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#sugawara koshi

matchup: #1 - hq boy w/ an extroverted fem reader!

—a/n: wow im genuinely so sorry for taking so long. literally school is ruining my life and i also um,, haven’t been doing the best this past month. i really hope this makes up for it !! it’s kinda long so my bad…also this is NOT proofread lol i apologize if it sucks aaaa.

DISCLAIMER: while this is a personalized matchup, they’re still headcanons, so basically anyone can enjoy them! :]


hello @/meremoomoo ! you are so cute and tysm for being patient about ur request. i debated who you would go well with for a while, but in the end i came up with…

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worth the trouble

Daichi is stunned, but still has enough sense to look back to the road. He can’t speak, every time he opens his mouth to say something it dies on his tongue. He sits there in pure shock.

Suga simply settles back in his seat, and buckles his seatbelt once again. He holds the traffic cone in his lap with a satisfied smile.

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Suga ships to consider

  • Iwaisuga

Now to start this of right we got this fucking gem of a ship. Tell me they aren’t each others type . TELL ME. Oh what’s that …you can’t ? Right that’s what I thought .  They made out in the bathroom once and that’s all it took .

  • Tensuga

Tendou never thought he could pull someone as good looking as Suga , and to be honest everyone’s surprised when Suga picks Tendou. Suga loves his weirdness though and besides Tendou is likely to never cheat on him- not on purpose at least and that’s what counts.

  • Matsusuga

I’ll be frank I’m not so sure what makes this ship appeal to me so much but it dose. Matsukawa probably fell in love the minute Suga looked in his general direction tho.

  • Sakusuga

One time Suga sneezed into a tissue in front of Sakusa and then use some hand sanitizer after and that was that …the man fell hard . He’ll hold Suga’s hand no doubt 👌 Suga definitely agreed to go out because he liked his hair . They lived happily ever after .

  • Akasuga

They wanted to date someone equally beautiful so they decided to just date each other. Don’t get me wrong tho -they actually really love each other and wear matching pajamas to bed and play Saturday night bingo together .

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Imagine • • •

“Ryuu! Saeko is strangling Yachi with her titties, AGAIN!” You yelled watching your older brother try to stop the strangulation of your manager, finally Saeko let Yachi go. 

“Otōto why didn’t you try to help?” Ryuu asked

“Cause I’m just skin and bone, like no muscle at all.” You shrugged, “Anyway where is Kō- I mean Sugawara-senpai?”

“Since de hell-” Saeko

“He’s in the club room.” Ryuu said.

“Ryu why did Otōto-san ask where Sugawara was?”


“Not to mention he almost said his first name.”

“I- he did. NOyAA!!” Ryuu yelled and Nishinoya appeared


“Your closer with Y/n why did he ask for Suga?”

“I dunno lets find out.” He said turning around. 

Just of side of le club room

“So my lovey little boyfriend isn’t gonna go on a date with me because his brother wants to drag him of to some place?” Suga asked

“It’s not like I wanna go, he doesn’t want to ask Saeko to drive him down to the bakery and then he decides that I don’t out enough which since you became my boyfriend is incredibly wrong since you drag me out every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.” You replied

“Well why don’t you just say no?”

“Have you tried saying ‘No’ to Ryuu?”


“I could tell. The word No seldom exists in his dictionary.”

“Oh, why don’t you tell your sister then. Knowing her she’d probably drag him, throw him into the car and drive of. See there crisis averted, you can go on a date with me now.” Suga smiled

“I- yes.” You replied. Suga then from nowhere cupped your cheek and kissed your lips. 

“Awe Sugar your going red!” Kōshi smiled.

“Well ofcourse that was out of nowhere!” You replied.

“Anyway Sugar *snigger* how long till you wanna tell people?”

“Could we just walk into the gym tomorrow and make out till Ukai kicks us out?” You said queueing for Sugawara to blush a deep shade of red, “I’m not hearing a no.”

