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#sudden noise increase
cygnusposts · a year ago
If you can get some noise cancelling headphones, those would probably be a big help when it happens, otherwise if you can seperate yourself from others it might be easier to deal with through like. Sitting outside or even like ... Burying yourself in the closet to also help muffle the noises. Hope you find somethin that works for u !!
usually i can just. sigh angrily a couple times and people leave me alone snbcshsh but uh. last night they were putting Miles' new bed in the room and i didn't really have anywhere to go so i kinda. freaked out a little bit snchshs
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mrsluthordanvers · 2 months ago
you can all go thank @coffeeshib and this tik tok for this happening
read on AO3
The bar is busy tonight, busier than normal and it’s making Kara’s head feel extra fuzzy as she watches the pulse of bodies. She lingers on a couple pressed too close for public, their movements leaving little to the imagination.
“I’ve never given someone a hickey.” Kara has no idea why she admits that. But she’s feeling warm and she can’t stop staring at this couple and now it’s out there and Lena’s slowly turning towards her as she sips tequila from her shot glass with a raised eyebrow. Her cheeks look as pink as Kara’s feel and it makes Kara wonder if she’s also feeling warm all of a sudden.
“You’ve never given anyone a hickey?”
Kara shakes her head as her eyes drop to Lena’s collar bone peeking out above her sweater. It’s easy to imagine a fading bruise against her porcelain skin. Too easy. Kara’s eyes jump back up to Lena’s face, as she fixes her glasses with a cough.
There’s no judgement in her voice but Kara’s still fighting a rising blush as she takes a gulp of her drink before remembering she’s not drinking club soda. Lena’s hand feels hot against her shoulder blades as she rubs gentle circles while Kara sputters briefly.
“I was always worried about hurting my… partners.” Kara smiles briefly as Lena nods sympathetically, her hand still resting between Kara’s shoulders.
“Do you want to give me a hickey?”
The question catches Kara by surprise, her glass exploding in her hand. Lena barely even blinks as Kara apologizes to the alien behind the bar helping M’gann. Gratefully accepting a bar towel to wipe her hands as the shards of glass are cleared away.
“No ones paying attention.” Lena’s voice is soft as Kara giggles nervously and looks around the bar before she looks back at Lena. Her head is tilted now, not quite offering her neck but just enough that Kara almost pushes forward.
“Would you like to go to the bathroom and give me one?”
Kara doesn’t even realize she’s nodding until Lena nods along with her before she pushes off her stool, gently tugging at Kara’s wrist to make sure she follows.
“I don’t even know how.”
The admission sounds louder inside the bathroom.
“It’s easy.” Lena watches Kara for a moment, before she wraps a hand around the back of her neck and steps in close.
“You’re just going to go down here,” A thumb grazes past Kara’s racing pulse seconds before she feels Lena’s breath against her skin, “and suck.”
Kara’s breath hitches as her eyes fall closed but nothing comes. Slowly the hand retracts and her eyes flutter open to find Lena gathering her long dark hair over one shoulder. Fingers tuck under the neckline of her sweater, pulling at it gently to give Kara more space.
“I trust you, Kara.” Lena breathes, waiting. “You won’t hurt me.”
Kara’s hand shake as she places them tentatively on Lena’s hips. Her grip growing firmer when Lena’s eyes fall closed. Gathering her nerves, Kara snakes forward, teeth colliding awkwardly with flushed skin.
“Less teeth.” Lena’s breath hitches as Kara adjusts, her lips gently pressing against Lena’s neck.
A gasp echoes in the bathroom when Kara follows Lena’s direction. “Gently.”
Kara lets go, pressing her nose against Lena’s jaw as she takes a deep breath before she tries again.
“A little harder.” Lena’s voice waivers as Kara increases the suction slowly.
“Yesss.” Lena moans, her hands finding Kara’s hair for the first time, holding her in place. Kara groans at the feeling, pressing in closer until Lena’s caught up against the sink.
She doesn’t know how long they stay like that, Kara sucking mark after mark into Lena’s skin, Lena making small noises that thunder in Kara’s ears.
Kara only stops when there’s a gentle tug at her hair. Lena’s eyes are blown wide, and her lips are parted as she tries to catch her breath, but she can’t stop staring at the pink marks she’s left across Lena’s skin.
“We have to go.” Lena rasps, pulling up her sweater, but barely hiding anything.
“Why?” Kara tries not to sound hurt as she watches Lena adjust.
“Because I’m going to show you where else you can leave hickeys and I don’t really want to deal with an indecent exposure scandal tonight.”
Kara grins as Lena pulls her out of the bathroom ignoring the impatient cries from the lineup waiting outside the door.
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mcytwheeze · 2 months ago
Nonsexual Acts of Intimacy pt. 3
Creators Included: Dream, GeorgeNotFound, Sapnap, Karl Jacobs, Quackity, Wilbur Soot, Awesamdude, Punz, Philza, Technoblade, Foolish Gamers
Warning(s): none :)
Note(s): love writing these sm (and I wrote this very sleep-deprived so if there are mistakes I apologize)
Dancing together
"What do you think you're doing?", you giggle as Dream tries to sneak his way into the living room.
"Just give me the remote and don't ask any questions.", he whispers, still acting sneaky for some reason.
You hand him the remote, an uncertain look on your face.
"Close your eyes."
Your eyes squeeze shut, still a little unsure.
A familiar song begins to echo throughout the room, and you feel Dream's hand slip into yours.
"Open.", he whispers, and he pulls you to your feet the second your eyes open.
"The song that you played on our first date.", you grin at the familiar lyrics and melody.
Dream pulls you into his arms, letting your head rest against his chest.
The two of you gently sway back and forth with one another in time to the music.
"Love you.", Dream mumbles, his head resting on top of yours.
"Love you too."
Deep talks
"Have you ever thought about how in the massive expanse of things that we are like little specks of dust on the carpet of the universe?", you randomly ask George.
He rubs his eyes, turning to face you.
"What the hell did you just say?"
Having deep conversations with George is often fun because he can't ever believe how you come up with things like this, but he also enjoys giving his own input on your opinions.
Topics can range from conspiracy theories to talks of the future; all of them often leading to long nights spent awake with one another.
You yawn halfway through your sentence, turning over to look at the clock.
"It's four in the morning already.", you laugh a little as you read the number displayed on the clock.
"We still have a few hours. Back to the topic..."
Laughing at each other's jokes
You have to hold your sides to try to lessen the pain from your laughter, laughing at another one of Sapnap's jokes.
"He's not that funny, y/n.", Dream shakes his head, sitting on the other side of Sapnap.
"You're jealous, Dream. Shut up.", Sapnap swings a punch in Dream's directions, not wanting him to discourage you from laughing at him.
"You just don't get them, Dream.", you tease, sides still slightly hurting from your excessive laughing.
Dream makes a disgruntled noise, and you laugh at him too.
"Ow, ow.", you groan as you hold your sides again.
"Guess I'm just too funny.", Sapnap laughs, gently poking your side.
"Or they're biased."
"Shut up, Dream."
Touching foreheads
Karl finally climbs into bed as the sun is beginning to rise.
He wraps his arms around you, and you subconsciously scoot further into his grasp.
The sudden increase in warmth wakes you up, and your eyes open to find Karl staring at you.
"Morning.", you mumble, a slight smile on your face.
He leans forward, pressing his forehead against yours.
"Sorry for waking you.", he whispers, trying to lull you back to sleep.
"Is okay.", you murmur, your eyes slowly closing again.
Karl smiles as he listens to your breathing slow down again, slowly falling asleep with you.
Hand holding
You stare out the window, watching the scenery pass by.
Quackity had talked you into a short roadtrip, and you can't deny that you are enjoying the time with him.
Scrolling through his phone, you queue up the next song to play on Spotify.
"You hungry?", he asks you, seeing a sign for food on the next exit.
"If you are.", you shrug, not caring either way.
"This is a good song.", he compliments your choice.
Just as you're about to thank him, his hand slips into yours, intertwining your fingers with his.
Your mind goes blank for a second before you smile.
"They have a Burger King! We're eating."
Playing with other's hair
Wilbur stretches out across the couch, his head coming to rest in your lap.
"How did writing go today?", you ask him, your fingers immediately tangling in his curls.
You take a few strands, beginning to braid them together.
It's hard for Wilbur to focus on what he's saying while you're playing with his hair.
You continue playing with his hair as he informs you about things like chord progression and refrains.
"Look how pretty.", you take a picture and show him the multitudes of little braids strewn across the top of his head.
"Were you ever listening to me?", Wilbur teases.
"I will post this.", you threaten.
"As if that is a feasible threat."
Handwritten notes
You start your car, taking a deep breath before reaching for your gear shift.
You really don't want to go to work, and you made sure that your boyfriend knew that too before you told him goodbye.
As you reach to put your car in drive, the feeling of paper touches your hand.
You find a green note taped to the end of your gear shift, unfolding it to read it.
Have a great shift! I believe in you, and I know you'll have a great day.
There's a heart scribbled at the bottom of the note.
You smile and snap a picture to Sam.
What is this for?
You see the typing bubble pop up and wait until a message comes through.
There's a few more hidden around. Have fun at work. :)
You groan as you flop onto the couch next to your boyfriend who is stretched out across the couch, rolling over to bury your face in his hoodie.
This would be normal for Punz except for the obvious dissatisfied groan that had escaped your mouth.
"What's wrong?", he asks you, moving a hand up and down your arm.
"Don't want to talk about it." is the muffled response that Punz receives.
He frowns, hating that you're not okay.
A couple seconds pass by until he gets an idea.
His fingers find their way to your sides as he begins to tickle you.
"Stop, stop!", you laugh as you pull away from him.
The giggle from you and the smile on your face makes it all worth it, and he stops the tickling soon after he marvels at the grin on your face.
"My turn.", you grin, holding out your hands and wiggling your fingers at him.
"I'd like to see you try."
You hear the door slam from the front of the house you share with your boyfriend, and you already know what this means.
The bedroom door is the next to slam, and you slowly pull yourself off of the couch to check on him.
He's laying face down on the bed, angry mumblings being spoken into his pillow.
You sit on the bed next to him, gently running a hand through his ruffled feathers.
"Rough day?", you murmur, already knowing the answer.
A soft, affirmative grunt passes through his lips as he agrees.
You move to sit on your knees, slowly running both of your hands through his wings.
You slowly apply more pressure to certain spots where you can feel knots throughout his back and shoulders, and you massage your fingers through his wings as well.
When you deem your work satisfactory, Phil lets out a happy sigh.
"I wouldn't mind if you did that every night.", he mumbles, making you laugh.
Linking arms
"Techno! Techno!", you yell, trying to keep up with him.
You had promised that you would accompany him today, but you had forgotten about the slight height difference.
You've practically spent all day running after him, and you're starting to get tired.
Your legs are getting heavier with each step, and you don't quite remember why you promised to do this in the first place.
Techno can see that you're struggling, and he can't deny he finds it a little funny that you can't keep up with him.
He stops in his tracks, allowing you to catch up with him.
"Having trouble?", he teases you as you join his side.
"It's not my fault your legs are freakishly long.", you groan.
"No need to be rude, y/n.", Techno playfully grins at you.
You shake your head, glad you have a second to rest your legs.
"Come on, y/n."
He leans a bit to link his arm with yours and begins to pull you along beside him.
"Now you have to keep up."
FaceTime calls
A familiar ringtone sounds from your phone, and you pick it up immediately.
"Hi!", you greet Foolish the second the call connects.
"Hey! What're you doing?", he asks you, moving a little closer to the camera to try to observe your screen better.
"Just some homework. How was your stream today?"
The two of you could talk on these calls all day and sometimes you do.
Your stomach growls, causing you to look down at your phone.
"I literally haven't eaten yet. I was too busy talking to you.", you giggle, moving to end the call.
"Hey, stay on. I'll watch what you make like a cooking show.", Foolish grins.
"Ooh, we could cook together!", you propose, smiling as Foolish immediately jumps to his feet.
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gaysimpsstuff · 8 months ago
Could I get a Hawks in his rut headcanon?
No problem, Anon! I’m sorry this took so long, I wanted it to be perfect since I really like thinking about Hawks’ avian traits, and I know people really like it too. I hope it’s good! 
Hawks Rut Headcannons
Genre: fluff, smut
Type: headcannons (so... many... headcannons)
Warnings: animal traits, Keigo being possessive af, the commission being assholes, sickness, food, breeding kink, lots of horny times
Other: most of this is based off of real research, but some of it also comes from personal preference. @keilemlucent and their fic Best Nest very much inspired many other headcannons, check them outI They’re one of my favorite creators, and the linked fanfic is one of my favorites! Hope it’s okay I tagged you here lmao
NSFW Taglist: @smolchildfangirl @combat-wombatus @mandalorian-baby-bird @waffleareniceandfluffy (Lemme know if you wanna be added to or removed from the Taglist)
Remember to check if requests are open before sending in a request. This was made while requests were still open.
Tumblr media
Pre-Rut Behaviors
Grooming and Preening
Before his rut, Keigo starts to feel dirty. He just seems to accumulate more dust and dirt during hero work than usual. He’ll come back home grumbling about blood in his hair and little bits of concrete in/on his skin.
He will insist you clean him off. So you get to brush his hair, put creams on his face, and wash him off in the shower.
Finally, there’s the preening. If he lets you preen his wings, then you know he’s in it for life. He loves and trusts you with everything he has. 
Expect him to press his nose against yours a lot.
Possessiveness and Protection
You’ll notice he gets more clingy, more possessive of you. He gets really controlling in the days leading up to his rut, so you’ll be annoyed a  l o t.
Just text all your friends and family that you’ve been swamped at work, it’d be a little weird to say “hey guys, sorry I can’t hang out, my boyfriend’s horomones are crazy right now and he gets really insecure if I so much as exist near anyone but him.”
You would come home from work and he’s already on you, sniffing your body to see who you’ve been around, and to see if any of them were attracted to you at all.
If he had any kind of sneaking suspicion that anyone posed a threat, he’s literally laying on you and rolling on top of you to try and get his scent on you. Even if no one will smell it except him, he’s gonna do it.
He’s so protective of you, and if something tiny hurts you or makes you upset...
Someone was rude to you? He’s screaming at them.
Someone tries to hurt or touch you? You’ve got to hold him back to stop him from ripping that person apart limb from limb.
All that x100 when he’s approaching his rut.
One person accidentally bumps into you? He takes it as passive aggressiveness even if they’re very apologetic about it.
You stub your toe on a table? He’s smashed the table and burnt it then thrown the ashes in the ocean. 
If you’re sad about something he can’t beat up, he feels horrible. He’s not the best at comforting people, so he’s just grabbing onto you and not letting go, telling you how much he loves and cares for you, and just how amazing you make his life feel.
If you don’t give him enough attention, he gets really huffy, and it gets worse leading up to his rut. 
You lifted your hands from his head to reach for your buzzing phone? He’s already whining and pouting and begging you to give him more head-pats again.
He’ll leave hints asking for you to make a nest, usually saying things like “Our bed needs some changing, don’t you think?” “Don’t you wish our space was more personalized?” 
If you don’t get the hint, he’ll be very sad, and he thinks you’re rejecting him. So you’d better be good at reading into things and realizing he’s approaching mating season and wants you to build a nest.
He comes home one day and sees you piled blankets, pillows, and dirty clothes in the living room, sprayed with his cologne and you’re cologne and/or perfume. He pulls you into his arms and spins around with you, giggling and laughing.
He’s so happy you made a nest for the two of you. 
He starts putting pretty shiny things he likes around the nest. Your toothbrush went missing and you found it in the mountain that was your nest.
Once, you were in desperate need of a clean shirt, and the only clean shirt you could find was in the nest. So you picked it up to put it on, and two seconds later, Keigo was in front of you, hands in your shirt, staring at you with such a fierce intensity, you felt almost like a villain.
He was very mad at you for taking things from your shared nest.
He leaves feathers all around the penthouse, but they’re all piled mostly around the nest, they’re for your protection so don’t try and throw them away.
He also gets really noisy, so he’ll be ‘singing’ and squawking and cooing constantly. He feels really bad about it so he might get you some noise-blocking headphones for when he’s screeching into the sky in the dead of night about how “THIS IS MY FUCKING TERRITORY Y’ALL MOTHERFUCKERS STAY AWAYYYY!”
You really think bird’s springtime songs are about love? Nah he’s mostly screaming about how he’s gonna fuck his partner and how the neighborhood  practically belongs to him.
Someone called the police once, tired of all the shouting, but the officers backed off when they saw who was doing all the shouting. Most of your neighbors are used to the screaming during early spring.
Rut End-game
On the third and second to last day before his rut, he gets a sudden burst of energy and an increased appetite. He refuses to eat anything unless you’ve made it though, so let’s best hope you can cook at least a little.
When he was younger, his hungry times before his rut were spent either eating anything and everything he can get his hands on. The commission broke that behavior very quickly though, so he’d starve himself before his rut, which would result in him getting very sick from a lack of energy and sustenance. That plus the extreme arousal was a recipe for pain and suffering.
So when you noticed he suddenly stopped eating, you insisted on making food for him, telling him that you wouldn’t let him go hungry ever. That was the first rut in years that didn’t feel like torture.
You’re cooking almost all the time, and he’s constantly eating everything you give him, running around from room to room while he waits for his next meal. He’s basically a hobbit.
In the last day or two before his rut, he suddenly has no energy, and starts getting hot and cold flashes. He’s sniffling, curled up in your shared nest, dirty tissues surrounding him. He comes in and out of consciosness, and when he’s awake, he’s whining and complaining about exhaustion and aches.
Physical Changes
Most of these happen in the last few days leading up to his rut, so it’ll be very sudden. These physical changes is what causes the extreme hunger and sickness.
His feathers darken several shades, and they become super sensitive. They also seem to grow in size, so when you cuddle, you’re smothered by them more than usual.
He also gains an extra couple inches in height, so expect some teasing now that he’s just that little bit taller. His hair also gets thicker and stronger, that’s so you can pull on it when he fucks you.
His nails get longer and darker, and they’re impossible to file or cut. So when he holds you and touches you, he often scratches you on accident. He’s really apologetic about it, but honestly you could totally paint his nails and pretend they’re acrylics if you’re into that.
His teeth get sharper, and he starts biting you just for fun. Bites your finger, hand, wrist, neck, even your nose. He underestimated just how strong his teeth are, and he made you bleed first time he bit you.
His whole body is very sensitive, so head-pats, back rubs, wings, and even his touching his feet can get him to the verge of cumming.
his tongue is longer, and it’s a whole lot stronger. He could probably carry a full plastic water bottle with his tongue (which isn’t a lot, but for a tongue it’s very much a lot).
His voice drops a whole octave and a half- mans is sounding almost like Corpse now. Maybe Markiplier? Anyways, if you’ve got a voice kink, you’re in luck
His dick changes too, it gets bigger, and he grows a lump at the base of it, between his shaft and balls. His balls get smaller until they’re barely noticable beneath what he calls him ‘knot.’
His eyes become sharper too, so don’t try and hide anything from him. 
Everyone already knows Keigo has a breeding kink, but he hasn’t brought it up with you until now. It just kind of- happens. As he’s drilling into you, he suddenly starts blabbering about fucking a kid into you, and how hot you’d look all round with his kids. Might be a little weird for those of you who physically cannot give birth to children (my lovely AMABS and infertile AFABS). 
He can’t control it, so it’s especially weird if you don’t even want kids. If you can get pregnant, you’d better double check that you’re taking your birth control. And get to know some good clinics just in case.
However, if you do want kids, if you want to start a biological family woth Keigo, fuck. You will not be able to handle his happiness and horniness in that moment when you beg him to get you pregnant.
He is going to mark you up. Hickies, bruises, hand prints, bite marks, plus his scent. He needs everyone to know that you are his. He wants to claim you, make sure you know you belong to him. No one else can have you but him.
Halfway through your fuckfest, he starts making animalistic noises. He’s growling, roaring, whining, chirping, etc. This is around the time when he stops thinking about you, so he’ll really rough you up during this phase.
This man was a virgin before you, so this is also the first rut he’s ever going to have with another person, so he’ll hold himself back a lot. He needs you to reassure him at every step, tell him how good you feel, how you want him to fuck you, how not only are you okay with him going all out, you want him too.
Did he just cum? You think you’re finished? HA! No way in fucking hell is he finished after one, two, five, ten... so many rounds. He just keeps going and going and going and how the fuck is he still hard? He cums so fucking quickly, so much, and then keeps going.
When he finally does go soft, his whole personality changes. it’s like he didn’t just fuck you stupid. He immediately goes into ‘protect’ mode, which includes cuddles, him spoon-feeding you, petting you like a dog, and singing to you.
He puts the nest near a window so he can keep an eye out for possible threats. Just like “gotta keep mate safe. Is that the mailman? NO FUCK NO GET OUT OF HEREEEE!” 
One moment, he’s fucking you, and the next he’s leaning halfway out the window, screaming at some poor dude walking his dog. Remember, he’s still naked. You learned your lesson after that and kept the windows locked, and warned the neighbors to stay out of sight of the window, at least for the time being.
You’re going to feel very dirty, because he does not want you cleaning off the sweat, cum, and tears from your body. He likes that you smell like him, and you washing it off makes him feel rejected. 
He’s going to break a lot of things, so move pictures and vases into another room and lock the fuck out of that room. Or else he will break all of it.
He thinks any clothes you’re wearing are mocking him, so wear clothes you hate when his rut starts, then get used to being naked for a couple days. 
Oh yeah, his whole rut lasts one to five days. He’s fucking you for about three days on average.
He fucks you until you faint, and then keeps going until he’s out of ‘fuck’ mode and into ‘protect’ mode. A few times, he fucked you unconscious in the middle of the afternoon and then kept fucking you until the sun rose. 
Yeah, he’s got that much energy.
Don’t worry, during the whole time, he lets out pheromones with a strong vanilla-chocolaty scent that keeps your body and mind relaxed. 
There’ve been times when he’s just fucking into you and your water bottle is just out of reach.
During his rut, he has no shame. Let’s hope your walls are soundproofed, or else your neighbors will all know how he fucks you. 
He will not restrain you or hurt you in any way during his rut. So no degredation, no collars or chains, the only thing keeping you in the nest is his weight on top of you.
He gets upset if you try to touch yourself, things it’s you trying to tell him that he’s not satisfying you enough. 
He wants you to cum as many times as him, which is difficult because of his increased sensitivity, so he’s using every skill he knows to get you cumming again and again and again.
Most of the time, he’s going hard, rough, and spilling absolute filth from his cock and mouth, but in the last few hours of his rut, he suddenly gets emotional.
He’s rocking up against you, holding you close to his body and blabbering about you
How much he loves you
How good you make him feel
How he wouldn’t want anyone else by his side for his rut
How you’re his mate for life
How he’ll protect you and keep you safe.
Please be gentle with him, he’s very vulnerable near the end of his rut, and he’ll cry very easily.
When he’s nearing his last load, he makes out with you sloppily, trying to talk as he shoves his tongue down your throat.
He finishes off by  pushing his knot all the way inside you, and stays there for an hour.
This is the softest moment, and he’s covering your body in kisses. 
His knot pushes these small eggs inside you, and you have the lovely job of pushing them all out the next day. 
Post Rut
When his knot deflates, he finally pulls out and starts cleaning you off. 
He’ll carry you around and finally gives you a bath, constantly making sure you’re okay.
He’ll give you lots of massages and he’ll cook for you. He’s constantly thanking you for helping him, telling you he didn’t deserve it.
Just kiss him on the cheek, tell him you had fun, and that you love him so very very much.
He needs the most reassurance now than ever before.
He’s also very tired, so you’ll be taking care of each other.
Then his ‘post-rut’ resets, and he sleeps for hours.
Then he gets super hungry, and the two of you make huge meals and just kinda binge eat for a day or two.
Then his physical changes go back to normal, and you have a happy lil bird boy who simps for you so hard
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deludedimagines · 2 months ago
Blurred lines
Summary: When a sudden downpour damages the roof and floods the dormitories, temporarily relocating soldiers becomes the top priority. Unbeknownst to you, Levi arranges for you to stay with him and the friendship you’ve both formed begins to blur into something else. Especially, when late one night, you end up sharing the bed.
Word Count: 6.1k (oops— the words flowed)
Warnings: mild references to after effects of flood damage, no others apply.
Categories: canonverse, fluff, friends to lovers, mutual pining and flustered Levi.
Authors note: this is my fic for @anlian-aishang​ ’s july collab, for a roommate trope, which is super fun!(: Thank you for hosting it <3
Thank you to @jean-does-not-have-a-horseface for proofreading for me, I’m so beyond grateful for your kindness <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The morning's light drizzle had sharply turned into a sudden downpour, pelting against the barracks roof and capturing the attention of those inside. No one had anticipated such heavy rainfall, nor did anyone expect the barracks to have been in such desperate need of maintenance repairs that a section of the roof would cave inwards, leaving the downpour to flood through the gaping hole.
Yet, once it did, a flurry of shouts echoed down the halls, accompanied by thudding boots as soldiers desperately headed to investigate. The women’s dormitory had been most notably affected, rain drenched the bunk beds, soaked personal belongings and with water pooling on the ground, the wooden flooring was detrimentally dampened.
The situation had escalated rather quickly, you and your comrades had followed suit to uncover what was happening. Area cordoned off, soldiers dashed about with mops and buckets, hauling ruined furniture out of the way. Erwin could be seen at the side of the scene, eyebrows furrowed in utter seriousness as he oversaw the desperate effort to contain the water damage and cease the flooding moving any further.
The moment he saw you and your roommates standing there, shocked and forlorn at the ruined room before your eyes, he’d ordered you all to await further instruction in the mess hall. These were unsafe sleeping conditions; alternative arrangements would be decided promptly.
Tumblr media
Time trickled by in a blur of disbelieving discussions, hushed whispers, and quiet words of consolation. It was a worrying thought for some of them, how extensive the damage was and whether it had taken their precious personal belongings. You owned so little, like any other soldier, that you found yourself mostly concerned with the possibility of getting in to try to salvage what was left.
At that hour it was only the displaced group of you and soldiers rostered for dinner duty who were in the mess hall. Preparations for that night's dinner, chopping vegetables, boiling water and taste testing, all seemed to melt into background noise. It was all any of you could do but wait as the superior officers held an impromptu meeting to discuss temporary and long-term solutions to this sudden disaster.
Fingers tapping against the table, the conversations around you faded from your attention, thoughts too otherwise preoccupied. From the corner of your eye, you saw someone appear at the door to the mess hall and raising your gaze you were met with the sight of Levi standing there, his expression as neutral and nonchalant as it usually was. Tilting his head to the side, he beckoned you to follow him before turning on his heel and disappearing around the corner.
Slipping from the table, you followed until you both stood outside. With no one else around, it was a mild form of privacy for you to talk freely. Back resting against the wall, he stood there with his arms crossed over his chest, the air of casualness contrasted the small frown tugging at his lips.
“Erwin is writing a letter requesting for the Scout regimental funds to be increased.”
It was no secret that public approval of the Scouts was quite possibly at its lowest and with it, funds had been drastically cut. Erwin had only recently been promoted to Commander and given the monumental task of not only improving their performance statistics but dealing with all that needed to be improved in between. Yet, if anyone could do so successfully, it was Erwin Smith. All he needed was an adequate amount of time and resources.
“And what will they do until then?”
Levi exhaled a low sigh and averted his gaze momentarily. “The area is out of bounds and will be cleaned thoroughly until repairs can be done.”
Your eyebrows furrowed, one of the questions that had been on your mind this whole time came to the forefront of your mind. Where would you sleep? Levi’s steel grey eyes rested on your expression, and it was as if he could read the question before you could voice it.
“Sleeping arrangements are temporarily relocated.”
“Where to?” You racked your mind for any thought of where else a suitable alternative could be, but you fell short of an answer.
“Soldiers will share. Cots and bed rolls will be brought to different rooms, until it's all sorted.” It was the best they could do, you supposed, given the situation. “You’re with me.”
Your eyebrows raised in surprise. “I’m sharing with you?”
“so, we’re… roommates? Until it's sorted?”
Levi’s eyebrows furrowed slightly “Is there a problem with that?”
“No, no.” You interjected quick enough to ease his knitted eyebrows. “I just didn’t want to infringe on your space…” Your words trailed off slightly, after all it was true, but you were more surprised that this was the arrangement. 
Describing what was between yourself and Levi was a complicated affair, stolen glances and increased heartbeats filled the spaces where words failed. It was almost a gravitational pull, the two of you moving effortlessly towards one another, whether you were even aware of it or not. Yet, you were certain that the stoic and reserved Captain viewed it as nothing more than a friendship. Unwilling to complicate the ease that had formed between you both, these were feelings you shouldered quietly.    
“I sleep at my desk; we will be separate.” His voice pulled you from your thoughts and you met his gaze again to see a silent determination, evident that this arrangement did not pose any problem to him. Taking a deep breath, you vaguely wondered what his thought process was in proposing this, but in the way that he was approaching it, there was no room for questions.
Even so, hearing that he would sleep at his desk, left an uneasy feeling within you. Wishing nothing more than Levi to avail of the basic comfort of a bed, you counter offered “I can take the floor, it wouldn’t be a problem.”
“Don’t be stupid, you’ll take the bed. I don’t need much sleep.” Pushing off from the wall, it seemed as if he considered the conversation was over now. Walking a few steps forward, Levi paused for a second “They’ll allow you in to retrieve what you can, meet me in my room after.” Offering the words over his shoulder, he turned on his heel, leaving you there with a whirlwind of thoughts to process.
