the-5e-classist · 2 days ago
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My main goal is to blow up and act like I don’t know no body.
My Ko-Fi.
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luuma-makes-games · 17 hours ago
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About a year ago, I saw someone saying they wanted to play a pure tank class that was built exclusively for protecting all their pals from harm. so I made one for them! This was really only a couple hours work, but it comes out as a rock solid cleric that can force foes to focus them. That ability turns cleric into a tank's dream come true.
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brewerssupplies · a month ago
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Howdy! Here’s another Spider-Man related artificer subclass, this time you can finally play as Doctor Octopus! I’m pretty sure that all of Spider-Man’s villains would be artificers. I hope you enjoy, and any and all feedback is appreciated!
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homebrew-a-la-traumaverse · 4 months ago
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The Installation Wizard - 5E Homebrew Wizard Subclass by Nines Behold the Installation Wizard! Tremble in the presence of basic programming! Cower in the face of the latest in file unzipping! Yeah, it’s a joke subclass. But we take our jokes seriously here. Rename it to “the School of Technology” and nobody would bat an eye. Except maybe Alchemist Artificer.
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transsorceress · 26 days ago
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new ramona subclass just dropped ‼️ let me know what you think 🧙‍♂️🔮
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cocoshomebrew · a month ago
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Silent blight, holy blight!
Okay, admittedly this isn't a very festive subclass, but it's one I've been wanting to make for a long time. As a plague sorcerer, your magic comes from a sickening source, and you're able to withstand and spread disease wherever you go. This is my second sorcerer subclass after the now pretty ancient Seasonal Soul origin.
Here's the link to my patreon if you want to see more of my content or want to support me in making it.
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another-rpg-sideblog · 6 months ago
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School of Planar Magic by FrostBladestorm on reddit
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homebrewfromthevoid · 3 months ago
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You were born the descendant of a creature of the night. Perhaps they were a werewolf? Perhaps they were something else. Whatever they were, that blood was sufficiently diluted when it came to you for the curse not to affect you. Still, that doesn’t mean you don’t feel it.
Open the image in new tab for better quality. Have fun playing, and feedback is much appreciated! If you like what I do, consider buying me a coffee!
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thearcanacheck · 21 days ago
(Get ready for a long one)
Paladin Oaths can take any sort of shape or size.
Some Oaths are passed down from one generation to the next; often times written in ancient languages whose exact translations are lost to time. For example, the oaths taken by the ancient Ritchey cavalrymen are vague as to which oaths relate to the men or their horses. To play it safe, the Paladins of that region are known for keeping their shoes clean and training their horses not to lie.
Rarely oaths seemingly come from nowhere, arriving in the minds of Paladins-to-be like a red-hot arrow between the eyes. These powerful oaths contain everything needed to awaken magic potential -- and can therefore be a bit arcane.
Many an impressive last stand, as the romantic knight steps unto a heap of rubble overlooking the fiery ruins of their hometown and bellows an undeniable promise of vengeance, has been undercut with further promises to “eat fishsticks on Fridays” or “stay a virgin.” The knight usually doesn’t remember making these promises until the morning after.
Below are some 5e subclasses highlighting some of the more “Unique” oaths Paladins have taken throughout history: Neutrality, Paranoia, and Delusion.
Oath of Neutrality
Tenets of Neutrality Balance: Law cannot exist without chaos, and good cannot exist without evil. The universe is better off with all these opposing forces existing in perpetual conflict. Thesis and Antithesis; Yin and Yang. Moderation: Maintain the virtuous mean. If you see the world around you has become too melancholy, it’s the time to act buffoonish. If your last action was a kind one, make your next one harsh. Thoughtfulness: Never let preference and bias cloud your judgement. Think carefully and deliberately about your next move – and if someone reaches a conclusion before you do, it’s likely they did not do the same.
Oath Spells 3 Protection from Evil and Good, Hellish Rebuke 5 Augury, Calm Emotions 9 Slow, Counterspell 13 Divination, Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere 17 Conjure Elemental, Dispel Evil and Good
Channel Divinity: At the 3rd level, you gain the following two options for your Channel Divinity:
The Mediocre Shall Inherit the Earth: For one minute, nonmagical weapons you wield gain a +1 attack/damage modifier for every +0 ability modifier you possess. Your weapon also becomes magical and glows gently – but not especially brightly.
Sterile Hands: A creature you touch must succeed on a charisma saving throw or have their alignment changed to true neutral for one round. That creature also loses all personality traits, flaws, ideals, and bonds. When you reach level 15 in this class, this effect lasts as long as you are holding onto that creature.
Impartial Aura: At the 7th level, you gain a dim grey halo that you can activate/deactivate as an action. While the halo is active, all creatures within 10 feet of you (friend or foe) gain the effects of the Bane or Bless spell (you choose when you activate the halo). When you reach level 18, you can choose to extend the aura up to 30 feet.
