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bunniewon · 7 minutes ago
so uh i wrote a reina thing, it was too long to send in an ask so here it is
i'm not quite sure what this is?? but i really love the list and i felt like i had to write something so yeah i hope you like it!
Reina was...confused, to say the very least. Not so much confused, really, as torn between the two people she cared for the most.
Y/N was the one she wanted to become friends. She was the one who Reina fell hopelessly in love with during freshman year. And she was the one who Reina watched from a distance, all the while being deterred from approaching the girl by Y/N's childhood friend, although they sure didn't seem that way with the way Minako talked about her.
When Y/N got together with Shirabu, Reina experienced heartbreak for the first time. After all, it wasn't easy to watch the person you loved fall in love with someone else, watch them being hugged and kissed by someone who you knew you couldn't compete with because in her own eyes at least, Reina never stood a chance with Y/N in the first place.
However, there was someone there to help her move on. Minako was easy to be friends with, at least in Reina's view. And Minako returned the friendship, finally, and the two grew close. Closer than Y/N and Minako had been before.
Her love for Y/N faded, instead blossoming into something new for her newfound friend. Reina spent countless nights debating with herself on what she felt, and countless more after she decided that she was in love with Minako for falling in love with someone who, yet again, would never return her feelings.
So it came as a shock to her when Minako did return them, and made a love confession to Reina. She still felt something for Y/N, but her love for Mina (as she now called her) cast a shadow on any lingering feelings, and for the time being, Reina's life was perfect as could be.
Oh, how naive she had been.
Everything changed when the three entered college, finally. Within weeks Y/N was declared the most wanted girl there, and Mina became more sarcastic, more mean, more snarky towards the girl. Or maybe she had been like that all along, and Reina just hadn't seen it? It was still something she was asking herself. It came as no surprise when the two finally ceased to be friends officially, and Reina took her girlfriend's side, albeit hesitantly.
But she couldn't get over the nagging feeling that maybe Mina was wrong all along, that the way she treated Y/N was unjustified, and that her beloved partner's behaviours were toxic and damaging.
After all, who was Reina supposed to believe? Her first love or her current one? The girl who always seemed so nice, so kind, or the one who spread nasty rumours and mistreated the one who'd done nothing wrong?
What was she meant to do? Y/N had made it clear she didn't want to be friends with her if she wouldn't drop Mina, but as horrible as Mina was, Reina didn't want to leave her. Ideally she would've had both in her life at the same time, she didn't want to have to choose.
But life, it seemed, was never on Reina's side.
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the-writers-bookshelf · 12 minutes ago
This Fab Friday thing is very poggers I love it! Anyway I wanted to share an excerpt from one of my WIPs
“Happy Birthday, Bex.” Stella held out a wrapped present- complete with a bow- to her friend. Bex lit up, eagerly grabbing the box from her. “What is it?” Stella smiled. “Why doncha open it and find out?” Bex gently undid the wrapping, putting it aside. Looking up at Stella for confirmation, she opened the box, pulling out a smaller shoebox. Lifting the lid, the shoebox was filled with small trinkets, polaroids, and other mementos. Directly in the middle was a small, cardboard jewelry box. Bex opened it, pulling out a necklace. It was just a simple chain with a sun charm on it, and Bex looked at Stella questioningly. “I have a matching one,” Stella explained, pulling out her own moon necklace. “You’re the sun to my moon,” she joked. Bex smiled brightly, pulling Stella in for a hug. Letting go, Bex turned back to the box. “And what are these?” She pointed at all the trinkets and pictures. “It’s a memory box. See, there’s a seashell from the time we went to the beach.” Stella pointed at the aforementioned shell. Bex smiled again, and Stella wished for a moment that she had her camera, to capture that expression in film forever.
submitted by @local-gender-not-found
Tumblr media
this is SO DANG SWEET I love it! Keep up the WONDERFUL work, lovely! You're doing a fantastic job! :D
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acadieum · 13 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Submitted by @boxedsnail: !! Look who I saw tonight,, he has no tail. Butt empty
WOWEE!!! LMAO?? the posing... the lighting.. incredible composition... and indeed butt empty... a perfect image thank you for sharing
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acadieum · 15 minutes ago
Submitted by @maplemarcher
If you like pink orange yellow and blue flowers may I present my favorite...the gladiolus
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It's my favorite flower, they come in so many different colors
WOW OMG?? OKAY. mayhaps i might have a new favorite flower now bc this one literally checked all my standards off LMAOO- wow that first picture is absolutely gorgeous and the second one?? STUNNING
love it thank u sm ty for sharing <33
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lref-incorrect-quotes · 20 minutes ago
Oliver: And that brings me to my next problem.
Jordan: How you'll never find love and end up marrying an anime body pillow?
Oliver: No, that's number three.