Only five minutes beforehand, you were entirely unsure where you would be sleeping that night and now, now you knew you’d be in Levi’s bed.
Tumblr media
Staring up at the gaping hole in the ceiling, your mouth parted slightly in disbelief. Having been handed spare boots, two sizes too big for you, it protected your everyday ones from being destroyed by water. However, their bigger size made it difficult to catch your footing as you walked through the ankle-deep water. It squelched beneath your footfall and a frown tugged at your lips, gaze drawing back to where the roof had caved in earlier that afternoon.
Once the rain had ceased and the clean-up operation had reached a satisfactory point, you’d all been allowed back to salvage some belongings. It was a cold comfort, when you saw the ruined state of the previously mundane dorm, you knew there would be little to nothing to save here. You swallowed thickly, glancing around the space. Soldiers worked tirelessly to attempt clean in the background, mopping water into buckets and passing them to others who tossed it outside to repeat. It felt like a harrowing reality.
Hange had offered to accompany you, when it was your turn to come back, to help find what could be saved and out of a mild curiosity to see how extensive the damage had been. Although the mild curiosity managed to be politely contained to eager glances, expression dropping into an ‘oh’ and the sound of hurried steps splashing water as they investigated points of interest.
A part of you couldn’t help but regret seeing the sight of it all. Especially the damaged ceiling, where remaining rivulets of water rolled off the edge, dripping below. Bending down carefully, you opened the chest of drawers that was yours. It was heavy and awkward to open, and your breath caught in your throat to see water had trickled down from the top, soaking, and dampening your possessions. Ruined.  
You felt a hand place itself on your shoulder, squeezing once in a sign of comfort. When you turned your head, you were met with Hange standing behind you, remorse clear on their face. You would just about be able to save one or two items, perhaps one of them was one of the most valuable things to you and at least, that took the sting out of having everything else stripped from you.
All it took was one look around the space to see your roommates were in a similar position, some of them huddled by another to offer quiet comforting whispers. Hange extended a dry towel in your direction for you to place the sparse belongings you could save on. Doing so delicately, Hange clutched them close to their chest and patted your shoulder.
“I’ll let them dry and return them to you.”
“Thank you.” You offered, before a small sigh passed your lips. Staying any longer would do no good. Rising slowly, you made to leave, with your closest friend walking alongside you.
Tumblr media
Knocking against the wooden door, silence passed by in a few beats before the door opened, Levi standing before you. Steel grey eyes looked you over for a moment, noting your lack of belongings before moving aside to allow you inside. A feather duster resting on his desk and face cloth clutched in his hand gave away that he had been cleaning beforehand. The office looked as spotless as it always did, not a speck of dust in sight or an object out of place. Only through regular cleaning was it maintained to his high standards. Closing the door behind you, you followed him to the adjoining bedroom.  
The window was thrown open, allowing a fresh breeze to filter through the entire space. Similar to his office, it was entirely spotless. Sparsely decorated with furniture, the bed was made neat and simple. Large enough to fit two people, you supposed it was a privilege that a superior officer earned.
Walking over to the chest of drawers, Levi proceeded to move clothes out of one drawer and into another, until one was left entirely empty.
“This one’s yours. Tomorrow, we’ll go to the market and get you new clothes. Until then,” footfall echoed around the room until he came to a stop at the end of the bed, dropping down a loungewear outfit “These are yours.”
Your eyes widened ever so slightly, and you moved closer to see what exactly they were. You couldn’t help notice how these were something similar to what you had previously owned, almost as if he had already gone and bought them especially for you. Parting your lips and with the question to ask if he had done that, on the tip of your tongue, you instead found him turning on his heel.
“This is the bathroom. I expect you to leave it as clean as you found it.”
“Of course.”
Levi merely looked in your direction for a moment, his neutral expression hardly gave away whether he believed or doubted that and instead he proceeded to give you a brief and succinct tour. He showed you where to put dirty laundry and where the fresh towels, spare toothbrushes, toiletries and cleaning supplies were all kept. By the time it was all done, he stood before you, “Any questions?”
“No, it's all clear.”
With the facecloth still grasped in his hand, he made to tie it on again and return to clean.
“Thank you.” Offering him a warm smile, you couldn’t help but feel grateful for all he was doing. If he hadn’t organised this sharing arrangement to begin with, well you were unsure who you would have ended and sharing with Levi, of all people, was an ideal situation. Not only just for his company, that you dearly enjoyed, but if anyone was to be a good roommate, it was him.
Levi lingered briefly, enough time for you to see a slight blush rise to his cheeks and he hastily tied back the facecloth before leaving rather quickly, seemingly eager to return to his feather duster.
Tumblr media
“Well, what’s it like?” Hange’s tone dripped with overzealous eagerness. Both of you had coincidentally met at the queue for dinner, waiting alongside each other as it steadily moved.
“What’s it like?”
“Sharing a room with shorty.” Their grin grew even wider, and you got the distinct impression that Hange was on the precipice of asking something else, a different question. Reaching for a tray, you passed one to them and took one for yourself, all the while trying to figure out how to answer.
It had been three days since you both started sharing a room. The first night, you made him tea and sat across from his desk, the two of you sharing a cup while falling into steady and easy conversation. You would have been content to chat to him all night if your eyes hadn’t started to droop, becoming heavy and difficult to keep open. Levi had only gathered your finished teacup, told you to get some sleep and stood to clean the crockery. You’d once more implored him to take the bed instead, but he left no room for argument that it was yours.
Unbeknownst to him, you’d stayed awake a while longer and when you noticed him sleeping in his chair, head tilted in what looked like an uncomfortable way and his arms crossed over his chest, you tiptoed over carefully. Draping a spare warm blanket over him to ensure he would not be touched by the cold, you were nothing short of careful to not wake him. By the time you were done, you’d sighed in relief and returned to the bed. The nights that followed had a similar pattern; each morning you found the blanket folded neatly on his spare visitors chair.
“It’s…” How could you summarise what it was like to share with Levi? In some ways, you supposed it didn’t matter because you couldn’t be open and honest about how you felt with Hange, without them potentially relaying it back to him. “Good.” Felt like the safest option, and despite yourself your lips curled into a slight smile.
“You’re not giving much away y/n, tell me more.” Hange seemed to move closer to you, eager to hear what you’d say, but you couldn’t help only smile and continue to move forward in the queue. There was no way you’d say more and risk them telling Levi. Things between you were difficult to describe, but you both deserved to figure it out on your own terms and not have anyone else interfere. “Come on y/n.” The words seemed to catch in their throat almost as a whine and you shook your head.
“It’s exactly as you’d expect it to be.”
“I don’t expect Levi to have a roommate.”
“We’re not… it's just a temporary sleeping arrangement.”
Their eyebrows rose and you quickly shook your head. “No, no. Not like that, besides Levi only sleeps at his desk…”
“Oh, I see…”
“What are you thinking?” You asked while you peered at the soldiers in the line ahead, it was growing shorter with each passing moment as you got closer to being served. One glance over at the usual table confirmed that you were both the last of the group to sit down.
“I just thought if anyone could encourage him to break his unhealthy sleeping habit, it would be you.”
It caught you off guard for a moment, taking in Hange’s words. To your best efforts, you had tried, but he was determined and set in his ways. Yet… with the survey corps embarking on an expedition tomorrow morning, you thought it might just be worthwhile to try one last attempt.  
Tumblr media
Carrying a tray of tea, arranged exactly the way you both liked it, you nudged open the door with the tip of your boot. Levi looked up from his paperwork for a moment, confirming that it was you before he finished off signing the section he was reviewing. Carefully, you set it down on the table, falling into the familiar routine of making his tea before you placed the saucer down beside him.
“Thank you.” The words fell from his lips in a quiet mumble, thumb pressed against his temple and index finger resting on his forehead, concentrating on what he was engaged with.
You poured your own cup before holding it in your hand and taking the seat in front of him, crossing one leg over the other loosely. Moments passed by, blurring into a comfortable silence. Your thoughts swirled with the past few days, how grateful you were for all Levi had done for you, all of which had been done silently, without aim for thanks or praise. He’d offered you stability in a time when what you had been used to had been turned upside down.
And so, with the weight of your gratitude and Hange’s words, you wanted to try to offer him something too.
When Levi set down his pen, leaning back in his seat, his steel grey eyes flickered to you for a moment before he picked up the cup of tea. 
“I thought we could talk, for a moment.”
“Oh?” His eyebrow arched ever so slightly in mild interest.
“The expedition tomorrow…” Your words trailed off as you considered how was the best way to phrase this.
“What about it?”
You cleared your throat, having gone slightly dry at the thought of not phrasing this the right way and earning a blunt decline from him. “You’re kind enough to share your space and I figured you deserved a good night’s rest before we go beyond the walls tomorrow.”
Levi’s eyes narrowed slightly, as if he was trying to piece together what exactly you were saying. “Get to the point y/n.”
Raising the cup of tea to your lips, you stole a moment to take a sip before nodding. “Right. I thought that perhaps you would want to sleep in your bed tonight.”
“Where would you sleep then?”
“I’ll source a bed roll and stay on the ground, no different than I’ve done on expeditions.”
Levi scoffed at the idea and shook his head. “No. I’m not sleeping in a bed while you stay on a shitty bed roll.” Eyes narrowing slightly, he looked entirely unimpressed with the suggestion. 
“I’ll take the couch then.”
“No. It’ll make your back stiff.”
“I’ll get a spare cot.”
“There’s none left, all spare ones are used by those dispersed from the damaged roof.”
“We’ll share the bed.” You blurted out before you could fully register your thoughts and the second you said it, you instantly froze. Levi’s lips parted, closed and parted again as if words were on the tip of his tongue, but he was unable to articulate them well enough. A light blush rose to his cheeks, and he averted his gaze from yours, the seemingly steady confidence he’d held beforehand melted into nonexistence.
“We can place some pillows in the middle, clearly separate which side is yours and which is… mine.” Your words came off quieter towards the end, hoping the clarification would be appealing in some way. It would be fine, right? A good compromise for what you both wanted.
Levi’s attention remained on something meaningless in the office for a few more moments before his gaze slowly slipped back to meet yours. “If that’s what you w-want.”
“It is.” You replied quick enough to stop yourself from thinking too long on why exactly he was stuttering and blushing.
You smiled slightly, finding yourself preoccupied with taking a few successive sips of tea. Levi seemed to do the same, both of you trying to feign an air of nonchalance, only in your Captain’s case, he was failing to do so smoothly.
Tumblr media
Having cleaned away the tray of tea and left Levi to return to the bedroom, you found your heart was racing. It seemed to hit you, suddenly, the weight of what you’d asked him and how he had agreed. Part of you was inclined to think that there was no point analysing it, believing that it was anything more than a practicality. But you’d shared beds with other friends and somehow, your heart had never raced in those situations the way it did now, a light feeling in your chest, your lips threatening to smile at any moment.
Instead of considering it any further, you busied yourself with making the bed the way you had proposed. You’d managed to source spare pillows from a supply cupboard, while some glances had been thrown your way on your walk back, mostly people were unconcerned. It was not an uncommon sight to see a soldier walking with these supplies especially after the recent displacement.
It looked like a wall to you, the way the line of pillows ran down the middle of the bed, separating it. Your lips curled into a small, satisfied smile and you reached for your nightwear, holding it close to your chest as you made your way towards the bathroom.
Mere seconds later, Levi opened the door, having changed out of his uniform and into some loose fitted pants and a long grey sleeved shirt. Admittedly, you grew momentarily distracted by the sight and when you made to move out his way, the both of you awkwardly, ended up blocking the other. When you moved to the other side, he seemed to move with you and the both of you were trapped in a ‘sorry’, ‘I’m in your way’, ‘sorry-’ situation for a few moments until Levi shifted to the side and let you pass.
With the door closed behind you, you couldn’t help holding your face in your hand, wanting to groan internally of how a smoothness had disappeared between the two of you. Unbeknownst to you, on the other side Levi cursed lowly under his breath, silently chastising himself for how flustered you made him.
When he caught sight of the way you’d arranged the bed, a small part of him grew more confident that he could do this. It certainly was enough of a block to give you both the space you needed, but that wasn’t Levi’s concern. He’d long harboured silent feelings for you, ignited through the moments you both spent with each other, the qualities he admires about you, your strength and dedication and everything in between that made you who you were.
And so, while he valued his own space, most of all, he was concerned he’d end up subconsciously with his arms around you, holding you protectively and securely, like he’d secretly always wanted. But he very much doubted you reciprocated those feelings.
Sitting down on the edge of the bed, Levi grasped the mattress with his hands for a moment as a small sigh passed his lips. It seemed like the obvious answer that you would share with him when that meeting happened. He couldn’t have you displaced into just anyone’s room and without nit-picking who else you could have stayed with; he’d found himself telling Erwin you would stay with him.
It earned him Erwin’s damn assessing look and he’d left with the parting words of how he would sort it all out, before anymore could be deduced. It was bad enough to have Hange on his case about you, pestering him for more information, wondering what it was like to share with you.
How could he ever answer that question? There were no words for what it was like knowing that he would be the first one to see you in the morning, with that sleepy half awake look you got, while trying to make polite conversation with him. Or how respectful you were of the ground rules he had set beforehand, his room left in the immaculate state he liked it in. An act of care in which he more than appreciated.
On the nights he’d woken up with your blanket wrapped around him, at first he had been mildly concerned at not remembering sleeping with one, but once wakefulness greeted him more successfully, he found the gesture endearing. It had been a while since he’d shared with someone, not since the days that Isabel and Furlan had been alive, but even then his feelings the past few days were entirely different. It was all different, with you.
Levi lifted the duvet and slipped underneath. Sitting against the headboard, he waited till you left the bathroom and were on your side of the bed before he reached over to blow out the candlelight.
“Sleep well, Levi.”
“Goodnight, y/n.” He replied, closing his eyes to ignore how fast his heart was racing with you sleeping so close to him, even if you were separated by pillows.
Tumblr media
And when dawn broke on a new day, you gradually woke. It took you a moment or two to realise, the pillows were gone. In their place, you found Levi’s arm draped over your waist, your back resting against his chest. Your eyes widened slightly in realisation that somehow, during the night the distance between you had closed until you were both settled in each other’s arms. Once realisation subsided, you found comfort in how he held you and a soft sigh passed your lips, the feeling of laying in his arms was nothing short of a secure and tender embrace.
Only, when Levi woke up it followed with momentarily freezing. There was something about holding you, that resonated with his protective instincts, a solace he did not know he craved until that morning. Although in the moments that followed, you both clumsily made excuses for things that needed to be done, you managed to mumble about something about needing the bathroom and he made a shit excuse that he’d forgotten something in his office. Avoidance seemed like the most appropriate strategy.
Even as you both got ready for the day's expedition and found the other casting side glances in their direction, neither of you said a word. In many ways, Levi could not form the words, all of them falling short in his mind. There was no easy way of telling you how he felt, afraid of rejection, unreciprocated feelings, and the thought of you slipping out of his reach.
As he sat on his horse and waited alongside his comrades, he looked ahead, all the while thinking that you were close behind him. The realisation suddenly struck him that he’d somewhere along the way, gotten in too deep, cared so profoundly about you, that when his mind should have been getting into the headspace ready to fight Titans, all he could think about was you. How perfectly you fit in his arms. Cursing low under his breath, he earned Hange’s attention, but he refused to reply, instead concentrating on dispelling such distracting thoughts of you before the gates could be raised and the expedition began. 
Tumblr media
The hour was late when the Scouts returned. Bright blue skies merged into tangerine and crimson hues that draped across the sky above. An ethereal silence seemed to overcome them all. A brief glance at the drained expression of your comrades, confirmed your underlying assumption that you felt deep in your bones. Victory had come at a tiresome cost. It had been one of the few expeditions where the numbers of casualties and those who sacrificed their lives, was low. And so, while each of them may have felt exhausted on varying levels, there was an unspoken acknowledgement of triumph too. Public approval would assuredly move in a more positive direction now.
Familiarity overtook your movements, and you gave over into automatic conduct of your routine. Only when you entered the barracks and found yourself instinctively turning in the direction of your room, you paused. Realisation overcame you, that’s right, you no longer had your own room. You hesitated for only a moment before turning back and going towards Levi’s.
The day had been long and arduous, after being constantly on alert and willing nothing but your peak performance, you were left with a tiresome heaviness now. Nothing seemed more inviting than to lay down, except perhaps ending up in Levi’s arms again. Heart flipping at the mere thought, you made to dispel such a thought, sure that it was unlikely to happen again.
As you walked down the hall, footsteps echoed your own and when you glanced over your shoulder, you saw Levi following a short distance behind you. Waiting at the door, he moved till there was barely any space between you, in one swift movement he could unlock the door. But for a moment, neither of you moved, your tired eyes drifted to other parts of the corridor and when they returned to meet him, you found his full attention on you.
It was as if he was scrutinising you, the way he looked at you with such a serious expression, which was almost ironic since you were noting things about him too. The way his eyes held a heaviness different than usual.
There had been few deaths on this expedition, and it was undoubtedly a success, but with Levi standing before you and you before him. You both saw through what had earned that success, steadfast determination, dutiful fighting, limits tested and pushed through. The tiredness would fade, after a good night’s rest and in the coming days, you would forget it all and only remember the victory.
Levi’s hand raised, reached towards you to move a stray strand of hair out of your face. The touch featherlight and utterly careful. Your lips parted slightly and not for the first time, you wondered what he was thinking. Before you could voice anything, his hand turned the door handle and pushed open the door.
“Take a shower first.”
“Should I be insulted by that?” You asked with a small smile on your lips, but nothing sounded more inviting than a shower, to feel refreshed and let the day’s hard work wash away down the drain.  
“No, but you’re not getting into bed all sweaty and dirty. Neither of us are.”
“You go first then.” You offered, more than happy to wait your turn instead.
Levi took a moment, weighing up your words before he nodded his head once. “Alright.”
Parting ways momentarily, you managed to wash your hands before Levi occupied the bathroom. The soft and steady flow of water filled the background while you spent the time with menial tasks. You spared a glance at the closed bathroom door, wondering whether you’d be able to persuade Levi to try to sleep in the bed again. Part of you secretly hoped what had happened the night before would happen again, waking up in his arms had been nothing short of a bliss you could indulge in for eternity.
Only, neither of you had discussed it afterwards and he practically ignored that it had ever happened. So, you avoided arranging the pillows to divide the bed, not wishing to cross any boundaries.
By the time Levi left the bathroom, running a dry towel through his damp hair, you offered him a small smile before taking your own turn. Warm water enveloped you in a comforting feeling. It was a welcome reprieve after the day. Once you’d finished, dried, changed into fresh clothes and sorted your hair, you tidied up the area after yourself.
Opening the door once more, you made to take a step further when you suddenly froze. Levi was laying under the duvet, an arm draped under his head and the wall of pillows divided the bed again. Your heart raced lightly, so he is fine sleeping together again, you couldn’t help vaguely thinking before padding across the floor to avoid him noticing your brief hesitation. You couldn’t help feeling surprised, he barely gave any indication of how he felt about you and for someone who had been so resolutely determined to sleep in his chair, this was unexpected.
Settling under the duvet, you found between the clean linen sheets and the soft mattress, you almost melted into the bed. Curling on your side, you were faced with the pillow wall and for a moment, you rested your hand on it, attempting to find the most comfortable position. Eyes closing, you tried to ease your beating heart and convince yourself it was time to let the tiredness lull you to sleep. The bed shifted slightly, and you expected Levi was turning to blow out the candlelight, but instead you felt his hand move near yours. You held your breath and your hand shifted forward without another thought until it rested closer to where you sensed his was.
Several moments passed by without another word or movement and just as your entire body felt more relaxed, drawing closer to the verge of sleeping, you felt Levi brush his hand against yours. The movement light, careful and almost hesitant. Your eyes fluttered open, meeting with Levi curled on his side facing you, his eyes dropped to how close your hands were to touching before he met your gaze again. In his eyes you saw a vulnerability and hesitance you’d never seen before, as if he was afraid to reach out to you.
Slowly, you moved your hand over his and as if it were the most natural thing in the world, his fingers laced with yours, holding your hand tenderly in his own before he gently raised it to place a chaste kiss on top of your skin.
Your lips parted slightly, the right words failing you. In that moment you were unsure which of you had moved first, the slow and reserved eagerness to reach out to the other, crumbled once the pillow wall was moved out of the way and tumbled off the bed. Along with it was every reservation that had been between you, every reluctance to admit that feelings ran deeper than platonic friendship and how it was blooming into something else.
Levi’s arms came to wrap around your waist, moving your body to fit perfectly in his arms. He held you close to his chest, securely and tenderly “Is this okay?” The question came out quiet and low.
“More than okay.” You found yourself replying, your chest full and heart leaping.
Levi let out a small sight of contentment and you looked at him, noticing how at ease he looked before you. There was barely any distance between you, all lines broken down to reveal what you had silently hoped for, the natural connection between you both. And before you knew it, gravity moved you closer, until you found yourself angled towards him and his lips brushed yours. It was fleeting at first, a soft and tentative kiss. Hand moving out of yours and resting on the side of your face, his thumb brushed delicately over your skin.
“Beautiful.” Levi murmured and sooner than you could even feel the heat rise to your cheeks or utter a word, he drew you into another kiss. Soft lips against yours, slow movements prolonged the kiss, savouring it. Lost in the rhythm he set, lips parted until your tongue grazed over his bottom lip before it moved tantalisingly against his, eliciting a small moan from Levi’s lips. You were almost entirely captivated by how sweet he tasted, mintiness lingering when you broke the kiss.
Levi was almost breathless, his chest rising and falling, eyes wide and tinges of a blush painted on his features. You smiled widely and ran your hand across his arm in a soothing movement, running upwards until it reached his undercut and your fingers lightly threaded through his hair.
Words would fail him for a few moments, the dynamic between you both having shifted so dramatically in a short time frame. Yet, when his arms would snake around your waist and hold you firmly, it would tell you more than any words could try to capture. There was something about the way he pressed a gentle kiss to your forehead before tucking your head under his, that made you feel that perhaps this sleeping arrangement was not so temporary after all.
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hyuckssunchip · 6 months ago
[2:21 am]
Tumblr media
Pairings: Haechan x Reader
Words: 2K
Warnings: Language (there is almost always language in my writings), SMUT, male receiving
gamer boyfriend drabble
hyuck asks you for a little late night favor in return for what you want, any time, anywhere. you take this to your advantage to have a little fun while he’s gaming. 
smut is after the keep reading
Tumblr media
You felt your boyfriend grip your hips and drag you closer to him. Your eyes lifted slowly, barely peeking under the heavy lids, but you were met with darkness. Only the soft glow of the analog clock let you know that it was four in the morning.
“Hyuck, stop it.” You mumbled out, fidgeting away from him. But he held his grip, and held you taut against his chest, forcing you to still.
He whined in your ear, resting his chin on your shoulder. You pushed your face into your pillow trying to find the sleep that was now slipping away.
But Haechan was relentless. His hips ground against your ass, desperately trying to seek relief. He was hard against your backside, and you felt his soft pants fall on your ears.
“Stop it.” You half heartedly push him away, just swatting at his hands. “I need to sleep, you know I’ve got a big test tomorrow.” Well tomorrow being today, but you were too tired to care.
He ignored your words, landing soft whispers of kisses on your neck, finding your tender spot. You couldn’t help but let out a soft sigh at the feeling, but as soon as they came they were gone. 
His lips didn’t leave your skin for a moment, however, they became ravenous. He left wet open mouthed kisses along your neck, using his fingers to pull down your shirt for access to your collarbone. You involuntarily complied, stretching your neck for easier access. 
His lower half didn’t slow at the new movement, still pushing roughly against you.
Although you shook your head, you couldn’t seem to say the words you needed to.
“Please.” He moans into your ear, legs tangling in your own. “I can’t stand it any more.”
You huffed, reluctantly pulling away from him, but his arms locked tightly around you.
“I tried to hold myself back, I really did. But I can’t.” He leaned in to lick a stripe on your neck, stopping only to softly tug on your ear between his teeth.
“Please, let me fuck you.” He practically begs you, hands traveling along your body. 
“Hyuck. It’s four in the morning.” You tried to reason with him, words still slurred from sleep.
“I’ll let you do it to me any time, anywhere.” He promised, trying to entice you into giving him his way.
You scoff at the proposition. “You always want to fuck though, how does that help me?”
He didn’t have an argument, instead opting for silence, and a couple more kisses creeping dangerously towards your breasts. 
“Fine, but a deal’s a deal. Don’t think I’ll forget.” You mumble in defeat, to which his body immediately responds. 
You found yourself pantiless in seconds, his hand trancing down your navel to reach your mound. His fingers got busy, dancing over your clit in order to get you ready. You didn’t have much time to focus on that, as he leaned over and brought your mouth against his, taking the opportunity to slip his tongue into your mouth when you gasped at the contact.
He dipped the tip of his middle finger into your folds, slowly rubbing the walls of your hole, already dripping with anticipation. He forwent his usual cocky comment about you being wet for him so fast, and instead chose to line himself up. 
His pants had disappeared sometime between getting you ready and the intense make out session. He gripped his hand around your inner thigh, pulling it up to give him better access, and throwing it over his leg. 
Slowly he sank into your pussy, your walls stretching at the girth of his cock. You moaned at the feeling, making him grip your waist, proud at your reaction. You rolled your head back, against his chest as he bottomed out. Just seconds later he began to speed up, thrusting deep inside you. You weren’t used to this angle, and it had you feeling him in places you had never had him before. 
His hands continued wandering, gripping any part of your skin that he could, ultimately landing on your breast, which he so deeply loved. He tweaked a hardened nub, causing you to tighten your stomach in response.
His pants began to quicken at the way you clenched around him moaning deliciously in your ear.
“Fucking hell, do that again would you?”
You complied, not even thinking twice about the request. At the second feeling of your core tightening around his length, his hips stuttered.
“Shit, I’m close.” He moaned out, and you marveled at the sound.
He let go of your breast and chose to find your clit once again. He began rubbing you off, trying to get you to your high at the same time as him.
“Shit. Hyuck, I’m getting close.” You panted, gasping at the familiar churning in your stomach. 
“Alright baby, just a little more.” He begged, increasing his speed in both his hips and his fingers. “Come with me.”
You let go of the tension that was building up, and Haechan muffled your moans with open mouthed kisses.
After you both came down from your highs, the dark room was left with slowing pants and the soft glow of the clock.
Heachan slipped out of you crawling out of bed to grab a wet rag. When he returned, he patted you down the best he could and turned you to face him, pulling you snug against him.
“Thank you.” He whispered, leaving a soft kiss on your forehead. 
But you were already consumed by sleep.
Tumblr media
You were laying on your boyfriend’s bed bored out of your mind. For the past forty-five minutes he had told you that ‘this was the last game’. 
All attempts of getting his attention were utter failures, as they often were when trying to pull him away from his precious game.
You rolled onto your side, staring at the back of his head in frustration, when you were hit by the sudden realization of how to get his attention. 
You decided that this was the time to take him up on his offer. Although you enjoyed that mid-night pleasure, it was time for you to take revenge on him.  
And you were almost certain that he would enjoy this as much as you would.
For a few moments you simply stood behind his gaming chair, hands gripping slightly on the soft material of the chair. You leaned down and left a small trail of kisses on his neck, rubbing your hands up and down his chest from behind.
For a moment he looked startled at your sudden show of affection, but he quickly pushed it away. “Not right now, give me ten minutes baby.”
You smirked to yourself, already having predicted his response. With your lips inches from his ear you whispered as tantalizing as you could, “Did you forget your little promise?”
He pauses, fingers tensed over his mouse while staring at the screen. You noticed the way that he gulped slightly, and his eyes shook, but you took the lack of protest as his silent agreement.
You snuck under his arms, choosing to straddle him with your arms wrapped around his neck. You were kind enough to move your head out of the way, letting him still have a clear view of his screen. Instead you continued with the kisses, which became louder and more erotic as you worked your way towards his sweet spot under his ear. 
Your head was so close to his headphones that you could hear the faint gunshots and the yells of his teammates, and you decided that you would make it your mission to give them a little show.
Your kisses got even sloppier and louder, the sucking noises became more lewd. Haechan had the decency to switch it onto mute for a moment and pulled away the best he could to give you a look, to which you returned with your own. 
‘A deal’s a deal.’ You mouthed tauntingly at him. You admired the way that his Adam’s apple bobbed as he gulped, then smiled proudly at the newly formed marks that adorned his neck. You softly traced a hickey with your finger with delight.
But that wasn’t enough, you ground yourself into his lap, causing him to let out an unwilling moan. You continued this as you connected your lips with him, sucking him into a very deep make out session, while he was still very desperately trying to keep up with his game.
You bit his lip, asking for entrance, and to your surprise he immediately abided. You laced your fingers into his already messy hair, gripping tightly at the roots. He loved the way you would tug at it, and it never failed to elicit moans from him, this time was no different. You pulled back for air, staring at his now swollen and puffy lips, that made them more irresistible than normal.
Before you could return to them you hear the loud shouts from his headphones. You found it difficult not to giggle at the way his teammates were yelling at him. He wasn’t one to back down easily, defending himself at the accusations that his gaming skills were in fact trash.
But just because you were pleased with the reaction didn’t mean that you were satisfied. You scooted back slightly, revealing the now very hard member that you were steadily grinding on moments ago. It was quite easy to slip his member out of his pants, almost as if it was trying to escape. You pumped him a couple of times, and he hissed at the sudden contact. You slid off his lap, kneeling in front of him, pushing his knees away so you could be situated between his legs.
