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jsoolar · 20 minutes ago
⟡ 𓂃 𝐙𝘰𝘢 + 𝐒𝘶𝘩𝘰 𝓤𝘴𝘦𝘳𝘴 ৶
𝑳𝘪𝘬𝘦 𝘰𝘳 ℛ𝘦𝘣𝘭𝘰𝘨 𝘪𝘧 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘶𝘴𝘦!!
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tearsona · an hour ago
I really like the web toon Suho but I hate eun woo portraying him because he's so bad at acting those kinds of characters 😭😭😭 I feel like that's what made me immediately team seojun aside from how great he is with Jukyeong
omg i love eunwoo, i personally think aloof characters fit him best (but it would also be interesting to see him portray other kinds of characters). i didn’t think he was the best at acting but i feel like he did improve with tb, just kinda hate how different suho’s character in the drama was from the webtoon (and everything else grrr)... on the other hand i really loved seojun’s character more in the drama even though i was originally a team suho in the webtoon 😢 plus hwang inyeop is just. so good...
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holdingforexo · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
holding for junmyeon: day [343/640]
» EXO’s SUHO as Ha Neul in The Present, 2019
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onewfantaesy · 9 hours ago
Over the Fence AU
After a long day of playing around the jungle gym in Minho and Kibum’s backyard and playing several different games of tag, hide & seek, and frisbee (which turned into monkey in the middle, which was just an excuse for the older boys to tease the two little ones for being shorter), Jinki was walking through their back gate with Taemin held on his back. Taemin and Jongin both started getting tired a little while, after whining excessively about monkey in the middle, and Taemin’s cheek was squished against Jinki’s shoulder as he was carried across the street. Suho was leaving at the same time, pulling along a whining Jongin who kept asking, “Why can’t you carry me like Jinki?”
Miss Boa, meanwhile, was watering the roses in her front yard and smiling at the sight of the boys trudging back home.
“Fun day today, boys?” she asks, chuckling at Taemin’s sleepy face.
“No, they were all mean!” Jongin whines. “They kept playing monkey in the middle!”
Miss Boa mimics the pout on his face and puts her hands on her hips before saying, “Well that’s no fun! But you know what might be fun for you boys to do tomorrow?”
“What?” Jongin asks, suddenly wide awake and exciting, bolting over to bounce in front of her yard.
“Well,” she says, “what if I set up a slip’n’slide for you boys tomorrow?”
“Slip’n’slide?” Taemin repeats, straightening up, wiggling around to slide off Jinki’s back and dart over towards Jongin and Miss Boa.
“I’ll set it up tomorrow at one o’clock,” she tells them, and both boys are bouncing up and down. “And I think Mr. Yunho or Mr. Changmin might even barbecue.”
A little get together had been planned by the adults in the cul de sac about a week ago, but Miss Boa thought it would be nice to have to something set up for the kids to play with since it was going to be so hot.
So the next day - a Saturday, which the boys hadn’t realized since the days blended together during summer break - found the neighbors on the cul de sac gathering around to barbecue, chat, and watch the boys play around with the water toys Miss Boa bought special for them, and she even went so far as to turn on her lawn sprinklers for them to run around in.
When the sun sets and it starts getting dark, Mr. Shindong brings out a whole box of pop-it’s and sparklers, and the boys all rush towards it. The twins take several boxes of pop-it’s and start throwing them at each other’s feet, running around the cul de sac and giggling endlessly while their parents try to get them to stop attacking each other. Jinki and Suho take a couple boxes each, and they sneak off to throw a few at the end of the street, hoping a car will drive by and run over them, then run back to get sparklers.
Meanwhile, Mr. Yunho kneels down to help Taemin and Jongin with their sparklers. The two little ones are fascinated, both their faces sunkissed from a day of playing in the water, and Mr. Yunho holds their hands to gently guide their sparklers in the air.
“It’s gonna burn my fingers,” Taemin whines, scared as the flame burns down the sparkler.
“It will fizzle out before then, I promise,” Mr. Yunho tells him. “What do you want to draw?”
“A Pokémon!” Taemin insists.
“Charmander!” Jongin says.
“Is charmander your favorite?” Yunho laughs, watching the two boys try to draw charmander with their sparklers.
“And mew!” Taemin tells him.
“Very good choices,” Yunho humors them, laughing when he listens to them start chattering about Pokémon.
It’s a fun little block party, and it ends with the little ones covered in ice cream and carried home, half-asleep. Jinki and Suho end up convincing their parents that Jinki they should have a sleepover at Suho’s house, and the twins are finally wrangled in from attacking each other with pop-it’s by being promised ice cream.
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regolithheart · 10 hours ago
Sometimes I’ll be minding my own business and then suddenly remember the mandu battle scene in True Beauty. That was something else. Still can’t believe that was an actual thing that people immortalized on film. 
