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sweetkoshi · a day ago
Sugawara is exciting. He takes you on little adventures for dates. Each idea sounding ludicrous, but the execution flawless.
“Let’s have a picnic,” he proposed.
“Koushi baby, it snowed last night.”
He shrugged, “And what about it?”
That’s how you found yourself geared up in winter essentials sitting in a gazebo eating out of the bento boxes Sugawara and you packed together. And you were having the time of your life. The roof protected the floor from the previous night’s snow so you had a safe haven to enjoy the food and impromptu date.
His child-like enthusiasm helped you see the world through rose-colored glasses. You couldn’t help but think that he was made of magic. Everything he would say or do made you feel like a school girl with a crush.
“What? Is there something on my face?” he asked.
He caught you staring. But how couldn’t you? His silver hair, caramel eyes, nose and cheeks tinted cherry-blossom pink from the cold made him look ethereal. You kissed his nose then cheek and shook your head.
Sugawara is a walking contradiction. Impulsive yet decisive, friendly yet introverted, kind yet competitive. Many words could describe him, but never do his complexity justice. However, your love for him was simple. Something to be felt rather than restricted with words. Everlasting and abundant. You couldn’t wait to discover what next thing you two will do together.
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Tumblr media
ATSUMU, sugawara, goshiki, OIKAWA, TSUKISHIMA, kuroo, tendou, SUNA, SEMI
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igumie · 2 months ago
Random fluffy Haikyuu bf hcs
Tumblr media
[Tokyo revengers ver] [Obey Me ver] [bnha ver] [genshin ver]
Tumblr media
Kuroo who has a framed picture of you smiling on his desk at his office. He loves to stare at it during his breaks because he’s so in love with your smile, with you especially. But, Kuroo being Kuroo will obviously change the picture to you and him kissing whenever he has someone coming in his office to discuss whatever. He loves showing off your relationship because, yo, look at him. Look at how lucky he is to get someone like you to love him back.
Kenma who doodles you as some of his favourite video game characters on his notebook during class (his favourite so far is you dressed up as Zelda). Though he’ll never let anyone ever see this notebook and hides it every time you or Kuroo comes over to his house (Kuroo did once found him smiling slightly at it but didn’t say anything, he’s just happy that his best friend found someone to be in love with. He also knows that Kenma wont speak to him for a month if he brings it up).
Bokuto who thought it‘d be a good idea to put you on his shoulders while he jumped, ready to spike the ball Atsumu just set him. Yet, even when you both fall on the cold floor, you can’t seem to get mad at him. His boisterous but sweet laugh making you smile instead. He does check up on you afterwards and feels really bad. He promised he’ll buy you ice cream and will cuddle you all night long.
Akaashi who now, whenever he goes to the library, reads the books he thinks you’d like and later on, reads them to you, hoping that you’ll like them just as much as he hoped so. And if you do, you can’t imagine how happy he is, since it means that he does know you well enough to understand your likes and dislikes.
Tendou who loves to tickle you out of nowhere. Your laugh is his favourite sound ever and just knowing that you’re happy makes him happy. But he especially loves it if it’s because of him that you’re laughing. He’d also rather have you ugly laughing your ass off over anything else. He just finds it endearing, can you really blame him?
Sugawara who shows pictures of you to his little students during the day. He’ll tell them about the cute face that you made a few days ago and what your favourite food is. And when you finally visit his classroom for the first time, the kids can’t help but love you immediately, already knowing so much about you.
Kageyama who loves to burry his face in your stomach after a rough day at practice. Your smell is invading his nostrils and it relaxes him to the point where he falls asleep. Once he wakes up, he’ll be all blushy because you’re still running your hand through his hair. He’ll stutter a bit as he gets up and eventually kisses your cheek before sprinting towards the bathroom, wanting to take a shower and wash his embarrassment away. You still can’t believe how even after years of dating he still acts like he used to back in high school. But you absolutely do not mind, it’s really cute.
Tsukishima who teases you to no end when you get scared during a horror movie but is still spooning you and holding your hand because as much as he denies it, he never wants you to be afraid. He promised himself he’d keep you safe no matter what and he swore he’ll do it.
Oikawa who brags to his fan girls about how amazing, talented and beautiful you are and how lucky he is to have you. They’re not even mad, they just find it so cute how in love he is with you (even though they kinda wish it was them instead of you. They’re still happy for the two of you :)).
Iwaizumi who gently kisses your knuckles as a greeting. For him, the little gestures mean more than the big ones. For example, he’d rather gift you matching bracelets he made himself rather than a necklace bought at the jewelry store. To someone else, it might not mean much but it doesn’t matter since you know that he loves you infinity and back.
Atsumu who teaches you how to set in you guy’s shared house’s backyard. He’s so patient with you and gentle its a bit weird of him but you don’t mind at all. He laughs every time you miss but still helps you and shows you how to improve. And whenever you do it right, be ready to get kisses from a very proud and smiley Atsumu.
Osamu who makes you your lunch for every day. And it includes heart shaped onigiris, a few vegetables because “if y’a eat yer vegetables, it’ll reduce yer the risks of getting a heart attack or a stroke and y’a ain’t allowed to have that! I’ll be sad if y’a do!”, meat since “y’a need some proteins in yer pretty body!” and a little sticky note with a reminder to take care of yourself and that he can’t wait to see you at home tonight.
Suna who has multiple photo albums of you on his phone. There’s one with all the pictures you send him; one with all the pictures he took on dates with you; another one with you doing grimaces and other weird faces; one more with all the selfies he took with you etc…. sadly for him though, the twins know about this and teases him. But it’s okay since he can just say that hey, at least he‘s not single.
Kita who can’t help but smile every time he sees you. It’s automatic for him at this point. But he just loves you so much and has you so close to his heart that his chest tightens a bit at the mere thought of being away from you for too long.
Sakusa who stops by the flower shop every Friday night after his practice and gets you your favourite flowers. It doesn’t matter if you had a fight or if nothing big happened. He just wants to show you he loves you and thinks about you.
Tumblr media
reblogs are appreciated :)
Tumblr media
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haikyuu characters when they hear you crying in the shower
a/n: was sobbing in the shower today i’m pretty sure my neighbors heard me! lol anyways a hug from tendou would hit so different rn :(
Tumblr media
bursts into the bathroom and hops into the shower with his clothes still on and comforts you. pulls you flush against his chest, his wet t-shirt sticking against his skin and yours, and while gently rubbing his thumb against the crown of your head, he whispers, “it’s okay, love. i’m here, i gotcha.”
atsumu, BOKUTO, oikawa, hinata, TENDOU, nishinoya, kuroo, lev, hoshiumi, koganegawa
opens the bathroom door and sits on the countertop, keeping you company. asks you about what’s bothering you, being patient with you and allowing you time to collect your thoughts and never pushing you to share more than what you’re comfortable with. “what’s wrong, sweetheart? you know you could always tell me anything.”
