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Tumblr media
Feeling really inspired rn
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Take Care Of You (Part 1)
Tumblr media
Relationship: Sub!Loki x Reader
Summary: You give a massage to the touch starved God Of Mischief and soon realize that under his dominating exterior lies a prince just wanting to be taken care of.
A/N: I went ahead and tagged some accounts that liked my prompt post
Warnings: NSFW, SMUT, 18+, minors DNI! Handjob, teasing, genital contact, mentions of oral sex (female receiving).
“Loki?” You lifted your head to see him rubbing his neck. He had been doing that all day, and now his face was contorted with pain.
“Sorry, Y/N.” Placing the book he was reading on the desk, he leaned forward with a sigh. You sat up on the sofa and made your way to sit at the edge of his desk, right near his seat. “Thor threw me into a wall and I’ve had this kink in my neck. Goes all the way down my back.”
You blinked. “When the hell did Thor throw you into a wall?”
“Last week, during sparing.” Oh. Last week when you were on earth for your monthly reports.
“Why haven’t you visited a healer?” Loki shrugged and looked down, which brought you to his first bad habit: Loki liked to punish himself. Whether it was gluttony or a deeper reason, of which you were sure it was the latter, you hated it all the same. Loki was too stubborn to get his injury checked out, which meant you would have to step in. “Does it hurt bad?”
“Can I see if I can help?”
“I—” Loki hesitated, displaying yet another trait of his you had deduced; he was weird with touch. He absolutely hated being touched by people he did not fancy. There was only a handful of people he would allow to touch him, and even then, his discomfort would still show. Luckily for you, you were one of the people he did allow.
“It’s fine, Loki,” you told him. “I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.” He started.
“You didn’t. I guess…”. He shrugged his shoulders. “I suppose you can go ahead. Maybe there is a Midgardian remedy we have not yet come across.” You chuckled, because you knew he was teasing, and moved to stand behind him. Your hands rested on his shoulders, and he jumped.
“Hey,” you said gently, “it’s just me.” You let the thumb and heel of your right-hand press into the back of his neck. Resistance met your skin. “You have a knot here,” you told him. “It goes down your back?”
“All the way to my tail bone.” You winced and began kneading the back of his neck in circles.
“Thor really fucked you up, huh?” Loki grunted in response. “Would you like a massage?”
“A massage,” you enunciated. “It’s where you use your hands to rub and knead—”
Loki cut you off with a snort. “I know what a massage is, dove. Why do you want to give me one?”
“Because your back is messed up,” you emphasized your point with a shake of his shoulders. “My aunt taught me how to. I’m pretty good at it, if I do say so myself.”
“Hmm.” Loki tilted his head back against the top of the chair to look you in the eyes. You felt yourself shiver beneath his intense stare. “And who is there to vouch for you?”
“Every guy I’ve ever dated.” You weren’t sure why, but Loki’s brow furrowed upon hearing this. “Come on,” you clapped his shoulders, “let me take care of you.” He waved a hand in the air.
“If you must.”
“You’ll have to get on the bed.” Your hands were limited with the current position you were in. His collar alone prevented you from reaching most of his neck, much less for the chair he was sitting in that cushioned his entire back. “Lie under the covers.”
Loki did as instructed. It was the first time you had seen him listen without putting up a fight. He removed his cloak and slid under the covers in his breeches and tunic. A light green shimmered over his body and soon, you were staring at the naked and surprisingly muscled back of the younger prince. Your eyebrows shot up as you surveyed the hills and valleys of his skin.
“Problem, dove?” He was smirking at you, and it made your stomach flutter.
“Yes.” You gestured to his enormous bed. With him in the centre, there was no way you were going to be able to reach him if you stood at either side. “Your bed is ridiculously huge. I’m going to have to sit on your back.”
Loki chuckled. “By all means.”
The clothing you wore proved a challenge to maneuver. As an ambassador you had to dress the part, which meant wearing whatever your ladies decided to strap you into. Today it was a light blue dress with a keyhole neckline and airy skirts. The underwear you wore was thin, mostly to keep you cool beneath the long skirts, but when you bunched your skirts up to straddle Loki’s thighs you realized it might have been a mistake.
“I’m going to touch you now,” you announced to the back of Loki’s head. He had his arms crossed on the pillows with his face buried in them. There was a bottle of lotion on Loki’s side table that you grabbed up. Once your poured the lotion in your hands and rubbed them together, you placed both your palms on his back. Loki jumped at the contact. “Relax, Lokes.”
“Hmhm.” You decided to focus on his neck first. Your hands cupped his neck to allow your thumbs to rub into the knot. The muscles were tight and drawn and you sensed Loki tense in pain. A little kneading got the resistance to disappear and then his entire body relaxed with a sigh.
“How’s that?”
“Good,” Loki moaned. You bit your lip and continued working his neck. Every circle of your fingers relaxed his body even more until he was laying loose beneath you. With his neck free, you started to move to his back.
“Going to your back now, okay?” There was no reply. “Hey,” you stroked the hair at the nape of his neck and felt him shiver. “You falling asleep on me?”
Loki turned his face to the side. “Your tiny hands feel so wonderful I just might.” His voice was thicker than you had ever heard. With a hum, you used your hands to spread lotion down his back. His muscles quivered. You pressed your palms into a particularly tough knot in the centre of his back, massaging with gentle motions. A little more pressure had it giving way beneath your palms. “Fuck!”
The quiet expletive made you stop. “Loki, you good? Did I hurt you?” The only response was a weak shake of his head. Confused, you continued your task. Most of his muscles were already finished and there was only one area of his back that needed fixing, right above his ass. The sheets covered it, and only his lower back was visible. You ran your hands down to the skin and once again, he jumped. “Lokes?”
He moaned. “S-sorry.” Again, his tone confused you. It was breathy, shallow, like he was struggling to breathe. “I’ll stay still.”
“Loki, you can move.” The tips of your thumbs pressed together as they slid down his smooth back. “I just want to make sure I’m not hurting you.” His skittishness was blowing your mind. Loki was a lot of things but shy was not one of them. That, coupled with the change in his breathing, was really throwing you off, and it was not until your hands pressed into the flesh of his lower back did you start to get an inkling of why.
Your fingers locked together and rubbed a circle on his skin. As you did so, you felt his thighs tense. The close proximity of your core to his legs made you tense as well. Ignoring the feelings coursing through you, you applied more pressure on his lower back. This time, Loki pressed his hips into the bed.
What was that? Piqued, you repeated your actions. You smirked when Loki’s hips made a full circle against the bed. A light gasp left his lips as the action ended, as though he could not believe what he had just done.
A wicked smile lit up your face.
“Lokiiii,” you sang. The tips of your fingers danced up his sides. His skin rippled beneath them. “Is this turning you on, my prince?” He did not reply. “It seems like it is. Look at you,” you could not resist wriggling your hips against him. A hitch of his breath had you biting your lip. “Is that why you’ve been so silent, my prince? Am I turning you on?”
It was quick, his confession—just a bob of his head—but you caught it.
“It’s okay,” you told him. You wiped your hands on the sheets of his bed and leaned down to his ear. “Turn over,” you whispered, “let me see.”
“I said turn over, my prince.” He obeyed this time. You lifted your hips so he could turn over and planted yourself back on his lower stomach. His hard length strained against your ass beneath the sheets. Pink dusted the sides of his cheeks. “Don’t be embarrassed,” you rested your hands on his pecs. Your nails raked down his chest as you leaned forward to speak in his ear again. “Didn’t I tell you I would take care of you?” He nodded. “Are you going to be good for me?”
“Yes,” he whimpered.
“Good boy.” Your tongue flicked out against the shell of his ear. While he was distracted with your ministrations, you slid your hips back and onto his bulge. He hissed as your cores connected, hands going to your waist. He bucked up into you, but you swatted at his hands. “No.”
“No?” he furrowed his brow. His eyes were lidded as you rocked your hips against him.
“Hands behind your head, my prince. They will stay like that for the entire night or I’ll leave this room and leave you,” you pressed your hips down deeper and he cried out, “all alone. Is that clear?”
“Yes.” His hands locked behind his head. You never would have thought the prince of lies would have a submissive side, but you had to admit it was a fun revelation. Loki had long caught your eye and if he needed you to help him out, you were glad to oblige. Feeling cheeky, you reached down and cupped his bulge. He hissed and you kissed his cheek.
“Look at you,” you told him. “Such a pretty prince. You pretend to be all lonesome and stoic but really, you just want someone to take care of you, don’t you?” You cupped him harder. “Don’t you?”
“Y-yes,” he choked out. The veins in his arms stood out with tension. “P-please take care of me.”
“You’re so pretty when you beg, my prince.” Flattening your hand against his chest, you slid it down and beneath the sheets. You grasped him suddenly and felt his hips thrust into your hand. “No, none of that.” You sat back up and on his thighs. The sheets were removed, giving you a view of his penis. The head was red with need and precum leaked from the tip. A thick vein running down the side of it had you licking your lips in glee.
“Y/N?” You looked up to see Loki staring at you with pleading eyes. His pupils were blown, and you could barely see the green in them. “Touch me? P-please?”
“Of course, sweet boy.” You wrapped your hand around around his length and began to pump. The remnant lotion lubricated him well, allowing your hand to slide over his shaft easily. Loki’s lips parted in an ‘O’ and you could not help yourself. You leaned forward and pressed your lips to his. He was shocked, but not so much that he did not kiss you back.
You let your tongue slide into his mouth. Loki tasted like cardamom and ginger. His taste was in your mouth and his scent was in your head and your hand was on his cock and you felt so good. Loki felt good too, so good that he forgot your rule. His hand, which was supposed to remain under his head, became tangled in your hair.
“Loki…” You released his cock. “What was the rule?”
“I’m sorry,” he whined.
“And you were so close too,” you shook your head as you got off of him.
“Y/N, wait!” He reached out to you. “Don’t go. Please!”
“I’m not going anywhere, sweet boy.” You reached under your skirts to pull your underwear off. Hunger entered Loki’s eyes as he spied the lace lying in his floor. “I’m just getting comfortable. Lay back, pretty prince.” He did as he was told, and you straddled him again. “Now, I’m going to slide my pussy against your cock, and you’re not allowed to cum. That’s your punishment for disobeying me. Do you understand?”
He swallowed thickly. “Yes.”
“Good boy.” You kissed his cheek. “Hands behind your head, sweet boy. And remember, you can’t cum unless I say so.” Your hips slid back until your pussy met his cock. His length split your folds and your wetness allowed you to slide over him. A moan left your lips as his shaft brushed your clit. You weren’t sure how much longer you could keep this up. Loki was insanely attractive to you, and he felt exquisite. It was a struggle for you to not switch off and beg him to fuck you senseless.
The only bright side was that he was struggling too. The muscles of his arms stood out with the effort it took not to touch you. He was biting his lip to stifle his moans, and his face was red with the effort to not cum all over himself.
“How are we doing, sweet boy?” Sweat gathered on his forehead. His breathing was ragged, and his eyes were heavy lidded. Loki could barely even speak as you stroked his cock with your folds.
“Need to cum,” he whimpered. “Please.”
Had you been a meaner person, you would have ignored him. The power you had over him was not something you were willing to give up. However, you were nearing you end too, and Loki looked so pretty beneath you that you just had to give in. “Okay,” you told him, “here’s what’s going to happen. You’re going to use those long fingers to rub my clit and make me cum. When I cum, so can you. Okay, pretty boy?”
Loki’s hand flew to your clit eagerly. He found it in a snap and began playing you like a fiddle. Your back arched off of him with a curse. “Fuck!” You circled your hips against him with a newfound ferocity. His cock throbbed between your folds. Whether Loki need to cum that badly, or if he was just that good with his hands, you didn’t know.
All you knew was that your body was on fire. You couldn’t think straight. Your pussy was throbbing, and Loki’s length felt so good. His fingers on your clit were making your head spin. A tingle ran up your spine and pressure built in your lower stomach. It curled and coiled, tighter and tighter and tighter until your head snapped back, and you came with a yell.
Loki was right behind you. He gripped your hips and bucked up into you with a loud moan. It reverberated through the room. Cum spurted against your ass and you knew you both had just made a big mess. You flopped forward against his chest. His lips found yours and captured them between his own. The kiss was less sexually charged than before, but pleasurable nonetheless, and there was a blissful look in his eyes when you pulled back. He looked at you like a blind man might look at the sun upon having his sight restored.
Your fingers found his hair and threaded themselves through the thick locks. You had always wondered what they felt like. “Back feel better?” He nodded. “Good.” You got to your knees and settled your thighs on either side of his head. A spark of lust entered Loki’s eyes. “Now show me what else that silver tongue can do, sweet boy.”
Part 2
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| loki x reader | smut |
anon requested. Loki decides to be submissive to the reader & Loki with a pain kink
Tumblr media
You leaned back against the curved, bronze wall. Loki was on his knees before you, pleading like a desperate man. The fires in the half-domes glittered in the reflection of your eyes, somehow making you appear harsher to the young god.
“It aches, mistress.”
You frowned at Loki, waving your fingers. His clothing vanished in a shimmer of black, exposing him entirely to your gaze. He was all angles— fair skin and sharp edges and strong muscles.
“I don’t care that it aches. Baby, I want to hurt you.”
“Hurt me. Please,” he begged, almost surprising you.
His pain kink was certainly no secret, but he rarely asked so boldly. You almost admired his forwardness, though it faded as the role of a harsh dominant settled over you.
“You’re so bratty.”
You pulled hard at his black hair, forcing the god to look up at you. He was naked, kneeling, and embarrassed, completely exposed to your every whim.
“I’m not—”
He was interrupted by your palm connecting sharply with his cheek, the grip on his hair the only thing keeping him from knocking over from the force.
“And a liar too.”
A wail ripped from the god’s chest as you slipped a cockring on him, effectively halting his pleasure.
“Don’t cry, I’m only giving you what you deserve,” you yanked on his hair, his wet eyes wide and glassy and so unmistakably innocent, despite the compromising position.
“What do you want? Say it.”
“I want you to hurt me,” he repeated in a whimper, burning with shame from being made to speak his desires.
A cold, sizzling whip solidified in your hands, made of black, burning seidr. A choked whine caught in his throat, and the mere sight of the whip had him dripping onto his thighs.
“Are you going to be quiet? Or will I have to gag that lying mouth?” You questioned, giving him a chance to answer.
“I’ll be quiet,” he whispered, his voice weak from the brutal anticipation.
His entire body flinched as you cracked the whip down as hard as you could against the floor beside him, centimeters from the milky skin of his thigh.
“Hold still.”
“Yes, mistress,” he mewled, blue eyes nervously following your movements.
His entire body jolted as your whip came down against his backside, his hands going forward to the golden floors.
You waited only a few seconds before striking him again, a loud cry escaping the god’s lips. He wanted this, he needed the pain to purge the emotions that were twisting inside of him.
Being whipped was cathartic for Loki, and you were more than willing to aide him, having a soft spot for seeing Loki on his knees before you.
He was far less majestic this way— kneeling on the floor instead of perched on the throne. He was nude and shaking, his cock an angry, desperate crimson.
“Do you wish to be touched?”
“Yes, please!”
“Then you shouldn’t have lied to me,” your voice was cold, the black cord snapping against his thighs, dangerously close to his groin.
Thin, red welts began to raise on his skin, left in the wake of being struck. He was shaking, partially from pain, and partially from euphoria, and the angst pouring out of him.
You were nearly startled by how aroused he was from being beaten and dominated, and he would’ve come with every sharp word from your lips if you hadn’t slid a ring on him.
You watched him, the whip vanishing from your hand. His gorgeous eyes snapped open as you pulled the ring off, freeing him from the constraint. Your voice was far more gentle when you spoke to Loki, encouraging him to let go as your hand stroked him. You squeezed lightly, applying a bit of pressure that sent Loki over the edge.
His shoulders heaved and his entire body quaked, his hand gripping your thigh as he leaned forward, making a mess all over himself.
“There,” you hummed, carefully stimulating him through the orgasm.
His dark head dropped onto your shoulder, the mess disappearing with a touch of his magic. You dragged him into your arms, threading your fingers into his hair. The two of you sat on the floor, and you brought Loki down as his lovers high crashed. 
His face was buried in your chest, clung to your body. You tilted his face up, bringing his lips to yours. 
“Thank you,” he breathed, parting his lips for you to slip your tongue in his mouth.
“Of course, my love.”
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Are You Gonna be Good, Pet?
Tumblr media
Summary | On the rare occasion that it is, Loki finally lets you be the one in charge. So, you take full advantage of it, leaving him a whimpering, moaning mess.
