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“Tracks... If you wanted a taste, you could’ve just asked ;]”  “Raoul!!”
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so... those sequel ideas... 😳
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(just in case you can't read it, it says: "Artistic "intimate" wife scene")
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Rest in peace
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I am going to suck the trauma out of Dabi’s nipples
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The skimpy Balthier mod for FFXII is up!
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Feeling horney...... I have no rules, I know it'll be amazing! If you want of course... No pressure! ❤
Espionage wasn’t the hero’s favourite tactic in their whole repertoire. In fact, they were incredibly bad at acting.
Which is why this whole operation was doomed from the very beginning — the hero swore they would screw up. They were supposed to go undercover on the painful extravaganza the villain called “party” And taking account of the villain’s and hero’s complicated past, this was a disaster.
“Great Gatsby my ass,” the hero mumbled as they made their way up the expensive flight of stairs. The villain definitely knew how to impress their guests. Downstairs, wealthy drinks and rich entertainment were displayed, enough of it to make the hero dizzy.
Every celebrity ever was cheating on their spouses there and the hero knew that if they’d been interested in gossip, this place would’ve been a goldmine.
But the hero was here for important information. Not for rumours.
The actual house was a nightmare. Getting lost was easy, but thankfully, the hero wasn’t here the first time.
Once they were in front of the villain’s office, they picked the lock. As soon as the lock gave them the satisfying click, and they finally got to enter the room, their heart jumped a bit. They were in. This could work. The mission wasn’t cursed. Despite their poor skills as a spy and hiding in crowds, they could do this.
They closed the door quietly but it wouldn’t have mattered — with the playing song’s bass banging through the whole house, no one would’ve heard it anyway.
But before they could reach the desk, their instincts started screaming. They weren’t alone. Their whole body turned cold as their suspicious got confirmed.
“Ah, my favourite ex visits me again.” The hero swallowed and took a deep breath before they turned around and saw — as expected — the villain, dressed only in expensive clothes. As always.
“Don’t call me that,” the hero said, their brain already alarmed.
“But it’s true.” The villain looked unholily delicate. “You’re my favourite ex.”
The villain was in front of them before the hero could even reply with words. However, their body replied with a blush and wavering thoughts.
“And now my favourite ex is stealing from me, hm?” The villain closed in on them, forcing the hero to take a step back and then another and another until they bumped against the desk. “Not very heroic.”
“Those plans are governmental property,” the hero reminded them but their voice was weaker than they intended it to be. “You’re a thief and a liar. You’ve always been one.”
“Hm,” the villain answered. Their eyes dropped to the hero’s lips and it almost made the hero angry how their own heart dropped just as quickly. It provoked old feelings they had sworn to bury. To burn. “You’re both as well, then.”
The hero almost wanted to laugh but the villain was too close. If they had moved, they would’ve touched inevitably.
“Oh, please. I’m not on your low level.”
“You stole my heart and you’re lying about your own feelings. A thief and a liar,” the villain said and they had the audacity to grin as the hero’s ears burnt. The villain leaned over and suddenly, their nose touched the hero’s cheek. “Admit it, this relationship isn’t over.”
“It is over.” The villain let their finger run along the hero’s wrist, just like they knew the hero liked it. The hero made the mistake of putting their other hand onto the villain’s chest. They didn’t push them away, though. Slowly, the villain’s hand wandered to the hero’s lower back.
“It’s been three months. Have you moved on yet? Because I have not. I think about you constantly. I wake up, thinking you’re next to me. I dream about you,” the villain whispered, their breath hot against the hero’s skin. “And I see you on the news. You’re not happy. You look miserable. You know I can fulfil every wish you’ve ever had. I can please you like no one else. You miss me. And I miss you.”
“No…” the hero answered with a trembling voice. They didn’t want to think about the villain shirtless but they couldn’t banish those images that were burnt into their brain. They hated how right the villain always was.
“I will leave if you tell me to,” the villain mumbled. Their index finger played with the hero’s hair. “I will leave you forever if you want. But if you don’t want me to leave, if you want me, I’ll show you how much I’ve truly missed you.”
The villain waited. But the hero didn’t want them to wait. It was true. All of it. Terribly true. The hero wanted their former lover back.
The hero’s hand slithered up the villain’s chest until they grabbed their enemy’s shoulder. They seized them closer.
“Fine. Make it good,” they said. The villain pulled back and grinned. This was all the villain needed to let their lips connect and their tongues touch. They were hungry, they were desperate. And the hero realised that they were too.
The heat between them was almost unbearable as the villain’s mouth slid down the hero’s neck. Much too soon however, the villain pulled away.
“Get on the table,” they commanded and without thinking about it, the hero sat down. “Spread your legs.”
The hero obeyed as the villain’s hands on their thighs divorced them. The villain positioned themselves between the hero’s legs.
“One last confession, my silly hero.” The villain dropped to their knees and looked up as if they were the obedient one. “I don’t even have those plans. I just wanted to see you, so I started a sweet rumour.”
The hero didn’t care — with the villain’s shoulders between their thighs and the villain’s mouth exactly where they needed them, the hero was something they never had been in their career: selfish.
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Why do I have to title these things? They're pin-ups. They're eye candy! Untitled Beach Pin-Up
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time keeper
(kantou) Sanzu Haruchiyo x Reader
Sanzu really likes picnics with you, or just you // suggestive, college au
Sanzu likes to think it started when he coincidentally found you sitting on his bench— y’know the one he often wanders out of class to and it’s always always empty when he gets there because everyone knows it’s Sanzu Haruchiyo’s bench (well, everyone except you) but he figured he’d make an exception of you, once he caught on to the not-so-concerned look in your eye. He thinks it’s more or less yours now, though, because most days, when gets there, he needs only to catch a whiff of your perfume and he knows to forgo his cigarettes. 
