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froggys-doodley-doodles · 2 days ago
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siblings <3 (previous part)
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cryptidcola · 2 days ago
Reflections (of the Past)
>> Somewhere in Jubilife City, there’s a large monument celebrating the Hero of Hisui— it doesn’t depict their face, or any distinguishable features at all— but 5 days a week, a young person passes it on their commute. They pay little mind to it, a mundane part of their daily routine, until 200 years ago in ancient Hisui, when they reflect on their past in the future and they realize it was for them.
>> A set of identical twins in their high school days, idly flipping through a world history book when something catches both their eyes: a black and white photo of a group of people taking up the bottom half of a page. Their eyes scan the picture, and Emmet points out an older gentleman in the crowd, his hat tipped to reveal a balding head; “He looks like you, Ingo,” Emmet says, his voice teasing. “Like us,” his brother quickly corrects, adjusting the hat on his own head that he wears to cover the hairline that’s been slowly creeping backwards ever since he turned 16. They spare one more glance at the photo before turning the page.
>> Cyllene is a national hero— her sword is displayed proudly in a plexiglass container in Jubilife City Hall beneath a regal portrait. She is a celebrated figure, her name spoken with respect all throughout the region.
Somewhere in Sinnoh a boy grows up— the youngest member of a most prestigious bloodline. He has her face; her aloof, stoic demeanor; lacks her physical strength but has all of her ambition. It’s never enough. His parents are wealthy enough to buy him everything he could want but give nothing he needs. “Why can’t you be more like your cousins?” “Why aren’t you top of your class?” He can’t connect with his peers. He can’t even connect with most Pokemon. One night, a Zubat flies into his room through an open window. He guides the small, blind creature back out; eventually over the course of weeks it becomes routine. “I’ll show them someday,” Cyrus whispers to the Pokemon, now clinging to the ceiling above his bed, “I’ll create something perfect.”
>> The name Laventon synonymous with scientific achievement— he is held up as one of the first great minds in the study of Pokemon. His work viewed as the foundation upon which most of the knowledge of Pokemon biology is built even to this day. Scholars of all ages, from the youngest elementary school children to graduate students study his work on the first ever Pokedex. Dozens of universities all over the world have buildings bearing his name where researchers continue his life’s work— his legacy.
In the town of Postwick in the Galar Region, an 8-year old, purple haired future Champion beams with pride when his class opens their science textbooks to chapter 2 and a photo of his ancestor is among one of the first things they see.
>> Champion Cynthia wanders the stacks of Canalave Library— it’s late, and she is restless. Normally it wouldn’t be open to visitors at this hour, “But for you, Champion, I’ll make an exception,” the librarian had said, sensing the urgency in her voice, before asking her to lock up when she finished and wishing her a good night. The ancient floors creak below her feet as she walks across them— it was her own kin who had put them down, building this library in an attempt at penance for his ultimate betrayal— to educate future generations so that perhaps they would not make his same mistake.
Finally, the Champion approaches a nondescript door at the back of the building; and as she turns the key, Cynthia is greeted by a dark, long-disused office. A large, wooden desk sits at the center of it, sprinkled in a light coating of dust. She scans the bookshelves lining the room for a moment before she finds what she’s looking for— gathering the old, handbound tome in her arms; and as she sets Notes On Giratina And The Distortion World down on the desk, her grey eyes are reflected back at her by an old picture of her ancestor, grinning mirthfully with his Togepi.
A/N: Whaddup, I normally don’t write anything to share but I had some Thoughts™️… and my dear @shmothman convinced me to post them here.
Speaking of! The Volo + Cynthia part of this fic takes place in the same canon as their masterpiece Judgement | Forgiveness where after battling him, Volo gets sent to eeby deeby the Distortion World and earns redemption for himself, in case anyone was confused!! If reader-insert fic is your jam I definitely recommend checking it out!!