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the-writers-bookshelf · 25 minutes ago
Sent from my main blog instead of my writeblr ( @daughter-of-inklings ) for Fab Friday- it's from a wip scene in book two in a trilogy and this character just makes me so soft. He deserves better.
“I remember them too- I remember all of the lives I’ve loved you. In the night, in secret, when you chose me and when you didn’t, in the warmest summers and bitterest winters, when we had the worlds at our feet, and when we’ve had nothing at all. All those times I’ve loved you still.
Do you remember? Our little cottage in the forest, the one with small windows that fogged when it rained? And how you used to sit by them and pout at the sky? Every time I saw you there, I wished the day were longer, if only to look on and admire your face. Do you remember how we wished the rain would stay and last forever in our little bliss while the kids slept upstairs- our girls and our little boy- without knowing the sharpness of a sword?
I’ve loved you every life, every time, every breath, since the beginning- without fail, without question. It’s always been you even when there were others. God were there others, but in every life, no matter how apart, I’d miss you. Your touch, your smell, your laugh- the real one that you hide away, not the one you pose for others. Your you. I’ve missed you- in every life, I’ve known and loved and missed you. Waking up to your sleeping face, your warmth, your voice. The way you sing my name as if it’s the first time you’ve tasted it. Everything that I was or am or will be craved you, called and longed for you even when you had no name to me.”
submitted by @theshinykyukon
Tumblr media
omg what have you done to my emotions???!!! I'm drowning in a mess of feelings right now! You have a wonderful way with words! Keep up the incredible work! :D
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the-writers-bookshelf · 28 minutes ago
Hi! Okay. So I've been dealing with debiliating depression/anxiety/and very not good thoughts (keeping vague on purpose so as to not trigger someone). But yesterday I came up with a brilliant fanfiction plot! 
I don't know if you know Thomas Sanders and/or Sanders Sides but it's for that fandom and basically the plot is Virgil (Anxiety) is the Hero and Logan (Logic) is the Villain and its a hero/villain au...
BUT WAIT... There's more!
Basically I take the Hero/Villain trope and toss in fan favorites "childhood friends" trope and "we made a pact to marry by a certain time if both of us still single" trope. And it has become this brilliance which can be seen here.
That way if you want to read the little chat dialog I have for them there because it's fun. Anyway, it may not make sense to you if you don't know the fandom but you did say we could share about our fanfics.
Thank you for your time! *bows*
submitted @tlhrfanfic
I'm so sorry you're struggling with depression and anxiety, lovely! Sending love and support your way! ♥♥♥ I'm so grateful that you jumped in and shared your work with us! I think it's awesome that you've found comfort, understanding, and some measure of solace in fanfiction and writing! That's exactly what writing is all about! :)
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just-antithings · 36 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Then what the fuck are you doing in the hockey fanfiction tag?
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dailyjcink · 40 minutes ago
Tumblr media
a premium jcink, celeb focused roleplay coming soon to hollywood.
we are currently seeking out staff to bring on and help build this site and make it a reality! we aim to be an inclusive, relaxing, and fun community with dedicated staff members. if this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please apply today!
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theironavenger · 40 minutes ago
“I wanted to take out all of my anger on you,” He said, not being able to meet the eyes of the person in front of him. “But I couldn’t. I don’t know if it’s because I’m too weak… or if because I’m strong enough not to.”
Tumblr media
“Who do you think you are, Rogers? Coming here with the Christmas special sentiments and this sad… apology?” God he just wanted to be ANGRY with Steve, but he wasn’t being given that freedom. Of course Steve was being the bigger man both figuratively and literally. “You don’t get to just walk back into my life after pushing me out like there aren’t still a lot of angry words to be exchanged.” Tony was still in pain, it showed in the way his voice shook and his eyes pierced through Steve with the look of one betrayed. “You don’t get to take that anger from me after giving it to me in the first place.”
Tumblr media
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fyrapartnersearch · 42 minutes ago
Fallout/LOTR/Resident Evil OCs
I’m Ben, 23, they/them, looking for longterm 18+ partners to write some M/M storylines with! My timezone is GMT-6/CST and my preferred roleplay medium is email, but I don’t mind using discord for ooc. All characters I write involved in romance will be adults, so I expect that from you, too.
I only write ocs and am only looking to write oc/oc romances! I don’t like writing canon characters, sorry.
I'm looking for partners to write ocs in for Fallout, The Lord of The Rings, or Resident Evil!
I'm looking for someone who:
... is 18+. I'm down for writing smut and equally as down for fading to black, my main thing is I just want to write with fellow adults since there will be adult themes like violence and language. Open to darker themes, but we'll have to discuss specifics. (When it comes to smut, I generally write switch characters - if you’re the type of person who only plays bottom roles, we won’t mix well, sorry.)
