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subbykpopbois · 11 months ago
MasterList Updated
Other account @subbyboiswriting
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
Jungkook ˚✧
Please Look At Me!
Warning: foot job.
Warning: degrading, pillow humping, panties.
Happy Birthday Kookie.
Bunny Boy.
Warning: sub!jungkook,bunnyhybrid!Jungkook, pillow humping, handjob. Degrading.
Hoseok ˚✧
°• J-Hope •°
Warning: Thigh riding, fingering, handjob.
Taehyung ˚✧
Clingy Taehyung.
Popular Boy Taehyung.
Warning: Degrading, handjob, humiliation, daddy kink.
CamBoy Taehyung.
Warning: Masterbation, Pet play, Slight self degrading, panties.
Puppy Tae.
Warning: first story, Handjob, Masterbation
My Bestfriend Tae Tae.
Warning: sub!taehyung, degradation, pet play, slight handjob, penetration.
Yoongi ˚✧
Scary Yoongi.
Warning: Panties, Skirt, Praise, Masterbating (male)
Warning: Thigh kink, Thigh job, Degrading.
Skirt Boy.
Warning: Thigh humping.
Pegging backstage.
Warning: Humiliation, SDH Fetish, masterbation, cum eating, handjob, overstimulation.
Small Dick Renjun.
Warning: Big Boobs? Boob job, Blowjob.
Dance Practice.
Warning: Masterbation, panties, degrading.
Don’t Cry.
Warning: gagging, toys, slightly humiliation, hands tied.
Cuckold. Feat: bangchan
Warning: switch!Bangchan, Sub!Hyunjin, Penetration, pillow humping, cuckolding.
Oral Fixation.
Wet Dream.
Kitty wants attention.
Warning: foot job.
Pillow Humping.
Warning: pillow humping, phone sex, slightly pet play.
Skirt Boy But Jisung.
Warning: Skirt, grinding, hand job.
Among Us pretty boy.
Warning: Imposter POV, knife play, degrading, Thigh riding.
Cuckold. feat: Hyunjin
Warning: switch!Bangchan, Sub!Hyunjin, Penetration, pillow humping, cuckolding.
Jeongin ˚✧
Kitty Cat.
Warning: hybrid!jeongin, thigh riding, blowJob, handjob.
First Time.
Warning: Very little degrading, handjob, Crying.
Mingi ˚✧
Put Me In My Place.
Warning: degrading, humiliation, dildo, masterbation.
Monsta X
Orange Sweater.
Warning: Masterbation.
Got 7
Yugyeom ˚✧
Hand job that’s it :/
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
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subbyboiswriting · 2 months ago
“I won’t think of such lewd things.”
Pairing: Virgin!Jungkook x Dom!Reader
Warning: Religion? Dream sex, first time, penetration, riding, crying. That’s all I think.
Summary: Jungkook’s sexual frustration led to his dirty dream.
A/N: I changed the concept a bit from the request. Cause like I said I’m iffy on religion so I’m cautious when writing stuff like this^ - ^. Ignore the female picture it’s gender neutral.
Ignore mistakes♡
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Jungkook squeezed his eyes shut tilting his head up. “I shouldn’t think of things like this.” He whispered. “It’s a sin. I won’t think of such lewd things.” He exhaled looking down at his sheets then at his boxers feeling wetness from his leaking cock. He sighed looking away squeezing his eyes shut again.
“It’s a sin... ..i... Won't think about..such lewd...things.” Jungkook jumped hearing the voice opening his eyes and looking around quickly. “H-huh! G-go away!” He voiced pulling the cover over his head quickly listening to his quick breathing.
Several minutes passed in silence and Jungkook slowly exposed his head from under the covers looking in front of him, he looked around and sighed closing his eyes again and laying back down.