Relationship | Sub!Loki x dom! Fem reader
Words | 2,591 words
Warnings | 18+ NSFW, dom/sub relationship, pet names, oral (fem + male receiving), degradation, praise, pet play, pain kink, mommy kink, breeding kink, bulge kink, size kink, orgasm control/edging, territorial kink(?), cum play(if you squint), squirting, soft dom reader(at times), dacryphilia
Notes | if hell is a real place, this is definitely my one way ticket.
Loki wasn’t exactly glutton for being subordinate. Due to his upbringing, he craved control. It made him feel strong, powerful, worthy even. But sometimes, if you pouted just enough, maybe be a little extra nice, he would fold and give in to your desires. Despite the big, bad, and bold persona he portrayed, Loki is quite soft underneath. He just wants to be coddled and loved, you knew that. And so did he.
You watched as Loki frantically took several steps back, surprised by your dominance. You didn’t tell them when you were going to do this, so he just existed anxiously for the past two weeks. Fear, but also excitement, swirled through their irises as they obeyed. His legs hit the base of your shared bed and fell onto the ottoman, not expecting it to come so soon.
You could see the anticipation in his eyes as you sauntered over to him. If he wants it, he’s gonna have to earn it. Up close and personal now, you heard the sharp intake of breath as your hands withdrew a collar from behind your back. If anything, your baby is more than predictable.
“You want it?”
Loki nodded his head desperately, a small whimper escaping his lips.
“Words, pet.”
“Yes. Please.”
“Good boy.” You wrapped the collar around his neck, securing it with the designated lock. His eyes follow the key as you clasped the chain around your neck again. Pets like shiny things, don’t they?
“Now, pet, have you been good lately?”
“So good. I promise.”
You could see his cock straining in his trousers, just by your presence. Oh he’s desperate, just the way you like it.
“So good, what?”
“Mommy. I’ve been so good lately.”
You grinned, knowing this was a lie. You reached down, palming him through his pants. He whimpered, losing his breath from your feather light touch.
“Well, then why did I hear you in the shower two days ago, hm? A whimpering, moaning mess all without me. You know you’re not supposed to disobey me, baby,” you whispering in his ear. Your breath tickled their skin, causing a shiver to climb its way up their spine.
“Mommy, that was—”
“A colossal error. Next time, be quieter dove. I should just not let you cum right? It’d only be fair.” You could see the panic start to set in, knowing the bargaining would come next.
“Darling, please. I—”
“Kneel,” you interrupted.
Quickly, as though it were second nature, they kneeled before you. You liked this angle very much, especially because it was Loki. He looked so small this way, a large contrast from the massive(different, yet equally exciting) way he looks above you when you’re being fucked stupidly. They would go on and on about how “Gods don’t kneel” and other bullshit. But you knew better. Everyone, even a god, has their weaknesses and Loki’s was you. With a single stroke, he could be putty in your hands.
“You know what to do. Now be a good boy, and maybe I’ll let you cum.”
Loki grinned, excited by his next task. You knew it wasn’t exactly a punishment, for it was abundantly clear how much he desired to give you pleasure on a daily basis. He could be quite the giver. Loki’s strong hands caressed your ass, ready to worship you. His finger wrapped around the hem of your underwear and he whimpered when he caught sight of your glistening folds. You could’ve sworn he might’ve just came right then and there.
Like a man on the brink of starvation, he dived into your core. If anything, he was quite gifted. No one said he had a sharp tongue without reason. He moaned at the first taste, causing vibrations to echo through your body. You loved to watch his eyes roll back while eating you out. Many times over, he’s exclaimed how you would be his last meal of given the change.
His expert tongue lapped at your clit, nearly causing your knees to buckle at the overwhelming pleasuring. He then slipped a finger inside you, and you cried at the feeling of him beginning to fill you up. You could her his faint snicker at your reaction, pushing him to slip in another just so he can hear your moans get louder. Your moans were like music to his ears, his favorite sound, or so that’s what he’s told you.
“Loki, ‘m gonna cum. Fuck I’m—”
The air knocked out of you when he began to curl his fingers inside of you, increasing the pace. Fucking hell, he was so good at this. Your moans mixed with his, echoing around the four walls of your bedroom. You were glad that you lived lavishly; for if you had a regular apartment, you were sure to received hundreds of noise complaints by now.
He began to hum into your pussy, his tongue getting faster and your whimpers becoming more desperate. You could feel your stomach tightening, the orgasm building slowly but surely. He began to suck on your clit, fingers moving so rapidly that you were sure your juices had leaked down his arm by now. Your orgasm came sooner than you expected, the ballon popping and your legs starting to give out from the strength. Loki, as per usual, held you up, continuing to suck and help your ride out your first orgasm of the night.
“Good boy,” you said breathlessly.
You sit down on the ottoman, watching Loki as he pulled his fingers into his mouth. They moaned at the taste, and you could see the precum leaking from their tip in the obvious outline of their hardened cock.
“You want mommy to take care of that?,” you asked, pointing to the bulge. He nodded of course, desperate for any kind of relief.
“Remember, you don’t cum until I say so.”
He nodded, sitting next to you and waiting for instruction. You straddled his legs, grinding your hips onto his lap to provide some relief. Loki moaned at the feeling, but it paled in comparison to the feeling of your warm, velvet walls wrapped tightly around him.
You unbutton his shirt almost painfully slow, not forgetting to stop your hips at certain moments when it sounded like he was on the brink of orgasm. Not yet. He whined every time, but a sharp look kept him quiet. Then you unbuckled his pants, watching his cock spring free from its confines. Your mouth begins to water, desperate to take him.
Staring at his long, thick, pink cock, you struggle to maintain self control. This wasn’t part of the plan, but you can’t help yourself. Just a taste. You lick a long strip up his shaft, staring up a Loki with big, dark eyes. Your tongue swirls around the tip, swallowing the precum there. Loki exhales with pleasure, watching with bated breath for your next move. Deciding to tease them for a little, you take him completely, feeling his shaft glide down your throat. You bob your head, moaning around him as you watch his eyes roll back. Loki mutters a string of curses under their breath, their hips lifting from the bed and trying to fuck your face. It’s a shame you have to stop, you know he’s close. With that, you move your mouth off of him, making a pop sound.
You saunter over to the bed, beginning to lay down. He wines from behind and you give him a stern look. Immediately, he shuts up.
“Are you gonna be good, pet?”
“Yes mommy.”
“C’mere then.”
Loki walks over to like a scolded child, laying between your legs and waiting for your next instruction. You motion to your breasts and he smiles. He’s so typical. He grabs your breasts with both hands, playing with your nipples and sending you into euphoria. Then, he latched onto one, using his gifted tongue to make you impossibly wetter. He moans, sending vibrations through your body. The sight of their mouth of you, indulging in you like they’re not as desperate to cum as you know they are, is obscene. You’d snap a picture if you could. But you have to stop, know that you’d come if you didn’t. You don’t wanna cum again before you get to feel him fill you up.
You pull him by the collar, ripping his lips from your nipples up to your mouth. The kiss is sloppy, but as passionate as can be. Teeth crashing, tongue swirling, and spit everywhere, just the way it’s intended to be. You break the kiss, breathless and head swimming with ideas.
“You gonna let mommy ride you?
Loki whimpers at the thought, nodding his head vigorously.
“Turn over then.”
Loki doesn’t have to be told twice. Quick and desperate, he rolls the two of you over before scooting to the head of the bed frame. He knows you like the leverage when fucking his brains out. You straddle him, grinding your hips over his, skin to skin. You grind on his shaft, just so he can feel how wet you are. It drives him crazy, you’re fully aware of this fact. It takes everything for you not to sink onto him right now, filling you up just the way you need him to. But patience is a virtue.
You begin to suck on his neck, creating an array of purple bruises that will contrast beautifully with his pale skin. He’d wear them proudly of course, showing them off like territorial markings. I’ve been claimed, he’d let everyone know. And none of you can convince me otherwise. Mine, all mine. His fingers press deep into your hips, a grip so hard that you’re sure it’ll leave deep and dark bruises. It hurts, but you don’t mind. He’s desperate, and desperate boys listen well. Finally, you’d had enough. You grab Loki’s cock, watching his face as you sink onto him.
“Shit,” the two of you say in unison.
His head falls back against the bed frame, giving you full access to reach your hands around his throat. There’s a glimmer in his eyes as you squeeze gently, not enough for him to pass out but just hard enough to give a light headed feeling.
“You like when mommy chokes you? Huh, pet?”
“Yes mommy,” giving you want you wanted.
“Good boy.”
You begin to slam down on his cock, hard and slow thrusts. You can feel him hit the right spot over and over again, leaving you breathless. Loki smirks at you, watching you fall apart above him. He reaches forward to press his hand on your stomach, feeling and seeing his cock as it hits your cervix.
Just as your legs begin to grow weak, the grip on your hip tightens, letting you know how close he is. So you stop. Loki damn near has a heart attack, eyes screaming with rage. Tears begin to pool in their eyes, the agony of another ruined orgasm getting to be too much. He wouldn’t dare say anything however. The more he protests is the longer he goes without an orgasm .
“What did I say?”
“No coming until I say so,” they respond quietly.
You begin to feel a little bit bad, knowing how badly he wants to cum. You ruined your own orgasm in the process, so you kind of understand. But it must be awful feeling the way your pussy squeezes around him, knowing there’s nothing he can do about it.
“You look so pretty when you cry, my love.” You wipe away Loki’s tears, peppering kisses along their jaw to soothe the ache.
“You wanna cum badly, don’t you?”
“Okay.” His eyes perk up at your response, the light returning.
You hop off, immediately feeling empty, and roll onto your back. Spreading your legs, Loki looks at you with the intent to ravish you.
“Fuck me until I cry, pet. And then, I’ll let you come.”
Loki lays above you, resting between your thighs. He peppers kisses along your neck and chest, making his mark all over you. Hands roam, trying to feel as much of you as possible. While sucking your breasts to create the beautiful marks only he can see, his hand wanders down to your core. Two fingers slip inside of you, curling at just the right angle. You know exactly what they’re trying to do, and oh my god is it working. Nothing but the sound of skin to skin contact echos around the bedroom as Loki does the one thing you know can’t be done without him.
He can feel the way your walls squeeze his fingers as he moves faster, letting him know your close.
“Are you close, pretty girl?”
Dom Loki has returned for a moment, but you know that your pet will be back soon. Nothing but desperate cries and whimpers leave your mouth as you nod vigorously. Words are too much to communicate right now. Tears pool in your eyes and stream down your face, the pleasure beginning to be unbearable as the rubber band in your core stretches beyond comprehension. And then it snaps, causing you to squirt all over Loki’s hand and your sheets.
You lay your head back, catching your breath before the two of you continue. No matter how many times you cum on your own, nothing will ever be like that and you know it. Your boyfriend has quite the magical hands. When you feel rejuvenated, you pull them by the collar into a kiss.
“Remember what I said?” Loki nods obediently, sinking into you until you can feel him in your cervix. This new angle leaves the both of you breathless and ready to orgasm already.
“Fuck, you’re so tight.”
It starts off kind of slow and sensual as you adjust to his large size. No matter how often they fuck you, there will always need to be adjustment. If not, Loki might just split you in two and put you in a wheelchair. Not that you’d mind really.
“Faster, harder, please,” you choke out.
Loki’s hips pick up the pace, slamming into and leaving you breathless every time he pulls out. He grabs onto the headboard for leverage, nearly sending you into a coma with the overwhelming pleasure you’re receiving. His other hand reaches down to your clit, rubbing circles on your most sensitive bud. Fucking hell, he’s so good at this. You can feel the orgasm building.
“Shit, Loki you feel so fucking good. Your cock fills me up so well,” you exclaim.
“Yeah? It’s yours Angel, all yours. Fuck.”
“Shit, I’m close. So close.”
“Me too,” he responds out of breath.
“You wanna cum in mommy? Hm? You want that, pet?
Loki nods with desperation, and you know how badly he wants to make you a real mommy. Despite being on birth control, the excitement and danger is real nonetheless.
“Cum in me. Fill me up, please. I want it so badly,” you cry with unwavering neediness.
Loki rubs your clit faster, riding you into your orgasm while his hips begin to stutter. Soon enough you’re cumming at the same time, screaming his name. He presses onto your stomach, aiding your orgasm and feeling himself as he shoots warm, hot spurts into your cervix. He pulls out, watching as his cum spills out of you with delight. He’ll never get tired of that, knowing how full you feel with his cum clinging to your velvet walls.
“Was I a good boy?”
“So good, pet. So good.”,
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kneel-bitches · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
PROMPT: Literally just this song to be honest, so definitely listen to it.
PAIRINGS: Sub Loki Laufeyson & Dom Female Reader
WARNINGS: 18+ sexual content, oral (male receiving), slight orgasm denial, little bit of degradation, MOMMY KINK (i know, crazy right???), basically just a whole lot of filth that I never thought I'd ever write in my life.
A/N: Apparently I woke up horny, so here you go guys! Some good ol' sub Loki, because there's not nearly enough. Hopefully it's not totally terrible :')
Tumblr media
All thoughts are abandoned once you feel your knees begin to give, threatening to submit to Loki’s hands that greedily fall to your face, cupping your cheeks in desperation. Against your skin, they feel like ice, simultaneously fuelling the warmth that pools between your legs and the shivers that sprint along your spine, making you sigh against their owner’s face, reaching for the fabric of his shirt.
Hastily you bundle it in your hands, using the sudden force of grip to pull him closer, as you feel his breath line the length of your face. “Thought you said this couldn’t happen again.” Loki chuckles darkly, looking down to watch you dip towards his neck, lightly taking a bit of skin between your teeth before releasing and kissing the wound.
“It can’t,” you admit.
It can’t, but it will, because you’re weak —too weak to ignore the feverish thoughts you get whenever you’re forced to be around him, unable to escape.
Because he’s got a hold on you that nobody else does; a way of coaxing you out of the usual professional shell that never seemed to falter.
Before him you were normal, patient and appropriate, forever fuelling your desires in ways you were meant to. You were everything you wanted to be: a hero, a friend, a person people could look to and know they were good.
Now though, with your hands roaming to unbutton his shirt and your lips locked tenderly against his throat, sucking forth blooming bruises, you’re anything but.
Because now instead of innocence, you’re just sin, wrapped up tightly in a fancy dress looking to get fucked by a man who consistently betrays your trust.
It’s a mistake you constantly make whenever he offers you that usual look of interest. That one where he seeks you out among the crowded room, upturning his lips with the cock of his head. It brings you to your knees every time; moistens your lips and tightens your chest.
And without fail you always answer —responding to the question in the form of quick strides that follow him into the deepest corners of the compound, hidden from the rest of the team like you’re teenagers again.
Except instead of young love, there’s only lust. Primal instincts that make you impatiently rip the buttons from his shirt and slide your hands across his bare chest, moving your mouth further down the plane of his alabaster skin, as if to worship his structure.
Loki’s chest heaves into a sigh the further you move down, reaching to grip the roots of your hair, tightening around them as he feels your fingers flow down to hold his hip and palm his cock, eliciting from him the very air he breathes.
“Couldn’t wait another second, could you, pet?” Slowly, his hand moves from your head to your neck once you’re fully kneeling on the ground, pausing to rest at the nape as he watches you wildly grin and run your fingers across the front of his pants.
“You kept looking at me.” Applying a bit of pressure, you tease him and trail your palm back and forth, releasing and holding the bulge that practically aches for your presence, forcing yourself not to laugh at the way he grinds against you.
“You wore the dress I like.” Forcing himself to share your grin through staggered breathes, Loki pushes himself further against you, placing a steady palm against the hallway wall as the feeling of building force radiates through his sex, begging for more.
“This old thing?” You raise your brow and bite your lip, watching his lips distressingly part, showing you that he needs more than you’re giving him.
Which is too bad considering how nice he looks right now, struggling to subdue the obvious demand for you to fuck him. He looks so small despite his tall stature —so weak and pathetic under your touch, that as you let your fingers rise to unclasp the buckle of his belt, you wish you could keep him like this forever. Wish you could just draw this whole thing out and make him wait for as long as you’re able so that the chorus of heavy breaths and saddened whimpers can remain full in your ears.
Because you love the sound of them —love how powerful they make you feel, because for once they’re confirmations instead of contradictions; praises instead of critiques; reverberations of positivity.
When he’s like this you’re his equal and you can do whatever you want with him, so long as the result remains the same, and it’s a feeling you’ll forever crave; being able to overthrow a God.