You licked a long stripe up his dick, leaving a kitten lick at his sensitive tip. His hips lifted at the sensation, but you pushed them back down. A few more times you teased him, before you wrapped your lips around his member, going as deep as you could. You continued to bob your head, occasionally adding a soft hum which had him jolting at the vibrations.
The lewd sounds were getting louder and faster, but his grunts and moans soon took over the room. You gave one last push, deep throating him so that your nose was unbelievably close to his abdomen. At this he let go of his mouse and tangled his hands in your hair, holding you in that position as long as he could.
“Fuck.” He choked out, moaning at the feeling. “Shit Y/N you’re so deep.”
You pulled back with a pop, wiping the saliva off your chin. You stood, shimmying your pants and panties off, giving yourself a quick rub, which was unnecessary because you were so turned on from the whole situation you didn’t need to be any wetter. 
He winced at the loud yell from his headphones, no doubt his teammates complaining about his now dead player, and the fact that he hadn’t muted himself again.
“For fuck’s sake Haechan, can you fuck your girl some other time? Or at least mute the goddamn thing!”
“Shut up your just pissed cause I have a girlfriend to fuck!” He shouted back, tugging the headphones off and tossing them aside. 
You grinned, sinking yourself onto you hard on. You sighed at the feeling of being full as he failed to constrain himself. You didn’t have the chance to ride him the way you had planned as his hands grabbed your ass, thrusting up into you aggressively. 
He latched his mouth on to your neck, returning the favor of the many hickeys you had just left on his. You threw your head back, bouncing incredibly fast on his lap, the quick motions had you grunting at the impact.
You struggled to regain your breath as he continued to ram up into you, going deeper than you thought was possible in this position. He quickened his pace, as the both of your reached your highs, cumming together at the feeling.
You sat still on his twitching cock, the feeling of his cum trying to escape sent butterflies in your stomach. You sighed into his neck, regaining your breath in this comfortable position.
“Fuck we should do this more often.” He mumbled out.
Tumblr media
© Copyright 2021. hyuckssunchip. All rights reserved.
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hard-to-be-the-bard · 6 months ago
boss bitch (Helmut Zemo x Reader) NSFW
Warnings: Smut, alcohol, AFAB Reader, orgasm denial, daddy kink, unprotected sex, choking, thigh-riding.
Tumblr media
“Are you sure you want to be drinking all of the good stuff?” 
You glanced up at the voice, seeing Zemo leaning across the doorway, watching you with an accusatory glance towards the bottle of whiskey you were holding in one hand, having poured half a glassful already.
He moves from where he’s standing, coming closer, using the countertop to rest on this time, instead of the doorframe.
At this moment in time it’s quiet, Sam and Bucky are already asleep on the floor above, and you’re almost wondering why Zemo’s awake, but then again, he did seem to appear in rooms when you least expected him to, he was almost impressively quiet.
“May I?” He asks, gesturing towards the bottle you’re holding, and you nod, sliding it across the counter towards him.
“It’s hardly like you have to ask, it’s your stuff” You muttered. He gave a chuckle at this, which you would of missed if the room wasn’t so quiet. 
You took a sip of your drink, the burning liquid going down the back of your throat as you felt Zemo’s eyes on you. You placed it back down on the countertop and sighed.
Zemo moves again, changing from leaning on the counter to actually sitting down, on the opposite side you’re on, his eyes not leaving you once, before he speaks again.
“So what makes you feel like drinking at such an hour?” He questions.
“I could ask you the same question” You say, nodding towards his own glass, and he tilts his head in thought for a moment.
“I couldn’t sleep”  You answer before he has a chance to speak, and then you gesture towards the shelf filled with various other bottles.
“So I decided why not” You laugh to yourself. Zemo nods, and cradles his glass in his hands.
“Seems like we are both in the same predicament” He responds, lifting his glass in mock cheers, before bringing it to his lips, again, watching you as he did so. Your eyes watching the way his lips wrapped around the edge of the glass, and you turned away, clearing your throat slightly. 
When you turn back, he’s smirking almost, an amused expression on his face.
It’s almost painfully difficult to ignore the way your stomach churns when he looks at you, especially when he watches you so closely. 
Sam and Bucky would be disappointed if not upset with you if they found out that you had feelings for the man who technically broke up the avengers.
But there was something different in the way he watched you, a softer gaze to the one he gives Sam, or Bucky, he’s almost sizing them up, wondering what their next move will be, always thinking ahead.
You don’t realise Zemo has even moved until he’s sliding into the seat next to you. Your head turning sharply as his elbow brushes against yours gently.
You inhaled softly, before breathing out again. Zemo turns his head towards you
“Is something wrong?” He asks, and you shake your head, before you down the rest of your drink.
“I’m fine” You assure him, and he’s still watching you, constantly. You wished he wouldn’t, almost squirming under his gaze. 
He knows your nervous, he’d be an idiot if he couldn’t tell that much, but it was satisfying for him, watching the way you tried to pretend nothing was wrong when he was sat ever so close to you, arms brushing for a slight moment, and the way you tensed up.
You’re scolding yourself mentally, he’s practically a terrorist you tell yourself. A few glances and gentle touches won’t change that.
You feel a hand on your arm and when you turn to look at Zemo his face is close to yours. You look down at your arm, and see his hand resting on top of your wrist.
“What are you thinking liebling?” He asks.
“Nothing I-” You can’t stop looking at his mouth, and you force yourself to turn away, until the hand on your wrist moves to your chin, tilting your head back towards Zemo.
“You don’t have to be afraid of me” Zemo whispers, and you shake your head
“I’m not scared of you” He watches you for a moment, his thumb running across the underside of your lip, your eyes almost close at the contact, as you move closer towards him in your seat unconsciously.
He chuckles at that, low and soft, tilting his head to examine you further. He moves closer to you, so that his lips are level with yours, and you’re waiting for him to to move, do anything other than just watch you.
And then he kisses you. His hands moving to rest on your waist as he pulls you closer towards him, so that you’re actually on his lap, it’s an almost awkward manoeuvre from your chair to his knee, without breaking the kiss once.
All you can think about is the way his lips are moving against yours, the soft grip of his fingers digging into the flesh of your waist.
His leg moves upwards, and you almost stiffen at the sudden contact of his thigh against you, and he pulls away once again, eyes on you, waiting for you to push him away or give any sign that this isn’t what you want.
But it is, and you respond by kissing him again, your hands pressed against his chest as he kisses you back, harder this time, more desperate, pressing open mouthed kisses against you. 
Zemo moves away, his mouth now moving across your neck, as he switches between nipping and sucking on the skin. It almost draws a moan from you, yet you bite your lip before any sound can escape.
The hands on your waist shift your body forward, and he moves his leg upwards again, creating friction between the two of you, and you suck in a gasp of air.
“Shit-” You mumble into his shoulder, as he continues to move you against his thigh, and his leg almost bounced up against you, unrelenting with his pace. Continuing to grind his leg into your cunt. He watched you, pleased with the way your eyes fluttered shut, and your mouth opened and closed slightly in breathy pants for air. 
You moved to bury your head in his shoulder, but his hand stopped you.
“I want you to look at me” Zemo instructs, as his hands move from your waists, allowing you to continue your actions at your own pace, as his fingers worked quickly on removing your shirt, glancing at you for approval before he swiftly unbuttoned it, pulling it off you, and then making quick work of your bra, throwing it onto the ground below the two of you.
His hands moved to cup your breasts, a finger and thumb flicking one of your nipples to get a grasp of your reaction, to which you respond by pushing your breast further into his hand, desperate for him to keep going. His head lowered and he pressed a kiss to the top of your breast, before moving his hands again, around your waist and he quickly picked you up, and you made a noise at the sudden movement, as he placed you onto the top of the counter, pushing your legs aside to stand between them.
A hand wrapped around your throat gently as he kissed you, and you could taste the whiskey on his lips still, and his hand got tighter, as yours gripped onto the fabric of his shirt, making pleading noises into his mouth.
“God take it off” You gasped, breathless from the kiss, tugging at his shirt. Zemo raises a brow at you before complying, shrugging the fabric over his head and discarding it onto the floor along with your clothes.
His hands were quick to move down to your pants, pushing a hand under the waistband and pulling them down in a swift motion, removing your underwear at the same time, leaving you completely exposed to him.
Zemo’s fingers moved quickly, pressing up against your clit almost immediately, and circling it against it watching as you shuddered at the contact. He moved closer, so that he could kiss you while he continued to touch you, and you moaned against his mouth as he continued to circle his finger against your clit. 
His other hand moved back up to your neck at the exact time he pushed a digit into you, and your body jolted further, in an anguished attempt to make more contact with Zemo. 
“You’re so good for me” He breathed out, pressing kisses into your neck, starting to nip at the flesh again, making sure he left marks for the morning to come,  while adding another finger, and increasing his pace.
Your legs shuddered and your hand moved to grip around the one around your neck, pleas and moans leaving your mouth as you felt your orgasm building up, you felt hot and exhausted already, Zemo’s hand tightening around your throat, helping build up to the climax even more
“Fuck Zemo I-” And before you can reach the top of your climax he pulls his fingers out completely, and you whine at him almost childishly, begging for the contact to come back again.
“You don’t get to come until I’m inside you” He murmurs, pressing a kiss against your mouth as your hands reach for his fly, deprived of the skin on skin contact that you crave from him so much. 
There was a moment of silence, where you pulled off his belt, and he pushed his own trousers down to speed up the process.
He was at his limit at this point, allowing you a moment to run a hand over the tip of his cock as he let out a soft groan at the contact.
He moves closer to you to position the tip of his cock at your entrance, and you arch your back as you feel him push into you slowly. He brings a hand to pull your leg behind his back as he pushes further into you, and your wraps around his arm again, digging into the flesh, and you think to yourself that it’s definitely going to leave marks in the morning.
His hips snap forward, meeting yours and he stretches you out so well, and you can feel him filling you entirely, but god it feels so good.
And he’s fucking you hard, yet with a delicacy that you’ve never seen before, your head is lulling back slightly as a string of curses leave your mouth, you can feel him fully as he shifts back and then thrusts into you harshly again, and the hand on your thigh is squeezing hard enough to bruise you.
“Fuck daddy-” You whimper, and you don’t know where it came from, neither does Zemo, but it definitely spurs him on
“You such a good girl” He murmurs, picking up his speed, and you whimper from the pleasure coursing through your body, a hand goes to the side of the countertop and grips the edge, the glass that was near you has fallen off the side now, and shattered on the floor, but neither of you care, you’re both lost in the feeling of each other, as he continues to bury himself inside you, your toes curl at the sensation of him thrusting in all the way, and you continue to let out a stream of cries and whimpers, moaning from the way he’s fucking you.
You feel your climax building again and you know it won’t be long before you come undone. Zemo leans down to kiss you again, as a grunt of pleasure leaves his mouth, his fingers grip tighter around your thigh, and the hand on your neck loosens slightly. He thrusts harder than before and you watch his face contort as he removes the hand from your neck and begins to circle your clit, it’s too much for you and with a whimper and a cry of his name you’re climaxing over his cock, he feels your walls tighten and he with a grunt he’s reaching his peak quickly after you, spilling his seed into your cunt.
He’s breathing against your neck as you lean into him, resting your head against his shoulder. He doesn’t move, not yet, until you slide your leg down from around his waist..
He pulls back, sliding out of you with ease, and watches with some sort of satisfaction and his cum drips out of you slowly. Your arms fall down to your side slowly, and he glances towards your slumped figure.
“Come, let’s get you cleaned up”
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buck-nialled · 2 months ago
Leather Love - B. Barnes Imagine
NOTE: im still a newbie when it comes to writing smut so please show mercy!
TAGLIST: @poetic-heart @hallecarey1 @moonlightbaby10 @5-seconds-of-bucky @bbl32 @wobblymug @iwannabekilledtwice @golden-hoax @barnes-lokison
SUMMARY: bucky has a kink for you in his clothes. more specifically, his leather jacket...DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE UNDER 18! the following depicts graphic scenes of unprotected sex (wrap it up ppl), dom!bucky and sub!reader, mentions of exhibitionism/vuoyerism, light slapping, begging, and dirty talk. 
Tumblr media
“Fuck, doll.” You feel the vibration of his grunt. His pink lips, swollen from your passionate kisses moments before, teased the shell of your ear as his thick cock rammed into you. The heat bubbling to the surface of your body gave a stark contrast to the white snow fluttering down onto the Brooklyn streets outside. As you began to feel sweat rising on your back and shoulders, you made an endeavor to peel the dark jacket--practically dwarfing you because of its size--off of your body in a haste. Quick to show his objection, Bucky’s hands took both of your wrists immediately, and fastened them to the pillow with his mighty grip. The inhumane strength of his vibranium appendage lay secure on your hip and guided your middle rhythmically to his own.
“Don’t you dare take it off, dollface.” His voice staggers as his girth hits a deep spot within you. “Let it be a reminder of what got you into this mess…”
Ironically, the mess of your action was yet to arrive. You did not intend for simple teasing to go as far as Bucky calling a raincheck on lunch with Yuri and pounding you so far into your mattress that you’d begin to see stars. But here you were.
All because you put on the damn leather jacket. Perhaps it was layering nothing beneath it, nor deciding to zip up the dark material that was a catalyst for Bucky’s sudden lusting. Either way, you could not complain. Not while his hips were slapping so furiously into yours. Not while your nipples turned harder with each rub of his bare chest, or the cool metal zipper rubbing against your areolas so wantonly.
“I bet you knew this was gonna happen, didn’t you? Prancing around the apartment like a little slut, only in my jacket.” He spits through clenched teeth. You whine as the pace of his sheathing comes to a drastic slow. He is teasing you, no doubt as payback.
“Wonder what the neighbors are thinking right now...hearing your little noises through the walls. Wonder what the people in the building across from us would think.” You whimper at his words, trying to glide your hips up to meet his for any increase in friction. Your attempts are futile, as his metal fingers keep a firm grip against your side.
“You’re so damn lucky the window’s frosted right now, doll, or I’d have you pressed up against it.” His lips dig into the space between your neck and shoulder to place wet, sloppy kisses against your warm skin, while you still try to keep your moans at an unalarming volume. He chuckles darkly as your wails and groans only grow louder.
“You’d like that wouldn’t you?” He picks his head up so his dark blue eyes, swimming with hunger, can connect with yours. “Allowing total strangers to have a look at you being fucked by my big cock, in my jacket. Let everybody know who you belong to.” He punctuates every word with deep thrusts into you, and you relish in the feeling of his metal fingers sliding up to give attention to your swollen clit. At the contact, more whimpers exit your lips, red and bitten by this point.
“Such a naughty girl for me. I don’t know if you deserve to cum for teasing me so much…” a flood of incoherent protests leaves you immediately. “You think you deserve it?” He lifts an eyebrow, continuing to taunt your clit with quick taps of his vibranium thumb. “Really?” A quick pinch to your nub leaves you gasping.
Unable to form words by the undeniable pleasure coursing through you, Bucky is met with an eager nod.
“If you want it so bad, beg for it.”
“P-please Bucky, please let me cum. I need it so bad. Need your cum to fill me.” You stammer out, rolling your hips eagerly to further prove your hunger for his thick member inside of you.
“Only my cock can make you cum. Ain’t that right, doll?” You nod your head, but it wasn’t enough for Bucky. His flesh hand loosens its grip around your wrists, but you have been in this position many times before, and know there is an underlying order to keep them in place. His flesh hand makes harsh contact with your breast, leaving a red mark before his thumb and forefinger are twisting your nipple in attempts to make you speak.
His tone is sharp. “Say it!”
“Only you can make me cum, Bucky! Only you, oh god…” the newfound stimulation of your nipples only tightens the coil inside of your stomach. Upon looking down, you can see an apparent bulging and deflating of your stomach with each of his thrusts. “Please, B-Bucky...please…” you were unsure of what you were begging for at this point. Was it release from the pleasure continuously tightening in your lower stomach, or further encouragement for your boyfriend to keep pounding you into oblivion?
“Feel that thick cock inside of you? Inside of your tight little pussy? Fuck, you’re takin’ me so well, doll. Your pussy was made to take my cock.” He presses a hand to your stomach to feel for himself; to feel how well his girl is taking him. By this point, the slick layer of sweat coating your body allowed the leather to stick to your back even more. However, you weren’t sure if Bucky would ever let you take the jacket off after this, considering how aroused the sight of you donned in it made him.
“Ready to cum, doll?” He pants out, keeping up with his rough pace. He gives you no chance to respond before commanding you to “do it. Make a mess for me.”
That was all it took. And boy, did you deliver. Bucky grunts out a string of curses as you convulse around his length, clenching down impossibly tight and receiving mumbled praises through hot breaths against your neck. You couldn’t tell where your orgasm ended and Bucky’s began. As soon as the slow-building knot within you unraveled, his warm seed began pouring into you. His body flopped on top of you and he busied himself while your highs continued wearing off by pressing more kisses into your neck and rubbing soothing circles into your hips. Your hands occupied themselves with his brunette locks, running through them and pushing them away from his damp forehead.
“You’re getting ten more of these for your birthday.” His gravelly voice announces as the two of you continue steadying your breathing. “Sorry to spoil it.”
Humming, you reply, "if they'll get this reaction out of you, I'm fine wearing them for the rest of my life.
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vancityfire13 · 5 months ago
Date Night
Wanda Maximoff x Reader, Natasha Romanoff x Reader, WandaNat x Reader
Word Count: 2K
A/N: This is just Smut.
Tagging: @natasha-danvers​ @midnight-lestrange​  @blackxwidowsxwife​  @reminiscingtonight​   
Tumblr media
Though you’d never been asked on a date by two people before, let alone by two Avengers. It made sense to you, that the only time for you to go see the movie would be after hours. 
You knew about the crowds that followed Natasha and Wanda wherever they went. Besides, there was something exciting about the night time rendezvous. Natasha had obviously picked out the film to see, waving a ticket at you as you arrived to find them both already waiting in the lobby.
It was a security guard who had let you in, and there was only one other girl in the cinema, standing nervously behind the popcorn stand. You paused by her uncertainly, not knowing if their plan for this date included snacks. Wanda just took your hand lightly in hers and led you inside the theatre.
You chose the back row  without hesitation, wanting the privacy even in the empty room. Wanda sat down on your right, Natasha on your left. You felt a nervous anticipation when both of their attentions were focused on you. 
It was going to be a long movie. 
You held Wanda’s hand confidently, with the certainty that this showing would be uninterrupted. Natasha’s knee nudged against your leg.
The trailers started to play on the widescreen ahead of you. You kept your eyes carefully looking ahead, pretending to care.
You could feel the electricity in the air, even if you didn’t acknowledge Wanda’s slightly turned head. You could tell she was focused on you, not the screen. You swallowed nervously. You caught her in your peripheral vision when she leaned forward in her chair. You definitely noticed the smirk she sent to Natasha.
It still wasn’t warning enough.
Natasha’s hand landed a moment later on your left thigh. Her intent was clear in the way she splayed her palm and her fingers reached around the curve of your leg. You felt her fingertips dig into you slightly.
You stiffened, not knowing how else to react.
You bit your lip, keeping your eyes staring ahead at the images on the screen.
Wanda played it more coy. Her fingers started out on your stomach. She walked two of them down your torso. Now, you glanced over at her. You knew that your nerves and anticipation were obvious. Wanda pretended to focus on the screen, but you saw her lips twitch into a smirk. 
Her fingers walked right down to the space between your legs. You were wearing leggings and you wondered if you were wet enough to have soaked all the way through. Wanda pressed down firmly on your clit with her forefinger. You jerked a little in your seat.
She slid the length of her fingers along the rest of your covered cunt, stroking up and down rhythmically.
You gripped the edge of the seat and tried to keep breathing.
A hot flush crept up your neck, it wasn’t helped when Natasha moved closer to you. The pressure she was exerting on your thigh increased as she leaned in.
Her hand slid further up your inner thigh. You felt her hot breath on the side of your neck. Then, you felt the wetness of her open mouth kiss on your collarbone. Wanda’s fingers kept rubbing patiently along you, the steadiness of the action making you throb.
A moan escaped your mouth, before you bit down harder on your bottom lip. Natasha’s mouth moved to just below your ear and she nipped slightly at your skin, licking the area with her tongue after each small bite. You weren’t surprised to hear yourself panting.
Wanda’s hand crawled back up your front now. This time, she slipped it under the waistband of your leggings before moving back down. You shifted at the sudden coolness of her fingers against your bare skin. The leggings were tight and her hand was pressed flush to you as she slipped her fingers into your underwear.
You were definitely soaking, but Wanda’s fingers still felt rough enough to make you gasp, when she touched them firmly to your clit. You wondered if her fingers were as cold as they felt, or if your cunt really was throbbing with heat.
Either way, you curled forward at the sensation, until Natasha’s hands pressed your shoulders back against your seat.
‘Be a good girl and sit still.’ She told you, murmuring the words into your ear.
 You turned to meet her eyes in response, knowing that yours were wide. Even in the dim light, you could see that Natasha’s eyes were darker with her blown pupils.
Natasha smiled at you, touching your already sore bottom lip with her thumb. She tilted your chin slightly and kissed your bottom lip first. Then she moved to kiss you properly and deeply.
Her tongue touched yours at the same time that Wanda’s fingers first entered you, with the smallest of curls. The angle and the pressure made it hard for her to move them further. But, somehow, that only made the tease worse.
Natasha hummed with pleasure into your mouth. You knew Wanda could feel your answering shiver on her fingertips.
And then, like an orchestrated dance, Wanda’s hand removed itself from your underwear and Natasha broke the kiss. You whimpered slightly at the sudden loss of both touches. 
You only had enough time to see Wanda offer Natasha her wet fingers and Natasha’s lips go around them, before Wanda took up your attention with her own deep kiss.
You reached out to brush the top of Natasha’s hand, where it still rested on your thigh. Her hand pushed down on your leg once again. She exerted more pressure than before, using it to pivot herself out of her chair and move to be standing in front of you.
Wanda adjusted herself too, starting to trail open-mouthed kisses along the other side of your neck. With each careful kiss, you could feel her tenderness and want.
Your eyes clung to Natasha as she moved to kneel between your parted legs. The bright lights of the screen haloed her form as she dipped towards you, fingers now grazing against your hips.
Wanda’s hands moved under your shirt and squeezed your breasts. Her tongue trailed along your front, until it reached the dip between your collarbones. You felt a tug as Natasha removed your pants and underwear. She lifted you up slightly as she pulled your clothes over your ass and down your legs. After Wanda’s smooth touch, Natasha’s fingertips felt calloused as they touched along the undersides of your thighs.
Your hands gripped the arms of the cinema seat, feeling overwhelmed by the gentle touches and the coiling tension building inside you.
Wanda undid the clasp on your bra, allowing herself the room to move underneath it. She rolled your nipples between her thumbs and forefingers. Her tongue licked up your collarbone slowly,like she was savouring the taste of your skin.
Natasha gripped your bare ass now, pulling you forward to the very edge of the seat. Your cunt was exposed entirely to the near empty cinema. You could feel the light touches of Natasha’s breaths against you.
Your change in position left enough space on your seat for Wanda to move to straddle you, her knees coming to rest at either side of your waist
One of your hands slid to Wanda’s own waist, the other searched for Natasha, now completely obscured. You gripped a handful of Natasha’s hair. You resisted the urge to pull her closer to your exposed cunt, knowing she had her own plan to please you.
You could feel her head move towards your inner thighs, even though you couldn’t see it. The kisses she left were even hotter when you didn’t quite know where the next one would be. Your legs twitched with the sensations of Natasha’s tongue running along them, flirting dangerously close to the area that you wanted her most.
Wanda’s arms lifted upwards then as she removed her top, and your attention was drawn back to her. You looked up at her bare torso, seeing it for the first time from below. Her skin was creamy and, even in a bra, her breasts made your throat dry. With her stretching motion, Wanda pressed herself against your stomach. She moaned quietly, clearly enjoying the slight pressure. Your eyes clung to her black bra, while her hips moved against you, seeking out some kind of friction.
Wanda ran one of her hands through her own long hair, keeping it clear of her face. Her lips stayed parted and her breaths seemed to come with each thrust of her pelvis. You longed to feel some pressure against your own cunt, tightening your grip on Natasha’s hair to convey your desperation.
Wanda used her other hand to thread her own fingers into your hair at the back of your neck. You leaned automatically backwards into her touch, but Wanda also moved with you. She brought her breasts forward, until they filled your vision entirely. Your lips moved to kiss the creamy tops of them where they spilled over her bra. You loved the way that her soft breasts pushed up at your lips with each wanting thrust of her hips.
It was then that Natasha stopped her patient kisses along your inner thighs, and instead, abruptly, brought her hot tongue along your exposed folds. The sensation was unexpected and you clenched your legs automatically, squeezing too tight against her shoulders.
Wanda’s tongue ran up your neck now hungrily. Then, Natasha’s tongue dipped inside of you, filling you with wet heat. You moaned lowly at the feeling. Wanda’s lips found yours, her tongue swiping softly at your bottom one asking for permission that you granted immediately.
You inched your hand between Wanda and your stomach. She moved herself immediately against the new source of firmer pressure. You could feel her cunt grinding into your palm, even through fabric you could tell it was as soaked as yours.
Natasha’s tongue pressed against your clit with the same insistence that Wanda’s fingers had done before. You whined loudly and heard a similar noise come from Wanda.
You felt Natasha’s teeth press against your clit as she smiled at the sound. Her tongue moved to lick you in firm, long, swipes. 
Natasha’s palm rested flat on your bare pelvis, insisting that you keep still, despite Wanda’s movements. 
You lost all sense of time, filled with only the feelings on Wanda’s tongue in your mouth and Natasha’s tongue on your clit. The pressure building inside of you felt like a pent up scream needing a release.
At last, three of Natasha’s fingers entered you, the movement commanding. You whimpered with her first thrust and Wanda’s hand fisted your hair at the sound. Wanda’s teeth grazed your bottom lip and her thrusting stopped, switching instead to her own desperate pressing of her clit against your palm.
Natasha alternated the pressure on your clit, rolling her tongue against you. Every breath now was a pleading moan. Wanda’s lips moved to your neck as she rubbed herself on your hand. You felt the hot breaths of her whines as they turned to muffled groans, telling you how close she was.
‘Come for me.’
Natasha voice husked out from between your legs. Her fingers curled slowly inside you with all the certainty that you were about to come undone. 
You did.
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kiyoobi · 9 months ago
fever dreams ft. suna
pairing: suna x f!reader
sypnosis: Suna has been having dreams, weird dreams lately, and he doesn’t know why or how to get rid of them. 
warning: nsfw, hurt/comfort, pining between to stupid best friends
wc: 7060
an: part 2!
It’s his best friend’s fault. Now, he knows he always tends to blame someone else. However, this time it seriously is her fault. It was her idea for putting on rom coms to make fun of, it was her fault for coming up with a drinking game (okay he provided the alcohol sure). When the weather nearly blew out his power a couple of times, and finally did, of course he wasn’t gonna tell her to go home while the storm raged on. Of course he wasn’t gonna make her sleep on the couch, and of course she wouldn’t let him either. So yes, it’s her fault that he’s dreaming of those stupid romance cliches with her as the co-star. 
Lately, Suna has been being haunted by dreams of y/n, although the first time it happened he shook it off. By the fifth time he started to feel uneasy. And while he was used to having wet dreams, (those already have happened before every so often), he’d rather not have them about one of his closest friends. How is he supposed to deal with the dreams that showed her smiling at him, holding his hand, pulling him into her arms? How is supposed to deal with the smell of her conditioner, the softness of her skin, everything he feels in his dreams that are too real; how is supposed to deal with that?
Right now, in said dream, he’s sitting with her outside watching the stars. Beneath their fingertips they can feel the soft, emerald grass tickling their skin, fingertips that almost touch as they stare into the sky. Suna wants to watch the falling stars, he wants to see the universe as she does right now, but he can’t keep his eyes off her. This dream must be a nightmare, though,  because he’s terrified y/n will catch his gaze. He's terrified she’ll know what he’s thinking. He’s terrified that she’ll hear how hard his heart is beating. 
But she’s laughing while recanting a story she’s told him today already, and as Suna stares at her, he wonders if it’s only in his dreams that her eyes shine so brightly. He wonders if her lips have always looked so soft, or if she's always had such a beautiful crooked smile. Suna’s heart nearly jumps out of his chest when she glances at him, vaguely he hears her tease him about missing the falling comets. This is only a dream, he reminds himself. This doesn’t mean anything. So why is it that Suna feels his chest tighten when he's leaning into her? He swears he can feel her shaky breath against his skin, foreheads touching, eyes closing, lips parting. He swears he can feel her hands in him, pulling him close so that they’re-
Suna wakes up, the room is still dark, and he doesn’t have the energy to look for his phone to check the time. Brain foggy with sleep and leftover alcohol in his blood, he closes his eyes. The warmth of his blankets, the pillows in his arms… it’s all enough to maybe let him go back to the dream he was having. With a soft smile, mind only thinking of the stars, Suna hugs his blankets and pillows closer to his body, feeling at peace. There’s a soft humming of the heater in his apartment, and slowly that hum draws Suna back to sleep. Good… his power came back on...
Hm, that was a weird thing for her to moan in his dream but Suna wasn’t gonna question it-
“Rintarou Suna,” he hears someone mumble. Suna squeezes his pillows and stuffs his face into his blankets, not wanting to wake up. 