SUGAWARA, osamu, suna, iwaizumi, TANAKA, matsukawa, hanamaki, hirugami
gives you time and space to get all your emotions out, but as soon as you exit the bathroom door, he pulls you into a tight hug, squeezing your shoulders between his muscular arms. he plants soft kisses on your forehead before leading you to the bedroom. a cuddle session ensues and he gently asks, “i heard you crying in the shower, angel. tell me, what’s on your mind?”
ushijima, DAICHI, kita, aran, yamaguchi, AKAASHI, goshiki, komori, meian
doesn’t ask you about it at all because he figures that you might grow embarrassed if he did. but that doesn’t mean he cares any less— he spends the next day taking extra good care of you, cooking you your favorite food for dinner, bringing home a bouquet of flowers after work, cuddling with you on the couch while a movie plays. and as the end credits roll, he’ll whisper against your half-asleep body, “you are so loved. don’t you ever forget that.”
kenma, tsukishima, SAKUSA, kageyama, asahi, KYOTANI, semi, aone
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iwaso · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
featuring: Oikawa Tooru, Miya Atsumu, Iwaizumi Hajime, & Sugawara Koushi
warnings: subtle timeskip spoiler in suga's
notes: this is barely proofread so if there's a typo i'll just die gn
Tumblr media
ღ OIKAWA is convinced he has all the knowledge a guy needs about love. so, when his son comes home to tell him of a newfound crush, he's over the goddamn moon. you watch as your husband tells him every innocent technique; "you gotta give her flowers!" and "walk her to class!" being among the few. now, though you admit he's rather dramatic, you're confident in his love game—you'd married him, after all. he just needs a slap on the head sometimes.
"so you walk her to class, right?"
the boy nods. "right!"
"then you take her hand," he demonstrates with yours, "and kiss her knuckles like so– ack!"
"or," you ignore your lover's whines as he rubs his head, "you can tell her she's invited to your birthday next week and work from there."
ღ ATSUMU is proud and teary when he hears about his son's crush. "he's growin' into a man!" he cries out, which elicits an eye roll out of you. your husband's patting his back and juicing out every little detail of their interactions at school, much like a gushy school girl. he's laid back but attentive as he listens, and he treats the encounter like your classic guy's night—he's the one giving tips.
"uh huh, and then?"
"i smiled, like this!" your son quirks his lip. "then i waved at her."
atsumu grins, "atta boy!" he ruffled his hair, "but ya know what could've made it better?"
"if ya winked," he winks at you, "like how i do to yer mommy."
you look at him, unimpressed. "no dinner for you, 'tsumu."
"what'd i do?!"
your son sighs. "you never learn, dad."
ღ IWAIZUMI is a little confused and secretly alarmed. of course, the last thing he expects to come out of his son's mouth when he picks him up from school is a question about how to handle a crush. it almost would've been better if the boy told him he flunked his math quiz. almost. he wasn't the man for questions like that, but without you here, in the midst of traffic, who was he to not even try?
"well," he tapped on the wheel, "how about you try talking to her more? share your lunch, maybe."
"but i'm shy!"
iwaizumi chuckled. "you're never moving forward like that."
the boy pouts. "i know." a beat passes before he speaks again. "hey dad?"
"how did you get mom to like you?"
okay. he thinks, ignoring the growing heat of his cheeks. i can work with that.
ღ SUGAWARA isn't unfamiliar with the wonders of childhood, so when his own son comes to him squabbling about a pretty girl at school, he's calm—excited, even. he thinks that all his years of teaching has led to this very moment. he's grinning as he makes dinner, because he's listening to his boy with earnest. definitely ends up teasing him about it later every chance he gets.
the knife hits the cutting board with a dull thump, harmonizing with sugawara's humming. "she really let you borrow her pencil?"
"yeah!" the boy yips and grabs a plate. "she's super nice, dad."
"i'll bet," he adds a careful as his son walks to the dining table. "wanna invite her over for dinner some time?"
the walking stops. "really?"
"yeah," he eyes the boy with a playful glint. "you're so in love."
"am–" the child's face flushed bright. "am not!"
"are too!"
you watch as your lover teases your son with kissy noises, chuckling to yourself from your spot on the doorway.
you'll have to join in on the fun later.
Tumblr media
feedback & reblogs are always appreciated!
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scandescent · 5 months ago
♡ Sharing -: ✧ :-゜・.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
✧ Summary: Haikyuu captains sharing you with their best friends.
✧ Characters: Oikawa, Iwaizumi, Daichi, Sugawara, Kita, Aran, Atsumu, Ushijima, Tendou, Kuroo, Kenma, Bokuto, Akaashi.
✧ CW. AFAB reader, consensual cucking, voyeurism, dom! W/sub! Reader, size k!nk, dacryphilia, oral (m. & f. Receiving), fingering, spank!ng, dirty talk, pu$sy slap, edging, overstim, full Nelson, chok!ng, degradation, praise, handjob(?), exhibitionism, MDNI
Tokyo rev version
#tags. @festive @yuujispinkhair @shigadabni (come get ur blond fox) @r1nf4iry
Reblogs and interactions are appreciated!
Tumblr media
»» Oikawa + Iwaizumi
“If you want to come you better beg." A deep growl falls on your ears but how can you form any words when the muscular ace has his cock buried so deep inside you. Rough palms pressed your knees to your chest and with each thrust, he hit your cervix
"Hajime, please please, need to cum s'bad," Your clouded mind forgot your brunette lover's presence. But you're soon reminded when your wrist is grabbed by a large hand,"No slacking off, baby." Oikawa guides your fist on his cock, leaky tip throbbing under your touch.
“Don’t forget who you belong to.” The possessive tint to his words made your pussy clench around his friend's cock,"'m sorry, Tooru," Your hand resumes to jerk him while Iwaizumi wrecked your pussy with rough strokes right on your cervix.
Just as you feel the band in your belly snap, a feeling of emptiness washes over you. The spikey haired ace fisted his angry red dick at the sight of you whimpering underneath them,"Aww, did you really think you're allowed to cum on anything other than my cock?"
Oikawa coos, kneading your breasts in his large palms before pinching the hard buds harshly. Iwaizumi chuckles at your squeak, releasing hot spurts of white on your fluttering cunt. He delivered a hard slap on your pussy,"Be good f'your boyfriend, yeah?"
»» Daichi + Sugawara
“You feel amazing.” Pretty brown eyes admire you with gentle hands tracing your body,"No more," Your hot palms pressed on the setter's chest as your body trembled above him,"No more, daddy." Your eyes flew to land on the captain's dark brown ones, begging for relief.
“You can take it, you’ve done it before.” His smirk told you he won't let you rest anytime soon, “Be a good girl for daddy.” Sugawara's hands cupped your breasts as they slid up your torso slowly, drumming his fingers gently on your heated skin
"Yeah be a good girl for daddy." With a shuddering breath, you resume bouncing on the grey haired man's cock, your pussy quivering from overstimulation. They had made you cum thrice on their mouths and fingers before this and you're sure the session is barely over,
"Think you can take Asahi next, baby?"
»» Ushijima + Tendou
Through your blurred gaze you could see the red haired man's smirk,"You look cute like this, baby." Breasts heaving with shallow pants from the two men's antics as you whimper,"'Toshi, please, lemme cum, will be good f'ya'."
Your sob clashes with Tendou's chuckle,"Where's the fun in that?" Long fingers slide inside your folds with ease,"When we can have you moaning like a whore like this," Your thighs close around his arm when he nudges your sweet spot again.
“Be a good girl and spread your legs.” A deep voice rumbles near your chest and soon your nipple is engulfed in a hot mouth,"Maybe he'll let you cum then." You don't believe him but you obey your dark haired boyfriend's words anyway.