“Somebody’s desperate tonight.” Slowly, you slide his belt from the loops of his slacks and toss it beside you before looking up to see narrowed eyes full of agitation.
“Wouldn’t have to be if you’d just hurry up.”
Clicking your tongue against the roof of your mouth, you shake your head and pout, immediately stopping your movements in protest. “Naughty boys don’t get to hurry, baby, you know that,” you chastise, and immediately he frowns, craning his neck to better look at the smirk you’re trying to hide beneath your pushed out lip.
He hates it when you do that —when you switch to control him in that way he can’t control back. It makes him feel so unlike himself, because at this point sex with you isn’t just sex, it’s is an addiction. No longer is it just a casual course of action —an entertaining task of physical exertion— but instead a never-ending habit he can’t quite kick; the back of his mind always filled to the brim with thoughts of you and that tongue.
At this point it’s his only weak point. His Achilles heel. He needs your touch as much as he needs food or air, and it’s something he hates that you know, because like anyone, you use it to your advantage —to exploit his authority in ways he often dreams of.
“Sorry.” He also hates how pathetic he sounds; apologizing to you for a tone he’s constantly uses.
Outside this space he’s a God amongst men, a feared individual who strikes fear into his enemies, yet here, he’s stuck, praying you’ll take his words and deem them gracious enough to be considered worth the apology.
Here, he’s frozen in place, one hand on the wall, one hand loose against his side, desperate to touch you —for you to touch him— as he stares and breaths and waits for your undying approval.
And embarrassingly enough, despite the lack of patience that bubbles inside the depths of his throat, waiting to be released, Loki knows he’ll wait. He’ll wait and wait and wait until you’ve forgiven him, because it’s all he’s able to do when he sees the contemplative look that brushes your features when he says that he’s sorry, and that hint of mischief coats your eyes before the acceptance pulls through and your hands return to their previous homes.
Gently they unbutton his slacks, slide down the zipper and silently move to his hips to push down both his underwear and pants, fully releasing the length of his cock for both of you to see, it’s end already swollen.
Both of you let out held breaths once it’s out, your eyes briefly making contact before you look back down and take the base of it in your hand, working it lightly against your palm.
Instinctively it twitches against you, pulsating against your skin, needing the friction you slowly give to test the waters.
Above you, Loki steadily breathes, in through the nose and out through the mouth, eyes locked on your lips and how he can see saliva collecting at the edges.
Just the sight makes a slight whine escape his lips, forcing you to look back up again. “Oh, sweetheart, I know, I know,” you coo, carefully placing a quick open mouthed kiss to his tip, watching the way he immediately presses his lips together and closes his eyes. “Mommy’s gonna make you feel good, okay? You just have to be patient.”
He knows you’re telling the truth —knows that even though he feels his whole body tightening each time he convulses, that you’ll treat him good, so he nods.
Except that just won’t do, you think, sliding your hand further up to trail your thumb across the space you kissed, feeling him push against you at the same time a raspy moan sounds through the air. “You gotta use your words, Lo,” you tell him, “Gotta tell me what you want.”
At that point Loki doesn’t care what you do to him, so long as he gets to come, which causes the silence between you to brew as he thinks of all the ways you could do it, prompting you to slow your movements and smirk.
“C’mon, baby.” Torturously, you press your mouth against his cock again, playfully licking the end in between words, stopping the movement of your hand all together. "Use that dumb little brain of yours.”
At this, Loki swallows hard, his eyes searching your face, taking in the way your grin grows large and wet before eventually wrapping completely around him, your cheeks hollowing in the process.
It makes him want to memorize the way you look in this moment —the way your hands delicately wrap around him, frozen in time, their lack of movement making it hard for him to focus, because all he wants is for them to work —wants them to move; to grip and slide and pump him for everything he’s worth.
He wants to feel it happen, in normal speed so that the binding inside his chest can subside and the release he so miserably needs can finally have a path to take, prompting him to sigh, almost in defeat.
“Yes, mommy.” He says it in that tone you like —the one he’s been conditioned to use; all filled with thankfulness and grace. Disgustingly, it fills his mouth with promises of respect —ones he knows he’ll retract away when you inevitably part. “Please, make me come.”
Upon hearing his please, you release and pull away, thumbing the underside of his length with heavy ministrations, noticing the way he immediately bites his lip to hide those pretty little sounds of his. “Come how?”
Again, he says nothing.
“Loki, baby.” Releasing a frustrated sigh, you shake your head and absentmindedly play with the flesh in your hand, running your nails along it, squeezing and letting go, all while watching him suffer. “I won’t repeat myself again. Tell me what you need.”
“I need you to fuck me.” Thankfully, this time he wastes no time telling you as he uses his free hand to touch your face, his fingers lingering against your temple at the same time he gently bucks into your palm. “I need you to fuck me with that mouth of yours, please.”
Again, at the mention of his uncharacteristic politeness, you return all of your attention to his dick, slotting your lips over the end until he’s fully resting on your tongue and your hands are in place.
Then roughly, you move him further inside of you, resting one hand on his hip to help him jut himself forward, feeling the fullness of him inside your wanting lips.
It’s a familiar feeling, one that moistens your mouth, and dizzies your brain, making you feel almost drunk as he forces himself inside, grunting and groaning, all consciously formed thoughts thrown to the wind.
It makes you grin even harder as you lap up his juices, his body slightly shuddering against your tongue as you curl it around, drawing lines and swirls, switching positions every time he gets a little too comfortable.
“Thank-you,” he hear him say at one point, making you hungry and happy, hearing the breathlessness that accompanies his thanks, because Loki never thanks you. Not even in moments like this when you’re wrapped around his cock and both of you are coated in lust, no longer aware of the outside world. No, he always reserves those words for other people —people he likes outside the realm of sex and whatever this is between the two of you, and although you’ve always tried to ignore the way it makes you feel, right now it’s all you can think about.
Because him saying thank-you, even if just to get himself off, is almost like a blessing. It’s a right of passage and a new level of intimacy that immediately makes you desperate to please, causing you to withdraw your swollen lips and pump him harder.
“You’re being such a good boy, using your manners,” you say, gripping him so tight you can practically feel his orgasm growing —building and swelling; every muscle in his body condensing as it awaits the end.
Because inside Loki is screaming —begging for release as he outwardly pants and grabs your face, thumbing your reddened lips with curious touches that say, “please, can I come?”
At this point he doesn’t have to say anything anymore. You know and he knows, so instead you just nod, feeling his fingers dip into your mouth, prompting you to suck their ends as you continuously coast your tightened palm along his flesh until he’s whining and whimpering, thumbing your cheek in such a gentle way that, as you eventually feel the ending of his orgasm come to, you swear through your dizzying state he whispers, “I love you.”
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kinkyloki · 4 months ago
Loki in a ring gag. Breathing fast and ragged.
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aliceblisss · a month ago
Smutty Loki request? Loki comes back late from a week long mission, showered and ready to crawl into bed with his love. He’s trying to wake her gently with kisses and little nudges but she sleeps like the dead. So he goes down on her and she starts to finally wake up to a shocking and yet surprisingly strong orgasm. He doesn’t give her time to come down and starts to plow her into the mattress until she cums a few more times. He just missed his love so much.
Tumblr media
Tysm for your request!! Let’s do a Loki pov bc why not?
CW: switch loki, loki eats reader out in her sleep, oral sex (f receiving), unprotected penetrative sex, degradation, praise kink, spanking, hair pulling, Loki worshiping at y/n’s altar shsjsawjsh
Loki’s POV
A week without her presence, her touch, her voice, her warmth, is a week in agony. I had several sleepless nights because I’ve gotten so used to resting in the arms of my love.
So when I get back she’s already dead asleep but I don’t care, I just can’t wait to hold her again.
I open the door to find her sleeping peacefully. She looks so angelic you wouldn’t think she’s sinned so much in that very bed. She sins with me, and for me.
I crawl into bed beside her and hold her in my arms. The moment I feel her soft skin and smell her divine scent I feel myself harden. I’ve just missed her so much. She snuggles up on me in her sleep and lets out a soft, breathy moan; undoubtedly her body’s response to my warmth. This sent me over the edge, I have to taste her, I have to hear more of her beautiful, ethereal moans.
She’s given me her permission to do this, we’ve done it several times before and I know she loves it. I believe it would be the proper welcome.
I slither down under the covers and leave a trail of kisses down her legs. She sleeps like a rock so the only way I can wake her is with a mind-shattering orgasm. However despite her mind being far away from here her body responds to my touch.
I can hear small groans and moans coming from her as I kiss her inner thighs. Oh how I love to be suffocated by them.
The only thing separating her core from my mouth is her panties. When I pull them down I’m surprised to find she’s soaking already wet.
I laugh to myself and smile, “Even while asleep you’re wet for me”
I lick once, and I can’t help but sigh in pure bliss at her taste, her folds, her wetness. How I missed this pretty cunt. I lick twice, and this time she moans a bit louder, and her hips buckle up slightly.
Like muscle memory, her body knows I’m the one that gives her pleasure like no one ever has before or ever will. She surrendered her body to me and even her unconscious mind knows it.
I start licking and sucking more fervently, the more I taste the more I want. Her moans get louder and suddenly,
“Loki” it escapes her beautiful lips like a melody.
I look up to see if she’s awake but she’s still asleep. “Yes darling, it’s me” I reply despite her not being able to hear me. And I continue devouring her pussy.
The sweet sounds emitting from her body make my heart jump and jolt; she’s so beautiful when I’ve got her completely wrecked, overwhelmed with pleasure.
I wrap my arms around her thighs and make love to her cunt like there’s no tomorrow. Her climax is nearing; I can feel it.
Her moans are getting louder and more frequent, her body is beginning to spasm, and her hand instinctively goes to me hair and pulls on it. She can do whatever she wants to me, I am equally surrendered to her as she is to me. As a god the only one who I’d bow down to is her, the only one who can tower over me, is her.
“Oh…oh…oh!” She yells out and releases into my mouth. Her body shakes and spasms but I don’t stop.
“Oh fuck!” Sounds like she’s awake.
I detach myself from her core to meet her gaze. I smile at her and say, “Hello love, did you miss me?”
She’s still panting. It takes her a moment to fully process what’s happening. Between just waking up and coming down from her orgasm it’s safe to say she’s a big foggy.
I reach for her face with my hand and caress he cheek, “You alright darling?”
She smiles and lets out a few breathy chuckles. “Better than fine” she then pulls me in her arms and sighs.
“I’m so happy you’re back. And that was one hell of a way to say ‘honey I’m home’” she says and we both laugh.
I pull away to kiss her and absolutely melt in her arms. Oh how I missed kissing you y/n.
We break the kiss, she rests her forehead on mine. “So are you like, super tired?” She asks, in that voice she uses when she’s got something up her sleeve.
“Not really…why do you ask?”
She smiles, “Well, I have really given you your proper welcome” and then she flashes those eyes at me.
I brush the hair out of her face as we stare into each other’s eyes, “Your taste, and your sweet moans, are more than enough” I say slowly as our lips graze.
She slithers her hand down to my very erect cock, “Are you sure? Because this says otherwise”
I chuckle nervously; I’ve been caught. She palms my bulge and my eyes flutter shut. My heartbeat quickens as does my breathing.
“I wanna hear your sweet moans, my lord”. Fuck. She knows all my weaknesses.
The urge takes over completely and next thing I know I’m on top of her, kissing her hungrily. She quickly takes off my shirt and rakes her nails up my back, making me whimper in her mouth.
I start trailing kisses down her neck, her chest, on her breasts. I start licking and sucking her nipple, getting some very lewd moans from her.
“Oh fuck!” She exclaims, the more she yells the more aroused I become. Her sounds make me absolutely feral. And I could watch her face contort in pleasure forever.
She desperately pulls me up and says, no, begs, “Fuck me, please”
“As you wish darling” I give her a smirk and quickly remove the rest of my garments. “Ass up” I command and in a second she’s turned around and propped up her ass like an offering.
I softly caress her cheeks before striking once, her yelps are muffled by the pillow her head is buried in. “You should’ve seen the way your body reacted to me in your sleep” I strike again.
“You’re a desperate little slut for me aren’t you. And now you’re begging for my cock” strike again. Her ass is now pink and swollen.
I line myself up with her entrance and tease her before saying, “What is it that you want darling?”
“Please,” she’s ruined already.
“Please what?” I press my cock against her clit.
“Please fuck me!” She moans out and that is all I need. I slowly insert myself inside her. We both gasp at how good it feels.
“Hard. Fuck me hard” her voice is weak, but I understand perfectly.
As much as I want it, I hesitate, “Are you sure darling?”
She pushes her ass out more and says, “Yes!”
So I grab hold of her hair and begin fucking her, hard. Her whimpers are broken up by the force of me pushing into her. She feels so good I can’t help but moan loudly now.
“You feel s-so good love. I missed this pretty cunt” I say and she moans in response.
By this point our room is filled with the heat radiating off our bodies and the sounds we make. It’s glorious, it’s euphoric. A week’s worth of desire is about to unravel. I pick up the pace, as I can’t help it anymore, my climax is getting close.
“You gonna cum baby?” She asks, looking back at me. I nod in response, unable to form words.
She screams as she nears he climax as well. She screams as I fuck her into the bed.
“Oh!” We yell out unanimously as we both cum, both overwhelmed by a wave of pleasure. Both completely wrecked.
I fall next to her, completely out of breath, as is she. We look at each other and laugh. I take her into my arms, enjoying the feel of her skin against mine.
“I missed you so much my love”
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poetic-fiasco-library · a month ago
That Need
18+ Read On AO3
Tumblr media
Sub Loki/Female Reader
A/N:  Sometimes you need to be in control and Loki is all too willing to oblige
TW: Switch Loki, Switch Reader, Restraints, Porn, Smut, PIV Sex, Edging, Oral Sex, Body Worship, Praise Kink, (Mentioned) Choking
        Most of the time, your intimate displays of passion for one another involve you being pinned beneath him, begging for his heated touches that always carry the promise of sheer bliss while he smiles devilishly with pride at his ability to reduce you to such a wrecked, pleading mess. In these moments, you writhe beneath him while looking up at him through your tear soaked eyelashes; your own gaze holding a desperate hunger reserved for him alone as you let his name tumble from your lips between cries of pleasure from his touch. He kisses praises into your skin as he tortures you sweetly with his mouth and makes you sing with his deviously talented fingers for what seems like hours before finally giving you that first of many intense orgasms that have your body nearly melting into nonexistence. You find yourself cresting on the wave of bliss over and over again, until he finally topples over the edge into oblivion with you, his mouth on yours as you swallow each others moans while completely wrapped up in one another.
       You are happy to let him have such control, to let him tease and pleasure you until you nearly reach your breaking point, though somehow never driving you past it. Most of the time you prefer to be at his mercy, lying beneath him as he slowly takes you apart while you practically glow from his praise. He smiles down at you when you sink to your knees before him, begging to feel the weight of his cock on your tongue as he tightens his grip on your hair while you take him apart with your mouth. You love the feeling of his large hands gripping your hips tightly enough to leave bruises, or wrapped around your throat with a gentle pressure that has you seeing stars behind your eyelids while he thrusts into you with a reckless abandon.  Most of the time it is exactly what you need, but sometimes you crave to have the control, to have him under you as you drive him to the brink of madness as he so often does to you. And Loki, to your amazement, trusts you enough to give you what you need when you get the craving for control.
       Which is how you find yourself in his bedroom with your raven haired god on his knees before you, presenting a set of silver restraints you know only you will be able to remove from his wrists when you see fit to do so. You smile down at him, twirling a lock of his hair around your finger as you take the offered restraints with your free hand. You give his hair a little tug, biting your lower lip at the little purr you pull from his lips as he looks at you, awaiting your instruction.
       "Are you my good boy?" Your voice is soft as you let go of his hair in favor of cupping his chin.
       "Yes, my queen." His voice is rough with lust as he looks up at you with bright eyes in the lamp lit room.
        You smile as you set the restraints on the bed, ordering him to undress as you keep your satin robe on, sitting on the edge of the bed. You watch him strip, licking your lips as he removes his clothes slowly, without the use of magic. He kneels back down in front of you, but not before you catch sight of his incredibly hard cock standing at attention, making you lick your lips again.
        "You are such a good boy for me and so gorgeous too." You smile as his cheeks tint pink slightly at the compliment. You know he is still not used to such praise and you make it your mission to worship his body and praise him as often as possible. Your lower legs brush against his sides as you give him a playful smirk, leaning in close to him to whisper in his ear. "I hope you are ready to use that silver tongue of yours, sweet boy." You pull back from him, just far enough to give his lower lip a little kitten lick as you slide you hand up the hem of your robe.