“Are you normally this snuggly in the morning?” Now, that was different. He blinked his eyes, hissing at the painful stretch of his muscles. It dawns on him slowly that the blankets and pillows he’s been cuddling have been a person all along, and he’s been putting his full weight atop of them. 
“What?” His voice is low and thick with sleep.
Suna hears soft laughter, slightly hoarse from waking up. “Rin, you’re completely on top of me, man.”
He jerks away, still groggy (and a little confused), but his heart is racing. “What- what are you doing in my bed?”
Freed from his clutches, she stretches out her body. Suna shifts uncomfortably when he hears the little noises escaping her throat, high-pitched and content. He looks away embarrassed, rubbing his face in hopes to wake up faster. 
“I know you didn’t drink that much,” she chuckles, laying on her side with a quirked eyebrow. “You seriously can’t remember?”
Suna rolls his eyes, “No, I do. It’s just early, ‘m not used to waking up right now.” He watches his best friend shrug, a sleepy smile across her face. 
“So…” Her smile turns mischievous, “You’re a cuddler?”
“Shut up,” Rin turns around, pulling the blankets over his ears so she can’t see the tips turning red. It’s unsettling to him when she laughs, something inside his chest warms uncomfortably. There’s an unbearable silence, at least to Suna it is. Memories of his dreams last night flood back in, making his cheeks brighter. Usually when he has them, he’s alone the next morning making it easier to get over them. Now, though, the main character of his dreams is right next to him in bed. 
“Don’t worry, I won’t tell the twins.” Y/n chuckles behind him. “It’s Saturday, right?”
“And you accuse me of drinking too much,” Suna snorts. “Yes, today is Saturday.”
“Crap, I need to get back home and get ready for work.” From behind him, Suna hears her shuffling off his bed. He bites back a smile when he hears Y/N stumble, tripping over her own feet most likely. 
“What time do you start?” Rin peeks out from his blankets, but the room is still a little too dark to see her. 
“I close tonight, but we have a meeting at 11-, jeez where are my-...your room is dark, I can’t even find my phone.” 
“I think you left it charging in the living room,” Suna mumbles. She pulls his blinds open and he squints at the sudden light streaking through. With a glare he says, “I just said it’s in the living room.”
“Okay, I have other stuff scattered around here, too.” Y/n scoffs. 
“You really have a way of making yerself at home,” Suna hums, amused. 
“I've been one of your closest friends for two years, it’s bound to happen.” 
He’s about to begrudgingly agree, but he sees her wearing a pair of his favorite sweats. She wasn’t wearing those last night, right? When did she change, was he in the room- Stop it, Rin. It’s too early for that crap. 
“Does that constitute wearing my clothes?”
She looks down, as if it was the first time she even noticed that his sweats were hanging off her hips. “It was cold last night and I kept waking up. It’s fine though because I’m still wearing my shorts underneath.” Y/n moves the waistband down to flash- okay, maybe that’s too strong of a word, but still- Suna her shorts underneath.
“Y/N,” Rin chokes on his own spit. His cheeks had just calmed down, and now they were brightening all over again. 
“What-, oh my god. You are such a child!” She yells, feeling a heat rise on her neck and over her own cheeks. Y/n makes her way out of Suna’s room, avoiding eye contact.
“Why are ya upset? You were the one pullin’ yer pants down-” Suna throws his hands in the air, exasperatedly. 
“I wasn’t, and now I feel like a perv even though clearly it’s you who is.” He hears her call out from his bathroom. 
Yeah, he needed to get a hold of his dreams. 
“I don’t understand,” Atsumu takes another bite of his burger. 
“Same,” Osamu shakes his head, confused. 
Rin sighs, “Ugh, okay. What does it mean if yer having dreams about, like, a friend? And how do you, uh, stop them?”The twins continue eating, both contemplating their answers.
“Well, what kind of dreams are they?” Atsumu asks. He blinks in surprise at the sight of his usually laid-back friend blushing, furiously. “Oh.”
“No, it’s not like that. Well- okay, no I’m not gonna talk about that-” Suna groans frustratedly and rubs the tension between his eyes.
“On with it Rin, yer freakin’ me out.” Osamu stares at him skeptically. 
“Hypothetically, if ya having dreams about a friend, and it’s a little romantic… does that mean you like them?” Suna looks at the twins, holds his hand close his face to hide the pink dusting across his cheeks. 
“No,” Atsumu shrugs. “You can’t help yer brain from coming up with a random person when you’re single.”
“Who is it that you're talkin about?” Osamu asks Suna, noticing that he’s barely eaten since they’ve sat down. 
“No one,” Suna says a little too quickly. 
“Not no one,” Atsumu shakes his head at his twin.
“Agreed. Who is it, Suna?” Osamu shakes his head too and grins. The twins lean in closer when Suna answers, unable to hear what name he’s mumbling. 
“Dude, we can’t hear you-”
“It’s Y/N! Okay? Jeez!” Rin yells. The three best friends flush, feeling the weight of skeptical bystanders eyeing them after Suna’s outburst. “Lately, there’s just a lot of dreams. I’m starting to feel uncomfortable.”
“You guys hang out a lot, it’s bound to happen.”
“So do we, but are you havin’ dreams about me?” Suna asks Atsumu. He just shrugs, much to the dismay of his twin. 
“Atsumu is right, though.” Osamu takes a handful of fries and stuffs them in his mouth, “If you don’t wanna have those dreams maybe just give yerself some space.”
That, unfortunately, didn’t work for Suna. If anything, the amount of dreams have increased and now his days are boring without his idiot of a best friend nearby. Before, the dreams ranged from moments he saw in movies or maybe in mangas he’s read. Now, though, his dreams are from memories of y/n and Rin hanging out. He sees her hair in the wind during their late night drives, her bone structure illuminated by passing streetlights. Suna feels her hand gripping his arm at the concert they went to last year, the shouts blending into the crowd but he can only hear hers.
If it isn’t the memories, then it’s the...other kind of dreams. 
Her body underneath his, those lovely sounds coming from her lips. Her eyes lustful, even though he’s never seen her look at him that way. The dreams are worse now. Sometimes he dreams of them two together, intertwined with heavy breathes, racing to please the other. He swears he can almost feel how she is wrapped around him, the way she squeezes him tight when she’s about to cum. While that might not seem so different, they don’t end at the orgasm now. In his dreams, she reaches out to hold his clammy hand with a blissful smile. He feels lighter when he brings her knuckles to his lips, his heart racing. When he wakes up, though, it’s damn near depressing. Suna can barely look y/n in her eyes, feeling gross when he remembers the nights before. 
Suna wakes up again with his pants tight, this time his dream didn’t get to finish. He sighs, rubbing a hand over his tired eyes. Today, y/n is coming over to hang out again, since clearly Osamu’s advice hasn’t helped. There’s already a wet spot starting to dry on his sweats, which is gross even for Suna, but his erection is begging for attention and he needs to get rid of it. Blindly, he searches for his headphones. Lately he can’t even look at porn to get off, he doesn’t know what’s wrong with him. Queueing a familiar playlist, Suna tries his best not to think about the person who made it specifically for him. He definitely doesn’t allow himself to think about why this music is the only way he can get off now (with the exception of complete silence). 
He strips himself of his shirt, his room feeling too hot for comfort, lightly thumbing his nipples so that they pucker up from the excitement. Suna lets out a shaky breath, losing himself to the small waves of pleasure radiating down to his cock. He cups himself over his sweats, pretending that it’s someone else touching him. Adrenaline starts to flow through his veins, as much as Rin wants to just come already, he can’t help but indulge his thoughts a little longer. With feather light touches he strokes his cock through his sweats, teasing himself so much that he can almost hear him whimpering through the music. 
Suna can’t take the teasing any longer. He reaches underneath his waistband and palms himself through his boxers, his hips move on instinct for more friction. Losing himself to the feeling of grinding into his palm, Suna arches his back, head dipping back into his pillow, imagining a certain someone grinding into his cock, thighs cradling his hips. Finally, Suna pulls down his sweats and boxers completely. His hand squeezes his aching erection, tightly gripping his base before slowly pumping himself. Rin lets out a low whine, finally feeling some sort of relief from this pent up tension. He takes his time thrusting into his fist, wanting to indulge in his daydreams just a little more. Suna’s other hand dips down to cup his heavy balls, rolling and pulling on them to edge himself closer and closer to his orgasm. He’s close, too close. Suna whimpers when he forces himself to slow down, the taste of his ruined orgasm heavy on his tongue. He can’t help it, he thinks of y/n, maybe it’s her playlist or maybe it’s because he misses his friend, but he thinks of her laugh and of her smartass comments to him. Rin moves his hand away from his throbbing cock, not caring that an embarrassing whine pulls out of him. He gives himself a moment to breathe through the orgasm he almost had, not yet ready to be pushed over the edge. 
After a few minutes, with his cock dripping in pre-cum, red and angry, he moves his hands back to where he most desperately needs to be. Suna swipes his thumb over his slit when he thinks of y/n panting underneath him, his eyes flutter shut when he imagines her cunt dripping for him. Suna pretends he can hear her calling out for him through her moans, begging for him to let her come. Another wave of pleasure rolls through his body, and he can’t help his own panting. Her name slips through his lips, over and over again. Another orgasm is hot underneath his skin, his cock aches for release. He’s so close-
“Rin? If you’re not feeling good we can just- Oh my god! Oh my god, I am so sorry!” Y/n slams his bedroom door shut.
“Shit,” he squeezes his eyes shut, “Shit. Shit. Shit.” Suna tucks himself back into his boxers and sweats, his cheeks flushed from two ruined orgasms now and more importantly, embarrassment. Out of pure shock, he stays in his bed feeling his erection softening with each passing moment. Suna begs the gods that they just swallow him into the earth, right now. This was worse than when Kita’s grandmother caught him. 
He gives himself a moment, before getting up and 
completely losing any conviction of facing y/n. He presses his forehead against his bedroom door, dreading having to have the most awkward conversation of his life. With his head ducked, Suna quickly runs to his bathroom just outside his room and slams the door behind him. It’s while he’s washing his hands that he remembers giving y/n a key to his apartment for when he overslept and couldn’t answer the door. In fact, the four of them all have keys to the other’s place. Suna glances in the mirror, wincing at his disheveled hair and his cheeks still ruddy. It’s now or never though… Never sounds pretty appealing. 
Rin takes in a deep breath, his nerves settling deep into the pit of his belly. He makes his way to the living room couch, seeing y/n with her head tucked into her hands. Suna shifts uncomfortably on his feet, wondering if he should speak up or run back to his room. Luck isn’t on his side though, somehow she hears him taking a step back in the direction of his room.
“Rin, I am so so sorry.” Y/n pleads, avoiding eye contact with him. “I should’ve called or texted that I was on my way, I shouldn’t have just barged into your room, that.” She squeezes her eyes shut again, her words stutter over themselves as she tries her best to hide her embarrassment. 
Suna blinks, confused. “You’re sorry-, why are you sorry? I should be the one apologizing, it was my fault for thinking of you and I’m really, really sorry-”
“What?” Y/n finally forces herself to look at Rin, who is now hyper-aware that he forgot to put a t-shirt on. “N-, no I didn’t know that part. All I saw was-“ She feels her cheeks warm again, and she looks away. 
“Crap- I- okay, I don’t know how to make this less awkward.” Suna groans into his hands, sitting down on the far end of the couch. “Can we please just forget this ever happened?”
“Agreed,” Y/n nods her head, her mind still wrapping around Suna’s confession. 
Somehow, they manage to truly move on. His dreams subside from nearly every night to just a few nights a week, and Suna is relieved he can hang out with his best friend with little to no awkwardness. He doesn’t mention the incident to the twins, although he was nervous that the next time he saw them they'd surely say something. However when the four of them were hanging out playing video games, everything seemed normal. Suna made eye contact with y/n, feeling dread if she were to look away embarrassed, but she surprised him. He made a silent, pointed look at the twins and back to her, and she smiled and shrugged. No, she didn’t say anything. You can relax, Suna. 
Everything was nearly back to normal, on the nights he came home from work they’d all chat on discord playing video games together. Sometimes Suna would be the only one left with Osamu, talking late into the night about classes and girls and videogames. Osamu asked about Suna’s dreams, if they were still pestering him. 
“Nah, I don’t have them much anymore.”
“Sweet, man. Don’t feel bad about them, hell, I sometimes have dreams with y/n in them. It’s natural, it happens.” Osamu had moved onto talking about trying out a new mod for their favorite video game, but Suna only half-listened. For some reason, Osamu’s flippant comment made him feel uneasy. Whatever the feeling was, had settled into his belly for the rest of the night. 
Some nights, though, both the twins turned in early leaving Suna and y/n to either hang up too or keep on the lobby call. Suna only slightly admits that those nights are more fun, finding himself laughing more easily with her and feeling more at ease with their pace of conversation. Don’t get him wrong, he’s known the Miya twins for years longer than he’s known y/n and he’s definitely closer to them. There’s a certain bond though, with y/n, that’s just a little different. Together they stay up just as late as he sometimes does with Osamu or Atsumu, but he doesn’t fall asleep with a faint smile after ending the call like he does with y/n. Sure the twins are friggin’ hilarious and easy to pick on, but his belly aches more when it’s her there too.
Suna is grateful that the, er, morning incident, hadn’t fractured their friendship. Y/n still comes over, although she knocks a little louder. He doesn’t blush as much when he looks at her (sometimes his mind goes back to that incident and suddenly he’s bright red all over again though). It’s back to normal. Even the dreams aren’t torturing him anymore. 
“Alright I’m gonna head out. I have an early shift tomorrow,” Osamu yawns through the call. 
“I have practice in the morning, guys. G’night.” Atsumu and Osamu both hang up after everyone’s goodbyes. 
“Gonna stay on?” Suna hears y/n ask him. 
“Yeah, you?” He massages his neck and fingers, hoping to prevent any muscle tension tomorrow morning. 
“Yeah wanna switch over to minecraft?”
Suna snorts, “Really?”
“Please? My other friend won’t teach me, he says I wander off too much-“
“And you think I have that patience?”
“Aw c’mon, you love me. Please? I promise not to wander off, I’ll pay attention.” Her voice whines through his headphones, making him laugh. 
“Fine, fine. Just give a minute to get online, I haven’t pissed in three hours.”
“Look at my house, it’s so cute.” Y/n gushes, “When can I get a cat?”
Suna laughs, “One step atta time. You can barely catch a chicken.”
“Hey,” She warns. “That’s completely untrue.”
“Mhm,” Rin hums amused. “So why the sudden interest in minecraft?”
“Just venturing out into different games, I have friends who play it too and I don’t wanna hold them back.”
“Nah, I’m sure you wouldn’t have. Wanna come see my home here?” He smiles at her excited response. 
“Somewhere over there,” Suna points to the left. “Atsumu has his house, Osamu is in the other side of me with a little farm-“
“Cute!” Y/n cuts in. “Can we check it out?”
“Yes but let’s wait until it’s day time again.” Suna sits back in his chair, staring at his computer screen. Her character moves around excitedly interacting with his items, Suna smiles when he sees how often she bumps awkwardly into corners. 
“How was work?” Suna asks. 
“Stupidly long, stressful.” She sighs, “I’m exhausted.” 
“Aw well we could call it a night then.”
“It’s fine, Rin.” Y/n chuckles, “I don’t feel too bad right now, with ya.”
Something snaps inside his chest, leaving Suna feeling a little breathless. His hand absent-mindely rubs at his heart, hoping to soothe his rapid heart race. 
“How about you?” 
“Hm?” Suna hums confusedly, misunderstanding her question. “Oh, uh yeah. I feel less tired with you too, right now.”
“No, idiot,” Y/n laughs. “How was work, I mean?”
“O-oh,” Suna nervously laughs. “It was fine, I guess.”
“Don’t you have practice tomorrow too, with ‘Tsumu?”
“He got extra conditioning, official team practice isn’t ‘till later.” 
Silence on both ends, Suna stares at the screen at her avatar and tries to picture her. Her character is facing him too, and it’s almost as if they’re both in front of each other talking like they always do. 
“So, um, I know we, like… moved on from..” Y/n trails off. “Well, that day. I know I said I was sorry a bunch, and I still am, but I’m glad we aren’t, like…”
“Yeah,” Suna agrees, breathing out his answer relieved. For a brief, horrible moment, he thought she was going to say she didn’t feel comfortable around him anymore. “Sorry about that, by the way. I still feel like a crappy friend for-“
“Don’t be,” She laughs. “It’s normal right? Hell, I mean if it makes you feel any better, I’ve done it too.”
Suna blinks. “What.”
“Well, girls get off too, Suna.”  Y/n says nonchalantly, “I’ve done it, I’m sure your next door neighbor’s done it.”
Rin feels his cheeks blushing, his thoughts going elsewhere. 
“I mean, I guess it’s better if we even the playing field of embarrassment if I just say that I’ve gotten… off to you… guys before.” Her voice wavers near the end, not nearly as confident as she was before as her initial embarrassment creeps back in.
“Y-you, you have?” Suna gulps. 
“Well yeah, of course I just don’t tell you guys because I have other friends to talk to about that stuff. I’m sure you and the twins have shared stories.”
Not really, Suna thinks. 
“I’m just saying, don’t feel gross. You’re not the only one who’s thought of the other.”
You’re not the only one. 
Does she… does she think of him?
“So you’ve thought of me before?” Rin takes a chance, and secretly changes the settings of his server to stay nighttime so they don’t have to move on from this conversation. 
There’s hesitation on the other line, and he hears nervous giggling. “Sorry, I was just double checking it was just the two of us in the lobby. I mean… yeah, Rin. I’m a little embarrassed that I’m telling you this, but I don’t want you to feel like a closet pervert.” She laughs before adding, “I mean you are. But at least not with that specifically.”
A weight lifts off his chest, and Suna grins. “Whatever, I’m sure you’re a secret dominatrix or somethin’.”
Y/n’s heavy laughter on the other end widens his smile, his cheeks hurt from smiling. 
Eventually he changes back the settings and helps her along her journey, showing her the ropes of maneuvering around and crafting tools. They work alongside each other creating a mountain base, but Rin still has questions weighing on his mind. 
“So when was the last time you got off to us?” He wants to say “me”, but he’s already being nosy and needs to play this question safe. 
Y/N snorts, “This is not kid-friendly for this server.”
“You just cussed out a witch for killing ya,” Suna laughs. 
“What if I don’t wanna answer?” She asks, but her voice is light and playful like how they normally joke around. 
Rin shrugs to himself, “Then you don’t have to. Just curious, is all.” 
“Aw what the hell, it’s 4a I have no inhibitions.” Her laugh cracks open a deeper cavern in his chest, the feeling most unsettles and soothes him at the same time. “What’s today?”
Rin glances at his phone, “Tuesday now.”
“Ah, so yesterday.”
Suna nearly chokes on his laughter, “My god. You need a boyfriend.”
“Shut up,” Y/n scolds, “I have attractive friends, sue me. How about you?”
“To you, specifically or in general?” Suna’s mental powers have loosened its grip on his words from the long night. 
“Hmm…” Y/n hums thoughtfully, he sees her breaking down the other side of the wall collecting materials. “Both.”
“It’s been since that night,” Suna admits, a faint blush spreading across his cheeks. 
“Aw, sorry.” She giggles, not sounding very sorry. 
“It’s fine, I love being unsatisfied for days on end,” Rin half-jokes, his voice dry. Her laughter on the other end coaxes a smile out of him. 
“Man, help me with what I’m about to say. If it’s too far, please stop me. But I can help you with that.”
It takes a minute for her words to fully process in his brain, it being 4am after all. 
“Wait-,” Suna chuckles unsure, “What do you mean?”
“Aw you’re gonna make me say it out loud again?” She laughs into her mic, suddenly nervous. 
“Yes, because it’s 4 in the morning and I might be hearing things.” 
He hears y/n whine, getting shy on him now. “Listen we are both best friends, right? We care for the other, we know each other better than others. If you wanna relieve that tension, I don’t mind helping, you know?”
Suna mulls that thought over, he wants to ask another question but he’s genuinely afraid of her answer. He’s already pried this much though, he’s not even sure why her answer would potentially bother him if it’s what he thinks she might say. 
“Would you do this for ‘Samu or ‘Tsumu?” He winces, immediately regretting asking when her side of the call is silent. 
“No,” is all she says. She doesn’t elaborate any further. “Oh my god, is this a diamond?”
Suna has been a wreck. Lately, nearly any time he’s alone he’s jacking off to the thought of y/n getting off on the thought of him. He’s edged himself, overstimulated himself, all while imagining her fingers stuffing her cute little pussy desperate to come with his name panting from her lips. Suna just came, and his cock is twitching threatening at the thought of her again. He doesn’t know if this is normal, hell, google has remained unhelpful by giving him inconclusive results. Suna hasn’t had a chance yet, though, to talk to y/n about the ground rules they need to set. That night before they ended their call, they both agreed to think about boundaries and rules before coming together and discussing it. So far he has nothing. 
She was gonna come over tonight to his place with pizza though, and that’s when they decided to talk more in depth about the new step in their friendship. 
God, he can’t wait. 
Y/n sets the pizza in his kitchen counter, spreading out the assorted snacks she’s brought over. Suna has been fidgeting in his seat for the past ten minutes, not even bothering to help out his friend with the food and drinks. He wonders if she’s nervous, considering that she’s been talking for most of the time without actually really saying anything. Suna tilts his head, wondering if she’s acting so strange because of the conversation they’re going to have or because…
“You’re not listening,” She interrupts his thoughts. 
“Not a bit,” Suna admits. “Sorry.”
“It’s fine,” Y/n chuckles and looks down at her fingers toying with a plastic bag. There’s a timid smile on her face fading away as the silence around them becomes deafening. 
“How was-?”
With awkwardness blanketing atop of them, they both speak at the same time. Suna knows he's nervous, and he knows she’s nervous too. They laugh lightly, wanting nothing more for the other to break the tension.
“You first,” Suna nods towards her, he grabs a slice of pizza in the hopes it lightens the mood. 
“Nothing, it was stupid. I was gonna ask how your day was, and it’s not that I don’t care, but it was just gonna keep whatever weird energy going on to continue. I don’t know,” Y/n rolls her eyes at herself and laughs. “I guess there’s no reason to pretend that I’m here just to bring pizza, or whatever.”
“Oh yer not?” Suna feigns surprise, “Well shoot, what are you here for?” He can’t stop his grin, he ducks away from her attempts to smack him. 
“Idiot,” she looks down at her hands, and lets out a nervous laugh. “I wanna do this with you, I just don’t want to ruin our friendship. You know?”
He nods, his heart aching at the thought of not being her friend anymore. “We don’t have to. I care more about you than yer pussy-“
She smacks the side of his head with a paper plate, “Don’t be gross!” She leans back with a grin that relaxes Rin, and they both sigh. “My first rule is that if you start to feel some sort of way, you should speak up. What matters to me is first and foremost our friendship, and we shouldn’t let unrequited feelings ruin that.”
“Agreed,” Suna winces and cards his fingers through his hair. “I, uh, actually couldn’t think of any rules besides that one. Oh! Wait, if we are gonna be honest then we should also be honest about what we like in bed too...right?”
“Like a kink list?” Y/n takes a bite of her pizza thoughtfully, “Yeah, we can write down what we’re into and kinda go from here. We should have a safe word too.” 
For a brief moment they eat in silence. 
“Napkin?” She suggests.
“...Was that the first thing you saw?” 
She bursts out in laughter and he rolls his eyes, amused. “Shut up! I saw you staring at it too, ya idiot.”
Unfortunately for Rin, their night didn’t end in sex. They talked more about rules, things as simple as grooming to whether or not cuddling is accepted afterwards. Right before she left, she surprised him. 
Y/n paused at the doorway and looked at him, her eyes piercing through his with something familiar but he couldn’t place it. It only became clear when she tugged at the hem of his collar, bringing him down to her level and kissed him. It was awkward at first, their lips fumbled and she couldn’t help but giggle when he yelped in surprise. Quickly, though, they found a rhythm. He deepened the kiss, his tongue invading her space and she took it with a soft moan that went straight to his cock. When they pulled away, breathless and cheeks heated, for a brief second they stared at each other’s lips. 
With a playful slap to his shoulder, she grinned. “I’ll see you tomorrow night, Suna. I’ll bring condoms in case you forget to buy them.” 
He cleared his throat, “See ya tomorrow.” She held her hand up bidding goodbye, leaving him to deal with the erection tightening his pants. 
Tomorrow didn’t come soon enough for him. He was up late last night and he thought rubbing one out would help, but in the end he was left nervous. He stared at his ceiling in the dark, hands twiddling nervously. What was gonna happen to him and y/n if they couldn't…
Couldn't what?
That was the question that plagued Rin’s mind the most. He knew it was exciting to be in this kind of relationship with someone, he was excited that it was with someone he trusts. He also knew that he had every right to be nervous. She was his best friend, could they do this without ruining the friendship? 
Unfortunately there was only one person who he wanted to call about this, and it didn’t help that it was y/n. 
Suna glances at his phone charging on his nightstand, and with a quick tap he sees its 4:53a. He sighs, hands pulling at his hair now that he knows he won’t ever fall asleep. With a jolt, his phone vibrates. There’s only a few contacts he keeps favorited in case they call when his Do Not Disturb is on, in case of emergencies. His heart races when he jumps forward, nearly dropping his phone when he sees it’s her. 
“Hello?” Suna answers, his voice threatens to crack and he clears his throat. 
“Hi,” her voice is quiet too. “Couldn’t sleep- ah shit, did I wake you?”
“Liar.” Her laugh through the receiver makes him smile, and his unease is starting to dwindle again. “What time did you want me to come over tomorrow?”
“You can come over now-“ 
“Shut up,” she laughs again, and he hears her take a deep breath. “I’m just nervous, is all. If this all goes to hell, it’s my fault for bringing this up this offer in the first place.”
He hums, “It would be-“
“It would be,” he interrupts again. “But also me for agreeing. And it won’t go to hell because our friendship is worth more than getting off, right?”
“Right,” he hears her agree. “...So you couldn’t sleep either, huh?”
“It’s like the day before a field trip,” Suna laughs hoping it’ll mask his own anxiety. 
“Horny bastard,” Y/n scoffs. 
“Hypocrite,” Suna laughs, feeling himself feel lighter and lighter without the anxiety in the pit in his stomach weighing him down. He lets out a sigh, “I was nervous too.”
“Eh, feels better talkin’ to ya right now.” He connects his headphones and leans back against his pillow again with a content sigh. 
“What’re your plans for tomorrow?” When she asks him this, he quirks an eyebrow at his ceiling. 
“Uh, I have to go grocery shopping-“
“No Rin,” she laughs softly. “What’re your plans?” It takes him a moment to fully understand, and before he can answer y/n clears her throat. “See, for me, I personally know exactly what I’m gonna do to you.”
“Y-yeah?” He feels more awake, and his sweats are tightening again.
“No,” she freely admits with a laugh. “But I have ideas.”
With more confidence, he sits up further to get more comfortable. He lightly palms himself and smirks, “Care to share?”
“Where’s the fun in that?”
“Tease,” he groans. 
“I’m actually more curious about what you were thinking about that day I caught you.” 
“Oh yeah?” Suna presses his hand harder against himself, “Wanna know what I was so pent up about? You wanna know why my cock was so hard for you? You gonna touch yourself when I tell you, like a little whore? Ah shit, wait, are you okay with being called-“
“Yes keep going,” she breathes out. 
Suna grins, “I was thinking of how wet and tight your pussy would be for me, how desperate you’ll sound when ya beg.” He fights his impatience and continues stroking himself through his sweats, ears straining to hear her little moans. 
“I’ve thought about how tight you would be,” He groans when his hips buck into his hand. “Tight and w-warm. I’d make you touch yourself though, ‘fore I even get my cock into ya. Gotta see how you get yerself off, before I make your pussy mine.” 
“Who’s the tease now? You’re already thinking about making me beg for you when you’re the one who can’t stop thinking of me.” 
“Weren’t you- ah, fuck-!” Enough of this, he pulls down his sweats and boxers. He lets out a sigh, his cock twitches feeling his bedroom’s cool air. “Didn’t you cum at the thought of my cock stretching you at, princess?”
He hears her mewl at the nickname, “Bold of you to assume your cock is big enough to do that.”
Suna hums and is quiet for a moment. He leans back again, pleased with himself, and snickers when he hears y/n giggling. “Did you just send me a dick pic?”
“Yeah, decided a picture is worth a thousand words.” Vaguely he hears a hum in the background, and his hand grips his cock tighter. “Are you-,” Suna laughs. “Are you using a vibrator right now?”
“Ssssh, shut up.” Y/n’s laugh strains as a moan bubbles out of her. 
“Uh-uh,” he tuts. “Be a good girl and tell me what yer thinking about.” He swipes his thumb over his leaking cockhead, doing nothing to hide his moans. 
She groans, cursing through the receiver. 
His phone lights up with a message, and normally he’d ignore it. Not that this happens to him normally, but right now he doesn’t particularly care about the meme Atsumu is probably sending him. His phone lights up again, still he ignores it and strokes his cock just a little faster hearing her moaning through his phone.  
“Check your phone, Suna.” She moans out. 
