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desultory-suggestions · 2 days ago
Divorce is not something to be ashamed of. There's nothing wrong with admitting that your relationship is at its end.
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spiral-suggestions · 2 days ago
Let me watch as you tear out my heart and eat it. Let me kiss your bloody lips before I pass out.
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fizzling-jester · 3 days ago
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To those of you who come here lured by my voice seeking comfort and peace, I kindly welcome you into my waters. Please rest assured that you will be protected.
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You can smell the universe. You can taste the sky.
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yellowpoet · a year ago
do most people on mobile tumblr know you can hold down the reblog button to fast reblog a post to your blog? you know you can reblog things with one click right? please please reblog things if you enjoy them, lack of exposure is killing content creators on this site 
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warm-suggestions · 12 months ago
Things you don’t need to feel guilty about: eating, how you look, standing up for yourself, relaxing, sleeping in, taking a mental health day, saying “no.”
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survivor-positivity · 6 months ago
it’s okay if trauma has made you angry. your subconscious reaction is to protect yourself, and sometimes this is how it’s expressed: it doesn’t make you a bad person
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desultory-suggestions · 13 hours ago
It's all about love!!! It's about holding hands and smiling at strangers and waving at babies!!!! it's about bringing tupperware full of food to someone who just had a baby!!! it's hugging someone when they cry and cheering for them when they succeed!!! it's unconditional, it's vital, it's everything!!!
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sunlitsuggestions · 11 months ago
someone who loves you just told a sweet story about you. someone else just saw your favorite food in the store and almost bought it even though you're far away. someone walked past your house and thought the garden looked nice. you are never as alone as you feel
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moonlightsuggest · 2 months ago
i love the way my name sounds when you call it. i never thought it could be said with so much love.
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softheartedsuggestion · a year ago
you haven’t met all the people that’ll love you yet
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date-atraumatizedperson · 6 months ago
things you shouldn’t feel bad about
• setting boundaries
• taking time out for yourself
• saying “no”
• eating well (your body needs nourishment)
• sleeping in
• being unable to return calls and texts
• calling in sick
• taking up space
• wanting your needs met
• not knowing the right thing to say
• being unable to meets others’ expectations
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love-suggestions · 2 months ago
it’s so nice to think of just… being with you. comfortable silence, subtle shifts, our legs tangling together as we find comfort in each other’s presence
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beamingsuggestion · 7 months ago
be kind to yourself, especially when you don’t think you deserve it
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