Ushijima gives a rewarding tweak to your other bud and watches with amused eyes as you squirm under him. Tendou hums, pressing his thumb to your clit and teasing the puffy bundle of nerves till you're crying out all sweet for him,“I love the way you look with my fingers inside you." Maybe he will let you cum this time.
»» Kuroo + Kenma
“Use your tongue.” Kuroo whispered into your skin as his hands wrapped around your body, holding you still for his friend. Dyed blond locks brushed soft on your thighs with Kenma's hum resonating against your wet folds.
The setter pressed a kiss on your puffy clit before licking a smooth strip up your slit. Kuroo's knees held your legs apart so that you don't crush Kenma's head. A globe of hot liquid dropped on your pussy followed by a soft snicker.
Your head falls back on the team captain's shoulders with an unintentionally loud moan as Kenma slides in two slender fingers through your entrance.
"Be quiet," Kuroo purrs in your ear, fingers massaging your breasts through your shirt. He's got you on his lap in the boy's locker room as his friend knelt between your legs,“If we get caught I’m killing you.”
Your complain dies down to a whimper when Kenma curls his fingers upwards,“Oh kitten, don’t make me tell you twice." Kuroo pinches both your nipples with a devious smirk.
»» Bokuto + Akaashi
Your mind is foggy as your jaw aches from hanging open for so long but the hand behind your your head keeps you from pulling away as the dark haired setter in front of you continued to fuck your face,“You’re so sexy when you’re hot and bothered.”
A moan vibrated on Akaashi's cock at his captain's words,"Fuck," Hearing the usually composed and calculated man curse under his breath made a fresh gush of arousal wash over you,"Oh, oh fuck,” Bokuto's golden eyes roll back from how good your cunt feels around him, tighter and wetter than ever before.
“You can get louder, can’t you?” His grip on your hips becomes almost bruising as he goes harder, plunging his cock deeper. Bringing his palm down on your ass, Bokuto snickers,"Be a bit louder for us, yeah?" Akaashi's hips stutter from the loud whimper you let out. His vein pulses on your tongue before he's cumming in your mouth,"Swallow."
Another slap is delivered on the aching cheek when you falter at your boyfriend's command. His junior shudders when he feels you gulp around his sensitive cock before pulling out,"Good girl." He caresses your tear stained face. Your arms give out under you when Bokuto starts fucking you mercilessly.
Grabbing your wrists, he pulls them behind you as his hips met yours with messy wet slaps,"Now, I want to hear you scream."
»» Kita + Aran
"Too big," You huff, pressing your cheek to the sheets,"Please, can't." A dark hand takes your chin softly and turns you to face brown eyes,"But you're doing s'good for me, darling." Aran pants as your walls wrap snug around his hard length,"She can take it,"
Your lashes flutter up to meet your boyfriend's eyes, a regaled shade of lust hazing them. Kita smiled down at you,"Right?"
Not trusting your voice, you nod with a whimper. Immediately cursing yourself for that when Aran thrusts lightly inside you and your back arches because of how his thick cock pushes in your tight cunt
"Aran, please," The said man can't help the low growl originating in his chest at your mewl.
You look so cute like this, tiny hands clawing at his bare chest as he fucks you dumb in front of his captain,"Hm, darling?" His appreciative hum is followed by a roll of his hips, he'll show you just how grateful he is that he got to be here, buried in your pussy.
»» Kita + Atsumu
“This feels dirty.”
“That's because it is.” Kita's lips mould into a smirk at his junior's words. You tuck your face in the blond's neck with a whimper,“Don’t pretend to be s'innocent.” The wall is cold on your naked back but Atsumu's body is hot against yours,"Not when yer' takin' my dick s'well."
His lips are a breath away from the shell of your ear. Large palms hooked under your thighs to hoist you up as he rut into you, cock hitting all the good places inside your pussy,"In front of yer' boyfriend none the less."
"'Tsumu!" Your ankles lock around his waist as your arms wrap around his shoulders,"Aw are ya' shy?" He bites your earlobe, pulling it slightly before releasing the burning cartilage. You whimper in response,"Drop the facade, y/n."
A cool hand slithers around your neck before fingers press into your jaw and turn you to meet the blond's captain,"I know you love this." Kita's lips are on yours, whisper fanning your skin before he kissed you
"No need to pretend you don't want Atsumu's cock to rearrange your guts." His words made your walls squeeze impossibly around his junior, who grunted and stilled so as not to cum right away,"Yeah? That right, baby?"
You whimper against your white haired boyfriend's lips,"Then admit it."
Tumblr media
2021 © all content belongs to druighoney. Do not repost my work anywhere.
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greenfoxeyedbrunette · a month ago
Late into the afternoon, soft sounds of water droplets hit the roof. You and your lover are laid on the bed having just woken up from a nap, they shift closer beside you.
“Mmh…” you utter out a sound between a hum and a moan, dazed and a little surprised by the first thing they chose to do..they slot their lips against yours slipping their tongue into your mouth.
“Hmm~” Lost into their kisses, you didn’t notice them having slid their fingers into your shorts. “Woah—ah-ah~” Quickly pushing your panties to the side and plunging two fingers inside of you. “Sorry baby, I don’t know what came over me.”
suna rintarou, jean kirstein, maybe porco galliard, suguwara koushi (everyone’s saying he’s secretly a freak and i agree), maybee tendou satori, akaashi keiji (idk i can see it happening), okkotsu yuta, seishu inupi
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luvbub · 5 months ago
calling them by their first name for the first time - part two
Tumblr media
feat. Kenma, Sugawara, Sakusa
note: pre-established relationship in sugawara’s
part one
Tumblr media
It’s become a bit of a habit for you and Kuroo to hang out at Kenma’s- even while he’s streaming. And today, it was just you over. You just stayed in the background of his stream, working on your own affairs as your best friend entertained his audience.
Kenma didn’t mind at all. In fact, the corners of his mouth couldn't help but lift at the sight of you. And as much as Kuroo (and Kenma’s fans) loved to tease the ambiguous relationship that you and the streamer had, at the end of the day you two were just friends. 
But after some time, you walk over to him, pulling up another chair to sit on the left side of Kenma’s. He briefly glances over at you before his eyes shift back to his monitor.
“Hey, here to watch?” he asks, not thinking too much about your presence. You’ve done this millions of times before. His fans knew of you and have grown to adore you (moreso than Kuroo admittedly).
“Yup, whatcha playing Kenma?” you innocently ask back.
Kenma’s hands freeze for a split second. But even when he got back to the game, his playing was sloppy, and enemies that would normally be easy for him were now landing hits. Not only that, but his reaction was being streamed live- and every one of his viewers saw how red his cheeks became. And his chat ws absolutely calling him out for it.
lmaoooo look how red he’s getting
nonono but my ship is actually sailing?? kenma x y/n supremacy y’all
i've never seen him so flustered omg
Kenma pauses his game and mutes his mic before turning to you, eyebrows raised.
“What, did I do something wrong? All I did was ask what you were playing” you ask, confused as ever.
“And what did you call me” Kenma says in a low voice, even though the mic wasn’t on he still spoke quietly.
You backtrack your words, and when the realization hits, your hand finds its way to cover your own mouth. While everyone else called you and Kenma by your first names, the two of you referred to one another by your last names- despite being best friends. It was just one of those lines that neither of you were brave enough to cross.
“Sorry...” you softly whisper, fiddling with your thumbs.