       "Oh, yes my queen. I am ready." He lets out a throaty sigh as his eyes track the movement of your hand. You reach up, teasing your dripping folds with your fingers, making you bite your lower lip and tip your head back as you collect ample evidence of your arousal on your fingertips. Your free hand tangles in his hair as you lock eyes with him once again and you smile as you see how hungry he is for you. You bring your two glistening fingers to his mouth and he opens without prompting, sucking them into his mouth greedily. He licks them clean with a breathy sigh and you pull them away just before licking into his mouth, moaning when you taste yourself on his tongue.
        "So eager to please." You pull away from him, lying back on your elbows as you watch him. "Go on then, please your queen with that mouth of yours." You rest your legs on his strong shoulders as he wastes no time, running his tongue through your folds and pulling a pleasured gasp from your mouth as you arch your back. Your robe is only part way open, exposing part of your stomach and your left breast. The sight of you arching your back, your bare skin highlighted by the lamp light and the sight of your parted lips as he savors the taste of your desire for him, pulls a low growl from his throat that sends a delicious vibration against your aching core. You moan his name loudly as you roll your hips against his mouth, seeking more friction as you feel the tightening in your lower abdomen. He focuses on your clit as he lets two long fingers plunge deeply inside you. He curls them, brushing that sweet bundle of nerves repeatedly, making you buck your hips involuntarily as you curse loudly. "Oh, Loki. Oh, fuck!" You lose the ability to say anything further as you feel the heat flood your body and see the explosion of colors behind your clenched eyelids as your pleasure overtakes you. You clench down on Loki's fingers as he slows their movements while his tongue eases your through your aftershocks.
        "You are so good to me, my sweet boy." You manage as you finally come back to yourself, stroking his hair after sitting up as you take in the proud 'pussy eating' grin on his face. "Sit up by the headboard like a good boy." You smile as he stands slowly, letting you graze his bare chest and his abs with your fingers. You can't resist placing a quick kiss to the tip of his weeping cock, making him hiss before he steps away to follow your instructions.
       You place a pillow behind his back after you place the restraints on each wrist, making sure they aren't too tight. He had just enough chain behind his back between the cuffs to allow his hand to rest comfortably at his sides as you straddle his sinewy thighs. "Are you comfortable, sweet boy?"
       He nods. "Yes my queen." His eyes are dark and full of want as he licks his lips and you fight the urge to simply jump on his cock and ride him into oblivion. You want this to last, to see him a begging, aching mess as you tease him to the brink.
       You kiss him deeply before sucking his bottom lip into your mouth and biting down, just hard enough to make him groan against your lips. Your robe slips down just past your shoulders as you nip along his jaw toward his ear. "So responsive to me. I love the sexy little sounds you make." You lick the shell of his ear, grinning as he shudders. "I intend to pull all sorts of sounds from this sinful mouth of yours." You reach around, fisting his hair and giving a little tug, making him hiss as you tilt his head back to give you more access to his neck. You leave a trail of wet kisses and blooming bruises along his collarbone and down his chest. It turns you on, marking up his perfect body, though they never last long with his quick healing abilities. You continue worshipping his body with greedy hands and a hungry mouth as you press into him, letting your breasts drag across his stomach as you smile against his bare skin. You work your way down his body slowly, relishing in the sounds that escape his lips, until you finally make your way to his hips. You nip and suck marks on his skin on each side before moving down that delectable line toward his groin. You look up at him, pressing a lingering kiss to the tip of his achingly hard cock with a mischievous glint in your eye.
      "No coming without permission." You say with a smile as you lick a fat stripe along the underside of his shaft before he has a chance to respond.
      "Yes, my-ah!" You smirk as his answer dies in his throat, strangled by a moan that replaces any coherent words on his tongue.
      You ease off every time you feel him close to release, smiling innocently at him as he groans in frustration while the building pressure of his orgasm ebbs away again and again. He is covered in a light sheen of sweat as you edge him for over an hour with your mouth and your hands, his breathing is heavy and the sounds he makes are broken, choked moans as his eyes begin to water. It is the most beautiful sight to ever be captured by your eyes and you memorize every tiny detail while studying his face. You move to straddle him, you're practically dripping as you tease your folds with the head of his cock. "You have been such a good boy for me." You swallow each others moans as you grind against him, your resolve finally shattering from the need to have him fill you.
      "Please, my queen." His voice is pleading as he moans again from the rolling of your hips.
      "Tell me what you want, love." You smile before grinding down against him once more, making you both shudder.
      "Ride me." He breathes against your lips. "Please."
      "How can I refuse you when you've been so good for me and ask so nicely?" You sit up a bit higher, before sinking down slowly on his aching length to the hilt. You tighten your grip on his hair as you both cry out in pleasure. "Don't come until I tell you." He nods and you waste no more time as you grind down hard against him. You nip his chin and lick his bottom lip between moans and breathy praises as he pushes upward slightly to meet your movements as best as he can while being restrained. You soon find yourself toeing the edge of pure bliss and you look into his eyes as you cup his cheek. "Come for me, love. Now." You barely get the words out before you feel your own orgasm crash down upon you, hard, making your vision dim as your soul is cast out of your body. Your fluttering walls clench down hard on Loki as he groans loudly in relief as he spills over inside you with a curse.
      It takes you both several moments to return to your bodies and you reach down, releasing his restraints as you kiss him deeply before kissing each of his wrists and the palms of his hands. He wraps his arms around you, his fingers grazing your spine as smiles at you. You let out a squeak as he rolls you, pinning you to the mattress while still sheathed inside you. You let out a whine as he moves inside you, chuckling as he kisses your neck and you smile, knowing this night is far from over.
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lokisprettygirl · 3 days ago
Soft Puppy Love (Loki x Female Reader)
Summary : Loki hides himself in a shell when he makes a mistake, but you know exactly what he needs in such moments of insecurity.
Warning : 18+ Smut, handjob, Soft sweet subby loki, mommy kink (I'm a whore for soft loki)
Tagging my bestie @the-wounded-healer05
Tumblr media
If you could describe Loki in just one word, it would be precious, Loki is precious. He's the most adorable man you have ever laid your eyes on. He's also the subbiest sub you have ever known, now falling in love with him wasn't that difficult, his big puppy like eyes when he learned something new or whenever he looked at you, his adorable little nose scrunchies when he got confused, they way he used to bloom like a rose if you praised him in the slightest. The way he used to follow you around like a puppy in the early days so you could help him out with bothersome midgardian matters. He's an adorable precious muffin.
And that's why it hurts so bad when you look at his face and instead of a smile there's a frown, instead of his green eyes shining up so bright that they are twinkling, they look dull, instead of the sound of his giggles you are greeted with silence, When he looks like that you always know that he's not feeling his best, that he's feeling insecure.
You can't tolerate that look on him, everytime you see that look on his face you just want to hug him and keep him in your arms, in your care and protection so nothing would ever hurt him again.
Sometimes he would come back from a particularly difficult mission and he would have that look on his face, today was one of those days. You were reading a book on his bed while you waited for him but when he came back, he came back all distraught and sullen. You walked over to hug him but instead of hugging you for eternity like he does usually he pulled away a few seconds later "I'll go take a shower princess, I love you" he mumbled, his voice meek as if he was disappointed in himself.
When he finally came out, he put on a dark grey t-shirt and a black sweatpant, such a beautiful gorgeous baby and you can't have him be so sad. The thing is everytime he feels that away, he tries to pull away from you as much as he could, he never wants you to see him in such a fragile state, makes him feel weak and incompetent, but you also know that deep down that is all he needs, he wants your touch on his skin, he craves your comforting soothing words in his ears, for few moments he wants to forget that he's an avenger or a godly prince and he just wants to be your baby muffin as you would address him like that sometimes.
But he never asks for it, never.
"Loki baby what happened at the mission?" You asked him as he sat down on the couch and you sat on top of him with your legs on the either side of his thighs, he didn't look up, he kept his eyes down as if you'd judge him, afraid and scared, even though he knows you never would, he can't help it.
"What sweet baby? Talk to me please?" You cupped his cheeks and made him look up so he could look into your eyes and they were filled with tears, you felt your heart rending immediately.
He shook his head in no as if to say that nothing happened, that he was okay and he was strong. His ex always made him feel bad about him being so weak and she never comforted him when he felt so horrible, she refused to give him affection when all he ever asked for was a hug and soft little touches. But you were not her, he knew you'd never hurt him like that.
"I am okay, princess" he placed his head down on your chest and wrapped his arms around your waist, he tried to be strong but he couldn't stop himself from sniffing. You caressed his scalp with your fingers "You know I am here for you right? Never have to hide from me precious baby" you mumbled in his ear softly and he shook his head "I got distracted..stark got hurt, I failed, I'll always fail" your heart clenched at his broken voice and you lifted his head up to wipe his tears and kiss his forehead "Is he okay sweetheart?" He shook his head in yes and you engulfed him in a bear hug
"You didn't fail lo, you know you didn't, you just had a mishap, a bad day, it happens with all of them, not just you okay" you whispered softly and then you caressed his back until he calmed down a little.
"What do you need, sweet baby tell me? I'll give you everything you know that, right?" You knew he craved physical affection when he felt like this, but he was always shy about it, always reclusive as if you'd deny him the much needed affection he so badly craved.
He looked at you with his adorable big eyes as he heard you "Kisses please?" He mumbled and you didn't even make him wait a second, he felt your lips on his and he felt it in his nerves, your taste, your essence calming him down instantly. The kiss was soft just like you knew he would want right now "My perfect precious boy, I love you so much" you went down and sucked on his neck, he placed his head down on the couch as he felt your lips all over his neck.
"What else do you desire, my love?" You mumbled and he closed his eyes, he grabbed your palm and ran them down from his cheeks, to his neck, then his chest, going lower , slowly, very slowly, until it reached his hard on, he moaned so daintily at the touch.
You knew he felt so submissive and vulnerable like this but he also felt safe with you, you're the only person he would ever allow to see him in such a state "Want me to touch you like this lo? Want me to rub you over your pants?" You asked him and he blushed, his curls fixated on his forehead, he is so beautiful it hurts.
"Please mommy please stroke me" his voice so whimpery as he pleaded, oh there he is, your precious babyboy "I am here sweet babyboy, gonna make you feel so good" you kept your lips on the left side of his neck and your one arm wrapped around his waist as the other one worked his cock, slow gentle strokes, you felt him growing every second. The sound of his moans filling the room "You look so pretty and sound so sweet for me baby, feels good kitten?" You asked him softly and he opened his eyes to look at you "So good mommy, don't deserve this, don't deserve you, so kind to me, don't deserve it"
You felt hurt, not because of him but for him, everytime he felt like this, he would just hurt himself by thinking about his past, thinking that he didn't deserve any of the love and affection you gave him "That's not true precious little baby, you know that's not true, so blessed to have you my perfect love, so so blessed to have you underneath me like this" he teared up as he heard you and you continued to stroke him, he bit on his lips as felt himself getting closer to the edge, your constant calculated strokes over his bulge made him lose control, not that he has any when he felt like this.
"I love you princess, I love you, " he mumbled and you felt him twitching beneath his clothes, you knew he would make a mess inside his pants and you loved the thought of it "I love you pretty boy" you put your hand under his pants and you held his hard cock in your fist as you stroked him up and down, the sudden feeling of your fist made him lose whatever inhibitions he had before "Ohh mommy I uhh..want to cum, Please make me cum, want to make a mess on your hand pleasse" he whined and god you were so wet, he's the most ethereal being to ever exist ,
"yeah? Gonna blow all over my hand? Do it sweet love, soak my hand with your cum" he didn't need to hear anything else, as soon as he had your permission, he came all over your hand, his cold milky cum drenched your palm and the back of your hand and you used it like a lube to continue to rub him while he is in his little orgasmic heaven. And for a moment he forgot all about the bad day he had.
He kept moaning and he was panting with the intensity of the orgasm, his forehead sweaty and the water dripping from his hair soaked his shirt a little, he smelled divine. Once he calmed down you kissed his cheeks and got up from his lap, then you brought a wet rag and cleaned his cock off his own cum, he continued to look at you mindlessly as you took care of him.
You pecked on his now softened cock, then you pulled the soiled sweatpant off of him, you brought a fresh new pair from the closet and you asked him to stand up so you could put it on him. Then you made him lie down on the couch and you cuddled him like that, you covered him with your frame keeping him safe and protected, "You're the best ever lo, never ever think otherwise, never ever let anyone make you feel so, not even yourself" you mumbled in his ear as you peppered his neck with soft kisses.
He knew that next time something like this happens again, he would feel insecure again, he doesn't want to feel that way, he wants to forgive himself and he wants to heal from his trauma but it's not that easy but as long as he had you he knew he would continue to try and he knew you'd bring him out from his head.
And as long as he had you he knew he would be held everytime he needed so, that he would be loved selflessly, that he would be adored for eternity.
He knew he would be okay
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nonbinarylowkey · 6 months ago
take care of me
Summary: Loki has had a stressful few days. You help him relax. Pairing: Loki/Reader Rating: Explicit. 18+. MINORS DO NOT TOUCH. Note: This is written as a reader fic, but I had a specific overarching plot in mind when I was writing it. It should be perfectly understandable on its own, but let me know if something is confusing so I can change it. A few more details here.
Tumblr media
When Loki finds you, he's a mess.
His shirt has a nasty tear that opens up just enough to reveal a tear in his skin. Deep frown lines plus a furrowed brow mar his face. Dried mud is caked in his hair, staining his clothes and covering patches of skin. Loki is exhausted, the kind of exhausted that goes soul deep, that he can’t hide with a witty one-liner or a cocksure smile. Neither of which he even tries to offer you. A testament to just how awful he's feeling.
"What happened?" you ask.
He doesn't answer. Instead, he takes three long strides to close the distance between you so that he can collapse into your arms. His shoulders shake.
"You're alright," you whisper, maneuvering him so you can guide him to the bathroom to clean up. "I've got you, Lokes."
You work quickly to get a warm bath drawn for him. While you bustle about the bathroom, Loki sits and watches quietly. He hunches over so far that his head would hit his knees if he weren’t making a concentrated effort to keep his eyes on you. You’ve never seen him like this. It’s a bit frightening if you’re honest. You’ve taken care of him when he’d been battered, bruised, and bloodied. You’ve sat with him, held his hand while he paced around a room, ranting about his frustrations with Thor. But this isn’t either of those. This mood is something more. Something you aren’t sure he’s ever dealt with before.
It takes some coaxing to get him up, and even once he's up, he makes it difficult to get his clothes off. He won't keep his hands off you. His fingers stroke up and down your back, then move up your neck, into your hair, and back down again. His face is buried in your hair, too, breathing you in and out, in and out. Like he needs a reminder that you're here. 
You lift your head to bump your nose against his, and he catches your lips with his. It's a soft touch, barely enough to be considered a kiss until you press harder against him. When you part, his breath is shaky, and a tremor passes through his body. 
"Let's get you into the bath and cleaned up," you murmur. You're finally able to get him to lift his arms so you can get that ruined shirt off of him. His pants quickly follow. He moves to undress you, too, but you catch his hands before he can do more than undo one button. "Let me take care of you first."
There's more relief in the sigh that escapes him than you had anticipated. You file that away for later.
The silence resumes once Loki is in the tub. He keeps hold of your hand, so getting all the mud off of him has to be a joint effort. Loki has lost himself so deep in his own head you're surprised he's any help at all. You're even more surprised when he's the one to break the silence.
"The all-powerful TVA didn't notice that the Loki they took on Lamentis wasn't the one they initially captured."
"And Sylvie?" you asked.
"Is not a Loki. She is you with the implanted childhood memories of that reality’s Loki, as we suspected."
"Fuck," you whispered. "How'd you end up back here once you managed to get in?"
"I let them prune me," he said. "I suspected their prunings led right back here, to this world between worlds we’ve made our haven, and I was right." That explained the torn shirt, then. "I saw the lies unraveling before the TVA's very eyes and saw no need to remain in that sham of a reality any longer. Sylvie will take care of the rest."
It's your turn to sigh.
"Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?" 
As you pour water over his head to wet his hair for washing, Loki closes his eyes. After a few minutes, you think he might have fallen asleep in the bath. You can't blame him. Time and again, he's had to watch the TVA torture different versions of him until they broke the Alternates' spirits. Until the Alternates felt they had no choice but to assist the TVA in finding the ones responsible for deviations in their sacred timeline.
To assist in finding you.