UPDATE: Now cross-posted to AO3!
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au-wannabe-the-very-best · 2 days ago
An au where everything that happened in Hisui is just one DND game that got way out of hand
so Ingo just decided to play as himself w amnesia and Emmet, playing maybe as Rei or the Professor or smth, is DYING because he does NOT like the angst his imaginary brother is going through but his character HAS NO RELATION TO INGO IN ANY WAY SO HE CAN'T DO SHIT ABT IT
Dawn/Hikari also gave her character amnesia and Game Master Elesa decided to make her the literal Hero of Hisui even though Akari LITERALLY just wanted to vibe with her weird mountain uncle druid like :((( fuck OFF Arceus, this was not what she wanted for her character!! 
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catboy-david · 2 days ago
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Not a request but I need you guys to see a “vital” part of this universe
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cecilioque · 2 days ago
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[Semi-realistic portraits of Ingo , Warden Ingo ,and Emmet.]
Yeah. These were a warm up sketch.  You draw one and the other is literally a few lines away.  My short attention span usually doesn’t let me focus to long on a drawing before I get bored of it and move on.  That’s why i do a lot of quick comics.  
I love these two dorky train men.
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nell0-0 · 7 hours ago
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Submas from the pokemon ranger Ingo au!
Looking back on them, I made some minor changes but I love their designs
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cephalopistol · 2 days ago
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oh boy here's the got damn kamen rider legends arceus au
i was thinking it would be cool if the bracelets the wardens wear could function as a transformation device (idk what these are generally called i'm new to kamen rider) and in order to henshin the wardens need to ask the noble pokemon for their assistance in battle. when this happens the bracelets gain a vibrant coloration where the top and bottom have colors that correspond to the clan and the middle emblem just gets the colors of the pokemon they depict. along with all the wardens the clan leaders can also transform but it's a little different as they ask for power from time and space themselves since dialga and palkia generally don't show themselves to anyone lol. i'm probably also gonna give volo a fucked up and evil giratina suit, then i'm thinking the protagonist gets an arceus suit that gets activated via the arc phone idk
the suits all have design elements of the warden and the noble pokemon combined but i've only drawn ingo's so far lmao + this look probably isn't final since i'm not 100% satisfied with it. also the suits have belts corresponding to their clan
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submastrain · 14 hours ago
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Being flustered~  💜
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froggys-doodley-doodles · 2 days ago
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Outfit requests!! These were all for @aquilacalvitium hope you like them! :]
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harveyb-wabbit92 · 2 days ago
{E-S/o gets a text from Emmet.]
Emmet: That neighbor Ingo is crushing on? Well, her Reuniclus made an egg with Chandelure, and this morning she sent this over! I’m dying! 🤣
{Sends a pick of a big bag of Ghost brand Poké-chow on the twins porch, with the words “child support!” crudely written on a sticky note.] 
E-S/o: Seems fair. But what's the stand on custody? Is Ingo going solo, or is it a 50/50 thing?
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au-wannabe-the-very-best · 2 days ago
Akari introducing D&D to Hisui. This unlocks Hidden Memories in Ingo about him making Emmet and Skyla So Fucking Angry bc his druid does the most insane shit.
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umbreons-blog · 19 hours ago
Hold them like miis
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theangrycomet-art · a day ago
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Mess with a Man’s Hat you WILL Get his Sword
TLDR: Piers is not confident in his repair job on the nutcracker and its earsier to focus on that then the fact that a teeny tiny Rattata man shrunk him down to the size of a doll with nothing but a fire poker and a broken toy to defend himself with against a small army.
Some AU Lore
It was Pier’s turn to host the Galar League Christmas party (he’s been dodging the duty for YEARS, made easy by Raihan usually taking the lead there) much to his dismay.
