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haikyuu hc

having a relationship with sugawara

genre: fluff

warnings: none

* 。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆ 。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆ * 。・:*:・゚★,。・:*

-how he confessed: he wanted to talk to you after school before he went to gym practice and told you to meet him by the back of the gym. seeing the seriousness of his face of course you were there a bit early. as he met you behind the gym he confessed that he liked you and wanted to be your boyfriend

-first date: he took you out on an ice cream date. it was cute and simple and it was a good way to break any awkwardness you both might’ve felt starting out as a couple

- his love language is touch, so he’ll always touch your arm, give you hugs, move your hair out of your face, or rub your back

- love love loves it when you show up to his practices or games, even if he might not play the whole time he still enjoys having you there to support him

- doesn’t care about pda, if he wants to hold your hand or kiss you he’ll do it

- the team tells him how he’s lucky and wish that you were theirs, kiyoko and yachi really like you too

- when cuddling he likes to draw little hearts or write his name with his finger on your back, stomach or arms

- at school you sometimes join suga and the third years or suga will join you and your friends

- likes to feed you, he seems like the one who likes to feed his s/o

- passionate kisses

- gets embarrassed after he does something cute on purpose although he chose to do it

- for your 6 month anniversary he went all out and made a photo album of all of the dates to the pictures of you guys at his matches

- pays attention to literally everything you say, if you happen to mention how much you like or want a certain item he will give it to you as a present

- loves to sway from side to side when he’s hugging you

- always asks you why you chose him, sometimes he wants that reassurance

- likes to hold both of your hands when talking

- he likes to cook/bake and whenever he tries something new he always has you taste test it

- loves it when you sit on his lap

- he always takes care of you when your sick and makes sure you’re comfortable

- cute goodnight and good morning texts

- when he told ukai that he wanted kageyama to be the setter he came to your house and slept over, although he never said he was sad you could tell and made sure to be by his side

- matching lock screens

- constantly has has to drag tanaka and noya away from you

- when he kisses you he holds your face with both his hands and his touch is so gentle

- he enjoys little spa days with you

- he always opens the door for you even if you are closer to the door he’ll run ahead and grab it for you

- he definitely was your first time for everything

- he has a picture of you and him framed on his nightstand and it’s the first thing he looks at in the morning

- gives you his shirts to wear if you sleep over

*let me know if you’d like to see any other haikyuu boys :)

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Haikyuu characters when they see a dead body

(I regret nothing)

Daichi - And this is why we don’t leave our children alone


Kiyoko - *pulls out machete*

Sugawara - *confronts murderer* You were supposed to kill me, not mY KIDS

Noya - *checks the body* Oh thank god it’s not Kiyoko

Suna - Finally I get to sleep

Ushijima - He should’ve come to Shiratorizawa.

Kenma - Is the murderer still here? Come get me too bitch.

Yamamoto & Tanaka - *nods in satisfaction* Shouldn’t have messed with our manager.

Yamaguchi - *just screaming*

Kageyama - Ha. Sucker.

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Karasuno Reacting to Their Manager Dating Atsumu

Ayo! Sure! I haven’t done a hq post in so long 😅

  • The third years arent stupid
  • They know you have a special someone in your life once you start keeping your phone on you at practice, once you stop paying any attention to the boys at school that you used to rant to them about, and ofc once they stole your phone
  • In Daichi and Asahi’s defense, Suga was the one who snuck it out of your bag
  • You phone just happened to be ringing with a call from atsumu
  • Suspicious suga answered the phone only to be greeted by the typical yelling of the Miya twins
  • He immediately hung up and threw your phone at Daichi who threw it at Asahi who threw it at the door that you just so happened to open
  • You quickly piece together the puzzle with the quilts look on asahi’s face and the smug look at suga’s face
  • And then it’s a rage…
  • You’re beating up all three of them for invading your privacy while Daichi is yelling that it was all sugas fault and while suga is yelling that it was obvious the rest of the third years needed to know to protect you
  • You’re too busy chasing the three of them around you don’t notice when Tanaka comes in and answers your ringing phone
  • He lets out the loudest scream possible when he hears atsumu from the other line telling him that he’s your boyfriend
  • The rest of the team comes barreling into the room and it’s a mad dash to grab your phone
  • By the time the phone is back in your hands your phone has some how been turned onto speaker mode
  • Which is when Kageyama hears atsumu’ s voice on the other end asking what all the fuss is about
  • his. jaw. drops.
  • The first years see this change in kageyama’s face and are just as shocked when they hear kageyama sputter out who your boyfriend is
  • The rest of the day there’s no practice and it’s just the whole team planning Atsumu’s murder


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Yamaguchi: Who’s turn is it to give the pep talk?

