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that moment when you burst into tears in your room and you realize that no one actually knows you are unhappy.
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Successful burn test of recently synthesized nitrocellulose.
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Change Your Life
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written in the stars
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The planet does not need more ‘successful people’. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kinds. It needs people to live well in their places. It needs people with moral courage willing to join the struggle to make the world habitable and humane and these qualities have little to do with success as our culture is the set.
Tenzin Gyatso
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The person who reblogged this from you is rooting for your success.
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Basic Human Decency
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You are not "wasting your potential" because you took a break, or because you're exhausted, or sick or you are struggling to find purpose. Please, take some time off, take care of yourself, listen to the needs of your body and your mind. Do the things you want to do to make you happy and fulfilled, not what others think you should, not what's more successful in their minds. You aren't wasting your life, nor wasting your potential. You are still deciding how to live it, what is the purpose of it, and you will find motivation to fight for what you want when you figure yourself out, but please take your time and don't listen to the pressure of people around you to comfort to their expectations of success.
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[read this post next]
i'm gonna be honest and open with everyone in this post. i'm gonna explain everything i did and all the challenges i faced too in order to enter the void. please read this post with an open mind.
people say that the void state is easy. it is but it requires discipline and focus. most people fail because they give up easily and refuse to persist. they don't have patience or the ability to keep themselves focused on one particular action. i was one of those people. i would affirm for 25 minutes, i would feel all the symptoms, but then i'd give up and flip over and go to sleep. i gave up.
what changed? i persisted. i didn't care if it took me 1 second or 10 hours to reach the void. i knew that the void is within me and that if i want my desires, i have to persist. discomfort is the best way to grow and get what you want. without persistence, discipline, and a mental diet, you're not going to be able to achieve anything.
how i got into the void
-i got into a comfortable position and stayed still. i made sure to completely relax my body. i focused on every point on my body and relaxed them.
-then, i did breathing techinques like the 4-4-4 breathing technique. i continued doing the breathing techniques until i was relaxed
-i counted backwards from 400 to 0 and made sure my body was completely relaxed.
-once i was relaxed and ready, i started to affirm “I AM” “i am nothing” “i am faceless and formless” “i am in the void state” etc. i continued affirming until i reached the void state.
what i manifested in the void state :
-my desired appearance :
Height : 5’11
Weight : 30 kgs 
Facial structure and facial features : 
Facial structure : 
v-shaped/v-triangle face
My face is naturally lifted 
Small face
Chiseled structured face 
Sharp prominent jawline 
High prominent cheekbones 
Zero face fat
Chiseled face 
Angel skull 
Upward nose with a curved nose bridge (106 degree)
Small forehead (size = two fingers)
Higher lifted eyebrows [they are always in perfect shape and I never get a unibrow or overgrown eyelashes]
Thick eyebrows (how my eyebrows are right now)
Perfectly shaped eyebrows
Symmetrical face 
Perfect side profile, 1/4th profile, 3/4th profile 
Perfect in all angles 
Straight equal leveled teeth with vampire fangs 
No overbite, my teeth fit perfectly and comfortably in my mouth
White, bright straight teeth (always clean and healthy) 
I have the perfect flawless smile.
I have small ears
Facial Features : 
I have big feline eyes 
Heaven eyes
I have an eye smile 
Light mint sea icy green eyes
Clear pale skin with pink undertones 
Flawless clear glass like skin 
My skin has no texture. It’s like porcelain 
Glowy skin 
Plump perfect lips (full plump lips)[natural]
Rosy pink, soft, lips (are never chapped) [natural]
Extremely soft lips
Long eyelashes 
Perfectly shaped eyebrows 
Photogenic and videogenic 
Perfect flawless face and body 24/7 regardless of what I do
Type of Beauty I have : 
Siren beauty 
Angel like beauty 
Perfect ethereal beauty 
Mesmerizing captivating beauty 
Looking perfect all the time like an angel 
Dream girl
Slight vampire beauty 
Cgi beauty (i look too perfect and flawless to be real)
Body Structure and Body Features :
Body structure :
1:9 body ratio
Long slender legs that make up 90% of my body
My legs are straight 
Toned arms and legs
Small, narrow rib cage that fits all my organs perfectly and comfortably 
No hip dips 
Slim hourglass figure
Long arms and long fingers 
Toned 11 abs 
Extremely toned abs that are very prominen
90 degree shoulders 
Prominent and toned pelvic bones and collar bones 
Big hands with long fingers with perfect nails that are oval shaped. (both my fingernails and toenails are always clean, neat, and oval shaped. My toenails never grow. I have my ideal nails)
I have pretty hands and fingers
The type of hands and fingers I have (but they’re prettier and my fingers are longer) : 
I have pretty feet
Waist is 18 inches 
Hips are 24 inches 
Features : 
Toned body (back, abs, arms and legs) 
I have a thigh gap
Completely hairless (except for my eyebrows and head)
No moles on my body and face 
No stretch marks, bruises, cellulite, scars, and acne
No dark circles 
I never get dark circles, stretch marks, bruises, cellulite, scars and acne 
My whole body (skin) is clear, pale, and flawless
I have no body rolls or body fat 
Perfect 20/20 vision (no glasses are required)
Better than 20/20 vision
-good grades, above 90% in all my tests and exams
-fast reflexes, mikasa ackerman type fighting skills, being able to fight like an mma fighter
-getting accepted into my desired college with a full scholarship
-new biological parents (i revamped my old parents : their ages, their appearances, their jobs, their childhood, their traumas, etc. it's like their practically brand new 😭)and i completely changed my childhood and revised all traumatic events
-perfect self concept in every aspect of my life
i manifested way more things in the void, but i'd like to keep those private!
my advice
from personal experience, it took my months to enter the void, but i persisted. you could be living your dream life right now, but only if you persisted and stuck to the new story. if i can do it, so can you. you have the power within you to change everything and anything. don't give up. check out my void state post if you need more information and help regarding the void. feel free to ask me questions about the void too. i'll be posting about my manifesting journey soon (hopefully) and i really do hope that people find it motivating and will finally apply the law.
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Trying again isn't reserved for the big necessary important stuff or the children learning their basic skills. Look at it in another context: I want to drink three bottles of water a day, but I've been lazy the past few weeks, I'll try again. I've been wanting to learn a new language for months, but I'm having trouble concentrating, I'll try again. I haven't succeeded in understanding this very complicated piece of code I want to learn about, I'll try again. If something doesn't seem to be working out even though you really want it to, find out what's going wrong and try again. If it's something you feel passionate about or want for yourself, then it's worth it, and no one else has to understand that or agree.
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When your Sun sign and Moon sign don't cooperate.
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