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#sugar daddy
nellblazer15 hours ago
Kinktober Day 19 - Daddy | Dark!Baron Zemo
Tumblr media
Summary: It will never do to deny the Baron what he wants
Warnings: Dark!Sugar daddy relationship, dub-con, humiliation
*Please do not replicate/rework/translate my work, I do not give permission. This is on A03, Tumblr, Wattpad. Anywhere else, it has been stolen.*
Tumblr media
You felt exposed in the ludicrously strappy lingerie that the Baron had picked out.
No matter which way you turned in the mirror, you could see practically all of you. Were it not for a few strategic lace panels, it wouldn't cover anything.
You guessed you'd taken too long trying it on because the curtain in the changing room flew back and Zemo entered.
鈥淢y patience was wearing thin,鈥 he shrugs, trailing a finger across the back of your shoulders. 鈥淎nd I wanted to see my sweet girl in something not so sweet.鈥
鈥淭hey're going to catch us in here.鈥
鈥淣onsense. I gave the attendant a little bribe to leave us in peace for a while,鈥 his arms come around you.
Of course he did. Of course he'd paid off everyone to get his way. That's what he'd done with you after all.
He'd taken advantage of your poverty, wound you up so tightly in financial knots that your life completely belonged to him. You'd tried to get out once and he'd hired men to find you, dragged you back to his home and he made you grovel at his feet for forgiveness.
鈥淪uch a pretty little thing,鈥 Zemo's hands start travelling across your body. 鈥淲hy don't you get on your knees for me?鈥
And you sank to your knees on the spot. No one made the Baron wait.
鈥淥pen for me,鈥 he orders before unzipping his fly and shoving his cock between your lips unceremoniously.
He pushed so far that drool started dripping onto the expensive basque but not that he'd care anyway. He was so rich he could buy the entire store.
鈥淪uch a good girl,鈥 he purrs as you bob up and down his length. 鈥淕etting me ready for you. You want me ready for you, don't you?鈥
鈥淵es, Daddy.鈥
Every time you said it you felt dirty but Zemo hated you calling him anything else. It was part of the initial arrangement that became one of his unbreakable rules.
鈥淚 knew you did,鈥 he smiles fondly before waiting until you got up and then taking something out of his pocket.
You watch him in the mirror as he places the object in the gusset of your underwear and it starts vibrating. It's not strong enough that you collapse but you feel the twinges of pleasure already.
Although the Baron was terrifying, he was generous as a lover at least and he enjoyed watching your reactions. You could see his gaze, intense and lascivious as he pawed at your breasts, drinking in your every gasp and soft moan.
鈥淭ell me what you want, sweet girl.鈥
鈥淚 want you.鈥
鈥淲ant me to what?鈥
鈥淔uck me, Daddy.鈥
He chuckles, kissing along the shell of your ear, 鈥淎nd how can I refuse such a lovely plea?鈥
In a flash you were pinned against the mirror, breath misting as he pulled the panties aside a little to slip his cock in. The vibrator became snug against you as he bottomed out and you were glad you had something to lean against.
鈥淢y tight little darling,鈥 Zemo groans before ripping the straps of the basque revealing your breasts. 鈥淚'll pay to get it fixed but I wanted to see you in all of your beauty.鈥
You had no idea if the attendant was outside but if you held back any noises you'd be punished later so every slow grind you used your fullest volume. It seemed Zemo was in the mood to take his time today as well so your torture was prolonged as you got near the edge but couldn't quite tip over.
鈥淗ave you been good enough to cum?鈥 he rasps as he drives particularly deep.
鈥淵es Daddy! I've been good!鈥
鈥淥h I don't think you have. You were told not to touch yourself until I returned home and I know you didn't obey me. I have cameras everywhere. Did you forget, my darling?鈥
You whine, knowing full well you did forget and you were going to pay for it now. Zemo lifts your chin so you can see him in the reflection.
鈥淒id you forget?鈥 he repeats, a little sterner this time as he slams home.
鈥淵es! I'm sorry!鈥
鈥淎re you? Are you really?鈥
鈥淵es! Please, Daddy! Please let me cum!鈥
鈥淎nd what will you do for me?鈥
鈥淎nything!鈥 you're getting desperate, getting close.
鈥淚 do so love to hear that,鈥 Zemo chuckles. 鈥淛ust this once you can cum.鈥
He reaches around and cups your pussy, grinding his palm so the vibrator is completely flush and he starts fucking hard, pulling his cock out to the farthest extent before ramming back. You felt the build climbing and climbing until you came with a loud cry, walls fluttering around him.
He pulls out, dragging you down until you're knelt before him.
鈥淢outh open,鈥 Zemo growls.
You manage to just in time, sticking your tongue out as hot ropes of cum land on it and he shoves himself between your lips so you can lap up the rest of his mess.
鈥淢ake sure you swallow it all down...there we go,鈥 he smiles as you give an exaggerated gulp for his benefit before moving to the curtain. 鈥淓xcuse me? Service please?鈥
You don't have time to cover yourself before the attendant steps into the changing room but they only give a knowing smirk before addressing the Baron.
鈥淵es, sir?鈥
鈥淲e'll take the set in every colour. Have it sent to my address.鈥
鈥淰ery good, sir,鈥 the attendant leaves.
鈥淐ome along, my sweet darling,鈥 Zemo clicks his fingers so you get to your feet. 鈥淚 have a busy night and I want you in that silk nightdress in my office so I have something nice to view. I'll let you spend the night in your apartment tomorrow if you behave.鈥
鈥淵es, Daddy,鈥 you grab your normal clothes, hastily redressing.
Just how did your life come to this when you were grateful to be allowed to go home?
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majalittle-world4 months ago
馃尭i want you to treat me like a baby. tell me what to do, call me a little girl, not only when I'm in my little space, in bed too. I want to feel safe and small even when you fuck me.
Tumblr media
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softbabybunnia day ago
i wanna get some cute plant pots at the moment
Tumblr media
ive seen sum rly cool ones i wanna paint some cute fake plants a cute pink n purple n blue itd be so cute. maybe a few pokemon ones or animal crossing related ones
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