It wasn’t long before disaster struck, in this case Marnie’s morpeko breaking in the christmas decorations, including the twin nutcrackers (gifts from their uncle Grimsley from a few years back) that typically guarded the fireplace. It took a while but Piers managed to pry the black one from it’s mouth (there had been no sightings of the white one during the mad dash).
It wasn’t too damaged, and while Piers was no craftsman he is very good with nail polish. With the remaining nutcracker repaired, it wasn’t long after words that the kids (read Allister, Marnie, Gloria, Bede, and Hop) were sent to bed.
The adults had a bottle of stolen  borrowed Absinthe to break in and after several interesting decisions wound up going to their rooms, with Piers remaining on the couch where he’d crashed after 2 drinks.
Waking up to an all out war? Not easy to process for a drunken galarian to process.
Rattata’s foaraging in his house completely uninvited? Hell nah, they can get the fuck out.
In a genius move he does not reach for his belt of pokeballs, but instead reaches for the firepoker to swat them away. It works fairly well until he gets to the ugly fellow messing with his lil’ nutcracker, whose volume does not equal his size, decides to level the playing field.
Rat King uses Shrink! It is super effective and has left Piers Sober!
This move is effective for distracting the Nutcracker as well- who barely dodges a swipe to the head at the cost of his hat being knocked across the floor. 
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smashwolfen · 10 hours ago
Welcome back to what most people seem to follow and know me for, weasel cats XD
And Itty Bitty Sneaslings make a comeback!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Just getting back into drawing Sneasler, I noticed that I was VERY inconsistent with how I drew her in the past and other things I've drawn on the side. So now I think I found how I wanna draw her! The second pic was the first time getting back to her so its, not great, but still worth showing how I figure out how to do things and my chicken scratch for notes XD
In the past this is how I drew her
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
All sneasler but no one style of drawing seemed to stick. The take away from this is drawing experience changes quickly and what seems meh in the past mostly just means your making advancements now XD
Oh and that squinty menacing sketch in the first picture exists for one reason only
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Because that's apparently what Sneaslers look like when attacking, the ol' squint and glare! I ran out of space for another picture but hisuian Sneasels make the same squinty face too, but not normal Sneasels! Very interesting characteristic differences XD
Pokemon Home is fantastic for referencing the models and how pokemon move, I learned the tips of Snealsers claws at the curve can actually move and its not all one stiff claw! Ya learn something new everyday! XD
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shadowfear-art · 2 days ago
What are some of the biggest differences between Toon Emmet and Ingo? Mannerisms and personality wise.
Like when you mentioned Ingo having a tendency for calling others based on how he views them as insects.
What other little tidbits can you tell us about them? 👀
(Please feel free to ignore this; I'm just really interested in your Animated for Terror Au, after hearing about it through the grapevine)
(It's no problem I enjoy when others want to know more of my Aus)
Heres a few
One is their voices, both have equaly relatively deep tone, Ingo's is monotone-ish occasionally becoming deeper or rougher, while Emmet flexes his range more to fit the moment as any toon would.
Ingo starts with polite formal speech pattern when it comes to meeting new people only relaxing to casual once he gets to know them enough or deems it necessary. However it might be due to how he was created but there will be a light sense of dark intentions in his voice.
For Emmet it's easy to forget that his voice isn't high pitched.
Emmet is usually upfront and a bit impulsive about his motives, obviously aside from being mischievous about it he might abuse his stretch or ink ability and use it to "pop out of nowhere". Being stuck all day in the apartment has his energy pent up so he is probably going to be a tad childish.
Unlike Emmet, Ingo is far more inconspicuous and can leave whenever he pleases with out being detected but mostly chooses to stay indoors. He prefers to ensure his main home is tidy before starting anything. As a spider he makes webs to create things so knitting is one hobby he'll be seen doing.
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peachy-doodles · 4 hours ago
forces you all to look at them. fashion moments.
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+ an outfit from @graegrape i rly liked :^<
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alsilence · a day ago
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More doodles of the boys :D
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