That on its own would be enough to cause such heavy exhaustion. Coupled with switching places with the most recent Alternate so that your Loki took the torture and the Alternate escaped to your safe house, plus getting pruned? A nice nap is the least he can get.
But when you go to rinse the conditioner out of his hair, his eyes are open again. 
"Make me forget," he says, desperation heavy in his voice. "Make me forget all of it—the variants, the TVA, The sacred timeline—-at least for the night."
Tears form in his eyes. Despite his gritting teeth and heavy breaths, some manage to fall down his cheeks. You wipe them away with a thumb. 
"I assume you're not literally asking me to erase your memories, right?" you say, knowing full well that isn't what he meant. But you need him to be straightforward with you. You won't do what he's asking for if he can't say it.
He licks his lips and nuzzles into your hand. 
"You know what I want," he rasps into your skin.
"Lokes…" your tone is a warning, one last chance to say what he wants.
"Take care of me," he says. “Fuck me. Let me submit on my own terms to the one I love.” He pulls his face away from your hand to look you in the eye. Pain is still prominent, but there's determination there, too. "Please."
You take a moment to consider. This isn't something the two of you have done together, although you'd talked about the possibility before. There's even a drawer of toys that you both thought might be fun on the off chance Loki decided to cede control for a night—until now, that night had never arrived. And that gives you pause.
Loki is very good at hiding his discomfort when he wants to. Would he be able to let you know if you went too far?
He taps the underside of your chin to get your attention. Wide, wet eyes stare back at you. No more tears fall, but the wrong choice might bring them right back.
"I need you, my love," he says, all breathy and needy. Your Loki might very well agree with his Alternate that a god does not usually plead, but here, now, there's no other word for what he's doing.
Your last bit of resistance breaks.
"Alright, babe. You stay here and relax. Enjoy the rest of your bath. I'm going to get some things for you."
For one brief shining moment, a cheeky grin breaks out across his face; his manipulation has been a success. Incorrigible, that one. Even when he's ostensibly giving control up to you, he's got a trick up his sleeve. 
Except, not really.
Because you can see the exact moment everything comes rushing back. Loki’s face falls again, and his breathing picks up, but there’s a weight on his chest. He’s struggling to get a full breath. The bathtub begins to crack under the force of his grip on the side. You can’t hear his thoughts, but you know what must be running through his head.
“You were born to cause pain and suffering and death.” “Ice runt.” “Cockroach.” And at the drop of a hat, a warm smile, and a “you can be whatever you want, just in case anyone has ever told you otherwise.” Like it changes anything. Like it takes back the pain. Like it’s not just more proof that the God of Lies doesn’t tell nearly as many lies as others tell him. 
It doesn’t matter that it was all directed at an alternate version of him. The only difference you can find between Your Loki and the Loki Variant the TVA caught is that Your Loki had, well, you. A friend. All that matters is that those words could have applied to him if you hadn’t found yourself on Asgard all those years ago.
So you do what you do best. You go back to Loki.
“Or maybe,” you grab his hand from the tub before he can do any more damage. His eyes snap up to your face. Slowly, he starts to focus again. A kiss to his knuckles and your softest smile, “You can come with me. You’ve been so good for me; I think I’ll let you pick your prizes, alright?”
You pull the drain stopper up and guide Loki out of the tub. Lucky for Loki, you had the forethought to put a towel on a warming stone this morning. You wrap it around him like a blanket, watching as the tension seeps out of him. While you’re already in the closet, you grab something you got as a surprise for Loki - a strap-on with thick, vibrant green rubber cocks for the both of you attached to a golden harness. It had been too perfect to pass up, and you were glad to have a reason to break it in finally. 
Loki is half-hard already by the time you lead him to the toy drawer, you’re pleased to note. He keeps his eyes glued to the strap right up until the moment you open the drawer to reveal your other toys. And as he rummages through the drawer, you wrap your arms around his waist, your hand around his cock.
His knees very nearly give out. He has to grip the edges of the dresser with both hands to keep himself semi-upright. Even then, he’s hunched over and ready to fall over the moment you unwrap yourself from him.
How long has it been since he’s felt good? Not that long, surely, but it feels like forever, especially after dealing with the Sif projection.
“Why don’t you get some things to make you feel pretty, baby?” you suggest.
A whine is the only response Loki can manage. He’s trying to keep his focus; he is. But all he can think about is your hand on him, the way every nerve in his body seems to be on fire. When he doesn’t move, you wrap your other hand around one of his and let it hover over the open drawer, slowly moving over every option.
“How about… this?” 
A gold cock ring that doubles as a vibrator, shaped like an ouroboros. Loki nods. You squeeze the head of his cock as a reward.
“Oh, this would look nice around your neck,” you press a kiss to his shoulder and maneuver his hand to grab a black leather collar studded with little spikes meant to look like the horns on Loki’s helmet.
He rejects a few other ideas—beads, a cage, a leash to match the collar—and adds a couple more to the pile with only minimal guidance from you. A silk blindfold and… handcuffs? You narrow your eyes at that. He hates not having the use of his hands.
"Not those," you demand.
Loki tenses under your touch.
"Yes, those," he insists, voice petulant. "I thought you were going to take this seriously."
The next moments are a blur for Loki. One moment he's still leaning against the dresser with your hand on his cock; the next, he's on his knees before you, the hand that had been pleasuring him holding his head down by his hair. His cock twitches.
"Remind me what you asked for, Loki," you let go of his hair so that he can look at you. When he tries to get up, you put a hand on his shoulder to stop him.  "Be good, stay on your knees."
He flips his hair out of his eyes, swallows down some of the anxiety that your displeasure inspires.
"I asked you to make me forget. To take care of me," Loki says slowly. "You told me—"
"To pick a prize, not a punishment," you stroke your thumb over his cheek. "If I'm making you forget, I'm not going to do anything that might remind you of the awful shit you've been through, okay? I know what you need, baby. Just trust me."
He wets his lips. 
Trust. What an impossible thing. Others would say he didn't have the capacity for it—a concept far beyond the likes of him. But when you ask for it…
Loki can believe he's the most trusting and trustworthy creature in the multiverse.
He leans forward to press a kiss to your hip. Then he sits back, butt to heels, back straight, shoulders back, and chest out. One of his hands falls to his lap; the other reaches out for you. You take it.
Oh, but he is beautiful, you think. And then you tell him, and his ears flush red. He’s licking his lips again, trying his damnedest to keep his face schooled into a neutral expression, but there’s a small smile pulling at the corners of his mouth. 
“I love you,” you say.
“I love you, too,” he replies. “And I do trust you.”
Right, you think, grinning wildly. Time to get started, then.
You turn back to the dresser. The strap-on will be the grand finale, so you leave that for last. It’d be no good if you got yourself so worked up putting it on first that you couldn’t take care of Loki. Instead, you go for the blindfold—nothing like amping up the anticipation by taking away the sense of sight.
Loki is quiet while you put the blindfold on. He leans back into you a bit when you run your fingers through his hair to keep it from getting tangled, but he says nothing. It’s disquieting. You know it shouldn’t be. He’s always been prone to introspection when he’s got something big to deal with. Still, you’ve been apart for days now. You miss his voice more than the words you’ve already exchanged can make up for.
You put one hand on each of his shoulders and gently squeeze. 
“I can’t wait to make you fall apart,” you say into the quiet of the bedroom. “I’ll work myself into every fiber of your being, leave parts of my soul twined with yours so we’ll never really be part again.”
A shuddering breath is the only sign he gives to indicate he’s listening. You kneel beside him, bringing one hand up from his shoulders to his neck. The other reaches for the collar on the dresser, “Do you want that, love? I’ll let you do the same. Leave part of yourself inside of me, so the whole world knows your mine.” 
You squeeze just a bit, the only warning before the collar goes around his neck.
“I could keep you in your collar, too. Much more visible,” you bite down on Loki’s earlobe. One of your hands stays on his throat, just under the collar. The other moves down to rub his back, a bit of pressure here and there. “Think of all the stares you’d get. Everyone would know. You’re my Loki. My precious mischief-maker. Mine.”
“Yours,” he whispers.
His hands reach back to grab at you, fingers meeting the soft leather of your clothes. He gropes around a bit, searching. You let him until he finds what he’s searching for: a small dagger strapped to your thigh. The hilt is a simple black metal, but the blade is a glowing purple crystal. You wonder if he even realizes which of your knives he now held in his hand. Though you know he can’t see you, you hide a smile in his hair. 
 “Yours,” he repeats. 
He raises the dagger to the hand that still rests on his throat. 
You take it, pressing the tip of the blade just under the collar.
“What did I say about punishment?”
“‘S not a punishment,” he insists.
You hum and lift the blade but leave it hovering just above his skin, just where he can’t feel it.
“And what would you like me to do with it, hmm? I could slice your pretty neck, but that sounds an awful lot like punishment to me.”
You press the cold, flat blade of the dagger against the length of his cock. He yelps and jumps back into you. Ah, the benefits of depriving Loki of his vision. So much easier to take him by surprise when he can’t observe everything around him. So much easier to teach him.
“Or do you just want the adrenaline rush of knowing I hold your life in my hands?” You twist the blade so that the sharp edge drags softly along until it reaches the head of his cock. A bit of precum leaks out, and you gather it on the blade, bringing it up to your mouth and licking it clean. “You taste amazing, Lokes. I’m so lucky to have you all to myself. So, tell me, what do you want me to do with the dagger, if not punish you?” 
Something in him snaps then, and his voice fills the room in a way that was sorely lacking before. He babbles about everything. About a vision of you covered, bathed in his blood as a gruesome reminder that he’s yours and you’re his, that the only one allowed to spill his blood is you. Because the only one allowed to exert control over his body is you. The only one he’d ever submit to is you. 
You run the tip of the blade along his skin, enjoying the way his muscles tighten and twitch under your hand. 
His babbling veers dangerously close to connecting the dots between the treatment he requested and the treatment that was thrust upon him. In a split-second decision to sever that connection, you rip the dagger across his stomach and squeeze his cock with your other hand. Pain and pleasure short circuit his mind. 
Silence falls back down on the room.
Then, “Healing dagger?” Loki asks.
You nod, though he’s still got the blindfold preventing him from seeing anything.
“Healing dagger.”
He sighs like it’s some horrible imposition that you didn’t try to cut him in half to fulfill his fantasy of you claiming bloody ownership of him. The blindfold comes off. The knife gets put away.
“You are a terribly kind mistress, you know,” Loki says, twisting around to kiss you.
The look in his eyes is dreamy. You twist your hand into his hair to pull him down for another kiss. His cock rests heavily against your stomach, red and angry and impatient for more attention. And since you’re such a kind mistress, you indulge it with slow, gentle strokes, just your fingernails running up and down the length. You’re testing Loki’s patience. He makes that clear enough when he growls into your mouth and pushes his hips into yours.
“Ah, ah. I’m in charge tonight, remember?” you stand, holding your index finger up to Loki when he attempts to follow you. “Stay.” You laugh at the indignation written across his face and walk back over to the dresser to grab the strap-on and the cock ring. “Oh, calm down. We’re getting to the really good parts.” You hand him the ring. “Now put this on.” 
Loki does not take it. Instead, he makes a great flourish of his hand, and in a flash of green, the ring is no longer in your hand. 
“Oh, Norns—,” Loki doubles over and desperately pulls at his cock.
His magic did the trick, alright. It got the ring on. It also turned the ring on, giving Loki a nice dose of unexpected stimulation when he was already feeling woefully needy. 
“Hey, hey. That’s my job,” you say. You can’t help the giggles that escape when you pull Loki’s arm up. “You could have put it on like a normal person, you know. Now that’s going to torment you the entire time you’re undressing me.”
Loki is going to kill you. He’s going to let you finish fucking him, and then he’s going to kill you dead. That’s what the look on his face is telling you right now.  You decide to add some fuel to the fire.
“And remember, no coming until I say so.”
He tears your belt.
Your indignation goes mostly ignored. Loki mumbles something about weak Midgardian leather into your hip as he falls into you, and then his voice is lost to delirious moans and groans. Your knife and its sheathe are the next things to go before Loki begins fumbling with your waistband. Ever impatient, he rolls his hips into your leg. The friction is beautiful and wonderful and absolutely torturous in the face of the fact that he can’t get your fucking pants off.
Honestly, you’re starting to feel impatient, too. Before you’d been so focused on making sure you were taking care of Loki, you hadn’t stopped to consider the way your actions were making you feel. But now that Loki’s got the chance to get more hands-on, more active in tonight’s activities, you’re all too aware of how wet you are. And the way your pants press just right against you isn’t helping at all. So you shuck your pants off.
Loki is quick to attach his lips to your clit. He’s vaguely aware of you giving some light protest. You tug at a lock of his hair, gently knee his chest to push him away. None of it works to separate him from your body, and he’s grateful when you just let yourself sink onto him.
For you.
He wants to do this for you, not for himself. Of course, he would be living up to his reputation as Loki Liesmith if he said he didn’t get immense enjoyment from drinking of you this way. You taste like his favorite Asgardian honeyed mead, and your moans are just as sweet in his ears. He feels drunk. He wants more. He wants, just a little bit, to cry and explode and rip out every nerve ending in his body.
Yes. That would be very nice.
He ruts into your leg with every lick and suck he delivers to your body. Clouds fill his mind as surely as fire fills every vein in his body. That damn ring is agony. It’s bliss. It’s Valhalla and Helheim in one package wrapped around his cock. The sensations twist in his stomach with nowhere to go until you deign to allow him release. He lets his tongue spell out his frustrations on your slick walls.
You arch into his mouth, babbling incoherent praise: my beautiful god, my precious love. You’re so good, so damn good; I’ll give you the world, baby, don’t stop, just don’t stop. And his name. Over and over again: his name and a declaration of your love. 
Loki would rip out his soul and hand it to you on a silver platter carved from the roof of Valaskjálf itself.
You’ve wrapped yourself almost entirely around him when he feels something bump against his side. While one arm envelopes his head and keeps your connection intact, the other has gone limp at your side. The strap-on is still loosely gripped in that hand, and his cock throbs evermore with the wanting that particular realization sends through him.
Reluctantly, he pulls away from you.
“Loki…” you groan, your tone a warning. 
He shushes you, looking up at you with wide, wet eyes. He’s nearing his limit. If he doesn’t get that promised finale soon, he might genuinely go mad.
You take pity on him and run a hand through his hair, pressing a kiss to his forehead. You hand over the harness, a silent command for him to put it on you. It’s a command he follows readily. 
As he lifts each of your feet to put them through the harness, he gives your knees a gentle kiss. His soft touch continues when it’s time to insert your side of the fake cocks. 
It’s torture. 
He keeps it just far enough away from you that he can run the tip across your slit without slipping inside. The head bumps just above your clit once, twice, and when you stare down at Loki with fire in your eyes, you find that he’s looking back at you with that devilish grin of his. Lust strains it around the edges, but the trickster fights to peek through the haze in his mind.
You tug at his collar.
His breath catches in his throat. The cock ring continues to send shock waves through his body. The lust haze wins out, and he wastes no more time. He's mesmerized by the way your body welcomes the silicone cock, so warm and wet. His tongue darts out to lick his lips in anticipation and a low, broken moan slips out when he tastes your juices still on his lips.
"Turn around," you command. 
He puts up no argument; in fact, Loki is so quick to do as he's told, he nearly sends himself sprawling across the floor. There's some shuffling as you pull a bottle of lube out from the bedside drawer and the sounds only serve to ramp up his anticipation.
As gently as you can, you take hold of the cock ring and turn it off. The sudden deprivation of sensation causes him to clench up for a moment. Kisses to his shoulder help to distract from the torture of your hand brushing against his cock as you work the ring off. He is still a gasping, writhing mess by the time you get it off a set to the side, but you’re pleased to note that you managed not to push him over the edge.
"Make sure you stay relaxed, okay, babe? You’re doing so well. Just relax, and you’ll feel amazing," you say, pouring lube over the strap-on and your hand.
He does tense, just a bit when you start to work one finger into him. You drape yourself over him in response, pressing more kisses to his skin. One over each scar and blemish marking his back. It helps, and soon enough, you’ve got two fingers inside of him, and he’s pushing back against you looking for more.
“Oh, love,” he groans, dragging himself off of his hands so he can more fully press against you. “More, please, more.”
You remove your fingers.
He curses your name.
He curses it again when the head of the strap-on enters him. Fuck. It's almost too much, he thinks. He's too wretched for this much pleasure; he’s confident. His ears are ringing, and his hands are clenched in the carpet, and he's sure this is how he's going to die. But then you're whispering sweet praise into his ear, and somehow he finds the strength to reach back and pull your hips flush against him. 