Daichi: *sighs* Sugawara’s.

Sugawara: *clears throat*

Sugawara: It’s been a pleasure fighting with you. Some of us won’t make it, but there is a place where we will see each other again. And that place is Denny’s.

Y/N: Which Denny’s?

Sugawara: We’ll figure it out later-

Y/N: ‘Cause the one near the 15 exit, I’m banned from there.

Sugawara: Well then I guess I’ll see you in hell.

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✃ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

                        ┊         ┊       ┊   ┊    ┊        ┊

                        ┊         ┊       ┊   ┊   ˚✩ ⋆。˚  ✩

                        ┊         ┊       ┊   ✫

                        ┊         ┊       ☪︎⋆      

                        ┊ ⊹    

                        ✯ ⋆      ┊ .  ˚



Pirate’s sea shanty


I think you kin…

Sugawara Koushi!


Especially the songs This is love, Livin’ La Vida Loca, and Bacterial Contamination. 

You are always called the mom friend or the responsible one in the group. But in reality, you are the wine aunt that just wants the tea. You are chaotic yet gentle, kind yet sarcastic. A  total opposite of what people first think of you. But even if they exaggerate your soft side, there is some truth to it. You are very kind and can be an angel. But your chaotic side only shows with those you are close with. 

You can be very insecure. Especially when it comes to your abilities. You hate being useless to others and often try and be of use. You also have a fear of being replaced. Which let me tell you, that isn’t very likely. You love the concept of found family and already have one. And in conclusion, you are amazing. 


Joyous Chorus: 100 merfolk - 100 follower event : open

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When they have an s/o who loves disney princesses.


Oikawa, kuroo, asahi, sugawara


Originally posted by herelivesthenymph

A/N: yeah still head empty on my osamu fic and yes you might tell my favorite disney princess is our princess tiana💚 i would die to have a friend like lottie, sure she’s spoiled but she’s a true friend to tiana, their friendship is to die for and i love that! If ur lottie hmu😘



  • He knows that you love watching disney and don’t get me wrong he absolutely LOVED the fact that you do.
  • One time he gave you a ticket to disneyland as your birthday gift. And the way you were giggling like a child during your visit there was a pretty sight indeed
  • And how you dragged him to meet the princesses was absolutely adorable.
  • “They’re so pretty! They are right tooru?”
  • He would just hum and grab your hands.
  • “They are but you are pretty too y/n i think you’re qualified to be the next new disney princess”
  • You knew he’s like this and you still get flustered.
  • “Awww look my princess is blushing how cute”
  • “Shut up tooru!”


  • Ok having you, someone who’s obsessed with disney is a breath of fresh air and cuteness.
  • He did have kenma basically his whole life and it’s really hard to keep tabs on that boy since he did have a bit a toxic love in games.
  • Yeah that kind.
  • But you? No, hell no
  • You love disney princesses that you pick up their habit.
  • The one where you’re humming while doing something, yep that one you pick up that one.
  • So whenever kuroo catches you doing some chores at home and humming songs from the movies he think “all we need is animals and it’s done”
  • But he loves that and it’s kinda making his ego swell a bit, like come on think about it he got his very own DISNEY PRINCESS how could he not?
  • “Hey princess what you cooking?”
  • You stopped humming when you felt a pair of arms arou your waist.
  • “Katsudon!”
  • “Can you tell me what song were you humming this time”
  • “So this is love~”
  • Kuroo hummed the part of the song and sang with you.
  • “So this is love~”
  • “So this is what makes life divine~” “so this is what makes life divine~”
  • And the entire time you two were just singing and dancing in the kitchen like you two were in a ball.