Equitable Smite: At the 15th level, your devotion to neutrality shines brighter than any angel and darker than any fiend. Radiant and Necrotic damage you deal ignores all immunities, resistances, and vulnerabilities. Additionally, your smite deals 1d8 extra damage to all non-true-neutral extraplanar entities – not just fiends or undead.
Avatar of Balance: At level 20, you may cast Antimagic Field once per day. Every creature within the field (including yourself) is instantly polymorphed into a CR 0 commoner while within range of the spell. The DM may decide that a different CR 0 statblock is more appropriate, based on the original creature.
Creatures polymorphed in this way retain their languages and closely resemble their original form. For example, a Dragonborn fighter may transform into a commoner with scaly-tattoos and colorful hair, while Lolth, Queen of the Demonweb Pits, may transform into a very rude-mouthed spider. If a creature originally had an INT/WIS/CHA score higher than 10, it is reduced to 10.
Polymorphed creatures who die in the field remain dead until the spell ends, at which point they are revived as you would after a regular Polymorph spell. If you die in your commoner form, the effects of the spell last until you are revived.
Oath of Paranoia Watchers+
Tenants of Paranoia Watchers+ Vigilance: Your enemies knows better than to reveal themselves in plain sight. Secrecy and corruption are their main tools, so you must be on the perpetual lookout for any slips in their façade. Know Thy Enemy: The full extent of your enemy’s power is nebulous and growing. Undoubtedly, they’re spying on you. You must return the favor. Hearts and Minds: The battle against your enemies may take generations to win. As such, you must educate allies, children, and random bystanders in the insidious evil you all face. Deprive your enemy of sympathizers.
Oath Spells 3 Disguise Self, Alarm 5 Zone of Truth, See Invisibility 9 Enemies Abound, Nondetection 13 Arcane Eye, Phantasmal Killer 17 Scrying, Hallow
Channel Divinity: At the 3rd level, you gain the following two options for your Channel Divinity:
Inquisition: As a bonus action, you declare a creature you can see within 30 feet of you to be the enemy of all that is good. That creature’s type changes to “Fiend” for ten minutes.
Seeds of Distrust: As a bonus action, you can target one creature you can see within 30 feet of you. Creatures non-hostile to the target must succeed a wisdom saving throw or become frightened of the targeted creature for one minute.
Aura of Paranoia: At level 7, just standing next to you is enough to put people on edge. You and allies within 10 feet of you cannot be surprised and gain a bonus to their initiative equal to your charisma modifier. At level 18, this aura extends to 30 feet.
Judge, Jury... At level 15, you can tell if someone’s guilty – even if they don’t know it yet. If you see a creature within range of a Zone of Truth spell, you can tell if they’re resisting the effects of the spell or not. As an action, you can force said creature to make a Charisma saving throw. If the creature fails, you may telepathically command the creature what to say for one turn.
…and Executioner: When the time comes to face your foes on the battlefield, you will be waiting right up there at level 20. Once per long rest, you can use a bonus action to undergo a terrible transformation for one minute, gaining the following benefits:
Any nonmagical melee weapon you hold becomes a Vorpal version of that weapon, substituting slashing damage for that weapon’s specific damage type.
You can cast “Command” at will.
When you target a creature with your “Inquisition” or “Seeds of Distrust,” you may choose to make that creature either deaf, blind, or mute.
Oath of Delusion
Tenants of Delusion Your character believes that they follow an honorable path like any other paladin – though their oath may be trickier to pin down. Some suggestions are as follows:
Although you believe otherwise, you’re fundamentally just a bad person. You think of yourself as the shining example of… some other kind of Paladin… but subconsciously, you tweak the wording of your oaths to suit your greed/malice/laziness.
You authored an absurdly long code of conduct that you consider to be the ultimate moral compass. The manifesto seems contradictory and silly at first glance, but absolutely deranged on closer inspection.
You were instructed to take an oath full of words you didn’t understand, with a stack of books far above your reading level. You’ve been told many different things about what “Justice” and “Honor” and “Chastity” mean, and it’s all become very bewildering.
Oath Spells 3 Tasha’s Hideous Laughter, Ceremony 5 Phantasmal Force, Enthrall 9 Feign Death, Major Image 13 Confusion, Sickening Radiance, 17 Synaptic State, Dawn
Channel Divinity: At the 3rd level, you gain the following two options for your Channel Divinity:
Soul of Chaos: As a reaction to being subjected to a status condition by another creature (excluding unconscious, but including domination), you can automatically inflict that same status on that creature until you are no longer affected by the condition yourself.
Blessing of Ignorance: If you or an ally within 10 feet of you are subjected to an attack from a hidden source, you can use your reaction to activate this blessing. For one minute, all unseen attacks made against you (and allies within 10 feet) are made with disadvantage.
Aura of Madness: At level 7, you emanate a flickering, fluorescent light that you may dispel/summon as a bonus action. Allies who fail a saving throw within 10 feet of you may instead choose to succeed -- and roll on the Long-Term Madness Table in the DMG. The madness’ duration is only one minute, unless the save DC was higher than 19. In this case, you roll on the “Indefinite Madness” table instead. At level 18, the aura extends to 30 feet.