“It’s alright... Y/n” Kenma says. Your eyes dart back up to him and he teasingly sticks his tongue out at you and smiles before unmuting his mic. And just like that his attention is redirected back to his stream, leaving you completely flustered.
Because if you embarrassed him on stream, it was only fair if he did the same to you, right? Surely that was why he called you by your name.
No other reason.
As you walked down the empty hallways of the school, you gripped onto the bag in your hands just a bit tighter. In no time, you found the classroom you were looking for. Sugawara’s classroom.
You peeked your head through the slightly ajar door- it wasn’t your first time seeing his class but you still felt nervous. But sitting at the teacher’s desk was your boyfriend, peering over different papers. Every so often, he would write scribble something down before moving onto the next sheet. He didn’t seem to hear you, so you march up to his desk allowing yourself to come into his periphery.
He didn’t know it was you just from the corner of his eyes, so when he lifted his head, his eyes widened in surprise. Did you tell him you were going to have lunch with him- was this something he forgot? But the cute smile on your face only signaled to him that this was a surprise you planned yourself.
“I- Y/n! What brings you here?” he asks, shuffling his papers away so he could give you all of his attention.
You hand him the small box of macarons, “I stopped by the bakery near here and thought you’d like some treats!”
“That’s so incredibly sweet of you, thank you!” he chuckles, opening the small box.
“No problem... Mr. Sugawara” you cheekily grin at your boyfriend, as he rolls his eyes at you.
“Funny, last time I checked, you weren’t one of my students” Sugawara says, taking a bite of one of the macarons.
“Fine then. I suppose I should just call you Koushi, huh?”
Sugawara nearly chokes on his macaron from hearing you say his first name. When he’s composed again, he looks at you in shock, unable to say a single word. His mind was overflowing with so many thoughts trying to process it. But his prolonged silence only made you freak out.
“I’m sorry! I won’t call you that-” you try to backtrack.
“No!” he shouts suddenly, clearing his throat before speaking in a quieter tone, “no. Uh, no please keep calling me...by my first name”
Sure, he was absolutely caught off guard hearing you say that, but he loved the way it sounded when you said his name. He could listen to that a million times had he had a recording. But he didn’t need one anymore, and every day he would look forward to hearing you say his name.
You kept your boyfriend company up until lunch ended. As Sugawara walked you to the door, you snuck a quick kiss before skipping out of his class.
“Bye Koushi! See you after school!” you call out before any of his students see you.
Sugawara’s cheeks were still a rosy color by the time his students walked into the class. And leave it to the highly perceptive kids to notice his sudden blush.
“Why is your face getting red? Did you get a sunburn? Mommy says its important to wear sunscreen!” one student asks.
“Maybe he’s blushing because he’s in love” another student chirps up, inciting the entire class to fall into oohs and ahhs. Soon enough, they were all teasing their dear teacher, trying to figure out who this special someone in his life was.
They’ve never seen him like this before. Just who was this special person who could make their teacher flustered so easily? Who would be able to make his heart beat like crazy?
Only Sugawara knew who.
Sakusa just couldn’t really get a grip today during practice. His spikes weren’t doing as well as they could, his serves were sub-par compared to usual- everything just felt off.
Maybe it was because today you made a sudden appearance to MSBY’s practices. Of course his three friends took it upon themselves to invite you to watch one of their practices. And it was your presence alone that shook Sakusa up.
“Don’t worry about how terrible you’ve been doing today Omi, everyone has their bad days!” Atsumu pats Sakusa on his back, blissfully unaware how truly unhelpful his words are.
It isn’t until the setter sees the death glare in Sakusa’s eyes that he steps back from his friend with an apologetic smile. Atsumu nudges you forward.
“Go on Y/n, tell Omi that it’s okay!” Atsumu awkwardly chuckles. He knows about the unspoken feelings that you and Sakusa have for one another- but his little move was more about self-protection. Surely you could get Sakusa to calm down so that Atsumu doesn’t get reprimanded later.
Sakusa looks at you with a blank expression- he doesn’t want to seem off putting, especially around you. But with how practice was going, he couldn’t help but be in a sour mood.
“You got this Kiyoomi!” you exclaim, giving Sakusa two thumbs up.
On the outside, Sakusa looks as indifferent as ever. But in his mind, Sakusa is in a turmoil. Because you just said his first name for the first time. Did you know what you were saying? No, it didn’t seem like this was an attempt to tease him or anything...
Sakusa clears his throat, “Thanks Y/n”. He tries his best to remain indifferent, but his flushed cheeks were a dead giveaway to anyone who saw him. Including you.
You didn’t think he’d blush at hearing his first name- heck you didn’t even think about saying his name. It just felt natural to call him that. And after seeing his reaction, you couldn’t help but tease a bit.
“Oh? Your face is getting quite red. You alright Kiyoomi?” you ask, using his name once again. Your hand reaches out to touch his cheek, but he quickly grasps your wrist gently, holding it as if it was fragile glass.
Sakusa leans down so that your foreheads are nearly touching.
“You already saw me embarrass myself earlier during practice. And yet you still want to push me further, huh Y/n?” he murmurs so only you could hear. Sakusa lets go of your wrist, smirking at how flustered you’ve become before returning to practice.
And what do you know, Sakusa starts to perform beyond expectations for the rest of practice.
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shotosjupiter · 20 days ago
synopsis + warnings: gn!reader + fluff. how the karasuno folks ask you out <3
Tumblr media
— DAICHI asks you outright. it took nearly every ounce of courage he possessed to ask you the question, but he had done it. eyes desperately searching yours, his hands reach out to hesitantly hold yours. it was right before volleyball practice, the school day ending for regular students. he had ran from the gym to your last class of the day and then with his hands on his knees, panting, he asked, "will... you please... go out with me?" he had asked in between breaths. he was left even more breathless when he heard your eager yes as a response.
— SUGAWARA presents you with flowers and his brightest grin. he didn't want to ask you empty-handed and he figured white carnations (they represent pure love, he checked) couldn't go wrong. stuttering just the slightest bit, he asks if you'll accompany him as his date to the local museum. he's sweating just a bit (a lot actually) as he nervously awaits your answer. you stare at the flowers for a bit and then look back up at him. his cheeks turn red and he can't help but bring you (and the flowers) into a tight, crushing hug when you say yes.
— ASAHI slides you a note in the middle of class. will you go out with me? is written out neatly across some spare notebook paper. you lift your head up to look at asahi, only for him to already be staring at you. he quickly turns his head down to his classwork, the tips of his ears bright red. his leg bounces up and down as he awaits an answer. you smile and hastily write yes i would love to with a doodle of heart and slide the note back to asahi's desk. you watch as his pen drops and he turns back in his seat to look at you, a grin spread across his face. you smile back and wave, your face heating up at the ecstatic expression across his face.
— NISHINOYA leans his arm against your locker as he pops the question casually. externally, he seems like the vision of cool-headed. he's asking the person of his dreams out, no sweat. internally? he is bouncing off the walls, screaming, nervous as hell, but praying to every entity above that you say yes. it took all of tanaka's energy to get noya enough swagger to ask you out at all. he looks up to you, eager for a response. when he sees you smile and nod to his question, he lets out a breath and then pumps his fist in the air in rejoice of victory. "you won't regret this, y/n!"
