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#sudo mei
flaim-ita · 10 months ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Literally the biggest writers’ mood
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gentokuboobwindow · 7 months ago
inspired by @r4bbitdragon, hope you dont mind but i saw the post and immediately had to make it. im honestly almost upset at how iasip-ready this scene is
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asknarashikari · 7 hours ago
Part 2 of the Kento kun destruction: Touma, Rintaro, and Kento go back to the base with a bloody tied up Tsukasa and explain everything to Mei and the swordsmen, who proceeds to have no mercy on Tsukasa for making the baby cry. Also Ise joins them and shocks him holding his newly repaired Kento kun, but not before papa tells his son he’ll stop complaining about the plushie if he gets more cuddles from his baby (bonus points if Touma and Rintaro tease Kento about tolerating the plushie)
Maybe Tsukasa will finally learn... this time...
“Where did those three go off to...?” Mei wondered aloud as she paced the length of the main hall, worrying with her rings. “Running off without telling anyone what was going on... What got into Kento, anyway...”
“Ah, I’m sure they’re just fine, little lady,” Ryo reassured, as he watched over Ise who was peacefully napping. A patched-up Kento-kun was tightly clutched in the little dragon’s arms, the ripped seam stitched back together with a thread that didn’t quite match the rest of the plushie.
“It’s not normal for them to just run off like that though,” Tetsuo pointed out. “Not to mention, the last time Kento did something like this was the whole thing with Calibur, and we all know how that went.”
“Don’t remind me,” Mei muttered, her brows furrowing.
“Lighten up, Mei,” Yuri told her with a gentle smile. “Kento has Rintaro and Touma with him, right?” 
Mei nodded. “Yes, but-”
“So he’s definitely gonna be okay!” Ren stated certainly. “Besides, they’ll be back soon enough, so don’t worry about them!” 
Just as Ren finished speaking, the main door opened and in walked the three aforementioned swordsmen, carrying a familiar, bloody, beaten-up lump of magenta, bound by rope and gagged. They unceremoniously tossed him unto the floor, and everyone stared at the trio’s prisoner in shock.
Mei ignored the unconscious Kamen Rider on the floor in favor of fretting over her swordsmen. “Where have you guys been? I was so worried- Why do you have blood on your clothes?! You’re not hurt, are you?!”
“Sorry for worrying you Mei,” Touma apologized, not sounding very apologetic at all. “And no, we’re not hurt. None of this is ours.” He gestured at his senpai. “It’s all his.”
“What- Isn’t that Kadoya Tsukasa?!” asked Ryo. “What the heck happened to him?”
“We just had a little talk with him.” Kento said darkly, eyes stormy and fists still shaking with rage.
“Apparently... Pinky here was the one that destroyed Kento-kun and made Ise cry.” Rintaro explained, his expression more schooled, but still frosty cold.
Immediately, the mood in the room changed and everyone glared at Tsukasa in anger. “He did what?” Ryo asked dangerously, his grip tightening on Gekido. 
And, of course, this was when the magenta-loving Rider stirred, blinking back to consciousness. “What...?”
Not even a moment after he awoke, he found himself with a pair of blades at either side of his neck. “Do you have any last fucking words,” growled Ren, as Tetsuo joined him by pointing Suzune in gun mode at the back of his head. 
Tsukasa glared defiantly at the swordsmen. “You should ask... that hedgehog of yours why I did it to begin with...”
“We don’t care why you did it,” stated the eldest of the swordsmen, as he hefted his sword and pointed it at his neck, too. “You made our Ise cry.” 
“And we don’t take kindly to people who hurt one of our own,” stated Yuri coldly. 
Tsukasa audibly gulped as the swordsmen started closing in on him, but then there was a buzzing sound in the air, and they- and their swords- all reared back with alarmed faces. Before he could be relieved at their sudden distance from him, he shrieked as a bolt of lightning struck him, zapping him back into unconsciousness.
“What- Ise?!” Kento rushed to his son’s side, crouching down to his eye level. “Were you awake this whole time?”
Ise nodded at his father, and tilted his head innocently at him.“Did I do good, Papa? Is he hurty like Kento-kun is?”
Kento, and the rest of the dragon’s parents, blinked at the dragon in surprise. “Yes, I guess he is.” Kento replied. 