  • Ok when he knew the love you have for the disney princesses he was absolutely wrecked
  • He never complains whenever you put on a disney princess movie if you two are having a movie marathon.
  • “What are we watching?”
  • “Sleeping beauty”
  • “Oh i like their song”
  • “I know right? It’s so catchy and i love it!”
  • While you two were watching you saw how pretty aurora’s dress is so you just kinda blurted out “wow i wish i had that kind of dress”
  • Of course asahi would hear that so without any second thought he said “i can make you one”
  • It’s not like you didn’t appreciated what he said but making gowns isn’t his forte so you giggled.
  • “Baby are you sure you can make one? I didn’t really mean what i said you know”
  • “You don’t know if you don’t try”
  • He was being serious so didn’t agrue you just gave him a kiss on the cheeks
  • “Do whatever you want”


  • Having to take care of kids he sure does have a lot of knowledge in cartoons
  • And having you as his s/o who basically knows a lot about disney, he now has a vast knowledge.
  • He adores how you still like disney despite your age, still giddy when you watch a movie together even though you saw it like a hundred times already
  • “I’m a sucker for a happy ending”
  • “Don’t worry I’ll make sure you’ll get married to Prince Charming one day”
  • You gasped “prince eric?!”
  • “Nooo meee!”
  • You’re a sucker for a romantic fantasy fairytale, and since this time and age balls aren’t a thing anymore it kinda saddens you.
  • As if you’ll get an invitation if there’s one.
  • So whenever you’re alone you put on some disney songs and dance like you’re in a ball.
  • Suga was finished checking some papers and as soon as he went out he saw you dancing with your eyes closed feeling the rhythm, swaying and twirling.
  • He watched you with a smile, GOD knows how much he loves you he can’t even contain the sight right infront of him.
  • And in a heartbeat he took your hands and swayed with you which surprised you.
  • “We can’t let a princess dance alone now can’t we?”
  • “My my prince don’t you have any manners? you should have asked my permission first”
  • He smirked “I’m not your normal Prince Charming your highness”

Reblogs are really appreciated

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sugawara x reader

description: sugawara tells you of the time he first fell in love with you.

warnings: none, absolute fluff

“Do you believe in love?”

Suga was taken back by your question, turning around to see you innocently eating the ice cream he bought you a few minutes ago. You sat on the bench, swinging your legs back and forth. It was almost as if you hadn’t spoken, but the look on your face reassured him that you did.

He scrunched his nose, “What kind of question is that?”

You scoffed. “Just answer it!”

“I’m dating you-”

With those words, you turned away from him to the park. “Well, yeah, but that doesn’t answer my question.”

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Taking Care of a Sick S/O

Characters: Sugawara Koushi, Tendou Satori, Sakusa Kiyoomi


Sugawara Koushi

  • he’ll be super attentive and stuff
  • Honestly, he might use know way before you do
  • So when you tell him you’re sick he’s all like
  • “yeah i know”
  • While holding like 3 bags of medicine and food and stuff to make you feel better
  • He will NOT leave your side until you’re all better
  • Also I’m utterly convinced that he has these little homemade remedies for you
  • And if you’re worried about missing class??
  • Somehow he has notes even though he’s been with you the entire day
  • He knows he should probably stay a safe distance if you’re sick but he’s always there
  • Plus he like n e v e r gets sick

Tendou Satori

  • You’re gonna be very happy!!
  • You think he’s gonna let you be sad?? H a h no.
  • It doesn’t even matter where he is like at all
  • He’s in the middle of class? Climbs out the window.
  • Washing dishes? Climbs out the window.
  • In the police center? Climbs out the window.
  • He’ll just keep pestering you as if you can just heal
  • “y/nnnn just get better already”
  • “thats not how it works”
  • Also he’ll just try and cheer you up
  • he’ll tell you the most random things in hopes of making you smile
  • He’s just really nice and funny about it

Sakusa Kiyoomi

  • He’s definitely panicking
  • Usually his face is just deadpan but he might break a nervous sweat or two
  • As soon as you get sick, it’s like you’re about to die
  • He has gloves and masks and probably even a ppe??
  • Honestly, he’ll probably keep a distance from you so he doesn’t get sick too but don’t get me wrong
  • He will take care of you because he really really does want you to get better
  • Also is surprisingly fussy about you
  • He might decide to just tuck you under layers of blankets
  • Or just force feed you medicine
  • But still, no kisses 😔✋
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Haikyuu Boys - Danganronpa Au

So… I got bored and I wanted to write for some of my favourite characters and I asked some people as well for who do.