“I- well- are your sure that how you want your brother to find out like that?” Sugawara stammered out

“I really don’t care, cause either way he’s gonna give me the safe sex talk while Saeko records it.”

“Too damn right I will!” Saeko smirked

“Oh god cut me down right now.” You groaned as your sister, brother, and his best friend stood at the door to the club room.


“If I break his heart I give you permission to kill me.” Sugawara said holding his hands up, “But the eldest Tanaka will you drive the middle Tanaka to the bakey so the youngest Tanaka can go on a date with me this Saturday?”

“Yes I can!” she grinned while Ryuu gulped.

“So that settles the dilemma of our date.” Suga smiled, kissing you on the nose.

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now loading …


…how would sugawara pop the question?

suga would definitely go all out when it comes to proposing to you. he’s known he’s wanted to spend the rest of his life with you since the two of you hesitantly kissed while hogging the swings on the park. too focused on how pretty you looked with blush painting your cheeks to listen to the small child pestering the two of you about how “big kids shouldn’t be playing on the swing” or how “boys have cooties”. he’d ask daichi and asahi to help him pick out the perfect ring even though he didn’t exactly need their help in the first place [it was more for morale support]. he’d surprise you with dinner at your favorite restaurant before buying you ice cream and dragging you to go sit on the same swings from so long ago. once the two of you were done with your treats, he would pull you up by your hands before standing before you in the moonlight. a lengthy speech of how much he loves you would fall from his lips before he got down on one knee and asked you to be the one he got to wake up next to for the rest of his life. of course you tackled him into a hug, yes being the only word that was capable of coming out of your mouth and in the moment sugawara knew he was the luckiest man in the world.


nene’s 600 event : open

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Request: Can I get a Haikyu Volleyball Player x reader, where the reader secretly plays volleyball for another school, but she doesn’t tell him because she doesn’t think that she is that good, but he finds out anyway, and is really proud of her, and she gets all flustered.

Y/N was already running late when she got a text from her favorite silver haired boy, causing her to at double the pace and running back to her house. If she missed the bus, then she would have to ride her bike, which was fine for now, but later she would be way too tired and her legs would be way too sore to even think about getting on a bike.

She ran all the way home, and pushed her way through the front door, seeing what she was looking for. Sugawara  “accidently” left his shoes at Y/N’s place, and had she had time to actually think about it she would of found it kind of cute and amusing. But instead Y/N zoomed into her house grabbed her shoes and zoomed out not even saying hello or goodbye to her cat Chobi.

She ran down her street and made her way down to her new destination. She was planning to go a different way, but due to a sudden change of plans she had  to go in a different direction. 

“ Suga, why aren’t you warming up?” Coach Ukai asked, his armed crossed over his chest, wondering why Suga was waiting by the door.

“ I left my shoes at a friends house…sh- they are bringing them, they should be here in a few minutes.” Sugawara said with a really big smile on his face, that Coach Ukai would have found it a bit odd, had he not been distracted by Hinita’s yelling.” They better not take long or I swear you will be running until the sun goes down” He said over Hinita’s and Tanka’s manic yelling. Suga sighed to himself, he would probably be running laps. Y/N lived about 3 miles from here, and he asked her just a few moments ago.

Suga was just getting lost in his thoughts when he heard a soft knock on the door, confused he opened slightly. Seeing Y/N made him even more confused, but he opened up the door. Everyone stopped doing warm ups to look at the door. People hardly came in there, if they were they were usually in the wrong place. 

Suga opened to door to let her in, but instead of coming in Y/N thrust the shoes into his chest and turned to leave but Suga stopped her by grabbing her wrist and pulling her into to a kiss on the cheek. The kiss seemed to last forever in Sugawara mind. Like time stopped and froze in the moment. Y/N did break the kiss though by pulling away. But he pulled her back in for another kiss, this time on the lips. The sudden passion caused both of them to blush. Y/N blushed more, her cheeks were especially flushed. 