— TANAKA invites you to one of karasuno's games. he decides that if they win, then he'll ask you out. 'lo and behold, they do win. you make your down from the bleachers, eager to congratulate him when he runs to you, crushing you in a tight hug despite the sweat clinging to his skin. high on the adrenaline from the game and winning, he blurts out the question with no other thoughts on his mind other than wanting to be yours, "can you please go out with me?" he thinks that he earned two wins in a day when you say yes.
— KIYOKO asks you beneath the tree in the yard of the school. it was lunchtime, and she had made a bento for you and her to share. it was spring time and there were flower petals floating around in the wind. taking a deep breath, kiyoko turns around to face you and promptly asks you the question with her face slowly turning a shade of pink. the lunch she made you lays in your lap as you quickly grasp her hands and leave a kiss on her cheek. "yes of course i'll go out with you kiyoko,"
— YACHI sends you a text. it's the coward's way of asking, she knows. but you give her butterflies and make her nervous all around and this is the only way she could ever confess her feelings. she types it out in the cutest manner, y/n! i like you (; ω ; ) will you consider going out with me? she turns her on and off every thirty seconds to see if you've responded yet, and jumps off her seat, yelling cheers as she receives the reciprocation of her adoration.
— HINATA didn't know how to display his endearment towards you in any other way than the one he knew best: volleyball. he insists that suga pretend that he's practicing sets with him outside, conveniently next to where you sit during lunch. the ball manages to 'accidentally' be thrown right next to you. flinching, you grasp the ball to throw it back at the boys only to the (extremely messy) handwriting scrawled across the ball in a striking black shade: Y/N, GO OUT WITH ME PLEASE! hinata stands a tad bit in the distance, hands cupped around his mouth as he yells, "what do you say, y/n?"
— KAGEYAMA is a man of little words except when it comes to you. does he vocalize those words? absolutely not. you make him nervous as shit. he starts stuttering, words stumbling over the others, his mind running a mile a minute. however, one day after practice he falls into an easy conversation with you - stuttering only ever once a few sentences, he finds himself speaking words he never thought he would utter aloud. sweat is clinging to his back and neck (from practice or from being around you, he doesn't know) as he confesses just how much he likes you, his words coming easy for once.
— TSUKISHIMA is a secret romantic. he walks home with you, the two of you sharing a pair of earbuds as one of his playlists blares into your ears. you hum to the tune of a familiar song, and then promptly turn your head to tsukishima. not fast enough to have the earbud fall off your ear but with enough force for tsukishima to get his head out of his thoughts and turn to look at you, a question in his eyes. you grant him a small smile and nudge him, "do you think you could send me this playlist? i like it."
a slight blush blooms across his cheeks as he nods in response to your question. this was the playlist he made with the thought of all you made him feel and the idea of confessing to you one day. the fact that you liked it reassured him that maybe (just maybe) he had luck with you in the future.
— YAMAGUCHI fiddles his fingers as he holds out a bento full of all your favorite sweets. a note is written atop it, but you pay no attention to it as yamaguchi stammers out, "i like you. i like you so much. so take these please, even if you don't like me back." wringing his fingers, he brings up his head back up to look at you; he's met with a sweet surprise when you lay a quick kiss on his cheek and accept his confession.
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redbeads · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
imagine professor sugawara fucking u, his student teacher aide. bending u over his podium on late nights when the two of u are in need of some sort of stress relief.
the motherfucker has u stuttering and barely being able to speak as he thrusts into u so hard that the podium is beginning to move back and forth in sync.
“c’mon, speak up sweetheart.” sugawara said through gritted teeth, “tell me how good my cock feels.” his words were barely intelligible, ur eyes rolling to the back of ur head as u breathed heavily.
sugawara brought his hand up to ur hair and pulled it back roughly making u let out a loud moan, tightening around him as u did—making him let out a deep groan at the feeling of u along with quiet curses.
“we are not getting anything done tonight.” he breathed out, speeding up his thrusts. he let his grip go of ur hair, bringing it to ur ass instead to smack it roughly. “now fucking do that again.”
Tumblr media
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natashaiwaizumi · a month ago
what you’re like being married
types of married couples you guys would be
various characters x reader 
Tumblr media
You guys are so fucking annoying. Both of your social media accounts are flooded with pictures of the other and how much you love each other. If people make the mistake of inviting the two of you out you’re gushing over each other the whole time. Madly in love of course and everyone’s happy for you, though they would be happier if you were just as in love, just quieter
Bokuto, Hinata, Lev, Oikawa, Nishinoya, Sugawara, Tendou, Hanamaki
No one knows you two are married. Hell, people barely even know you’re together. You got together quietly and never made a big deal out of anything- at least publicly. Yes, you had found the love of your life, but neither of you saw the point of telling the whole world. There was a quiet ceremony and no pictures were allowed to be posted. It’s not until the two of you are out that a friend sees your matching rings and loudly gasps, asking how long you’ve been married. You turn to him then back to the friend answering, “like five years.”
Sakusa, Kenma, Kageyama, Tsukishima, Kyotani, Asahi, Akaashi, Suna
Everyone knows you two are married. It’s not like either of you are very public about your relationship but you don’t hide it so news gets around. You become that couple that everyone goes to for advice since your relationship is going so well. You definitely get those comments like “the way he looks at you” and he’ll be confused why it’s such a shock saying, “I always look at you like that, what does that mean?” he’s so used to being in love with you he doesn’t even notice. 
Ushijima, Iwaizumi, Kita, Osamu, Daichi, Sugawara, Akaashi, Yamaguchi
People think you two are just oddly close best friends for the longest. You just have a very light-hearted relationship filled with a lot of laughter and fun. So from far away you truly do look like friends, it’s not until you start making out mid-outing does everyone get the message. 
Atsumu, Terushima, Kuroo, Matsukawa
boys when their daughter gets a bf*
Tumblr media
Main Masterlist
(you can make requests)
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sapphirestuff · a month ago
Features they find that made them fall in love harder...
Featuring : hq casts
Notes : fluff, hcs, hq
Tumblr media
A smile could show so many of happiness. It's wonderful how just a smile could help them even on their worst, and that special smile is yours only. When they see you frown, they took whatever it takes just to see that smile of yours, so that not just them, but you can feel just how much happiness you can feel when you're together. Everytime you smile they swore their heart just ran a marathon, it melts all their worries just to see that smile of yours.
-> akaashi, sugawara, yaku, osamu, HINATA, yamaguchi, bokuto
Laughing together in a similar sense. Laughing at each other's jokes, and bonding over that is a satisfying feeling, you two might have inside jokes that only both of you laugh at! Either they have no one to understand them, they're so happy they could find someone to help them relive their stresses. 'I knew you'd understand, and I appreciate you for keeping up with my shenanigans'
-> tendo, MATSUKAWA, tsukishima, SUNA, osamu, kenma, goshiki, kageyama
You know you're comfortable in your own skin, and you're not afraid to show the world just that, and they're not lying if they find that really hot of someone. Tho that doesn't mean they dislike insecurities you might have, they know that strong people tend to hide the scariest wounds. They want you to be confident in yourself, because to them, you're the best when you know and show your brightest, and they're lucky when you told the world that they are yours.
