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✨🌍HOW I FOUND MY DESTINY🌍✨ - 14 March 2020 | Adapted from Sufi Master @Younus_AlGohar’s Interview by Reverend @stevebell18 on @ALRATV⁣

In a very special episode of ‘How I Found My Destiny’, Reverend Steve Bell gets a rare glimpse of the life of Sufi Master Younus AlGohar. Our team was inspired, shocked, amazed, reduced to tears 😭and filled with hope during this one-of-a-kind interview. We were honoured to bear witness 👀to it and are equally pleased to share it with you.⁣

‘When I would return home from HDE Gohar
One day my father’s eldest sister came and said to my father, “If he doesn’t remove this picture, I will never set foot in this house”. So my father said to me, “Either you leave this house, or you remove the picture”, so I said “Okay, I will leave the house”.⁣

'When I left my house, I only had HDE Gohar Shahi’s picture, as my entire belongings’.

Watch the full interview on ALRA TV’s YouTube! ‘Special Episode: How I Found My Destiny’- Published on 14th March 2020.⁣

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Ali ibn Abi Talib, Sermon 1, Nahjul Balagha (Peak of Eloquence)
He is a Being, but not through phenomenon of coming into being. He exists but not from non-existence. He is with everything but not in physical nearness. He is different from everything but not in physical separation. He acts but without connotation of movements and instruments. He sees even when there is none to be looked at from among His creation. He is only One, such that there is none with whom He may keep company or whom He may miss in his absence.
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I am the secret held within the bud

The quenching of pure waters

I am the consuming of the flame

The deer of the untrod forest

I am birdsong of the coming dawn

& the dance of all creation

But who are you who made me open

Who made me thirst

Who set me ablaze

& who enraptured me

In this dance of love?

You are the secret

That causes words to prostrate

Hearts to open and lips to close

- Lewis Abdullah Cattell

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In tonight’s episode of 🕋📖Quran e Maknoon, a new segment on ALRA TV with Sufi Master @younusalgohar, the Sufi Master gives an unprecedented explanation of Surah e Baqarah (Chapter Baqarah). Never before has the true definition of the Disjoined Letters, Alif Laam Meem (الم) been given in such lengthy details. ⁣

Catch Quran e Maknoon LIVE every Friday at 10:30 PM on @ALRATV - link in the bio.⁣

Be sure to watch this space to be notified when the full episodes are posted on our YouTube Channel!⁣

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“If it had not been for this love, the universe would not have appeared in its source. Its movement from non-existence to existence is the movement of the love of the One who brings into existence for this purpose. The universe also loves to witness itself in existence as it was witnessed in immutability. Thus by every aspect, the movement from immutable non-existence to the existence of the sources is a movement of love, both in respect of Allah and in respect to itself.”

― Ibn Arabi - “The Bezels of Wisdom”

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Stillness and contemplation are central to the way of well-being. The ritual prayer, the remembrance of Allah, and meditative practice realign your perception and provide perspective on the events unfolding before you. They create the foundation of gratitude which a blessed life is built upon. ⁣⁣
Gratitude is an existential state, not just fleeting words of thanks or appealing Instagram posts. Gratitude is a catalyst for excellence. If one truly understands that her existence is an astounding blessing, she immediately gets to work. ⁣⁣
She uses the gifts the Almighty has bestowed upon her for good. She strives to make the most meaningful contribution possible, to bring value into the lives of others, and live out her Divinely assigned mission with distinction. ⁣⁣
Aspects of spiritual growth definitely take place on the prayer mat or in the company of the wise ones. But so much of our development happens when we are out in the world, striving, struggling, and working for good. ⁣⁣
If you are grateful, you must seek out a way in which to articulate your gratitude to the benefit of creation.

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What is Sufism?

I have heard that the ecstasy of the “wearers of wool” comes from finding the taste of Love.

That’s Sufism, nothing more.

Sufism is nothing but a path, It is just this clear road, and nothing more.

What is Sufism?

Good character and awareness of Love.

The cure for hatred and vengeance.

That’s Sufism, nothing more.

What is Sufism?

The heart attaining tranquility which is the root of religion.

That’s Sufism, nothing more.

What is Sufism?

Contemplation that travels to the Divine throne, a far-seeing gaze.

That’s Sufism, and nothing more.

Sufism is keeping one’s distance from imagination and supposition.

Sufism is surrendering one’s soul to the care of the inviolability of Love.

Sufism is the path of faith and affirmation of unity.

It is an incorruptible religion.

That’s Sufism, nothing more.

Sufism is a smooth and illuminated path, 

It is the way to the most exalted Paradise.

That’s Sufism, and nothing more. 

- mevlana Rumi 

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I became a waterfall compelled by love

To constantly throw myself

From the cliffs of separation

Into annihilation within Your eyes

Lewis Abdullah Cattell


#LewisAbdullahCattell #Mysticalpoetry #Sufi #Sufism #Sufipoetry #Sufipoem #sufiquotes #rumi #araqi #alhallaj #poetry #poem #micropoetry #lovepoem

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What is Meant by Nur (light) in Islam:

To the Sufis, nūr is the first creation of Allah, and all other things and beings were gradually created from it.[15] The Andalusian scholar Abu Bakr ibn al-Arabi (1076–1148)) elaborated on the concept that Muhammad existed before creation. This is the doctrine of An-Nūr al-Muḥammadī or the Muhammadan Light. The light existed before creation, and everything was created from it. The world is a manifestation of the light, which was incarnated in Adam, the prophets and the Aqṭāb.[16] Ibn al-Arabi wrote, “The creation began with nūr Muhammad. The lord brought the nūr from his own heart.”[17] The Persian poet and Sufi theoretician Fariduddin Attar (c. 1145–1221) wrote, “The origin of the soul is the absolute light, nothing else. That means it was the light of Muhammad, nothing else.”[18]

To the Sufis, the light also represents what we know about our inner self, and darkness that which we do not know.[19] Ibn Arabi distinguished three types of light: Nûr al-anwâr (The Light of lights), which reveals the absolute reality in its most transcendent aspect, anwâr al-ma'âni (The Light of the intellect) and anwâr al-tabi'â (The Light of nature).[20] The Kurdish philosopher Shahab al-Din Suhrawardi (1155–91) wrote, “Allah’s essence is the original creative Light, always illuminating existence. It constantly manifests the universe and energizes it. Allah’s Essential Light radiates the whole cosmos in abundant beauty and completeness. To be illuminated by this process means nothing less than salvation.”[19]

Muḥammad ibn Muṣṭafá Khādimī (c. 1702–1763), writes that “protecting the spiritual heart from worldly thoughts can be accomplished by the spiritual heart’s benefiting (receiving "Fayd” (nūr [light]) from the spiritual heart of the perfect Sufi master. The spiritual luminance (Fayd) flows from one spiritual heart to another by way of love. Death of the perfect spiritual guide or his being in a distant country does not stop the flow of spiritual luminance (Fayd).“[21] According to Inayat Khan (1882–1927) the soul is like a ray of the sun. The angels, who do not have physical bodies, are made of nūr, or light, that comes from the divine Sun, the Spirit of God. All souls are made of Nur, or contain some part of that essence, which is the essence of the whole manifestation.[22]

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