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@hachiemon-is-adorable​ replied to X

I think those are written by people who lust after him and they make him act how they want him to. It would be like people making Serenity sexually aggressive when she’s not that way at all in the series. It’d be like, projecting your fantasies onto your fictional crush much?

Basicallyyyyy : “) Yeah I know it’s mainly probably horny people who are taking it too far and just morphing him into what they want. Just…. ugh makes me tired. It’s one thing to headcanon him as dominating in relationships and such, and then there’s……….. literally making him a pervert with r/pist tendencies, or even just outright.

Ugh. Me, and asexual: 

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A part of the story lays just below taking place between the attack on the lowblood villages of Barbara and Stirgaze, The Shepherdess and her apprentice Lainah must take their flock somewhere safe before meeting up with Kaitou to take on the Purples, but as always Angelo distracts the the Crimsonblood holding them up. *Story is much better than summery ;_;*

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|| @dynamitem​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ || // Meme || Accepting

          Who in the hell gave this man the right to be so pretty? What deity in their right mind thought it would be good for anyone to sculpt a man of near perfection and utmost grace, breathe life into the very being whose beauty outshone all he would stride among?

         That and…oh, screw the poetics, hot damn, did he want to reach out and palm the guy’s chest right about now. Or better yet, let his hands delve a bit into the hood, caress along his neck, jaw, and rest upon that perfect little visage. And wouldn’t it be so nice to take advantage of the hood to grab hold of the cloth and trap him in a little kiss?

          Well, there would be only one way to find out, wouldn’t there?

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i got 17 !

17 - neck kiss


Jack was not a man who expressed his affection in public. Anything further than a hand in his own and a kiss on their cheek would be considered scandelous, and he had an important image to upkeep.


Jack was also a jealous man. 

He had loved and he had lost…and he was not losing this one.

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i was obsessed with broad city in middle school and to this day every time i see a guy’s dick through his pants i hear ilana saying “if you train your eyes you can see their religion ;)” in my head

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OC-tober Day 19: In Ten Years 

⚠️ Lesson 36 Spoilers ⚠️

“So you’re telling me that I’m becoming a demon.” 

Solomon sighed.  “It’s not that simple, but for all intents and purposes-” 

“How?”  Ned began to pace.  “I got myself all prepared to think of some shady shit to land my ass back here and roll up into the arms of my sugar demon, and you’re telling me I’m already good to go?” 

“‘Sugar demon’?  Isn’t he broke?” 

“It’s a meme!  Focus!” 

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