-> iwaizumi, DAICHI, atsumu, tanaka, bokuto, hinata
It makes them weak in the knees how you sacrifices your time to be considerate of others, a generous soul like yours is a gem to be appreciated. They appreciate every little to huge kindness you can give for anyone, as if it's the light on this dark world. They will constantly remind you that sometimes you do need to be considerate of yourself as well, or if it's okay if you put yourself above others on some occasions, they will be happy if you can still prioritize yourself and others at the same time.
-> SUGAWARA, kita, daichi, semi, yaku, tanaka, yamaguchi
You don't think you're charming? Well, they thought no! However you look on the inside and the outside, they absolutely adore you of who you truly are. They think your fashion sense are the best, they think your make up never fails to make you look cool, they think your personality is just the right one for them. Either you're the bright and cheery type of person, or the calm and collected, or none of those kind, they love your whole vibe and they think it complements with theirs so much!
-> kuroo, ATSUMU, hanamaki, sakusa, nishinoya
It's the little things they love about you, your routines, your body language that you might've missed about yourself, they noticed, and they mentally took notes of the things about you. Having you in their life means a lot to them, and to notice the little things of yourself that other people wouldn't know about just gives them a sense of being special to you. They find those kind of things of yours adorable and would never shame you for it!
-> kita, ushijima, shirabu, kageyama, AKAASHI, oikawa
Your little interests peeked them, and you shine so bright when they can see you doing the stuff you love. They can tell you put your heart and mind while doing it, all those times of yours you spend on putting your soul for that thing alone, the dedication you put, they love to be able to cheer you up on those days. They search up for the things that hooked you up, and trying to get into the hype so you can share what makes you happy with them.
-> oikawa, sakusa, kuroo, atsumu
-> every one of your faves!!:D
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semifilms · a month ago
you were frantically looking around the room tossing things aside when he walked in. “what are you doing?” he asked, face scrunched up in confusion at the sight before him. “i’m looking for my hoodie,” you explained. “y’know the black one with one pocket?” you finished as you lifted up the blankets on your bed. still no hoodie.
he looked even more confused as he tried to envision the hoodie you described. then it hit him. “you mean my hoodie?” he corrected with the click of his tongue.
“same difference.”
SEMI, sugawara, tsukishima, SAKUSA, ATSUMU, OSAMU, akaashi, daichi, ARAN, kita, SUNA, yaku, kuroo, KENMA
Tumblr media
©semifilms do not copy, repost or translate my work.
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chositolover · a month ago
Things they do before they kiss you
Featuring: Haikyuu and jjk boys
A/n: I just got this idea suddenly and I had to write it before I forgot about it. I might make a part two if people request for it ^^ my apologies if these seem a bit ooc
Tumblr media
he always kisses your cheeks, nose, forehead or any part of you he can kiss. He’s always been so affectionate with you that he wants you to know how much you mean to him. And when he finally kisses you it’s filled with much love between you two.
❤︎ hinata, BOKUTO, yamaguchi, ITADORI, CHOSO, goshiki, nishinoya
he always grabs your chin so you could look straight at him and only him. He has a smirk on his face while he moves some hair out of your face and then leans in. Whenever he does this, he always leaves you blushing.
❤︎ OIKAWA, sugawara, iwaizumi, KUROO, toji, GOJO, atsumu
He grabs your hand and just stares at you contemplating if he should kiss you or not. He’s trying to look at your features to see if your okay with him kissing you. And when you simply nod with a smile, that’s all the reassurance he needs.
❤︎ megumi, KAGEYAMA, aone, inumaki, ushijima, KITA, AKAASHI
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rintha · a month ago
—“why don’t you take candid pics of me?”.
Tumblr media
feat. atsumu. bokuto. oikawa. sugawara. suna. ushijima.
warnings: texts.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
rbs get a candid pics taken by their fav
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keilily · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
a soft but teasing smile draws on his lips at the sight of you above him, your hands flat against his chest as you’re struggling to rock your hips against his. he knows you need his help, your desperate attempts to get yourself off on his cock do nothing make the tears welling in your eyes to spill over. you’d been at this for a while, your drooling pussy is staining the sheets under him with your arousal and the absolutely addicting sounds of your begging echoes in his ears. 
“you’re doing so good.” he cooes, his hands traveling your lower back to just barely rest on your hips. the way your walls flutter around his throbbing cock draws an involuntary jerk of his hips into you, he groans lowly before stilling again. “fuck-you can do it, use me how you wanted. make yourself cum.”
SUGAWARA, sakusa, suna, terushima, yaku, tsukkishima, kuroo
Tumblr media
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igumie · 10 days ago
Being jealous of your pet - Haikyuu
Tumblr media
info : crack, fluff
warning : they’re idiots but they’re also cute idiots
Tumblr media
Glares at them the whole time they’re on your lap. Low key scares your pet and is proud of it. Its not until you glare at him to stop that he actually goes back to scroll on his phone (but not before giving it the middle finger LMAO)
-> Atsumu, Kageyama, Oikawa, Suna, Tsukishima, Tanaka, Nishinoya, Hanamaki, Matsukawa
Also glares at them but thinks he’s been sly but he’s really not. You can see him from the corner of your eye making faces at your pet and honestly you’d let him be cuz its funny but you dont want your pet to get traumatized™️ so you tell him to stop it
-> Tsukishima, Iwaizumi, Kenma, Kageyama (yes he’s in both)
Whines and whines and whines until you give him your full attention. Man’s desperate at this point. He’ll start to get all over you. Suddenly his arms are around your waist and his head is resting on your shoulder. Also kisses all over you face to ‘assert dominance’. Basically he just gets clingier than usual
-> Oikawa, Atsumu, Kuroo, Bokuto, Sugawara, Tendou
Pretends he doesnt care, but its clear as day that he’s jealous from the way he aggressively types on his phone and at the side glances he gives you and your pet. Its actually pretty cute and silly considering that you’re literally MARRIED to him yet he still gets jealous over your dear pet. You do nothing, you just appreciate the fact that your husband is just that much in love with you.
-> Sakusa, Iwaizumi, Yaku, Osamu, Akaashi, Suna, Aran (yes I can see him doing that fight me bitch), Shirabu
Just pouts. He does nothing else. Just sits there and pouts, silently hoping that you’ll give him attention soon. He’s so cute jskamslan just give him love and affection already
-> Hinata, Yamaguchi, Semi, Sugawara, Kita, Goshiki, Ushijima, Akaashi
Tumblr media
reblogs are appreciated :)
Tumblr media
tag list (open) : @hajiluvr ; @duckymcdoorknob ; @rae-main ; @k-ryuuguji ; @cosmonettica ; @kodzukvn ; @escapenightmare ; @gojoussunglasses ; @jahnvi-d ; @chifemi ; @xiaos-boywife ; @p-ol ; @uxavity ; @sukxma ; @crazycookies73307 ; @missrown ; @kodzukoi ; @iwaso ; @boo-kugo ; @hello0i ; @neermozhi ; @oyasumiares ; @hirugummies ; @kiyunas ; @lilacveiledsea ; @chiizfuyu ; @darlingimawitch
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radishaur · a month ago
Haikyu! Boys As Things My Boyfriend Does
Warnings: none
Characters: Oikawa, Iwaizumi, Hinata, Kageyama, Yamaguchi, Tsukishima, Tanaka, Nishinoya, Sugawara, Daichi, Asahi, Kuroo, Kenma, Bokuto, Akaashi, Ushijima, Tendo
pt.1 / pt.2
Stands behind you whenever you bend over in public. Wether it’s as short as you picking up something you dropped or as long as you tying your shoes, he always stands behind you. He doesn’t want any creeps looking at your ass.