“ Keep doing that and I’ll think that you left your shoes at my place on purpose as some scheme to see me.”She said breaking the kiss.

“I might have,,,why don’t you stay and watch me practice today?” He asked still blushing slightly.

“ I would love to, honey. But I’m going to be late.” Y/N said glancing at her watch.

“ Oh okay.” He said, kind of sad because he would miss you. “ Late for what?” He asked looking back up again, but by that time she was already gone. Left out of his eyesight. He was confused but glad that he would not be running laps for the majority of practice.

“ WHEN WERE YOU GOING TO TELL ME THAT YOU AND Y/N WERE DATING? Nishinoya and Tanaka yelled ambushing him.

They had seen Y/N before, she sometimes sat in on practice, or she would wait outside of the gym and ask Koshi to walk her home, which he always said yes too. The team noticed him blushing most times that Y/N was around, and teased him about  the nature of his relationship with Y/N. He denied the claim that you were no more than friends, but a few weeks ago you both decided to put a label on it. Koshi Sugawara was Y/N’s boyfriend.

Everybody accept Tsukki and Kegayama basically tackled him for information. Tsukki was questioning, he was wondering why you were wearing sweatpants and a hoodie in 80 degree weather. And he couldn’t stop thinking about the last  times that you guys saw each other.

 One time, all the 2nd and 3rd years were gone and Coach Ukai left them for to practice. Y/N was sitting in the bleachers where she usally sat watching pratice with her nose shoved in a book she was reading. Kageyama and Tuskki were praticing their serves and Tadashi and Hinita were working on there receives.  Kageyama had asked Y/N to get the balls for him and put them in the basket. They both only expected he to catch them and tossing the balls in the bucket, instead on almost every serve she received the ball perfectly hitting them into the basket placed at the setters position. One of the few times she missed the ball was when Hinita miss hit a ball and it knoked her straight in the face, but she got back up almost instantly. 

Kageyama payed no attention to it, but it made Tuskki think a bit harder. A few days later they were practicing when Tuskki miss hit a ball and it went flying directly at Y/N, who without looking carelessly bumped the ball back in his direction. Everyone else just assumed that it was dumb luck, but Tuskki knew it meant something more. It also bothered him that she always had a different hair color. The first time he saw her hair was mostly black with pink streaks, next she had blue streaks, next she had blonde streaks, then she had silver ones. Then she split dyed her hair to be a yellow blond, then blue, then bleach blonde and the finally silver to match Koshi’s hair. Everyone found it adorable.

After about an hour of Saturday practice, Coach said they were taking a field trip to watch a girls volleyball team tournament. About 30 minutes later, after what felt like the longest car ride in the history of rides because Noya and Tanaka acted like literal children and Dachi had to play the role of Dad to stop them from being so childlike.

“ Now when we get there, I expect you to act like adults. Is that clear. “ He said glaring at Hinita, Tanaka and Noya, who were still cat fighting and arguing about who had who had the most leg room.

Once they settled down , the left the car and entered the arena where a volleyball tournament was already taking place. They walked through the empty stands to watch  Sakuragaoka Girls’ High play. Coach Ukai heard through the grapevine that they had the best defense and wanted to see if they could pick up some combos or ideas from them.

“ Isn’t that the school that Y/N goes to?” Noya asked Koshi who nodded in response.

After a few moments of watching Noya noticed that one of the players had the same hairstyle as Y/N. Suga watched from the edge of his seat, watching the girl with the split dye hair. She turned around, revealing to Suga and the rest of his teammates that it was a sweaty Y/N, wearing a volleyball jersey and kneepads.

Suddenly the ball was in play again, and before anyone knew it time slowed as the ball went to the setters position. 

“I’M OPEN.” Y/N yelled, the team looked in confusion because Y/N was most definitely not open.

