanor. You were away from your old place, living alone for the first time in years. You didn’t have your shitty ex to think about or take care of. You had nobody but yourself to depend on, and you loved every second of it.
You would sit on your porch every morning, on furniture you’d thrifted within your first week of moving in, sipping your coffee and watch the kids across the street play. It was a boy with his younger sister, both of them no older than seven. They were early birds, no doubt. You’d be up as early at 8AM on a Monday, and they’d be out there, chasing each other, play wrestling, or drawing with chalk on the driveway. You didn’t mind; seeing kids comfortable enough to play in their yards was a good sign to you. It meant the neighborhood was safe.
It wasn’t until a month after you moved in that the children actually said something to you. You were in the middle of a book your friend had recommended to you when you heard the patter of little footsteps go from across the street and straight to you. “I like your book,” you were snapped out of your imagination at the sound of a little girl’s voice. You lifted your head and were greeted by the little girl you’d been seeing play with her brother almost every day.
“Thank you,” you said, smiling, “I like your hair.”
“I’m Becca.” The girl said, her brother chasing after her from across the street.
“Becca! Daddy said we can’t talk to strangers.” The boy said, grabbing his sister’s hand and looking directly at you.
“That’s a very good rule your daddy set for you. You’re a good big brother.” You said, sensing a little hostility from the child. He seemed to warm up to you instantly, showing a shy smile.
You smiled back, setting down your book and introducing yourself to the children.
“What are you two doing over here?” You heard a man say from behind the three of you. You tried not to audibly gasp at the sight of him. He was tall and built, nearly three times your size in muscle. He had his hands on his hips and a stern look on his face, ready to scold. “You two know the rules. You stay in our yard when you play. This isn’t our yard.”
“Sorry, daddy.” They said in unison.
The man took both of his kids in his arms, lifting them up in a big hug. You wondered if he could pick you up like that. “Go back inside, breakfast is ready.” He said to his children. He set them down and kept an eye on them as they ran inside. “I’m sorry about them. They love meeting new people.”
“It’s not a problem.” You said, “They’re sweet.”
“I’m Bucky,” he said as you stood up, now noticing how much taller he is than you. “Welcome to the neighborhood.”
“Thank you,” you said, “You have wonderful children. You and your wife are very lucky.”
“I wish you’d tell her that,” he said, “I haven’t seen her since Becca was a baby.”
You tilted your head, “What?”
“Yeah, one day she just... up and left. No warning. Nothing except the divorce papers a few weeks later.”
You brought your hand to his bicep, “Oh, you poor baby,” you said, your heart hurting for him. Your words just came out, and you hoped it didn’t sound like you were mocking him. You were genuinely upset for him, having to raise two kids all by himself.
He probably hadn’t been with a woman in so long…
Bucky felt his cock twitch at your tone, surprised by your behavior and welcoming it. You had definitely just awakened something in him, though he wasn’t entirely sure what it was. “Um…” Bucky started, trying to gather his thoughts, “Sorry, again. It was nice to meet you.” He made his way back to his house and you took a deep, long breath.
Now more than ever, you were glad to have moved to this neighborhood. If not for the fresh start, then for the new eye candy across the street.
Your day went along as normal, sending emails to your colleagues, making meals, doing your dishes, budgeting for the month. You felt independent. You felt good.
That evening, you sat on the couch, a glass of wine in hand and a movie on your television. You were just about ready to check out for the night when you heard a knock at your door.
Who could be trying to see you at such a late hour?
Clad in a large t-shirt and a skimpy pair of shorts, you made your way to the door, only to be greeted by Bucky once again.
“Bucky, hi!” you said, surprised, “Is there something I can help you with?”
“Listen to me, because I’m only going to say this once.” He said, “I haven’t been with a woman in four years. I tried online dating, blind dating, all that shit, and it just didn’t work. But you-“ he traced patterns along your arms, “you just came out of nowhere.”
You could feel the goosebumps start to form on your skin as he continued to touch you, his fingers tracing over very promiscuous areas.
“You can say no if you want to, and I’ll pretend this never happened.” He said, coming closer and closer to you, your faces centimeters apart. You said nothing in response, mesmerized and in disbelief this was happening. He took your hand and placed it on the bulge in his pants. “You see what you do to me, angel? Can’t get the image of fucking you outta my head.”
Within seconds, his lips met your neck, and you threw your head back in ecstasy, eliciting a moan from you. You brought him inside immediately, hearing him mutter filthy swears under his breath at the feeling of your hand still on his cock.
“Take me right now, on the couch.” You muttered.
Bucky sighed into your mouth, hungrier than ever for a taste of you. He couldn’t get you out of his head all day, no matter how hard he tried. Imagining his hands on your frame, you moaning his name, all from a little encounter that morning. The way you pouted for him, your words ringing in his ears, “Oh, you poor baby.” Sympathy. Something he hadn’t felt in years. A sign that someone cared about him.
He stripped off his clothes, putting his throbbing hard cock on display for you. You ignored the initial shudder at the size of him, you were going to make him fit. You quickly took off your pajamas and underwear and straddled him on the couch as he brought his thumb to your hungry clit, teasing you with light, small rubs.
“Such a pretty pussy,” he said, admiring your core, “and it’s all mine.” You grinded onto his lap as he brought his hand down to forcefully smack your ass, the pain of the sting quickly being replaced with pleasure. Sick of the teasing, you brought his cock to your center, slowly taking every inch of him in then bouncing up and down. “Oh fuck, that’s it.” Bucky groaned, the feeling of your walls around him nearly bringing him to his climax, “You’re so fucking hot, bouncing on my cock like that.”
You tried to keep your composure, wiping the sweat off of your face, but he really was hitting the right spot in you. You could barely form a sentence, you were completely dumb on his cock. Bucky took one hand on your waist and the other on your ass for leverage, watching you move up and down on his cock and replicating your movements with his hands, as if he were using you as his own personal fucktoy.
“Show me how you fuck me,” he whispered, gripping onto your skin harder and lessening his movements. He was going to make you work, but you didn’t care. You grabbed onto his shoulders, shifting your body back and forth, riding him until you were nothing but a moaning mess. You felt your insides tingle at the feeling of his hands on you, him inside you, and his hot breath against your neck. You kept riding him, as if it were your job, earning several praises and moans from him, which sounded like music to your years.
“You feel so good on my cock, baby girl.”
“Oh yeah, ride me just like that.”
“Right there, baby, right there.”
He slapped your ass yet again, the sting bringing a smile to your face this time. Your tits were at his eye level, and he brought one of your nipples to his mouth. The feeling of his warm tongue against your breast driving you absolutely wild. The moans coming out of your mouth were getting louder, more powerful. Bucky took his hand off of your waist and brought it to your lips. “Suck,” he commanded, and you brought his index and middle finger into your mouth, mimicking the movements you would make if it were his cock. “Thatta girl.” He cooed, and you were unsure if this was still actually happening. He was like a godsend, doing everything you wanted a man to do to you, touching your body like he knew every inch of it, and bringing you to that glorious edge.
You were doing everything for him and more; Bucky could completely have his way with you and you’d let him, and that was what drove him wild. You gripped onto his shoulders harder, squeezing at the feeling of your orgasm approaching. He brought the fingers that were just in your mouth down to your clit, rubbing hard circles into it as he pounded harder. “Yes, yes, yes,” you moaned with every thrust, knowing you’d snap at any given second. You hunched over, your face buried into his neck. “Cum for me, princess,” he commanded, and within seconds, you felt the coil snap, your walls clenching around him and feeling a sense of euphoria. You were seeing stars at this point, knowing that you could become addicted to something that felt that good.
“Oh god, oh shit, oh fuck-“ Bucky groaned as he pulled out of you and began to stroke himself, white, hot strings of his seed landing on your ass and lower back. You were still coming down from your high as he connected your lips with his for a long, passionate kiss. “I could get used to this,” he chuckled, massaging your ass where he slapped it multiple times.
You smiled in response, bringing your head to his shoulder, “Well, you know where to find me.”
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christowhore · a month ago
Eye For An Eye
Tumblr media
pairing: mob!bucky barnes x barnes!wife!reader // mob!bucky barnes x mistress!dolores // mob!thor odinson x barnes!wife!reader
summary: you come home one night to find bucky in bed with another woman. after threatening divorce, he begs for your forgiveness and tells you he'll do anything. he should’ve known to always be careful with what you wish for.
word count: 6.6k
warnings: angst, bucky is a scumbag, infidelity, use of pet names, daddy kink, mentions of divorce, mentions of murder, smut, use of restraints, forced cuckholding, sub!bucky?, oral (m/f receiving), fingering, choking, spanking, unprotected sex, cream pie, happy endings for some !!! 18+ MINORS DNI !!!
notes: this is my submission for @ambrosiase 'the hotel indigo' writing challenge. it starts off really angsty, but it turns very smutty. hope you enjoy ! 💗
join my taglist !
room: the honeymoon suite ❦ room service: mobster
You weren’t supposed to witness this. You were never supposed to see your husband of 7 years, laying in your marital bed, fucking another woman. Hearing him call her the pet name that you thought was reserved only for you, while he drove his hips into her. The way ‘sweet plum’ rolled off his tongue with unwavering ease made you nauseous at the revelation.
You should’ve immediately known something was up when you entered your Manhattan townhouse that evening. The apprehensive looks you picked up on from the assigned security details should’ve alerted you that something was wrong, but you ignored it, desperately trying to reconnect with your other half.
Being away from your husband for 2 weeks, while on vacation with you sister, made you stir crazy due to not having Bucky near you. It was with unfortunate, yet fortunate luck that landed you here due to your sibling getting sick with food poisoning; the event resulting in your month-long planned trip being cut short.
Loading into the elevator and clicking on the master floor, glee filled your body as you ascended the 3 flights up. But the second those doors opened up, dread took its place.
The first thing you noticed was the stray high heel; the item was 6-inches and hot pink, a stark difference to your usual choices. The shoe started the trail of strewn articles of clothing that led to your shared bedroom.
Following the string of garments, taking steady steps, you heard the familiar moans of your husband. His deep grunts were distinct, rich and gruff, the acclimated sounds were already implanted in your hippocampus.
Pairing his groans of pleasure were the squeaks of a woman. Hers were shrill, the piercing yelps already causing a headache to form. All you heard were the over exaggerated pleas of a wanna-be pornstar escaping the confines of your bedroom.
Though you had heard the infidelity, nothing could have prepared you for the sight of it unfolding before your eyes.
Bucky had the long haired redhead bent at his will. His large palms pressed her thighs back to where her knees touched the sheets, no doubt causing a burn to run through her legs.
His hips proceeded to rut into her, the sounds of slapping skin bouncing off the walls. You watched as their eyes were trained on each other, a slight smile adorned both faces as they moaned out.
“Fuck sweets, you feel so good taking my cock,” Bucky swore at the woman underneath him, “You like Daddy’s dick tearing you apart, don’t you?” Her yelps of desire were an acceptable response to the brunette.
You stood there for a while, not able to tear your eyes away from their motions. 7 years of marriage down the drain, 7 years of love and tenderness thrown out the window. So caught up with misery, you didn’t realize you had started crying; but the pair did.
Removing himself, Bucky jumped up and grabbed his crumpled boxers off the floor and quickly pulled the material up his legs. “Sweetheart, this isn’t what it looks like, I swear.”
A dry chuckle boomed in your stream of consciousness. It was honestly amusing to think that a idiotic line like that would excuse his actions, yet he said it anyway as if you didn’t just watch him be balls deep in someone other than you, his wife. You continued to stand there, mute, as your thoughts ran wild.
“(Y/N), baby please,” the man pleaded, staring deep into your eyes, “Just hear me out.”
Not wanting to listen to any lame excuse he could try and conjure up, you brushed past him and towards the walk in closet, avoiding his insisting eye contact. Following in tow, he watched as you grabbed a suitcase and started stuffing as much of your wardrobe in the travel bag.
“Wait- wait hey, (Y/N). What are you doing? Where are you going?”
You filled your bag with your clothes and grabbed a carry on, side stepping your husband yet again and heading into your combined bathroom.
“Please, baby, I’m sorry. It didn’t mean anything, just look at me and let me explain.”
Bucky stared at your rigid frame. You did everything in your power to not pay him any mind and it broke him.
He knows he shouldn’t feel bad, he brought this upon himself.
Being the leader of the Barnes Family Syndicate, it was always expected of him to have a wife and a mistress. His father had one, as did his grandfather and so on and so forth.
When he met you, he realized he didn’t want to follow in his family’s footsteps of infidelity so he maintained his devotion to you. But dealing with constant teasing from fellow heads of families of how whipped he was, and how he wasn’t a ‘real man’, made his resolve slowly weaken.
So the day you left for Tahiti with your sister, he thought what better time than then.
He had gone to his best friend’s, Sam, nightclub and that’s where he met Dolores. A pretty little thing, with flowing red hair. She had caught his eye as she danced on the crowded floor. Bucky watched as her hips glided to the beat. The skirt of her dress rose due to her actions, enticing him even more.
An hour later, he had her pinned down in the backseat of his town car. His motions caused the vehicle to rock back and forth as it stayed parked on the sidewalk.
After the moment, he was filled with a tremendous amount of pride. He had lived up to the family name, following in his fathers footsteps. But once his driver, Peter, climbed into the front seat and looked at him through the partition with shame, his bones were riddled with mortification.
He had broken his sacred vows. ‘To love and to cherish’ were burned away as the sweaty redhead laid next to him, stroking the damp hair away from his forehead.
But the ridiculing words from the other syndicate leaders flowed back into his mind, pushing the guilt he felt away. So he ordered Peter to drive him back to your shared home and rolled the barrier up, avoiding the young man's piercing gaze.
Bucky should’ve never acted on the words of his colleagues, because he knew how much they loathed that he got someone as beautiful as you.
It was no secret that you were out of his league. The moment he saw you enter the crime disguised butcher shop, he knew he had to have you.
Your beauty made everyone stop and stare, it caused him to lose friends and colleagues due to their own lustful desires directed towards you. That’s why he married you only after 6 months of dating, to make sure that he could never lose you.
Yet here he was, wearing only a pair of boxers while you packed up your belongings after watching him have an affair, his nightmare coming to life.
You continued with your actions, making sure you had every item of your beauty regime packed away. Collecting your belongings, you began to make your way out of the room before Bucky’s booming voice rang out.
“Jesus Christ (Y/N), just look at me! Talk to me! Say something!”
Frozen in spot, you felt 2 pairs of eyes on your back. One from the redhead who stayed tucked under the covers, and the other from your husband.
You cleared your throat, removing the bile that had built up there upon your revelation. With your back still towards the pair, you found the courage to speak. “How long?”
“Listen sweet plum-” he began, but was quickly cut off by your sharp voice.
“I asked you, how long?”
With a sigh, he revealed to you the horrible truth, “Since the night that you left with your sister.”
A broken sob shot through your being. He couldn’t even wait a day without your presence for him to go and find someone else.
Wiping away the stray tears that escaped your eyes, you picked up your suitcase, slung the carryon over your shoulder and made your way out of the home, making sure to grab the luggage you had forgotten when you first arrived.
You didn’t bother taking the elevator, not wanting to be stuck in the small space with the cheater so you descended the stairs, bags in tow.
Bucky’s apologetic pleas followed you down the steps and out the front door, the security that were posted avoided the unfolding scene like the plague.
Stepping out onto the city sidewalk, you raised your hand to hail a taxi, desperately trying to escape the begging man standing only in his underwear.
“Please baby, she means nothing to me. I got so caught up in the guy's words that I felt like I had to do it. But it meant nothing, it won’t happen again. I promise you.”
You ignored his sorrow-filled confession as you watched the yellow cab pull in front of you. The driver could sense the tense energy and popped the trunk, staying in the safety of his vehicle and not wanting to mess with the well-known mobster.
Lugging the heavy cases into the trunk, you closed the lid and entered the backseat.
Before the driver could pull away, you rolled down the window and finally locked eyes with the brunette.
Bucky watched as a smile found your lips, and he began to feel hopeful. But the words that left your lips next shattered his aspirations.
“The next time you hear from me will be from my lawyer. I’m filing for divorce.”
And with that, Bucky watched as the cab drove away along with his self-sabotaged marriage.
Tumblr media
It had been 3 weeks of radio silence from you and Bucky was an absolute mess. He tried to call you, visit your family and friends, and even used his connections with the NYPD. He did everything in his power to talk to you but you had ignored all efforts of communication.
His empire was slowly collapsing, due to his queen running away. He never admitted it, but the reason he had become so powerful over the years was due to you.
The effect you had on business partners and clientele gave him a leg up in the competition; everyone desperate to be in your presence, in any way shape or form.
Now with you not by his side, he was crumbling. His usual attire of 3 piece tailored suits were replaced with stained t-shirts and baggy sweats. Bucky’s hair was typically kept neat, not a strand out of place, but now it had become unruly, matching the scraggly beard he had developed.
During those 3 weeks, the brunette managed to drink through a plethora of liquor bottles. Finishing off every glass in hopes that it would somehow bring you back, but to no avail.
That night when you left, he threw Dolores onto the street, treating her like the trash that he should’ve when she started flirting with him that night at the club; ignoring the obvious wedding band on his left hand.
Unfortunately he couldn’t escape the sex-filled odor of his actions that soaked the bedroom, so he had it deep cleaned. The action was supposed to make him feel better, but it only made it worse when he realized that the sweet smell of your usual vanilla and caramel perfume was gone.
Bucky spent most days crying on your side of the bed, grasping onto a forgotten sweater of yours that had traces of your scent ingrained in the fabric.
Meanwhile, a few miles south in Greenwich Village, you sat in the office of Stephen Strange, a reputable divorce attorney.
It took a while before you were able to conjure up the courage to step foot into his office. But today you felt better than the days prior, finally wanting to get it all over with.
“So you don’t want any of the houses or the cars. You’re fine with just alimony?” he questioned, his coiffed hair bounced as he turned his head to the side watching you.
“Yes, just alimony, he can keep everything else. I don’t want anything else tied to him.”
He nodded along to your answer. He knew who your soon-to-be ex-husband was, but wasn’t scared of him. The Strange family had their own notoriety that made them a formidable opponent so he wasn’t worried about any backlash.
“So did you want to fi-,” his question cut short at the ring of your cell phone, the 17th time ever since you sat down less than an hour ago.
Growing tired of the nuisance ringing, you angrily picked up the phone, “Did I not say that the next time you’d hear from me would be from a lawyer? Or were you too busy thinking about your side pieces cunt to listen to what I had to say?”
You heard the sounds of a broken man wailing into your ear, the noise making your eyes roll.
“Please baby, I can’t do this without you. I’m so goddamn sorry. Just please give me one more chance.”
Your chest rose as you took a deep sigh, rubbing your temples in the process. “James, you couldn’t even wait 24 hours until I left the country for you to fuck somebody else. How the hell am I supposed to trust you? How do I know this was just a one time thing and you haven’t been making me look stupid for years?”
Stephen slyly listened as you yelled into your device, half-focusing on the papers in front of him.
Bucky had never heard you call him by his first name the entirety of your relationship, only addressing him with pet names. The government name sounded foreign, your tone filled with rage, as it ran off your tongue.
“Please sweetheart, it was only the one. I promise you. I can’t tell you how sorry I am, I feel like shit. I can’t sleep knowing that you’re not here anymore.”
You looked up at the ceiling, trying to maintain composure so that you didn’t cause a scene in the office space. “It’s kind of hard to believe you, considering the fact that I probably would’ve never found out if I didn’t come home early from my vacation.”
Bucky’s tears started to flow freely, he felt like he was in a nightmare that he couldn’t wake up from. “Please (Y/N). I’ll do anything. Anything you want I’ll do, just please give me one more chance.”
The LED lights hanging from overhead, caught the pear cut diamond of your engagement ring. The unplanned action gathering your attention to the 40 carat jewel.
You sat there as your mind raced, pondering all possibilities when one particular thought came to the forefront of your mind. “Anything, huh? You’ll do anything I say?”
Bucky sat up from the plush bed, hopefulness rushing through him like a tidal wave. “Yes doll, anything. You name it, it’s done.”
A smile decorated your face, “Alright. Remember our first anniversary, we stayed in the honeymoon suite at The Hotel Indigo? Meet me there tomorrow night, 8:45.”
You ended the call before you could hear his response. Pulling up your text messages, you scrolled until you found the desired contact. You typed in a message, detailing your plan before sending it off.
Once you were finished, you met the questioning eyes of your lawyer.
“Well, as I was saying,” his voice laced with interest, “Did you want to file the papers or did you want to hold off on them?”
Tumblr media
Bucky had arrived at the hotel ahead of schedule, but waited in the car, not wanting to arrive earlier than expected and ruin his chance of gaining you back.
He made sure to look his best. Getting his haircut and beard shaved, dressing in that black sleek suit with the red floral patterned shirt that he knew you loved so much.
It was 5 minutes until the designated time when he climbed out the vehicle and made his way into the lobby and towards the elevator. His intimidating presence alone made the hotel's occupants stop in their tracks and shy away from the mobster.
Once he climbed up the appropriate level, he nervously walked down the hall and towards the honeymoon suite. The sight of the door bringing back a flood of memories of the night they shared all those years ago.
His ringed hand knocked on the hardwood door, the sound echoing throughout the empty hall. When you opened it, he was met with a sight he never expected to see that evening.
You had donned a red lingerie set. The cups of your bra elevated your breasts, your ass was accentuated with a lace thong. There was a matching garter on your waist, the straps of it leading and connecting to a pair of mesh stockings; the feature allowed your freshly painted white toes to shine through.
You looked absolutely delectable and Bucky could’ve came in his pants right then and there if he didn’t control himself.
“Come on in,” you stated, your voice seemed devoid of emotion as you walked back into the room.
Bucky followed as he watched you sit down on the creme colored silk sheets, your manicured hand pointing to the placed chair in front of the bed. “Sit.”
Listening to your orders, he immediately sat down in the seat directly across from you.
“(Y/N), baby I can explain. I-”
His pleas were instantly cut short at the raise of your index finger, the simple action shutting him up.
“I’m not here to listen to your excuses. You said that you would do anything, right? Anything, and you’d do it without question?”
Bucky nodded along, not even noticing the smirk on your face or the honeyed tone from your lips. He was beyond desperate to get you back. “Yes sweetheart. I can’t lose you.”
You smiled at him, content with his answer. A few seconds later there was a knock at the door. “Oh, that must be room service.”
You sauntered to the door, trying not to seem too excited at the expected guest. Once you unlocked the door, you were met with the 6’6” Adonis himself.
“What the fuck are you doing here Thor?” Bucky yelled, furious that he was interrupting his personal moment and also due to the fact that he has now seen you in such an intimate way.
