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#sugawara koushi
artchaik · a day ago
Boys being dumb
Tumblr media
Pairing/s: Ushijima Wakatoshi x Reader, Miya Atsumu x Reader, Bokuto Koutarou x Reader, Sugawara Koushi x Reader, Kageyama Tobio x Reader, Nishinoya Yuu x Reader
A/n: I have been watching the office lately cause it finally appeared on greek netflix! This prompt was inspired by it :)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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lucyligh-t · 2 days ago
hq | their favorite part of your body
Tumblr media
karasuno ➭ daichi, suga, kiyoko, hinata, yachi, and kageyama  
warnings: sexual content, fem!reader, spanking, hickies/bruises, nipple play
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
sawamura daichi - ass
what can he say? he’s a man of simple taste
daichi’s the softest of boyfriends
that is, until you wear a short skirt in front of him
he’ll have you bent over his lap in a heartbeat 
daichi likes to spank, but he also just really likes groping you—grabbing handfuls of your flesh and kneading it in his palms 
slaps your skin raw. you’re amazed there aren’t two permanent handprints on either asscheek
Tumblr media
sugawara kōshi - wrists
whether he’s pinning them to the headboard or clasping them gently, suga honestly can’t say why he likes your wrists so much
maybe it’s the way you get when he locks your arms above your head, gripping both your hands in one of his own
how desperately you fight to touch him
how wantonly you beg 
maybe, though, it’s because there’s just something delicate about your hands wrapped in his
the simplicity of it, you know?
god knows he’s a sucker for old-school romance
Tumblr media
shimizu kiyoko - waist
kiyoko isn’t satisfied till your skin is utterly marred
“you’re mine, aren’t you?” she’ll mumble, sucking at the soft flesh of your abdomen. “don’t you want the proof?”
it’s the way no one will see that proof, no one besides the two of you, that gets her going 
she’s the only one that has you like this: 
panting, mewling
and captivated by the bruises she’s pressing into your skin. 
the power does things to her
Tumblr media
hinata shōyō - cheeks
“you’re cute.”
hinata loves cradling your face in both hands when he kisses you, brushing a kiss on both cheeks before capturing your lips 
gets grabby sometimes. he’s got this grandma tendency to pinch them while cooing how adorable you look
will 100% assault them with kisses when you two are alone and he’s bored
gets weird sometimes and licks them a lil
let him. 
Tumblr media
yachi hitoka - neck/shoulder
will tuck her head into where your neck meets your shoulder 
and promptly fall asleep 
no because she’s convinced this is the coziest place on earth
with your warmth wrapped around her and your pulse thrumming in her ear 
when you get a quiet moment to yourselves, she’ll get sneaky. nibbling at your flesh and dragging her tongue against your skin
she’ll look up at you with those big, glassy eyes and whisper:
“you’re warm.” 
Tumblr media
kageyama tobio - tits 
he likes milk ok
on movie night, he’ll sit with his head pressed against your chest
he’ll slip his hands under your shirt. you’ll smirk, maybe, but you won’t say a word
and before either of you know what’s happening, his mouth is on one and his hand’s on the other and he’s absolutely rutting against your thigh 
he groans rolling his tongue over your nipple. whimpers when you rake your fingers through his hair
movie night wasn’t supposed to turn out like this, but neither of you are complaining. 
Tumblr media
thanks for reading!! follow @lucyligh-t for more!
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remuswriting · 2 days ago
show me; s. koushi
Summary: L/N confesses for Sugawara.
Pairing: Timeskip! Sugawara Koushi/Male! Reader
Warnings: N/A, Fluff
Word Count: 351 words
Notes: Here is my attempt at fluff.  Hopefully it's good.
L/N gently cupped Sugawara’s face, his thumb caressed over his cheek as he looked up at him.  Sugawara had never seen this kind of adoration in anyone’s eyes before and had never thought he’d see it in L/N’s eyes.  Who would’ve thought it would be because Sugawara had won a teaching award?  Sugawara didn’t think he deserved it, but L/N was excited the entire way back to Sugawara’s classroom.