Too Funny to Die: At level 15, you’ve undoubtedly caught the attention of some extra-planar entity that seems passively interested in keeping you alive for entertainment value. Flip a coin when you suffer a critical hit. On heads, the natural 20 is treated as natural 1.
Hero of Fantasy: Against all odds, you’ve become the hero you’ve always wanted to be. At level 20, you can grant yourself following abilities for one minute per day, as a bonus action:
You can replace the effects of your “Aura of Madness” with the effects of any other paladin’s level 7 feature. Your choice. However, you do not get that paladin’s level 18 aura improvement.
You have advantage on all skill checks.
Enemies who attempt to attack you or target you with a spell must first succeed on a Charisma saving throw or be charmed until the start of their next turn. A creature charmed in this way must use its action to praise you.
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the-5e-classist · 2 months ago
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I love Druids but we need more Druids that are ready to kill on sight. Also this feels like a good alternate to the fire spirit subclass.
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5eforgemaster · 3 months ago
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Week 0- Preparation The Chronomancer- Spell update!
The Chronomancer Sorcerous Origin has been a pet project of mine for quite some time. It was the subclass that got me into homebrewing, and one of the first to go up on this blog. A long time ago I noted that to truly bring out the subclass’ potential, I’d need to brew up a suite of time based spells. And, well, since I was brewing time based spells... I thought I’d add some advice on running time travel. None of its groundbreaking- the most useful bit is probably the section about agreeing on what happens when time breaks (and if it can break in the first place). This one has balooned far beyond its original scope- something bordering on a supplement more than a single subclass. I hope you all enjoy! I stayed up far too late hammering out the details on this one.
For anyone who would like to get a PDF, or just view this more easily, here’s the homebrewery link!
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brewerssupplies · a month ago
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Hello! Having gone and watched the new Spider-Man movie, I have decided to throw my hat in the ring of the numerous attempts to recreate the famous Webslinger’s toolkit as a D&D subclass! This also marks my 2nd ever attempt at making an artificer subclass. Hope you enjoy!
Update: Fixed some typos and added some new stuff.
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homebrew-a-la-traumaverse · 8 months ago
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The Pantheon Domain - A 5E Cleric Subclass Homebrew. For the cleric whose faith is as fickle as the gods themselves. Great for roguelite lovers. You’ll have to figure out what you can do with the tools at your disposal every day. Links in reblog!
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transsorceress · 24 days ago
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uwu anybody like puppets?? then maybe you'll like this new sorcerer subclass I made‼️😋💯
lemme know what u think, nerds :v
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cocoshomebrew · 5 months ago
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Like a mummy, I rise from the dead with new content.
Dusting off the cobwebs that have amassed in my tomb with another Warlock subclass inspired by Ancient Egypt (surprisingly, I have two of those now if you count the Sphinx patron). This subclass allows you to channel the dark powers of a great divine pharaoh who simply refuses to die. With their help, you'll be able to summon an undead army and give yourself some semblance of the immortality they have achieved.
Here's the link to my patreon if you want to see more of my content or want to support me in making it.
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hollowedkingdoms · 3 months ago
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Here is a treat for you all, I couldn’t wait till friday to show this off, but here is some new art! This time for the recently announced Grimm Troupe Subclass!
This art was made by the wonderful MEBI where you can find their twitter here: @MEBI96862134
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dionaeus · 4 months ago
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It's been a while (I see you, critters)! Working my way through the classes, the next up in my arbitrary order is the Warlock - so have a new patron!
The Dreamer patron lends the warlock power from the Plane of Dreams, as well as a weird companion with a shifting form and uncertain allegiance.
This is a great subclass for anyone who wants to play a warlock without leaning on Eldritch Blast; or who likes summoning, pet classes, or being weird and/or spooky.
See my other homebrew under the break:
Bardic College: Command
Paladin Oath: The Clear Sky
Ranger Conclave: Keeper
Rogue Archetype: Poisoner
Sorcerer Origin: Ragetouched
Fighting Styles
Racial Options: Genasi
Weapon Cantrips
Like, reblog, and follow, homies!
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dev-the-dm · 9 months ago
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Subclass: Path of the War Dancer
This subclass has been in the works for over a year, and it's finally ready for posting! A war dancer barbarian focuses on physical fitness, flexibility and bolstering their allies and themselves. Entertain, bless, frighten, stun, awe, and destroy with this subclass inspired by war dancing and physical prowess.
For better, full-page high quality imagery, take a look at the Path of the War Dancer at the Homebrewery here!
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chiaroxoscuro · 3 months ago
So. I’ve been running dnd games for a few years now, and I finally decided to release some homebrew content! Presenting the Path of the Unquiet Host! A spooky barbarian subclass where your rage can call the spirits of fallen warriors to fight by your side. Art is by the amazing Annathenewt!
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luuma-makes-games · 18 days ago
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Image source This was the first subclass I ever made and I'm stilllll tinkering with the thing - it's, fittingly, stuck in a time loop of rewrites.
Have a great week!
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