You groan in unison. There's a moment of stillness as Loki adjusts to the feeling of having something pressed so deep inside of him. It's new and strange and fantastic, and he knows this moment will play on repeat in his mind for years to come. He feels close to you in a way he's never felt before. Like you're part of his soul now. Like you're so far inside of him that the place where you end and he begins has faded away until the two of you are one.
The moment is agony for you. The top edge of the silicon brushes right up against your clit, just enough to tease but not enough to even come close to satisfying.  
Then, the moment breaks. Loki drags his torso up to a vertical position and rolls his hips once to test this new position, then again. And one more experimental movement before he rasps one word,
You do. With sloppy and unsure thrusts, you give Loki what he wants, spurred on by his moans and whimpers. The cock inside of you isn't as thick as Loki's, but it is just as long, and every time Loki pushes back into you, it hits so deep your vision whites out, and your mind short circuit.
Please, yes, more, harder, deeper, mine, mine, mine, you think. You try to say the words. To give Loki more of the praise he craves and deserves. But you choke on your own voice, and in your frustration, you bite hard on his neck.
You want to tear him to pieces.
You want to stitch him back together again lovingly.
You want to crawl inside of his heart and live out the rest of your days there, protecting it from ever breaking again.
He grasps at your hips, never letting you move very far. The result is torture—just deep, deep, deep, and never the reprieve of a shallow thrust. Only soul resounding pleasure.
You want to kiss him. You want to scream your pleasure into his mouth and feel his echo back at you.
But when you open your eyes, you freeze.
Someone is watching from the open bedroom doorway.
"We're being watched," The taste of Loki's sweat coats your teeth. You're sure that everything you eat from now until the end of time will taste of him. You welcome it.
Loki doesn't seem to process your words. His mouth hangs open, and his jaw is tense; his eyes are clenched shut. His grip on you only tightens, if anything. He's a near mirror image of the person watching you, only that Loki's eyes are wide open. His cock strains in his pants.
You grin at the Alternate, slow your movements in Your Loki.
Your Loki's eyes fly open. The protest that had been on his lips dies away at the sight of the unexpected visitor. He laughs, delirious, and rolls his hips back into yours, "Mine."
"That's right, baby. I'm yours, and your mine," you groan into Loki's ear, loud enough for the Alternate to hear. You wonder if Loki really understands what he's seeing or if he thinks it's an illusion conjured by his pleasure-sick mind.
The Alternate's hand finds its way into his pants.
Your movements remain slower now, designed not only for your pleasure but the other Loki's torment. You wrap a hand around Your Loki's cock. Your strokes are unhurried and firm, unrelenting and pointed. He's trying to hold back on coming, you can tell. He's babbling. Some of it is nonsense, vocalizations of pleasure, and pleas for more. Some are declarations of his devotion to you, of his willingness to submit, and the rightness he feels when he does. 
"Touch me," you command. "Come with me."
White-hot heat bursts in your veins the very moment Loki's fingers find your clit. All of the tension and need from the night culminates in a climax that leaves you screaming into Loki's skin. 
He follows closely behind. His mouth hangs open, but a lump in his throat stops his voice. Overwhelmed. He is painfully overwhelmed. Tears he has no hope of controlling fall from his eyes as some of the physical sensations of his orgasm subside. But his mind remains in a fog he can't find his way out of, and he'd be at risk of collapsing on the floor were it not for your arms still wrapped around him.
The Alternate is no longer standing in the doorway when you open your eyes. You're not sure where he went or even when he left. You're thankful he did leave, though. This side of Loki isn't for anyone else to see. Not even another version of himself.
With some effort, you manage to get Loki on the bed. His tears continue to fall as you clean yourself and him off. You only leave his side once to close the door and get some snacks and water from the mini-fridge in the room. Then you climb into the bed next to Loki, put his head in your lap, and run your fingers through his hair.
You try to talk to him, but his mind is too far right now. Impossible to reach. So you sing softly to him, instead. Old Asgardian lullabies, some American pop songs he won't admit he loves, but that you've caught him dancing alone to on several occasions.
Nearly half an hour passes before he comes back from wherever he went. You give him a few more minutes to stop shaking, to gather his thoughts and bearings before trying to say anything.
"Are you alright?" you ask when it seems he's calmed down.
He kisses your thigh. 
"Did you have fun?"
Another kiss.
"Did I go too far at any point?"
He grabs your hand that isn't in his hair and kisses the palm of it.
"I can't believe he was just watching us," your voice drops to a whisper. Pleasant exhaustion is settling in your mind, and you're confident you'll be asleep in a few minutes.
"And why not? We make a rather attractive pair, you and I. I might have done the same were I in his position," Loki sounds like he's about to nod off, too.
You sink into the bed so that you're lying beside Loki instead of sitting over him. He pulls you into his chest and your head under his chin. You wrap an arm and a leg over him. Tomorrow there will be things with a capital T to deal with. But that's tomorrow. Now there's just the afterglow of sex and sleep.
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Audio: Sub!Loki (nsfw, +18)
Loki’s life is saved by a Brave Lady Knight and he shows his gratitude. 
Listen Here By msa_andeh, @tomhiddlestonsoundalike
[cunnilingus, mutual orgasm] (other versions and details under the cut)
​[medieval][fantasy][msub][male damsel][healer/knight][sfx][kissing][nipple play][handjob][fingering][mutual masturbation][cunnilingus][vaginal or anal][optional orgasm][no namecalling][aftercare][English accent][British accent] Other Versions cunnilingus, no listener orgasm
no cunnilingus, mutual orgasm
no cunnilingus, no listener orgasm
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Tumblr media
AU where President Loki found Loki first.
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Take Care Of You (Part 2)
Relationship: Sub!Loki x Reader, Switch!Loki x Reader
Summary: Loki grows tired of your constant teasing and takes matters into his own hands.
A/N: This is a continuation to Take Care Of You, so you should read that first.
Warnings: NSFW, SMUT, 18+, minors DNI! Handjob, teasing, oral sex (female receiving, male receiving), fingering (female receiving), unprotected sex, restraining, orgasm denial, multiple orgasms
Part 1 Masterlist
You moaned at the first swipe of Loki’s tongue against your folds. It started at the back and went straight up to your clit, where he paused so he could circle his tongue around the nub. Your hands shot out to grab his bed head. Maybe it was not the best idea to sit on his face. Loki’s tongue was talented but how talented, you did not anticipate. Every swirl of his tongue and suck of your clit was making you forget why you needed to be in control in the first place.
Loki, on the other hand, seemed content to eat you out for as long as you’d like. His face was smeared with your juices, eyes locked on your reddened face. There was a glint of something in his eyes that you could not quite discern. A hunger, you would say if you had to guess, but for what you could not tell. Your body was too busy falling apart in another orgasm to care.
“Ah!” Your fingernails dug into the gold of his headboard, head falling forward. The metal sent a shock of cold through your forehead that brought you back to reality.
“Y/N?” Loki was breathing hard beneath you. His hands were still behind his head, fingers locked together to keep them there.
“Yes, sweet boy?” Embarrassment coloured his cheeks.
“D-did I do okay?” You grinned.
“You did excellent, pretty prince. So good, in fact, that I’m going to return the favour.” You let your hand slide behind you towards Loki’s lower body. It met a warm, stiff appendage that made him hiss when you grabbed it. His hips thrusted of their own accord into your hand. “Like that?”
“Yesssss.” He hissed again as you tightened your hold.
“You’re so hard,” you told him as you pumped his length. “So needy. Did tasting me turn you on, pretty boy? Is that it?” His face was still covered with your juices on one side of his mouth. You wiped some off with your thumb, then positioned it at his lips. His mouth opened without question to draw in your thumb.
“Like how I taste?” you asked, as you watched him clean your finger. He gave a meek nod. “Good boy. Now,” you gripped his chin, and trailed a long fingernail down his cheek, “can you do me a favour?”
He nodded enthusiastically. “Yes, anything.”
“Conjure me something to tie those hands with.”
Warmth appeared in your palms. You brought them together in time to see a thick strip of green silk materialize in them. Smirking, you reached forward and wound the silk around Loki’s wrists before threading them through the headboard. A tight knot secured the fabric in place. “Can you tug on that for me, pretty prince?” He did, and the knot held. “Excellent. Keep those on and don’t even think of magicking them away, you hear?”
You were not sure if Loki nodded or not, for you had already begun kissing a line down his toned stomach. Your hands followed the path your mouth made on their way down. Every scratch of your nails made him shiver and you could not resist adding a little extra pressure. Lines of red appeared on his torso as you did so, striping his white skin, though you were careful not to break the skin. Your tongue darted out to soothe the scratches as soon as your nails completed their journey.
“Fuck!” he hissed, and you smirked against his skin. You licked a stripe along his hipbone and watched his cock twitch in anticipation. Loki was very well endowed. In retrospect, you expected nothing less from a God. He was always bragging about his talents and abilities that part of you knew he to have something to back it up. There was a reason so many ladies of the court were drawn to him—men, too—and it was not just his way with words that kept them coming back for more. “Y/N, pleaaassseeeee…”
The plea melded into a hiss as your mouth slid over his cock. You took his entire length in the orifice— a feat considering the sheer size— and released it with a pop. The tip of your tongue met the weeping head and swirled, spreading the precum that had gathered there. Beneath you, the God of Lies struggled to contain himself. A glance up at his face found him looking down at you with lidded eyes. You knew he wanted nothing more than to grab ahold of your head and begin thrusting into your mouth, so you gave him a little reprieve.
Grabbing the base of his shaft, you began bobbing your head in a pendulous rhythm. It was not quite enough to get him off, just to where he needed to be. Within moments you had him worked up into a frenzy. He was a writhing, sweating mess beneath you on the bed and you thought he looked just lovely. So lovely, in fact, that you could not help prolonging his teasing. You released his cock, revelling in the grunt of frustration he let out.”
“Y/N!” There was open hurtin Loki’s eyes. His chest rose and fell in heaves as he stared up at you, betrayal haunting those green eyes of his. “Why—”
“Shhhh…”. You silenced him with a kiss. His lips were quickly becoming your favourite part of his body. There was no way you’d be able to go a day without kissing them, henceforth. “It’s okay,” you whispered, so close to his ear your breath made him shiver. “I’ll take care of you.”
You reached down and grabbed ahold of his throbbing cock, smirking as he moaned into the silent room. Bracing yourself with a hand on his sculpted chest, you scooted back so you were hovering over him. You had to bite your lip as his thick head touched your folds.
“Loki,” you purred, stroking his hair. “Can you look at me?” Heavy lidded eyes found yours. His pupils were blown so wide that the green of them was only visible in a wire thin ring. “Do you want me to fuck you? Is that what you want?”
“Yes,” he whimpered. “Yes. Please fuck me.”
“Okay.” You slid down on his cock at a slow, torturous pace. His girth was a challenge to take, and you bit your lip as you felt your walls stretch to their limits. A tear came to your eye as you took all of him in. You had to pause when he bottomed out. You swore you felt the head of his cock brushing against your cervix as you waited for your body to adjust to his godly size.
“Y/N?” Your eyes opened at the whisper.
“Yes, sweet boy?”
“Can you move?” he requested shyly. “Please?”
“Hmmm…” You could not resist raking your nails down his chest. “You want me to move?” He nodded. A wicked grin lit up your face. “I don’t know about that, my prince. You feel so good inside of me right now, reaching every inch and crevice. Perhaps I might just sit here for the night and keep you warm. How about that?”
It was quick, the shift in Loki. One minute his eyes were pleading and submissive and the next they hardened. The silk disappeared from his hands, and you felt yourself being flipped onto your back. “Loki!”
“Quiet, mortal,” he growled in your ear, and you shuddered. One of his hands came to lie at the base of your throat—not applying pressure, just a thinly-veiled threat—and you felt your walls clench in excitement. “You think you can tease a God without repercussions?”
You shook your head no. In retrospect, you should have known Loki had his limits. He was so dominating in every aspect of his life that it was no surprise he could also be so in bed. Really, it was your own fault for pushing him so far.
“Have you ever been fucked by a God before, kitten?” You shook your head. Loki’s hand moved further up your throat, thumb resting over your right carotid. “Use your words, kitten.”
“N-no,” you stammered out. Your head was still spinning from the speed at which Loki had switched. All the power and control you had dissipated into thin air, taking your confidence along with it. Now, you were at the mercy of the dark prince of Asgard.
“Good. I’m going to fuck you so well that no man will ever be able to please you again. Your cunt will weep every time you think of me.” A sharp rip tore through the air. Loki, in his worked-up mood, had grabbed ahold of your bodice and ripped your dress right down. Your full breasts spilled out in all their glory, and Loki licked his lips at the sight.
You moaned as he took a nipple into his mouth, sucking hard on the pebbled nub. His tongue circled for a few revolutions before he bit down on the wet skin, making you cry out his name. He peppered kisses over the sore nipple before moving up to your neck. His lips sought out a spot behind your ear that drove you wild and made your walls clench around his cock again.
“I can feel your cunt squeezing me with need, kitten. Not so confident now that the power has been taken away from you, huh?” His fingers sought out your clit and began rubbing deep circles. You squirmed and reached for him. “No, no. You can’t touch.” You felt a force circle your arms and pull them taught above your head. The same green silk that bound Loki’s wrists earlier appeared around yours, securing them to the headboard above, and all the while he kept rubbing your clit with increasing bouts of pressure.
You were so close. Your walls were permanently contracted on his length and the coil in your lower stomach had wound to the end. The smooth silk rubbed over your wrists as you twisted and turned, toes curling and scratching against Loki’s legs. If they broke the skin, you had no idea, all you knew was that the coil snapped and your orgasm ripped through you like wildfire.
A scream left your throat, and before you could even recover, Loki threw your legs over his shoulders and began thrusting into you. Shockwaves flooded your still sensitive vagina. You moaned— a warning to stop or a plea to continue, you weren’t sure. The grooves and veins of his cock massaged your walls with every snap of his hips, and it was not long before you were cumming all over him again.
“You like to tease?” he hissed, as you rode out your second orgasm. “You think you can tease the God of Mischief?”
“N-no,” you whimpered, but it fell on deaf ears. Loki brought both of your legs together and bent them at the knees, pushing them to the side so he could lean forward and nip the skin of your ear.
“I’m going to make you cum until you’re begging me to stop, kitten. You won’t be able to walk straight when I’m done with you.” His words sent a thrill through your body, as did the way he was grinding his hips into you. “You wanted to know how you tasted? Why don’t you tell me?”
Loki slid out of you. Despite the quivering of your walls and pelvic muscles, you moaned at the loss of contact. He flipped you over onto your hands and knees and you felt his skillful fingers sliding through your folds. You hissed when they made contact with your sensitive clit. “Loki!”
“Shhh…” He slid two of his fingers into your mouth. The taste of your juices was all over them, tangy and sour, and you wondered how on earth he could have possibly liked it. “Clean it all up, good girl,” Loki ordered. “I don’t want to see a drop left.” He pressed into you again, and your teeth bit into his fingers. “Darling, let up.”
He pulled his fingers out of your mouth and wound them in your hair instead. Gently, so as not to injure your neck, he held you in place whilst his other hand found your hip. It was the only warning your got before he began fucking you from behind. Your eyes closed with a whine. You were dead sure your body could not take anymore orgasms. Loki had already given you more than you were used to in one session, and you were exhausted. Your body might fall apart if he gave you anymore.
“Lokes,” you whimpered between the slapping of skin on skin, “I-I’m getting shaky over here. Can’t cum anymore.” A hand was pressed to the small of your back in response, and pressure was applied until you were laying on your stomach. A pillow appeared beneath you to give your hips a lift. “Loki!”
“Shhh…” He adjusted your left leg so it was bent at the hip, the other straight between you two. You felt his front press closer to your back and his hand was on your hip. Kisses, sweet and soft, covered the back of your neck. “Can you give me one more?” he asked, voice more subdued than before. “Please, darling? One more just for me.”
With a start, you realized why he was asking; Loki had not cum yet. Had your hands been free you would have smacked your forehead. Of course,he hadn’t cum yet. Taking over control had made him focus his efforts on you, which meant there was none left on himself. “I want too,” you admitted, “but I don’t think I can.”
“You can, darling. I’ll help you.” Your clit screamed in protest when his finger began rubbing it again. The stimulation was painful, but the pleasure was by far winning out. It was an odd mix of both, one that had your walls quaking and legs shaking. You could not quite remember a time when you had ever felt such a feeling before. Part of you knew you should stop but the other begged you to lie still and let Loki fuck the living daylights out of you.