His eyes crack open, and while still pumping himself he grabs his phone. Rin drops his phone, unable to unlock his phone with one hand, and groans when he has to stop multitasking. Thankfully, he stopped fucking into his fist because the photos y/n sent would’ve made him cum on sight. The first are her tits, nipples puckered and the bottom of her hem caught in her teeth with a smirk. He’d do anything to just go over to her place right now and bite them, suck on them, cum on them. The second picture, though? Her thighs spread with the vibrator on her clit and her cunt drooling down the curve of her ass. 
“Shit how did you get the angle-“
“That’s what you’re concerned about?” Y/n snickers, “Get your priorities straight, loser.”
“Mm keep talking dirty to me, Y/n.” He grins at her giggling, careful to not drop his phone on his face when he grips the base of his cock again. “Please keep making those pretty whore noises. If this is how ya sound with a toy, I can’t imagine how yer gonna sound stuffed with my cock.” 
“Good to know you’re not just all-,” she’s interrupted by her own high-pitched moan, “F-fuck! All talk. Oh I might-“
“Gonna cum, sweetheart? C‘mon, cum all over yer pretty sheets and pretend that little vibrator is my cock-“
“Your dick is my little vibrator?” Y/n talks back, her voice choking through her moans. 
“When I'm done with you tomorrow you won’t be able to talk back like this, brat. C’mon y/n, cum for me. I know yer close.” There's a small whine on the other side of the call, her breathy moans making his balls tighter and he’s panting with her. 
“You’re-you’re just saying that cos you’re all worked up over some nudes-“ From what Rin can hear, she’s cumming. Beautifully. She sounds-
“Aw fuck,” he pumps his cock faster and chokes on his moans. Rope after rope of cum falls against his fist and over his quivering muscles, their moans intertwining through the phone as they ride out their orgasms. 
For a few moments, the sound of them panting and trying to calm down is all they hear. With shaky hands, Suna takes a selfie and hits send. 
“Oh shit,” he groans. 
“What?” Her question is breathless still. 
“I just sent Osamu-, shit!.” He resends a message to y/n this time, and quickly texts an apology back to apology. Ha, wrong person man sorry. 
He rolls his eyes when she cackles over the phone, “You’re such an idiot! You sent Osamu this?” Suna sighs and cleans himself off with a shirt, already planning to shower after this call. 
“Didn’t know, uh, cum soaked abs and a hint of your half-hard cock was Osamu’s thing.” She giggles. 
“Keep it up, yer gonna get it tomorrow.” Suna half-heartedly threatens. “Or all yer gonna get are the pictures and yer gonna be begging for me-“
“Fine fine,” She sighs, much more sleepily. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Rin?”
“See ya tomorrow.” He grins, and they both hang up. 
He quickly showers after that, his hair still damp when he falls against the pillows. It’s nearing 6a, but he doesn’t find himself caring. Rin falls asleep better than he has in a while, dreaming of what’s to come. Yeah, he can’t wait for later.
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yuta-senpai · 5 months ago
Our Angel | WayV
Tumblr media
- Genre: Smut
- Warnings: Pure filth, remote controlled vibrator, 8some, degradation, subspace, multiple penetration, breeding kink, squirting, oral (male & female receiving), unprotected sex, spit, and choking. (I’m honestly probably missing some stuff)  Just know this full 12.1k of words is basically all smut.
- Word Count: 12.1k
Tumblr media
Ten stared into your eyes, “Baby, come on just wear it.”
You scoffed, “No fucking way.”
He pouted, “Please, it will be so much fucking fun.”
You were speechless, this man was a fucking kinky shit. You shook your head 'no’ again. He furrowed his eyebrows, “Are you saying no to your daddy when it's a punishment?”
A sigh escaped your lips, there was no way you were gonna win. 
He held the vibrator in his hand, “Put it in now or I will put it in for you. Either way, you are wearing it.”
You bit your lip, “Daddy, put it in for me.”
He smirked, “You are naughty Baby girl.” 
You laid back as he lifted your large shirt, and slid your panties to the side. Exposing your wet core to the cold air. You shivered and he licked his lips.
“I want to taste you, but you would enjoy that too much.”
He slowly slid the toy inside of you and kissed your clit before backing away. You whimpered and he smirked, “Okay, get dressed, be sure to wear a skirt. It’s time to hang out with the boys.”
You slid on your black skirt, put on a black lace bra, then a tight red crop top, and finally your boots.  You smiled as you eyed your outfit. 
Ten walked up behind you and smacked your ass. The vibrator inside of you made it hard to walk because you didn't want it to slide out, so you had to keep your legs together as much as possible. On the car ride over you felt a slight vibration ring through your body and you shivered. You didn't want to give Ten the pride of seeing you turned on by it. 
Ten held the remote in his hand and he turned the speed up more, causing a slight whimper to leave your lips.
He chuckled lowly, “You aren't gonna survive. That's not even close to the medium setting.”
Tightly gripping the car a loud choked moan left your lips as your body shook.  You bit your lips, your knuckles turning white from the tightness of your grip.  “Agh, Ten stop.  It-it’s too much.”  Your eyes rolled back as you felt an orgasm growing, your breathing rapidly increased, your chest rising up and down quickly, you were right at your breaking point.  The vibrations stopped suddenly and you whimpered, “Ahh daddy.  If you are gonna use it at least let me cum.”
An evil smirk spread across his face, “Oh don’t worry baby. You will get to cum very soon.” You didn’t know what he meant but you were excited, maybe you were gonna have quick sex in Kun’s bathroom again. 
He pulled up to the building, and you fidgeted making the vibrator poke against your g-spot. A soft gasp left your lips but the music playing covered it.  Ten turned towards you, “Babygirl when we go in there I will eventually turn that vibrator on, and if you are about to cum you need to say Paint”.  
You giggled slightly, “You are joking right?” He raised his eyebrow, “When do I joke about stuff like this?”
You nervously gulped, as you two stepped outside the car.  The large vibrator made it hard to walk, but you had to act normal.
Lucas opened the door and smirked at you which caught you off guard. He eyed you up and down, “You look good today baby.”
You stared at him for a moment, and then laughed, walking past him quickly.  Looking back around you see Ten whisper something to Lucas, causing Lucas to lick his lips seductively.  Walking into the living room you see all of the boys scattered around, and each one eyes you like a piece of candy. You cautiously walk into the room, “Uhh, hey guys.”
Kun winks, “Hey doll” he pats his lap, “Wanna sit here?”
You are taken aback, “Okay what the fuck is going on with all of you today, and where the fuck are your girlfriends?”
It wasn’t unusual for YangYang and Hendery to be clingy and offer up their lap as they were like your brothers. Xiaojun laughs, “We are all single, didn’t Ten tell you? He is officially the only one with a girl.”  It’s kind of shocking that Kun, Xiaojun, and Lucas all broke up with their girlfriends and you hadn’t heard.
Your mouth opens in shock at the news you hear, but at least their flirting makes some sense now. 
Kun smirked at you again "So are you going to take up my offer to sit here. Most comfortable seat in the house."
You chuckled "Actually I think Hendery's lap would be the most comfortable."
Hendery's eyes widened in shock and a blush spread across his face, that wasn’t usual.
Ten's arm wrapped around your waist protectively "How about she sits on her boyfriend's lap."
Xiaojun pouted "We just wanted to have a little fun." 
Ten kissed your ear and then whispered "Why don't you go sit on Hendery's lap.  You usually go sit on him instead of me anyways."  A hint of jealousy present in his voice. 
Your eyes widened "Ah bu-"
He stopped you "No but’s now go do it."
You bit your lip and sauntered over to Hendery, eyeing him. 
You sat down next to him and placed your legs over his, "Sorry I embarrassed you prince."
He smiled, “Who said you embarrassed me.  Just wasn’t expecting you to suddenly say that.”  He placed his hands on your calves and lightly caressed them, his left hand rubbing up to your thigh.  You were loyal to Ten, I mean he was your boyfriend, but something about Hendery made you want to be unloyal.  Even though he was like a brother at times, you couldn’t deny that he was attractive.
You bit your lip as you watched Hendery’s hands rub circles on your legs, but froze when you felt a slight vibration start inside you.  Ten was sitting across from you with an evil smirk.  You loved him but right now you wanted to kill him.
Hendery raised his eyebrow at you, “Something wrong princess?” 
Your face heated up because Hendery was intensely staring at you now, and he just called you princess.  “Uh yeah, I am fine.”
He patted your hip, “Come on, move onto my lap, princess.”
You hesitated, what if he felt the vibration, but if you didn’t he would know something was up.  Plus he probably was just worried about you since you had frozen up.  The vibrator suddenly stopped inside you, Ten must have realized Hendery might be able to feel it.  You moved yourself up onto Hendery’s lap, your ass resting on his left thigh, and your legs draped over his right thigh.  It was not unusual for you to drape yourself over Hendery, but with the vibrator pushing into you extra hard it felt different.  He wrapped his arms around your waist and you put your arm around his neck.  Lucas who had been leaning against the door frame took the opportunity to sit where you had just been sitting.  So you were now sitting on Hendery with Lucas to your left and Xiaojun to your right.  Everybody seemed less chatty today and more fixated on you, and it was intimidating.  
Had Ten told them about your punishment, were they just waiting to watch you fight off an orgasm, no Ten wouldn’t do that to you, would he.  I mean he did currently have you sitting on Hendery’s lap with a vibrator inside you, so honestly, nothing would surprise you at this point.
Ten cleared his throat and started up a conversation with the others bringing the attention off you, but Hendery seemed to focus his attention solely on you.  You shifted slightly on Hendery, the vibrator pushing against your most sensitive spot, almost causing a moan to escape your lips.  Your arm around Hendery’s neck tightens and he licks his lips.  A slight flush covers your face.  The toy inside of you suddenly starts, and not a slow pace but a very fast one.  With the angle of the toy and the sudden start of the vibrations, a loud gasping moan leaves your lips and you shudder in Hendery’s arms.  You quickly compose yourself but it was too late for that, the toy inside you stopped.
The room is silent and all eyes are on you, hungry and lust-filled eyes.  Your face heated up, “Umm sorry Hendery just pinched my side and it caught me off guard.” Xiaojun arched his eyebrow at you then looked up at Hendery to confirm his suspicions.  You looked at Hendery with pleading eyes, Hendery laughed “Sorry she kept fidgeting so I pinched her.” The others didn’t look like they believed it but didn’t protest and start back up with their conversation.
Hendery pulled you against his chest, his mouth right next to your ear.  “Princess, does Ten have you all filled up with a vibrator?  Is he controlling it?  You know I felt the vibration on my leg, he really turned that on high.” You froze, he knew about the vibrator now.
You sighed, “Yes, he does.  Let me move so it’s not so awkward.” Moving to get up he held you close, “Now I didn’t say I minded Princess.” One of his hands slipped down to your hip massaging lightly, his hands making your core clench around the toy. 
Hendery’s eyes moved from yours to look up at Ten, whose eyes were intensely focused on the two of you, a smirk forming on both their faces.
Ten smiled at you, licked his lips then pressed the button on the controller, a slow vibration running through your core.  Your toes curled but you made no noise.
Hendery tightened his grip on your hips, and your gaze moved from Tens to Hendery’s.  
Hendery placed his hand on your inner thigh way too high up, causing your skirt to slightly ride up, almost exposing your black lacy panties.
Ten turned the vibration up, and your legs trembled in Hendery’s grip.
You were having to fight not to orgasm, you didn’t want to embarrass yourself in front of the other members.  
Looking up you see Xiaojun’s eyes fixed onto yours, and the look in his eyes alone could send you over the edge.  
You couldn’t hold it off anymore, you gasped out “PAINT.” Expecting the vibrations to stop they suddenly increased, making you moan loudly.  A hand gripped your hair and tilted your head back roughly, Lucas looked into your eyes “Cum for us baby.”
A wave of pleasure washed over you, a high-pitched whiny moan leaving your lips, your whole body shaking as Hendery held you against him. 
After coming down from your high, the vibrations stopped, and you looked around embarrassed about to apologize but Hendery quickly kissed you.  The hand that had been on your thigh moving up to your cheek as he kissed you like you were the air he needed to breathe. 
He moved you to straddle him, his lips never leaving yours. 
You pulled away gasping for air and confused as to what was happening.
You felt hands on your shoulders so you looked up to see your boyfriend Ten.  A smirk covering his face "So perfect my baby girl.  Now, why don't you be a good girl for Hendery now."
You looked at him confused and he kissed you "Everybody wants a turn with you and I am giving them this opportunity once as long as you agree."
Your eyes widened “Ah, all of you? Really?” A chorus of “Yes” could be heard throughout the room.  Hendery squeezed your hips, “So what do you think princess?  Think you can handle all of us?” Your face heated up as you looked around the room, all of their eyes were hungry and needy. 
Biting your lip you nodded, “Yes I can try.” Ten kissed the top of your head, “If you need to stop or take a break just let me know, and I will stop it.” You looked up at Ten and the two of you kissed for a moment, he backed away and let the others have their fun.  Within a moment you felt two more hands on your body,  Xiaojun was gripping your left breast and Lucas your right, and Hendery’s hand slipped around from your hips to your ass.
Lucas pulled your red crop top over your head, and a chorus of groans could be heard at the sight of your black lace bra.  You felt vulnerable and overwhelmed. 
Hendery pushed the others back for a moment, they protested but he shushed them, then gripped your chin and made you look him in the eye, “Eyes on me princess.” He leaned forward and kissed your cheek, “Pretend like it’s just me, and only me.” You nodded and focused your attention on him, and he rolled you down against his hardened cock, making you moan and roll your head back.  He kissed your jawline then neck, alternating between sucking and kissing.  Leaving your neck and shoulder littered with his marks.
Hendery kept rolling you down against him as he did this, your hands gripped his shoulders.
He stopped and bunched your skirt up at your waist and slid his hand down over the front of your panties.  Your panties soaking, when he felt that he groaned, “So wet for me princess.” Lucas groaned, “You are taking too fucking long Hendery.”
Hendery raised his eyebrow at Lucas and frowned. 
Lucas unclipped your bra, exposing your breasts.  He took both of your breasts into his hand and massaged them, admiring the way they felt. 
He moved his hands down to your waist and gripped onto your skirt.  “I suggest you let her stand up and take this off or I will rip it off her.”
Hendery rolled his eyes “So impatient.  We are all about to take her, we need to make sure she is ready so she doesn’t get hurt.”
Lucas gripped the skirt ready to rip it when you stopped him and slowly stood up from Hendery’s lap, you let the skirt hit the floor, leaving you almost fully exposed to seven hungry eyes.
Lucas gripped your waist and pulled you towards him, he ran his hand over the front of your panties “You really are wet baby.” He lightly kissed against the outside of your panties, your right hand gripping his hair.  He pushed the material to the side and licked from your core to your clit.  He pulled the vibrator out of you and groaned when he saw how wet it was.
A soft moan left your lips and your grip tightened on his hair. 
Lucas smirked, “You taste so good, baby.” You looked to your left and noticed Hendery and Xiaojun had moved around.  Hendery was laying down on the sofa and Xiaojun was standing at the end of the sofa.  Lucas pulled your panties the rest of the way down then pulled you down to quickly kiss him.  You pulled away from the kiss and looked to see Hendery beckoning you over.  Lucas slapped your ass causing you to jump, several people in the room chuckled. 
You looked to see YangYang with his hand down his pants, and WinWin had fully removed his dick from his pants stroking himself as he intently watched you.
Kun and Ten were watching you closely, both with obvious bulges in their pants but they didn't touch themselves.  
You walked next to Hendery and he licked his lips as his eyes looked down to your core.  
“I have the best seat in the house, princess.  Why don’t you come sit on it.” You blushed, but he pulled you down and had you straddle his chest.
His right hand dipped down to your core, his middle finger sliding into you with ease.  You moaned and braced yourself against him.  He pulled his fingers out and up to his mouth licking them “You taste amazing princess.  Why don’t you move up here and let me taste you more.” You moved forward hovering over his face, your knees beside his head.  He wrapped his arms underneath your thighs and around to the top, before pulling you down against his face leaving just enough room to breathe.  He kissed your clit, then sucked it into his mouth you shuddered and braced onto the edge of the sofa.  Xiaojun stood in front of you palming himself in his jeans.  You reached up and unbuttoned his jeans, and slowly removed his dick from his pants. 
Taking it in your hand you stroked his length a few times and licked up the bead of precum that escaped. 
A moan escaped your lips when Hendery moved his tongue a certain way, Xiaojun took the opportunity and gripped your hair in his hand and pushed his cock into your mouth.  You made eye contact with him as you ran your tongue along the underside of his shaft making him moan.  
You ran your tongue along the vein that ran across the bottom of his shaft.  He gritted his teeth and gripped your jaw holding your mouth open, “Quit teasing and suck it already.” He thrust into your mouth, hitting the back of your throat causing you to choke.  One of your hands gripped Xiaojun’s thigh and the other gripped onto Hendery’s hair.  Xiaojun had taken control of the situation and was fucking your mouth.  
Lucas cleared his throat beside you, his very large cock free, moving your hand from Xiaojun’s thigh, you wrapped your hand around Lucas’ cock.  You slowly stroked up and down his length.  It was hard to focus on him with Xiaojun abusing your mouth and Hendery abusing your clit.
Xiaojun pulled away making you gasp for air, saliva running from your mouth.  He held your mouth open as he stroked his dick.  “Tongue out”
You stuck your tongue out, as he groaned and came in your mouth focusing on making it land on your tongue.  It dripped from your tongue onto the edge of the couch.  He smirked, “Swallow it.” You pulled your tongue back in and he released his grip on your mouth.  You swallowed then opened your mouth to show it was all gone.  
“Such a good girl.”
You smiled softly, Xiaojun wiped some cum from your chin and held it to your mouth, you sucked his finger into your mouth cleaning it. 
Somebody in the room said, “Fuck that was hot”.
A moan suddenly escaped your lips, Hendery had found a certain spot that made your thighs shake against him, and he abused that spot when he felt your thighs tighten around his head. 
Your toes curled, your thighs tightly clamped around Hendery’s head as you came harder than you ever had before, your whole body shaking.
Xiaojun cursed in front of you, Lucas cursed beside you, and your face heated up.  What had you done that made them react like that.  Hendery pushed you back to rest on his lap, nearly his entire face wet with your release. 
Hendery licked his lips, “Did you know you could squirt?” Ten gasped, “Did she actually squirt?”
Hendery chuckled “Well how do you explain my face being soaked.” You covered your face embarrassed.  Your hands were ripped from your face and Ten stood beside you both anger and amazement in his eyes, “You can squirt?" Nibbling your lip you nodded, Ten huffed “ You never have squirted for me.” You felt guilty but it wasn’t your fault, “I’m sorry.  It just only happens sometimes.” Hendery chuckled beneath you “I guess I can please your girlfriend better than you can, should probably just let her date me.” “Shut the fuck up Guanheng.” Ten growled.  “I will find what makes you squirt baby girl.” Ten leaned down and kissed you, then looked at Hendery amused as Hendery wiped his face with a towel that Kun had brought him.
Hendery smiled at you, then patted your leg, “Let me up so I can finally feel that tight little pussy of yours.” “Why do you think you get to have sex with her first?” Lucas protested.
Hendery smirked “Because I made her squirt I deserve it.  You can have your turn after.”
You stood up beside the couch and Hendery stood up beside you sliding his shirt over his head, then slid his pants and boxers to the floor.  You noticed that nobody else but you two were naked, they were either still fully clothed or just had their dicks free.
You giggled “It’s so embarrassing that all of you are still clothed except Hendery and me.” Lucas laughed and removed his shirt, exposing his toned abs.  Lucas held your face in his large hands then leaned down and kissed you.  Hendery stood behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist and kissed your neck.  Lucas massaged your breasts and Hendery grabbed your right leg, putting it up on the sofa.  You felt the tip of Hendery’s cock brush against your core.  He lined himself up and slowly pushed up into you making you moan into Lucas’ mouth.  Your eyes clamped shut and you reached behind to grab at Hendery’s hair.  Lucas pulled back and chuckled, “You didn’t waste any time did you Hendery.”
Hendery moaned at your tightness, “So fucking tight.” Lucas pinched your right nipple and smirked when you moaned. “Hendery at least do her doggy style so she can suck me.” Lucas tilted your head up to look at him, and you opened your eyes.  He ran his thumb across your bottom lip, “I’d love these pretty little lips wrapped around my big cock.  She’ll probably choke on it.  Would you like that baby, want to choke on my big cock?” You nodded, then he gripped your throat in his large hands.  
“Use your words baby.”
“Yes, daddy.  Please let me choke on your big cock.”
Lucas smirked, “Ten how does it feel knowing your precious baby girl is calling another man ‘daddy’ and wanting his cock so much?”
Ten laughed but it sounded more like a moan, “Y’all really are assholes.  I’m letting you fuck my girlfriend and you are gonna tease me about every little thing.”
Lucas gripped your throat tighter and chuckled “You are the one who said little not me.  Also because we know you can’t love her or fuck her as well as us.  I can tell she likes it rough, likes being told what to do, likes being controlled by a man who is so much bigger than her.  Don’t you baby?” “Yes, daddy.”
Lucas released the grip on your throat. Hendery scoffed, “So rough with her.  She is a princess and should be treated like it.”  Hendery pulled out of you and groaned, you whined at the loss of him.
You hated that they were fighting over you but you would deal with that later.
Hendery tapped your thigh, “Get on your hands and knees on the couch, leave enough room for Lucas to sit down.” You got on the couch, your knees and hands sinking into the cushions.  Hendery climbed behind you and ran his hands from your ass up to your back, you arched wanting to give him the best angle.
“So perfect my princess.”
You looked back to see Hendery positioning himself to slide into you.
“No condom?” Hendery raised his right eyebrow and smiled, “We are all clean, and Ten said that there was a certain something you and him would both enjoy if we decide to say it.  Ten told us a lot about what you would enjoy, and what he would enjoy.” Your face heated up, you knew exactly what he was talking about now.
Hendery slid into you again and groaned, gripping your hips tightly.  You moaned and held onto the couch.  Hendery slid all the way in then halted to let Lucas get in place. Lucas sat down in front of you, his pants now fully removed.
He gathered your hair up with his right hand, holding it back for you, then with his left hand tapped the head of his cock against your lips, smearing his precum on them.
“Tongue out.” You opened your mouth and held your tongue out for him.  
He slapped the head of his cock against your tongue then thrust up into your mouth making you choke.
A deep chuckle left his lips, “I told you that you would choke on my big cock with how small you are.”
He gripped your hair tightly then nodded to Hendery.  Hendery pulled out to the tip then thrust back in rough and hard, making you lurch forward taking Lucas’ cock further into your mouth. 
Tears welled in your eyes as Lucas held your hair, holding your mouth on his cock, letting Hendery’s pace guide your movements.  He watched you intently, his gaze overwhelming to you, so you closed your eyes. 
He tightened the grip on your hair. “Eyes on me baby.”
You opened your tear-filled eyes and stared at him.  His eyes were dark, and you could tell he was really enjoying himself, this urged you on.
You started moving your head along with Hendery’s thrusts, trying to focus on the head of Lucas’s dick.  He pushed your head down “Baby, I prefer if you try to take it deep, I wanna hear you choke on me.”
You took him deeper into your mouth letting Hendery’s steady pace control your movements, Lucas basically fucking your throat.  Saliva dripped from your mouth pooling onto Lucas’ pelvis, getting caught in the small amount of pubic hair he had.
Hendery tightened his grip on your hips and changed his position, thrusting deeper and faster into you, causing a strangled moan to leave your lips. 
His right hand moved from your hip around to your clit, his fingers lightly rubbing against the sensitive nerves.  His fingers delicately playing against your clit, his movement perfectly hitting the most sensitive part making your knees shake.  Hendery pushed down on your back with his left hand making you arch your back again, then he grabbed onto your waist and leaned over you.  He thrust into your roughly which contrasted with the soft touches on your clit and the delicate kisses he placed along your back.  You felt euphoric with all the contrasting touches, Hendery both gentle and rough, while Lucas was abusing your mouth.
Lucas started thrusting up into your mouth, he had a look of determination on his face, his hair sticking to his forehead from sweating due to the pleasure.  “I’m about to cum baby.”
His grip on your hair tightened, a burning feeling running over your scalp.  A deep guttural moan left his lips, his thighs shook, his whole body tensed, and his face contorted into one of pure pleasure as he came into your mouth. 
Hendery had slowed his thrusts to let Lucas ride out his high, then he halted completely. 
Lucas stroked himself a few times making sure all the cum was out, then pulled your hair up forcing you off his dick and making you sit up as much as you could, practically sitting on Hendery’s lap, who had sat back. “Let me see that cum in your mouth.” You opened your mouth, a few drops of cum spilling from the sides. 
He let it drip down your chin, neck, and down to your breasts.
Lucas held your jaw and leaned over you, he stopped for a moment as if deciding what to do, but then he spit down into your mouth, then smirked. 
He moved his hand from your jaw, “Swallow.” You swallowed his cum and spit.  Lucas leaned down and licked the cum from your breast, cleaning all the way up to your lips where he kissed you, his tongue running against yours.
He backed away and smirked as you looked at him with want and need, “I’ll fill that pussy with my cum later.”
He leaned back on the couch to watch you.
You felt Hendery’s dick twitch inside you and he groaned.  “That was fucking hot.”
You had forgotten Hendery was even there, forgot he was inside you, having him there just felt so natural. 
Hendery wrapped his arms around your waist and kissed your shoulder. 
“How about we change positions, you lay down princess.” You slowly got off of him but whimpered when he no longer was inside you.  You laid down, your head in between Lucas’s thighs, closer to his knees.
Hendery hovered over you admiring you before he slowly slid into you.  Once all the way in you placed your left leg around his waist and your right on his shoulder, he held on to your right leg as he rolled his hips into you. 
He held his lip between his teeth, his sweat-covered hair sticking to his forehead, and covering his eyes, he was watching himself slide in and out of your core. 
You gripped his arm and looked at him with pleading eyes, “Please kiss me.” He smiled and leaned over you, connecting his lips with yours.  His thrusts slow and passionate.  You moved the hair from his forehead and looked into his eyes.  Hendery buried his face against your upper chest and shoulder, his lips kissing the skin there.  He would bite and nip then suck the skin into his mouth leaving marks all along your neck and shoulder.  Hendery turned his head to your ear and let out a breathy moan, then kissed the edge of your ear, he whispered “I marked you as mine.  You know that you are mine, right princess?”
You nodded, “I know I am, my prince.”
Hendery propped himself up, his right hand next to your head, and his left hand on your waist.  He started thrusting faster, wanting to make you cum again.  A moan left your lips as he hit a certain sensitive spot. 
“Ahh, Hendery.”  Your back arched up off the sofa and you reached out to hold onto something coming into contact with Lucas’ thigh.  Your nails dug into the soft flesh of Lucas’s thigh, he winced.  “Shit baby don’t hurt me.” Hendery moved his hand from your waist down to your clit, pushing you closer to the edge, you felt bad for gripping Lucas’s thigh so tight but you were so overwhelmed with pleasure you couldn’t stop yourself.
Your grip on Lucas’s thighs tightened, and he jerked his thigh away then grabbed your left hand, holding it so you could squeeze it.  Soft whimpers and moans left your lips every couple of seconds. Seeing you so close to your breaking point urged Hendery on, his pace quickened as he fought off his own release. 
Hendery gave up on holding himself up, he leaned forward onto his elbow and kissed you, his left hand in between your bodies still rubbing your swollen clit. Your right hand went around his back, your nails digging into him leaving large red scratch marks.  Lucas still held your left hand.  Hendery leaned back down by your ear, “Gonna fill you up with my cum, do you want that princess?  Want me to cum in the pretty pussy of yours?  What if I get you pregnant, make you all mine.” Hendery’s words pushed you over the edge, your eyes rolled into the back of your head, your mouth fell open, your legs wrapped tight around Hendery’s waist.  You loudly moaned “Hendery” as you came, your walls pulsating around Hendery.
Hendery moaned lowly, burying his face in your neck,  and groaning “Fuck” as he came.  He filled you with his cum, his thrusts sloppy as he rode out his high.
As soon as you both came down from your highs, Hendery moved his hand from your clit, and kissed you softly.  He pulled out and groaned, and you whimpered.  Hendery smiled and rubbed your leg, Lucas rubbed your hand.
You leaned up and finally looked back at Lucas, he was staring at you with so much admiration, love, and dominance. 
He laughed “I should have moved.  You already made my dick hard again.  But I’ll let the others get their turn.” Lucas let go of your hand and moved from the couch with Hendery.
YangYang and WinWin stood up and walked over to you, and Hendery and Lucas took their spots.
WinWin smirked down at you laying on the couch staring at them with big eyes, he stroked his dick and bit his lip.  YangYang and WinWin both were not as girthy or long as Hendery and Lucas, they definitely were more average in size.
WinWin helped you sit up.  “We have an idea sweetheart.  How do you feel about having both of us in your pussy?  Think you can handle that?” Your eyes widened “Both of you?”
YangYang nodded, “I have always wanted to try it.  So what do you think?” WinWin sat down to your right, placed his left hand on your inner thigh, and then kissed across your shoulder.
YangYang sat down to your left side, his left hand cupping your breast.  He pinched your nipple making you shudder.
You bit your lip, “Yes.” WinWin raised his eyebrow, “Are you positive?” “Yes, let’s try it.” The two boys gave each other a look and backed away from you quickly stripping down to nothing.  You giggled, “Wow you two are eager.” YangYang smiled “Of course we fucking are.” You smiled back at him, enjoying the way YangYang could always make you smile, even in serious situations like this.