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onewfantaesy · 12 hours ago
Over the Fence AU
Taemin and Jongin are constantly racing to keep up with their older brothers and the other older boys in the neighborhood. They were quick to learn the rules of games, both spent a week straight learning to ride their bikes without training wheels, and were now both hellbent on learning to use rollerblades so they could play the latest cul de sac obsession: hockey. But trying to teach two five-year-olds to balance on rollerblades and move a puck around at the same time was proving to be a bit of a challenge.
“We can just play without skates,” Jinki suggests.
“It’s not the same!” Minho is quick to argue. Then he smiles and stands in front of where Taemin is sitting down, still trying tie his laces. “I’ll help you. Here, let me tie it.”
He laces up Taemin’s skates nice and tight, and then holds his hands to help him up.
“Just hold my hands,” Minho says sweetly. He’s surprisingly patient, but he’s proven to be quite the teacher when it comes to stuff like this.
“I can do it,” Taemin insists, holding tight into Minho’s hands when he wobbles on his skates.
“I know, you’ll learn super fast,” Minho tells him.
Taemin and Jongin both are led in circles around the cul de sac, Minho and Kibum both being patient and sweet and helpful.
“And always wear a helmet,” Kibum reminds them. “Because if you fall and crack your head open, it’s not gonna be my fault for not making you wear one.”
“You never wear a helmet!” Taemin whines.
“I do when my mom watches!” Kibum bites back.
“We’ll always wear one when we play hockey,” Minho tells Taemin. “Just like you will.”
“Kay,” Taemin says, easily appeased by the answer.
Both Taemin and Jongin are covered in elbow pads, knee pads, and helmets. It’s quite the sight for the neighbors when they come driving home from work, seeing the boys playing in the cul de sac and dragging the two little ones off the street so the cars can pass. At one point, Jinki just picks Taemin up after he stumbles a few too many times and drags him into the sidewalk so Mr. Shindong can get into his driveway. Meanwhile, Jongin has each arm held by Kibum and Minho as they pull him into the sidewalk on the other side of the street.
“Everyone’s gonna start coming home soon, boys,” Mr. Shindong tells them as he gets out of his car. “You might want to pack up the hockey for the day.”
“Okay, Mr. Shindong!” Jinki says, and he drags Taemin and each of their hockey sticks home quickly. Suho goes to collect Jongin and pulls him home, and the twins bicker endlessly and rush to grab their sticks and net and puck and hurry home as fast as possible. They’re all still a little weary of Mr. Shindong, so they won’t argue when he tells them to quit playing in the street.
The next day, they decide instead to play basketball in the twins’ driveway since they have a hoop above their garage. Except it’s too high for Jongin or Taemin to make many baskets, so they end up stomping off in a huff to go play in Jongin and Suho’s driveway instead. They rummage through the garage to find something to play with, and pull out a hula hoop, a jump rope, and a water gun. With silly little smirks on both their faces, they fill the water gun and use it to completely soak the older boys while they play basketball.
This leads to the older boys chasing after them, which leads to playing tag, which leads to an intense game of cops and robbers. When Mr. Yunho gets home from work and finds them using the big tree in his front yard as home base, he of course asks what they’re playing.
“Hide and Seek?” he asks Taemin, who’s clinging to the tree with both arms.
“Cops and Robbers!” Taemin tells him, a big smile on his face. “You wanna play too?”
“I think I’d make a pretty good cop,” Mr. Yunho teases him.
Taemin bounces a bit, then turns to where Minho is chasing after Suho.
“MR. YUNHO WANTS TO PLAY!” he shouts at them, and they all freeze.
“WHAT’S MR. YUNHO PLAYING?” Mr. Changmin shouts, stepping out of his car from where he just pulled into his driveway. “BECAUSE MR. CHANGMIN WANTS TO PLAY TOO!”
“COPS AND ROBBERS!” Jinki shouts back. Then he shrieks when Kibum comes darting towards him from behind a bush. “TIME OUT! STOP CHASING ME!”
Mr. Yunho is a cop along with Minho, Kibum, and Jongin while Mr. Changmin is a robber with Jinki, Suho, and Taemin. It leads to a fun evening with lots of shouting, muffled swearing (mostly by Taemin and Minho), and lots and lots of giggling.
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dailyexo · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Suho - 180111 32nd Golden Disk Awards
Credit: Chao9294. (제32회 골든디스크 어워즈)
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imjukyung · 13 hours ago
I don't trust people who hate lee suho, it's a fact.
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onewfantaesy · 14 hours ago
Over the Fence AU
It was a typical summer afternoon on the cul de sac. Jinki and Suho were riding their bikes around trying different tricks, Minho and Kibum were playing roller hockey in the street, and Taemin and Jongin were drawing with chalk in several different driveways. It was a good day, with Taemin and Jongin getting ready to play Supreme Hopscotch (a fun version of hopscotch they made up all on their own) on their specialized hopscotch chalk squares.