The blonde chuckled, the noise was guttural and mocking, as he made his way into the suite carrying a plastic bag. It’s evident contents pierced through the plastic. “Hello James. Lovely weather we are having tonight.”
Bucky stood up, getting into the blondes face, “I don’t know what you’re doing here, but you need to get the fuck out now. You’re not welcomed here.”
“Actually he is. I invited him.”
Your confession had his eyes darting back and forth between you two, disbelief overwhelmed him. “Wh- what are you talking about (Y/N)?”
You made your way back to the bed, kneeling as the silk fabric caressed your legs. “Well, you said anything. And well, I realized that you won’t experience true pain, true heartbreak unless you feel what I felt that evening. So, you’re going to sit in that chair and watch as I let Thor fuck me.”
You couldn’t deny the fact that you found the blonde attractive. From his massive stature to his raucous and smokey voice that only accentuated his deep accent. You would always catch his wandering blue eyes whenever he came to visit for the weekly syndicate meetings. And though the thought of actually acting upon the urges never crossed your mind, you did always wonder what it would be like to lay with the Norse god-like man.
So when Bucky informed you yesterday that he would act on anything you desired, your first thought went to him. After scheduling the meet, you found Thor’s saved contact and told him about your plan. How you wanted to get back at your cheating, scumbag husband in the worst way possible.
You weren’t expecting him to agree so suddenly, his accepting response sent in not even 2 minutes after. He even said he would bring a special something to make sure everything went according to plan.
Which brings you back to this unfolding moment.
Bucky’s lips sputtered like a fish out of water, trying to form a sentence but was completely flabbergasted. “W- why him? Why this? Isn’t there anything else, something else I can do to prove how sorry I am?”
“The only way you’ll know what it feels like to watch your spouse fuck somebody else, is to actually watch them fuck somebody else. So it’s this way or the highway, take your pick.”
Bucky stood there and weighed his options. The thought of another man touching what was his made bile rise in his throat. But if letting Thor fuck you just this once would guarantee that he wouldn’t lose you, then that’s the price he would have to pay for his actions.
With a heavy sigh, he nodded his head. “Fine, if this is what I have to sit through I’ll do it. I’ll do anything to get you back, doll.”
Thor clapped his hands together, the mighty sound rang in your ears. “Perfect, now we will just need one more thing before we get this party started.”
Reaching into the hardware store bag, the man produced a lengthy amount of rope.
“What the hell do you think you’re doing with that?” screeched the brunette.
Thor looked at you, silently asking for approval, and was grateful that you nodded to his request.
“This is to make sure you do not get up and try to stop me. Or punch me. It’s for both actually.”
Bucky looked at you, silently pleading to stop this madness but you looked at him with daring eyes, trying to see if he actually wanted you as much as he cried out.
Knowing that his efforts were going nowhere, he sighed and made his way to the chair, sitting down and resting his arms on the wooden rests.
You watched as Thor securely tied him to the chair, tightly restraining every part of Buckys’ body, making sure there was no chance of a sudden escape.
Satisfied with his handiwork, he made his way to the bed, staring down at you. “Oh my dove, I have wanted to do so many things to you the second I met you. He is a fucking imbecile to stray away from a goddess like you.”
His intense gaze and pet name had you giggling, you felt heat rise up your body and warm your face.
“You better not even think about cumming inside of her!” Bucky interjected, his arms testing out the durability of the knots.
The two of you, lost in each other’s embraces, ignored the pleas of the restrained man.
“I am going to make you feel like a queen amongst men when I’m finished with you little one.”
And with that, the blondes hand latched onto your throat, dragging you to your feet to stand in front of Bucky.
With your back pressed against his front, Thor’s hands glided across your body. His rough and large hands were a stark contrast to the soft, suppleness of your frame.
A breathy sigh left you at the stimulation as he continued to massage your body. His warm palms cupped your breasts through your bra, fondling the fleshy mounds while his thumbs stroked your covered nipples. “Oh, Thor.”
All the blonde could do was smile at his dream come true unfolding. He had a crush on you the moment he saw you enter the meeting room of your shared home with Bucky years ago. Dressed in a pair of tight leggings and a crop top, he could barely contain the desire that flooded his being at the sight of you.
So he did everything in his power to break the two of you up, even joining in on the other leader's tirades of convincing the brunette to cheat.
When he heard that you had uncovered the truth he was overjoyed, even more so when he got that glorious text from you yesterday.
So he here was, groping and fondling your body with the grace that you deserved.
“That’s it love, just relax,” he purred in your ear.
Reaching behind and unclasping your bra, he removed the lace material to unveil you to him. Turning you to the side, he bent down a tad to take your left nipple into his mouth. His taut tongue swirling around your hardening peak made you press your chest deeper into the man as your back arched.
With your tit in his mouth, he occupied his hands by grabbing handfuls of your ass, relishing in the soft feel of them. Bringing a hand up, he collided his palm with your flesh, a loud spanking noise ringing out. The feeling of the metal rings he wore imprinting your ass made you lewdly moan into the air.
Your hands grasped the sides of his face, pulling him up to tower back over you. With his suit jacket in your hands, you began to strip him of his attire; starting with his jacket, unbuttoning his dress shirt, and finally removing his belt out of the metal clasp and pulling the leather out of the belt loops.
Looking deep into his eyes, you sank to your knees, tugging his slacks down in the process. Thor’s bulge was prominent through the thin pair of black briefs he wore, his hard on pleading to be free from its confines.
With your hands in the waistband of his briefs, you tugged them down his long legs, only stopping until you heard the thunderous noise of his heavy cock smacking against his abdomen.
You looked up at his manhood with your mouth agape and eyes bulged. Buckys’ cock was big, but Thors’ was huge.
The red mushroom tip was heavily leaking precum, the secretion already sliding down his stomach. His length was thick and veiny and his balls were heavy, the sight making you salivate.
Reaching up, grasping the base of him, his girth only allowing you to circle half of it. Thor sighed in relief at the feel of your soft hand easing his ache. “Ahh, you see what you do to me my love?”
Thor watched you look up at him as you took his head into your mouth, sucking and lapping up his precum.
You knew due to his girth it was going to be tough to take it down your throat, but you were determined to consume as much of him as possible.
Pulling away, you spit on his cock and begin rubbing to get it slick before shoving it back into your mouth.
“Oh yes, little one. Such a perfect mouth of yours.”
You could only take a third of him but you stroked what you couldn’t with your hands.
Bucky sat and watched as you pleasured the blonde, his heart breaking in the process. He knew that his punishment had only just begun but he didn’t know if he could handle watching anymore of it.
Thor grabbed onto the top of your head so that way you could look your husband in the eyes. He bucked into your mouth, the tip of him poking into your cheek and extending the fleshy muscle. “How in the world could you ever stray from a perfect little mouth like this one James? Feels like fucking heaven.”
His taunting words had the brunette tug at the binds, desperate to remove him from you.
“Now as much as I am enjoying your tongue,” the blonde began as he removed you from him, “I need a taste of your sweet cunt.”
Pulling you up by under your shoulders, he lifted you onto the bed. He wasted no time in ripping your thong to shreds before diving in tongue first.
“Oh fuck yes!”
You felt his tongue dart through your slick lips, tasting every crevice of your core before sucking on your clit. The action made your back arch and your cunt press more into his mouth.
Thor placed his left hand on your stomach, pushing down to restrain you. With his right, he pushed his middle and ring finger into your sopping heat. Every push and pull of his digits caused the fire to bloom in your core. Your juices leaked out and soaked his face and ringed hand, making the metal glisten under the light.
He felt your walls tighten and spasm, your impending orgasm evident. Thor sped up his motions with his hand and applied more pressure to your mound with his tongue until he felt your juices squirt out and a loud moan ring in the air. “God- fuck!”
The blonde finger fucked you through your release, until you were a panting mess. Removing his fingers he placed them in his mouth, sucking off your essence and making sure to be loud enough for the tied man to hear him. “You taste absolutely divine, my dove.”
Thor’s cock bobbed at the sight before him; your body spread out as your eyes were hooded, rising chest, and swollen cunt. You were a sight for sore eyes.
Even though you had just experienced an orgasm, you desperately wanted more so you reached out to him with grabby hands directed towards his cock. The action caused a booming laugh to escape him.
“Needy little thing I see,” Thor taunted, “I guess you needed a real man to show you how it’s done.”
All that flashed through Bucky's mind were thoughts of murdering the blonde with his bare hands. “You’re lucky you tied me to this fucking chair otherwise you’d be dead on the floor already.”
Thor ignored his threats as he pulled you up and into him, your legs wrapped around his waist. He carried you until he was right in front of the brunette. Placing you down on the floor, he manhandled your body until you were bent down, your hands holding onto Bucky’s forearms with your face directly in front of his.
He held the base of his cock, using it to run through your folds and getting it slick with your essence.
“Here little one. Let me show you how it feels to actually be fucked.”
A sharp yelp turned moan ripped through you at the sudden intrusion. Thor's cock filled you up in crevices of your cunt that you didn't know you had. He wasn't even fully sheathed inside of you and yet you felt so full. “Ahh- oh god.”
“Fucking hell princess, such a tight cunt,” spoke Thor through battered breaths.
With the compromising position you were in, Bucky felt every sharp breath leave your lips and waft over his face. Every buck of the blonde's hips pushed your frame into his. He watched your eyes roll back into your skull due to ecstasy. Ecstasy that, for the first time in your marriage, he wasn’t the cause of.
“Yes Thor, fuck, just like that.”
You felt the man behind grab onto your hips and pummel inside of you. You felt every ridge of his cock drag against your spasming walls.
The pace he had set was brutal, making you feel how badly he wanted- needed this.
Thor needed to show you what true bliss felt like. He needed to show you how you didn’t need the pathetic excuse of a man in front of you. And more importantly, he needed to show Bucky how much of a dumbass he was for thinking he needed anyone else but you.
He pulled out of you, much to your dismay, before trudging you back to the bed. He sat down on the edge and maneuvered your body to where your back was pressed against him once again while your legs were spread out on either side of his thighs. The position left you bare to the restrained man, allowing him to watch everything that was about to be performed to your soaked cunt.
Thor moved your right arm to sling across his shoulders, allowing the two of you to watch your victim. With both hands on your waist, he raised your body up and sunk you down on his shaft. A content sigh came from you both.
“You feel so warm my dove,” he cooed only loud enough for you to hear, “I could get used to this pussy wrapped around my cock for the rest of my days.”
You moaned at his statement while locking eyes with Bucky.
He unwillingly sat there and watched Thor piston into you. His sharp thrusts continuously impaled you as he matched them by bringing your hips down, creating a sweet tempo.
By the feel of your channel tightening around his cock, he could tell your second orgasm of the night was imminent.
Moving a hand down to your cunt, he rubbed taut circles to your numb, drawing a frenzied cry from you. “Oh yes! Fuck yes, please don’t stop!”
He laughed at your unadulterated request, “Would not dream of such a thing.”
Your head flew back in ecstasy as he continued fucking into you while rubbing on your clit, the pleasure becoming all-consuming.
“Look up,” Thor ordered you, “Look at your husband. Look how pathetic he looks as he watches his wife getting properly fucked. He cannot tear his eyes away from your delicious cunt. Poor bastard even has a hardon at the glorious sight of you taking every inch of me.”
And it was true. Even though Bucky hated the scene in front of him, he couldn’t deny the fact that it had him hot and bothered. The way your breasts bounced and the sounds of his- your squelching pussy had him in a daze.
Thor proceeded with his actions until he heard a mighty shout from you. “Yes- yes I’m cumming!”
He felt your cunt squeeze the life out of him as your juices soaked his cock and thighs. His thrusts began to dwindle down, trying to stave off his own release.
You felt like jelly against the mass of muscle pressed into your back. The two orgasms you experienced felt better than anything Bucky had ever given you in your 7 years of marriage.
Sensing your exhaustion, Thor slung his arm around your torso, keeping you upright. With you secure in his arm, he stood up and walked you around the side of the bed, then crawling onto the mattress. He flipped you onto your back causing you to stare back at him.
He maneuvered his hips until his dick caught onto your hole before slowly sinking in, your warmth engulfing him yet again. “Princess, you're going to be the death of me,” Thor spoke through clenched teeth, making you giggle.
With this new position came a new pace. What began as brutal and quick thrusts turned into slow and deep ones. He made sure to make you feel every ridge and every inch of him. The curve of his dick made your walls flutter around him, the stimulation driving the you two wild.
The both of your foreheads were pressed against each other, your eyes locked in as you savored the moment together.
So lost in the moment, you forgot all about Bucky sitting there watching. So far gone that you didn't register him crying.
Bucky had never thought he could feel true heartbreak until then. When he first got with Dolores, he thought about the off chance of you finding out, but he thought the revelation would be something you would be able to get over.
But sitting there, watching the love of his life being pleasured beyond belief by another man, he finally knew what you felt that evening when you walked in on him.
His chest was hot and heavy as agony filled it, tears fell down his face, and his whole body shook due to quiet sobs. “Please, please (Y/N). I get it. Just please stop.”
The pleas of the broken man fell on deaf ears as you and Thor were lost in your own world. The heavy weight of his large frame was comforting as he slowly drove into you. His hot breath warmed up your face as he looked down at you, his eyes filled with both lust and admiration.
“Who does this pussy belong to, my love?” He quietly questioned, directed only to you.
“It's yours Thor. It's all yours.”
With a content smile, he leant down and connected his lips with yours. His kisses were hungry, desperate even. Thor etched the comforting feel of your lips against his own in his mind.
Your mouth opened, giving the blonde the chance to slither his tongue into you. The wet feel of his tongue massaging your own, paired with his leisurely thrusts brought you to a blissful stupor.
You were both close, your breathy moans signaling your impending third orgasm were swallowed by the man above you.
Though his thrusts were still languid, Thor added a bit more power to them. His soft head repeatedly nudging your g-spot. Every impact from his cock made you lose a bit of reality as your core began to bloom.
“Cum in me,” you breathed into his mouth, “Cum in me and I’m all yours.”
With your blissful words filling his head, he delivered a few more passionate thrusts into your heat until you both came with a shout.
Even though you were blissed out beyond belief, you felt Thor’s cock pump and coat your walls with his cum. Heavy amounts of his seed spilled out from your battered cunt, sliding down and staining the sheets below.
His thrusts continued but were slowed, all of his focus still on molding his lips to yours, drinking in the heavenly taste of you.
Once he had completely emptied himself inside of you, he removed his lips from yours and smiled. “You are mine forever, little dove. I’m not letting anyone take you away from me.”
You looked up at him with a dopey smile and eyelids heavy with lust. It was at that moment that you heard the sobs coming from Bucky.
Looking to the side, you watched as the brunettes head was down as he cried out, but quickly returned your attention to the man above.
“Take me home Thor.”
The blonde removed himself from you to search for his clothes. Picking up the stray material of his dress shirt, he waited for you to sit up before dressing you in it.
“Wait,” Bucky interjected, “What are you doing?”
With shaky legs, you got up from the mattress and went to the bedside table where a manila folder had been sitting; your cum dripping down your thighs and onto the bedroom carpet. Picking up the packet, you walked in front of Bucky and placed it, as well as your wedding ring, on his lap.
“Here are the divorce papers,” you avowed, “Make sure to sign them right away.”
Once he had put back on the remainder of his clothes, Thor went and picked you up bridal style and headed towards the door, leaving your now ex-husband to reflect by his lonesome.
“B-but you said-” the brunette bewailed, his eyes bloodshot and full of tears.
Looking over at the man, you laughed, “Did you really think you could have your cake and eat it too? That’s not how it works James. Have a nice life, I hope she was worth it.”
And with that, Thor whisked you away, down the hotel and towards the awaiting car, leaving the broken man tied to the chair.
Bucky was now a shattered being. Though part of him felt pure rage, his emotions were more consumed with grief. He had lost the greatest thing to ever happen to him, all because of his stupid desires.
So he unwillingly sat there, tears flowing uncontrollably as he wallowed in his self pity, regretting all of his choices knowing that he had now just lost you forever.
Tumblr media
A/N: whew, this was a hot concept. i absolutely love cheating fics for some reason but i hate it when they make reader get back together with them, so decided to change that.
If you enjoyed this fic, please make sure to reblog and comment. feedback is much appreciated !
i do not allow the reposting, rewriting or translating of my fics. these are works of my own and i do not give permission for any of the acts stated above.
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becca-e-barnes · a month ago
So when someone with a penis goes years without releasing, they have something called "nighttime emissions." Aka jizzing in your sleep to get rid of buildup. So bucky would absolutely have constant wet dreams, esp after 80+ years of no ejaculating.. Like if he has any dreams (rather than nightmares or dreamless sleep) theyre wet dreams.
so like......... in the same vein of needy bucky... just waking up to bucky having a wet dream, whimpering & grinding against your ass 😳😳😳🥴
So um… It turns out… You’re my twin? Because I can’t stop thinking about this whole concept omfg, needy!Bucky owns me 😫
Minors, do not interact. Warnings: somnophilia with previously established consent
Tiny little whimpers pulled you from your sleep, the bed practically shaking underneath you and your first thought was absolute panic. Bucky had to be having another nightmare, a violent one. One he couldn’t shake by himself.
“Oh, f-fuck, yes.” Your sleepy brain registered his little ragged cry and then you felt his hard, thick length, rutting against the swell of your ass and oh, he absolutely wasn’t having a nightmare.
Your ass was sticky and wet and there would be no way to tell how many times he’d cum over you already in his sleep but by the look of things, it was a lot, his boxers were practically saturated, helping him glide against you.
His fingers gripped at your hips, pulling his body impossibly closer to yours. You heard him groan, loud and low in his throat, hips stuttering like he was close again
But shit, you couldn’t let him waste one more drop of cum. That’s all should’ve been inside you and you were determined to take anything else he’d be able to give you.
Bucky groaned at the loss of contact when you pulled back, pushing his sopping wet boxers down to free his still hard, aching cock.
Cum smeared everywhere as you started to jerk him slowly, eventually stopping so he could thrust into your hand. You couldn’t wait any longer so instead, you shifted your little spoiled panties to the side, angling him so he was lined up to your soaked entrance.
You’d never forget the groan that left him as he breached your little hole. “Mhm, gonna cum.” He whimpered in his sleep. “Oh, please let me cum.”
He was hardly even inside you and he was ready to cum again. Rather than drag it out though, you pressed your ass down, flush with his body and that finished him. His hips stuttered, a groan left him as he filled you up, eyes fluttering open at the feeling of sheer ecstasy.
“Oh-oh my god, oh no angel I’m so sorry.” Bucky was mortified, taking in the situation in front of him but he just couldn’t stop his hips rutting into you, filling you to the brim. He didn’t think he could possibly be any more embarrassed, cum splattered over you messily while he filled you with even more. The shame burned deep in him, his face buried in the crook of your neck, almost hiding from reality
“Don’t be sorry. Ah, s-so fucking hot.” His eyes went wide at your admission. But then, fuck, he noticed how you were rubbing yourself, playing with your own clit while his sleep addled brain let his body fuck you.
“Y-you’re okay with this?” He whispered, his high subsiding but his cock not softening in the slightest.
“You need this, Bucky. ‘M yours. Use me however you want.”
He thought he’d cum again just hearing that. He really did. But instead he took a second, removing your hand and reaching over your body to replace it with his.
His fingers skimmed over your clit so quickly and efficiently you were clamping down on him in no time, his thrusts never stopping, fucking your through your high.
“Dreamt of you, ya’know? Fuck, no wonder it felt so real. Could fuckin’ smell you. You were beggin’ me for it. S-shit, that’s good. You were b-beggin’ me to fuck you. Begged me for this cock, mhm, nothin’ compares to the real thing, does it baby? No feelin’ in the world as good as cummin’ ‘nside this little body.” It didn’t take long for his thrusts to get sloppy, grunts and breathy sighs letting you know he was so close again. He was holding back though, embarrassed at how little it took for him to cum in the state he was in.
“Oh god Bucky cum for me again.” Your voice gave away how wrecked you were but you didn’t care, sheer relief washing over Bucky because he knew he couldn’t have held on much longer
“Thank you angel. Fuck, made jus’ for me. Take me so well. F-fuck yes, oh god, thank you.” He couldn’t stop himself if he tried, whines leaving him as he pressed you down on his length, filling you with so much cum you knew it was dripping out of you, only adding to the mess between your bodies.
“Jesus Bucky, that’s so hot. Fillin’ me up just like you dreamed. God, don’t stop.” His fingers dragged you into another high and fortunately for you both, his cock still didn’t soften. It was going to be a long night.
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buckyblues · 4 months ago
he’s an angel , bucky barnes
— (fem!reader x roommate!bucky)
summary; After your roomie sees you watching something he finds quite appealing, one thing leads to another, and then he’s begging you to fuck him.
warnings; smut, mutual masturbation, sloppy blowjob, pegging, face riding, sub!bucky, being restrained during sex, fwb, anal fingering, degradation and praise, choking during sex, spitting in mouth, cumplay, a pinch of fluff.
word count; 1,632
a/n; this was a pain to write, but i love some submissive bucky. i hope you enjoy <3 - stellie
Tumblr media
“Watching anything good?” Bucky hummed as he made his way through your open door.
You really thought you locked that.
“It’s nothing,” you were close to shutting your laptop before he jumped on the mattress next to you.
The volume was low, but Bucky could hear the raunchy moans of the man on the screen getting fucked by a woman wearing a strap-on.
You turned the laptop out of his sight, not wanting him to know what you were watching. “Buck, it’s private.”
His curious, blue eyes pierced right through you. Fuck, if only you had locked the door.
“Let me watch it with you.”
You felt like a teenager getting caught with an x-rated magazine under their bed. Bucky would never let you hear the end of this, and you lived with him.
The video started playing again when you gave him a clear view of the screen. You turned the volume up a bit for good measure, because if you were going to embarrass yourself, might as well go full throttle. A blush coated Bucky’s milky cheeks, his bottom lip disappearing under his top row of teeth.
“Are you uncomfortable? I can shut it off,” you insisted.
“No, it’s just...” he squirmed a little. “Were you gonna touch yourself?”
If nothing, he was cute. “Obviously. It’s porn, Bucky.”
Was he turned on? Upset? You couldn’t tell.
“I shouldn’t be stopping you,” he fidgeted with his vibranium fingers. “It’s just me.”
Sweet, innocent Bucky. His gaze always lingered on your ass for a bit too long, or he cuddled too close for it to just be friendly. He’s shy, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.
“You wanna do it with me?” You asked.
He nodded, crossed legs separating. Bucky didn’t know whether he should look at you, the computer screen, or the ceiling. Every option made him nervous.
“It’s alright,” your words flew right over his head. “Just lay back and do whatever feels good.”