The two sat back down where they had just been, YangYang immediately moved to your breast while WinWin grabbed your chin and turned your head so he could kiss you.
His lips moved against yours, his tongue sliding along your bottom lip, you opened your mouth letting his tongue into your mouth.  He ran his tongue along yours, then pulled back letting your tongue into his mouth, he sucked on it slightly.
WinWin pulled away and rested his forehead against yours.
He stared into your eyes then kissed you one last time. 
“YangYang let me slide in first then you can slide in after.” YangYang pulled back from where he was sucking on your breast right above your nipple making a prominent hickey form there.
YangYang nods “Okay, sounds like a plan.” You bite your lip “So how are we going to do this? WinWin leaned back on the arm of the couch, his legs spread, and beckoned you over “Come sit in my lap sweetheart.”
You moved up into his lap and sat down, his dick pressed against his stomach.  He looked up and down your body, and held onto your waist. 
“I can’t wait to be in that pretty pussy of yours.” He gripped his dick in his right hand and guided himself into you.  Your forehead falling onto his, a moan left your lips, and a deep groan left his lips.
He held you still as he thrust up into you slowly.
YangYang kissed your right shoulder from the back, and you felt fingers down by your core.  YangYang slid two fingers in next to WinWin’s dick inside you, and scissored them, trying to prepare you. 
You winced but could handle the stretch.  WinWin stayed still inside you as YangYang fingered you.  You looked to see somebody standing right next to you, Ten was standing there holding a bottle of lube. “If you are going to do this, be sure to use lube YangYang, I don’t want her to get hurt.”
YangYang took the lube and thanked Ten.  You looked up at Ten, and he kissed you.  “If you need them to stop, just say the safe word and they will stop or I will make them stop, okay?”
You nodded, “Of course, I know daddy.” He smiled, “You are just too fucking perfect baby girl.” He walked back over and sat down next to Kun.
YangYang worked another finger into you stretching you out enough to be able to fit him inside.  He pulled his fingers out and you heard the lube opening behind you, then you felt the head of his dick at your entrance.
WinWin held your waist, “Relax sweetheart.” YangYang kissed along your shoulder as he positioned himself behind you and slowly pushed the head of his dick inside you.  The stretch making you dig your nails into WinWin’s arms.  You whimpered, and WinWin massaged your waist, “You really need to relax sweetheart.  Focus on me.” You stared into WinWin’s eyes and took a deep breath, letting yourself relax.  YangYang took the opportunity and slid all the way into you.
You felt so full with both of them inside you.  You held onto WinWin’s shoulders and they both stayed still.
YangYang buried his face into your neck, “I think you are gonna have to move for us, angel.  It’s a tight fit.”
You pushed yourself up a bit then slid back down on them, all three of you moaned.  It was very overwhelming, and you could only move so much otherwise you risked them sliding out.  You set a steady pace moving up and down on the two of them.  YangYang kissed and sucked all along your shoulder, the sensations sending shivers down your spine.
YangYang groaned “I am not gonna last long at all angel.” WinWin threw his head back “Me either.  God, you are so fucking, sexy sweetheart.  Taking the two of us so well.” YangYang started thrusting up lightly, chasing his orgasm.  WinWin leaned up sandwiching you tightly between their bodies.  Sweat rolled down your neck and WinWin licked up the bead of sweat.
They both thrust up into you at the same slow but deep pace, both desperate for their release.  YangYang leaned his head against your back, his heavy and hot breath fanned out across your bare skin.  You were so close to your release and your legs shook as you tried to move with them.
YangYang's breathing got more ragged and his hands gripped your waist, “I-I I’m gonna cum angel.  Gonna fill you up.” He bit down on your shoulder and grunted as the hands-on your hips shook and he came inside you.  You whimpered, now feeling extra full. 
WinWin chuckled, "That was kind of gross feeling you cum YangYang."
You giggled and YangYang just laughed against your back. 
His breathing was warm and slow, as he tried to catch his breath. 
YangYang slowly pulled out and laid down behind you.  His cum along with Hendery's dripping down from your core.
WinWin looked down to see his dick coated in cum and groaned.  "That's fucking hot, look at you leaking cum.  I can't wait to fill you up too.  You are gonna be so full when we are all done."
He moved his hands to your waist and thrust up into you, a wet sound came from your core.  You bounced on him and he groaned.  He started thrusting up into you faster, and you still slowly moved up and down on him, which greatly contrasted WinWin's fast movements.
You moaned loudly and whimpered, you buried your face into his neck and wrapped your arms around him.  The pleasure was too overwhelming, so you gave up on trying to move.  Just letting him fuck up into you.  Your teeth grazed his collarbone, making him suck in a deep breath.  You kissed the skin softly and bit down, likely leaving a mark against his beautiful skin.  He wrapped one hand in your hair and the other still dug into your hips.  "Gonna cum for me sweetheart?"
You nodded and panted out, "I'm so close Sicheng."
He grunted close to your ear, "I know, I can feel you tightening.  You feel so good around me, so good.  You deserve to cum, sweetheart you can do it.  Cum for me."
You whimpered loudly and dug your nails into his back.  
You moaned out "Ahh Sicheng." As you came around him.  He grunted at the tightness, and you calling him by his real name again.  His breathing shook and his hand that was against your hip tightened.  You felt his legs shaking underneath you, and his arms holding you shook as he was about to cum.  He thrust up hard and came, you pressed all the way against him, so you could feel him cumming deep within you, painting your walls.  A loud almost whiny moan escaped his lips as he came.  He continued to move his hips helping you both through your orgasms.  You fell against his chest, both of your breaths ragged.  He wrapped his arms around you and kissed your forehead.
He was being so caring and gentle.  You stayed leaned against him as you tried to gain back control of your breathing and surroundings.  You heard movement next to you but were still out of it, the orgasm having been so overwhelming you felt light-headed.
WinWin patted your butt and whispered in your ear, “My time is up baby, you have to let me up.” You whimpered and curled down further against him.  
He chuckled lightly, “I would love to just lay here and hold you but I have to move now baby, I’m sorry.”
You looked up at him and pouted, tears in your eyes, you had slipped into a fully submissive headspace.  WinWin softly kissed you then helped lift you up off of him and sat you down on the couch.  You whined as he pulled out, and he sighed.  “I know baby, I’m sorry.”
He looked over at somebody, “Ten I think she slipped into a different headspace.”
When he had pulled out the release of all three men spilled from you down your thighs.  You shuddered at the feeling.  
Ten grabbed your chin and had you look up at him, he noticed the tears in your eyes.  “You doing okay baby?”
You nodded, “I just don't like being empty.” Ten chuckled, “You really did slip into a submissive headspace, how cute.  Don’t worry baby you will be filled again soon.”
He ran his middle and pointer fingers between your legs collecting the release of all three men, then slid his thumb across your lower lip and you opened your mouth.  He smirked as he laid his pointer and middle fingers in your mouth.  You closed your mouth around them and sucked, closing your eyes.  Loving the taste of the mixture of your release and their release, the salty mixture overwhelming your taste buds.  He pushed down against your tongue, and you whimpered around his fingers.  You were so focused on his fingers that you didn’t notice somebody sit down behind you until cold hands touched your waist.  You flinched at the contact and he chuckled lowly, “Sorry doll, did I startle you?” You recognized the voice as Kun’s and nodded, then mumbled out around Ten’s fingers, “Cold.”
Kun kissed your shoulder, “Want to help me warm up?”
“Yes, please.”
Ten held your tongue in between his fingers making a small amount of saliva spill from around his fingers, “Aw look at you drooling, so messy baby.”
You opened your mouth wide and looked at him, his fingers still holding your tongue.  He groaned lowly, “Holy fuck.  Look at you.”
More saliva spilled from your open mouth.
Ten pulled his fingers from your mouth and you whimpered.  He gripped your chin and leaned in kissing you then he pulled away to stand up and undress.  Kun continued to kiss along your shoulder. He let his right hand slide between you, pressing his finger against your clit making you whimper. He leaned up to your ear and kissed softly before whispering, “Maybe Ten will let me join you again so I can taste that pretty pussy of yours.”
“Why not taste it now?” He chuckled, “Because I don’t want to taste their cum.” You smiled and giggled, Ten raised his eyebrow and sat back down in front of you “What are you two whispering about?” Kun rested his chin on your shoulder, “Oh nothing.  Just telling her how much I want to fill her up.” “Uh-huh, if you say so.”
Ten leaned against the armrest of the couch and looked you up and down, he stroked himself as he looked at you,  “God, you are so perfect.  Dripping with cum, drooling, and looking so fucked out.  So beautiful.  My perfect, beautiful girl.” Your face heated up and he smiled at you, he always knew what to say to get you flustered.  Kun kissed your neck and moved his arms from around your waist.  The couch shifted behind you as he got up.  You looked behind you to watch Kun undress, his muscles flexing as he moved.  He pulled his shirt over his head then smirked at you, “Like what you see?” You bit your lip and nodded causing him to chuckle, “So cute.” You smiled at him, then your eyes widened as he pushed his pants and boxers down.  You had noticed his bulge was quite large but you weren't expecting that.  It was not super long but it had a lot of girth. 
He raised his eyebrow and stroked himself a few times as he watched you.
“Looks like it's gonna stretch me out good.”
He chuckled “You just had two dicks in you, I don’t think I’m gonna stretch you much more than that.” He sat back down behind you, his hands rubbing from your lower back up to your shoulders. 
“Ten, how do you think we should do this?” Ten stroked your cheek, “I think her legs are probably tired, so how about she lays down on her stomach.  Sound good baby?” “I- I want to watch Kun.”
“Yeah, I want to watch her.” “How about we start on your stomach and then move onto your back.” You nodded and moved to lay down, your legs spreading around Kun’s body behind you and your head resting on Ten’s thigh.
He stroked your hair and moved it out of your face, then held it to keep your hair out of the way.  Kun ran his hands from behind your knee up to your ass, then he landed a firm slap onto your right cheek making you flinch. 
He kneaded the spot he slapped then you felt a soft kiss against where he had hit.  He moved up closer to you, and you felt his dick rub across your ass.  A shiver ran up your spine as he spread your ass cheeks apart and the head of his dick ran up against you.  Ten stroked himself slowly and still held onto your hair, you knew he wanted you to suck him but he wasn’t rushing it.  Kun pushed against you not quite sliding in, making you push back against him.  He chuckled, “Patience doll.”
You stared at Ten’s face, his eyes were fixed on what Kun was doing.  You felt Kun spit down against your core and you flinched, “Oh fuck, it was already wet enough but I wanted to do that.”
Kun used his hands to spread you again, he rubbed the head of his dick across your clit, then slapped the head against your clit making you flinch.  He pulled back and suddenly slid the head of his dick in, making you dig your nails into Ten’s thighs.  Kun slowly rocked back and forth only using the head of his cock.  “Please, all the way in Kun.”
Kun gripped your hips and readjusted himself so he was leaning more forward.  You watched Ten raise an eyebrow at Kun, then Ten leaned forward just a bit, making sure to not push your head from his thigh.  You felt Kun move a hand from your hip.  
You pushed back against Kun wanting to feel him all the way in.  The hand that had moved from your hip was brought down on your ass cheek, “I told you to be patient doll, don’t test my patience, or I won’t let you cum.”
Kun moved his hand away again, and you saw it on Ten’s cheek.  You moved just a bit to get a better look but laying on your stomach you could only see so much.  Kun suddenly thrust all the way into you then leaned forward and connected his lips with Ten’s.  One of your hands gripped onto Ten the other onto the couch.
Ten whimpered and melted into Kun’s touch, which just urged Kun on.  He pulled out of you, almost to the tip then thrust back in forcefully making a whiny moan leave your lips.  You listened to the noises they made as the two kissed passionately.  Kun’s hand moved to grip Ten’s hair, he pulled it roughly pulling Ten’s head back.  Kun started thrusting into you at a steady pace as he kissed down Ten’s neck.
Ten whined, “Holy fuck Kun.”
Kun chuckled lowly then licked from Ten’s collar bone up to his jawline.  Kun made eye contact with you and winked.  
Both of his hands moved to your hips as he changed his pace.  He started to thrust in deep and slow then rotate his hips around before pulling almost all the way out.  This made you bury your head in Ten’s thigh, your eyes closed tightly.  He repeated this several times then groaned, “Your pussy feels so damn good.”
Ten gripped your chin and turned your face to look up at him, “Suck.”
He was stroking himself, beads of precum leaking from the tip, the head very red from lack of attention.  You pushed your upper body up and Ten gripped onto your hair.  You looked at him with big eyes and stuck your tongue out, “Please fuck my mouth daddy.”
Ten groaned, “So hot for me baby.”
Kun gripped your hips tighter and moaned, “Such a dirty girl for us aren’t you doll?”
You nodded the best you could, and Ten slapped the head of his dick against your tongue.  He then rubbed his precum over your tongue making you taste him. 
You took the head into your mouth, sucking it as hard as you could.  Ten’s thighs shook, “Oh-oh fuck.”
You pulled away with a smirk and he rolled his eyes, he knew you liked teasing him.  You wrapped your lips back around him, and let him take control as he slowly thrust up into your mouth.  He was being careful not to be rough.  Kun kissed against your shoulder blade and you shivered, his hands wrapped around your stomach as he continued to kiss along your back.  His thrusts slowed back down as he focused on kissing your back, and leaving small love marks along your shoulder blades. 
“What if I gave your angel wings in love marks since you are our little angel.” You tightened around him at the idea, and at the possessive name.  He chuckled against your shoulder, “I think you liked that doll.” You couldn’t nod or say anything as Ten was still rolling his hips up into your mouth.  Drool dripped out around his dick, down your face, and down onto him.
Ten chuckled, “You really are messy baby.”
Kun’s hands dug into your waist as he started thrusting into you faster, your body moving with each rough thrust up into you.  You reached behind you and gripped his arm, digging your nails into it.  He hissed at the pain, “Ow damn doll.”  He didn’t push you away he let you hold onto him.  Your other hand dug into Ten’s thigh, as your breathing got more rapid.  
“Aww baby, gonna cum already?”
You couldn’t respond as your body shook and you moaned out around Ten’s dick.  Kun slowed his thrusts, and groaned “Fuck, I don’t want to cum yet.”  He pulled out for a moment and then slid back in, landing a slap on your ass.  “ Now who said you could cum already doll.”
Ten pulled away so you could speak, “I’m sorry Kun.  It’s just so overwhelming.” 
He slowly rolled in and out of you as he listened.  He leaned down and kissed your shoulder blade, “Since you have been so good tonight I won’t do anything to punish you, maybe another time.”  You turned to smile at him, and he smiled back then suddenly thrust in deep making a loud moan leave your lips.  He chuckled, “How cute”.  
Ten was stroking himself as he watched you.  He slid his dick back into your mouth, rolling his hips at a quicker pace trying to finish.  Kun started thrusting faster and you felt his sweat drip down onto your lower back.  You wanted to see his face, you were sure his jaw was locked and his dimples were showing, as sweat dripped down his body.  You whimpered around Ten’s dick and he pulled away, “What’s wrong baby?”
“I want to see Kun.”
Ten rolled his eyes, “Can’t even let me finish here.”
You pouted up at him and he sighed.  
Kun chuckled from behind you, “Want to flip around and look at me, doll?”
You nodded, “Yes, please.”
Kun pulled out of you and sat back as Ten helped you move onto your back.  You got on your knees, and Kun landed a firm slap against your ass.  
“Ahhh Kun”
He chuckled, “Sorry, couldn’t resist.”
You finally flipped over so you were laying on your back, your head against Ten’s thigh.  You could finally fully admire Kun.  He was leaned back staring at you closely, his hair wet with sweat, a few drops dripping down his chest.  His thighs were flexed the way he was leaned back, and his cock stood tall, twitching when you looked at it, making a drop of precum drip out.  You looked back up at his eyes and they were dark as he stared at you then a smirk spread across his face.  
He moved forward hovering over you, “Hi.”  
You smiled, “Hi.”
One of his hands was on the back of the couch the other close to your head.
You wrapped your legs around his waist and he reached between the two of you, guiding himself into you.  Your back arched as he slid in, your head pushing into Ten’s leg.  Kun groaned and leaned down, kissing along your chest.  He started rolling in and out of you slowly as his lips attached to your right nipple.  He carefully sucked it between his lips then ran his teeth along it making you shudder, “Ahh Kun.”
Ten was slowly stroking himself as he watched you, quiet moans leaving his pretty lips.  You moved one hand to Kun’s hair and your other wrapped around Ten’s leg.  Your eyes drifted up to Ten’s face, watching him with love in your eyes.  He looked down at you smiled and silently mouthed “I love you.”  You did the same back and smiled.
Kun backed away from your chest and grabbed your chin turning your face towards him “Eyes only on me doll.”
He held onto your chin as he continued to thrust into you, forcing you to look at him.  You stared into his eyes and pushed his hair out of his face.  He bit his lip and his eyes rolled back as his pace quickened.  He leaned back and grabbed your legs, placing them on his shoulders.  He held your thighs close together.
The pleasure became overwhelming and the stretch started to hurt as he continued to thrust fast.  He turned his head and kissed the inside of your leg near your ankle as he continued to thrust into you slowly.
“Please move faster Kun.”
His grip around your thighs tightened as he started to thrust into you quickly finally chasing his high.  
Low groans leaving his lips with each thrust, and his eyebrows scrunched up.
“Right there, just like that Kun.”
You felt the pleasure building deep within you, your legs shaking in his hold as you started to see stars.  The pleasure becoming overwhelming as you finally were pushed over the edge, your mouth open, but moans unable to leave your lips. Your whole body tensed up and your body shook as you came.  
He moaned loudly “Oh fuck, doll.”
His thrusts became erratic as he was pushed over the edge.  You could feel each pulse of dick as he came.  His breathing was ragged and he looked spent when he finally made eye contact.  
He chuckled. “I came a lot.  I really wanted to fill you up good, doll.”
He carefully moved your legs down from his shoulders, they were still shaking.  He leaned down and kissed you one more time before laying his head on your chest for a moment.  The sweat on his hair feeling wet against your breast.  “God I don’t want to pull out, you feel too good.”
“You feel so good Kun.”  You kissed the top of his head.
Xiaojun groaned, “Move, I still need a turn.”
Kun chuckled and backed away, slowly pulling out of you.  He hissed as the cum started dripping out of you.  “So hot, full of me.”
He used his finger to collect it and push it back into you.
Your face heated up, and he smiled as he backed away from you and got off the couch, collecting his clothes from the floor.
Xiaojun quickly moved into the spot Kun had been.  Ten was slowly stroking himself.  Xiaojun seemed to be thinking, “I guess we can do doggy style so Ten can finish.”
He sighed after saying that, “I wanted you to ride me though.”
Ten groaned “I want to cum, dammit.”
You chuckled, “Fine doggy it is until Ten finishes, then if you still haven’t come then I will ride you, Xiaojun”
“Okay, fine.”
You whimpered as you tried to roll around onto your legs, your whole body sore.  Ten chuckled “Sore baby girl?”
You nodded, “I don’t think I can get up.”
Ten seemed to think for a moment, “I have an idea.”
He lifted your head from his leg and stood up from the couch, he walked behind the arm of it.
“Scoot back over here”
You pushed yourself up and over to the edge of the couch, your head resting on the arm.  
“Hang your head back more.”
You scooted up more and let your head hang over the side of the couch backward.
“Open for me.”
You opened your mouth and Ten easily slid himself into it.  The angle allowing him to easily slide down your throat if he wanted to you. 
Once Ten was situated Xiaojun quickly moved up close to you.  Ten backed away to let Xiaojun get situated.  
He chuckled “You basically are riding me in this position since you are sitting up a bit.”
You wrapped your legs around his waist and he held you up as he got underneath you more.  His thighs under your ass.  
You nodded and he pushed into you.  Moans leaving both of your lips.  He wrapped his hands around your hips and slowly pulled out and thrust back in.  You grabbed his arms and dug your nails into them.  Ten placed his hand on your chin and tilted your head back, “Stop forgetting about me, baby girl.”
“I’m sorry.”
He leaned down and kissed you as he still held onto your chin, then he hovered over you.  “Open for me.”
You opened your mouth and he slid into your mouth again, being careful to not push too far back.  He moved his hand down to your throat, not putting pressure but instead just resting it there.  He started to roll his hip so he was going deeper into your mouth, “I can feel myself in your throat.”
You sucked a deep breath in through your nose when Xiaojun licked across your nipple.  You couldn’t see him so it had come as a surprise.  He was still thrusting in at a slow but steady pace, you could tell he was trying not to cum yet, wanting to have you all to himself.  You started to move your head a bit trying to push Ten over the edge.  Ten suddenly put pressure against your throat “No, I have control here.”
You looked up at him with pleading eyes and he smirked.
Xiaojun started to thrust a bit faster, you could tell he was getting a bit desperate to cum.  His lips still working on your nipple, and one hand moved down your stomach to rub against your clit.  Your back arched as much as you could.  Xiaojun breathed out, “Go ahead and cum for me, baby.”
You wanted to tell him he needed to move faster but with Tens hips rolling into your mouth you couldn’t.
When your body wasn’t reacting the way he wanted he realized and started thrusting faster.  His fingers still working quick circles on your clit.
“Come on baby, cum for me.  Let go.”
You focused on the pleasure, letting it wash over you.  You choked out a moan around Ten’s dick.  Ten groaned at the feeling and Xiaojun bit your shoulder moaning out around it from the sensation of you cumming.
Ten started to whine and moan.  He started rolling his hips into your mouth faster.  He pulled out and stroked himself quickly, his other hand bracing onto the side of the couch, he groaned.  “Oh fuck”
He slid himself into your mouth again, cumming as he groaned and breathed heavily.  You swallowed his cum as he came then pulled away from him with a pop.  Opening your mouth to show him you swallowed.  
He stroked your cheek, “Such a good girl.”
He leaned down and kissed your forehead before walking away to leave you with Xiaojun.  Xiaojun slowed his thrusts and wrapped his arms around your waist pulling you more against him.  You leaned to get a kiss and he turned his head away. “Yeah no, you just swallowed his cum.” You rolled your eyes then wrapped your arms around his neck and he held your waist as he thrust in and out of you slowly.  He buried his face in your neck, his warm breath spreading across your neck, and soft moans left his lips. You ran your nails softly over his back, “Go ahead and cum Xiaojun. No need to fight it off anymore.”
His breath was shaky as he held you close, placing kisses along your neck.  You started to move your hips trying to help him, but he held you still, just rolling himself in and out of you then stopping to rotate his hips every couple of thrusts.  His nails dug into your waist as he whimpered then moaned loudly.  “Ahhh fuck.  So good baby.”
His hips thrusting up against you erratically as he came, his thighs shaking underneath you.  His arms tightened around your waist, holding you close, his whole body tensing.
He sighed and relaxed as soon as the high wore off.  Your sweaty bodies sticking together, he chuckled as he pulled away.
He kissed your forehead then pulled out and laid back on the couch, slightly out of breath.  “Damn.”
The stickiness between your thighs started to feel a bit gross.  Lucas tapped Xiaojun’s arm, “My turn.”
Lucas winked at you.
You looked up at him, “Damn, Lucas. I don’t know if I can.”
He pouted, “Ahhh what.  Really baby?”
Xiaojun chuckled as he got up and Lucas smacked his back.  “Don’t laugh, this sucks.”
Xiaojun raised his eyebrow then started to walk over to another chair, “Sad you don’t get to feel how amazing her pussy is?  Yeah, I am gonna laugh because the rest of us know what it feels like.”
The others in the room chuckled.  You had honestly forgotten you had an audience, you looked and the others had all left excluding Ten and Hendery.
You made eye contact with Hendery who smiled at you.
Lucas pouted again then turned towards you as if begging you.  You chuckled and opened your arms to him.  
He smiled and got on the couch, immediately moving to hover over you.  He touched his nose against yours “Hi”.
You smiled, “Damn what happened to the dominant Lucas from earlier.”
He raised his eyebrow, “I was gonna go easy since you have been filled up so much, but since you are such a dirty girl who likes being dominated I guess I won’t do that.”
He grabbed your legs pulling you down to lay on your back, making a gasp escape your lips.  The way his facial expressions had gone from cute to sexy in seconds was almost startling.  You reached out to him, and he grabbed your hands, pinning them above your head.  He kissed and sucked all along your neck, littering your neck with even more marks.  You probably had an alarming amount at this point.
He licked your nipple then blew cold air against it making you fidget.  He chuckled lowly, “Cute.  Still so responsive to touches.”  
He did that a few more times, making you fidget each time.
He grabbed under your thigh with his other hand and placed it on his hip, so you wrapped both legs around him.
“Good girl.”
He reached down and slowly guided himself into you.  You dug your nails into your own hand, biting your lip to hide a moan.
His thrusts were deep and slow.  He was hitting so deep within you, it was making your mind hazy.  You held your lip between your teeth, suddenly shy about moaning.  He leaned down and bite your lip pulling it from between your teeth.  “Don’t get shy about moaning now baby, let me hear those pretty moans.”
You immediately moaned at that and arched your body up against his.  
His thrusts got faster but he was still holding your hands so he could only move so fast at this angle.
He let go of your wrists, “Hands off and keep them up there.”
You nodded “Yes Daddy.”
He smirked at you that then leaned back so he was sitting fully up.  He grabbed your legs, unwrapping them from his waist.  Rubbing up your thigh he let his hands rest against the underside of your knee, bending your knees down.  He used you to support himself as he started thrusting faster and harder.  
His thrusts were almost painful he was hitting so deep within you.  You dug your nails into the couch above your head.  Your eyes rolled back as an orgasm suddenly ran over your body, your mouth open and your body arched as you shook under him.
You came down and started gasping, not having breathed during the orgasm
He chuckled lowly, “Already came for me baby, now who said you could do that?”
“I’m sorry it just suddenly happened.”
He removed a hand from under your leg and smacked down by your ass.  He slowed his thrusts, pushing in deep and rotating his hips.
He looked down at your stomach for a moment and groaned.  “Holy fuck look at that.”
You tried to look but couldn’t see what he was looking at.  
He pushed his hand against your lower stomach and slowed his thrusts even more.
“What is it?”
You started feeling self-conscious, thinking something was wrong.
“Give me your hand.”
You moved a hand from above your head and he stopped thrusting.  He placed your hand on your lower stomach, and placed his over the top then thrust forward.  You could feel him and you looked up at him, “Holy shit.”
He smirked, “That’s so fucking hot baby.  I fill you up so good I can see myself in you.”
Your face heated up and he continued to roll in slowly.  You moved your hand to let him watch himself move in and out.
You ran your hand up his arm and he raised an eyebrow,  “I said no touching.  Hand back up above your head.”
You rolled your eyes but did as he said. 
He looked back to watch himself sink in and out of your core, “Such a pretty pussy even when it’s been used.  Still so tight and warm just for me.”
“Ahh daddy, you gonna cum?”
He thrust in hard and groaned, rotating his hips as he did.
You gasped at the feeling, it was overwhelming.  “Think you can cum for me again baby?  Then I will fill you up with my cum, I know you want that.  You love being so full of cum don’t you?”
You whimpered and nodded.  He thrust in hard again, “Words baby.”
“Yes I do, Daddy.”
“Good girl.  Now let’s get you to cum one last time. Do you prefer it deep or fast?”
“A bit of both but not super deep, you are big, and it kind of hurts.”
He softened for a moment and rubbed your thigh, “I’m sorry baby.”
He switched back to his dominant side immediately though and started thrusting faster, not focusing on going super deep like he was before.  It felt amazing. 
“Ahhh just like that.”
He kept the pace exactly how you needed him to be, and your orgasm quickly grew.  You gasped out, a loud moan escaping your lips as your legs shook in Lucas’s hands. 
“G-gonna cum.”
“Cum for me baby.”
You gripped onto the couch tightly and you arched up against your own legs that Lucas still held.  
“Ahh fuck, you are clenching so tight.”
A deep moan left his lips.  As soon as your body relaxed and you looked into his eyes he started thrusting faster, wanting to finally cum.
Soft, quiet moans left his lips.  He dropped your legs and leaned forward, placing his hands on both sides of your body.  
He rolled his head back and bit his lip as he thrust in hard, finally cumming.  He rotated his hips, then thrust forward again, trying to prolong his orgasm as long as he could.
He softly laughed and his head lulled forward, “Holy fuck that felt good.”
You moved your hands from above your head and rubbed his arm.
“Felt amazing Lucas.”
He looked at you and leaned down to kiss you one more time.
After that he pulled out and backed away, sitting at your feet.  You still laid there, sore and exhausted.
Kun walked over to you a few moments later and crouched down to your level.
“Please drink this.”
He handed you a cold bottle of water and helped you prop yourself up to drink it.  You took a sip, your throat so raw it hurt to drink.  You winced and Kun was stroking your hair.  “Does it hurt?”
You laughed, “Yeah my throat is so raw it hurts.”
“I will make you some tea in a moment.”
WinWin walked back in and smiled at you, “The bath is ready.”
Kun reached to help you up, “Want to get cleaned up?”
You nodded, “Yes please.”
As you went to stand you winced, “Oww”
Lucas patted your leg, “I’ll carry you.  Maybe I can even take a bath with you.”
He winked and Ten groaned, “You are all getting too domestic with my girlfriend now.”
WinWin chuckled, “Well we are just making sure she is okay.  Plus we did just all cum inside her, what if she gets pregnant.”