Ise nodded, apparently satisfied. “And Papa? Don’t hate Kento-kun anymore?” he asked sweetly, giving his Papa the puppy-dragon eyes.
Kento sighed, unable to say no to his baby. “Okay, Ise. I won’t hate Kento-kun anymore.” He playfully poked the plushie’s smiley face. “But Papa was only jealous because Ise cuddled Kento-kun more than Papa. If Ise promises to cuddle with Papa more, then Papa promises to not complain about Kento-kun anymore.”
Ise smiled toothily at his Papa. “Okay Papa, promise!” The father and son shook pinkies, before the little dragon jumped into his Papa’s arms, giving him the cuddles he was so apparently deprived of. The hedgehog plushie rolled about on the floor, momentarily forgotten by its owner.
“Wait, what? Seriously...?” Tetsuo said incredulously. “That’s why Kadoya went this far...?”
“Good fucking grief,” Mei groaned. “What are we going to do with you...”
“Oh, Kento...” Touma shook his head. “How many times do we have to go through this...”
“Well... at least he won’t hold a grudge against a plushie anymore?” Rintaro offered with a teasing smile.
“Shut up and lemme cuddle my baby in peace.”
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obstinaterixatrix · 7 months ago
also wanted to save this clip she really just STICKS the landing
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tissue--box · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
She wears short skirts I wear t shirts she's cheer captain and I'm on the bleachers
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asknarashikari · a day ago
Minific idea: Kento finds Ise crying because his beloved Kento-kun plushie got damaged (bonus points if Tsukasa or Haruto did it, ensuring death by electrocution)
Uh-oh. Prepare for one angry swordsman.
Kento’s paternal instincts went into overdrive as he heard a soft, tell-tale whimper from a nest of pillows on the couch. He rushed to his baby’s side, pushing aside a couple of pillows to see his little Ise’s teary eyes and sad frown.
“Oh, my baby, what happened?” he cooed softly, as he gathered Ise into his arms. “Why is my sweet Ise crying?”
As he pulled Ise out of his nest, a lump of yellow fabric fell onto the floor, some fluffy bits falling out of it. Ise whined, crying out. “No, Papa, Kento-kun!” he wailed, pointing at the plushie. 
Kento bent down, careful to keep his grip on the squirming Ise tight, to retrieve the stuffed toy. Or, well, it used to be stuffed- the yellow magic hedgehog seemed rather deflated, and there was a giant rip in one of its seams. 
Kento was not very fond of the plush toy, as it reminded him of the time he was turned into a hedgehog, and the best-selling children’s book his beloved author had written, inspired by the incident. But, he tolerated it, because Ise loved it so much, and he couldn’t bring himself to hate something that brought his baby so much joy and comfort.
Seeing Ise so miserable over its fate tore at his heart, no matter how much he didn’t like it.
“It’s okay, Ise. I’m sure Mama can fix Kento-kun,” he reassured. He kissed his baby’s brow. “She’ll be home soon, and you and Kento-kun can have more adventures soon enough.” 
Ise looked at him with wide, brown eyes that matched his own, still watery with tears. “B-But Pinky said... Kento-kun bothered Papa...” He pouted at him. “That’s why he hurt Kento-kun... he said he was tired of you complaining about Kento-kun...”
“No, of course not! I don’t want Kento-kun gone, if it makes you happy!” Kento told him. “He’s precious to you, so I don’t want to hurt him!” Even if it does annoy me a lot... he thought to himself.
Then the nickname Ise mentioned registered. Pinky. “Wait, what? Tsukasa did this?” Kento asked incredulously. Ise nodded. 
Kento’s blood began to boil. That idiot... did this to his son? He made his sweet baby dragon cry? Because he got tired of Kento complaining about a fucking plushie?
“Kento? Is something the matter?” He turned to see his wife, looking at him with a worried look on her face. “What happened with Ise? Why does he look so upset?”
He tamped his anger down as he handed a still-teary Ise and the broken plush toy to her. “Could you fix Kento-kun for Ise, please?” he asked. 
Mei took the plushie from Kento with confusion. “Sure. I think I have some stuffing I can use... Wait, where are you going?” she asked, as Kento went to the hall closet to retrieve his coat. “Do you have a mission I didn’t know about?”
“Not a mission. Not one for the guild, anyway,” he replied tersely, as he put on his belt and strapped his Seiken into it. “Are Touma and Rin downstairs?” he asked, referring to their husbands.