Except when a hockey puck went darting right for Taemin, and he fell down with a yelp and immediately started crying, clutching his forehead where the puck hit him.
“IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!” Kibum is quick to shout, he and Minho rushing over on their rollerblades to check over Taemin. “You got in the way we didn’t do it on purpose you shouldnt’a been playing by where we were playing!”
“You hit my head!” Taemin cries, his sidewalk chalk abandoned next to him as he sits in Miss Boa’s driveway.
“It was Minho!”
“NO IT WAS YOU!” Minho shouts, pushing Kibum away, and soon the both of them are bickering and blaming each other while Taemin continues crying over the bump on his forehead.
Meanwhile, Jongin is sitting next to Taemin hugging him tight, and Jinki and Suho have abandoned their bikes to bolt over to their little brothers and check on them and yell at the twins.
And all the boys are shouting or crying until Miss Boa comes rushing out of her house, and then all the boys are dead silent except Taemin, who’s still crying loudly.
“What happened? What happened?” she asks quickly, sitting in front of Taemin, checking where his hands are holding the bump on his forehead.
“They hit me with a hockey puck!” he whines.
“Miss Boa, it was an accident!” Kibum is quick to tell her.
“I’m sure it was,” she says gently, holding Taemin to her chest and cooing at him. “Why don’t we put some on ice on it? That will make it feel better.”
“I want my mommy,” Taemin cries, his face red and covered in tears.
“We’ll put some ice on it and then I’ll take you home to your mommy, okay?” she suggests, standing up to guide Taemin inside.
“No fair,” Kibum whines. “I want Miss Boa to hug me too.”
“I can whack you in the head if you want,” Minho suggests, his voice sugary sweet and a wide smirk on his face.
Kibum turns and pouts at him.
“I’ll kick you if you do.”
Minho just snickers and makes faces at Kibum until they start chasing each other around the cul de sac, both of them wobbling on their rollerblades every so often when they lose balance.
“Is Taeminnie okay?” Jongin asks when Miss Boa comes back out holding Taemin’s hand, a baggy of ice wrapped in a paper towel held to Taemin’s forehead.
“I think he’ll be okay,” Miss Boa tells them. “You’ll both be back to drawing all over my driveway tomorrow, I’m sure.”
She walks Taemin across the street then, Jinki following behind her to tell his mom what happened and to make absolute sure she knows it wasn’t his fault and he was watching his baby brother as best he could.
The next day, Taemin has a swollen cut on his forehead surrounded by a bright purple bruise. He also has a crayon drawing he made special to thank Miss Boa for giving him a bag of ice and walking him home, and she gushes over it when Taemin knocks at her door to give it to her. It makes him smile real big and giggle a lot, especially when she gives him a little peck of a kiss on his cheek, and he goes back to drawing with chalk with Jongin while Kibum pouts from where he and Minho are playing basketball with Jinki and Suho.
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otrafanatica · 14 hours ago
True Beauty
Han Seojun
Matters of the Heart (completed)
Being friends with Han Gowoon is only part of the reason why Haemin would never admit to having a crush on Han Seojun. Him being best friends with her brother is the other part.
P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6
Changing Affection (on going)
After everything in your life changed, you hoped your childhood friend and frenemy would stay the same. But the boys you meet now are different from the people you once knew.
P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6 P7
Lee Suho
>> coming soon
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onewfantaesy · 16 hours ago
Over the Fence AU (aka they’re all neighbor kids playing in a cul de sac)
They’d been playing kickball. It was simple, and fun, and every man for himself. It was the Choi twins (Minho and Kibum, both 7), the Lee brothers (Jinki and Taemin, 9 and 5), and the Kim brothers (Suho and Jongin, 8 and 5). Minho was beating all of them spectacularly, and Kibum was trying to force Taemin and Jongin into an alliance to somehow beat him.
Except it ended with Minho kicking the ball too hard and too high, and it went flying into a neighbor’s backyard. Which normally wouldn’t be an issue, except it wasn’t a neighbor like Mr. Yunho or Mr. Changmin or Miss Boa.
It was Mr. Shindong’s backyard it flew into, and Mr. Shindong scared the absolute crap out of all of them. He was big and loud and more than a little scary, and he always had friends over all the time who were just as loud and scary (except Mr. Leeteuk, who was nice to them whenever he visited).
“Well someone has to go get it!” Kibum says after seven minutes of them all bickering with each other.
“Minho should get it!” Suho says. “He’s the one who kicked it!”
“Jinki’s the one who pitched it!” Minho argues.
“I didn’t pitch it over the fence! You kicked it over the fence!” Jinki argues. “Besides, I’m oldest! You go get it because I said so!”
“Well it’s Jongin’s ball, it’s his responsibility!” Minho whines.