Pairings: Oikawa, Iwaizumi, Kuroo, Kenma, Sugawara x Reader

Warnings: Death obviously this is Danganronpa. But I won’t go too deep into execution or their deaths just what happened to them and for the deaths how they were killed. Also Spolier for Post-Timeskip in Sugawara’s


| Part 1 (Arrived) | Part 2 - Coming Soon |

Oikawa Tōru

So, your looking at the Ultimate Player y’all. Is it really a surprise? He a pretty boy, he’s got all the girls and guys falling for him. Like? How is he not the Ultimate Player? He makes whoever he is in a relationship with like he really does love them till he cuts it off out of no where. Killing game? One of the first to die. He’d be the first or second victim. He’d probably be an unlikeable person in it so he’d be killed because of it. 

Iwaizumi Hajime

It is really a surprise that Iwa here would be the ultimate MMA Fighter? I mean look at those guns y’all. This hurts me but… He ends up killing, I feel it wouldn’t even have to do anything with any of those bribes that Monokuma would give them. Just being in a high school forever without any contact besides people with him he’d lose it and his temper would make him end up beating up someone to their death. After that he’d try to cover up the fact it was him with putting a knife in them as if he didn’t beat them to their death but he couldn’t get away. His execution… The Roaring Opponent. He’d end up being beat up himself

Kuroo Testuroo

He’s the Ultimate Scientist!!! Like, this isn’t a surprise or anything. As for how he’d react to all of this, he tries to act like everything is fine but in reality.. He’s the mastermind… His reasoning for the killing game is to see what would happen if he put lots of people in a building and tell them to kill what would happen. IT WAS FOR SCIENCE! His prediction was that they wouldn’t actually go ahead and kill anyone..

Kenma Kozume

Excuse me? Do I really need to say what it is? Well he is the Ultimate Gamer, I mean he’s addicted to it so I don’t really know why he wouldn’t be. He’d most likely be pretty calm with everything that was happening around him as long as he had his games. He’d end up being killed by the end since he would be an easy target you could say.

Sugawara Koshi

The Ultimate Teacher, if this is a surprise then there’s something wrong. I mean in the post-time it said that he was a elementary school teacher but still I believe he’d be the best teacher!!! If you are to make the agruement ‘Well the Danganronpa characters are teens though.’ Well can’t anyone teach someone? That’s what I thought. Also I believe that he’d be one of the survivors. The reason for that, he was way too nice and was helpful so no one really wanted to go after him.

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Karasuno Masterlist


Request here!

Daichi Sawamura

Sugawara daddy Koshi

Asahi Azumane

Shimizu Kiyoko

Nishinoya Yu

Fluff headcanons (+ birthday)

Tanaka Ryunoske

Hinata Shoyo

Kageyama Tobio

Yamaguchi Tadashi

Hitoka Yachi

Ukai Keishin

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little headcanons for kuroo, suna, kageyama, and sugawara as your classmates :)

genre: fluff/comfort/idk :0
tw: swearing

kuroo tetsurou

  • annoying little shit
  • will 100% poke you if you sit near by him
  • you guys cheat on tests together
  • never fully focused in class but somehow always understands all the concepts (bitch)
  • volunteers you when the teacher asks if anyone wants to read something out loud

suna rintarou

  • sits in the back of the class
  • always on his phone
  • doesn’t pay attention at all
  • constant naps in class
  • has tons of food and will share some with you on occasion

kageyama tobio

  • suuuper focused in class but almost too focused
  • poor boy still doesn’t get some of the concepts though
  • please tutor him oh my gosh he is in need of help
  • immediately turns to you when the teacher mentions group/partner work

sugawara koushi

  • will lend you his pencils!
  • steals your phone a lot and spams your camera roll
  • gets away with HELLA shit because he kisses up to the teachers
  • draws happy faces on your papers
  • gossips with you in class
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