“That’s it,” Loki whispered. “That’s it, good girl.” He pushed your leg up closer to your head and you whined at the shift in position. Every thrust touched your womb and made stars explode behind your eyes.
“Shhh, we’re almost there, love. Almost there.” You were going to pass out. That was the only conclusion you could come too. The pleasure was too much. It was too much. Your body was slicked with sweat and you could barely feel Loki’s cock anymore. You were approaching numb and his finger on our clit was so—
“AH!” A scrape of his thumbnail over your bundle of nerves had you falling over the edge. You came suddenly—violently—body convulsing off the bed so much that Loki had to hold you down.
“Darling, it’s okay,” he grunted, coming down from his own high. “It’s okay, love.” The endearment had you clenching, startling a yell from Loki as you came again. You looked down at your lower body in betrayal. How were there even anymore orgasms left in you? You were sure you were all emptied out.
“Lokes.” You reached for him, only just noticing the restraints around your wrists were gone. “Loki?”
“I’m here.” Strong arms turned you on your back. Hands wiped your hair away from your sweaty forehead. “I’m right here,” he said again, and his lips touched your forehead. You could not see him, and it took you some time to realize it was because your eyes were still closed.
“So,” you murmured, opening your eyes once more, “that’s what it’s like to fuck a God.”
Loki chuckled low. “That’s what it’s like to fuck me. Others may be different; however I am quite partial to my own skills.” Another kiss was pressed to the top of your head. “Would you care to join me for a bath?”
“Later. My legs don’t work yet.” You felt yourself being shifted under the covers, and Loki made sure not to touch you anywhere below your waist. The overstimulation might have made you cry.
“Okay.” Loki lay his head on your stomach, rubbing his face over your skin like a cat. You giggled and kissed the top of his head. His eyes came to rest on yours, and he asked, “Did I hurt you?”
You were quick to assure him. “Nope.”
“Good.” His nose rubbed against your chest, then he looked up at you again. You noticed his ears were tinged pink. “Y/N? Can I ask you something?”
“Sure, sweet boy.” The endearment slid off your tongue without you even having to think about it.
“I-uh… Nevermind.” He hid his face in your stomach, tips of his ears turning to a deep red.
“Loki.” You stroked his head with your nails. “Loki, what is it?” He lifted his head to look at you again, and you saw that his blush had spread to his face. You ran the back of your hand over his red cheeks with a comforting smile. “Tell me.”
“Can you take care of me again, sometime?”
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Tender Is The Night 🦋
Part 3
Previous Part
Next part
Loki didn’t stop thinking about you whenever he was fucking whatever harlot he chose to accompany him to his bed after their begging. Every day you’d be at the tower with your snide comments about him and every night you’d live in his thoughts. You were supposed to be his mentor and yet you made his blood boil. Looking down at the blonde below him, he wondered how it’d feel like for her to reach up and strangle him slightly or to tug at his hair. A few nights ago, a woman had laced her fingers through his hair and accidentally pulled it a bit. He was surprised when he found out it made him harder. Was there some truth to your audacious claims? No! Surely not.
“Ca-n I cum?” The woman asked as Loki fucked her into the mattress.
He closed his eyes listening to her request for release. Again, his mind drifted to you. The ways he’d bend you to his every whim. The ways you’d control him. No. You were a poison, a poison that was killing him slowly with your words. A poison he yearned to ingest. Feeling the woman cumming around his cock, he raised his hand and struck her cheek.
“I didn’t say you could cum” he growled, feeling her walls clenching around him. Usually he’d just continue chasing his own release but he didn’t. Instead, he just pulled out of her and palmed himself with the thought of his hand being replaced by yours. After a few moments, he was able to reach his peak before ejaculating on top the woman beneath him.
“I’m daddy’s little cum slut” she panted, wiping Loki’s cum with her hand before putting it into her mouth.
“Leave” he replied, getting off of the bed and handing her her clothes. No longer acknowledging her presence, Loki went into his bathroom to shower. As he stood with water streaming down his back, he ran his hand through his hair before it stopped when he hit a knot. Usually Loki would comb through it to rid his hair of the knot but instead, he gently pulled on it. Being a bit harder, he felt himself feeling slightly aroused. Maybe he was into hair pulling, a little tiny bit. Maybe he wanted you to pull his hair.
The next day you arrived at the tower dressed in a formal pantsuit. The Avengers had a conference they had to to go to, a conference that you ensured that everyone was well prepared for including Loki. This was the first time they were all going to be seen in public together with Loki at a formal event. You waited in Tony’s penthouse for everyone to get ready. You heard the elevator doors opening and turned to see Loki who was wearing black dress pants with a buttoned white shirt along with an untied tie.
“What’s the matter?” You asked him as you walked towards him.
“No matter what I do, it just doesn’t look right” he sighed, gesturing to the tie.
“Or perhaps you just want me to tie you up” you joked “come here” you said, pulling him towards you by the loose ends.
He watched you intently as you tied the tie for him. What had you done to him? Corrupted him with your bold statements and your confidence. You had a way of acting as if you wanted him without seeming needy. It was inviting. You were inviting. His breath hitched when you tightened the tie before smoothing over it as you looked up at him.
“There” you simpered.
“Maybe next time I’ll get you to polish my shoes.” He sniggered.
“I’m not one of your bitches Loki.” You scoffed.
“But you’d like to be.” He quipped.
“You’d be mine first.” You smiled, quickly standing on your tiptoes and kissing his nose whilst you used his tie to pull him lower.
“What do you want?” He asked, furrowing his brows as he straightened his shirt back out.
“What do you mean?” You replied innocently.
“From me? What do you want? One minute you’re making snide comments and the next you’re kissing me. What am I supposed to think? Do?” He continued.
Narrowing your gaze, you pulled on his tie once more as you lowered him towards you. You leant in and he closed his eyes thinking you were going to kiss him properly, for the first time.
“I want you to beg for me. To become so infatuated that every time you’re thrusting into someone else, you’re thinking of me, only me.” You said against his lips.
“You really are arrogant” he remarked.
“And hubristic” you said, smiling against his lips before pulling away.
As Loki slowly opened his eyes, he couldn’t deny the desire he felt for you. He wanted you, wanted you to want him. You were like that one confusing thing he just had to have.
“I’d love to continue our little chat but alas, we have somewhere we need to attend.” You sighed. You had to get away from him. You tried to tear your gaze from him but every time he looked at you, you felt your heart flutter. His eyes contained so much desire, it was hard to resist. The longer you both spent together, the more you felt yourself falling for him again and you couldn’t do that. No. Not again! This was lust. A deep seated rage filled lust. The slight twinge in your back reminded you of that.
You along with the Avengers all attended the event and as predicted, it was a success. Loki was well received by the other attendees and you felt slightly proud. You trained him well. Once the conference was over, you accompanied the avengers back to the tower so you could have a few celebratory drinks before heading home. On your way to to the penthouse to collect your bag after leaving it there earlier, you were stopped by Loki.
“I want you” he said simply.
“Get on your knees and beg then.” You answered as your lips curled into a smile.
“A god does not—” he began before you raised an eyebrow at him.
“Beg” you commanded. Looking into your eyes, Loki slowly fell to his knees. Luckily for the both of you, the rest of the team were too busy in the penthouse to see you and Loki down the hallway. “Good, such a good boy aren’t you” you praised as he nodded “what do you want? Do you want a reward.”
“Y-yes—mummy” Loki stuttered, shocking you both with his use of closing word.
And just like that, you had him.
Tumblr media
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lokif · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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lokis-dark-queen · 4 months ago
She's the Boss
Sub Loki x Dom Female Reader Smut
notes/warnings: This is a very spicy one 18+ plz
Tumblr media
‘I want you ready for me in 20 minutes.’
He knew what that meant, she knew he did. She was more than ready for him, already wearing black lingerie beneath her dark green suit.
Much to her surprise, when she walked through the door of her New York penthouse she saw him lounging on the couch reading a book, fully clothed as well. He was nowhere near ready like she asked him to be, he ignored her text, and she was less than happy about it.
Nevertheless he stood from the couch and approached the furious woman.
“Darling, you’re finally home. I missed you.” He greeted, reaching out to hold her.
She moved and avoided the dark haired man.
“Brat.” She growled.
Loki smirked, trying to act like he didn’t know what she was talking about when they both knew that he did.
“Whatever do you mean dear?”
Loki towered over her, that didn’t matter however. She had full authority over the god and he loved it. He also loved teasing and disobeying her constantly, she figured that he liked the punishment more than anything else.
“You ignore my command, a simple one, and you come to me and expect me to allow you to touch me? You’re more pathetic than I thought.” She walked over to the armchair she had in her living room, Loki remained where he stood until she gave him another command. “On your knees and crawl to me.”
Read the rest here.
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kinkyloki · 4 months ago
Loki in cuffs suspended from a hook in the ceiling so he can just rest his weight on his feet by standing on tiptoes. But he’s been that way a long time, and his calves are starting to tremble and he’s making distressed little noises of effort as he shifts up and down, unable to end the mounting discomfort…
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aliceblisss · 2 months ago
hiii if you’re still taking requests id love to see some sub!loki headcanons <3
Omg yes! Love this. Tysm for your request!
A/N: this is my first HC, I hope it’s good!
CW: talk of sex, oral, dominance, orgasm denial, praise kink, degradation
sub!loki headcanons
A good 70-80% of your intimate time he dedicates to worshiping you.
His favorite thing to do is eating you out; specifically you riding his face
He loves the sight of you towering over him
He loves it when you make him beg, even if he pretends to be irritated.
Huge praise kink. Anything along the lines of “good boy” sends him into cardiac arrest.
But he loves it when you’re rough with him.
Whenever you put your hands anywhere near his neck he shivers with pleasure.
He would say the most exquisite things to you like, “your body is my altar” “I may be a god but next to you, goddess, I’m but a simple man” “please let me touch you, I ache for you”
He gets off of your moans like you wouldn’t imagine.
He loves to take his time kissing your body and mumbling things like “you are divine”
He will do anything to be punished by you.
He’s into orgasm denial and tears would form in his eyes but he doesn’t care because he loves how you own him.
He would say things like “use me” “fuck any part of my body darling it’s all yours”
Eye contact while either of you are cumming is like a drug to him.
He’d suffocate in your thighs if you let him.
Being whiny comes so naturally to him with you. He whimpers like a puppy at even the slightest touch.
Despite his praise kink, some degradation does turn him on.
Likes being slapped in the face, that’s just fully canon honestly.
“Please, cum all over me darling. You look so beautiful when you’re overcome by ecstasy”
“What do you want, goddess divine? I’ll give it to you”
“Can I please taste you? I’ve been good”
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leonardamaria13 · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Somebody on tik tok pointed out how tom/loki sat like a sub in that one scene in new loki series (ep4) and I took the chance to draw it lmao
I’m so sorry yall gotta witness this but I just had to
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lokisprettygirl · 2 months ago
Love is Selfless, It's kind (Part 3) (Loki x female reader)
Part 2
Summary : After loki confesses his feelings for you, your relationship with him blooms into something precious.
Warning : 18+ ,this chapter contains portions of smut , Sub loki (are we surprised?), Switch loki , praise kink
Tagging people who might be interested (if you don't want to be tagged let me know and vice versa) @purplekitten30 @colifower @rinacreateart @otakumultimuse-hiddlewhore @asipofwineandfandoms @christineblood @delightfulheartdream
Tumblr media
That night, after you stopped kissing loki, well for a minute, you realised making him moan into your mouth was probably one of the hottest sound you will ever hear. So you proceeded to sit him over the couch, while you sat on top of him. Showering him with affection as best as you can, and that included, lots of kissing, so much of kissing, he loved being kissed, it made him feel closer to you, and when you sucked on his neck every whimpering sound he made just turned you on more n more, and when your hips bucked into his and you heard that breathy mention of your name come from his mouth you almost came. You thought about him, everyday,every night since you met, it wasn't fair, he was your friend, you felt dirty thinking about him like that, but how couldn't you, he was irresistible. Especially when he looked at you with his big doe eyes like you were the best thing to ever exist, you couldn't help but wonder how he would look at you as he came inside you.
He loved it, he loved you, not that he was going to confess so soon but he loved everything you were doing to him in that moment. He would let you break him down and build him back up over n over again if that meant that you would be like this for him, on him, all over him. He heard you moaning everytime he did, you told him how turned on you were when he moaned, best sound you had ever heard, that's what you said. He roamed his hand everywhere, clutched everything he could, bit wherever he wanted and god you let him, you didnt deny, you didn't reject, you didn't turn him away. He wasn't used to this, he wasn't used to receiving, he always gave, and gave to Carla but she never made him feel the way you did in just last few minutes, as compared to that whole relationship. So loved, so cared for, so beautiful. You were right when you told him he'll be better, that he'll be okay and he was more than okay, he was ecstatic. So when his hands wandered under your shirt, and he felt your bare skin, the way you reacted to his touch and threw your head back and bit your lips, the little noise you made, he felt like he was in heaven. And the mess you were making of his neck, he knew when he would look at the marks you gave him, he would think about all the things he would do to you all night, and the things you would do to him.
"Princess, oh my sweet princess, we have to.. stop, as much as I don't want to, as much as i want to get consumed by you.. I can't uhh I won't be able to stop if we keep doing this" he caressed your hair, his voice all soft and broken because of your ministrations on his neck, you put your head up from the crook of his neck, that pale smooth skin turning red and it makes you go crazy with desire to engulf all of him with in you. You look at him and smile "you want to stop my sweet pretty baby?" You bring his hand up to your lips and kiss on his fingertips one by one as you wait for him to answer. How could you make him feel so hot for you just by doing such an innocent gesture, he have never been called that midgardian term of endearment before but he already knows he's going to want to hear it more n more "I don't want to but I should, I want to treat you like my princess, because that's what you are..want to take you out on a proper midgardian date, win you over" he really thinks he hasn't won you over yet? Hasn't earned your touch yet? Does he really think you wouldn't just let him absolutely ruin you completely if he wanted to? He was wrong, But You would love to wait and do it however he liked, however he wanted, whatever made him happy, he deserved to feel that that more than anything. You're going to make him feel so appreciated, you just want to take away all his pain, ease his trauma, silence that voice in his head that makes him feel like he's not enough. Because he's so much more than that, he's everything.
So you stopped, and he stayed for a while, you could just tell how happy he was, he couldn't stop smiling, he stood behind you and held you in his arms while you made his favourite tea for him in the kitchen. His hands wrapped around your waist, his chin rested on your shoulder as he rocked you side to side slowly, kissing your cheeks every now n then. This right here was going to be one of your favourite memories, you just knew. You loved the way he sipped on his tea, the way his pinkie finger stood out as he raised the cup to his lips. Little details. He was made of perfection. "You're so posh" you giggle and he looks at you "is that a bad thing? Am I being annoying?" He freaks out a little as you say that "no no no lo.. I meant that in a good way, you're so elegant, everything you do is just classy, it must be the royal asgardian prince in you" you smile and his smile comes back, who hurt him this bad to think that everything was an attack, who told him that he was being annoying when he was just being his pure adorable sunshiny self. Oh you knew who ,that soul sucking bitch he dated. You prayed to the god of thunder thor himself to put you in her path once, just so you can give her a piece of your mind.
You thought he was royal? Oh how wrong you were, he wasn't an asgardian, he would never be, he was a frost giant, a hedious looking monster. He wants to tell you the truth, he wants to rip the bandaid off and get it over with. But he can't, not after what happened with Carla. Not that he would ever keep you two in the same space, you were above anything she could ever be, your heart was pure and truly kind unlike hers. He can't lose you just yet, he just got you. He had to remind himself to not stare for longer then few seconds, oh how beautiful you are, he has never seen you bare faced before but now that he did he wonders why would you even go through all that trouble of masking your pretty face. You were gorgeous in every sense of the word. Carla did hurt him in the worst ways possible and when they broke up all he wanted to do was go back in time somehow and undo it all, but he doesn't anymore, he would do it all over again if it meant he would end up right here in front of his gorgeous princess.
He finishes his tea and puts his cup down. "I should go princess" he says to you as he gets up but you didn't want him to, you would miss him terribly. You get up too and engulf him in a bear hug. And it makes him smile. He gives you lots of forehead kisses and he kisses your nose, then finally your lips. And he tasted sweet just like the tea he just had, you were already so addicted to him. "I want to do that too" you whisper as he kisses the side of your mouth softly "what princess?"
