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sketchtember day 4:

animal gijinka

(I can’t believe I didn’t upload this bc I drew it all the way back in October,, sorry for for this dead meme)

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                                 Prince Jaehyun 

so happy that i was given the opportunity to be part of the Prince Jaehyun collabo on instagram ; thank you very much for considering me ❤

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                             Day 3 sketchtember : go to outfit(s)

i drew my go to outfits (lmao yeah that’s somehow supposed to be me l o l ); i sometimes switch out the sweatpants with jeans. ;3;

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                               Day 2 sketchtember : favorite character(s)

i couldn’t decide between kaneki & urie bc i adore them both so much & literally feel them on a spiritual level OTL so i just drew them both together. i have so many fav characters tho, but these were the first that came to mind. show me strong, manipulative woman & an almost bipolar, anger-driven man, & i’m sold.

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hello, new followers :)

and thank you so much for following me! I dunno how many of you are super active on tumblr to see this; nonetheless, I’m thankful that you followed me.

I just wanted to let you guys know that I don’t strictly make YouTuber fanart! As mentioned in my bio, my main focus is kpop fanart, but I definitely enjoy doing fanart for other fandoms I’m in, too. 👀💕

This is also my main blog where I also reblog other people’s work and random things! If that’s all right with you, then great! But if you only followed me for the art, please follow my art blog, @sueszii :)

Thank you once again for following me and taking the time to read this! 💕✨

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                                   Vixx superpower series;

                                         Telekinetic Sanghyuk

      the power to control and move objects or people using only the mind.

                   it is now easier for him to throw around his hyungs

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                           Happy Birthday Han Sanghyuk 🐣

Watching you grow has been an incredible pleasure, & we’re so excited to spend the rest of our time with you. Thank you for being born, little dove. ❤

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