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evilhorse · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Wonder-Mite is here to help!
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darkbloomiana · a year ago
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devondeal · a year ago
I think I'm going to incorporate "suffering sappho" into my vocabulary instead of cursing. Thank you Wonder Woman.
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fridayiminlovemp3 · a year ago
I don’t use tumblr much but you’re basically the only person on my feed and I’m not mad about it. I love your posts🤍 (kiss me)
👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 kissing you rn 💕 it’s an honour to be the only person on your dashboard 🙏
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some-lovely-day · 5 days ago
Ik everyones been going FERAL over jason (dont try to deny it) but like-
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
i just-
i can’t-
god i love women.
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sufferingsapphozine · a month ago
Calling all Wonder Woman fans!
We're an unofficial, for-charity zine focusing on Wonder Woman WLW ships!
Interested? Help us out by filling in our IC:
Thanks for sharing!
@faneventshub @dcfandomevents @dc-event-calendar @zineshare @dczines
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feral-ballad · a year ago
I want to suffer in myself,
Sappho, tr. by Anne Carson, from If Not, Winter: Fragments of Sappho
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spritehealingpotion · a year ago
I love following tma artists bc the art is incredible and stunning and I love it but my god does it dial up my yearning. like I see Jon tenderly holding Martin and my yearn-o-meter just starts whistling like a kettle held over the core of the earth. WTGFs holding hands and I bi panic so strong I black out and wake up drifting slowly down a river with wasteland baby playing softly from somewhere. I think it's emanating from the trees.
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playdoh-plato · 5 months ago
incorporating historical women i look up to into my exclamations
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coinywords · a year ago
you, I want to suffer in myself I am aware of this
If Not, Winter
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oasis-of-colors · a year ago
So no one was gonna tell me that these pics of King Princess exist!?!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
(Found these on Pinterest, credit to creator: “King Princess photographed by Hélène Mastrandréas for Manifesto XXI” Not mine! 💛)
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spoopedmyself · a year ago
as i continue to try and tell stories with art ive been gaining a newfound respect for manga and comic artists because HOLY SHIT is it hard to decide what are the most important things i need? how do i convey the timing of the scene? which image i have in my head is unnecessary?
i find it so much harder to decide these things in a comic when with an animation i dont need to decide.
anyways go appreciate your local comic/manga artist
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fuck-it-up-achilles · 5 months ago
Me: why am I taking this language I am in hell I never want to translate again
Also me: plans to take this language for the rest of college
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sparrowhearted · 5 months ago
Once again, running around in circles trying to collect a pool of dates to do divination on to determine a good cultus date for Sappho.
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stars-and-galaxys · 6 months ago
The 67 Teen Titans show is comedy gold
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amajanah · a year ago
@stalkjustice​  said :  “  you’re  heavenly  and  yet  so  human .  “
 she   is   equipped   to   handle   a   great   many   things ;   flattery ,   though ,   has   always   felt   somewhat   foreign  to   her .   centuries   of   shelter   can   do   that   to   someone .   despite   the   title   [   OH ,   KING   OF   THE   AMAZONS   ]    —   she   had   never   been   anything   less   than   an   equal .   always   tried   to   act   as   such :   never   arrogant ,   never   demanding .   her   gaze   comes   to   rest   on   the   woman   at   her   side ,   fingertips   calloused   by   thousands   of   years   of   war   betraying    their   appearance   in   their   tender   embrace   of   misty’s   shoulder .    ❛❛     i   appreciate   that   you’ve   noticed   that   side   of   me ,   where   many   often   don’t .      ❜❜    an   earnest   sentiment ;   no   historian   on   earth   could   quantify   alone   what   she’s   seen ,   what   she’s   lived   through .   the   fall   of   empires ,   the   fall   of   entire   civilizations    —     with   such   longevity ,   how   does   one   hold   so   tight   to   their   humanity  ?   
Tumblr media
 she   remembers   how ,   as   she   straightens   her   posture   once   again   (   the   difficulty   of   standing   out ,   so   literally ,   among   outsiders ;   it   requires   a   great   deal   of   bending   over   )   with   a   smile .   ❛❛      i   also   appreciate   your   company ,   misty   knight .   ❜❜   her   fond   touch   lingers   a   moment   longer ,   before   her   hand   is   removed   from   the   woman’s   shoulder .     ❛❛      perhaps   you   could   grace   me   with   it   more   often ,   it   is   . . .   rather   refreshing ,   i   think .     ❜❜
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kronkk · a month ago
When They Were First Together in Ancient Greece
By Anon P
7th Century BC Island of Lesbos
Kronkk feels the tears well in her eyes as she looks outward to the courtyard and watches Sappho embrace Radicallyaligned, also known as Rhode, her legal greek name. Kronkk knows it is only a matter of time before Sappho starts to write poems about her too. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Her and Rhode were meant to be happily married.
She feels hand tap her shoulder, “Kallisto are you still crying about her? It’s been months, and you have Folx now” Her friend Athenais says looking stern.
“Folx is only my wife because of the curse, I don’t even love her.”
“I know, we’ve been over this already. Folx is the daughter of a selfish god and she wanted you for herself. The god made you chose between leaving Rhode for Folx or letting the women of Greece suffer fates worse than deaths. And you chose saving all the women because you have class consciousness. Now if you ever kiss Rhode again in any lifetime the deal breaks and women will suffer. But you have to move on, you’ll only hurt yourself more thinking of her and Sappho spending nights together”
Kronkk turns away a tear falling down her face, “Sometimes I can’t help but think of how it used to be”
1 year prior
“Kallisto!” A breathless Rhode runs up to her in the market, the sun accentuating her beautiful features.
“My love” Kronkk replies pulling her close and behind a column before embracing her with a kiss, “I thought you were preparing the ship for your scientific voyage”
“I finished already,” Rhode says with a large smile “I’m all ready to set sail tomorrow, and then when I return it will be our wedding”
“I can’t stand the thought of being away from you, for even a day” Kronkk says kissing her face all over, “However, I’m excited to hear about all that you discover.”
“My dearest Kallisto, your portrait will keep me warm at night and you shall never leave my mind, you are my soulmate and eternal lover, but I must prove that the earth is not flat” Rhode says placing her hand on the side of Kronkk’s soft face.
Kronkk smiles, but then out of the corner of her eye spots a figure watching them. Turning her head she sees a woman hidden in the shadows glaring at Rhode, a deep hatred etched onto her face.
“Do you know her?” Kronkk whispers uneasy.
Rhode turns her head and spots the figure, who suddenly turns and runs into the crowd, vanishing. “No, I have no idea who she is” She frowns concerned.
“She looked angry, but alas nothing to worry about” Kronkk smiles, reassuringly tucking Rhode’s hair beyond her hair before kissing the top of her head.
To be continued….
@radicallyaligned @hunterfschafer our origin story just dropped
I also did another dramatic reading here <3
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