iwaizumi, sugawara, daichi, ushijima, tanaka, nishinoya, kuroo, hinata, asahi
Calls you when they wake up in the middle of the night and realizes that you aren’t there. Maybe you’re long distance or one of you is traveling for work. Whatever the circumstance, you can always expect to hear the phone ring at 3 am his time.
kageyama, kuroo, bokuto, ushijima, kenma yamaguchi, akaashi, oikawa
Always makes you walk on the inside of the sidewalk or street. It might be old-fashioned, but he genuinely just wants to make sure you won’t get hurt. It’s not that he doesn’t think you can handle yourself, he just always wants to protect you.
ushijima, hinata, oikawa, sugawara, daichi, iwaizumi, kuroo, tsukishima, bokuto
Cries when you cry. If you’re sobbing then you can expect him to be crying too. Even if you’re only shedding a few tears, he’s probably going to cry (and maybe even harder than you). He hates seeing you upset and anything that pains you pains him too.
hinata, sugawara, asahi, bokuto, yamaguchi, akaashi, oikawa, nishinoya, kageyama
After you cry, he always does something funny or makes a joke to try and cheer you up. If it’s something super serious, he’ll know when to stop or not do it, but if it’s small you can bet he’s doing something stupid afterwards. He just wants to see you smile, even if it’s small.
oikawa, tendo, hinata, sugawara, kuroo, akaashi, bokuto, yamaguchi, tanaka, nishinoya
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komoreibi · 2 months ago
things haikyuu guys do after a date with you
(some ideas i had floating about in my head also tumblr deleted this out of nowhere when i was almost done so im typing this angrily now)
always says "text me when you get back!" and did it even before you started dating
sugawara!!! / yamaguchi / daichi / KITA SHINSUKE / aran / osamu / hirugami / yaku / kuroo / ushijima (he always offers to walk you back tho) / akaashi / iwaizumi / sakusa / shirabu
forgets to say the above but is somehow reminded at home and sends a panicked "HEY did you get home safely?"
goshiki / TANAKA / nishinoya / ASAHI (he is very panicked until you reply) / TENDOU / atsumu / lev / ginjima / komori / HINATA / kageyama (his sister scolded him for not saying it earlier)
calls you again because "we just met up but i can't get enough of you"
atsumu / Tanaka / semi (but he does it in a very hot way because hes semi eita and-) / kuroo (also kinda sexy) / OIKAWA / iwaizumi
calls you again but kinda unromantically like "wanna apex/valo?" (it's become like a second date now...)
suna / KOZUME KENMA / matsukawa / hanamaki / hoshiumi (dont question)
gushes about you to his friends/siblings like "and then!! oh my goshhh they were so so cute!" "yes this is the 8th time you said this"
komori! / BOKUTO!!!! / kuroo / OIKAWA TOORU / MIYA ATSUMU / hinata / asahi / Tanaka / lev
writes about the date in a journal or private social media lul
KAGEYAMA / AKAASHI / aone / shirabu / semi (song... about you...) / ushijima / hirugami / sakusa ??
waits eagerly for your "i really enjoyed tonight's date!" message so he can text you because hes either too scared or too prideful fsr to message first
TSUKISHIMA (prideful) / aone (scared) / futakuchi (pride)
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hyeque · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
valentines makeup [nsfw]
synopsis: your fave arrives home late for valentine's day. he decides to make it up to you.
featuring: f!reader x haikyuu boys
notes: this can be whoever you imagine it is to be. happy belated valentine's day! (pls pretend i didn’t repost this like a week later ahaha)
warnings: female body parts, manhandling, pussy eating, fingering, unprotected sex, bad title names
Tumblr media
shutting the front door as quietly as he can, he kicks off his shoes. with the roll of his shoulders he can feel the stress of work and other things fading. whenever he can come home to your shared living space he can forget about everything involving any and all sort of problems-
"you're late."
except for your wrath.
he hasn't even gotten a chance to turn around fully, but when he does, you're a sight for sore eyes. you're all dolled up in lingerie, make-up done and hair perfectly set. the sheer lacy robe drapes over your body, barely concealing the snug fit of the bodysuit you have on.
you’re going to be the death of him.
"baby..." he breathes, stepping towards you, still drinking in your figure. "i'm sorry i'm late, you know how things get at work. i sent you a text to let you know i'd be back late." he explains, trying not to anger you any further. It doesn’t work.
"i don't care." you huff, arms crossed. he can't help but trail his eyes to your cleavage and how it sits pushed up. "we made plans and you ruined them."
your boyfriend's eyes scan the dining room table where you had set a candle-lit dinner. his and your favorite foods were set up and he can't help but feel shame. he hadn't meant to leave you alone for so long. and he knew that you were looking forward to spending this time with him. it had been so long that it was just the two of you.
he places the giant, beautiful bouquet of flowers on the table along with the extensive tiffany bags on the floor before turning to take you in his arms. you're visibly shaking and he holds you tighter, trying to get you to calm down.
"you left me here by myself..." you mumble into the crook of his neck. tears sting your eyes but you manage to blink them back.
"i know. i'm so sorry sweetheart. you worked so hard to make all of this. you must be tired." he kisses your forehead, cheeks, neck...his kisses growing sloppier and wetter as he moves down your body. he's kneeling in front of you now, kissing down your stomach. his hands never leave your body as he explores you like a newfound gem.
your breathing hitches, body twitching in reaction to his touch. "i'm...i'm mad at you, yanno."
a smirk is plastered on his face. no matter how mad you were, your body would always respond to his touch. he can feel how needy you are just under his fingertips.
"let me make it up to you then," he says before he's kissing your clothed nether lips. his tongue swipes out to collect the dampness that's leaked through the lace underwear and he groans slightly, “look so good and taste just like it to. i think i need more.”
he knows flowers and jewelry won’t cut it for now. he has to spoil you in a different way.
your boyfriend sweeps you up in his arms with no warning, causing you to squeal, clinging onto his broad shoulders and beefy arms.
"i'm not going to drop you, i promise," he assures, opening the door to your shared bedroom. he places you gently on the bed before he's kneeling in between your legs again. wasting no time, he rips the part covering your cunt.
you gasp. "i just bought this you asshole!"
"don't worry, i'll buy you another one. i'll buy you all the clothes you want me to fuck you in." he replies before attaching his lips to your pussy.
he licks a wet stripe and moans, "best pussy on earth," his large hands grab your thighs and throws them over his shoulders. he's burying his face impossibly closer to you and sucking the bud, making sure not one drop of your juices is wasted.
"ha, mmm! feels good!" any thoughts of arguing with him are gone as he eats you out like a starved man. this is the best way he knows how to apologize and you can't complain. not when he always does such a great job.
"yeah? you look so pretty right now. need you to come all over my face. think you can do that for me?" he asks, looking up at you through his lashes. it almost makes you mad how pretty he looks eating you out.
you nod furiously and your hips move to grind up into his face. his grip on your thighs is deadly, bruising probably as he damn near batters your clit with his tongue and now fingers. you're rapidly approaching your high and you whine, letting him know that.
