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I’m encasing the gyro device in a cocoon of intensified flame! Hot enough to protect it — without making it melt!

In a feat of ingenuity, Johnny Storm devised a plan to deliver the gyro device to Reed Richards, who was stuck in the Negative Zone after sacrificing his own device to help Johnny get back on Earth.

One from Four Leaves Three! in Captain Britain vol 1 #1&2

Writer: Stan Lee Penciller: John Buscema

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So who’s gonna take one for the team, and write a Reed Richards, and Ben Grimm high school au, where Ben saves Reed from some bullies. And then maybe they go get ice cream after or maybe Ben patches Reed or Reed patches Ben up idk it doesn’t even have to be like a ship thing it can just be a friendship thing.

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Fantastic Four vs Doctor Doom

When Mister Fantastic Four gets blasted down by Doom, Thing and Invisible Woman get thrown to the wall. Thing gets the vines growing inside his body from Doom’s magic spell while Invisible Woman is blasted and pinned down by magic. However, Invisible Woman manages to make Human Torch invisible so that he could sneak up behind Doom and use his supernova on him. The supernova blast doesn’t seem to work when Johnny Storm is too exhausted and Doom is still standing. Then, Mister Fantastic is gagged with a magic muzzle by Doctor Doom but he manages to blast him with a weapon. 

- Fantastic Four v1 #500, 2003

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I know ages in comics are a tricky thing but do you happen to know how old the storm siblings are? Or at least whats more or less the age difference between them? I used to think they were very close in age but i saw someone say that they are actually +5 years appart and ive looked online but nothing came up🤕

We know that in 616 Johnny was 16 when he gained his powers – that’s been fairly consistent throughout the years – so he would be roughly 30 in current canon. Unfortunately we don’t have a concrete age for Sue at the time of the accident, so it makes calculating the exact age difference between them tricky. This is further complicated by various retcons to Sue and Reed’s origin story, where Lee and Kirby originally had them as childhood sweethearts but Byrne later retconned things so Sue was considerably younger than Reed, and then later writers have moved it back up so Sue went to college with him and Ben/was in college when she first met Reed. 

The age gap between them has also varied a lot by continuity – Marvel Adventures, the Ultimate universe, and all movie canons have them as fairly close in age to each other, whereas something like Unstable Molecules has a very large age difference. I think Sue is 14 years older than Johnny in Unstable Molecules but I’m not looking directly at the comic right now. It’s definitely an age difference greater than 10 years. So that’s a pretty big range. For 616, I usually figure Sue is somewhere between 8 to 10 years older than Johnny, which would make her old enough to have been his caretaker during a good chunk of his childhood and most of his teen years, which we know from canon that she was, considering he often credits her as his only parental figure, and also put her in her mid-20s around the time of the cosmic rays accident. But that’s just what I usually default to – the truth is there’s no concrete canon answer so it’s kind of one of those “you can do what you want” circumstances.

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Please add your couples as well. Here we’re talking about superheroes or a superhero and a civilian who got married and stayed married, without death, or divorce, or selling your marriage to a magical evil satan, which is why Peter/MJ is kind of a gray area, even if Renew Your Vows is AMAZING! And Vision and Scarlet Witch are divorced. 

Bear in mind this doesn’t mean they don’t have problems, or they don’t fight. Just that despite all of this they’re still married, and largely their marriage doesn’t threaten the universe, or someone’s soul or whatever. And only in the prime, central universes, no alternative timelines, or futures, or earths…well, alternative earth’s might count… So without further comments, I give you…

Reed and Sue


Jessica and Luke


Big Barda and Mr. Miracle


Pretty sure Lois And Clark have had like three weddings at this point. 


Although recently married, their stories are about them fighting together and not BS. So Rogue and Gambit


Recently married, but still solid, and the only proper Jewish wedding in a comic, as far as I know. Ben Grimm and Alicia. 

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Fantastic Four #5

  • Writer - Stan Lee
  • Art & Cover - Jack Kirby & Joe Sinnott

Doctor Doom enters the scene with a plan to rule the world - and all he needs to do is send the Fantastic Four back in time to retrieve Blackbeard’s treasure to accomplish his goals!

Doom is every bit as sinister and manipulating here as he ever will be. He convinces Sue to become his hostage while he sends the others to do his dirty work, and even though his plans are foiled (is that really a spoiler?) he manages to escape to menace the FF in the future.  Quite honestly, just about every villain has escaped the team so far, so they’re record isn’t that great early on!  But Doom has contingency plans and booby traps set up throughout, so the team doesn’t quite get the upper hand.  We even get the first appearance of a Doom bot in this issue.

The boys’ journey back in time is actually kind of a fun jaunt. The Thing in the Blackbeard costume was worth reading this issue for alone!  You can see Kirby had fun drawing him in the costume! While Thing does resist returning to the present and has his teammates tied up, it doesn’t last long and, even though it might be a bit of a stretch, does sort of fit his sense of being an outsider at home.

In a shameless bit of self-promotion, Lee has Johnny reading an issue of the Hulk at the start of the story!  Johnny even compares the Thing to the Hulk (a comparison I’m sure many people, including me, have made at this point) causing one of their little “dust ups.” Kind of a fun little reference to sell more books!

In spite of a few questionable scientific issues, I had a lot of fun with this one.

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Women’s History Month 2020

Invisible Woman a.k.a. Susan Storm

A founding member of the Fantastic Four, Sue Storm was Marvel’s first female superhero, originally going by the name “Invisible Girl”. She was introduced with the rest of the Fantastic Four in 1961, but it wasnt until July of 2019 that Sue got her own solo comic, a 5 part miniseries simply titled “Invisible Woman”.

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