You slipped a hand underneath your pajama shorts, careful to keep your focus on the video. You didn’t want to make this awkward, toying with your swollen clit in front of your roommate.
Bucky was watching you intently as his hand dipped beneath the waistband of his sweats. He should’ve been watching the screen, and part of him wanted to, but you looked so pretty getting yourself off. His steady breathing escalated to strangled moaning while he stroked his cock.
“Feels nice, doesn’t it?” You let out a sigh.
“Mhm,” he had long forgotten the video, his brow twisting in pleasure. “Are you sure this isn’t weird?”
“It’s only weird if we make it weird,” you looked at him, wishing that his cock was in your hand instead of his own.
Bucky didn’t have a comeback to that, just a chorus of whimpers as he came all over his fingers, face flushed a bright red. You could feel the ache in your core getting stronger when a gasp left his parted, petal-pink lips.
“You’re right, it’s not weird,” he lazily rolled over on his back. “Just sticky.”
A smile spread across your face. Maybe living with Bucky was more than just convenient.
“Holy shit,” you grasped Bucky’s short hair as his tongue lapped at your clit.
Just another Saturday.
You and Bucky were feral in every sense of the word, fucking like rabbits for the past few weeks. He would sneak into the shower in the morning with you just to pin you against the subway tile and stuff you full of his cock, or get between your legs after dinner to eat you out like he hadn’t just eaten.
It was fun, experimental, and exciting. Everything you had never experienced with a man before. Bucky enjoyed learning new things too.
Bucky grabbed your ass when you started grinding on his face harder.
“Gonna cum,” you looked down at him.
Your release made your hips stutter and your legs shake, Bucky’s name leaving your mouth like a prayer.
He lifted you gently, like the kind man he was, his innocent face covered in your sweet nectar. Sometimes you can’t believe how devilish he can be.
Because Bucky liked solidarity and old movies, not sex and stealing kisses.
“We should try something,” he massaged your thigh with his calloused palm. “I trust you.”
You looked at him, as if asking him to continue.
“Can you fuck me?” He whispered.
Your breath caught in your throat for a minute. “I mean... yeah.”
“Yeah? You sure?”
“I’m sure,” you squeezed his strong bicep. “Have you seen the porn I watch?”
A blush crept up Bucky’s neck, he’d always be a flustered mess.
“I’ve definitely seen it,” he giggled.
He’s gorgeous, he really is.
As he writhes on the bed with a heaving chest and his perfectly carved abs on display, his legs spread, all for you.
“You’re a good boy, Bucky,” you kiss down his happy trail. “So well behaved.”
He can’t even talk. It’s like his tongue is made of sandpaper. His wrists being clasped together by his favorite belt doesn’t exactly help his situation.
Bucky is boneless, and desperate.
You took the head of his cock in your mouth, a groan escaping his lips. His heels dug into the mattress, the springs making the most irritating noise, but Bucky’s symphony of needy whines as you teased the entirety of his length with your tongue drowned out any other sounds in the room.
“Why are you doing this to me,” Bucky clenched his jaw.
You just swallowed his thick cock to the base, humming around him like you were answering his inquiry.
“It’s really fuckin’ fun,” you mused. “I like having you tied up.”
“I’m taking your phone away,” he sassed. “You’ve had too much internet.”
You reached next to you on the mattress, grabbing the lube. “Liar, you’re into this.”
Bucky tensed as he watched you coat two fingers, more than nervous to be touched down there.
“Relax,” you leaned down and kissed the inside of his thigh. “I’ve got you.”
You circled his hole with your index finger, making it clench around nothing.
“Baby, please,” he begged.
You just shook your head.
Bucky pushed his hips forward as much as he could. “I need you.”
“Always need something,” you scoffed, plunging a finger inside him. “Such a fuckin’ needy brat.”
He let out a guttural moan when you curled your finger, lighting his nerves on fire.
“Can my pretty boy take another one?” You smirked.
“Yes,” he replied breathlessly.
You pressed another finger in, making him wince. He took it so well, it’s like he was made for it.
“This view is fantastic, Buck.”
His eyes screwed shut when you hit his spot inside. Glossy precum smeared all over his abdomen as he squirmed around.
“Please fuck me,” he pleaded. “I want it so bad, I need you.”
Bucky Barnes, the same man who paid half your rent every month, was sprawled helplessly on your bed, legs spread wide open for your eyes only.
You stood up to get strap-on and attach it to yourself properly. Bucky hated the emptiness in his hole, nearly sobbing on the mattress with a wrecked expression.
“Are you gonna be a good little slut and take my cock now?” You ran your thumb over Bucky’s bitten bottom lip.
He quickly nodded his head, his wrists pulling at the belt wrapped around them.
You grabbed his nicely structured jaw with your hand. “Good boy, open up.”
Bucky eagerly opened his mouth wide, his long tongue sticking out. He knew what you were about to do, and he wanted it. You puckered your lips and spit right in his mouth.
“Swallow,” you ordered.
He did so with vigor, like it was the best thing that had ever happened to him. You lubed up the strap-on in the meantime, deciding that your desperate boy finally deserved some relief.
You were once again between his legs, lining the tip up with his fluttering entrance. He was already so fucked-out, but neither of you were ready to call it a night. You rubbed soothing circles on his hipbones as you pushed in.
Soft sighs left Bucky’s parted lips as you filled him up completely, his dick leaking obscene amounts of precum. His cerulean eyes were glued to your bare body, wishing he could reach out and touch you.
You began thrusting in and out, at a languid pace. It was pure torture.
“Fuck me harder,” he mewled. “Baby, please, faster.”
You couldn’t help but laugh. “So now my slut is begging to be fucked? You want me to ruin you?”
Bucky was sweating and panting, and you knew that with all his strength, he could have it his way, but no.
He needed you to fuck him.
Your hand snaked around his throat without a second though, squeezing. You gave him a hard thrust, angling your hips to hit his spot.
“I’m gonna fuck you ‘till you’re senseless,” you could feel him letting out a choked moan where your hand wrapped around his throat. “You’ll be feelin’ it for weeks.”
With every thrust, Bucky’s cock twitched against his stomach. You knew he was close.
“That’s my good boy,” you praised. “Gonna cum for me? Make a mess for me, Bucky.”
His abdominal muscles clenched at your words, and white ropes of cum shot all over his torso.
You released his throat from your grip, letting him catch his breath. He’s still shuddering and moaning your name.
“Such an angel,” you dipped a finger in the mess he made, lifting it to your lips.
Bucky’s eyes were half-lidded and full of bliss, you know that you did something right as you sucked your finger clean, his pliant and beautiful body underneath yours.
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captain-buckyyy · a month ago
worst behaviour ⭒ part one
summary: steve and bucky break your number one rule: no playtime without mommy’s permission
pairing: sub!steve x reader x sub!bucky
warnings: swearing, steve and bucky call reader ‘mommy’, steve eats reader out, pet names, male x male smut
word count: 2.4k
a/n: this is part one of two! hope u enjoy!
Tumblr media
Bucky can’t sleep, his head wracked with thoughts of you. His cock is achingly hard in the snug material of the sweatpants he wore to bed. You’re sound asleep next to him and on the other side of you is Steve, who snores gently. Bucky sneaks a glance at you laid there, your skin glowing in the early morning light; he can’t the way his hand palms over the bulge in his grey sweatpants at the sight of you. Bucky’s blue eyes can’t leave your supple flesh as images of him on his knees eating your sweet pussy out for hours flash through his mind.
“Fuck!” Bucky lowly groans as he kneads his hard cock through his sweatpants as you stir slightly in your sleep moving an inch, enough for the material of the thin vest you’re wearing to move and Bucky gets a peek at the soft flesh of your breasts.
“Shit! Fuck!” Bucky practically whimpers at the sight, his sweatpants are getting uncomfortably tight and his cock is painfully hard and needing release.
The sound of Bucky’s moans and sweet little whimpers entice Steve away from his dreams of sucking your tits and tasting the sweet nectar of your milk. Steve wakes confused and startled as Bucky’s moans get louder as his hands slip under the soft material of his pants grasping his thick cock and slowly jerking his hand over it, his hips bucking into his flesh hand instinctively as the familiar rush of pleasure waves over him.
“Buck?” Steve rasps out, his voice thick and full of sleep, his eyes adjusting to the light as he focuses on the sight of Bucky sitting up in bed next to you, stroking himself as he focuses on your body.
Bucky’s eyes reluctantly tear away from your body to focus on the sight of his rather sleepy boyfriend sitting up in bed, eyes zeroed on Bucky’s cock.
“Buck, stop! You’re gonna get in trouble,” Steve says ever the obedient little boy, Bucky’s always been more of the troublemaker of the two. Steve would do anything and everything for you but Bucky liked to act out, he liked the thrill of the rush and the way the paddle felt on his bare bottom when you spanked him as a punishment.
Bucky merely smirks at Steve words, the super-soldier couldn’t deny that the thought of you punishing him was exhilarating. The last time you punished him, his ass was red and raw and he came so hard he nearly passed out.
Bucky ignores Steve, too busy with the feeling of his wet hand gliding over his cock, high-pitched moans leaving his plump pink lips in ecstasy. Steve can’t help but grow hard at the sight of Bucky jerking himself, Bucky’s head is tipped back against the headboard, one hand gripping the curve of your ass, the other secured tightly against the flesh of his thick cock. Bucky’s teeth rake over the plump sensitive skin of his lips, clamping down against it and the moan Steve lets out at the sight is sinful.
“Come on Stevie, let’s have some together. Mommy doesn’t have to know,” Bucky says quietly not to wake you.  Steve sighs, his face taken over with thought as he weighs his options: he could be good and go back to sleep and pretend he didn’t see anything to avoid punishment or he could be a little naughty and have some fun with Bucky.
Steve barely has time to think before Bucky is getting up from his side of the bed coming over to Steve and pressing his lips to Steve’s. Steve moans almost immediately the moment he feels Bucky’s wet and warm tongue slip past his lips, Bucky can’t help but smirk as his hand slithers down to the boxers Steve wore to bed and he feels the hardness of Steve’s clothed cock. “Bucky!” Steve moans but the sound is swallowed against Bucky’s plump lips that are devouring Steve.
Steve whimpers as Bucky pulls back, his lips reluctantly leaving Bucky. “Shhh… we don’t want to wake mommy up do we?” Bucky says smirking at Steve as his hand palms over Steve’s shorts-covered cock. Steve shakes his head before diving in and capturing Bucky’s lips, his hips rut up against Bucky’s metal hand and small whimpers leave his lips as he feels Bucky’s metal fingers squeeze his hard cock.
“You’re so hard,” Bucky laughs, pressing harder against Steve’s now painfully hard cock. Steve can’t help the animal-like mewl that leaves his throat at the sensation.
“Please Bucky,” Steve whines, making Bucky smirk wide at the sinful sounds escaping Steve’s lips.
“What do you want?” Bucky asks with a smirk.
“Please Bucky, need you to suck my cock,” Steve whines loudly and that was his mistake. The sound of one of your perfect little puppies whining wakes you quickly, Steve’s whine is so loud it fills the room and wakes you almost instantly.
Your eyes take time to adjust to the light and when they do, they’re suddenly met with the sight of Bucky removing Steve’s shorts as Steve hisses in desperate want and need at the feeling of Bucky’s flesh wrapped tightly around his hard cock.
“Need your mouth, Bucky,’ Steve practically begs the other super soldier and Bucky can’t help but coo taking pity on him, his warm pink lips wrap around the thick base of Steve’s cock and it feels too good Steve can barely string out a sentence instead opting to moan Bucky’s name over and over.
They don’t seem to notice the fact you’re awake, eyes open laying watching them disobey your number one rule: no playing without mommy’s permission. It seems your usual good little obedient puppies are being naughty and from the sound of Steve’s moans, they seem to be thoroughly enjoying themselves.
Bucky’s tongue swirls across the swollen red tip of Steve’s cock and Steve’s body jolts as pleasure consumes him, “Fuck!” Steve says, tears falling from his blue eyes as pleasure wrecks through his body. Bucky can’t help but laugh at how far gone Steve is and he’s barely even started. Bucky likes to be submissive to you but on the rare occasion, he’s naughty and plays with Steve without your permission Bucky likes to take control and watch Steve squirm.
The sight before you makes wetness pool in between your legs, your thighs instantly lubricated and sticky with your oozing slick as you watch your two little pets play with each other. It’s arousing, there’s no denying it but Bucky and Steve have broken your number one rule so as much as you’d like to join them, have Steve suck on your erect nipples as Bucky sucks him off; you need to remind them who’s in control and who calls the shots.
“Well isn’t this a lovely sight to wake up to, my two little boys misbehaving and breaking our rules,” you say tutting as you sit up in bed arms folded across your chest as you glare daggers at the two super soldiers.
Bucky immediately releases Steve’s thick cock from the wet and warm confines of his mouth making your other pet whimper at the loss but one harsh look from you has Steve immediately shutting up. Bucky can’t help the way blood rushes to his cock as his little plan play out before him: he wanted Steve to wake you up because something about getting punished is all too enticing for the former winter soldier.
“Mommy-” Steve tries to but you cut him off.
“I didn’t ask you to speak pet,” you say, silencing him and Steve hangs his head in disappointment. He knew he shouldn’t have let Bucky get to him, Steve isn’t used to breaking rules and he’s not sure he’ll be able to handle whatever punishment you’ll dole out.
“Bucky, speak!” You command and Bucky already knows what you want him to say, you’ve trained him to perfection.
“Mommy, Steve was so hard, I had to take care of him,” Bucky says his blue eyes round and begging as he puts on that sweet like sugar voice he knows can get him out of any trouble. However, this time that sweet little voice of his has lost its magic.
“Steve, is that true?” You ask.
Steve instantly shakes his head, “No mommy, I woke up and Buck was playing with himself and then he said we should play with each other and to never tell you.” Bucky should have expected it, Steve ratting him out but he’s rather surprised when Steve exposes him.
“Momm-” Bucky tries but is cut off when you slap his thigh, his cock jumping in excitement.
“I should have known you were the little mastermind behind this, you like getting punished too much. That’s what all of this is about, you want mommy to spank and edge you?” You ask and Bucky’s head hangs low in shame as he nods.
“I’m really sorry, mommy,” Bucky says, his eyes glassy as he looks up at you. You can’t help but scoff at the sight of unshed tears in his eyes, he’s really committing to his little act.
You laugh and that’s when Bucky knows you’re not going to be taking it easy on him and he gets so painfully hard he’s sure he could cum just there as he thinks of all the ways you could punish him. Maybe you’ll tie him up again and make him cum so much he can’t cum anymore.
“Stevie, my little pet come over here,” you command, spreading your legs and of course your little Stevie does as you say and immediately settling on his knees between your legs.
“Such a good boy” you coo, hand coming up to stroke his soft cheek. Steve practically purrs at your gentle touch and hopes you continue to be so happy towards him.
“Now Stevie baby, you’re gonna eat mommy out and Bucky you’re gonna watch and if you make any noise or touch yourself at all then you won’t be allowed any playtime for a long time,” you say smirking at the cute little pout that etches its way onto Bucky’s face.
Steve is practically glowing at your words, he’s so unbelievably happy Bucky’s the only one in trouble and he’s of course happy he gets to please his mommy. The panties you wore to bed slip off with ease and Steve wastes no time, he dives in and the moment you feel the wetness and warmth of his tongue glides across your clit you can’t help the moan that leaves your lips.
Your eyes find Bucky and he’s looking at you with such intensity you’re sure he's bound to pop a vessel with the level of concentration he’s trying to uphold. Steve practically devours you, moaning into your wet pussy at the sweet taste of you on his tongue and whimpering lowly as he hears you tell him, “you’re such a good boy for mommy, you’re making mommy feel so good.”
Bucky can’t help the way tears fall down his soft cheeks as he hears you praise Steve; as much as Bucky liked to be bad and get punished he also loved to hear you call him your good little boy and right now he just wanted to push Steve out of the way and eat you out so good you squirt all over his face.  
Steve's lips wrap around your clit and your legs shake violently around his head, air leaves your lungs and you're breathless at the pleasure that washes over you consuming you. Bucky watches with envy, he wishes he were Steve and all he wants to do is make you scream louder than Steve could ever make you.
“Fuck, it feels so good!” You practically scream and shout, fingers tangling in the short strands of Steve’s blonde hair. You can’t resist bucking your hips up into wet tongue and plump lips and the deep groan Steve lets out as you do makes wetness ooze out of you onto his awaiting tongue.
“You taste so good, mommy,” Steve moans momentarily, tearing himself from the wetness of your pussy. He can’t help but stare in amazement at the wetness that flows out of your cunt making a mess on the mattress below you.
Steve’s fingers dip into your tight, wet hole gathering slick before he pulls them out and breathlessly pulls them into his mouth, hollowing his cheeks and sucking them till every last drop of you is on his tongue. “So good mommy,” Steve moans before he’s pulling your legs wide apart, two of his fingers in your pussy and his lips wrapped tightly around your clit.
The way his fingers curl into the spot that makes your legs shake uncontrollably makes Bucky want to scream, all he wants to do is to make you cum. In Bucky’s opinion, Steve doesn’t deserve to make you cum not with the way he snitched on Bucky so quickly.
The moment you cum Bucky can’t help the whine that leaves his lips. You almost don’t hear it too caught up in the bliss of your orgasm but when you do you can’t help but smirk. You’re truly surprised he lasted this long and even more surprised he didn’t cum in his sweatpants like he usually does.
The second the whine leaves his lips, Bucky realises his mistake and for the first time, he’s truly scared of his punishment. Steve, however, can’t help but be excited about Bucky’s punishment, he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t rooting for Bucky to slip up.
“Fuck!” Bucky mutters as both yours and Steve’s eyes lay on him.
You can’t help the chuckle that leaves your lips as you look at your pathetic little puppy.
“Please mommy,” Bucky begs but the shake of your head tells him there’s no use in trying, begging and pleading because you’ve already made your mind up.
“I gave you one instruction puppy and you couldn’t even follow that,” you say, shaking your head in faux disappointment.
“And you Stevie, you broke the rules just like Bucky did so the two of you are getting punished together, no playtime, no cumming for two weeks,” the look on Steve’s was just hilarious as if you just let it slide and pretend Bucky wasn’t sucking his cock ten minutes ago.
“But mommy-” Steve starts but a tug of his blonde locks shuts him up.
“If you complain, you try to go behind my back and break my rules then you’ll be punishment will be upped to a month, do you understand me?” You ask.
“Yes mommy,” they both reluctantly say and you can’t help but feel giddy about the torture you're gonna put them through for the next two weeks.
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sluttystucky · 25 days ago
𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐛𝐞𝐬𝐭 𝐠𝐢𝐟𝐭 || 𝐛. 𝐛𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐞𝐬.
𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲 : there's nothing more your devoted boyfriend wants than to truly worship you and your body on your birthday, but you've got exactly the opposite plans. after all, it's your birthday and what birthday girl wants, birthday girl gets.
Tumblr media
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 : bucky barnes x f!reader 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭 : 4,621 words 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 : **WARNING! CONTAINS SEXUAL THEMES: MINORS DO NOT INTERACT, I BLOCK BLANK BLOGS & ONES WITHOUT AN AGE IN BIO** dom/sub relationships (sub!bucky, soft!dom!reader), dirty talk, mommy kink, praise kink, pet names/nicknames (pretty/baby boy, baby), bucky is 6'5" because i've been indoctrinated, teasing, frottage, titty sucking, edging, oral (male and female receiving), fingering, handjobs, cum eating (don't know if there's a fancy word for it), aftercare, minor subspace mention? cockwarming mention, illusions to penetrative sex.
Tumblr media
𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞𝐬 : this is a birthday gift to myself, ya'll can LEAVE. it's inspired by some videos i found on twitter (here and here, warning nsfw!!!) that sparked the edging factor of this fic. also!! this is my first time writing sub!bucky and aftercare so i apologise if it isn't very well done but i tried my best. this was unbetaed, any mistakes are my own so please feel free to let me know if you spot any and i'll fix it. i do not give permission for anybody to reupload, rewrite or claim this fic as their own. if you see something i've written anywhere other than this blog, please report the post and let me know. and lastly, photos in the above moodboard are not meant to depict the reader and are just in reference to what happens in the fic.
Tumblr media
It was only a matter of time before you found yourself in Bucky’s hands, his kiss all consuming and needy. He'd waited patiently all day for the two of you to finally be alone, ached to please you however you wanted.
While he'd doted upon you today and given you physical gifts, this was the gift he was the most excited to give you.
As soon as the last of your small gathering of friends and family had left your shared apartment, you felt Bucky's presence before you actually felt him crowd into your space, his hands roaming your body as your lips connected.
He can hear whimpering as you both kiss, wet and dirty, and it takes Bucky a second to realise it's him that's making the noise.
Pulling him backwards to the sofa, your hands settle at the hairs on the crown of his head, tugging and pulling moans from his lips as his tongue moves against yours.
When the back of your calves hit the sofa, you pull away to turn the pair of you around, watching with a smirk at Bucky's puzzled yet blissed out expression.
He appears to understand as you push him down, crawling onto his lap and settling before your hands cup his face gently like it's a delicate prize.
"You gonna be my good boy, Buck?" You ask between long, deep kisses, running your tongue teasingly against his and watching with a sense of pride as he tries to chase your lips each time you pull away.
"Wanna be your good boy, please" He whines, eyes glassy and focused only on your lips. "Please, please, please.... Wanna make you feel good"
So pretty, you murmur instead of responding as you cup his jaw, eliciting a moan from your boyfriend.
So good for me, the complement has him smiling to himself as you continue to tease him with the soft rocking of your pelvis against the bulge straining in his jeans.
You continue to rock against him, listening to the litany of words spilling from your baby boy's mouth as he buries his face into your chest.
"Please let me... wanna make you feel good... use me to make you feel good, wanna feel you" His words jumble, though whether they're garbled in his mouth or your own brain you're unsure, instead focused on the sweet friction you feel against your core as you rub against him.
Either way, you can feel your panties growing damper from his outburst.
"Yeah? You wanna be mommy's pretty boy, baby?" Your heart swells at how enthusiastic he is at the thought, how eager he is to make you feel good and his frantic nodding brings a laugh out of you, giving him one last kiss before you're pulling back.
He groans at the loss, his kiss bitten lips falling into a pout as he looks up at you. "Wanted to see you use me or maybe make you cum, yeah?" The thought alone has him squirming in his seat.
"So thoughtful baby, but I had other ideas."
Your tongue runs across your own swollen lips as you admire the state your boy has gotten himself into, keening into the gentle roll of your hips as you take in his appearance.
His hair is messy from where your hands had settled, chest heaving as he greedily swallowed the air he'd denied himself earlier, instead choosing to kiss you until he thought he'd pass out.