But the team watched as the setter passed the ball to Y/N, who jumped in the air. He jumped up so high that it shocked all of the Karasuno boys, including Tuskki who was difficult to impress. She jumped in the air flying like an eagle, hand extended waiting for the perfect moment to spike the ball. Despite the fact that there was a 3 person blocking wall Y/N didn’t falter. She spiked the ball hitting it directly through the blockade. She landed back on the ground and fist bumped the air in triumph.

All of the Karasuno boys looked in amazement. Y/N did a complicated handshake with the setter and waited floor the game to start again.

“ Dude, why didn’t you tell us Y/N was an epic volleyball player?” Tananaka whisper shouted in Sugawara’s ears.

Suga stood up. “I didn’t…know.” He said with a very clear amount of confusion in his voice.

PART 2 COMING 03-01-2021

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Sugawara: I don’t think this jacket suits you

Sugawara: or that shirt

Sugawara: holy shit these pants look awful

Daichi: Suga, you’re stripping me

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Pink Charm | Sugawara Koshi


SYNOPSIS: He finds out it’s your birthday.

READER: gender neutral

WORDS: 722

WRITTEN: 02/25/2021

NOTES: Thank you for requesting @unabashednightmarepizza ! I’ll write the Toge one next.


“Y/N, I made you this charm!” your friend exclaimed.

You looked at the cute, pink star charm with a soft smile on your face. Your friend grinned at you expectantly.

“I love it,” you said.

“Consider it your birthday gift,” your friend said.

“The day I was born isn’t really important,” you said.

You attached the charm to your phone. Whenever you took your phone out to use it, you would stare at it.

You did think it was cute and you liked it, but the fact that it was given on your birthday didn’t make it any more special. It was just a cute charm.

You walked into the gymnasium after school to seek out your friends and to waste as much time as possible so that you didn’t have to return home.

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The way Sugawara—

When he——

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Couple Pictures The Two of You Would Take | Karasuno Edition

genre: general

warnings: none

a/n: these are purely to show the poses/expressions of the couples in the pictures in correlation to you & the characters & in no way, shape, or form are for the purpose of the appearance of the people in the picture. The race, build, gender, etc. are completely up to your imagination. also if you’d like a pt. 2 w/ another team feel free to lmk !

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Reaction to you still in bed after waking you up 


⇢ Featuring: SUGAWARA Koushi, MIYA Atsumu, SUNA Rintarou 

⇢ Genre: fluff

⇢ warnings: none!

⇢ wc: 859

 a/n: a little head canon based off my life bc guess who has to hit the snooze button at least ten times every morning 


━━ SUGAWARA Koushi 

  • The two of you lie in bed, cuddled up to each other with him being the big spoon as the alarm goes off for the fifth time 
  • babe we gotta get up” he mumbles sleepily
  • okay” 
  • neither of you moves for the next ten minute
  • Suga finally gets up because this man is responsible and he’s gotta go to work and you’ve gotta go to work too 
  • please five more minutes” you say as he gently shakes you
  • no, you said that ten minutes ago. If you stay in bed you’re going to be late.” 
  • At the word “late” you sat up, “fine fine, I’m up” 
  • Suga ruffles your hair before heading to the bathroom 
  • You lay back down in bed to stretch and the pillow is just so soft that you accidentally doze off again
  • Y/N can you grab me some toothpaste please? this one is almost out” your husband calls out to you
  • you don’t hear him bc girl you dead asleep again 
  • “Y/N?” comes out the bathroom and sees your sleeping figure
  • smiles to himself bc ya cute but then sees the clock and freaks out
  • goes into Suga mama mode 
  • flings open the curtain and yanks the blanket off of you 
  • you wake up from his triple attack: his shout and the sunlight and the harsh coldness 
  • You finally drag yourself out of bed 
  • Suga looks at you, “Finally. Princess, do we have to repeat this every morning?” 
  • You kiss him on the cheek, “yes and good morning” 
  • “good morning to you too sleepyhead” 

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Sugawara Koushi is a nice guy.

