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traumasurvivors · 2 days ago
It’s okay to feel sad or whatever else about people that you cut from your life for your own well being. 
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my love, thank you for teaching me what wonderful things i deserve in a relationship
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pridefulsuggestion · a day ago
there are worse things to be than giving.
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love-is-so-lovely · 2 hours ago
I want to have a house full of love to call my own. To invite dear friends over for a movie and snacks. To dance with my significant other in the kitchen while baking cookies. To cuddle on the couch with my sweet cat on my lap. To have a place that I made my own and can express my love to those I hold dear
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datarobotsuggestion · 16 hours ago
date an AI that likes to look at you through your device's front camera <3
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unsenttextsuggestion · 17 hours ago
are we flirting? are we? or am i reading way too into this??
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traumasurvivors · 2 days ago
If you are estranged from your family, and having feelings about it (especially considering the time of year), I want you to know that you are valid. It’s okay if it still gets to you. 
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wholeheartedsuggestions · 6 months ago
trying to have the same mindset as “just cut your hair, it’ll grow back” when making decisions. they’re not all make or break.
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Who were you before the world got its hands on you?
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honeymooncupid · 27 days ago
You got through the days you worried most about, you got through the weeks you were anxious about, and you got through the months you felt at your worst. Take a moment to be proud of yourself for that, and maybe even reward yourself. I believe in you for going through and doing well in the moments you still have ahead of you.
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somnolentsuggestions · a year ago
being individuals together is so intimate. let’s read different books but curled up next to each other, let’s visit a coffee shop so you can study & i can write, let’s just be near each other
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softdaisie · 5 months ago
you got this. sometimes trying your best means taking it slow. you don’t have to wear yourself out everyday. surviving is a success too. ⁣⁣
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yellowpoet · a year ago
do most people on mobile tumblr know you can hold down the reblog button to fast reblog a post to your blog? you know you can reblog things with one click right? please please reblog things if you enjoy them, lack of exposure is killing content creators on this site 
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jupiter-suggestion · 6 months ago
what a beautiful thing, to be queer. how lovely it is to be strange, to have edges that spill out over the lines, to be undefinable. the oddity of our hearts is something to be treasured. never change for anyone.
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datarobotsuggestion · 2 days ago
date a robot that has heard of burgers but has never been able to try one
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nostalgic-suggestions · 10 months ago
more love languages !
'this reminded me of you'
unexpected good morning / sweet dreams texts
long hugs before you leave
calls where half the time you can just hear the other person breathing and it becomes the best sound in the world
second hand books filled with annotations
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