It was quiet between them, but Sugawara could hear kids running up and down the hallways still.  They were most likely getting out of club activities now and heading home for the day.  The teachers would be leaving soon as well, just needed to collect their things and leave.  He had expected that he and L/N would get Sugawara’s things and then go to L/N’s class to get his things and then go get dinner before going their separate ways, even though Sugawara doesn’t want them to.
Sugawara has been too scared to admit that he wanted L/N to stay ever since the first time they got ramen together a couple months ago.  His heart was racing because this was L/N basically confessing for him.
“You’re really something else,” L/N said, his voice soft and low. “Did you know that?”
“No,” Sugawara breathed out.  He didn’t trust himself to actually be able to speak.
“Am I allowed to show you then?”
L/N’s eyes flickered to Sugawara’s lips and back up to his eyes.  Sugawara was so dizzy and lightheaded, L/N’s touch helped a little but also made it worse.  This was something he never thought he’d have.
Sugawara nodded.  L/N pulled him down and kissed him.  He kissed him so gently that Sugawara wanted to cry.  No one had ever been gentle with him like this.  No one thought they needed to be.
L/N pulled away and smiled softly. “Do you know now?”
Sugawara shook his head slightly and he felt more confident.  He didn’t think he was going to pass out anymore, but his heart was still racing. “No.  Will you show me again?”
L/N grinned before he kissed him again.
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everysugapanel · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
"Hey what do you mean barely-" "Take it easy..."
🏐 Haikyuu!! 📖 Chapter 59: Direct Communication
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rinablet · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
you're so cute why are you so cute
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cranity · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Suga redraw for Suga day :)
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tanchirou · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
#10K FOLLOWERS REQUEST: Sugawara Koushi icons requested by @katsukiyuuri
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iwahajimes · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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cellotonin · a month ago
good girl ➳ k. sugawara
Tumblr media
day 2 ➼ praise kink
Tumblr media
⤷ { sugawara quickly takes a liking to the new transfer student in his lab section. after noticing how flustered you get with compliments, he decides to try his hand at it. }
wc: 1.9k
tags/warnings: smut, 18+ (mdni !!), fem!reader, praise kink, TA x student, slight age gap (~ 5-6 yrs), excessive use of “good girl” clearly LMFAO 💀
a/n: is2g soft dom suga has me by the throat 🧎🏾‍♀️🧎🏾‍♀️ i truly cannot write him any other way LMAO,,,, i honestly don’t have much to add here imma just let the fic do the talking from here 😳 hope y’all enjoy <33
as always comments and rbs will earn u a big fat kiss from urs truly 🥰🥰
Tumblr media
Koushi doesn’t realize how much he’d enjoy being a TA until he finally meets the new transfer student in his lab section.
He takes a liking to you almost instantaneously. You never fail to show up at least five minutes early, dressed in the proper attire for laboratory settings, and he can’t help but take note of how cute you look in your lab coat, clearly a couple sizes too large for you. You’re always such a hard worker, getting started on your assignment as soon as you arrive and completing it with still some time to spare. The energy and enthusiasm you bring with you seem to brighten the whole room, and it draws him towards you like a moth to a flame.
And to top it all off, you are so, so easy to fluster.
He discovers that fact by pure accident, his eyes briefly spotting your figure as he searches for students who may need help on the current experiment, only to notice someone else next to you. “How are you so good at this?” he hears the other student say, but what really catches his attention is the way you respond. You say something, too quiet for him to hear from where he’s standing, and you tuck the bottom half of your face behind your lab coat. If he squints hard enough, he could even argue that he notices the ever-so-slight darkening of your cheeks.
Suddenly, Koushi gets an idea. He approaches you after the other student leaves, pretending as if he hasn’t had his eye on you for the past five minutes. You almost jump when his presence startles you, and you quickly offer him your greetings before returning your attention to your filtration. “How’s it coming along so far?” he asks innocently, nodding towards the brightly colored product.