The room went silent for a moment but Lucas stood up and reached down to pick you up.  Wrapping his arm underneath your legs and his other behind your back, you threw an arm over his shoulder.  He picked you up and carried you, still naked.
Hendery looked away, “Put some clothes on first, damn.”
“We all just fucked the same girl, I think you can handle seeing my cock for a few moments.”
Lucas carried you to the bathroom, Kun and Ten followed the two of you.  Lucas went to place you down in the tub but Kun stopped him. 
“Want me to clean up between your legs first?”
“Uhm yeah, you probably should.”
Lucas placed you down on the countertop and kissed your forehead.
“You can get her into the bathtub right?”
Kun laughed, “Yeah we will be fine.”
Kun ran a hand towel under the water then went to clean you up, being careful not the hurt you.
Then they helped you into the tub, but Ten stripped and got in with you.
Kun scratched the back of his head, “Well I guess I will go now, I will make some tea in a bit so you can drink it, and I will have some food ready for you.”
“Thank you, Kun.”  Ten smiled up at him.
You leaned back against Ten and sighed “Holy shit that was crazy.”
He laughed, “It really was, hot but crazy.”
You stopped to think for a moment about something that WinWin had said, “So Sicheng mentioned about ‘what if I got pregnant,’ I mean yeah I am on birth control but things could happen.”
Ten kissed your shoulder, “Welp we figure that out if it happens.”
One Month Later
You walked out of the bathroom and looked at Ten, his eyes wide as he waited to hear the results.  
“I’m pregnant.”
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stupid-sloot-headcanons · 3 months ago
"I will make you cum" yan! Mahito or Sukuna from jjk please
Mahito/F!Darling: "I will make you cum."
TW: noncon, overstimulation, edging, tentacles, breeding kink, implied somnophilia, slight body horror (he fucks around with/transforms his appendages a bit because that's how Mahito rolls)
There was still so much that fascinated Mahito when it came to humans. Their flesh and souls were so easy to mould and warp and shatter, but they seemed to have their own funny methods of manipulating their flesh; it was a strange ritual involving them writhing against each other, inserting themselves into each other, and the feelings of pleasure would ripple from their souls so powerfully. He'd learned that this act was called many things: sex, fucking, making someone cum ("come to where?" he mused). And now that he'd managed to catch a new human to toy with, he wanted to try a different kind of experiment--he wanted to cause that fluctuation in ____'s soul and make her writhe her soft, delicious flesh around him.
He'd learned quite a lot on that first night. ____ was a human with a hole between her legs, and it needed some stimulation in order to enter easily; whenever he'd curiously inserted some of his fingers as far as they could go, she'd screamed in a way he hadn't expected. Wasn't this supposed to feel good? Maybe she was one of those funny humans who liked pain? He'd felt her become more and more wet as he toyed with her insides, and even though she was still sobbing and begging him to stop he could feel her soul reflecting more and more pleasure intertwined with that pain from before.
He continued experimenting with her body, exploring every part of her he could while trying to see what would cause ____ to "cum" and let out that rush of emotions he'd observed in other humans when they'd fucked. Her breasts, her neck, her lips, her cunt, her ass...they all had all sorts of interesting reactions to stimuli, but he was still trying to figure out how to bring her to that peak he wanted to see. Even if she hadn't climaxed at all yet, her pussy was covered with slick thanks to his hours of toying with her; her nipples and clit were both swollen and stiff as well, and she was silently praying that he'd kill her just so this torture could end.
Mahito transformed one of his hands into a mass of tongues and cupped ____'s pussy; the slithering mass of appendages licked and sucked at her clit while the ones by her entrance wriggled inside to taste her juices. He smiled at how wonderfully ____'s body and soul reacted as she clenched around him and made such cute noises while bucking her hips. "So, this is what you like," he mused. He transformed his other hand and had the new group of tongues lap and swirl around one of her nipples. She sobbed and moaned so beautifully at that as well, and he wanted to keep following this new discovery. So, she liked things like this writhing and sucking on her...maybe he could improve on that to make her cum.
____ desperately shut her eyes and sobbed at the sight of so many disembodied tongues licking and drooling against her flesh. This was a nightmare. This was wrong. This was disgusting. And God forgive her, but it felt too good to ignore anymore. She knew that she was moving her hips involuntarily as his other "hand" invaded her, but she was too exhausted and so close to finally climaxing to stop herself.
Mahito took his experiment a step further and looked eagerly at ____'s face as he transformed the hand inside of her. The tongues quickly changed into a mass of something thicker and longer, with rubbery suckers that latched onto ____'s walls as the tentacles curled and explored her even further. The sudden increase in thickness and length made ____ grimace, but the suckers rubbing against her gummy insides were what caused her to cry even harder than before. "Oh god, oh God, please stop," she pleaded hysterically. The tentacles moved in and out of her faster and faster, following the rhythm of her hips as she shamefully rode her unwanted high.
Mahito smiled brightly and his eyes shone as he watched her cry and scream even louder at his new little transformation. He had taken a wild guess at something tongue-like that her body might like, and it turned out his instinct was right on point--from how she was acting, babbling and gushing even more of that sweet fluid while clenching around his arm, she was definitely getting closer to cumming!
Mahito bent his head down to kiss her and taste her mouth once again. Humans seemed to enjoy doing this as a form of affection and a way to taste one another, and he wanted to stimulate her mouth as well as her chest and her hole. A "pussy." A "cunt." What a funny little word. He very much loved playing with his pet's "cunt."
Her mouth was just as wet, warm and sweet as her pussy. Feeling her struggling to breathe through her nose and take his tongue as it swirled around felt so nice, and the pathetic little pleas and whines that were muffled by his mouth tasted delectable as well. Her soul was a mixture of anguish, fear, disgust and pleasure, and he could tell that she was about to burst any second now.
He formed an extra mouth on his forehead so that he could talk to her without having to break their kiss. It grinned down at her and smiled even wider when she immediately shut her eyes and screamed against his tongue. "You're doing so wonderfully," Mahito praised. "I'm finally going to see and feel a human come undone like this. I WILL make you cum."
____ frantically shook her head and tried to break the kiss, but Mahito continued to smother her. The squelching sound of the tentacles ravaging her cunt and the wet smacking of the tongues latched around her breasts were barely registering in her head as Mahito's voice left her ears ringing. "And this is just with my hands, too!" The mouth laughed. "Imagine how much I can get you to cum once I start to use 'cocks' on you. Maybe I can try to breed you that way! Would you give birth to a human? A curse? Something wretched and in-between?" The tentacles jackhammered against her cervix and she screamed one final time as she reached her peak. Her legs spasmed and her eyes rolled into the back of her head, and the next thing she knew her vision was fading to black. The last thing she heard Mahito say before losing consciousness completely left her terrified of what was to come.
"Ah, she reached her limit. I wonder if humans can cum while they sleep? Let's find out..."
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twilight-99-tm · 5 months ago
you’re mine - Natasha Romanoff
Fandom: Marvel
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x fem!reader
Warnings: smut 18+ ONLY, strap-on use, oral, fingering, degradation, praise, mommy kink, choking, squirting (let me know if I missed anything)
Word Count: 2.1k
Summary: Nat gets jealous and shows you who you belong to
Request: I was thinking something where Nat is jealous because R is training with Wanda and Nat essentially drags R to their room, where she tells R to put on the strap and Nat rides her or even rides her fingers and says 'you're mine' etc etc and R reassures her???
A/N: I was already thinking about this concept and then you requested it and I had to write it. I’m also still working on August and some other requests so stay tuned for more! (Also, would you guys want me to star a wips list? I can if y’all want, just let me know)
kotenok - kitten
No one has permission to repost my work anywhere, if you see it please let me know.
Gif not mine
Tumblr media
“She’s watching you,” Wanda said as you dodged her punch.
“Oh I know,” You said, smirking. “That’s the point.”
Wanda’s eyes wandered to the fuming redhead and you took advantage of her distraction to knock her off her feet and pin her down onto the mat. You looked up at your girlfriend to see her smirking at you, giving Wanda the perfect opportunity to buck her hips and flip you over, successfully pinning you under her. You didn’t notice, but Natasha jerked forward and started walking towards the mat, only one person gets to pin you down and it’s not Wanda.
“Sneaky,” You said as she got off you and snickered. You sat up and looked at your girlfriend who was standing just off the mat, arms crossed and eyes dark. “Yes?”
Natasha raised her eyebrow and tilted her head at you and gave you the look. And you knew you were in deep shit. She turned around and started walking back towards the door, stopping and waiting for you to follow her. You gulped and stood up, walking over to her.
“I’ll see you later, Wanda,” You said walking through the door, hearing her laughter fade as you walked away from the gym.
Natasha gripped your forearm, her nails digging into your skin and pushed you against the wall of the hallway. You widened your eyes and looked around, making sure no one was seeing this. Natasha pressed her body against yours, her leg wedging itself between your thighs, making you gasp as she lowered her mouth to your ear. 
“Hope you had fun with your little stunt, slut,” She whispered, then kissed down your neck sucking a mark when you released a moan. “You’re mine, nobody else gets to touch you.”
“N-nat,” You started, hands gripping onto her shirt, subconsciously pulling her closer to you as she lowered her head back down to mark you once again. “We were just training.”
“I don’t care,” She said, lifting herself completely off of you. Her hand went back to your arm, dragging you further down the hallway and down the two flights of stairs to your floor in complete silence.
The second the door to your shared room closed, she pushed you down onto the bed, telling you to take your clothes off and you immediately complied, hands shaking in anticipation. Natasha simply watched you reveal more and more skin to her, thinking of all the places she wanted to mark, just to make it crystal clear that you belonged to her.
The second you removed the last garment off your body, Natasha’s hands were on you. She pulled your face towards hers and crashed her lips against yours. She was desperate for contact, one of the main reasons she got so worked up watching you spar with Wanda was because you looked so good in your tight workout leggings and loose tank top and she wanted to be the one to pin you down.
So that’s exactly what she did. She pinned you down on the bed, her hips over yours, and your hands pinned above your head. She pulled away for a second to admire the view, before plunging her head into the crook of your neck, sucking and biting on the skin there, then moving down, leaving marks every few inches. Her hands moved up the sides of your body, nails lightly scratching against your skin, then cupping your breasts, making your body arch into her touch.
Your hands twitched above your head as Natasha began grinding her hips onto yours, you could feel your own arousal increasing between your legs, hips bucking to meet hers. Natasha pulled away from you then, you whined, your hands instinctively gripping onto her hips, trying to make her start moving again. The red head laughed before leaning down to whisper in your ear.
“Patience, kotenok,” She pulled your earlobe between her teeth while her hands made their way down your arms to grip your hands and roughly pin them above your head again. “Now be a good girl for Mommy and don’t move an inch, then maybe you’ll get a reward.”
Natasha moved down your body, settling herself between your thighs. her hands moved up and down your inner thighs, making goosebumps erupt all over your skin. She pressed her lips to the inside of your knee and started kissing up your thigh to where you wanted her most, making sure to leave love bites wherever she could.
She looked up at you once more, seeing you with half lidded eyes looking down at her, before spreading your legs wider and running her tongue through your folds. You moaned and had to fight the urge to buck your hips up and to tangle your hands through her hair, settling on clutching onto the bedsheets above you.
You were trying really hard not to move, the only thought running through your head to please your girlfriend, quickly getting overshadowed by the feeling of her tongue circling your clit. Your breath caught in your throat as you started feeling the familiar coil in your stomach.
“Nata-” You were interrupted by her pulling her mouth away from your pussy and slapping it hard, making you scream out.
“That’s not my name,” She said, her mouth sucking on the skin of your inner thigh, driving you insane.
“M-mommy,” You stuttered, managing to look down at her as she smirked and connected her lips to your clit once again, quickly working you close to the edge. 
“I’m close,” You said, panting. Natasha pulled away from you, a whine leaving your lips. She licked her lips, coated in your juices, and ran her thumb over your clit and down your slit, making you shudder in anticipation. 
“Who do you belong to?” She asked, her green eyes locking with yours. You were still trying to gather your thoughts, mind too hazy from her thumb rubbing soft and slow circles over your clit. She leaned over you so her mouth was hovering right above yours. “I asked you a question, kotenok.”
“Y-you,” You mumbled, managing to look at her and form a coherent sentence. “I belong to you, Mommy.”
“That’s right,” She said before crashing your lips together. You could taste your own arousal on her tongue, as she moved her lips against yours. Her hand wandered back to your core and she plunged two fingers into you, making you moan into her mouth and out of reflex arch your body into her.
She smirked against your lips briefly before pulling away, her hand coming down in a hard slap against your pussy when you whined. 
“I told you not to move, slut,” She said, slapping both sides of your inner thighs, a loud moan escaping your lips. Her thumb went back to rubbing circles on your clit while she pumped two fingers into you. You practically screamed at the sudden change of pace, pushing yourself into her hand.
“’M s-sorr- Oh fuck!” Natasha curled her fingers inside you, ripping a loud whorish moan from your throat. Your brain turned to mush and all you could focus on was the feeling of your girlfriend’s fingers inside you. Her free hand moved to your nipple, twisting it just enough to send you into a frenzy - just the right amount of pleasure and pain. You moaned out, not able to make any other noise. 
Just as quickly as you felt yourself start clenching around Natasha’s fingers she pulled them away again, sticking them into her mouth, moaning at the taste of you on her fingers. You whined, tears prickling at your eyes as she looked down at you.
“Oh, kotenok,” She said, fake innocence dripping from her voice. “Do you think you deserve to cum?”
You tried regulating your breathing, trying to keep your frustrated tears from spilling. You looked at Natasha, her stare knocking the little air you gathered in your lungs back out. 
“Look at you, so fucked out and I haven’t even made you cum yet,” Her hands cupped your face, wiping the few tears that inevitably spilled. “Such a pretty little slut.” 
“P-please, Mommy,” You begged, desperate for a release. 
“Make me cum, princess,” She looked away from you, tilting her head to the side in consideration. “Then I’ll think about letting you cum.”
Before your body could react, Natasha pushed herself off the bed and moved to the dresser, opening your toy drawer and taking out her favorite strap then tossing it to you. You looked down at it on the bed, then looked back up, a grin spreading across your face.
“Put it on,” Natasha said, smirking at your reaction and starting to take off her clothes, only now noticing she was still fully clothed. You slipped it over your legs and started struggling with the harness. Natasha noticed you struggle and came over, kneeling on the bed, helping you secure it around your body, then cupping your cheek with one hand, running her thumb over your cheekbone. “So pretty.”
You kissed her, pulling her closer to your body and finally running your hands over her naked body. One of your hands cupping and gently squeezing her breast while the other travelled down, running your fingers through her folds. She was dripping. You were slightly taken aback, Natasha taking this opportunity to push you down onto your back, straddling you once again. 
“You might be wearing the strap, honey,” She said, aligning the strap with her entrance. “But I’m still the one in charge.”
She lowered herself onto you, bottoming out with a moan. She started bucking her hips, tits bouncing with her movement. Your hand gripped her hips, as your hips started slowly moving to meet her movements. Natasha threw her head back, her moans getting louder with each thrust. 
In a brief moment of courage, you buck your hips up into her, and you’ve never heard your girlfriend make that sound but god you wanted to hear it again. You kept up your movements, Natasha’s cheeks flushing from her arousal, her hands cupping your breasts and squeezing. You moaned and bucked your hips again as she dragged her nails down your stomach. 
“F-fuck, baby,” She mumbled out, taking a moment to appreciated you looking up at her, eye glistening with desire. Her eyes trailed down to your neck and chest, littered with love bites and hickeys. 
“You look so pretty all marked up like this,” She moaned again, you could tell she was getting closer to her release. Her hand made its way up your body to around your neck, pressing down on the sides, giving you a head rush, causing you to moan her name loudly. “That’s right baby, let everyone know I’m the only one that can make you feel like this.”
“You are,” You said, grabbing onto her forearm and increasing your pace. “I’m yours, Mommy, all yours.”
“You’re mine,” She said, her pace also increasing to meet your thrusts. Natasha released a string of breathy moans that were music to your ears, encouraging you even more. Her grip on your throat tightened and you knew she was about to cum.
“Only yours,” You said as she screamed out, clamping her eyes shut and letting her orgasm rip through her, her arousal coating the strap and dripping onto the sheets. She rode out her orgasm, bouncing on the dildo, slowing her pace. 
She opened her eyes back up, and lifted herself off you, eagerly taking the strap off and sliding the harness down your body before throwing it on the ground. She climbed back on top of you, pressing her thigh against your dripping core before attaching her lips onto yours. You moaned into her mouth and started grinding against her thigh. 
“You did so well, baby,” She said, kissing down your neck and pressing kisses over each mark she made on your neck and torso. “Cum whenever you want, darling.”
She kissed down your body, immediately attaching her lips to your clit once she settled herself between your legs. Your back arched into the air as a moan ripped through you. Natasha switched between sucking and licking your clit, driving you crazy and closer to the edge. 
She plunged two fingers into you, your hips bucking against her face, making her smirk against you. She started feeling your walls clench around her fingers and she added another finger while curling them, completely pushing you over the edge with a loud throaty moan ripping through you.
Your entire body shook as electricity flowed through your veins, your own juices spilling out of you and onto the sheets. Natasha pulled away, eyes shining and completely amazed as she licked you clean while you came down from your high. 
“You’re gonna have to do that again.” 
feedback is always welcome :)
400 Besties Celebration
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marvel-diaries · 6 months ago
Yes, Sir
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
The Falcon and The Winter Soldier
Pairing; Bucky Barnes x Female!Reader
Summary; Bucky had promised that he would leave you a crying, whimpering mess the next time he has his hands on you. So that’s exactly what he’s doing.
Word Count; 2285
Warnings; NSFW, 18+, minors DNI, cursing, language, oral (female receiving), unprotected vaginal sex, sir!kink, sergeant!kink, metal arm kink, pet names, dirty talk, begging, slight degradation, teasing, choking, orgasm denial, anal play, creampie, mention of bodily fluids, with some soft and loving Bucky at the end!
Authors Note; last part of this series! I’m glad people seemed to enjoy the first two parts! Now excuse me I need to take a cold shower lol! Enjoy loves <3
Main Masterlist || Bucky Barnes Masterlist
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Credit @ unearthlydust for the wonderful gif
Tumblr media
The sun was bright and early as Bucky woke up next to you. A feeling of happiness and content came over him as he watched his pretty girl sleeping so peacefully on the covers. Oh, how that's all going to change once you're awake and at his mercy. After all, he did promise that he would leave you a crying, whimpering mess the next time he had his hands on you.
His body turns to lay on its side, just like yours, so he's just a few inches away from you. The sleep cover had been pulled off of you somewhere through the night, leaving you exposed to his oceanic eyes.
He took his sweet time to admire your naked and beautiful curves. The way your body was built up had his heart stop a beat every time he caught a glimpse of your nude state. His dick was begging to be released out of it’s confinements and get the attention it needed from your warm and tight walls.
“Soon,” he thought to himself. First, he needed to take care of you as he had promised.
His flesh hand finds the side of your thigh. The light touch of him had your body make a sudden movement, but still, he managed to keep you under sleep. Good. He didn't want you to wake just yet. He had some playing he wanted to do first.
He traced his hand up your thigh, hips, and stomach until it found a place on your breasts. The feel of him taking a grasp on your flesh makes your body turn on its back. Your breath that was soft and even only a moment ago turned ragged as his fingers pinched and pulled on your nipple.
A soft whine was released into the quiet room by you as his touches evolved. Now that he had you on your back, it was easier to explore the entirety of you. The hand that was on your breasts was now wrapped light around your pulse as his lips found your breasts to suck and lick the sensitive skin there. Your eyelashes fluttered open to reveal Bucky having at it on your body so early in the morning.
“Hmm… don't stop, babe.” Your hand took a grab of his hair to keep him in place. Whatever he was doing, you didn't want him ever to stop worshiping your figure.
“Good morning, baby girl.” His assaults on you continued as he kissed his way downwards. He would take his time in eating you out, bringing you to the brink of orgasm again and again until you were a begging mess on the covers. Begging for him to fuck you into the mattress like the needed little whore you were.
Your body was already tossing and turning on the bed brought forward by his kisses on your soft skin. Imagine how you will be when his sinful mouth reaches your most sensitive part.
When he gets to his destination, he spreads your legs by taking hold of the back of your thighs to separate them, so he has a beautiful view of your most private parts, both of your holes for him to worship. His lips take their time in kissing the inside of your thighs as well as kissing, sucking, and licking everywhere but where you needed him the most. Already now, you were a begging mess for him to wrap his lips around your aching clit that was pulsing for attention.
“Please, Bucky.”
You hoped that with the silky voice of you and your fingers caressing his hair so delicately that you would manage to speed up the process. Skip the teasing act of the show and go straight to the main event.
“That's not my name, kitten.”
Oh, so he was still playing the game from the night before? He wanted you to refer to him as Sir. Alright, you'll play along if that means having his lips on you as soon as humanly possible.
“Please, Sir, I need your lips, touch, everything on me. Make me feel good and beautiful like only you know how to.”
Oh, how could he ever deny you when you begged so sweetly. The large doe eyes and the innocence on your face was a nice touch to your begging.
“Since you asked so nicely, pretty girl, I'll give you what you need.”
His hands spread your legs even more for him. He licked his lips before he dove right into his meal. He started with licking your entire pussy from top to bottom; not a single surface had not been touched by his expert tongue. After teasing you some more, his lips enclosed on your engorged clit as he switched between soft licks and sucking hard on the sensitive nerve.
Your hand was still tangled in his hair. Switching between pulling it in your grasp and softly caressing it between your fingers.
“Do-don't s-stop. I'm so clo-close.”
When he knew you were just about to cum he released his mouth from your clit. Your whines of disapproval dissolved in the air.
“No. Please, Sir. I was right there,” you pleaded in a honey voice for him to continue with his actions.
“Shhh… let me play with my toy, doll.”
Instead of returning to your clit his mouth went further down to lick around your puckered hole. The new, but delightful sensation, was driving your mind insane. With his now added thumb on your clit it was a unique experience you would forever beg for in the future. He returned to his assaults on your swollen pearl that was begging to be sucked once more by his mouth.
Just like the time before, he waited until your eyes fluttered shut and your back arched, which was evidence you were about to cum before he stopped his movement altogether. Like this, he would treat you until you were a literal mess of begs and cries on the covers for him. Tears were streaming down your face as he denied you again and again and again of your much-needed orgasm.
“Please, Sir, I can't take it anymore.” You tapped out of his torturous game. “I just want to cum, please, James.”
When you used his first name, he knew that you were serious. He came up from you to stand on his knees so he could look down on your body that looked so in need for him. Your chest was rising and falling rapidly. Your eyes were begging him to make you cum with his cock.
“I'll give you what you want now, baby girl, but first,” his vibranium hand wrapped itself around your throat, slightly denying you of the oxygen you needed. Fuck, this was another level of hotness. The roughness of him had your skin on fire. Him using this part of himself on you had you more turned on than ever before. “Calling me, Sir, is good, doll, but how about switching it up? From now on, I want you to call me Sergeant as well. You got that little girl?” His hand squeezed a bit tighter when he asked the question.
You nodded your head, at the best of your abilities, with his metal hand still on you, at showing him you understood his request. You would do anything for that man. Anything he pleased, and you would never have a second thought. He let your throat go so you could get your breath back and reply with your words.
“Yes, Sergeant, I understand. Now can you please fuck me?”
“Sergeant will fuck your tight pussy so good now, baby doll.”
He brought your hands to the back of your thigh so you could hold yourself open for him. You were quite flexible, so you managed to keep them far apart and very close to your chest so he could have the best view of you possible.
“Hold yourself open while I fuck your pretty pussy, darling.”
The tip of his dick teased your bundle of nerves, holding the base of him as he repeatedly tapped on it with his head before he lined himself up with your wet tightness.
“All of this for me, hm?”
“All of this is for you, Sergeant. All of me.”
The feel of him pushing his length in you ever so slowly, filling you up entirely, had you moaning out in satisfaction as your eyes closed in bliss. Licking your lips to add some moisture to them.
“Fuck, that's so good, Sergeant.”
Once all the way in, he took his time to admire you on the bed. Legs spread out fully for him as you were filled up to the brim with his cock. Your boobs on display for his hungry eyes as well, and he couldn't wait to get his hands on them once more.
“Look at you looking all pretty with your pussy full of cock. You look so gorgeous on the bed like this doll.”
He brought himself out till just the tip was inside before he pushed in again. Doing this a few times over before he took a grab of your sides and fucked you properly into the mattress. The tight hold he had on you was so he could keep you under his control as you started to toss and turn on the duvet. The sound of pleasure escaped you in an infinite loop at what he was doing to your soul and body.
“So god damn tight. Fuck.”
His thrusts were rough and so fucking satisfying. His deep yet hard strokes had you a whining mess as he took your pussy as he pleased. The pad of his thumb found your precious clit so he could rub pleasuring circles on it, giving it the attention it so desperately needed and craved. His other hand played with your hard nipple, pulling and rolling it between his fingers.
His work on you had your eyelashes repeatedly flutter as your parted mouth had mewls and moans fly out of it. His hips snapped hard against yours the more the sounds increased.
“You make a lot of pretty noises don't you kitten? Keep making those sounds, and I’ll continue to fuck you into next Monday.”
He pulled himself entirely out, leaving you a whining mess for him to keep at it in fucking you as good as he did. The tip of his cock tapped on your sensitive clit, and with each touch of him had you cry out in desperation for him to fuck you for all eternity.
Why couldn't he play nice for once and fuck you into oblivion and make you cum hard and fast on these sheets right this instant?
“Please, Sergeant. Please make me cum.”
“Since you're asking so nicely, princess, I'll give you what you want.”
His dick filled you up again entirely as Bucky was driving himself in and out of you at a satisfying pace. He fucked your hard and good into the mattress just like you had begged of him. Your legs now wrapped around him to prevent him from leaving your warmth once more. His metal hand took a grab of your neck as he put pressure on your pulse. His thumb drawing rough circles on your clit.
“I can feel your pussy clenching around my cock, sweetheart. Cum for me now. Cum for your Sergeant.”
His permission was all you needed to let yourself go. Your walls pulsated around his length as he came deep in you. His seed coating your insides as your walls kept on milking him for his cum. Sounds of pleasure from the both of you filled up the bedroom.
He kept on fucking you through the orgasm, making the high last for as long as it could. His thumb still kept stimulating your now overly sensitive clit as he pulled out of your used hole.
“Look at you,” he praised as he watched with fascination as his cum trickled out of your abused hole.
“Was that good, doll?”
“Yes, Sergeant. So fucking good.” You uttered in the most honey voice you could produce.
“You've been such a good girl for me. Well done, baby.”
He gave you a loving kiss on your lips as a sign of appreciation and love for being so good for him this morning and last night. For being so amazing and open-minded at indulging in his fantasies.
He let you cuddle up to him as he soothed your spent-up body with the softest of touches and kisses. After some gentle loving, he lifted your tired form in his arms, making you wrap your arms and legs around him.
The trip to the bathroom was short as he put your feet down on the tile floor. The faucet of the bath was turned on, and he added some scented bubbles to it. A relaxing bath was well deserved after the hectic and eventful night, and morning you spent together fucking and playing with each other on the bed.
Bucky helped you into the warm bath since your legs were a little wobbly from how rough he had been with you. Not that you minded. You loved every second of it.
Once both were inside, he pulled you flush against his back. His arms wrapped themselves around just underneath your boobs to keep the closeness. Your head was leaning on his shoulder as you closed your eyes and enjoyed his soft and loving kisses that he left at the side of your face and neck, giving you that extra affection that he always had to offer.
“I love you, princess,” he whispered as a kiss was left just behind it.
“I love you too, Bucky.”
Tumblr media
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worksby-d · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
thanks for sharing these prompts @before-we-get-started !! 💞💓
pairing: senator!andy barber x fem!reader
“stop looking at me like that.” + “if you don't like the teasing, why are you moaning?”
Tumblr media
warnings: established relationship, fingering, all takes place while you're on a conference call but you're muted for the most part 🤪, 18+
word count: ~800
4.5k celebration masterlist
•• ┈┈┈┈ ๑ ⋅•⋅ ୨୧ ⋅•⋅ ๑ ┈┈┈┈ ••
Pacing the conference room gathering the papers you and Andy need, you can feel his gaze on you. “Stop looking at me like that.”
Your voice pulls him out of his trance, just barely though, a smirk tugging at his lips when you turn around to look at him. “Like what?”
“Like you're gonna get some in this room,” you scoff. “We have a meeting in three minutes.”
“It’s not a video call though, sweetheart,” he sighs quietly, refocusing on the materials he's supposed to be reviewing. "No one would see anything."
You don't entertain him by responding to that, instead doing one last check to make sure you have everything in order before taking your seat across the table from Andy.
“No, hey–” Of course he objects. “Get over here.” He’s already pulling the chair next to him out for you before you can say no. “Why would you sit over there?”
“Because I don't trust you, Senator.” You wink and saunter your way around the table to sit next to him. “So behave,” you whisper, leaning over to give him a quick kiss before the phone rings. “Please.”
It goes in one ear and out the other with him though. It’s only half way through the introductions from everyone else on the call when you feel his hand rest on your knee beneath the table. But you know better than to pay him any mind.
His hand gradually moves higher up on your thigh, sneaking underneath your skirt, and all you can do is flash glares at him so no one hears you.
He’s in the middle of talking about funding in recent weeks, his segue into introducing you, when his hand slips between your legs, fingers brushing over your clothed center.