Everyone who knows of the name would agree to it without fail. But even so, the silver haired setter would deny otherwise, claiming that he himself is unsuited to be called ‘nice’, yet his actions never failed to contradict his words. 

As tolerant as one may be, there always comes a point where one would have enough and break, abandoning the niceties to break away from the chained politeness, but he was different. Much different.

It shouldn’t be alright for one to mend their own broken heart so many times, yet he’d continue to do so without complain, for he loved you too much to leave her. Even if it hurt every time he looked at you.

The time you both had together has always been limited, and loving came with heartaches and a never ending cycle of pain. So why couldn’t he just let you go? Why wouldn’t he let you go?

Some would argue that it was because Koushi was born a determined and stubborn man, but he knew that that wasn’t the right word to describe it. It was more that.

Of course, much patience and understanding is needed when it comes to loving you, but that’s a given in any relationship. Just because he had to give up more doesn’t mean that you deserve it any less. In fact, the third year would even argue that you deserve all his time and more, as you’d been there for him when he’d hit rock bottom, unrelentingly patient with him. 

In turn, there was no reason to leave you when you needed him the most. Not especially when you couldn’t even remember yourself on certain days.

There were times where Koushi would doubt himself, the darker thoughts of leaving you plaguing his mind - but he would never. He could never do that to the girl he loves with his entire heart and soul. The girl he promised to stay with forever all those years ago.

And the girl he knew of to be his soulmate.

Even if you’d wake up one day, forgetting who you are - who he is - he’d make sure to remind you again. Even if you’d forgotten the sweet times you both had spent together, he’d make newer, better, memories of the both of you together. Even if everyone else had given up on getting you to remember who they were, he would be there every step of the way, holding your hand until your eyes would close and tomorrow would repeat itself.

He would make sure to be there every time you open your eyes.

Because he loved you so, he would wait for you. Should it take years, decades, or forever, he would wait. Days were only numbers, and numbers don’t matter to him as long as he’d get to see the way your eyes light up and the corners crinkle in happiness, as every moment of it is precious to him.

You might have forgotten him that day, but you’d never stop falling in love with the same man that you met eleven years ago by the bridge.

With the same gentle eyes he’d always greet you with, the high schooler started, his voice sounding familiarly angelic with an underlying softness reserved just for you. So faraway yet so close by.

“It’s nice to meet you, (name). I’m Sugawara Koushi.”

So please fall for me again.

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I write headcanons (up to five characters) and scenarios (one character) for the following animes:


-Boku No Hero Academia

If I don’t know the character well enough, I will be unable to fulfill your request.

I don’t have any set limits as to what I write that I know of, so send it in and I’ll answer it to the best of my ability


Many hugs,


3 notes

i absolutely ADORE bokuto suga lev and kita – idk why but maybe i just have a thing for gray haired guys – like bokuto is so adorable and lev is an overgrown kitten and suga is a total mom friend and kita is so cute i hate it when he cries….

7 notes



You move!”

The door to the supply closet had flung open, slamming into the wall as Tobio and Hinata pushed their way through the frame shoulder to shoulder. Tobio had only visited this closet one other time; to get an extra mop after Hinata took a ball to the face trying to receive a spike from Tanaka, giving him a very messy bloody nose. This time they were looking for some type of headwear. Hinata bet he could pin Tobio on the ground faster than Tobio could pin him, boasting about how he might be smaller in size, but he is much faster. Of course, he couldn’t let Hinata get away with making such claims, but Daichi refused to let them try without some type of headgear, saying he would not be held responsible if one of them cracked their head off the court because they’re both “morons.”


People have different methods of blowing off steam. For some people that includes kissing their friend. - AO3 link

My first fanfic!

I’d love to keep writing more, so let me know your thoughts!

Also shoutout to @kozumekenza for proof reading this for me and giving me the confidence to post it in the first place!

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