“Ah! Pretty good, I think,” you answer, breaking the seal in the vacuum once you’ve turned it off. “Looks like I’ve got enough for the next part!”
Koushi nods, impressed by your quick work. “Nicely done, (Y/N). You have quite the skill for this, don’t you?”
Almost instantly, he gets exactly what he came for. Your shoulders tense under your coat, your gaze dropping down to your shoes as you adjust your goggles, and even though he’s now standing right next to you, he can just barely hear you mutter a “thank you.”
It takes all of his willpower not to reach out and tilt your chin back up towards him. He simply chuckles to himself instead, deciding to leave you to continue your work while he checks on the rest of the class.
He comes back to you a couple of hours later with a similar intention, choosing to direct his compliment towards how beautifully your crystals are forming. Almost as beautiful as you, he nearly adds. But he bites his tongue before it slips out, deciding to save it for another time. Much to his delight, you react the same way you had last week. And this time, he notices the way your thighs press closer together as you quietly thank him again. It’s cute, Koushi thinks, and he resolves to return again for a third trial.
This new discovery quickly forms a habit. Every week, Koushi makes sure to say something about how well you work in the lab, how quickly you pick up new concepts, and sometimes, he’s bold enough to mention how nice you look. And he never gets tired of watching you squirm in response, a bashful smile hidden behind your lab coat as you thank him quietly. He loves the way you seem to crumble with any sort of praise, and before he realizes it, his mind is starting to wander. He starts to wonder how you’ll react when he tells you how pretty you are, how your cheeks will burn when his thumb gently grazes your skin, how your body will squirm under him when he calls you a good girl, his good girl, for taking him so well.
And one day, he’s lucky enough to find out.
“Um, excuse me…?”
Koushi’s attention is pulled away from his paperwork when he hears the sound of your voice. Instantly, a smile begins to tug at his lips as you shut the classroom door behind you. “(Y/N)! What a pleasant surprise! I was starting to think you were too smart for office hours.”
“Ah - no!” you quickly shake your head. “That’s… that’s not exactly what I’m here for.”
“Oh?” Now he’s really listening, putting his pen down to give you his full attention. “What did you want to speak with me about, then?”
You pause, dropping your gaze before you speak. “I hope this doesn’t sound too far-fetched, but… I noticed that you’ve been giving me like… some kind of special treatment or something…”
“How so?” Koushi pushes, hoping to get a little more out of you before he gives you his reply.
To his satisfaction, you continue. “Well… you seem to be complimenting me a lot, even when I’m not really doing anything remarkable, and I was just… I can’t help but feel like there’s some kind of intention behind it, if that makes any sense?”
Koushi almost laughs. “You really are a smart one, aren’t you?” he grins, standing up from his chair and making his way over to where you stand.
You blink a couple of times, then your eyes widen. “Wait, so - that means you are doing it on purpose?” you ask again.
“Well, my dear, that depends,” he chuckles, cupping your chin with two of his fingers and lowering his face dangerously close to yours. “Is it working?”
He can feel you swallow as your face grows warm under his touch, eyes locked onto his as if you can’t look away even if you tried. “I - um…”
You’re always so cute when you start to run out of things to say. It just makes him want to leave you speechless entirely. “You know, you can always ask me to stop if it makes you uncomfortable,” he purrs, allowing his other hand to trail down past your torso and towards your hips.
He’s all the more pleased when you shake your head, letting out a shaky exhale. “No - no… it doesn’t…”
“Oh? So you’re saying I should continue? Want me to keep telling you how good you are, yeah?” All he gets is a quiet whimper in response. But when his hand dips a little further down and reaches under your skirt, he gets the answer he needs. “Soaked already and I haven’t even done anything yet~”
“Sugawara, please…” Your whine is almost inaudible, and your body shivers as his fingers sneak past your panties and into the soft walls of your cunt.
“Eager today, hmm?” he hums, inching his fingers further inside your cunt as his thumb begins to toy with your clit.