You can only assume you look just as dishevelled as he does from the way you recall him pawing at you, and looking down at the wet marks on the fabric of your blouse where Bucky had sucked against you, face buried as close to your tits as he could get without your permission.
You decide it's time to shed your clothes rather than allow another barrier between your baby and his mommy's tits.
"You wanna get me out of these clothes?" Your voice has a teasing edge as you rise from your place on Bucky's lap, his cerulean blues looking up through his lashes with hunger.
Resting your knee between his thighs, you hover over him as you see his hands ghost the bottom of your blouse.
He’s inhaling the scent of your perfume deeply as your chest hovers mere inches above his face.
"I thought this was your birthday," His voice cuts out as he hisses, his eyes rolling back as he feels your knee pressing against where his bulge is being suffocated by his jeans. "why 'm getting to unwrap a present, i'll never know"
He preens as his words pull a laugh from you, eyes bright as he looks up at you.
If he could, he thinks he's stay like this just looking up at you and admiring you but he focuses instead on the task at hand.
Pulling your shirt up and over your head, you see his eyes clouding over as he takes in your freshly exposed skin, going to touch before stopping, looking up at you.
"Can I touch, mommy?" He begs, his voice wavering like he was scared you'd deny his request.
"Good boy for asking." You praise, leaning down to kiss him deeply as a reward, swallowing his happy moans. "Touch all you want, baby. Only while you undress me though, 'still wanna take my time with you, pretty boy"
As soon as permission is granted, he's pulling away like an excited puppy to suck at the exposed skin of your stomach and chest and touch what his mouth can't get to.
He ducks his head down to kiss up your naval as his arms wind around your back, hands fiddling with the clasp of your bra and pulling it down to free your breasts.
As soon as he's thrown your bra to the ground, he's kissing up until he can suck one of your breasts into his mouth, tongue swirling around the bud of your tit as he groans greedily.
You feel your panties getting damp at the sounds of him sucking, his hand fondling the breast he hasn't got his mouth on. He looks so sweet, so content sucking on your tits as you cradle his head closer to your chest.
You feel his hips rolling, grinding his cock against where it's still trapped against your knee as he's caught up marking your pretty tits up, laving them both with his attention and tongue.
Your breath is laboured, moans falling from your lips as you watch his pink lips latch from nipple to nipple. His eyes keep looking up to you, smiling around your tits at the praises falling from your lips.
“So good!” he mumbles around you when he sees your pretty eyes rolling to the back of your head.
Your own clit throbs, your thighs pressing together to relieve the ache as your pretty boy continues his assault on your tits.
If you weren’t wet before you certainly are now, cunt twitching and untouched bar to grinding you’d brought to a slow tease.
You can't help but coo at him as he moans around your bud, suckling at them as if milk will spill onto his tongue.
Denying his mouth doesn't feel good, that his attention doesn't turn you on would be futile, but he's distracted from the original task at hand and the more he continues the less your resolve holds up for your intended plans.
Bucky whines at the loss of your nub from his mouth, your hand cradling his jaw and thumb pressing against his bottom lip as you pull his face away from your chest and direct his attention back to your face.
"Don't you want me to touch you, baby boy?" Your question has him gulping, jaw falling slack as he sucks in his breath. You press his jaw back up, closing his mouth and giving him a gentle tap on his cheek.
Slowly he nods, pink tongue darting out absent-mindedly to wet his lips and groaning when he feels your thumb still pressed against his lip. He has to stop himself from sucking it into his mouth.
With an amused smile, you caress his cheek. "Well, the quicker you undress me, the faster mommy has her attention on you, baby."
The words have him kicking into gear, gesturing for you to stand as he's easing your jeans down. Still he's conflicted, wanting nothing more than to feel your touch on his skin, on his aching cock, but he still wants to make you feel good.
He goes slow as he tugs the denim past your thighs, kissing your thighs softly as he helps you step out of them, sending a jolt of pleasure up your spine when he kisses your inner thighs.
When they're tossed to the side, he looks up at you through his lashes again, his thumbs hooking under your panties before he slowly tugs them down.
His eyes never leave yours, your cool façade dropping as you whine at the sight of him looking up at you as he strips you, his lips coming to press wet kisses to your cunt once it's revealed.
You feel almost as if you've lost whatever control you originally had over the situation, your pretty boy making you shake with pleasure as he dips his tongue into the slick dripping from your core.
"Fuck" the moan falls freely from your lips without you realising it, breathy whines and soft calls of his name as his attention falls to your folds, tongue alternating between direct attention to your clit as he sucks and pressing into your hole, spearing your cunt with the muscle.
When he’s got your hole nice and wet from his tongue, you hear a spitting noise before two of his fingers slide into your hole. You squirm, pulling away only to be grounded as he begins to suck harshly against your clit as he fucks his fingers into you.
"You said I could as long as I was undressing you" Bucky’s words reverberate between your thighs, your moans falling from your lips as the vibrations against your pussy.
Idly, you notice he's holding your panties in place at your knees while he sucks on your clit, moaning as your taste coats his tongue.
No longer happy at your loss of control in the situation, you tug him away reluctantly from your pussy and place a scowl on your face.
He has the gall to suck the taste of you off of his fingers while you reprimand him, his eyes closing around the digits as he moans.
Keeping your composure is hard you’ve come to find when you can feel your arousal literally dripping out of your pussy, but you manage it.
"Such a greedy baby, huh Buck? Just had to take advantage of how nice mommy is to you, yeah?" You say nothing more, just direct a pointed look to the last of your attire and watch as Bucky's face fills with shame.
Your legs are shaky as he guides you to step out of your panties but you waste no time pushing him to sit further back on the sofa so you can crawl back onto his lap.
His eyes are blown wide, looking up at you in wonder as if he didn't expect you to do so after his distraction. He's unsure if he's even allowed to touch anymore, his hands coming to rest on either side of him as he bites back his moans at you getting yourself comfortable on his lap.
Your completely naked form reminds him of how completely covered he is, his cock still caged in his pants and pulsating as you grind your bare cunt against it.
Your arms come to wrap around his neck, pulling his attention from the effortless roll of your hips as you grind against him with a whimper.
"Please mommy," Your pretty boy begs, eyes bright and wet. "Please, 'm so hard 'nd I just wanna make you cum on me" he gulps, bottom lip wobbling as your hands cradle his face.
"Baby boy," Cooing as your thumb wipes a stray tear you're sure he doesn't even realise has fallen, "Its my birthday, remember. Mommy doesn't want you to do that, baby."
Bucky's protests are cut off my the soft shake of your head and the gentle press of your lips against him as you hush and shush him.
"It's my birthday and I want to play with my best boy, yeah." Gently, you tilt his head to the side as you kiss up the exposed skin. "Gonna let me play with you, baby boy? Let mommy make you feel good. Yeah?"
His eyes roll to the back of his head as you continue to grind upon his, sucking hickies onto the exposed column of his throat. When you decide you've added enough marks to his neck you capture his lips with your own, swallowing all the little noises falling from his lips as you continue to press against his cock.
You feel his body starting to shake, the tell-tale signs he's close as he continues to murmur his begging, his pleases against your lips. Taking pity on your precious boy, you pull away with a shush.
"Gonna get my pretty boy's cock free soon, bet your leaking for mommy right?" You ask as you gesture for him to sit more upright, lifting his arms and pulling his shirt from him with a smile.
With it removed you can see that pretty flush spreading across his chest, the apples of his cheeks also tinged pink. Bucky's cloudy eyes follow your movements, lighting up when you settle on the floor between his knees.
"This is the part where I get to unwrap my gift" You tease with a lick of your lips, fingers toying with the zipper of his jeans before slowly tugging it down.
He's needy, lifting his hips almost as soon as he feels the zipper being pulled to help you get his jeans past his hips but you lave him with the same amount of teasing kisses and attention he'd given your own thighs.
"Aw, baby. It's only right I give you the same attention you gave me, right?" Bucky's hips twitch, desperate to jut out but he tries his best to contain himself.
A small smile forming on his red lips as he feels your lips curl into a smirk against the skin of his thigh.
When you pull his legs free of his jeans, he knows what's coming but your wicked smile still catches his breath.
With a bated breath, he waits for you to peel his boxers down as he'd done with your panties but instead finds himself groaning as you begin mouthing hotly against his clothed, aching cock.
The look of anticipation on his face makes your pussy throb. You waste no time, wetting the material as you suck at his shaft through the fabric, going down until you're at his balls. Bringing his sack into your mouth, Bucky feels his eyes rolling to the back of his head at the sensation of your familiar warm, wet mouth suckling him.
Whimpers he wouldn't otherwise let out only falling from his lips because it's you. You get him like this, hard and aching, waiting for you to make him feel good even if it feels like torture in the moment because he knows how amazing the result is going to be.
He's trying so hard not to buck up against your mouth, silently begging you'll finally pull his cock free and end this sweet torture now but when you do let up, you only spread his legs further.
His thanks are hiccupped out as you slowly tug his boxers down, his cock slapping against his stomach and standing tall.
The cool air against his freed cock makes him keen all sensitive, cock twitching as his chest heaves up and down.
"You gonna let me play with you, pretty boy?" You ask coyly, hands remaining on his knees as you keep his legs wide open.
Giving a shaky nod, he stutters out a verbal yes when he realises you make no move to continue. "Please, please. Play with me, mommy. Use me, jus— Just touch me please." He begs, bottom lip sucked between his teeth.
"Please, it hurts. M' gonna be good, been so good, mommy, promise. Please just touch me, please!" Bucky's words are choked out as he struggles to catch his breath, overwhelmed.
His voice has a whining lilt to it you doubt anybody expects from the man, turning to strangled moans as you praise him for his compliance.
For as burly and brash as he is in your day-to-day lives to the outside walls, you're sure that if anyone were to see your boyfriend: 6'5" in all his beefy goodness, red all over and begging for you to touch him while he actively wills himself not to act up less you reprimand him or neglect his needs, you doubt they'd believe their eyes.
You rub his inner thighs to sooth him, waiting for him to regulate his breathing. When you think he's caught his breath enough, you reach for his cock as Bucky gasps at the long awaited touch.
He really is aching for it, his cock almost purple, twitching and dripping in precum. Below, his balls are drawn tight like they're ready to burst. "Baby, I'm sorry." It twitches once more in your grasp at your words, Bucky whining and keening at your touch.
He’s not the only one dripping, you think. You can feel the slick thats dripped from your pussy between your thighs, know that it wouldn’t be long before gravity connects your pussy to the rug below by your dripping essence.
"So sensitive, bet you've been hard all day." You say as you smear the copious amounts of wet precum on your hand, stroking his cock slowly.
"Hurt so bad but I didn't touch, promise!" Bucky moans desperately, hissing at your motions. "Didn't want you to be upset"
"Baby, I can see you didn't touch. Such a good boy for me, all for me." Your praises are going straight to his dick, so ready to blow at even the slightest twist of your wrist at this point. "Do you think you can still be a good boy for me?"
He's quick to agree, head jerking in a nod. "No cumming 'til mommy says so, remember? I still want to have my birthday treat."
At his low whine and tears prickling at his eyes, you soften and move closer. "Do you think you can do that, Bucky? I won't be angry, baby, just tell me."
"No, I can— I can, just please can I cum? Please let me cum tonight, it hurts."
You rise up to pepper his face in soft kisses, wiping away the tears from your overwhelmed boyfriends eyes. "Of course you can cum, baby boy. But can you wait for me to say?"
"Y-Yeah! I c— I think, I-I'll try" He looks so ashamed under your hold, so small and you can only press more kisses to his face.
"That's all I can ask, 'cause you're always so good for me, yeah."
After a beat, watching as Bucky nods at your words and gives you one of his rare, blinding smiles you settle back down between his thighs.
Finally taking his shaft back into your hand again, you wait until you see Bucky looking through heavy lidded eyes before you take his cock into your mouth. Your tongue flicks against his slit, licking up the precum it weeps.
It is like sweet torture, the way you bring your attention only to his cockhead. Once you've decided to move on, you move slightly to wrap your lips lightly around the head, dragging your tongue along the underside.
You make no move to take him further in your mouth, instead alternating between kitten licks and sucking harshly on his head. Either way, Bucky is a mess beneath you as his thighs shake.
Each time you pull off, your praises for him being so good, so patient are intertwined with his polite chanting of thank yous.
He keens, soft whimpers and harsh breaths drawn as you bob your head on his cock, the smallest amount fucked into your mouth as you swallow around him. Spit drools down your chin, soaking his shaft as you continue taking him in your mouth.
Your moans around his cock have Bucky's resolve melting, his hips lightly rocking as his cock tries to fuck up into your mouth. Rather than reprimand him, you take pity on the state he'd worked himself into all day.
He was so good for you, waiting patiently despite how turned on he'd been. His eyes are red tinged from the tears he'd shed, wet tracks lining down his face but he still looks so beautiful.
Taking him further into your mouth, your hand fills the space you have yet to reach and begins jerking it. You can feel him pulsing in your mouth, already so highly strung and close to the edge it pains even you when you pull off his cock with a pop, taking your hand away too.
"No! No-no, please" Bucky's torso falls forward, desperately hoping to trap your hand at least and when it doesn't happen, you feel your heart ache a little.
"It's okay, baby, last time now." The promise brings a hazy smile to his face, a small Yeah? falling from his lips as you wrap your hands around his cock once more.
Your touch is still teasing, fingers rubbing and playing with his head until the slick squelch of your drool as you fist his cock in your hand. "You can cum anytime you want to pretty boy, spill in mommy's hand. C'mon baby, so good for me tonight."
Picking up the speed, his whines grow louder as he feels his release building once more. His abs draw tight, moans coming louder and more close together as his hips jerk into your touch before he finally reaches his climax.
His moans are like music to your ears, chants of yes thrown in as he's finally taken off the edge. Looking up at him you can't help but tell him how beautiful he looks as he cums, how he's truly your pretty boy which only brings more moans from his lips.
"It's okay, you did such a good job. Such a good boy, cumming for me" You praise, hand still working him even through his orgasm and the aftershocks until his cum stops spurting and his whole body jerks from oversensitivity.
Your hand is completely sodden as you pull away, his thick load dripping down your hand. When Bucky does manage to open his eyes, even half lidded, its to the sight of you licking his cum off your hand and swallowing it greedily.
So caught up in the taste of him, you wouldn't of even noticed his eyes open if it weren't for the choked off moan he'd let out at the sight.
"Always so good, baby, I just had to taste" Your words are spoken around your fingers, sucking the last of his spend from them with loud smacks of your lips each time you pull a finger out clean.
At the sight of your sated boy, drifting from his place on the sofa, you rise to drop a soft kiss on his lips.
He welcomes the kiss immediately, deepening it as he brings his arms around your waist and wrapping in a bear hug around you, pulling you down beside him.
You take your time kissing him back, trying to put as much love into the kiss so he knows how much you truly love him while he's floating.
When you do inevitably pull away from him, you've got him leaning into your hand where your stroking his cheek. His breath is still slightly shuddery, though quieter.
Bucky pouts when you get up, lifting his arm only to let it dramatically flop loudly back against where you'd been beside him.
Softly you chuckle at the display, "Bucky, baby, you know I'm just getting you some water and a snack. Just give me a second"
The pout is still on your baby's face when you return with a bottle of water for him and a few peanut butter crackers as a snack.
He guzzles the water down almost immediately, greedily gulping the liquid down as you smooth down his hair. "Do you want me to draw you a bath, or do you just want a wet flannel right now, baby?"
The plastic of the water bottle crinkles as he drains it before he finally tosses it brainlessly somewhere in the vicinity. "Still fuzzy... Washcloth?" He says after a moment of contemplation.
You press a soft kiss to his temple before leaving again to grab the washcloth, returning to see him lazily snacking on his crackers. "Good boy, Buck"
He preens around his mouthful of his food, muttering a thanks with his mouth full which has you half-heartedly shaking your head.
You clean the sweat and cum from his body while he eats, careful not to touch his cock too firmly in case he's still sensitive until you deem him clean.
He's finished the plate by the time you've dropped the washcloth in the bathroom hamper, sighing happily as you crawl into his space. You lift his arm as you snuggle beside him before dropping it over your shoulder.
"M' gonna give you a moment, baby and then I'm moving you to the bedroom okay?" Craning your head to look up at Bucky, there's a swell of pride at the fucked out expression still on his face. "You still here, Buck?"
"Yeah jus— floatin' you know" His limbs feel like jelly but still he tightens his hold to pull you closer to him. When Bucky's eyes begin to droop, you take it as your cue to push him up.
"C'mon baby, did so good for me but it's time to get you comfy in bed, yeah?"
You opt to leave the discarded water bottle and plate til' the morning, instead guiding Bucky to your shared bedroom and letting him use you to walk straight. He sags against the mattress after you pull the comforter over for him.
Crawling in beside him, your legs intertwine as you curl up around each other. No words spoken between you, just the gentle sounds of the pair of you breathing.
You're sure Bucky's fallen asleep beside you until he sits bolt up-right all of a sudden. He's looking at you bewildered, speaking before you can ask what's wrong. "You didn't cum, did you?!"
Rolling your eyes good-naturedly, you lightly swat his peck. "Buck, I'm okay. 'Wanted to get you off, I was thinking about you under me all day."
"But it's your birthday! You should have said, wouldn't have been 's stupid and 'subbed out on you"
"Baby, no! Love it when you get spacey. Makes me happy that you're comfortable enough with me to get that way, love you either way." Your hand on his jaw is how this began, wasn't it? But this time you're drawing him down to a sweet kiss.
You can't resist the pouty look on his face still as you pull away, moving yourself easily to straddle his lap. "Didn't you say something about wanting mommy to use you baby?"
His voice is broken as he murmurs a yes.
"How about this then, let me keep your cock warm until you're ready for round two and then I will. That okay, baby boy?" The moan that falls from his lips is answer enough.
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fatecantstopme · a month ago
How Could I Not?
Tumblr media
Pairing: Beefy!Bucky x Reader
Summary: Bucky (Beefy!Bucky because 🥵) and reader are good friends and end up becoming friends with benefits. After a couple months, Bucky realizes he has deeper feelings for her, but he’s terrified to tell her. It’s fluff, it’s angst, it’s smut. Plus, there’s a little bit of sub!Bucky in here.
Warnings: 18+ please...not a massive amount of smut, but it’s there. Talk of torture and death. Unprotected sex (wrap it up kids). Cursing. Choking (in a non-sexual way). 
Author’s Note:  Story is not canon with the MCU, so FYI.
You’d been an Avenger for a little over a year when you first met Bucky Barnes, or rather when you first met The Winter Soldier. You were fighting alongside Steve and Natasha when they realized who The Winter Soldier really was. You were an empath, on top of being an excellent fighter, and you were desperate to help your friend bring his best friend back home. 
When they finally found Bucky and brought him to the compound, he was barely recognizable to Steve. You had never met Bucky before, but you had heard the stories Steve told. You struggled to reconcile those stories with the man you saw before you. He’d had to be sedated when they brought him in because he was so panicked. He spent a couple days in the med bay before the doctor was willing to allow him to move to a room in the compound. 
Steve wanted to be near Bucky, so he asked Tony to put him in the room between yours and Steve’s. You hadn’t actually spoken to Bucky yet, but you had heard his screams in the night and felt his pain when you were near him. 
“Hey, (Y/N),” Steve said while standing in the doorway of your room. 
You smiled up at him from your perch on a chair in the corner. “Hey, Steve. What’s up?” 
“Bucky is moving into the room next door and I thought maybe you would want to meet him?” 
“Oh, of course. Now?” 
Steve visibly relaxed and nodded. “He’s already moved in since he didn’t come with much of anything.” 
You got up and followed Steve to the room next door. Steve knocked, but no one answered. “Maybe he’s asleep,” Steve suggested. 
You shook your head. “He doesn’t sleep. I can feel his stress. He’s very much awake.” 
“How do you know he doesn’t sleep?” 
You looked at him and raised your eyebrows. “Haven’t you learned yet? I know everything, Stevie.” 
He chuckled quietly and shook his head. He was about to knock again when the door opened slightly. You could see a small sliver of the man on the other side of the door. 
“Hey, Buck,” Steve started. “This is (Y/N). She’s in the room next to yours. Mind if we come in for a second?”
He eyed you warily, but something about your warm smile made him comfortable enough to open the door a little more. “Uh, sure,” he said softly, opening the door for you two to walk in. 
You looked around the room quickly when you entered. It was identical to yours, other than the fact that it was completely devoid of personality. You couldn’t judge him, he’d only been there for a couple days. You turned your attention back to him. “Hi, Bucky, it’s nice to meet you.” You kept your arms at your side, assuming correctly that he wouldn’t be comfortable with touching your hand.
He nodded at you, but didn’t say anything else. 
“So, um, now you’ve met,” Steve said awkwardly. 
You smiled. “That we have. If you need anything, I’m right next door. Don’t hesitate to ask.” 
Bucky nodded at you again. “Thanks,” he mumbled without making eye contact. 
“You’re so very welcome. If you’d like to eat in your room, that’s completely fine. I can bring you something from dinner.” 
He looked a little surprised but he nodded. “I would appreciate that.” 
“Perfect. Dinner is at 7, so I’ll be by about 7:30?” 
He nodded. 
Steve looked between you two and smiled slightly. This was the most Bucky had spoken since arriving at the compound. “I’m glad you two are getting along. Like I said before, I’m on the other side of your room, so if you need me, I’ll be there.” 
Bucky simply nodded again and offered his old friend a small smile. 
You led Steve out of the room and said “I’ll see you at 7:30, Bucky.” before heading back to your room to continue reading your book. Steve thanked you and made his way down to the gym so he could get a workout in before dinner.
When 7 rolled around, you went down to the dinning area to eat dinner. You ate quickly to make sure you could get some food for Bucky before Thor and Steve ate it all. At 7:25, you excused yourself and headed back to the residence wing. 
At 7:31, you knocked on Bucky’s door. He opened it instantly and you held up the plate of food in your hands. “I have brought sustenance.”
Bucky smiled at you and chuckled a little, which brought you joy. “Pepper is a great cook, but Tony and Natasha cooked tonight, so I can’t promise you that everything is edible.” 
Bucky chuckled again. “I appreciate you bringing it to me. I’m not picky.” 
You smiled. “Excellent. I tried to pick the stuff that tasted the best.” You turned to leave, “Well, enjoy your dinner! Let me know if you need anything else.” 
You were almost out the door when he asked you a question. “How did you know I don’t sleep?” 
You looked at him in surprise. You didn’t think he’d heard your earlier comment. 
He noticed your confusion and tapped his ear. “Super soldier hearing.” 
“Ahh. Got it. I’ve heard your screams at night and I can feel your pain and sadness. I’m--I’m an empath,” you finished softly. Not everyone was comfortable with that fact. 