"come on, pretty girl. need you to squirt all over my face. need you to make a mess of yourself." he slaps your ass and that's what sets you off, body seizing as your orgasm consumes your body. your legs tremble around his head and involuntary squeeze him. he feels like he's in heaven when your juices spray him, allowing him to lick and slurp you up.
his thumb rubs circles into your skin and he waits for you to calm down. when he finally pulls away his chin is dripping with your essence and he grins. he sits up before wiping his face taking time to admire your trembling form.
your eyes can't help but slide down to the front of his pants. the sight of his painfully hard cock straining against the material has you squeezing your legs together and you let a soft whine escape your throat.
if he noticed your reaction, he says nothing as he leans down to capture your lips into a kiss again. you grip tightly onto his shirt, eagerly kissing him back. his large hand holds your face and you feel him nip at your bottom lip before you open it, letting his tongue slip inside. a warm feeling engulfs you as you taste yourself on his tongue.
he pulls you onto his lap, the bulge from his pants grazing against you. you mewl, pleasure igniting through you as you rut harder against him.
“shit baby, just like that…” he grabs your hips and drags you across, your clit catching onto the material in the best way possible. you shamelessly leave behind a wet patch on his pants and decide to lean into his neck. you leave bite marks along the column of his neck, making him groan your name out loud.
your hand palms him, feeling the twitch of his cock beneath his clothes. your palm meets his crotch in a way that nearly has him jerking himself in your hand.
“sweetheart if you keep doing that i’m going to cum.” he hisses, tugging your hand away. he flips you over so that you’re on your back, legs spread out for him and presenting your cunt like a gift.
"please. want you." you reach for him and claw at his clothes. it isn't fair to you that he's wearing so many.
he tilts his head to the side, feigning confusion. "what do you 'want', baby?" his hand palms himself through his pants shamelessly, looking at you right in the eyes.
"you know i'll give you anything you want if you just ask, right?" he quirks a brow, his amused eyes awaiting your response.
you feel yourself becoming shy but your neediness helps you vocalize your needs. "need your cock. want you to fuck me. want to feel all of you."
"is that right?" he hums, his hands unbuttoning his shirt. his toned chest comes into view, followed by his chiseled abs. the sight has you drooling and you wait for him to take off the rest of his clothes.
you grab a hold of his pants and hastily start to remove them. he clicks his tongue, pulling back your hands. you pout and whine, throwing a small tantrum. crying that you need him right now and for him to hurry up.
he seems displeased with your attitude and leans over you, hand enclosing over your neck. “be a good girl for me and be patient, yeah? you’re doing so well it would be a shame for you to start acting like a brat.” his eyes darken at the word and his hand tightens slightly on your neck, making you quiet down immediately.
he pulls back and stands up. he takes off his pants and briefs, his length slapping loudly against his stomach. he sighs when he finally strokes himself. "don’t worry. this fat cock is all yours baby, so let me take great care of you. just lay there and look pretty for me while i fuck your brains out."
you squirm in your spot on the bed and that makes him laugh. his figure looms over you as he aligns his cock with your entrance. a primal urge from within him stirs when he looks at your tiny pussy next to his fat cock. it never fails to amaze him how you make him fit every time. you really are his perfect little cocksleeve whore.
his tip breeches the tight ring of your hole and his mouth falls open as your warmth encases him with each inch disappearing in you.
“fuck you’re tight. sucking me in and milking me so well at the same time…” he breathes. he finds himself taking his time, wanting to memorize the feel and shape of your creamy cunt. he pushes in further and your hand reaches for his, grasping it tightly.
“it’s okay, i got you. you’re doing so good sweetheart. we’re almost there.” he coaxes, kissing your knuckles. he rocks his hips slightly and before you know it, his balls are pressed against your plush ass.
his eyes flutter close and he looks like he’s achieved pure bliss. “oh fuck. missed this pussy so damn much.” a growl escapes him as he jerks his hips a little.
you cry, and it’s only then do you realize it’s all too much, you missed being filled up like this and you can’t help but convulse around him because of that. he’s caught off guard by this and groans, feeling you become tighter and massaging his cock.
he pants, rubbing circles into your hip before huffing out a laugh. “oh baby, did you just cum? did you cum from just me putting my dick in you?” he coos, caressing your face. there’s an arrogant look on his face and you hide shyly in the crook of his neck.
“don’t be shy, think it’s fucking hot how your pussy can’t get enough of me. must’ve missed me too. that’s why it’s mine, right?” he slips his hand over your clit again. your breath hitches as sensitivity takes over.
“y-yea, all yours…” you mumble, eyes hazy. he can’t get over how pretty you look, he hasn’t even played with you that much but you’re already looking partially fucked out. no wonder he’s obsessed with ruining you.
he finally moves his hips, taking time to adjust you for you to be comfortable.
“please move, need more.” tears brim your eyes and you reach up to look at him. “please fuck me hard.” you beg. “want to forget everything.”
how can he say no to your cute face? the sight of your pretty tears going straight to his cock too. “if my baby wants to be fucked dumb, then i can give that to her.” he says, thumbing the apple of your cheek.
he fucks you through your sensitivity, and the sound of his balls meeting your ass fills the room. your whines get increasingly louder as the brutal force of his thrusts sends you moving back each time. the moment his eyes fall on your figure beneath him, he thinks about how lucky he is to have you. you look so beautiful sprawled out, taking him however he wanted to take you.
“so so pretty. so beautiful like this for me.” he praises, and feels your cunt squeeze around him at hearing that. “you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me, you know that?” he grabs hold of your hands before lacing your fingers with his.
you babble in response, gushing out more juices around him which creates a loud squelch. it drives him crazy how much of a mess you always make for him.
he kisses your neck and jaw, humming with satisfaction. “you ready for your other valentines gift? yeah? ready for me to fill up this pussy with my cum?”
“please! want it so badly please fill me up!” you lock your legs around his waist. he grunts, becoming impossibly closer to you, and changes his angle, hitting that one spot you love so much.
“ha, fuck,” he groans, “want to see you stuffed full and dripping with my cum.” he pins your hands above your head before he’s near grinding into your core, adding his fingers for good measure.
“f-fuck yes, just like that! feels so g-good!” you squeal, and his cock throbs harder at seeing your eyes roll back.
“good fucking girl, taking me so well.” he rolls his hips and moves them faster. “please cum for me again princess, need to feel you cum on my cock.”
you nod furiously, feeling yourself reach your climax again. you’re chanting his name when your release finally hits and that causes him to come undone as well. his moans are loud as he spills into you, the amount seemingly endless you feel his cock throb from inside of you.
he holds you, planting kisses all over your face which makes you giggle.
“happy valentine’s day, baby. i love you.” he snuggles his face in your neck, smiling.
your words slur in response but he understands well what you want to say.
slowly, he pulls out of you, his eyes going immediately to in between your legs. he swears under his breath as he sees his load spill out of you. he can never get used to the sight. he takes two fingers and shoves the remaining amount back into you. you twitch slightly at his touch when he cleans you up with a wet cloth.
he plants a soft kiss on your forehead and lips. “you did so well. you feeling okay? it wasn’t too much?” he pushes back your hair and his eyes scan you with concern. “tell me if it hurts somewhere.”
“n-no i’m fine…thank you. i love you so much.” you mumble and look at him with wide eyes, love and admiration fill them and he realizes his baby is back. your brain can’t even remember why you were upset in the first place.
mission accomplished. your boyfriend smirks as you lay back on his chest. maybe he would fuck you dumb more often to make you forget.
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