"Forehead kisses but you're so tall and I can't reach you" you pout and he gives you a little laugh "just ask me to bend down whenever you want princess, or better yet" he picks you up by holding your waist as if you weighed nothing. He wasn't even struggling. "Mmm I like this" you giggle and hold on to his cheeks as you shower him with affection. Not just forehead, his whole face. He puts you down and you both walk towards the door "uhh is it alright, if I pick you up around 4 tomorrow for our date?" You nod your head in yes. You were so excited for the date, you felt happy, vibrant, after so long you felt like you were living again. All because of him, When he left, you told him to call you once he reached safely, you didn't need to worry about him, he was way too powerful and would survive whatever mortal dangers lurks outside, but you still worried. You didn't want him hurt even if it was just a scratch.
On your first date, you dressed up in his favourite colour and he couldn't believe how gorgeous his human was. He didn't look any less than a prince charming himself, loki took you to the theme park you always talked about and you two went on each n every ride, giggling, laughing, like kids. You had one of the best days of your life. Then he took you to dinner, he saw how nervous you felt as soon as you both entered the fancy 5 star restaurant he picked. So he decided to ditch it and took you to the place nearby your apartment, where you felt comfortable and relaxed. That's all he wanted, you being comfortable and relaxed. Then you both went to get ice cream and you realised how yours was melting but his stayed the same, sometimes when you would touch him he would be cold, really cold. But then he would be warm, maybe that's just how he was build, some asgardian genes. On the way back to your apartment you noticed how tight his grip was on the steering wheel. God he looked so sexy in that tucked in white shirt he wore. His sleeves rolled up to his elbows. You put your passenger seat down a little and leaned backwards, then put your feet up on the dashboard and it made your dress ride up over your thighs. You wanted to mess with him a little, get him all worked up before you let him devour you. Loki didn't miss your little subtle seductive actions, he turned his head around to glance and he felt himself enticed instantly at the view you were providing him. All that skin you showed off for him, he imagined how would your thighs look wrapped around his head as he sucked on your clit, the look you were giving him right now, you would be the death of him, you wanted to be intimate with him, and you were so willing, then he felt your hands playing with his curls , your fingers scratching his scalp and he wanted to combust right there.
When you reached your apartment, you fumbled with your keys as you tried to open the door, you were nervous, he was a god, you were just a mortal. What if you disappoint him, what if he never wants to sleep with you again after this, you won't be able to handle it. You stepped inside and he waited for an invitation. Always such a gentleman, even after you tried to seduce him on the way back. You look at him and smile and then you slowly took off your heels. "Are you going to stay there and watch ? I would love to strip down for you but I would rather want you to undress me with your hands" he hears you and he felt himself hardening quickly, he stepped inside and closed the door. His sweet princess, his adorable little princess could also be a commanding minx and god he loved that. He wanted to submit to your every whims and impulses, he would let you do whatever you wanted with him. He was so into you that it hurts him physically to not have you anymore. He kissed you fiercely and picked you up by your waist, you wrapped your legs around him and kiss him back with same ferocity. You needed him, god you needed him. He puts you down on your bed, and you get on your knees, your arms wrapped around his neck as he starts kissing you all over..he traced his lips over every inch of your collarbone, earning soft little moans from you.
"So beautiful princess, you're the prettiest woman I have ever known, my sweet princess" you smile and bite your lips at the praise and it felt torturous when he took his sweet time before he even unzipped your dress. You wanted him to see you, see all of you, you wanted to show him how he made you feel. When he took off your dress, he stopped to admire how beautiful you looked in the green lingerie. He undresses you slowly and you did the same, if you thought you were crazy about him before, you were completely gone now. He looked as if he was sculpted just perfectly, just right, just how he should be. And His cock, so thick and big, you didn't think you would be able to fit him in but you'll die trying if you have to.
He rubbed your clit with his thumb and his fingers played with your lips. every inch of you was perfect to him , you were so wet, dripping all your sweet juices on his fingers, and god you were sweet as he licked on his fingers, the fact that he made you so wet for him drove him crazy. You couldn't wait anymore you needed him and you needed him now "oh godd lo l, baby I need you so bad, please take me, I can't wait" you whine and he lays you down gently on the bed. He wasn't aggressive and that's exactly what you expected from him, he was gentle just like he was all the time and he was everything you needed. "Don't worry I'm on pills" oh he wasn't worried about that, you couldn't get pregnant as long as he didn't want to. When you felt his cock inside you the first time, you screamed, he was big, too big and he stretched you out like never before "oh norns, you're so tight" he almost came when he entered you, you felt perfect, and he could just stay here forever..he slowly started to glide in and out of you and he just knew he wouldn't last long.
"Feels so good lo, god your cock is perfect my sweet baby, I'm so blessed" you praise him and you hear him panting and moaning at the praise. And that's when you realised that He liked being praised, he liked being told how good he was being "feels good princess? Not too much?" He asks softly and you look him right in the eyes "no baby, you feel perfect, you're doing so good lo, making me feel so good, you're going to make me cum all over your cock, aren't you?" You praise him further and you hear him groaning and you felt him twitching inside you as he moved slowly. His cock hitting all the right spots "Mmmhm keep talking princess, please, you're so good to me ,don't even deserve it " he increased the pace of his thrusts as he whispered, Oh how could you ever deny him, he really loved being told he was being good, you wanted to see if you could take it further "oh you do baby, don't you ever dare think that you don't deserve this, you deserve this and more honey, You're such a good boy lo, so good for me, my good boy, all mine" as soon as the words left your mouth he came, his whole body shuddered as he did and you felt his cock twitching inside you, rubbing perfectly against your spot, and you let go too. You never saw yourself as being the dominant one in the bed, but you really enjoyed it, enjoyed it more than you have ever enjoyed anything, it was perfect. The look on his face when you called him a good boy, you would cross rivers to see that look on him if you have to.
After that night, you two couldn't keep your hands off each other, he needed you as much as you needed him. The way you made him feel, he has never felt that way before, the more he got to know you, the more he fell, you were a blessing for him, it's like the universe finally decided to have mercy on him. You didn't just praise him in the bed, you showered him with love at every chance you got. You made home cooked meals for him, you became the bigger spoon when he wanted to hide from the world and just disappear with you, with his head between your breasts you would snuggle him and tell him how proud of him you were, and for a moment he would feel enough, for a moment he would feel worthy of you. You took care of him when he would hurt himself during a mission. However he hated how sad you got whenever he got hurt, Sometimes he would just show up at the store, so you could have lunch together and he loved spending all his free time with you. He started to stay at your place more n more and he hugged you whenever he could, as much as he could. He even took you to the tower on occasions, you gasped at everything you saw there, you were nervous about meeting his superhero friends but they were so nice, especially thor. He was truly happy that loki finally found someone. "I like this one, such a contrast to that selfish woman I can't seem to remember the name of" wow you liked him too just for that sick burn. "Ahh I remember" Clint said "it's barley" he snickered and you glanced at lo to make sure he was okay with this and he was, he was more than okay. He had you, he was finally content.
"lo?" You call out his name to get his attention, your feet hurts, you didn't get the chance to sit down even once today at work. Holiday season. You both were on the couch, he sat on one side reading one his books, while you laid down with your feet in his lap "Mmmhm princess?" He looks at you and you pout "my feet hurts" you whine and he uses magic to make his book disappear, you'll never get used to being with someone who can do stuff like this like it's nothing. "Let me help then" he smiles and he lifts one of your leg to massage it gently "wow you're a pro at this lo" you giggle and you feel instant relief as you feel the pressure of his hands "I have actually never done this" he mumbles "ohh yessss lo ..right there oooh" you moan loudly, why did you have to do that, now he is hard. "Aahh yess, can you go lower ,just above the ankle? Oh yeah right there mmmm" you moan again . "If you want me to continue princess, you need to stop with those sexual noises" he looks at you intently and it does something to you. Everytime you two had sex he has never been rough with you, always gentle always submissive, so you can't help but wonder about the other side of it "mmmmm I'm trying but aaah you're so good lo" you moan intentionally this time, and he stops.
He lifted both of your legs off of him and climbs up on the couch on the top of you "What did I say about noises princess?" He asks you as he tucks a strand of your hair behind your ears "ummm to not make them?" You whisper, god he is so hot. "and what are you doing?" He rubs your lips with his thumb and you kiss it "I'm still making em" you mumble and he smiles "that's right, you know that's bad right, you are my good girl hmm?" Oh god you have never heard his voice like that, now you know why he loves it so much when you praise him. "Mmm want to be good lo, please make me good" you take his thumb into his mouth and suck on it , the sight makes his breath hitch in his chest "oh you are princess, always so good for me, just need a little help, gonna fix the insolence out of you" he bucks his hips into your heated wet core and you moan again, your head thrown back, back arched, you're the most beautiful sight he has ever had the pleasure of seeing. "Lo baby please" you beg, you're not sure what you're begging for "what do you need princess, need my cock? need my mouth? need my fingers? What does my filthy girl wants today hmm? tell me and I'll give you whatever you need my love" he whispers in your ears, oh you like this you like this alot "mmm your cock please" you beg again and you feel his lips on your neck "where do you want it my puppy?" Oh you could have cum right then, the non usual pet name made you gush in your panties. "Oh god lo" he smirks and sits up and waves his hand, to make both of your clothes disappear. "You were thinking about this weren't you, wanted me to take control hmm?" He lines up his hard cock and rubs it against your wet dripping lips "you didn't answer me sweet pup" it's too much, you needed him and you needed him now "I was lo, I think about you in several dirty ways and all of them ends up with you being in my cunt, need you so bad, pleaseee" you whine and he enters you in one go "such dirty little mouth you have my love, you're just perfect sweet princess, made of stars and moonlight, I'll give you everything you'll ever need so just ask my love" he grunts and moans as he started to move. He held your hips tightly, they're going to be bruised you just knew, this was new for both of them and it felt thrilling, he was still gentle,still careful, he locks his hands with you and leaned down to kiss you, he couldn't just help himself, this was his sweet princess and he would always be careful with her, he would never hurt her. He fucked you quick and rough as he satiated your lust over n over again, he just knew what you needed and how much you needed it, let's just say you didn't make it to work next day.
Once, he came unannounced to the store right after he started seeing you and one of your co-worker informed him that you were dying from cramps- her words, because of your periods and was resting/hiding in the stock room. Loki has always heard about how words can be triggering, when there is a bad memory attached to a word it can trigger negative emotions and he was triggered. Don't know why his heart felt heavy as he walked towards the stock room, he didn't want to see you with some other man, were you done with him? Did he drive you away so soon ? What did he do wrong? You didn't even know about his true self yet..Just the thought made him want to shrivel up and hide , his princess choosing someone else and leaving him, he wouldn't be able to take it, he would lose his mind.
But then he entered the room and there you were in the corner of the room, on the floor, your hands clutching your tummy, your tear stained face as you looked up when you heard the door opening. His heart hurting at the sight, Why was he thinking such horrible things about you when you were in pain for real, how could his mind even think about his sweet princess like that. You were not Carla, you could never be, you would never hurt him like that "Lo" you mumble as you groaned in pain. He walked towards you and bend down to pick you up in his arms. You clutched onto him and sobbed in his chest, the pain was unbearable. You took two pain killers already but it was taking its own sweet time to work. "Lo..it hurts..bad" he hears you sobbing and it broke his heart. His sweet princess was in such pain and he couldn't take it. "I know sweetheart, I know, just let me take care of you okay, I'll make it better I promise" he lifts you in his arms as he decides to take you home. Didn't even let you clock out, the pain made you not care. He lays you down in the passenger seat and starts driving towards the apartment. At one of the stop lights, he kept his hand on your swollen belly and you groaned but then it felt cold, almost too cold, like an ice pack. It felt good. How was he doing this? You made a mental note to ask him later. Is it part of his magic? But then you forgot all about it and only remembered how he took care of you that day. How he went back to the store and got all of your favourite things and how he spent the night watching Harry Potter with you as he rubbed your back and fed you your favourite ice cream like a baby, and how he cuddled you and whispered sweet things in your ear as he did. You have never been cared for like this and it felt so good you ended up crying because you loved him so much and then he cried because you were crying and that's exactly when he professed how much he loved you but he never wanted to see you cry again so you stopped and snuggled him all night as you thanked your stars. Everything felt like a dream, there was no way you had the most wonderful man in the universe by your side.
He would pick you up everyday from work and as soon you both would get inside your apartment he would absolutely smother you with affection "Mmm princess, missed you" he would mumble as he hugged you "missed you more, sweet baby" he was the most adorable person you have ever met and ever will "mmmmm need you princess, need your love, need to give you love, have so much of it" he looked at you and you could see how he scrunched his forehead, as he rubbed his nose with yours. God you wanted to make sweet love to him and then cuddle the life out of him. So you did.
When you finally told him how you didn't have a good relationship with your parents and how you don't exactly have many friends apart from him, he brought wanda with him one day. She just lost her brother in the fight against Ultron and she needed a friend as much as you did, and soon you two became very good friends , you two had alot in common. Oh yes there was this Ultron maniac but Avengers fixed it, you had your heart in your mouth while loki was out there fighting with the Avengers.
You didn't see him for 5 days and it was the longest you have gone without seeing him, you couldn't even contact him and it was driving you out of your mind. But then finally on day 6th you heard the bell ring and you finally saw him, you finally could breathe properly. He hugged you so tightly and that's all you needed. He was okay, he was safe and he was here "I'm here love, right here" his voice was so soft, on the verge of tears, he thought about you every minute "mmm thank you because I was losing my head here for a bit" you said what he said to you the first time you met, you giggle through your tears and you feel his thumbs wiping them from your cheeks "I can see why you would be, it was kind of terrifying" you hear him and chuckle, that was the first ever conversation you have had with him and he remembered. You had him even before he realised. Once you both calmed down he showered you in 5 days worth of love and affection and you did the same. He was bruised up and all you wanted to do was take away every pain he felt.
You kissed every little bruise he had on him, and then you made him sob with pleasure as you rode him, you wanted him to feel pampered, you put your hands on his chest , running your fingernails all over him "oh baby, look at you, so beautiful you are, so perfect, so good for me," you praised him and he started to float in his head, how could you love him so much.. what did he ever do to deserve this, to deserve you. You heard him panting "please y/n, princess, please let me cum, need to fill you up, please miss, haven't had you in so long " how could you ever deny a request like that, you can't, he had no idea how gorgeous he looked like this. The first time you took him in your mouth, he lost his mind, his sweet princess with his cock in her mouth, looking so gorgeous. You made him cum not once not twice but three times that night, in all the ways you could have. Until he was spent completely. And then he spent most of the morning, with his mouth on your pussy, making you cum over n over until you couldn't cum anymore. Everything was perfect.
"I'm almost done" you tell him as you emptied your locker, as usual he was there to pick you up. "Take your time princess, I'll wait as long as you want me to" he chuckles on the phone, he was standing outside, waiting for you. His eyes looking for you to appear in his view, He missed you terribly today, it has been a long day for him and all he wanted to do was go home with you, feed you dinner and then love you all night.
"Loki laufeyson, what a surprise" he heard a voice and the shock from it made him drop his phone. You hear the noise and get concerned "lo you okay?" You ask him but you don't get a response. So you take your bag and rush out quickly.
"What are you doing here?" He asks her, she was the last person he wanted to see today or ever if he was being honest. "Question should be what are you doing here? I live nearby, I'm sure you remember" she smiles and picks up his phone "awnnn do I still make you nervous loki? Oh you dropped your, what did you used to call it? Yeah Cellular device right?" She laughs and he put his hand forward to take it but she snatches it back to observe it "Oh no it's broken, reminds me of this guy I used to date" She smirks and gets closer to him and he takes a step back. Has she always been like this? How did he not see through her ? This wasn't love, you loved him and it's only after being loved so immensely by you is when he realised she never did, she only said that she did "What's wrong loki? Are you scared sweetie? I should be the one scared.. afterall you're the big blue ice monster" She mocks him and he glares at her, why was she being so awful to him, she cheated on him. "Look at you, still being the sad little pathetic boy you always were, You're never going to man up are you?" Is that what he was for her? Is that how she felt the whole time? Is this how you feel too? Do you pity him as well because you feel bad for him? He felt his eyes tearing up with frustration and how hurt he felt.
"Lo, I was worried, why did you-" you stop talking as you look at the woman standing in front of him. Who was she ? He had his back turned to you so you walk up to him and you held his hand, And then you looked at his face, you know that look, the look you hated, the look you haven't seen in a long time, he was hurt and broken, he was thinking about the past, thinking about the pain you made him forget, and that's when you realised who she was.
Part 4
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