He cleared his throat, “Well I hope I don’t keep you awake.”
You shrugged. “Don’t worry about me. I sleep like the dead.” 
He chuckled and nodded. “Thanks for dinner, (Y/N).”
You smiled. “You’re quite welcome, Bucky.” 
You left his room and began to prepare for the end of the day. You liked to read to wind down and do Yoga before going to bed. You went to bed a couple hours later and fell sound asleep.
You were startled awake by the sound of screams coming from the room next to yours. You jumped out of bed and ran to Bucky’s room. Steve came out of his room just as you started knocking on Bucky’s door. Steve knocked on his door too and said, “Bucky? What’s wrong?”
You could feel the waves of agony coming from inside the room. It had been a long time since you last felt emotions so intense. “Bucky! Wake up!” you yelled. 
The screaming suddenly stopped and you heard heavy footfalls coming towards the door. Bucky cracked it open just slightly. “Sorry, I-uh--I was dreaming.” 
Steve moved forward to check on his friend, but you stopped him. You could feel the embarrassment Bucky was feeling in that moment and you knew he just wanted to pretend it hadn’t happened. “That’s alright, it happens. We’ll leave you be,” you say. 
Bucky makes eye contact with you for the first time and nods his appreciation. You’re startled by the brilliant blue of his eyes, but also by the immense pain you see in them. You want to reach out and hold him, but you know that would be unwelcome. 
You nod in return before grabbing Steve and pulling him away from Bucky’s room. He started to protest as Bucky shut the door, but you shook your head at him. “He wanted to be alone, Steve.” 
“He was screaming, (Y/N).”
“He was having a nightmare. He doesn’t want to talk about it yet. Perhaps he will in the future, okay?”
Steve looked defeated. “I just want to help him.”
You touched his arm. “I know, Stevie, but it doesn’t always work that way.” 
He sighed. “ I know, I know.” 
“Give him time. For now, go to bed, okay?” 
Steve nodded and the two of you went your separate ways. 
Two weeks later, you were once again woken by screams. This time was different. You and Bucky were the only people currently at the compound. Everyone else was on a mission. You’d been left behind, in part to babysit, and in part because you’d injured your leg on a mission the week before. Your limp was very slight, but it still ached enough that you didn’t feel comfortable going on a mission yet. 
You pulled yourself out of bed and headed to Bucky’s room. When you knocked on the door, you called his name. You heard groaning sounds and heavy breathing. Your heart rate picked up slightly and you knocked harder. “Bucky! You have to wake up!” 
You waited a few more seconds and the sounds were still continuing, so you hurried back to your room to grab your spare key to his room (Steve made Tony create one for you and for him, just in case). When you reached Bucky’s door again, you heard him whimpering the word “no” over and over. You unlocked his door and entered slowly, looking towards the bed where you expected to see him.
The bed was made and had clearly not been slept in. Your eyes swept across the dark room and you found him on the floor in the living area, thrashing on the ground. He was breathing heavily and covered in sweat. He was mumbling things in his sleep and whimpering. You moved closer to him, but you didn’t want to startle him. You knew what he was capable of. 
“Bucky?” you called tentatively. “It’s (Y/N).” 
He didn’t respond, so you moved a little closer. 
“Bucky, wake up. Please.” Being this close to him was overwhelming for you. You could feel every ounce of his emotions and none of them were positive. It made it difficult for you to breathe, let alone move. 
When Bucky let out another blood curdling scream, you forced yourself to move closer to him. Your instincts told you not to touch him, so you grabbed a pillow from the bed to throw at him. “Bucky, wake up!” you yelled as you tossed the pillow at him. 
The pillow hit his chest and he jolted awake, eyes wide with fear and pain. You immediately moved into his line of sight and did your best to send calming energy his direction. “Bucky, it’s okay. It’s me. It was just a nightmare.” 
When Bucky saw you, his body visibly relaxed. It took him a few moments to come fully to his senses. “(Y/N/N)?” he asked softly. 
You dropped to your knees beside him. “Yeah, Buck. I’m here. You’re alright now.”
He looked at you and you felt a piece of your heart break. He was in so much pain. Not physically, at least not anymore, but emotionally. You could also see embarrassment in his features and you offered him a small smile. 
“I’m sorry I woke you,” he said sheepishly. 
“Don’t be. Nightmares are normal.”
“I don’t think mine are exactly normal.”
You sighed. “Perhaps not, but people deal with trauma in different ways. Your brain is trying to process 70 years worth of trauma. Go easy on yourself.” 
He appreciated your words. It felt good to have someone understand what he was feeling and not judge him for it. He assumed you knew all about his past, but here you were in the middle of the night, making sure he was okay. He’d never had that before. “Thanks, (Y/N).”
You smiled at him in response, but your smile fell when his cheeks reddened unexpectedly. “What’s wrong?”
“Please don’t tell anyone I sleep on the floor,” he whispered.
Your expression softened and you reached out and laid your hand on his arm hesitantly. He looked up at you and you squeezed his arm, feeling the warm flesh against your palm. “I used to sleep on the floor too. It felt more...comfortable, more natural.”
He looked surprised. “Were you in the military?”
You nodded. “I was an Army Ranger. Ten years, four deployments.”
It was obvious you didn’t really want to talk much about it, but Bucky was glad you’d shared it with him. He picked up your hand off his arm and you were worried for a moment that he was pushing you away, but he gave your hand a squeeze before letting it go. 
“You going to be okay, Bucky?”
“Yeah, I’m alright. I appreciate you checking on me.”
“That’s what friends are for.” 
His eyes widened. “We’re friends?” he asked softly. 
You laughed lightly. “Of course, Buck. We’re friends.” 
He seemed pleased by this and it made you smile. “See you in the morning, dork,” you said lightly. 
He looked up at you and gave you a lopsided smile. “See you in the morning.”
The rest of the team was gone for the entire week, so you and Bucky spent a lot of time together. You started to really get to know each other and you slowly picked up on his quirks and his triggers, and he picked up on yours. When the rest of the team returned from their mission, they were surprised to see you and Bucky animatedly chatting in one of the living spaces, arguing over whether the Lord of the Rings movies were as good as the books. 
“Nice to see you out of your room, Buck,” Steve commented lightly. 
You and Bucky turned to face him. Bucky smiled at his friend. “It’s nice to be out and about.” 
Over the next few months, you and Bucky became best friends. You spent a lot of time together and knew each other very well. Every time he had nightmares, you would go into his room and comfort him, even if it was just by your presence. Eventually, Steve stopped getting out of bed when he heard Bucky’s screams because he knew you would be there. 
After Bucky had been with you guys for 8 months, Steve decided he was finally ready for his first mission with the team. Bucky was incredibly nervous, but you volunteered to be his partner and that seemed to calm him. 
Much to Bucky’s surprise, the mission went off without a hitch. Steve started regularly assigning Bucky to missions, but always as your partner. If you sat out on a mission, so did Bucky, and vice versa.
You’d known each other for a year when your relationship took a drastic and unexpected turn. 
Bucky hadn’t had any nightmares in quite a while. He was finally starting to feel more relaxed and it made you happy to see. 
Most of the team was out on yet another mission, but you, Bucky, Wanda, and Vision remained behind. The four of you opted to have a movie night with popcorn and a cheesy rom-com. The night overall was really pleasant, but you had a headache, so you decided to turn in early. 
Bucky went to bed a few hours after you, saying goodnight to Wanda and Vision before turning in. He was asleep for no more than 30 minutes when he was plunged into an intense nightmare. It felt so real and his fear was intense enough to wake you. 
You looked around the room in surprise, expecting someone to be in the room with you, but you were alone. The feeling of fear intensified and panic settled into your bones. You knew it was Bucky. What terrified you was that there was no accompanying scream...just overwhelming fear. 
You rushed to his room and opened the door without hesitating. Bucky was in his normal spot on the floor and his body was dripping sweat and shaking. You moved to his side, dropping to the floor and calling out his name. 
“No, no, please,” he murmured. 
“Bucky?” you called, but he wasn’t talking to you...he wasn’t awake. 
“Please, not her. Please,” he whimpered. 
“Bucky!” you said his name louder this time as the feeling of fear heightened again. When he still didn’t wake up, you shook him gently. You should have known better, but his fear was mingling with your own and you temporarily forgot what you were doing. 
The moment your hands touched his chest, Bucky woke with a start, his metal arm swinging across his body and wrapping around your throat. You gasped and desperately tried to pry his fingers off your throat. “Bucky...” you croaked. 
His eyes were unfocused and feral. You’d never been afraid of him before, but you felt that fear now. You willed yourself to remain calm. He was your best friend and you sure as hell weren’t going to give up on him or on yourself. “,” you forced each word out in short gasps. You began to feel lightheaded and you knew you were seconds from blacking out. “Buck...”
Suddenly, his eyes focused into a clear blue. His gaze landed on your face, then the arm that was wrapped around your throat. Panic settled on his features and he instantly released you. You gasped for air and panted heavily. Your own hand came up around your throat as you continued to gasp for air. You were quickly realizing that your breathing was not returning to normal...there was something wrong. 
You looked at Bucky and gasped out, “Wanda,” before collapsing to the floor. 
Bucky couldn’t breathe as he looked at you. He was terrified. His heart was racing and he couldn’t move. When your body hit the floor, he jumped into action. You’d said Wanda’s name, so he picked you up and ran the short distance to Wanda and Vision’s room. He yelled their names the entire way and was met in the hallway by the couple. 
“Help her. She--she can’t breathe. I--please,” Bucky pleaded. 
Wanda looked at her motionless friend in his arms and said “Come in, put her on the bed.” 
Wanda knelt beside your form and focused on your neck. “What happened to her throat?” 
“I...” Bucky ran his fingers through his hair. “I didn’t mean to...I was--It was--I...”
Vision placed his hand on Bucky’s shoulder and calmly asked, “Can you help her, Wanda?”
Wanda nodded and held her hands over your neck. She closed her eyes and focused, red streams of magic dancing between her fingers and your body. Seconds passed in tense silence. 
Your eyes fluttered open and you gasped as you sat up, pulling mouthfuls of air into your lungs. 
Everyone visibly relaxed, especially Bucky. You looked at each of them in turn and nodded to them. “I’m alright,” you said breathily. 
The moment she knew you were okay, Wanda started in on Bucky. “What on earth did you to do her? You crushed her windpipe! If I hadn’t been here she would--”
“Wanda,” you cut her off gently. “It wasn’t his fault.”
Bucky’s eyes filled with sadness and shame. He looked at the bruises already forming on your neck and he felt a pressure form at the backs of his eyes. He’d hurt you...he’d almost killed you. He was still the monster he always feared he’d never leave behind. Without a word, he turned and rushed out of the room, ignoring your voice calling for him to come back. 
You got off of the bed and went to follow him, but Vision stopped you. “I believe he wishes to be alone, (Y/N).” You knew he was’d felt it. 
Tears streamed down your face. “He didn’t mean to,” you said softly. “He was having a nightmare. I went in to calm him down like always, but this one was different. More intense somehow...he didn’t mean to.” 
Wanda came over to you and wrapped you in a hug. “I’ll apologize to him tomorrow. I should have known he would never hurt you on purpose.” 
You sighed. “Thanks, Wanda. I’m glad you were here.”
She smiled. “Me too. Why don’t you stay with me tonight?”
You shook your head. “I’m alright, but I appreciate the offer.” 
Your friend nodded and gave you one last squeeze. Vision gave you a warm smile and you exited the room, heading back to your own at the other end of the hall. As you passed Bucky’s door, you felt the intensity of his emotions and you knew he was hurting. Every fiber of your being wanted to go to him, but you knew that wouldn’t do any good.
When you work up the next morning, you noticed Bucky wasn’t in his room. You went down to get breakfast, but he wasn’t there either. You decided to check the gym and when he wasn’t there, you started to worry. He never left the compound, so he had to be there somewhere. You started checking various places around the compound. Each time you entered a room and he wasn’t there, you felt anxiety creeping into you. 
After nearly 30 minutes of searching, you were close to full panic mode, something you were not accustomed to feeling. “Where the hell is he?” you said out loud, clearly exasperated. 
“Where is whom?” A female disembodied voice asked you. 
You nearly jumped out of your skin. Somehow in your panic, you’d forgotten about Friday. “Oh! Friday! Have you seen Bucky?” 
“I have. Mr. Barnes left the building at 7:03 this morning.”
“Where did he go?”
“I believe he went for a walk around the grounds.”
“Thanks Friday! I appreciate it,” you said as you rushed towards the front door.
“You are very welcome, Miss (Y/L/N).” 
When you got outside, you looked around. You didn’t see Bucky anywhere, so you opted to go for a run around the complex. You figured you would run into him, and you needed to get a workout in anyway. After around 20 minutes, you saw a figure ahead of you that you thought might be Bucky. You sped up a little and as you got closer, you recognized his large form and shoulder length hair. 
You were about 30 feet from him when he turned towards you. You waved at him, but he didn't wave in return. You were 5 feet away when he stopped you. “Don’t come any closer, (Y/N).” 
You stared at him, silently taking in his demeanor and his haggard face. He clearly hadn’t slept at all the night before and you took a step forward, feeling the desire to comfort him.
He took a step away from you and you frowned. “Bucky...”
“I hurt you,” he said softly. “I almost killed you.”
“You were having a nightmare. It’s not like you did it on purpose.”
He wouldn’t meet your eyes, but he saw the bruises on your throat, dark blue and purple and angry looking. “The bruises on your neck say differently.”
You’d seen the bruises that morning when you’d gotten out of bed, so you knew they didn’t look pleasant. “The bruises will heal, Bucky. The important part is I’m fine.”
“If Wanda hadn’t been there...” he couldn’t bring himself to finish that sentence. 
“But she was. We can’t live our lives wondering ‘what if’. That won’t do either of us any good.”
He shook his head. “I think it’s safer if you stay away from me.” 
You laughed harshly. “That’s not happening, Barnes. You’ve got me whether you like it or not.”
He looked at you like you were crazy. “Why? Why would you want to be around me?”
You sighed in exasperation. “Seriously, Buck? You’re my best friend. And right now you’re going through something, so I’m going to be there for you. Deal with it.”
“You’re insane, you know that?”
“100% and I’m completely fine with that.”
Bucky chuckled lightly and shook his head. 
“Can you please look at me, Bucky?”
He lifted his face and finally made eye contact with you. His eyes swam with a hundred different emotions and you were certain yours looked the same. You took a step towards him and when he didn’t back away, you crossed the space between you and wrapped your arms around him. He stiffened, but quickly relaxed into you, squeezing you tightly. One emotion clearly stood out to you: relief. 
When you stepped back, you looked up at him and smiled. “See? Was that so bad?”
He rolled his eyes. “You’re the worst.” 
You laughed. “You love me and you know it,” you said jokingly. 
Bucky didn’t reply, but his cheeks reddened with a deep blush. You didn’t notice and he was very thankful for it. 
“Come on, let’s get back inside. Looks like it’s going to storm,” you said.
Bucky followed you back inside, laughing at your jokes and commenting occasionally to make sure you knew he was listening. When you got inside, Wanda greeted you both. She started to apologize to Bucky, but he told her it was unnecessary. She insisted on apologizing anyway, which made you smile. 
You pulled away from the two of them and headed off to take a shower before grabbing some breakfast. 
A couple hours later, the four of you found yourselves essentially trapped in the compound as a massive storm raged outside. Thunder, lightning, high winds, and slamming rain. 
“I love this kind of weather,” you commented happily. 
The other three looked at you like you were strange. “What? It’s relaxing!”
“Yes, loud thunder and pounding rain is very relaxing,” Bucky said sarcastically.
You threw the TV remote at him, but of course he caught it before it hit him. You grumbled under your breath about him being a grumpy old man, but before he could form a retort, the lights flickered and suddenly went out. 
“Shit,” Bucky mumbled. 
“Friday?” Wanda called out. There was no response from the AI, so it was clear that all the power was out. 
You sighed. “Whelp, guess it’s time for a nap!” You jumped up and began to leave the room, but the anxiety coming from Bucky’s side of the room stopped you in your tracks. “Buck? You okay?” 
He didn’t say anything, so you knew he wasn’t alright. You walked over to him and you could see his hands clenched into fists. “Hey Buck, why don’t you come with me?”
He looked up at you and you could see the discomfort in his eyes. “Are you sure?” he said softly. 
“Yeah, of course. Come on, I’ll sing you a lullaby.” 
He groaned and rolled his eyes while you laughed. Wanda and Vision laughed too and waved you off, happy to have some time alone. 
When you reached your room, you opened the door and gestured for Bucky to enter. 
“You want me to stay?” he asked in confusion. 
“Well that’s what I meant when I told you to come with me,” you said with a laugh. 
He looked at you strangely, but followed you into your room. You shut the door and crawled into your bed, patting the spot beside you. Bucky stood frozen by the door and you groaned. “Sit on the damn bed, Buck. I don’t bite.” 
He grumbled something under his breath that you didn’t catch, but he complied with your demands. He leaned back against your massive pile of pillows and sighed. You got comfy too and turned your head towards him with a smile. “Soft, right?”
He chuckled. “You have an absurd number of pillows.”
“It’s not absurd if I use them all.”
His laugh was cut short by a particularly loud clap of thunder.
“Not a fan of storms?” you asked quietly. 
He shook his head. “They stir up bad memories.”
You nodded your understanding. “Speaking of, what were you dreaming about last night?”
Bucky’s body went rigid and you worried you’d crossed some sort of line. “I’m sorry, Buck. You don’t have to answer that. I was just worried because I could feel how scared you were.”
Bucky let out a slow breath. “I was having a nightmare.”
You resisted the urge to mumble ‘duh’, hoping he would continue talking.
“I, um, shit,” he mumbled, running his hand down his face. 
“It’s alright, Buck. You don’t have to tell me.”
“I ended up choking you immediately after, so I think I owe you an explanation.” 
You stayed quiet and waited for him to continue. 
“I was tied up...I had no control. I haven’t felt so helpless in a long time,” he started softly. “I was watching...I was watching someone I care about be tortured. I--I couldn’t help her. She--she was--she was dying and I couldn’t save her.” 
His eyes were filled with tears and you felt your heart break a little. “Bucky?” you whispered. “Who was it? The girl?” 
He inhaled a stuttered breath before turning to face you. He met your gaze and your heart skipped a beat at the whirlwind of emotions you saw. “You,” he whispered so softly you almost didn’t hear him. 
He nodded and a single tear slipped from his eye. Without thinking, you reached out and gently wiped it from his cheek. “It’s okay, Bucky. I’m right here. I’m okay.” 
You cupped his cheek on the final words, and he leaned his head into your palm and closed his eyes. “I’m sorry I hurt you,” he whispered. 
“Shh,” you murmured. “Put that out of your mind. Focus on the moment.”
When his eyes opened and met yours, you inhaled sharply. Your mind went blank and you surged forward, connecting your lips with his. Bucky groaned against your lips and kissed you back gently. You climbed on his lap and deepened the kiss while grinding your pelvis down against his. His hands went to your hips and yours tangled in his hair. 
You didn’t want to break the kiss, but you needed to breathe, so you pulled back slightly and leaned your forehead against his, completely breathless. 
“(Y/N/N),” he said softly. 
“Hush, love. Don’t think, just feel.” You reconnected your lips with his and he tightened his grip on you. 
As the passion increased, Bucky’s desire also increased. After a few minutes, he flipped you over, caging your body in his strong arms. When he looked down at you, you smiled. You tugged at his shirt, and he pulled it off without thinking, but he immediately felt self-conscious as you stared at him in silence. 
He started to pull away from you, but you stopped him. “You’re so beautiful, Bucky,” you whispered in awe. You ran your hands across the scars that littered his chest and shoulders, especially on his left shoulder. 
He shivered under your touch and his breath hitched. He’d never had anyone touch him with such reverence before and he was almost in disbelief. He shuddered again and you chuckled softly. He met your gaze and smiled at you with such affection that it made your heart clench. “Please kiss me, Bucky.”
“Whatever you want, doll,” he whispered. 
The pet name made your body shiver and he made note of it for later. His lips met yours hungrily and you pulled him closer to you. “Bucky, I need you to touch me.”
He was gentle and tentative at first, but as he moved and you moaned softly, he became more confident and comfortable. 
You both mentally thanked the gods that most of the team was gone so you could be together like this without shame or worry. The two of you made love throughout the afternoon, learning each other’s bodies, and how to please the other person. 
Once both of you were sated and exhausted, you curled up in his arms and fell asleep to the sound of the heavy rain and the rise and fall of his chest. 
You and Bucky continued on in much the same way. Best friends, but with a little more. You would sneak off for a quickie or take the time to really enjoy each other’s bodies. You both agreed that this was just two friends having sex and enjoying each other’s company. You also agreed to keep it just between the two of you. 
The only thing that really changed was Bucky’s level of affection towards you in public. He regularly called you “doll” or “sweets” and would touch you any chance he got. Everyone noticed, but no one commented on it. They were all just glad to see Bucky coming out of his shell and becoming more comfortable with the group. 
Wanda and Vision had agreed to keep the events of the night you almost died between the four of you. It was better to not worry anyone.
You were simply enjoying time with the people you cared about and you were glad to be able to provide something to Bucky, even if it was just friendship. He needed to know that people cared about him, loved him even, and you did your best to make him feel worthy of your affection. 
Bucky still regularly struggled with nightmares and feelings of inadequacy. He also constantly worried that he would hurt you, whether it was during sex or because of a nightmare. He was also self-conscious every time you touched the scars that covered his body or caressed his left arm. He hated that arm and he hated that he’d hurt you with it. So the fact that you appreciated him in spite of it all, surprised him. 
After 6 months of this new friends with benefits relationship, Bucky began to realize that his feelings for you were so much deeper than friendship. It terrified him. He’d never even imagined he could love someone and he knew there was no way you could ever love him in return. 
Two months after his realization, he was struggling to deal with his feelings and it was starting to show. He pulled away from you a little and stopped seeking you out regularly. The worst part was that you had no idea why...Bucky shut down when he was around you, so much so that you couldn’t feel any of his emotions. Even Steve had noticed his friend’s odd behavior and he decided to call him out on it. 
“Hey, man. What’s been up with you lately?” Steve asked Bucky when they were on a run together. 
Bucky shrugged. “Nothing’s wrong. I’m good.”
“Right. Let me rephrase. What’s going on with you and (Y/N)?”
Bucky nearly tripped over his own feet, but managed to keep moving forward. “What do you mean?”
Steve stopped running and waited for his friend to notice. Bucky realized Steve had stopped and he turned back towards him. “What are you doing?”
Steve glared at Bucky. “I’m waiting for you to stop lying to me.”
Bucky sighed and walked back over to him. “It’s...complicated.”