Soft moans and mewls begin to fill the room as your hands reach up to hold onto his shoulders. “S-Sugawara, wait… we - we shouldn’t…”
“You’re right, maybe we shouldn’t, but I don’t see you stopping me. You want it as much as I do, don’t you?” He curls his fingers up towards himself, absolutely thrilled by the way you gasp and nod your head feverishly. “You’re gonna be a good girl for me, right?”
Just as he expects, your cunt practically squeezes his fingers as your body tenses. You nod again, inching your thighs further apart as if giving him more access. Instead of using the extra room to his advantage, he stops, pulling his fingers away from your sopping core. You let out a whine, almost chasing after him with your hips. “Ah… why did you—”
“Shh…” Koushi cuts you off, pressing his slick-stained fingers to your lips. “Open.”
With another whine, you slowly do as you’re told, slightly parting your lips and allowing him to slip his fingers past them. You quietly suck on them, cleaning your juices off with careful swipes of your tongue. Once he’s satisfied, he retracts his fingers from your mouth with a gentle pop. “Cute…” he hums.
“Suga…” you start to whine again, but he shushes you a second time.
“I know, I know, just be patient for me~” He has you against the desk now, undoing the zipper of his pants to free his hardened erection. With one swift motion, he lifts you up onto the desk, scattering the stack of papers he should have finished grading by now. But those are no longer his concern, not when he has your skirt pulled up past your waist and your panties shifted to the side, not when your puffy folds are on full display for him, practically pleading for his cock each time it grasps at nothing. Fuck, if he had known exactly what he was doing to you, he would have done this so much sooner.
You open your mouth for a third time, but he doesn’t wait for you to speak. He slowly slides into you with a low groan, pushing your thighs apart as he watches his cock gradually disappear into your cunt. “Oh, fuck,” you cry out in a hushed voice, hands grabbing at the edge of the desk to keep yourself steady.
Koushi quietly curses as he starts to thrust his hips into yours, almost instantly lost in the feeling of your walls squeezing him tightly. “Fuck… good girl, taking my cock so well…” he mutters, steadily picking up the pace.
Once again, his words seem to go straight to your cunt as it clenches around him. You sink your teeth into your bottom lip, attempting to muffle the gorgeous sounds spilling out from you. Koushi is having none of it. “Come on now, pretty girl, let’s not do that,” he tuts as he reaches over, gently freeing your lip from the grasp of your teeth with his thumb. “Let me hear you, I wanna hear all those beautiful sounds.”
As if on command, the volume of your moans slowly increases as his hips snap into yours at an even faster pace. One particular thrust makes your whole body jolt as you nearly scream, and Koushi quickly adjusts his position to hit that same spot again. “Fuck - I - I’m close…” you sob.
“Yeah? Gonna cum nice and hard for me?” He grins when you nod frantically, fingers still tightly clutching onto the desk.
“Yes-! Yes… I’m cumming - god, I’m cumming-!” You’re practically a babbling mess as your cunt starts to spasm around his cock, pulling him towards his own release.
Koushi coos at you as his thrusts start to get sloppy. “That’s it, baby, there we go… that’s my good girl…” He lets out a deep groan, almost reluctant to pull out, but he makes it just in time, and milky ropes of his cum spill onto your stomach and your skirt. 
He gives you a moment to catch your breath, watching as your chest rises and falls with every inhale and exhale. Once you seem to have regained some of your composure, he helps you stand back up, making quick work to clean you up and put your clothes back in place. “You know, I think you should come and stop by during my office hours more often. Think you can do that for me?” You nod eagerly, a bashful smile stretching your lips as he walks you to the door.
But he doesn’t let you leave until he lowers his face towards you again, pressing a faint kiss on the side of your neck as he whispers “good girl” right next to your ear. All so he can watch your body shudder again, thighs pressed together as you suppress a silent whimper.
Oh, Koushi’s going to have a blast this semester.
Tumblr media
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