“Behind you!” You shouted making Jungkook sit up and shriek loudly gripping onto his chest. You laughed looking at him. “Did I scare you?” You asked reaching to rub his back. He turned looked at you wide-eyed nodding slowly backing away from your touch a bit . “Oh I’m sorry kookie, we’ll good I didn’t scare you awake.. You’re dreaming still.” You smiled “So you can calm down and listen to what I have to say hmm?”
Jungkook blinked still scared nodding slowly. “Alright... I’m here because you're horny... And you wanna fuck something or someone, But you're scared you’ll get shamed for it.” You spoke shaking your head with a tsk. He nodded gradually “It’s a dream of sex too...” He mumbled. “Oh really? How so?” You asked getting closer to him pushing yourself in between his legs.
He gasped looking at you. “Y-yes, B-because...uh, it's s-said to be s-sex with d-demons..” He stuttered. You nodded slowly humming. “Well, I'm not a demon...I am if you want me to be...I'm whatever you need to finally get off.” You smiled grabbing onto his thighs looking at them then back to his eyes. “And if you just don’t tell anyone about this naughty dream that your brain is making you have, you don’t have shame.” You smiled rubbing up his thighs squeezing them lightly.
He looked down at your hand. “I-I don’t know... what if...” “Don't jinx it, your body is begging to get off Jungkook, you’ll either have a wet dream now or later it’s just a matter of time. But I know your so horny now you won’t last till later..” You smiled dragging your hands to his crotch squeezing him. “You’re so hard..” You bit your lip.
Jungkook gasped looking away, he knows how long his body needed to cum, he knows ignored his needs for so long now his brain started imagining lewd things. He also knows this might be his only way he could get off without actually touching himself. “I'll do it... but I’m waking up after this... A-and I better forget this dream!” He mumbled. “Consider it done. But you'll be the one confused to why your covered in cum.” You giggled grabbing his hips quickly yanking his shorts boxers down thighs and hips tossing them to the side of his bed looking down at his hard cock stiff and painfully red. “Yikes, you really need this.” You pout nudging his chest to make him lay down looking down at him.
“I’m gonna ride you. All you do is give me all your wonderful cum.” You smiled kissing his cheek, Jungkook nodded nervously looking around squeezing his legs together. Your shorts disappeared before his eyes and you straddled his lap starting to grind your underwear on him rocking your hips back and forth. “Mmm ugh!” He moaned with a gasp looking to your hips then you. “I probably shouldn’t tease huh? You’ll cum too quick.” You giggled.
Patting his chest. “But you already look so cute..” You pouted snapping your fingers his shirt disappeared earning him to gasp covering his chest. “Wha-H-how?” “It’s a dream kookie, I can do whatever I want here, and you can do the same.” You smiled quickly attaching your fingers to his nipples starting to flick and rub them. Jungkook moaned quietly looking down at your hand. “It feels so real..” You smirked looking down at him “Good, then you’ll finally release all your sexual frustration.” You pouted patting his nipple.
He was distracted at your hips grinding on him along with the nipple simulation his eyes squeezed shut panting softly. “I should start...You look pretty close already.” You chuckled. You quickly moved your underwear to the side grabbed his dick standing it up straight licking your lips.
“Ready kookie?” You whispered. Jungkook looked at his dick then to your eyes. “P-please remember what I said...about forgetting this dream.” He mumbled. “Of course, but I do wish you would remember me. And this.” You spoke sliding down on his dick bitting your lip and looking at his face.
Jungkook eyes widened this was his first time being inside someone and even if it was a dream it felt like how he would imagine it would groaning loudly as you started to ride him bouncing up and down. He squeezed his sheets into his fist watching you bounce feeling how you squeezed and clenched around his pulsing dick. “Tell me how you feel Kookie? Does it feel like how you imagined? Hmm, I know it does.” You giggled bringing your hands back to his nipples starting to pinch and twist them.