“The two of you have been inseparable for a year and a half, now all of a sudden you seem to be avoiding her.”
“I’m not--I’m not avoiding her. I just...can’t be around her so much right now.”
“You do realize how that sounds, right?”
Bucky sighed and ran his hand down his face. “I know. I know.”
“Then talk to me, man.”
“I’minlovewithher,” Bucky mumbled quickly. 
Steve sighed. “Perhaps try that again, but in plain English.”
Bucky looked up at his friend and said softly, “I’m in love with her.”
Steve’s eyes widened. “Oh...”
“Have you considered talking to (Y/N)?”
Bucky’s jaw dropped. “Are you insane?”
“You’re best friends...what could possibly happen?”
“She’s incredible, Steve. I’m not good enough for her in any way. Not with my past. She doesn’t deserve that.”
Steve sighed. “Buck, you know that’s not true. (Y/N) obviously doesn’t care about your past any more than I do.”
“I care. There’s stuff you don’t know, Steve. Things I’ve done...I could hurt her.”
Steve shook his head. “You’d never hurt her.”
Bucky ran his fingers through his hair. “But I did, Steve. I almost killed her,” he whispered. 
“What--what are you talking about?”
Bucky told Steve about the night you almost died. When he finished talking, Steve was quiet. “Please say something,” Bucky murmured. 
“It wasn’t your fault.”
Bucky groaned. “That’s exactly what (Y/N/N) said.”
“It’s true, Buck. You were having a nightmare.”
“It doesn’t matter what you guys think. It matters what I did...if she would’ve died? Steve, I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself.”
Steve nodded. “I get that, but you can’t hide what you feel. She cares about you. So be honest with her. Hiding this from her will only end up hurting you both in the end.”
Bucky sighed, but smiled slightly. “When did you get to be an expert on relationships?”
Steve laughed and shrugged. “I’m old. Plus, it’s much easier to give advice than it is to take it.”
“So I have to tell her, don’t I?” Bucky asked softly.
Steve clapped his hand on Bucky’s shoulder. “Yeah, Buck. I think it’s time.”
When Bucky and Steve got back after their run, Bucky jumped in the shower and then set off to look for you. He had no idea what he was going to say to you when he found you, but he was hoping something would come to him in the moment. 
You were curled up in your room, reading a book. Or at least, trying to read. Your focus was elsewhere. You were trying to figure out why Bucky had been acting weird with you for the past couple weeks. You’d been wracking your brain to figure out what you’d done wrong. Had you offended him in some way? Hurt his feelings? You had no memories of doing anything to hurt him, but you must have or he wouldn’t be so distant with you. You’d even went so far as to ask Wanda and Natasha to see if they’d heard anything. Neither one of them could give you any explanation for his behavior, but they had noticed the change. 
You hadn’t even spoken to Bucky in two days and it was killing you. You were really close and you needed him in your life. You’d tried to talk to him about it last week, but he made an excuse and ran off before you could ask him anything. You missed him. 
A knock on your door frame jarred you from your thoughts. “Hey, (Y/N). Can I come in?” Bucky asked softly from just outside your room.
You looked at him and offered a small smile. “Sure, Bucky. You’re always welcome.”
Bucky came in shyly. “Is it okay if I shut the door?”
He shut the door and came into your room. He sat on your bed without looking at you and stared at the floor. 
You stayed in your chair and waited for him to speak. After an extended period of silence, you mumbled a quiet, “Bucky?” 
“I’m sorry,” he said softly. “This is just hard for me.”
“What’s hard for you, Buck?”
“This,” he whispered, gesturing back and forth between you and him.  
You looked at him in confusion. “I don’t understand. Did I do something to upset you?”
The sadness laced in your voice hit him in the chest, but it was the words you’d spoken that had him looking at you. “No, shit--I--I.” He sighed. “It’s not you, it’s me.”
You barked out a harsh laugh. “What is this, high school?”
Bucky groaned and ran his hand through his hair. “God I’m terrible at this.”
“I’m not entirely certain what you’re trying to do, Bucky. We’re friends...or at least I thought we were, but lately I’m not so sure.”
Bucky felt his chest tighten at your words. God, he’d been a complete idiot. How couldn’t he tell he’d been hurting you by pulling away? “I’m sorry, (Y/N).”
You were beyond confused. This entire conversation hadn’t made sense from the moment he walked in the room. Hell, nothing had made sense for the past two months and the fact that you couldn’t even feel his emotions just added to it. “Just talk to me, Buck.”
He took a deep breath and started fidgeting with his hands. “I didn’t mean to hurt you, doll. I just--I just needed some time away from you. I needed to figure myself out.”
You sat quietly and waited for him to continue. It took a few more moments before he found the right words. 
“You were the first person I met who had no expectations of me. You didn’t know me before and didn’t care what I’d done. You treated me with kindness and respect...and a level of dignity that meant the world to me. I didn’t know I had the capacity to care about another person anymore, but you showed me that I do.” 
You didn’t know he’d felt that way. You had an idea, but you never wanted to assume...even with your abilities. As he talked, his guard lowered and you could feel his emotions. Fear, adoration, anxiety, affection...and something you couldn’t quite place. You’d never felt it before. 
“From that first night when you comforted me after my nightmare, I knew you were different. You understood me without me having to explain anything to you. You’re gentle when I need you to be and tough as nails when I need that too. I always thought I didn’t deserve to know someone like you, let alone love someone like you. Hell, I never thought I would feel this way.”
The moment the word “love” left his mouth, it hit you. That emotion you couldn’t place? It was love. Pure, passionate, uninhibited love. That love stole your breath from your chest and stopped the beating of your heart. You looked at him, unable to speak, completely overwhelmed with his emotions as well as your own. 
Bucky hadn’t stopped talking...he couldn’t now. Once those gates opened, they couldn’t be closed again. “I know you are too good for me. Too perfect. I know I don’t deserve you and maybe I don’t deserve love at all, but I love you, (Y/N). I love you more than I can ever say. I need the earth needs the sun. You mean everything to me. Everything,” he ended in a whisper. 
You sat frozen in place for longer than you’d meant to. You knew how you felt, but finding the words was all too difficult. 
“(Y/N/N)?” Bucky whispered. 
His soft voice and the fear that laced it brought you back to the moment. You stood up and crossed the room quickly, until you came face to face with him. You lifted his chin up and his pretty blue eyes met yours. You saw all of the emotions you were feeling swirling around in his eyes. Words weren’t needed...they weren’t enough. You pressed your lips against his in a searing kiss and he dug his fingers into your hips, pulling you closer. 
You pushed Bucky back so he was laying on the bed before climbing on top of him. Your voice was soft as you murmured into the skin of his jaw and neck, “Let me take care of you, love.”
His breath came in heavy pants and desire tickled his skin. You helped him out of his shirt before removing your own. The moment you were exposed to him, he moved to touch you, but you shook your head and pushed his hands away gently. “This is about you, James.”
He wasn’t sure whether it was the tone of your voice or the way you said his given name, but he nearly lost it right there. He let out a low groan that rumbled deep in his chest. 
You continued moving down his body, quickly removing his pants and boxers, which allowed his hard cock to spring free from its confinement. You moaned at the sight and spared no time slipping him into your mouth. Bucky moaned and ran his fingers through your hair and tugged, which made you moan. It didn’t take long for Bucky to reach his climax with nothing more than your skilled mouth. He cried out your name as he came and you swallowed everything he had to offer. 
When he was finished, you moved up his body and placed a soft kiss on his lips. He sighed against you and held you closer. You knew he was about to flip you over, so you pulled away. His eyes filled with want and he whimpered, “Come back, sweets...please.”
You shook your head with a smile. “I’m not finished with you, James.”
He looked surprised, but he didn’t argue. 
“I want you to know exactly how I feel. How much I adore you. How much you mean to me. How much I need you. You’re perfect for me, Bucky. Completely and utterly perfect. When I look at you, I see a man who has been through hell and came out the other side stronger than ever. I love you with everything I have to give and nothing will ever change that.” 
Bucky sucked in a sharp breath. He’d never expected you to love him back...let alone love him as much as he loved you. “I’m anything but perfect, doll. I’m damaged--”
You placed a finger to his lips to silence him. “Don’t. I get to decide who deserves me and I get to decide who is perfect for me. I’ve chosen you, James Buchanan Barnes.”
He swallowed thickly. “Can I kiss you? Please?” he asked, voice laced with need.
“How could I ever say no?”
He surged forward and slammed his lips against yours in a passionate, sloppy kiss. You pushed him back down onto the bed, never breaking the kiss. You slid your hands up and down the thick muscles of his body, caressing every part of him that you could reach without your lips leaving his. When you finally came up for air, you looked down at him and saw the heat burning in his blue eyes. 
“Can you do something for me, baby?” you asked sweetly.
“Put your hands above your head and interlace your fingers.”
He looked confused, but did as he was told. 
“Good boy,” you whispered, caressing his face. “Now don’t move those arms until I tell you to, okay?”
He whined slightly. “But what if I want to touch you?”
“If you touch me, I’ll stop. Understand?”
His eyes widened. He felt his dick twitch at the implication of your words. He loved the idea of you in was a surprising, massive turn on. “Yes ma’am,” he murmured. 
You groaned as you sat up. You looked down at him, eyes tracing over his familiar face and toned muscles. “You’re unbelievably sexy like this, Buck.” 
You began to slide your hands down your body, stopping to play with your breasts before continuing down to your hot core. Bucky was dying to touch you and you could see it on his face as he watched you. 
You moaned loudly as you played with your pussy. Bucky began to reach for you, but you slapped his hand away. “This is your only warning, Bucky.”
He immediately put his hand back above his head and you continued your motions. After a few minutes, you grabbed his hard cock and lined it up with your entrance. You didn’t give him any warning, nor yourself any time to adjust as you dropped yourself onto him, the both of you crying out in pleasure. 
You placed your hands on his chest and began to ride him. “You’re so beautiful, Bucky,” you whispered.
He chuckled softly, “Not as beautiful as you, doll.”
You picked up your pace a little and he started to move with you, but it was hard to do without holding onto you. He was dying to touch you, but each time he asked, you shook your head. 
You were nearing your climax and the words spilling from your mouth were filthy. “Fuck, baby you feel so good inside me. I love the way you fill me up.”
Bucky moaned underneath you and begged you again, “Please, baby. Please let me touch you.”
“Not yet, Buck.” You moaned again as his cock nudged your g-spot. 
He whined loudly and you leaned forward to press your lips against his. He took the opportunity to slam his cock up into you, drawing a curse and a moan from your sweet lips. 
You pulled yourself back up and began to ride him with renewed vigor, which only made him beg you more. “(Y/N) I need to touch you. Please, it’s killing me.”
You hummed, but didn’t give him permission. You were waiting until he could hardly bear it and he wasn’t quite there yet. As you continued riding him, his moans became louder and more needy...signaling to you that he was near his orgasm. You leaned forward slightly and said in a husky tone, “Touch me, Bucky.” 
Your words were all the permission he needed. His hands were on you in an instant, touching every part of you he could before flipping you onto your back and pumping into you like he couldn’t stop. Your moans mingled with his grunts and curses and you felt your orgasm rip through you like a hurricane only seconds before you felt him fill you up. He came with a guttural moan of your name and he clung to you as you both rode out your highs together. 
He finally stopped moving and rolled onto his side before pulling you in against him. “Who knew such a beautiful thing could have such a dirty mouth?” he mumbled against your forehead. 
You laughed. “Yours is just as bad, Sargent Barnes.”
He chuckled and squeezed you tighter. “I’ll admit to that. I wasn’t so sure about letting you take charge like that, but damn it was hot.”
You smiled up at him. “I’m glad you enjoyed it. I wanted to make it special for you.”
“Every moment with you is special to me, (Y/N/N).”
You smiled wider. “I love you so much, Bucky.”
His smile matched your own. “I love you too, doll.”
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sebbystansbabydoll · 6 months ago
Ok hear me out. Bucky being submissive and having a praise kink 😍
woah...okay. Yes. Yes. a million times YES!!!
Tumblr media
I mean look at his little face 🥺🥺
He deserves all the praises because he would be such a good boy for you!!
most of the time
Bucky would become a blushing
and stuttering
and whining
At first it probably wasn’t in a sexual way and you were just giving him little praises
Calling him a good boy as you pressed a kiss to his cheek
Running your fingers through his hair while you cuddled and told him how pretty he is
Anytime you called him a pretty boy or your pretty baby, he swears his heart stops beating
And every time, he would bite his pink and puffy lip, blue orbs looking down as his cheeks flared up
You caught onto his reactions, smirking to yourself at how much you affected him with just a couple of words
So the next time his broad frame was nestled between your thighs,
Mouth engulfing your pussy as his tongue explored every inch of you
You tested your theory
You slid your hand through his dark locks to guide his face against your wet cunt, rocking your hips up and fucking yourself on his tongue
Bucky complied with your actions completely
Sucking when you manoeuvred his mouth to your clit
and flicking his tongue around your bundle of nerves
He was looking up at you, blue eyes shining into yours as he ate you out the way you wanted
You smiled at him through the little gasps you were letting out
“That’s a good boy...” While raking your nails over his scalp
Bucky would preen and start grinding his clothed erection down onto the bed
Moaning against your dripping folds, he pushed his face further into your core, eating you out like his life depended on it
Every noise falling from your lips fuelled his efforts, letting him know he was doing a good job
when of course he was, have you seen that tongue
His eyes fluttered closed as his hips moved faster against the bed
You ground against his face, making his nose rub your clit while he slid his tongue into your heat
“Mm, just like that baby,” You moaned as the coil in your stomach wound up, “M’close baby, you gonna make me cum?”
He hummed, curling and pumping his tongue into your core
“Come on, be good for me, make me cum baby!”
You tipped your head back, falling over the edge, you came all over Bucky’s tongue
He licked you through the aftershocks of your orgasm while you mumbled praises looking down at him
You ran your thumb over his swollen lips, chin glistening with your slick
Sliding two fingers into Bucky’s mouth, he sucked on your digits, swirling the juices on his tongue over your skin
You hummed in approval, your other hand cupping his cheek and he leaned into your touch
“Look at you...such a pretty baby for me.”
Hearing you call him a pretty baby would make him still instantly
Letting out broken moans around your fingers as his hips stuttered against the bed
You cooed, stroking his hair and coaxing him through his accidental orgasm
You pulled your hand away from his mouth and manoeuvred you both until he was sitting and you were straddling his large thighs
You looked down at damp stain on his boxers
Pulling them down, his still hardened length thanks to the serum slapped against his stomach
“What a mess you’ve made, pretty boy...” You commented, grazing your fingertips over the head of his cock
Bucky buried his face in the crook of your neck, “m’so sorry” wincing at the sensitivity
Shuffling up, you aligned his cock to your heat, slowly dragging up and down to coat him with your come
You pulled his head away from you to plant kiss to his forehead, “it’s okay, baby, you’ve been so good to me.”
He whimpered, gazing down at where you two were almost connected
Smiling at the huge super soldier under you
You sunk down on his cock, the both of you gasping from your recent highs
He was whimpering and whining into your shoulder as you gently rode him, whispering in his ear
Praising him for how good he’s making you feel
For how pretty his little whines sound
Reminding him that he’ll always be your gorgeous baby...
It didn’t take long for him to reach his second high so he reached between your bodies to rub your clit in fast circles
Wanting you to come with him
“That’s it pretty boy, let go for me, i’ve got you...”
With one last whine, he came inside you, filling your pussy with his come
You came straight after him, slowing your hips to a halt while the soldier shook beneath you
“Good boy, baby, you did so well...” You cradled him against your body and peppered kisses to the top of his head as he calmed down
It’s safe to say...
Anytime you call Bucky your good boy
your pretty boy
pretty baby
He’s putty in your hands 🥺🥰
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lovelybucky1 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
yet another repost because it flopped last time
Tumblr media
warnings: dry humping, cum in pants, dirty talk, pet names (doll, honey, puppy), light sub!bucky, needy bucky, begging, light degradation, 18+
bucky barnes is nothing but a sweetheart. once you get past the rough exterior, you’ll find marshmallow fluff inside. he always treats you like you’re his everything; he always gets up on time to make you breakfast, he helps train you in the gym, he loves to go to the bookstore and sit on the floor and read for hours. he loves you.
the only downside to being on the receiving end of all this love is that bucky can get a bit needy sometimes.
“y/n, please? just a handjob? god, honey, i’m so hard.”
“you’re the one who decided that groping my ass in the kitchen was a good idea,” you cross your arms and look up at him.
bucky turns you around and presses his hard cock against your ass and slowly grinds his hips. you gasp and turn around in his hold to look at him.
“what the hell has gotten into you, buck?”
“i just love you,” bucky smiles sweetly down at you.
“you love me enough to hump my ass like a dog?”
bucky grabs your hips and pulls you against him as close as possible, and you can feel his cock on your lower stomach. he seems painfully hard, but that doesn’t give him any excuse to be acting like this.
“you know what, bucky? i’ll make you cum,” your boyfriend’s face lights up. “but you’re keeping your pants on.”
“what’re you talkin’ about, doll?”
you walk over to the counter and lean against it, sticking your ass out. “you can cum if you hump my ass.”
“and i have to keep my pants on?”
“yes, bucky, do you understand?”
bucky swallows the lump in his throat and walks behind you, putting his hands on your hips and admiring your ass.
“i understand,” he breathes out as he presses himself against you again.
he moans quietly as he grinds his cock on your ass and it doesn’t take long for him to pick up the pace. he was needy for it before, but right now, he’s downright desperate. you don’t often see him like this, but it always fills you with some sick satisfaction when he’s the one begging you.
“fuck, sugar, this feels so good. i love you so fuckin’ much,” he swears from over your shoulder.
“hurry up, bucky, someone might come in,” you hiss.
“i’m almost there, dollface, don’t worry.”
his grip on your hips tighten and after a bitten off moan, his thrusts stutter like they always do when he comes. he leans over your back and you can hear his heaving breathing in your ear. he stands up straight, then helps you up. you turn around in his arms and look at him with a cocked eyebrow.
“was that worth it?”
“every second,” bucky smiles lazily.
“i’m glad you liked it, now you can go clean the cum out of your pants.”
realization dawns on bucky and he looks down at the dark wet spot at the front of his light gray sweatpants.
“how am i supposed to walk back like this?” he asks and you shrug.
“you’re the one who needed it, so you can figure it out, puppy,” you tease and for a second, you thought you saw bucky perk up at the pet name.
“i’ll meet you back at our room, buck,” you smile before disappearing from the kitchen, leaving bucky and his cum-stained pants all alone.
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buckys-bug-archive · 4 months ago
7. “Look at you... Goodness, you’re so cute.” 
Mommy!Reader x Little!Stucky
They finally let you see them in their little state and you dress them up and everything and can’t get over how cute they are.
warnings: mdlb dynamics, poly relationship, little!stucky (so cute!!), mommy!reader
note: i have a little!bucky full length fic in my drafts heheh ;)
Today’s the day. The day that Bucky and Steve have decided they’re comfortable enough to be little around you. You three have been in a relationship for a while, and you know about them being little, just as they know about your desire to be a mommy.
Today’s the day that the dream becomes a reality.
They’re hesitant at first, and you’re quick to reassure them.
“It’s okay. ‘M right here, sweet boys.” Your kind, gentle words send them hurtling headfirst into littlespace and you smile as you see the shift in their behaviour.
Bucky’s the first to approach you.
“Yeah, sweetie?”
“You’re Mommy?”
“I can be Mommy if you want me to be, sweetie.” He nods fervently, throwing himself into your arms and melting in your embrace. Rocking him back and forth, you cradle him with the utmost care, kissing his cheek softly.
“Mommy!” Steve screeches, throwing himself into your arms alongside Bucky. You grunt on impact; their headspaces may be small, but they’re still super soldiers physically.
You spend the day with them, dressing them up and playing games - colouring and drawing and watching cartoons. You just cannot get over their cuteness.
“Look at you… Goodness, you’re so cute.” you coo, running a hand through each one of the boys’ tousled hair. Bucky’s definitely the more affectionate of the two, along with the easiest to fluster. His face flushes red at your compliment and you absolutely melt.
“Mama…” He crawls into your lap from his place on the floor, curling himself up and wrapping his arms around you.
“Lub you, Mommy.”
“I love you too, baby. Stevie, come here!” You open your arms wider and Steve’s face lights up; he rushes over and climbs into your lap, planting his face into the crook of your neck.
“You da best, Mommy.” he mumbles against your ski. and you chuckle.
“I’m glad you think so, baby.”
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coffeecatsandcandles · 3 months ago
𝐁𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐲 𝐁𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐞𝐬 𝐌𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭
Tumblr media
✯- 1k+ notes
✽- personal fave
Reader can be any race for all of my fics!
Love You Forever- Bucky reunites with you after the blip, only to find out he's now a father. (dad!bucky) ✽
Where'd All The Time Go?- Bucky's daughter comes home to tell him that she's lost her first tooth. (dad!bucky)
Alpine- Bucky rescues a stray cat and brings her home. (dad!bucky) ✽
The Real You- Bucky holds your baby for the first time. (dad!bucky)
Sick- Bucky puts a little too much faith in his super soldier abilities when you're sick. (boyfriend!bucky)
Night Owls- You and Bucky run into each other in the middle of the night at the Compound and share a sweet treat.
Drunk- You and Bucky's teenage daughter comes home drunk, and Bucky takes care of her. (dad!bucky) ✽
Please, Stay With Me- You meet Bucky while traveling abroad, and you quickly fall for him. (beefy!Civil War!bucky)
The Boy Next Door- Bucky is your next door neighbor, and you both start to have feelings for each other. (tfatws!bucky)
Mr. And Mrs. Barnes- Bucky tries comforting you after you get insecure about your body. (husband!bucky) ✽
Mr. And Mrs. Barnes Part 2
Grant- Bucky finds out you have a son from a previous relationship. (boyfriend!bucky) ✽
Grant Part 2 ✽
Puppy Dog Eyes- Bucky can't say no to his daughter, and she knows that. (dad!bucky)
𝐒𝐦𝐮𝐭 (𝟏𝟖+, 𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐨𝐫𝐬 𝐃𝐍𝐈)
Stupid- Without reason, Bucky asks for a divorce. (exhusband!bucky)
Sweaty- You and Bucky have a quickie on the couch while your children are napping upstairs. (dad!bucky) ✯✽
Just Breathe- You help Bucky feel better after a nightmare.
First Day- With one baby off to school, you suggest having another with Bucky. (dad!bucky) ✽
Welcome- You are properly welcomed to the block by your new neighbor. (dilf!neighbor!bucky) ✯✽
I Love All Of You- You and Bucky bump into each other in therapy. (tfatws!bucky)
Crush- Steve admits that he has feelings for you, and Bucky lets him act on them (virgin!steve, boyfriend!bucky) ✽
Mama- Bucky casually calls you 'Mama', and it awakens something in both of you. (dilf!bucky)
Ride- Bucky gives you a ride home from the bar after a rough night.