Mei stared at him, wide-eyed at his tone. “Y-Yeah, they’re closing up the shop... what’s going on, Kento? You’re kinda scaring me...”
He sighed, trying to calm himself down. Kento walked over to Mei and pressed a kiss to her forehead, then one to Ise’s too. “It’s fine, Mei, don’t worry about it.” He reassured. “I’m just going to make sure the one who made our son cry will pay.”  With blood, he finished in his mind. 
Mei stared after him in bewilderment as he went down the stairs to get his husbands, Ikazuchi buzzing in his fingers as he held onto it in a vice grip. He was sure he was going to convince them to join his crusade, even the normally cautious Rintaro. And Touma sure as heck wouldn’t mind taking that senpai of his down a peg or ten.
No one got away with hurting their baby like this... not even that pink-loving world-hopping bastard.
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imrospink · a month ago
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Tumblr media
Besties fashion! 
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artctrlcee · 3 months ago
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I just want them to be able to go shopping for eclairs together
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tokusatsugirlsfans · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Coming soon...
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asknarashikari · 2 days ago
Funny/cute minific idea: Mei is attending a friend’s wedding with Rintaro as the plus one (since the other boys are busy) when during the bouquet toss, it flies over everyone’s hands into a oblivious Rintaro’s hands who is trying the wedding cake (bonus points for Rintaro asking why Mei is blushing)
Oh dear.
“Alright, all you single ladies come to the front! It’s time for the bouquet toss!” the host announced, as the bride stepped forward, resplendent in her wedding gown and clutching a beautiful- and large- bunch of flowers.
“Oh no...” Mei groaned, shaking her head. She had hoped that this would get skipped, since the couple had a traditional Shinto wedding, but apparently not. “Rintaro, I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to go with them for a bit...”
Rintaro, who was distracted by the slice of dessert he’d gotten, smiled at her. “Just go ahead, love. I’ll wait for you here.” 
She shook her head with a little laugh as he gave his full attention back to the cake, smoothing out her dress as she joined the other bachelorettes participating in the tradition. The bride had turned her back on the female guests, so as not to see who she’d be tossing the flowers to. The other girls seemed quite excited, hoping to be the one to catch the bouquet and be the lucky girl to get married next. 
Mei, on the other hand, wasn’t as eager. Not because she didn’t want to get married- not that she could, anyway, since she couldn’t marry all three of her boys at once. She just didn’t think it was necessary, since she already had everything that came in a marriage with her lovers. They even had a kid, for crying out loud.
Who needs all this ceremony, when already she had her boys tied around her fingers?
“Alright... here it comes... one, two, three!” 
And with that, the bouquet went flying over the heads of the female attendees-all of them, in fact. The bride had thrown the flowers so hard, it sailed past over all the women’s heads, and towards the table Mei had vacated-
“Rintaro, look out!” she cried, but it was too late. The bouquet hit Rintaro in the head with a rather loud rustle, then flopped into his hands. 
“What...” Rintaro stared at the flowers in his hand, confused. 
The crowd of women stared at him in dismay, then to Mei, who started blushing furiously. The bride looked horrified, and the host was momentarily speechless before she gathered herself and exclaimed, “Well, folks, looks like we have a lucky man this time! Congratulations, sir!”
“H-Huh? What are you congratulating me for...?” Rintaro questioned as everyone started applauding politely. “Mei, what’s going on? And... why are you so red?”
Mei flustered. “Rintaro... they say that whoever catches the bouquet... is the next one to get married...” she explained in a low tone.
“Oh,” Rintaro said. “Okay.” He smiled brilliantly at her. “Let’s get married then.” 
Mei stared at him, boggle-eyed, but didn’t even get a chance to retort before Rintaro swept her into a kiss, right in front of everyone. The clapping grew louder and people started cheering and wolf-whistling, causing Mei’s cheeks to grow hotter, but Rintaro didn’t even seem the slightest bit affected by it.
When Rintaro drew back all she could do was blink at him, before exclaiming, “EEEEEEHHHH?”
(Rintaro does end up being the next one to get married, not that a lot of people know that, with him marrying three people and all. And Mei was the blushing, beautiful bride.) 
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planetchii · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Happy New Year, Rider fans. Hopefully 2021 won’t be as bad as 2020.
Here’s Mei riding a suspiciously blue lion. 
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