But yes, it must’ve started there. Or was it when he first acknowledged your presence in class and in the split second that your eyes met, he decided then and there that he would speak to you, and you , who held his stare a second longer than most do, (he’s sure) made up your own mind to ‘entertain’ him? 
It’s days like these when he whispers some excuse to Mikey (and though Manjiro recognizes the essence of his contentment), he lets him go. Days when the first thing he does before turning the corner is whistle, in a tone that’s much softer and fragile than the way he usually speaks to any and everyone, and only when he hears the soft clicking of that dumb thing you do with your pen, does he click his tongue and proceed— why else would he go there anyway? You look up first, of course, from whatever book it is that’s caught your attention this week and the first thing you do is zero in your stare on his scars. Sanzu only pauses for half a second so as to give you a moment— see if you’re going to reach out and touch them like he’s sure you’re dying to do. 
He catches the brief moment when your brows crease and you pinch your tongue between your teeth as you decide that you won’t, not this time. “It’s cold,” goes his whisper as he sits. You hope he doesn’t notice when you tense your arm as he fully adjusts himself onto the bench before unwrapping his own scarf from his neck, to just slightly lean over and wrap it neatly around your neck instead (in that way that he’s noticed you usually do but of course, would never admit that he— Sanzu Haruchiyo— notices or cares about these things). 
You only nod slightly and he decides to take this opportunity to lean a little closer, peer at your book over your shoulder. No, he’s not interested— in your book— but he thinks he can stay close for a little longer like this and well, you don’t mind. 
“Ok then, ready to go?”
And when you finally look again, slyly press your thumb to your cheek to find that your skin’s cooled down, Sanzu’s on his feet with his hand extended to you (gloveless, of course, because he’s always got to prove that it’s not that cold but you notice his slight shiver and when you do take his hand, opt to lean into his side a little more so as to afford him some body heat). The short walk is to his car of course (always his car, never yours). He finds humor in your persistence to walk to this bench that’s now become your meeting spot. It’s better to walk, you always tell him, as if it isn’t in the complete opposite wing from your dorm. He doesn’t mind though, all of it. He doesn’t mind the sweet little air fresheners that you consistently hang and change in his car— he’s grown to love the tropical scented one but no, he’ll never admit that. And he certainly doesn’t mind your soft sigh when you look over at the picnic basket in his back seat. 
It’s in this same car— front and back seat— that he’s had you spread for him many times before. He recalls sometime last week (you’d had a bad day) when your eagerness shocked him as you leaned over and sucked him off right there, mid drive but oh, he didn’t mind. The blowjob itself, even more the orgasm, was mind shattering. Though, this time it's just you he's focusing on-- and your mouth that he likes so much. As he watches you slightly lean to hook the new air-freshener onto his mirror, it's just your mouth, as you tuck your bottom lip between your teeth and slightly chew (not enough to tear) just that way you always do when you're nervous. And then when the next time you lean it's towards him, to tilt your head and kiss his scar-- the one on the right (always the one on the right first) and then the one on the left--, it's your mouth again, the faint scent of cherry that he recognizes from the chapstick he gave you however long ago.
He wonders if you really liked it that much or is it just him?-- that you liked?
"Strawberries?" is the next thing he hears you say but he's sure he missed a couple words or two while he was..zoning out. "Strawberries. The brand you told me you liked," he hums softy but no, Sanzu Haruchiyo would never remember these silly little things about a girl-- especially about a girl. He waits for a minute while you inspect the picnic basket, and watches for any sign of discomfort on your face, a gasp or a scolding because well, it's you and no one else (besides for Manjiro) could ever scold him.
This brand is so expensive, he expects you to say with that barely-visible wrinkle in your brow that his straying eyes always, always spot. You only smile, however, contentedly and lean over again for what you swear will be the last time before you can go and in the split second when he feels the warmth of your body fan over his skin, he lets his eyes flutter closed-- god forbid anything occur-- to savor the soft, square kiss on his lips.
Maybe, just maybe, Sanzu does remember silly things about a certain girl and only this certain girl.
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Beloved Harpy
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I do my best to try and keep their height difference and how Alcina needs to kneel/bend foward/sit down/etc in mind when writing our vampire milfs interacting, particularly for the more smutty scenes, but only now did I realize that I should definitely be accounting for Maria's general lack of strength, too. Because yes, she can fight a human when using the full extent of her powers, but on a normal day baby needs her wife to open jars for her lol.
It goes something like...
Alcina, breathless after they have been making out in bed for a bit, in very much of a domme mood: Alright, that's enough playing. Get on your hands and knees, pet. Now.
Maria: ...
Maria: I mean, sure, I love it when we are rough; but know that you only have about four minutes before every muscle on my body starts to cramp and I need to lie down. And by then I'll likely be crying, so we'll have to take breaks for me to blow my nose.
Alcina: *deep sigh* How about I just get you some pillows and we pretend they aren't there, for the sake of the atmosphere?
Maria, already getting comfortable: Deal :3
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aofikofi · 3 hours ago
// slightly suggestive ? its g in skirts
:D enjoy !!
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Haven’t posted here in a while… sorry !!! 🙏 Here is a little something >< 🤍
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Inspired by @belltrigger 's Bot Emmet AU!!!
Possibly what happens after <:)?
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