... writes multi-para or novella. I can do either and am open to either! I like writing and really getting into a character's head, hehe.
... can respond at least once a week. Similarly, someone who won't get upset if I can't respond daily - I have a job and a life outside roleplaying! If we're doing multi-para I'll probably be able to respond at least once a day if not more, it all depends on the length.
... is friendly! I loooove talking ooc and getting invested and just spitballing ideas or funny stuff about our ocs or headcanons together!! I like shooting off tiktoks, moodboards and making playlists, too! I want to be friends.
These are some of the ideas I’ve got. I’m also game for writing f/f or nb/f, nb/m, nb/nb in the case of writing more than one couple if we’re doubling/tripling/etc. In italics is the role I’m looking to play, but I really love making characters so I honestly wouldn’t mind it if you’d rather flip the roles around! If both roles are in italics, that means I don't mind playing either.
I have no idea how to give this one a plot desc but I think ghouls are underutilized and deserve love and I have a nosy vault dweller fresh in the wasteland who has a thing for ghouls so cue “Never Ever Getting Rid of Me” from Waitress. My kingdom for whoever will write this because I always feel like ghouls are never appreciated enough and I’d like to get into that - and this character is a lot more "fun," for lack of another word, than a lot of the characters I'm used to writing. I have a couple plot ideas for this character x a ghoul but I'll keep this short.
A capricious hitman develops a morbid infatuation (obsession?) with an older wasteland doctor who doesn’t pry about where he gets his injuries. Things get a little complicated when said hitman’s business starts poking their nose into where he disappears off to.
warnings: age gap (my character is 25 but I’ve always pictured him against someone older than him), possessive behavior, anything you’d think of when it comes to homoerotic assassins in the nuclear apocalypse. I have an arc planned for my character but he’s definitely not picture perfect to begin with lol.
A gruff traveling mercenary is hired to escort an important figure across the wasteland. Maybe your character is genuinely important for some big reason or they’re just a face fresh out of a vault faring against the wastes for the first time - or any other reason! The bottom line is my character is stuck with protecting your character from whatever comes their way.
I have a dilf single father I'd like to write but I literally have no other ideas or characterizations beyond that concept alone, lol. Maybe he gets wrapped up in some stuff and gets involved with something with your character?
...Or any other pairing/plot! Those are just a couple of ideas for some preplanned characters I have (I have character sheets for them but I won't tack them on here), but fallout is a series where I love making new characters! I've got lots of ideas, haha.
No plot in mind, really, but I like adventures and I like fantasy so I’m sure we can think of something! Maybe a group of travelers or something?
Hobbit x Human (I'd also be more than willing to play the human, I just have a ton of hobbit ideas haha)
Elf x Hobbit
Dwarf x Hobbit
Human x Dwarf
Human x Elf (This isn't my favorite pairing duo but I'm open to it!)
Resident Evil…
I have literally no idea. It’s my favorite series but I’m serious when I say I don’t have any set plots. I have been thinking about a setting in a lighthouse and some kind of plant/fish mutation stuff, though nothing concrete. If you’d want to brainstorm something together, email me and we can get something going. I'm open to any and all suggestions! I feel like this would be such a fun setting to write ocs in and maybe make our own little lore or something.
If you're interested, my email is! I’ll give out my discord after initial correspondence. Also, please don't just email me with anything like "hey wanna rp?" - tell me about yourself and what interested you! Gimme something to work with lol.
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henchmania · 43 minutes ago
Tumblr media
thanks story .
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fadcdhq · 56 minutes ago
Tumblr media
welcome to sydney, australia; albus dumbledore, lewis mccarthy, & zane bennett. we hope that your new life here is perfect for you. please send in your account in the next 24 hours ! sebastian stan is now taken in harry potter & froy gutierrez & mason gooding are now taken in h2o/mako mermaids !
{male; he/him; homosexual} – albus dumbledore who comes from harry potter has been spotted in sydney. they are thirty-five years old and are a wizard. they have been called talented, intelligent, selfish and angry. it seems like their memories are faded. i’ve also heard that they are a dead ringer for sebastian stan.
{male; he/him; pansexual} – lewis mccarthy who comes from h20 has been spotted in sydney. they are twenty-two years old and are a human. they have been called sweet, caring, quiet and awkward. it seems like their memories are faded. i’ve also heard that they are a dead ringer for froy gutierrez.
{male; he/him; pansexual} – zane bennet who comes from h20 has been spotted in sydney. they are twenty-two years old and are a human. they have been called charming, confident, arrogant, and lonely. it seems like their memories are faded. i’ve also heard that they are a dead ringer for mason gooding.