Hungry Eyes- You teach Bucky how to dirty dance.
Behind Closed Doors- A quickie in the bathroom with Bucky.
Newlyweds- Your new husband can't stay away from you any longer. (husband!bucky)
Interruptions- Angry sex with Bucky on your kitchen table. (tfatws!bucky)
Wet Dreams- You have a wet dream while Bucky is holding you.
Moving On- You and Bucky reflect on your failed marriage. (exhusband!bucky) ✽
Safe- You become a stripper during the blip. When Bucky comes back, he has a lot of thoughts about it. (protective!boyfriend!bucky) ✽
We’ll Meet Again- You fell in love with Bucky Barnes in 1940. He was your everything, until he was taken from you. You’ll meet him again, just not in the way either of you expected…
New chapters every Sunday at 12pm EST (August 1 - October 3)
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bloodorangesoup · 4 months ago
Sub!Bucky Headcanons | B.B.
Request: Do you have any sub!bucky for us🥺? All bucky is great but sub!bucky just hits different ya know
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word Count: 1.4k
Warnings: NSFW 18+ | sub!bucky stuff, we all love sub!bucky you already know what’s in store
My Masterlist
Notes: I love love love sub!bucky and this made me think of how sub!Bucky would feel about butt stuff and pegging so please let me know if you guys would be interested in a headcanon or one shot about that because I’m so ready to spend some time thinking about it. Happy reading!
Bucky is definitely a switch but holy shit does he love to be a sub sometimes
There’s definitely some psychological thing with him where he tries his hardest to have control after so many years of not having it but because he was so conditioned to it there's a sort of comfortability he feels in not having control and submitting so something
So when he finds out you like to dom sometimes he’s secretly really excited because he can have that comfort in submitting to someone but this time instead of anxiety and pain he feels trust and he knows you’ll take care of him
I think he’s definitely a giver when it comes to sexual favors because once he’s found someone he loves and trusts he just wants to make them feel so good all the time
But he’s not complaining when he’s on the receiving end
So he’d definitely love having you tell him to lay down and just taking control and sitting on his face and making him eat you up
He’d love to be in this position and would do it for hours if you let him
It gives him both the satisfaction of submitting while still knowing he’s pleasuring you
And he’d feel so safe having your weight on him and having your thighs around his head
He could just lay his head back and enjoy the task you’ve given him
He’d also be a sucker (no pun intended) for having his arms tied to the bed while you give him a hand job
Like he could squirm all he wants but there’s nothing stopping you working him
You would lean up and kiss him and hear his whimpers as your hand moves from his cock to squeeze his balls
And then you’d go down and start sucking him off starting with just sucking lightly on his tip and kissing it
And he’d be looking in your eyes with a pained expression because it feels so overwhelming for him
You’d keep sucking him, taking him whole in your mouth, and keep going until he comes
And after he comes you keep sucking with come and saliva coming out from your mouth pumping over him
And the stimulation you give him has him shaking and moaning
I think him being a sub would lead to you guys having a sort of free use type situation
So you guys would be making dinner and you’d just kind of stop what you're doing and tell him to turn around while you get on your knees and suck him off right there
Or you two would be sitting on the couch in your apartment and you’d be dressed in light clothes like just a shirt and panties
And he’d be laying with his back on the armrest with your back to his chest and you’d just take his hands and put them under your shirt and on your boobs and your hands would squeeze over his to make them squeeze too
And then you’d lay your hand in between your legs and start touching yourself right there out in the open while he massaged your tits and rubbed and pinched and rolled your nipples with his hands
He’d just be itching to touch you more and make you feel good but you didn’t say to so he’d just have to watch as you put your hand in your panties and squirm against him
You’d start moaning and that’s when the begging would start
“Baby, let me touch you please, wanna make you feel good”
And your touching would make you arch, causing your ass rub against his dick and he’d let out a groan and a whimper and beg harder
“God, jesus doll, please, I can’t take it, please y/n please please let me touch you I just wanna touch you”
But then you’d completely get off him, making his hands slip out from under your shirt, and stand up off the couch
And he’d start to worry that he’d messed up and that you’d either completely stop or make him watch you get yourself off as punishment
But you’d lift your shirt off your body and Bucky’s jaw would go slack
Every time he sees you naked it’s like the first time he’s ever seen a woman’s body and it doesn’t help that you had just made him insanely horny and hard minutes before
And you’d drop your panties and get back on the couch, laying against the armrest on the opposite side of the couch he’s on, with your legs shut tightly
And you’d look at him for a few seconds before demanding “shirt and pants off”
And he’d almost trip getting off the couch so fast
By the time he’s standing his shirt is gone and he’s stumbling to hurriedly get his sweats off
Once he’s in his boxers he looks back at you and you tell him to lay back down
You stare at him again, looking him up and down while running your hands over your chest and playing with your tits and nipples just like he was before
And he’d be sitting there like oh god she’s just gonna make me watch
You’d watch him shift uncomfortably cause he can’t touch you or himself without permission
And when you’ve finally had enough of watching him squirm you’d snap your fingers to redirect his eyes from your chest to your face
And you’d slowly open your legs one by one, lifting one to lay over the back of the couch and lowering the other so it hangs off the front
And Bucky would just be drooling at your wet cunt with wide eyes, not being able to look anywhere else
Except for the moment he looks at your face as you raise your hand and make a come hither motion with your pointer finger
Bucky could come just from seeing you like that
He immediately get up on the couch and crawls over to you hovers his face over your pussy
And he can smell your arousal and it has him going crazy at how hard it is to resist digging in
He looks up at you through his eye lashes and you can see his how dilated his pupils are
You take your hand and run it through the hair on the back of his head and use that to pull his face into you
This man goes WILD
He just devours you
He starts by licking a few big stripes up your pussy, through your folds and over your clit to try to taste as much of your wetness as he can
And then his tongue is going everywhere
He sucks on your clit and swirls his tongue around it in different patterns
And when he pushes his tongue in you his nose rubs against your clit making you buck your hips into his face
And he grabs your hip with his vibranium hand and uses his other to hold your hand in his, intertwining your fingers
Eventually he take his vibranium hand off your hip and lays his hand on your pelvis, using his thumb to rub your clit while he licks your pussy
And I definitely think he’d be the type to completely eat you so every once in a while he’d go low enough to lick your ass before moving back up and continuing
And then he’d move his vibranium hand down to put 2 fingers in you, making you arch your back and moan especially loud
Cause jesus you know those vibranium fingers are strong and hard and smooth and never get tired
And he’d keep this up until you come and he’d be licking it all to clean you up, sucking you off his fingers, his tongue going over you multiple times making you jump
“Just making sure I get it all, baby”
And you’d lift the hand he’s holding onto so that he comes up to your face and kiss him hard, tasting yourself on his tongue
You’d return the favor to give this poor guy some relief too
Fuck I think he’d just be so eager to serve you and do what you say to make you feel good
He'd feel so safe with you so he’d feel so comfortable allowing himself to submit and enjoy the feeling of submitting without fear or guilt
God damn I loved sub!bucky before but this made me feel things I hadn’t yet felt
I hope you guys liked this. Again, please let me know if you guys would be interested in something about pegging or the exploration of any kinks with Bucky because I'm game for any of that
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becca-e-barnes · a month ago
is it normal to be very attracted to the idea of bucky sticking his dick in someone for the first time in 80 years and he has to pause to take a breath before they even start because hes like. This 🤏🤏🤏🤏 close to busting a nut. Like is that healthy
Minors, do not interact, I get so carried away with needy!bucky 🥵
No but I love this so much because he absolutely wouldn’t last and that would be totally fine!! I actually think it would be so rewarding if he didn’t? The thought of just taking care of him after so long makes me all 😵‍💫
Like telling him just to lie back on the bed and relax while you make him feel good. But you start to sink down on him and he swears every last thought leaves his head. Your body is so tight and wet and warm and you’re engulfing him in the best way, squeezing him to the point his breath is completely knocked from his lungs
Maybe his hips buck off the bed a little? He’s so desperate to be fully inside you but at the same time, he’s not sure he can handle it
And oh god, he can’t handle it. No, absolutely not, his balls tightening, dick throbbing, fingers digging into your hips because if you move an inch, he’s going to cum whether he wants to or not
His head would be thrown back, eyes squeezed shut and mouth open to let the little groans escape. “Oh no angel please, slow down, m’gonna cum. M’gonna cum, shit.” He’s right on the edge just from that one single, slow act of you sliding down on him
But you take a second to just stroke his hair and kiss his cheeks and remind him he’s doing so so well and that this is to make him feel good
His eyes are all wide and he’s asking “what about you?” He’s so upset because it’s not fair on you, it’s not fair that you’re prioritising his pleasure over your own but he knows he absolutely won’t be able to make you finish this time
“I’m okay Buck, this is for you.” You’re so warm and soft and he’s so in love that it’s just making it all worse because he wants to please you as much as you want to please him
“O-okay. Jus’ this once.” He’s giving in because he has to but he’s still upset that his body won’t do what his brain tells it
But then you pull yourself up off him before slipping down along his length again and while it drags a gasp from you, the groan that leaves him makes you feel better than anything else
80 years worth of repression has him whining, hips stuttering with no where to go.
And then you do it again. And again. And again. He’s unravelling too quickly. He can’t keep up but he can’t let you stop either.
“Oh God, oh please please I’m close, ‘m so close. Oh I can’t.” He’s gasping the words, conscious not to grip your hips too tight with the metal hand because he’s scared he would leave bruises. So instead, the hand travels up your body, ghosting up over your tummy to pinch your nipples.
You look like a goddess on top of him, rising and falling, your hand drifting through your own hair and a little satisfied smile on your face at how much of a mess you’ve reduced Bucky to.
“Cum for me Bucky.” It’s your little whisper that takes him apart completely. He feels safe, he feels loved and he feels so damn good, it’s too much for his body to handle.
He presses you down onto him with his flesh hand, cumming with a sound just short of a whimper. His dick twitches almost violently, his balls producing so much cum you’re not even sure how it all fit inside you.
“It’s okay baby, love this. Love you.” He swears hearing you say that makes him cum harder because it’s just a reminder that you’re the only person he could trust to see him like this.
And then he’s spent, helping you off him before fetching a little washcloth to clean you up. His flesh hand is still shaking, pleasure tingling pleasantly through his whole body
He offers once more to help you finish but you argue that you’re fine and he’s thankful because he’s exhausted. That post-nut sleep would knock him out y’all
More of this shit here
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kaiparker-avengerssmut · 6 months ago
Stucky One-shots/Drabbles
* = smut ^ = angst • = fluff ☠️ = dark themes/fic
More the Merrier | you and Bucky get a little freaky during a training session. Steve and Sam join*
Making a Mess pt.1 | pt.2 | pt.3 | pt.4 | Steve and Bucky teach the Avengers how to make you squirt*
Two years and Counting | Steve gets Bucky a present for their second wedding anniversary:you and a little something extra*•
Life as Three (a collection of Drabbles about y/n, Bucky and Steve’s married life):
Perfect | lazy evenings with your boys after sex*•
Bound and Squirming | You’re getting punished, Bucky is getting heavily rewarded*
Shine | you paint Bucky’s Nails•
Jealousy | Bucky flirts, Steve is jealous*
Tumblr media
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kinanabinks · 17 days ago
my fyp on tiktok is flooded with the “sorry mommy” audio and all I can think of anytime I hear it is bucky and bunny 😂🤦🏼‍♀️
is that right? 🤔...
method acting masterlist
Sorry, Mommy • Frat! Bucky x Reader
Bucky just can't seem to get your name right.
Warning: Frat!Bucky x Reader, mommy kink, sexual themes, Bucky is a perv, a little bit of angst, fluff.
Tumblr media
"And so I told him to fuck right off," You finish telling Sam your story, most definitely making yourself sound a lot cooler than you actually were.
"Atta girl!" Sam cheers, giving you a high five. "But see; this is why we don't like it when you go out without us."
"Ugh, enough of the alpha male bullshit," You grumble with an eye-roll. "Me and Kayla survived perfectly fine by ourselves."
"Did someone say alpha?" Bucky asks as he saunters in with a smirk on his face. "Well, here I am- is that what you wore last night?"
You glance down at your low cut mini-dress and give him a sheepish smile. "Minus Sam's baseball jacket."
"Oh," Bucky mumbles, slowly walking further in. He almost stumbles over the coat hook, his eyes glued to you.
Behind him, Steve strides into the room, smiling when he sees you. He walks past Bucky and over to you, bending down to give your forehead a cheek. "Hey, bunny. Enjoy yourself last night?"
"Yep," You answer him, pulling his head down to kiss his cheek. Your lips accidentally brush against his, but the both of you ignore it with an awkward laugh.
Steve collapses onto the couch next to you, linking his arm with yours. "Meet any nice guys?"
"Pfft, what do you think?" You scoff dryly, before looking over at Bucky who is still just standing there and staring. "Jamie, sweetie, you okay?"
Swallowing thickly, he nods, walking over and sitting on the table in front of you. Steve gets up and walks over to the kitchen while Sam starts scrolling through Netflix on the TV. You give Bucky a frown.
"You sure you're okay, bubba?" You ask him softly. "Why are you staring at me like that?"
He shakes his head. "Sorry, mommy- I mean, mommy- I- I'm sorry, mommy-"
Beside you, Sam is losing his mind, laughing his ass off. You're trying to hold it in, mostly shocked at Bucky's stupor. Steve snorts from the kitchen, looking down at his coffee mug.
"I'm sorry," He says with pink cheeks, fiddling with his fingers. "I'm sorry, mommy- I mean sorry, mommy-"
"Dude!" Sam exclaims, still laughing. "What's wrong with you?"
Bucky chuckles nervously, looking down. Noticing that he's anxiously shaking his leg, you get up and cup his face, stroking his cheeks. "It's okay, Jamie. I'm here. I got you."
His eyes widen as he looks up at you, his lips in a slight pout. Noticing the change in atmosphere, Sam slowly gets up and makes his way to the kitchen where he joins Steve.
"Sorry for being such a weirdo," Bucky mumbles, a forlorn look on his face.
"Hey, don't apologize," You coo, taking a seat on his lap and wrapping your arms around his shoulders. "And you're not a weirdo. I love you, my Jamie, you know that?"
"You know, I don't think I'll ever understand their dynamic," Sam mumbles with narrow eyes.
Steve smirks slyly to himself and says nothing.
"You okay, baby?" You ask Bucky lowly when he doesn't reply, stroking his hair.
"Yeah," He whispers, meeting your eyes. "I love you too, dummy."
"And, for what its worth," You begin coyly. "You know I like it when you call me that."
He laughs softly. "Don't tease me."
Standing up from his lap, you pat his head. "I'm not, baby." With that, you kiss his cheek before sitting back on the sofa, leaving him to continue staring at you in a daze.
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captain-buckyyy · a month ago
bucky fucking mommy!reader and asking if he’s doing good 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😩😩😩😩
Bucky’s hips drive into yours, his thick cock brushing up against the spot that makes your vision blurred and your mind fuzzy. Bucky groans deep and guttural as he feels your walls clamp down on his cock, you’re so wet, warm and tight Bucky doesn’t know how long he’s gonna last when you feel this good.
‘Fuck!” you moan, back arching against the mattress as Bucky’s cock pounds into you, his hips slapping against yours so quickly your whole body jolts with the force of his driving into you.
Bucky can’t help the feeling that washes over him at the sound of your moans, nothing makes Bucky’s harder than knowing he’s making his mommy moan in pleasure. All Bucky ever wants to do is please you.
His metal thumb finds your clit, the vibranium sweeping across your wet swollen clit and the shout you let out nearly makes Bucky cum there and then. “Mommy, am I doing okay?” Bucky asks as he slowly eases his cock into you, your greedy pussy swallowing his dick whole.
You barely hear him, too consumed in the feeling of the whole length of cock slowly easing into you. You’re so full, it feels too good. When you finally catch a breath you can’t help but chuckle at your little puppy, “You’re doing so good little boy, you’re such a good little puppy for mommy, fucking mommy so good.” You respond and Bucky can’t help the moan that leaves his plump lips at your praise.
“Really, mommy?” He asks, wanting to hear more of your praise.
“Yes, you’re my good little boy. You’re making mommy feel so good, you gonna make mommy cum?” You ask and Bucky nods feverishly, ready to do whatever you want.
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buckyblues · 4 months ago
deal with the devil , b.b. & n.r.
— (roommate!bucky x fem!reader x roommate!natasha)
optional read - he’s an angel
summary; Things with your roommate have been just as beneficial as usual, but things get even more heated when your good friend needs a place to stay for awhile.
warnings; smut, threesome, face riding, pegging, rimming, anal fingering, mild spanking, degradation, praise, fwb, nipple play, restraints, handjob, sub!bucky.
word count; 926
a/n; i can’t believe what i’ve done. anyways, wlw positivity, & i will never stop with my submissive bucky barnes bullshit. <3 - stellie
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You’re not quite sure how you ended up here.
It feels like a record-scratch, freeze-frame kind of moment, but if you trace your steps for the past month and a half, you know exactly why you’re in this position.
Natasha, one of your close friends, texted you two weeks ago. She said she needed a place to crash for awhile, so you and your roommate were more than happy to let her sleep on the couch for as long as she needed. That was until she started sleeping next to you.
You hadn’t seen her face-to-face in a few years, between busy schedules and her constant moving around. She was beautiful, no doubt about it, and you’d be lying if you said you didn’t think about her in a way that was more than friendship sometimes.
That’s exactly how you ended up here, Natasha’s tongue grazing your bottom lip as she kissed you, and Bucky laying neglected on the mattress, his hole stuffed full of your fingers.
He’s whining and squirming, his bound wrists in place over his head. You didn’t care about what Bucky wanted, what he needed, you were just lost in the feeling of Natasha’s cold fingertips on your warm body, rolling your nipples between her fingers.
You pulled your digits out of Bucky, landing a decent slap on his right thigh. You smoothed over it with your palm, calming the sting.
“Impatient sluts don’t get to cum,” you sneered at him. “Be a good boy, Bucky.”
Natasha kneeled next to Bucky’s face. He was flushed red all the way down to his chest, trying to steady his breathing.
“Can I take these off?” She held his tied wrists in her hands.
“Not yet,” you spread his legs open wider, settling your face between them. “Are you doing okay, baby?”
His cerulean eyes snapped open. “Yes.”
Your tongue flattened against his puckered hole, Natasha’s expression changing to one of curiosity. You inhaled the fresh scent of him through your nose, alternating between kissing his inner thighs and prodding your tongue at his entrance while Natasha teasingly stroked his hard cock.
“Untie him,” you said.
Natasha pushed a strand of her crimson hair behind her ear, carefully untying Bucky’s wrists. She was the one that tied the knot after all, and it wasn’t half bad for being done with one of Bucky’s dress ties.
He stretched his arms out at his sides, waiting for something to happen next. Bucky knew better than to assume he would ever be the one in charge.
“Think you deserve a treat?” Natasha straddled his face with her thighs, exposing herself to him completely.
Bucky nodded under her, letting his big hands come to rest on her hips. She reached her hand back, thumbing the tip of his leaking cock as he slowly explored between her folds with his tongue.
She threw her head back and murmured a chorus of praises to him while you got the strap-on ready. He was already digging his heels into the mattress with Natasha’s touches alone. She looked gorgeous, grinding on his face with her mouth open in a silent moan.
You stood next to the bed for a few minutes, kissing the tender spot where Natasha’s neck met her shoulder, and guiding Bucky’s left hand to play with her budded nipples.
“That’s my good boy,” you smiled. “Gonna fuck you now.”
He moaned against Natasha, keeping his legs spread wide. You got between them, your hands massaging his sides, and slowly pushed in.
You began thrusting at a mild pace, Bucky’s hole clenching around you as Natasha still held a loose grip on his cock. She was close to finishing, her brows furrowed in concentration as Bucky sucked her clit.
“C’mon, Bucky. Make a mess,” you guided Natasha’s hand up and down his length. “I know you can do it for me.”
With a hard thrust to his spot inside, his abs tensed, white ropes of cum shooting out all over them. Natasha craned her neck back to watch as her orgasm crashed over her, warmth creeping through her core.
“Pretty boy,” you leaned down and kissed his tummy.
Natasha detached herself from him, stroking his dark hair softly. “I think staying here suits me.”
“I think so too,” Bucky sighed.
Now you had your angel, and a devil to match.
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metalbuckaroo · 23 days ago
💋Unspoken Rule #4💋
🍒 SUMMARY// At 3am, every Sunday, Bucky locks his bedroom door to watch his favorite camgirl. What's to happen when he finds out he's much closer to her than leaving generous tips on her videos?
💋 WARNINGS// smut, light fingering, unprotected sex, some sub!bucky, cursing, a smidgen of angst
🍒 AU// roommate!bucky x camgirl!reader
💋 NOTE// As always, requests and asks are open, feedback is appreciated 18+ ONLY, MINORS DNI
🍒Ronly Friends Masterlist🍒
💋Main Masterlist💋
Moodboard by// @commonintrest
Tumblr media
Over the next two weeks, two more videos were filmed. Both without kissing and not going any further than getting each other off without having sex, but also still as mind blowing as the first.
Bucky wanted to experience that high he couldn't reach himself. That no one else had gotten him to.
He didn't tell Steve or Sam about anything that had been happening, he knew there would be teasing and it would also blow the 'Soldat and Cherry' cover, so it became another unspoken rule.
He stopped trying to muffle the sounds he made as he watched the videos and ditched the headphones; making it obvious to you that he was still subscribed to watch videos that he could easily ask you to send him.
But, the sounds you could hear through his bedroom door were nothing compare to the ones muffled by the plastic mask when it came time to film another video.
A long talk about boundaries and keeping things casual, is what lead to the filming of the fourth video. Making sure both of you promised it would stay purely in videos. Nothing more.
Even as you laid against the throw blanket that covered your bed, completely bare besides the mask and wig as he tugged the glove on his right hand off. Bucky kept mentally repeating the promise.
Goosebumps prickled your skin when the cold leather and warm skin of his hands glided up the insides of your thighs, his cock twitching and eyes staying locked in on the glisten of your slit. His thumb ghosting over your clit to elicit a soft moan. "Don't tease." You exhaled, shifting around slightly under his piercing gaze.
Humming in response, Bucky ran two fingers through your folds. Coating the pads of his fingers with your slick before circling your sensitive bud.
The skillful work of his long, thick fingers had you convinced that your own would never be the same. The way they curled and stroked against your walls in the best way as your hands clutched the opening of his leather jacket. Quick to have your back arching from the mattress.