“So yeah, I'll let her take it from here,” he says casually, ignoring one last glare from you, offering a wink in response.
You want to gasp, or scoff, or something, but you keep it together, reading off your papers to everyone.
“So all that to say, we've seen a sudden increase in donations, and we're trying to determine, first, exactly where that's coming from. Then, second, how to keep that momentum going. Our communications team in particular is–”
Completely focused on getting through your spiel before losing it from the feeling of Andy's fingers still teasing your clit over your panties, you’re not paying enough attention to notice him pulling them to the side, giving him better access to your dripping cunt.
You mask your surprise with a few coughs and an apology as he thrusts a finger into you. Quickly sputtering out the rest of your conclusion, you let out a subtle deep breath when the men on the other line thank you and move on seamlessly.
As soon as he hits the button to mute your end of the call, you let out a whimper, dropping your head back. “What the hell are you doing?”
“What?” He shrugs, and you wish you could force the grin off his face. “You did fantastic. You always do.”
“You're insane–” Your own moan cuts you off though when he plunges a second finger into you, quickening the thrusts.
“If you don't like the teasing, why are you moaning, honey?”
“Fuck,” you cry out, grasping onto his forearm, but he doesn't let up.
“Better come quick before I have to talk again,” he teases, pressing his palm to your clit. “Don't want anyone else hearing the pretty noises you make. They're just for me. Right?”
“Yes, shit–” You're right on the edge, pushing your hips forward to grind against his hand. “Only for you.”
“Then come for me, sweetie,” he urges. “Let go. Now.”
As if his words hold that type of power, you come with a gasp of his name and a broken, almost-silent, moan. He gently works you through it, softly shushing you when he hears his name called from the phone, which you barely hear due the ringing in your ears and the heavy breathing you're trying to conceal.
So he unmutes you guys, and thanks the guy for his input.
“Did Ms. Y/L/N have anything else she wanted to add before we let you go onto the next topic?”
Andy looks over to you, already knowing the answer, knowing the mess he's reduced you to. You just shake your head, still breathless, and he has to hold back a laugh. “No, no, she had to go take care of something.”
•• ┈┈┈┈ ๑ ⋅•⋅ ୨୧ ⋅•⋅ ๑ ┈┈┈┈ ••
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silversatoru · 6 months ago
Omg I think I'm requesting smut with wrong characters, it's so embarrassing, so i'm gonna ask you again :')
Can I request a Gojo smut without his blindfold + teasing + voyeurism? Thaaank youuu soo muchhh besto friendo=)
Tumblr media
gojo satoru x f!reader x itadori yuuji
synopsis: satoru teaches an inexperienced yuuji how to properly fuck his girlfriend after hearing him make several inappropriate comments about her — and accidentally discovers a raging voyeurism kink
t/w: nsfw 18+, aged! up! yuuji!, voyeurism, virgin yuuji, mild teasing, fingering, oral sex (fem receiving), masturbation (male), mild bondage, threesome? yeah kinda
w/c: 1.9k
a/n: hey best friend!! don’t be embarrassed it’s all good <3 you didn’t give me much storyline so i really took some liberties with it lmao i hope you don’t mind (u want voyeurism i give u voyuerism)
Tumblr media
yuuji never expected to be in the situation he was currently in, his mouth hanging open in shock as he observed the scene in front of him. you were completely bare, shackled to the bedposts with your puffy lips parted in a perfect “o”. he never intended for things to go this far — he really didn’t think a few harmless comments about how hot his teacher’s girlfriend was would get him here.
but satoru didn’t take yuuji’s lewd comments about you casually, and he planned to make the pink-haired boy follow through with every statement he’d ever made.
“why are you so shy all of the sudden?” satoru prodded, walking to the other side of the room and sliding into a velvety chair, “you seemed so confident when you said you would ‘rail the hell out of her’ earlier”.
“no- sensei- i, uh-,” yuuji was an embarrassed and scrambled mess, his brain practically imploding as he tried to make sense of his current situation.
“you said, and i quote: ‘i’d eat that pussy like it’s my last meal’ and ‘bro i’d fuck her so hard her legs would stop working’” satoru raised an eyebrow at him, “here’s your opportunity to do just that”.
yuuji swallowed thickly, his eyes glazing over your body as he drank up every one of your curves. his sensei was instructing him to have sex with his girlfriend while he watched, wasn’t this kind of fucked up?
“wow yuuji~ you really said those things?” your light, nonchalant voice startled him.
“i uh-,” yuuji was still at a loss for words, wiping his sweaty palms on the back of his uniform.
“uh- what? is it because you don’t actually know how to do any of those things? is that why you’re so hesitant?” satoru was getting mildly impatient, but he was enjoying how flustered the younger boy was.
“um, no i- yeah... i don’t know how,” yuuji admitted — he had zero experience in bed, but the tightness in his pants was attempting to convince him otherwise.
“i’ll walk you through it, how does that sound?” satoru’s voice had a coaxing effect to it, and between that and yuuji’s growing member he was really considering going along with this whole thing.
“isn’t this weird, sensei? i’m... not sure,” he gave satoru one last glance of hesitation.
“it’s only weird if you make it weird,” satoru shrugged, “now get on the bed yuuji. she’ll be good for you, and i’ll tell you what to do”.
yuuji couldn’t believe himself when he started walking forward, slipping off his shoes and climbing onto the edge of the bed. seeing your body up close sent adrenaline pumping through his body, his uniform pants becoming uncomfortably tight at this point.
“good,” satoru cooed, “now, she likes to be teased, so we’ll start small. go ahead and feel her, i bet she’s already drenched for you”.
yuuji lifted a shaky hand, reaching forward and pressing two of his fingers along your glossy folds. satoru had been right, they were slimy and wet and his fingers were practically engulfed by your entrance. he sucked in a dry breath when he felt your walls clench around his fingers, his dick twitching in his trousers.
“so eager,” satoru clicked his tongue, “slide your fingers in and curl them up before pulling them out again, she’ll like that”.
yuuji was a quick learner, stroking his fingers into you with completely fluidity and causing a few whines to leave your mouth. earning those noises from you and hearing the squelches of his fingers in your cunt went straight to his head, and he knew instantly that he wanted to hear more of that.
“try using your mouth, yuuji,” satoru continued to instruct him, an uncomfortable tightness forming in his own pants as he watched you squirm in bed with another man.
he clenched his fingers at his sides, not allowing himself to jerk off to something like this. yuuji dipped his head down and immediately locked his mouth onto your cunt. you reacted with a few twitches, the boy’s rough and inexperienced tongue sending jolts through your sensitive body. his laps were choppy and uneven, but it felt good none the less and you were trying not to squeeze his face between your thighs.
“okay yuuji, take a breath,” satoru coerced him to stop after a few minutes, “use your hand again”.
the pink-haired boy pulled himself out of your legs, his chin coated in a thick layer of gooey saliva. he wiped the mess onto his sleeve, reaching back down to your cunt with his other hand. he had foggy, lusty eyes now; his nerves subsiding and his comfort increasing as you rewarded his actions with pretty sounds.
satoru was biting down on his bottom lip so hard he swore he could taste iron, his hands clenching in his lap as he tried to refrain from touching himself. he had every intention of teasing and embarrassing yuuji, but he never planned to enjoy watching it this much. there was something about the inexperienced boy making hasty touches to your body that was clouding his head with fervor.
yuuji had been going at it with his fingers for a while now, and you were a squirming mess of pleads for more. his hands and his tongue felt good, but because of his lack of experience, none of it was enough to push you to an orgasm. you needed more — you needed someone to fuck you and you didn’t care who it was.
“i think she’s warmed up enough,” satoru finally interjected, making yuuji pause and look to his sensei for direction, “you’re gonna fuck her now”.
yuuji face paled, his nerves spiking and his cock twitching in anticipation, “you- you’re gonna tell me what to do, right?”
“of course,” satoru hummed, “but we can’t do much until you take your clothes off”.
yuuji was in no way insecure about his body; he was ridiculously muscular and well-built and his body had some pretty nice definition right now. that being said, taking off his clothes in front of his teacher and having eyes on his back while he had sex for the first time was still incredibly intimidating — intimidating but also exhilarating and part of was actually kind of excited.
satoru watched with steady eyes as the other man stripped off his clothes, his swollen cock finally bursting free and dripping with glossy precum. yuuji had watched more than enough porn to understand the basics, climbing back onto the bed and positioning himself between your waist — but after that he looked to his teacher for guidance.
“she’s soaking wet for you, yuuji, it’ll slide right in,” he gave him an encouraging nod, still watching from the corner of the bedroom.
yuuji swallowed hard, wrapping his fingers around his girthy cock and positioning himself so he was prodding against your entrance. instinctive flinches leapt from your body, your fingers twitching and mouth parting open in a gasp. when he finally thrusted himself inside, a high-pitched moan ripped through your throat. your boyfriend was certainty blessed in terms of length, but yuuji’s cock was thick.
“now grab her legs and roll your hips so you move in and out. though i’m sure this isn’t your first time fucking something,” satoru let the snarky comment leave his mouth as he shifted uncomfortably in his chair, brushing his finger tips over the head of his still-clothed member.
yuuji barely noticed satoru’s voice now, his brain flooded with how good your hot, sticky cunt felt wrapped around his dick. his sensei wasn’t wrong, he’d shamefully fucked his pillow a few times in the past but shit, that completely paled in comparison to this. he quickly picked up a decent pace, his hips slamming into your legs with every thrust.
satoru was pushed over the edge by what was occurring in front of him, the older man unzipping his pants and letting his own cock finally spring free. he wiped his fingers over the sensitive tip, collecting the precum and smearing it down his shaft. a throaty groan quietly left his lips, his body warm with pleasure now that he was finally touching himself.
he threw his head back in bliss at the feeling of his hand around his cock and the sensual combination of you and yuuji’s moans. his hips rocked back and forth as his fucked himself into his hand, his eyes focused intently on yuuji’s erratic thrusts.
“you’re doing so well, yuuji,” he cooed at the pink-haired boy and then at you, “how do you think he’s doing, love?”
“ah- so good! so good, yuuji!” you stammered, your words coming out somewhere between a yelp and a whimper.
his face grew red but his chest swelled with pride at the sudden praises; he liked being told how good he was doing.
satoru coached him through a couple more positions, his hand still grasped around his own cock and pumping hard as he did. the tip of his member was puffy, red, and begging for any kind of release. and coincidentally, yuuji was hitting his breaking point as well.
“ah- sensei, i think i might come already,” he mumbled, slight embarrassment laced through his words.
“that’s okay,” satoru reassured him, standing from his seat and approaching the side of the bed, “but make sure you pull out when you come, yeah? she likes it when you finish all over her tits”.
you weren’t even cognizant of their conversation, head wheeling with pleasure and adrenaline flowing through your veins as you felt satoru’s hands cup your breasts and yuuji’s cock continue to pound into your cunt. it was an overwhelming bliss, having both of their attention on you at once.
your boyfriend released your breasts after rolling your nipples between his fingers a few times, retuning his hand back to aching member. he started to pump himself at a quick pace again, heavy sighs falling from his lips.
“tell me when your going to come, yuuji, okay?”
the younger male gave him a hasty nod and a grunt of confirmation, a couple beads of sweat rolling down his brow bone. he might have been able to last a little longer if it weren’t for your sudden orgasm ripping through your body — your warm walls contracting against his cock and gorgeous mewls leaking from your lips. he was lucky if he lasted another thirty seconds after that, whining a strangled, “now,” as he removed himself from your cavern and let ropes of white fly across your abdomen.
satoru ensured his release occurred at the same time, letting out a deep groan as he sprayed his seed all over your chest and face. globs of white coated your skin from multiple directions, leaving you sticky and tired with nothing but heavy pants audible from around you.
after he recovered from his climax, satoru instructed yuuji to follow him to the bathroom — handing him a wet, soapy towel as well as a dry one, “never forget to clean up afterwards”.
yuuji took every piece of advice seriously, cleaning up your body with the soapy cloth and then drying you off with the other one. as he finished dabbing your skin dry, satoru undid your shackles and let your wrists fall back to your sides.
you curled your shaky legs into your chest, a soft smile on your face as you looked at yuuji, “we might have to invite him over more often, satoru”.
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sainthwngs · 7 days ago
「 DAY 08 」 ♡ 제이크심 + HAND KINK ᝰ
︶꒷꒦꒷︶꒦꒷︶ ꒰ ゚・。 ♥︎ 。・゚ ꒱ ︶꒷꒦꒷︶꒦꒷︶
WARNING(S) ⋆ hand kink + choking ✰ mc is afab but no explicit mentions of breasts
SUMMARY ⋆ jake finds out you have a thing for his hands
PAIRING | WC ⋆ dom! jake x fem! reader ✰ ꒰ 0.6K ꒱
KRITI’S NOTE ⋆ this is pretty short oops but imagine being able to suck on jake’s fingers . . . *combusts and dies* ✰ [ KINKTOBER MASTERLIST ]
︶꒷꒦꒷︶꒦꒷︶ ꒰ ゚・。 ♥︎ 。・゚ ꒱ ︶꒷꒦꒷︶꒦꒷︶
you quietly observed him play his video games; eyes locked on the screen, tongue stuck out in concentration and hands busy with the controller — jake sim was in another world.
your attention flitted from his face to his hands. ring-clad fingers and red dusting on his knuckles — something about them made them beyond enticing. you would take that secret to your grave though, admitting it out loud would be a death wish.
you didn’t even want to imagine the endless teasing. ‘do you want me to choke you, [name]?’ or ‘someone has a thing for my fingers.’ jake would never let it live down and there was only so much one soul could take.
‘fuck! i lost again!’ jake huffed in frustration, blowing air through his nostrils. he circled the controller sticks with his thumbs — one last, dying attempt to beat felix at grand theft auto.
his outburst went straight through you, you forced out a light laugh despite your head being in the clouds. your attention remained on his hands, his veins were prominent and his rings sparkled under the white light.
before you could snap back into reality, you fantasised about his thick fingers in your cunt, scissoring you open and having your slick making the pads of his fingers prune.
or snugly around your neck, holding you down against the sheets or up against a wall. you could almost imagine the delicious pressure on your neck and jake’s low growls.
‘you look good all worked up, princess.’ jake raised his brows in fascination at your appearance; your lips were parted and your cheeks were warm. a smug grin tugged at the corners of his lips as he took his headset off before putting his controller down.
his voice pulled you back into the moment. you realised that while you were busy daydreaming about jake’s pretty hands, your thighs had subconsciously squeezed shut and your mouth was agape.
you prayed that no noises came out.
a sudden wave of embarrassment engulfed your body from head to toe. ‘pardon?’ you attempted to brush off his statement with confusion. ‘sorry, my mind was occupied.’
‘occupied with filthy thoughts of my hands, perhaps?’ he immediately followed with a wider grin but his eyes grew dark with desire. jake repositioned himself and was now kneeling in-between your legs, sliding his hands up your bare thighs.
once jake got a (weak) confession out of you, he wasted no time undressing you — almost ripping off your shorts. you laid against his broad chest, his mouth close to your right ear as he pumped two fingers in and out of your hole.
‘you make the loveliest sounds, baby.’ he praised while adding more power to his thrusts — making the wet slap of his fingers in your cunt even louder and increasing the volume of your breathy curses.
‘nngh, jake, just like that.’ his other hand enveloped your neck, the light restriction of air made you moan in delight and pure euphoria pulse in your veins.
‘i know, angel.’ he cooed sweetly, his soft-spoken words were a stark contrast to the dirty thoughts playing in his head. he wanted to edge you and use you as a plaything, have you beg for his fingers and to stuff your pretty cunt full with them. god, he craved your tears and the sight of you cumming.
‘i can’t believe you got this wet because of my hands, how adorable.’ you clamped around his fingers and your thighs twitched. ‘you’re gonna lick my fingers clean after you cum on them, got it?’
︶꒷꒦꒷︶꒦꒷︶ ꒰ ゚・。 ♥︎ 。・゚ ꒱ ︶꒷꒦꒷︶꒦꒷︶
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hyuckssunchip · 5 months ago
“Do I Need To Leave?”
Tumblr media
Pairings: Jeno x Reader, Jaemin x Reader
Words: 2.8K
Warnings: Language (there is almost always language in my writings), fluff, SMUT, threesome, m&f oral receiving, unprotected sex
nomin threesome
who can resist the idea of Nomin??? okay this was a lot longer than i thought it would be.
smut below keep reading
Tumblr media
Jeno rubbed your head, stroking the fallen strands out of your face. Though you were half asleep, you snuggled deeper into his chest at the feeling. 
He smiled softly, leaning to land a kiss on your forehead. The heaving of his chest gently rocked you into a deeper sleep. At some point you were almost unable to fight off the sleep, but a knock on the door slowed the feeling. 
Even though your eyes were shut, you could tell the door was opened with the beam of light that escaped from the hallway. The light disappeared almost immediately, but the padded footsteps alerted you of a person’s entrance.
“Hyung?” A whisper cut through the dark room, and it was received by the rustling of the blankets around you.
“Jaemin?” The rumbling of his chest had you smiling at the feeling.
“Are you sleeping?” But he cut himself off. His eyes had adjusted to the darkness, allowing him to recognize the lump that was lying half on top of Jeno. He paused at the sight of you, hesitating to continue. “Oh. I’ll come back later.”
Jeno stops him from leaving, motioning for him to continue. “No it’s fine.”
Jaemin’s eyes shift before he starts to whisper before he was cut off again. 
“Jaemin if you’re going to whisper, you’re going to have to come closer. I can’t hear you if you’re across the room.” He beckoned for him to come closer,  something the younger faltered at. 
A few padded steps later and Jaemin leaned down to whisper but he froze at the sight of you laying on his chest. Whatever words he wanted to get out were suddenly stuck in the back of his throat. He tried desperately to forced the feeling down, but his heart still skipped a beat.
Jeno absentmindedly squeezed your thigh, pulling you closer against him. At the sudden feeling you felt sleep withdraw and your eyes fluttered open, struggling to adjust with the lack of light. 
Your eyes instantly met with Jaemin’s who was incredibly close to both you and Jeno.
“Hi.” You whispered out, not wanted to break the mood. You smiled at him, but it wasn’t returned, he just hiccuped his breath startled by proximity. At his lack of response, and the fact that all he offered were his wide eyes, you turned your head up to face Jeno.
“Do I need to leave?” You asked, whispering to him, afraid that you were imposing on a private matter. 
But it was Jaemin that shook his head aggressively at the offer. It was only after that did Jeno agreed, rubbing your hair softly, “No, don’t worry.” 
“What’s up?” Jeno directed his attention to the flustered boy, who was doing his very best to avert his eyes.
“Uh...” Jaemin hesitated, suddenly feeling very embarrassed about why he had intruded.  “I was wondering if I could borrow your computer... for... uh... you know.”
Jeno let out a confused sound not quite understanding the intentions, but after a few seconds he understood why Jaemin needed his computer.
Even in the dark Jaemin turned a deep red that you could see, and he backed up, quickly throwing away the idea and choosing to just escape.
“Jaemin.” Jeno chuckled out, his tone suddenly turning darker. “Instead of porn from the computer, how would you like to watch it live?”
Although it sounded like he was joking, his gaze showed otherwise. There was a long silence before Jaemin stuttered out nervously, “What?”
Jeno raised an eyebrow at the boy, then turned to face you suggestively. “No?”
You blushed, digging you head into his neck, and you felt wrong for feeling so aroused at the thought of Jaemin watching.
Jeno sent another look towards Jaemin, taking his silence and the fact that he hadn’t yet left as a sign that he too wanted it.
Jeno lifted you up so that you straddled his waist, loving the way that Jaemin’s eyes lustfully traveled over you with jealousy. He had pulled your borrowed shirt off in a rush, leaving you in nothing but the lacy top that Jeno loved you in. 
Jeno was a sucker for you in lace, in fact he rarely took off your lingerie during sex. Tonight it seemed like the black lace hugged you perfectly and by the way that his hands couldn’t seem to leave your skin it seemed like he felt the same. 
The sound of Jaemin groaning stole your attention for a moment. His had was dangerously close to his cock, itching for relief, but feeling to out of place to do so. There was an embarrassed look on his face, but it didn’t hide the lust in his eyes as he raked over your figure. 
At that moment Jeno placed his hands on your waist, grinding them down on his hard on, having you release a moan in response. You fingers flitted to his chest, gripping his shirt as if trying to stabilize yourself. After a few more moments, and you found yourself getting wetter, Jeno flipped you over, climbing between your legs, kissing your skin as he lowered himself towards your core.
The pleasure you were feeling, and the anticipation of what he was going to do to you, had you writhing below him. But he abruptly stopped, eliciting a whine from you, You reached your hands up to tangle your fingers in his hair, trying to pull him towards the place that you needed him the most. 
But he evaded you, sitting back up with a wicked smirk. You narrowed your eyes, not liking the idea of leaving you high and dry, especially after how worked up he had just had you. 
He averted his eyes, looking towards a very antsy Jaemin in the corner. “Jaemin don’t you think it’d be nice to give Y/N a little help?”
Jaemin gulped at the insinuation, his dick throbbing at just the thought. He nodded hesitantly, wide eyes trained on your spread out body. But the moment that you turned to face him, he dodged your eyes, probably too shy to do so.
Jeno beckoned for Jaemin to come closer, standing up after scooting of the bed. With a pat on the back he exchanged spots with the boy, but not before mentioning that he should pay attention to the clit, and that you like it most with two fingers.
You blushed at the brazen words of your boyfriend. Jaemin stared blankly for a moment before climbing onto the bed where Jeno once laid, looking up at you almost for permission. You nodded once with parted lips, not having the will to fight against it, not that you wanted to. 
Jaemin was hesitant at first, leaving fluttering chaste kissing down your belly. But the moment that he reached your panties you squirmed under him, eager for more. Jaemin continued to leave soft kisses over your panties, reveling at the wetness that had begun to leave through the fabric. He got significantly bolder, using his teeth to scratch at the tips of your lace, dragging your panties slowly down. 
You lifted your hips towards him, but he pushed them back down. You heard Jeno laugh from the corner, but your eyes were fixed on Jaemin, begging him to continue. Your panties were dragged down your legs, leaving you bare for both to see. 
You turned your head to the side, rolling back to see Jeno with his dick situated in his grip. He was watching with a deep desire, his hand rubbing slowly up and down his length. As he made eye contact with you, he stood up, moving towards you and stroking your hair as he often did, but this time you could feel it was much different. 
The feeling of Jaemin’s tongue flicking over your nether lips had you gasping, and tangling your hands in his hair. Jeno took this opportunity to do the same, grabbing a fist full of hair so that your gaze stayed with his. He didn’t even need to prompt you, your mouth fell open ready accept his cock. 
He hissed as your tongue grazed the bottom of his cock, his head rolling back in pleasure as he pushed in and out of you. Because your mouth was occupied, you couldn’t even gasp at the feeling of Jaemin running swipes on your pussy with his fingers, sucking gently at your clit. But the feeling of his digits pushing into you and stretching you out was too much, causing you to moan around Jeno’s cock, the vibration stimulating him as he let out a groan of his own. 
Both Jeno and Jaemin’s pace increased, his fingers creating lewd noises accompanied by the loud slurping and sucking nosies of both  you and Jeamin. His digits twitching deep inside you and with a come hither motion your felt your orgasm coming. You could tell that Jeno was close as well, his hand gripping tighter as he moved deeper. His hips stuttered for a moment before you felt the stream of cum shoot to the back of your throat, doing you best to swallow all of him. He pulled with a sigh, stumbling backwards and choosing to take a seat on the chair that he had previously occupied.
Jeno’s absence now left your mouth open and you moaned, tugging tufts of Jaemin’s hair, moving your hips greedy to reach your high. Jaemin doubled his speed, and the suction of his lips driving you crazy. The ball in your stomach tightened as you released on his face, watching as he lapped up as much as he could.
You let him continue until the feeling of overstimulation had become too much. You pushed him away softly watching as his wide eyes met yours. With a gentle tug you pulled him up until he was straddling over you, his hard dick pressed against your core. 
Almost immediately, as if you hadn’t just come down from your high, you were turned on by the feeling, suddenly feeling very desperate to have something other than his fingers stuffing you. 
“Baby, why don’t you give Jaemin a hand, he hasn’t even touched himself yet.” Jeno piped up from the side, watching with eyes of humor. 
You didn’t even look at your boyfriend, already agreeing with him.You pushed him off you with a little effort, and took your place on top of him, reminiscent of how the night had started. You ground your hips against him, tugging off his shirt and latching your lips against his throat, knowing that there would be marks in the morning. 
Jaemin lifted his hands to your hair, pulling you away slightly to get a good look at you. The kisses that you had left on his neck had moved to his lips, the both of you fighting for dominance. His hands moved, tracing down your body until they found a spot on your ass, which he squeezed tightly, gripping with tension. His hips lifted to meet yours until you couldn’t take the friction anymore. You pulled away, tugging his pants and underwear down in one thrust. There wasn’t even a need for helping him get up, he was already dripping with pre cum. You scooted up, positioning yourself just above his erection before sinking down onto him. 
His grip tightened and he let out a groan, biting his lip didn’t do much to muffle the sound. You stilled as he bottomed out, wriggling around to get comfortable, and consequently getting Jaemin more excited than he already was, which you didn’t think was possible.
The slow and rhythmic pulses that he was starting with began to pick up with a sense of urgency. Jaemin seemed to be desperate to reach his high, as if he was scared Jeno would take it away from him. Instead, however, Jeno with a watchful eye enjoyed himself from the corner, hand occupied once again. 
Jaemin thrust up into you, reaching up to fondle your breast, elevating the pleasure. As soon as you felt the knot in your belly tighten, you were quickly interrupted by your boyfriend.
“Stop.” Frustration overwhelmed you, and it took all that you had to stop yourself from moving. He motioned for you to get off of Jaemin, and you clenched around him as you felt his dick slide out.
Both of you watched Jeno with wide eyes, watching with wanton gazes. Jeno pulled you away positioning you so that you were on all fours facing Jaemin, who was still lying half upright against the pillows. Jeno leaned behind you, his length rubbing against you and his chest flat against your back.
“Why don’t you help Jaemin finish with that pretty mouth of yours?” He teased you, “She does wonders with that mouth.” That last part was directed at Jaemin who was desperate for his own release.
“And while you do that, I’m gonna fuck you until you can’t walk.” Your eyes rolled at the  thought, pussy pulsing in anticipation.
He didn’t give you much more of a warning, as he suddenly thrusted into you, causing you to fall forward a bit, moving closer to Jaemin. Jeno showed no signs of stopping and so you grabbed at Jaemin’s cock, dribbling spit before landing a soft kitten lick. His cock twitched, the stimulation already getting him close. Then in one swift move you took him in your mouth, pushing your nose extremely close to his abdomen. He was slightly smaller than Jeno, so it was easier to deep throat him. 
At that moment, Jeno reached around you and rubbed your clit, causing you to moan around Jaemin. The vibration had him thrusting upwards, bringing tears to your eyes. 
Jeno growled from behind you, unrelenting with his thrusts. “Look at him baby.” He grabbed a fistful of hair, pulling your head back so that you were forced to stare at Jaemin.
Jaemin had thrown his head back, but soon returned to face you tangling his fingers in your hair to grip, replacing Jeno’s with his own. You continued bobbing your head until you felt Jaemin’s hip begin to meet with your face, slowly starting to fuck your mouth. Then at once, his let his load out into your mouth, riding it out until you had swallowed all that you could. 
You pulled your mouth off of him with a loud pop and watched him with a sly smile. But this break didn’t last for long, as Jeno took this chance to hammer into you, picking up the pace. Both his thrusts and his fingers doubled in speed and you felt yourself nearing your high incredibly fast. 
“Fuck, Jeno I’m so close.” You mumbled out, head now rested on Jaemin’s stomach, unable to keep yourself up. Jaemin, in contrast, was softly petting your head, pulling wet strands out of your face as you panted against him. 
“Just a little longer baby.” He grunted in time with his thrusts.
He neared his high and you clenched around him, causing him to release. At the feeling of him inside of you, you let loose, coming together. He collapsed against your make, and in turn you fell fully against Jaemin, who was stuck on the bottom. 
For a few moments the only sound was the soft heaving of breath, the three of you tangled in sweaty limbs. 
Jeno was the first to get up, going to the bathroom to get cleaned up, leaving you and Jaemin alone to come down from your highs. Jeno returned with shorts on and a wet towel and clean clothes for you. 
Jeno chucked a pair of shorts at the two of you, motioning for Jaemin to put them on. After cleaning you both up, he climbed up over you and onto the other side of the bed, pulling you into his embrace from behind, kissing softly on the back of your neck. Jaemin rustled to leave, but a quiet sound from Jeno had him pausing.
“Just stay for now.” He mumbled out, gripping you tighter. “If the others catch you...” He trailed off, and you glanced up to meet eyes with Jaemin. You smiled softly at him, motioning for him to come back. 
Once he was settled back on the bed Jeno spoke out, “How was it? Better than porn on a computer?” He teased Jaemin, who again, turned red at the reminder. 
“Yeah, it was alright.”
You giggled at the way that he tried to play it off. 
“We might need to try it again to really know though.” Jaemin grinned at you with a wink, waggling his eyebrows to make the point clear.
Jeno chuckled from behind you in the same teasing tone, “Yeah? I’ll think about it.”
“Do I need to leave?” You asked teasing the pair, who had obviously come to a conclusion without you.
Tumblr media
© Copyright 2021. hyuckssunchip. All rights reserved.
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