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charmedrp · 56 minutes ago
Tumblr media
relation to muse: hayoung’s older sibling. suggested age: anyone older than 23! suggested faceclaims: anything is cool, male or female! just some suggestions - for males: brian kang, park jinyoung, im siwan, park hyungsik, lee sangyeon. for females: han sohee, son naeun, song hayoung, yoo jeongyeon.  description: i’d love to have hayoung’s perfect older sibling here! when hayoung sneaks out every night, her older sibling follows by the rules and stays home to study. someone who can do no wrong in her parents’ eyes, the golden child, the one who’s slated to take over the family’s main business. the nature of their relationship can be discussed but i’m always down for some angst! maybe hayoung hates her sibling because she’s been compared to them their whole life, and maybe the feeling is mutual because her sibling hates hayoung for being so goddamn reckless.  additional information: please drop me an im at chrhayoung!! ‪♡‬ 
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thefieryphoenix · 57 minutes ago
REQUEST: Okay, I've got several ideas, but because I just did a Masquerade category on Sunset Island in ROBLOX's Royale High and listening to Masquerade from Phantom of the Opera, here's my first idea; a Yandere Wanda Maximoff x Reader where the reader is at a masquerade ball, Wanda's there as well, she's been stalking the Reader for a while now, she's lovestruck, and she's able to use her magic to know which one they are. So she goes over and asks to dance with them, but the Reader is very shy/anxious about dancing with new people, but she secretly uses her magic to help relieve said shyness/anxiety enough to say yes. As they dance, Wanda tries to seduce the reader, romantically speaking, with sweet nothings, compliments, etc,. and the Reader slowly falls under her spell, whether it's an actual spell or figuratively speaking or both, I'll leave that up to you. And then when their guard is down and they're in her arms, she uses her magic to put the Reader to sleep and turn the lights off to cause a distraction and then takes the Reader back to wherever she's living.
Oh cool, it's almost like that Cinderella oneshot I think I did for Hawks
You were at a Masquerade ball at the Avengers tower, another one of Tony's parties. You were really shy and your anxiety shot up through the roof, literally. Even though you knew some people you still felt like you didn't belong there so you just grabbed some fruit punch and stood in a corner quietly, being careful enough not to draw attention to yourself (Me at every party lol)
Meanwhile a certain someone had never taken their eyes off you. In fact, she's been looking at you ever since you'd entered the party in your beautiful looking gown and your dazzling mask. In her eyes, you looked stunning and magnificent, far more better than all the other people who looked dull compared to you. Even though you didn't do anything to catch anyone's attention she fixed her eyes on you since that time
She had been waiting for the right time to make her move on you. She had stalked you for months and used her magic on you without you even knowing and it's all in the best interests of you in her eyes. She cares alot for you and needless to say, she fell in love with you. Obsessed would be a more better word. You might not know her that well and that made her kinda sad for a moment but she'll make herself known to you properly today to you even if it's the last thing she does
Meanwhile you were just wishing that you stayed home wondering why you even came here in the first place. Just then a woman with auburn hair approached you and asked "So... how're you holding up?" she smiled at you warmly that made your heart flutter. "Uhm... good I guess? Wait... I remember seeing you a few times before, you're Wanda Maximoff, right?" She was pleased that you finally knew her and she nodded. "We didn't really get the chance to actually talk in person'' you smiled and she chuckled "Yeah that's true. What do you say we make up for all that lost time, hmm...?" she winked at you and your face became red. "I heard that you were shy but I'm willing to change that sweetheart'' she continued and you smiled awkwardly at her, not knowing how or what to respond. All you managed to do at her was squeak random things
Wanda's plan to make you flustered was working and she had to admit, you really looked cute and adorable when you were a blushing flustered mess. She let out a soft laugh and then asked you if you wanted to dance with her. Your eyes went wide and you replied "O-oh.. uhm... we-well, I'm not really that good at dancing. And besides there are too many people'' you whispered at her. She understood that you didn't feel like dancing in front of many people because of your shy nature and she just touched your head lightly and replied "No worries, I can assure you that you'll have a wonderful time and no one's going to say anything''
You didn't know what was going with you now all of a sudden but you felt your heart beat at a steady pace and your mind was now at ease. Wanda started dancing with you and you actually enjoyed it. From time to time she kept making flirty comments that made you go beet red and spoke to you with such gentleness and affection in her voice and whispered sweet things in your ear. She promised you that she wouldn't let anyone harm you and she'll always protect you and keep you safe no matter what. You slowly started falling under her spell of words and she used her magic on you to make you go to sleep
"Shh sweetheart... don't worry, everything's going to be all right. Don't worry, I won't let anything happen to you'' as she kissed your forehead and she used her magic again to cut the power off as she carried you in her arms back to where she lived. You should've just stayed home watching Netflix, instead you got kidnapped by someone who you thought was your friend....
I'm sorry if this was trash, I've been having some trouble getting inspired lately and plus I have tests coming up as well TvT
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