"Is my face in the shot?" Bucky said lowly when he leaned down so his face was inches from yours. Your eyes looking to the small screen on the side of the camera to see his hair shielded his face. "No."
"Good, wanna kiss you." His gloved hand reached to pull the mask down, the steady thrust of his fingers on his right not faltering. "Ok, just don't stop." You nodded, catching his plump lips in yours.
The taste of his tongue just as you had imagined it to be when it slipped between your lips to press into yours. Both minty and sweet.
Bucky swallowed every sweet sound he pulled from you, making sure not to break away from the breathless kiss until you had rode your orgasm. Your teeth nipping at his bottom lip as your hands pressed against his chest. "Mask on and lay back." You mumbled against his lips as he removed his fingers.
Bucky's mind was racing just like it was the first time as you moved over him, his hands holding your waist and heart thumping away against his ribcage.
He always thought that all sex would feel the same, but this was different. He had a certain proud feeling when you whimpered softly once he was fully sheathed into the tight warmth of your cunt, the instant flutter of your walls making him groan softly.
You had never had such a full feeling, his tip brushing your cervix as you swiveled your hips. Laying your hands flat against his taut chest to keep steady and letting your head lull forward.
Starting slow and working up to a faster pace when you had adjusted as his hands slipped down to hold your hips.
It was hard to keep focus, the feeling of every ridged inch sliding against your walls sending sparks of pleasure through you starting to engulf you. Trying to pinpoint the pitch of Bucky's moans and pants to know when to slow down.
His fingers curled into the flesh of your ass, hips rolling gently under you as the swirling in the pit of his stomach started. Only to fade away when your hips slowed into a grind, his eyes snapping open to meet your hooded ones as you gave him a wicked smile.
Bucky lifted a hand to hold the back of your neck, pulling you down to whisper in your ear. "You're edging me?" He mumbled, biting back a groan when you wiggled against him. "Be a good boy, Soldat."
He couldn't deny the warmth that washed over him from the two words he told himself wouldn't have an effect on him, muttering a few curses in Russian as he moved his hand back to your hip.
The tensing of the muscles in his thighs quickly started again, his release being held off until he was desperate.
His head lifted from the pillow, brows scrunching up as he tried to guide you faster, your movement nearly stopping when he did. "Please, dear God, cherry." Bucky whined as his head fell back against the pillows, chest and neck flushed and sweat slicked. His mask not helping the hot huffs of breath that fanned right back into his face.
You knew he could easily overpower you if he wanted to, and that's what made it even better. Watching as he tensed and wiggled under you in attempts to get the release he wanted- but he knew it would be worth it in the end. Being able to push as deep as he could go and fill you with his spend until you leaked around his base, would definitely be worth it.
Your throbbing clit ached for some kind of attention, but you weren't done with your fun of watching Bucky crack under you. The sturdy man muttering to himself to let him cum as his warm hand groped at your chest, gloved left caressing your waist and backside.
Needy whines promising he'd be good, telling you how amazing you felt stretching around him. Until his pleas and praises were enough to snap the coil.
Your fingers digging crescent moon shapes into the smooth skin of his chest as your orgasm took over completely. Mind fogging over for a brief moment.
"Oh, god- B-" your bit down harshly on your bottom lip to stop his name from rolling off of your tongue, falling forward against his hot chest as the aftershocks took over and you buried your face in the crook of his neck. Giving him the opportunity to chase his own high.
Bending his knees to plant his feet flat against the mattress, Bucky's hands went under your ass, letting out a shaky breath as he chased his own high with rigorous thrusts that made you keen against his flush skin.
"Shit- oh, fuck- so good, cherry." He grunted, gripping your backside as his hips pistoned up into yours, quickly reaching his high. A guttural moan vibrating through his chest when he filled you with hot spurts of his release.
His hands stayed on you until you were out of his reach to turn off the camera, looking over his blissed out form one last time as he felt for the edge of the plastic face covering.
"Holy fuck..." He panted, almost ripping the mask from his face. "Good?" You giggled, slipping on one of his shirts that was on your dresser as he sat up. "Great, best ever." Bucky chuckled, eyes wandering down to where the tops of your inner thighs glistened from his spend leaking onto them before the hem of the shirt blocked the view.
"Beat you to the shower." You grinned, squinting your eyes at him as you backed towards the door. "That's not f- wait!" He called when you slipped out of the room, standing to follow after you.
"I wasn't paying attention, that wasn't fair." Bucky pointed a finger at you with a frown that made you laugh lightly. "Better luck next time."
🍒 🍒 🍒 🍒 🍒 🍒
The next morning went as normal, Bucky left for work after breakfast, you took a trip to the grocery store. Only this time, you came back with something to talk to Bucky about.
He gave you a bright smile when he walked in the door, long legs carrying him over to where you were on the couch before he swiped the remote from your lap.
"Buck, I need to talk to you." You sighed, turning in your seat to face him. "'Bout what, cherry?" He said, shifting to be more comfortable as his knees parted more. "I, uh, I have a date next week so... I'm gonna do the next video solo." You nodded.
Bucky felt a pang in his heart, he promised everything was purely for videos, but he couldn't help the sliver of jealously that tainted his veins. "Does that mean- we're not gonna film together anymore?" He asked quietly, muting the TV so you had his full attention.
You sucked in a sharp breath and shrugged your shoulders. A part of you wanted to say no to the man at the store who asked you on a date, but he was nice and handsome.
"I don't know. This guy seems nice and all but, it was more of a- I don't want to decline your invitation because you're sweet, so one date won't hurt." You said, looking at where you hands were tugging a string on the couch cushion. "And you don't want to feel guilty about having sex with someone else days before the date. I understand." Bucky nodded his head, giving you a sweet smile.
"Thanks, Bucky." You mumbled, patting his leg before scooting closer. "Who is it?" He said, narrowing his eyes at you and hoping it didn't seem like a 'who's replacing me' type of question. "Cashier at the supermarket."
"He is pretty nice. Gives me extra coupons when I go." Bucky said, scrunching his nose up. "You're not mad, are you?"
He quickly shook his head and gave another smile as he wrapped his arm around your shoulders. "Of course not, all for the videos, remember?"
Chewing the inside of your cheek, you leaned further into his side. "Yeah... for the videos."
🍒 🍒 🍒 🍒 🍒 🍒
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purple-babygirl · 5 months ago
learn to be careful
Pairing: Poly!SamBucky x Reader
Summary: Bucky's carelessness during a mission earns him punishment from reader and Sam (their soft spot for him eventually wins though).
Word Count: 2895
Warnings: smut, nsfw, sub(bish)!Bucky, polyamory, edging, orgasm denial, explicit sexual content, unprotected sex, multiple orgasms, some man x man action, anal play (I think?), oral (m&f receiving). 18+ content.
A/N: This is just pure filth because I'm needy for these soldiers tbh xx. [first time writing Sam, first time writing poly, first time writing sub!m, first time being this horny.]
Tumblr media
“Baby, please,” Bucky panted.
Her lubed hand was ruthless on his hard cock as she moved it up and down. Another firm squeeze had Bucky writhing and whining, his hips momentarily jerking upwards before he settled back down on the bed like the good boy he was. He was desperate to cum, and her hold on his weeping member was pure torture, but he knew he deserved every second of it.
“What do you want, love?” the calmness of her voice drove him even more insane. She preserved a composed tone, heavily contrasting his needy, out-of-breath one, her hand never stopping its languid movement on his dick.
“Wanna cum. Please, princess. Please, let me cum,” the strong man whined more, metal hand grabbing the sheets while his flesh one pulled at his own hair.
“How we doin’? How much have you ruined for him so far?” Sam asked, strolling into their bedroom with a drink before giving her lips a sweet kiss.
“Thirteen,” Bucky panted, eyes tightly shut.
“Damn, girl! You’re being mean tonight!” Sam joked, looking at her concentrating face.
“I mean who’s counting, right?” she glared at Bucky.
“Our boy Buck here obviously is.” Sam chuckled lightly, his hand cupping Bucky’s right cheek.
Bucky’s face melted into Sam’s delicate touch, glistening eyes looking up, silently begging him to talk her into having some mercy on him.
He knew Sam couldn’t help him though. In fact, he thought Sam was just as mad at him as she was if not more; he was just chiller when it came to punishments.
During their latest mission, Sam had told him time and time again not to go down that hall alone; he was on his way to him. But Bucky being Bucky pretended he didn’t hear him and went anyway. Once he got himself a bullet in the shoulder as a result of not listening, they were home and she was furious. Her worry and Sam’s telling of what happened started a fire under her skin. Why couldn’t Bucky just be careful? Did he have any respect for her feelings at all? And when she angrily asked him how many bullet holes he was ready to give himself before he finally acted carefully? He said "I mean who's counting, right?", chuckling and provoking her even more. She’d patiently waited for him to heal completely, babying him and taking care of him. Bucky savored her kindness while he could, knowing it was merely the calm before the storm. And when he was finally okay, she left him on edge for three days before she ordered that he takes his clothes off and lays on his back ‘for her’ today.
Sam took a seat beside Bucky’s heaving body, leaning in and capturing his lips gently, teasingly pulling away every time Bucky tried to deepen the kiss. Bucky whined but couldn’t argue. He owed Sam too for scaring the shit out of him back there.
She took one look up when she heard the sound leave Bucky’s throat and the scene in front of her made her swallow a whimper, rubbing her thighs together. Without warning, she took Bucky’s red tip in her mouth and sucked harshly. She’s missed him so much, and she was holding back all the while he was healing. She needed Bucky as much as he needed her, but she had to get her point across. He couldn’t just walk around taking bullets like he was some immortal god.
Bucky gasped in Sam’s mouth when he felt her hot one close around his aching tip, his moans and groans getting swallowed by the man above him. Bucky’s fingers found Sam’s biceps and dug, pulling Sam closer to him. He was drowning in all the sensations radiating through his body. Sam’s warm tongue was tangled with his, tasting and caressing while her tongue swirled around the red, dripping head of his cock.
She moaned around Bucky’s cock when she tasted more of his precum, his taste tickling her taste buds. Bucky gulped loudly at the feeling and almost choked when he felt Sam pinch his nipple.
“’m gonna cum,” Bucky mewled, momentarily breaking the kiss.
Both she and Sam stopped touching Bucky once the words left his mouth, denying him release again.
“Please,” he cried, his head hitting the pillow in grievance over another lost orgasm.
Sam’s hand was back to Bucky’s cheek, thumb wiping away the tears wetting his cheeks.
“Next time you wanna endanger yourself on a mission, think about this, baby boy.” She pressed one kiss to his happy trail before getting up and walking to the bathroom to wash the lube off of her hands.
“I’m sorry. I- please- I need you,” Bucky begged both her and Sam through tears, making her heartache as she turned off the tap. All her plans to leave him hard and unsatisfied for the night were flushed down the drain.
When she got out of the bathroom and actually took in her man, her heart lurched between her ribs with all the love she had for him. Bucky looked so beautiful like this. His hair matted on his forehead and his face, reddish, stained with tears. A sheen of sweat covered his sculpted chest, strong thighs spread and between them his painfully hard, leaking cock was dripping precum where it bowed near his v-line. His hoarse voice was begging and his body was desperate for a release. Bucky was perfect and he was all hers and Sam’s.
Sam and she exchanged looks and decided it was enough punishment for Bucky tonight. They just wanted to take care of him now.
She wiped her wet hands on a towel and came closer to Bucky, “shh, it’s alright, love. We’re gonna give you what you want. It’s okay.”
She cupped his cheek and kissed his forehead lovingly, moving his hair out of the way before letting her hand wander down his chest, “you did so well for us, Bucky baby.” Bucky’s eyes closed, feeling safe under their fond touches.
“We love you, Bucky. You know that right?” she pecked his nose.
“I know. I love you too, princess,” Bucky whispered, his blue eyes looking into hers reassuringly, “I love you too, Sam,” he told the man still stroking his damp cheek.
“I love you too, Buck.” Sam smiled at him warmly.
“You ready, love?” Bucky nodded quickly to her question, making her chuckle adoringly.
Tumblr media
Before anyone could register what had happened, they were all naked and fighting for breath. Bucky was sat against the headboard of their large bed with her on top of him, riding his cock slowly, feeling every ridge and vein every time he slipped inside her. He filled her up to the brim, his tip poking her cervix as his hips helplessly bucked up, fucking into her. Her face was pulled to the side and she was choking on Sam’s big cock, fist stroking what she couldn't fit in her mouth.
“Oh fuck! I love this pussy.” Bucky’s hands cupped her bouncing breasts, the contrast between hot flesh and cold metal driving her wild as her nipples experienced the pinches of both.
Sam pushed further down her throat, craving the warmth and tightness of it all, “that’s it, princess. Take it all." Sam looked like a god standing over both of them, feeding her his dick. His grunts when she hollowed out her cheeks around his length made her pussy gush around Bucky's dick as she grew wetter and wetter for her sexy men. She looked like she came straight out of a porno, but it was heaven to her.
“Fuck,” Sam groaned at the sensation, keeping one hand in her hair while the other tugged at Bucky’s. The man’s warm tongue felt heavenly on him.
She was gurgling and sputtering around Sam’s cock as her hips adamantly rocked on top of Bucky. She thought everything happening was enough for her to tumble into her first orgasm, but no. Bucky proved her wrong, making the fire in the pit of her lower tummy intensify when he nodded forward, kitten licking on Sam’s balls by her chin.
Bucky's fingers tugged harder at her nipples, teasing her and she whined louder, the sounds muffled inside her full throat. Her pussy was squeezing Bucky like a vice whenever Sam's tucks on her scalp got harsher.
“I’m so close,” Bucky muttered, his hot breath fanning against Sam’s tightening balls. Her pussy was clamping down on him and he’s already been edged a bunch that night.
“Come for us, Buck. Fill our favourite girl up,” Sam told him because he knew she wouldn’t be able to, thrusting into her mouth faster to chase his own climax.
Sam’s words had her whimpering around his cock, her wide, teary eyes gazing up at him, making a groan bubble in his chest as his hips stuttered. She was close, but not really there yet. She didn’t care though, she wanted Bucky to cum. She’s been teasing him all night and she felt evil.
“Shit, I’m cumming. I’m-” Bucky swore before he was cut off by his own pleasure. His hips lifted off the bed as he sheathed himself in her wet tightness, closing his eyes and letting go.
Bucky’s warm cum filled her pussy, making her clench more around his sensitive dick. He hissed, panting and kind of drained but didn’t dare pull out of her. He wanted another go; he wanted her to cum on his cock.
“Fuck, just like that, baby. Almost there,” Sam moaned, his grip on her hair tightening as he guided her further down his length, “take it.”
The sounds that left Sam’s mouth made Bucky’s cock harden inside of her again. She keened around Sam’s cock when she felt it, breathing through her nose. Bucky wanted to hear Sam get loud for them, his tongue darting out to lick at his boyfriend’s balls again.
Watching Bucky cum made Sam’s stomach tense up as he neared his orgasm, but Bucky putting his mouth back on him and sucking on his balls the second he caught his breath pushed him over the edge. Sam’s orgasm shot tingles up his spine as he released down her throat, holding her nose to his hard stomach as he emptied himself, watching her swallow it all.
When Sam pulled his softening cock out of her mouth, her gasping lips were immediately on Bucky’s.
“You did so good, Buck. I’m proud of you.” She panted to him now that she could talk, making him mewl at the praise.
Her hands trailed up Bucky’s stomach and chest, swiping over his nipples before they clasped around his neck. She pushed her naked chest flush against his, extending the kiss, Bucky moaning at the taste of Sam on her tongue.
“It’s only fair that I get a taste of y’all too, isn’t it?” Sam chuckled, watching them share his cum on her tongue.
“But I want her to cum on my cock,” Bucky breathed.
“Who said anything about getting her off your cock?” Sam smirked, “turn around, princess.”
Without waiting long, Sam’s hand caught hers to help her off Bucky’s dick just to sit her back on it again in reverse cowgirl position. Bucky groaned at the sight of his cum seeping out of her and down her already glistening thighs and at her warmth engulfing him once more.
Once she was settled on top of Bucky, her back to his chest, Sam took a spot on the bed by their feet. He laid on his stomach, taking a good look at her pussy being split in half on Bucky’s dick.
“Up,” Sam ordered, pushing Bucky’s legs open and making him plant his feet on the mattress.
She sighed at the feeling of being full of Bucky when all of him slid back home inside her, but was soon gasping at the feeling of Sam’s wet tongue on her clit. Sam licked Bucky’s cum off of her pussy like a starved man, moaning at the taste while his full lips sucked on her bundle of nerves. He was devouring her. The quivers Sam was sending through her body fueled her energy as she started bouncing herself up and down Bucky’s length again. She needed to cum and she needed it bad.
“Fuck, I love you, guys,” she sobbed, resting her head back on Bucky’s shoulder.
She whined when she felt Sam’s tongue leave her, but when she heard Bucky almost squeal behind her, she smiled. Sam’s tongue was swirling around Bucky’s tight rim. He then started directly licking at him, and prodding at his hole with the wet tip of his hot tongue.
Bucky was panting again, hips thrusting up into his girl, chasing another orgasm. His dick was sensitive but he felt too good to care. The way she sang his name like a prayer as he fucked her only made him go faster, and Sam’s tongue trailing from Bucky’s hole to her cock-filled pussy lips to finish at her clit made them both gasp and sob. They were crying out in pleasure, eyes shut and muscles stiffening.
“Fuck! Fuck! Don’t stop please!” Neither of the men knew who she was talking to, but neither had the intention of stopping until she was cumming anyway.
Sam kept licking long strips up and down both her and Bucky until she couldn’t take it anymore. She was moaning and screaming for them, one of her hands resting on top of Sam’s head as the other held Bucky's thigh.
“Oh my-” she mewled as Bucky repeatedly thrust into her g-spot. Her toes were curling when she turned to kiss Bucky’s swollen lips.
“You feel so good inside me. Filling me up so good, Buck,” she whispered against his lips.
The intense pleasure and Bucky’s sensitivity made more tears leave his blue eyes and she made sure to kiss them all away.
Bucky’s breath shuddered at the praise, his thrusts becoming more frantic.
“Make our girl cum, Buck,” Sam said, his hot lips on Bucky’s tight hole and his thumb circling her clit.
Bucky cursed at the feeling, his eyes rolling to the back of his head, “Cum for us, princess. Soak my cock.”
Her orgasm and Sam’s relentless licking at his hole triggered Bucky’s own as he filled her up with his cum for the second time.
“Bucky, Sam,” she whined as she toppled closer to her release.
She couldn’t hold back anymore. Her nails dug crescent shapes into Bucky’s thighs as she closed her eyes and let the euphoric shivers of her orgasm take over her body. She saw stars behind her eyelids as her back arched and her pussy clenched around Bucky’s overstimulated cock.
She slowly moved her exhausted self off of Bucky. He hissed as her walls dragged against him one last time.
“Sorry,” she whispered sheepishly, dropping down on her back on the bed next to him before taking hold of his hand, intertwining their fingers together. Sam silently slipped off the bed and went to the en-suite bathroom.
“It’s okay, doll. I’m sorry I scared you.” Bucky kissed her longingly. He hated making her worry and hated when she was mad at him.
Sam returned after cleaning himself up. He used one warm rag to clean her up first, earning himself a grateful kiss, which he deepened, letting her taste herself on his mouth. Sam then moved to Bucky’s side of the bed, carefully cleaning him up with the other wet rag, knowing he was still sore. Bucky hissed and Sam pecked his lips once, twice, thrice, four times to distract him. Bucky blushed at the aftercare. It made his insides warm and fuzzy; he felt loved, safe and cared about.
She sat up, pouring Bucky water in the glass on the bedside table, holding his head up off the pillow and helping him drink it. She kissed his cheek when he was done and put the glass back in place.
“Promise me and Sam you’ll be more careful.” She turned to Bucky, her eyes soft and pleading, one hand on his beard.
“I promise, doll.” Bucky kissed her forehead, looking back up at Sam, smiling when the latter nodded in unvoiced forgiveness.
“I love you two so much,” Sam sighed, slipping under the covers on his side of the bed, trapping her between her favourite soldiers.
“I love you too, Sam,” she and Bucky both said in unison, chuckling at themselves before a yawn escaped Bucky’s lips.
“Go to bed, love. It’s been a long night,” she told him, brushing his hair out of his face.
“Cuddle me?” Bucky gave her his best puppy eyes.
“Spoon me?” she turned to ask a smiling Sam with the same puppy eyes.
“Would be my pleasure, baby.” Sam pressed his chest to her back, draping an arm over her waist as his knee slipped between her legs. She kissed Sam’s cheeks, nose, forehead and lips, making him chuckle before she turned to face Bucky.
She laid her head on Bucky’s chest, giving it a kiss, her arm wrapped around his torso and one leg sprawled over his nearer thigh.
Bucky sighed in content, not caring about the fact that they were sleeping like a bunch of tangled limbs; he was happy. He had them now and he was loved. They were his home.
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benignbucky · a month ago
on the second episode of alix's bucky thirst posts:
aka a mostly sub!bucky headcannon
warnings: smut (kinda) minors DNI, dom/sub dynamic, sub!bucky x dom!reader, needy!bucky, teasing, pet names (good boy and baby), praise kink, use of restraints, begging
Tumblr media
bucky may be a switch but he definitely prefers being a dom. after being controlled and brainwashed for 70 years, he usually likes to be the one in control.
but on occasion he likes letting go, letting his partner be in charge because in reality he would be more in control of the situation (as 99.99999% of kink is)
this usually ends up with bucky on his knees, begging for something... anything.
his almost glossy blue eyes looking up at you out of need.
'i promise I'll be good, please touch me'
only to be denied again, giving you the most pitiful look
only then do you slowly touch him, only brushing your fingertips over his cheeks, shoulders, chest, and going lower at a painfully slow rate
he's practically whimpering when you trace over the place he wants you most but you're only there for a second before you're pulling him up and pushing him on the bed
but to his surprise, you're handcuffing him to the headboard
with his metal arm, he could break out without batting an eye but he was a good boy. your good boy.
a simple, 'are you gonna be a good boy and keep your hands up here?' and he's letting out a pathetic little whimper before nodding.
'use your words, baby. you know i like hearing you'
squeezing his eyes together, he musters up a 'i'll be a good boy and keep my hands up here, i promise'
and with that, you straddle him and rake your nails down his chest, only hard enough to see streaks of pink
and obviously he groans at the contact barely able to keep his hands above his head
most of the time he obeys
other times he'll break the cuffs and flip the two of you over, not being able to contain himself as he absolutely ravishes you for teasing him
so yeah... bucky is mostly a dom but he enjoyed times like these too
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