“Ugh! I like it! I-it feels good!” He moaned loudly thrusting up. You gasped feeling him do that looking down at him. “You want me to go faster huh? Is this too slow?” He didn’t answer too busy with the feelings he was experiencing. You smirked “I wanted to go easy for your first time but I’ll speed up, if you cum quick it’s not my fault.” You whispered sounding like you were right in his ear as you speed up sending waves of pleasure into Jungkook body his eyes shooting open.
“W-wait ahh!” He cried out his eyes starting to swell with tears. “I warned you, your close aren’t you? cum when you ready kookie.” You kissed his head flicking his nipples. He couldn’t help but start sobbing putting his hand onto your waist digging his nails in. “Mmm.” You hummed at the pain “I know you're about to cum, I'll make it a hard and good one.” You smiled as two closes of you appeared on either side of him. He tried looking at them but could barely pay too much attention or keep his eyes straight feeling his orgasm about to explode through him.
You took your hands off his nipples as your clones quickly leaned down sucking on them to replace your hand. They sucked and slurped around them keeping their gazes to his face. “Oh god!” He shrieked surprised by his word, but not enough to stop as his orgasm came surprising himself at how hard it was. “Oh fuck! I’m cumming! Ahh!” He screeched loudly. You felt him start to cum deep inside of you almost like he was filling you up, with each pump his hips twitching up into you uncontrollably.
“God!...Aghh. I-i can't!” Jungkook uttered almost speechless with some whimpers and cries. You let him finish inside you quickly pulling yourself off to not overstimulate him your clone disappearing before his cloudy eyes. “You came harderthan I thought.” You giggled looking up and down his body gasping when you noticed his dick still standing hard. “Wow gotta start touching yourself more.” You sucked your tongue get in between his leg laying down.
He trembled trying to sit up on his elbows “D-don’t I-I ha..have to wake up n-now?” “Not yet, your alarm goes off in an hour, I’m sure you’ll cum again before then.” you spoke you clones appearing on either side of you looking up at him. “Anyway watch us use our mouth.” You smirked shocking him by surprise wrapping your mouth around him.
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subbykpopbois · a year ago
Tumblr media
Warning: foot job. Sub!jungkook, dom!reader.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
“Mommy please look at me.” Jungkook whined humping my foot hurriedly. He had came down stairs to the couch where I was just on my phone, just to mess with me turns out he was hard and just wanted me to touch him.
I refused to look at him continuing to watch the video I was when he came down stairs. He got frustrated and started humping my foot expecting me to get mad but when I continue to ignore him, he grew needier desperate to cum from anything.
“Mommy please.” He moaned grabbing my calf in a tight grip humping into my foot, he whined when I didn’t answer throwing his head back his orgasm approaching quick. “just look at me please.” He whimpered tears rolling to his eyes getting watery, when I didn’t answer he speed up his hips “mommy I’m gonna cum.” He cried closing his eyes grabbing the couch falling back cumming all over his stomach and chest.
He sniffled opening his eyes to see i was still not looking he begin whimpering loudly pulling on my legs. “Look at me.” I flipped over to my back putting my phone infront of my eyes. I assumed he was done but I felt him begin humping my feet again this time crying upset I still ignored him. “I’ll cum for you again, please just watch me.” I giggled at my video pressing my foot into his boner, Jungkook yelped out grabbing the couch at the unexpected attention “please again, do it again.” He cried humping back up. I decided to listen still ignoring him pressing down harder. He threw his head back sitting on the couch just letting my foot push on him. In a couple of minutes his head flew up and he started panting “mommy look at me please, I’m gonna cum, mommy!.” He cried cumming for his second time whining when I still didn’t look at him.
He fell to the floor panting looking over at me. He crawled to my face resting his head on mine “are you done Kookie?” I giggled turning my phone so he could watch the video. “Yes mommy.” He chuckled sitting there for a minute watching before getting up to go clean. He came back down stairs and laid next to me watching videos until we feel asleep.
Tumblr media
I wanted to lucid dream about this but it didn’t work so I wrote it.
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