“Stop stop stop!” Kibum finally shrieks, holding his arms out. “Someone’s gotta go get it, and-that-someone-is-whoever-says-not-it-last NOT IT!”
“Not it!”
“Not it!”
“Not it!”
“Not it!”
“Hey hey wait! No! Not it!” Taemin shrieks, panicking, bouncing up and down and whining loudly while tugging at Jinki’s shirt. “SHIT!”
“Don’t day shit!” Jinki scolds him, but then pushes on Taemin’s back. “Now go get the ball.”
“I don’t wanna,” Taemin whines.
“Go get it, or you forfeit,” Kibum warns.
“BUT I’M IN SECOND!” Taemin shrieks, stomping his feet.
“Then guess you better go get the ball,” Kibum says, pointing to Mr. Shindong’s back gate.
Taemin says several naughty words at all of them that Jinki threatens to tell their mom about, “And then she’ll wash your mouth out with soap!” if he doesn’t hurry and get the ball for them, and stomps off towards Mr. Shindong’s house. But the closer he gets, the more his attitude fizzles away into nerves, and he walks gingerly to the back gate, having to hop a couple times to unlatch it.
Mr. Shindong is inside the house, Taemin can see him walking around through the side window. It makes Taemin gasp, and he falls onto his knees so he can crawl further into the backyard. The ball shouldn’t be too hard to find. It’s bright blue, it should stand out easily. In and out, five minute adventure to get the ball back.
Once he crawls around the side of the house, he finds the backyard littered with plastic cups and paper plates swarming with flies. It makes him stick his tongue out, and he whines when a fly gets too close to his face, swatting it away. Mr. Shindong had his friends over last night. Taemin thinks their mommies should have taught them to clean up after themselves better.
He finally spots the ball a few feet ahead of him, and he crawls as quickly as possible to get to it. He’s about to turn around to go back, crawling with one arm while the other keeps the ball tucked to his chest, only to see a pair of feet in front of him. He freezes, moves his head to look up, and stares at the amused face of one of Mr. Shindong’s friends. He’s tall and has kinda-long hair and is smirking down at Taemin.
“Whatcha doin’ back here, kiddo?”
Taemin breathes in and out once, twice, three times, and then promptly lets out a terrified scream just as Mr. Shindong steps out through the back door. In his terrified frenzy to run out as fast as possible, he drops the bouncy ball and sprints back out into the cul de sac. Mr. Shindong and his friend are hot on his heels, Mr. Shindong shouting out Taemin’s name, Taemin still screaming, and Kibum shrieking, “EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF!” as they all bolt in different directions back to their own homes.
“ONEW DON’T LEAVE ME!” Taemin begs, running as fast as his little legs will take him.
“RUN FASTER TAEMIN!” Jinki shouts, looking panicked, but then hurries to scoop Taemin up and drag him back home, three houses down.
They’re both panting, hands on their knees, frazzled by the time they’re in the safety of Jinki’s bedroom. To help Taemin feel better, Jinki gets them both bags of goldfish and Capri-Suns to drink.
“You need to be stealthier,” Jinki tells him while they play with action figures in Jinki’s room.
“You go next time!” Taemin argues around the straw of his Capri-Sun.
“Say ‘not it’ faster next time!” Jinki argues back.
Later that afternoon, the doorbell rings, and Taemin grins when his mother calls him to see what’s at the door. That usually means she ordered a new toy for him, and last time it was a particularly fascinating picture book, so he was hoping for another one.
Except it’s Mr. Shindong standing at the door, bright blue bouncy ball in hand, and Taemin immediately gasps and hides behind his mother’s legs.
“Is this your ball that Mr. Shindong found in his backyard?” she asks, laughing, a hand moving to ruffle his hair.
“It’s Nini’s ball!” Taemin argues quickly.
“Well why don’t we take it for now since Mr. Shindong was nice enough to bring it over,” she says, a hint of a laugh in her voice, “and you can give it to Jongin tomorrow.”
She nudges Taemin out from behind her legs, and when Taemin is quick to take the ball and hide back behind her, she asks him, “And what do we say when people bring us something?”
“Thank you Mr. Shindong,” Taemin mutters quickly.
“You’re welcome,” he laughs, then kneels down to be more eye level with Taemin. “And next time a ball or a toy flies into my yard, you can always come get it. Even if it’s in the backyard. You won’t get in any trouble.”
Taemin just nods his head, still slightly terrified of Mr. Shindong. As soon as his mom lets him go, he bolts straight to Jinki’s bedroom to hide under his bed.
The next day, Taemin presents the ball to his friends like he’s found a lost treasure. None of them can believe he got it back, Kibum questions him endlessly, and Jinki backs up Taemin’s story that he bravely re-entered Mr. Shindong’s backyard to get it, making all of them look at Taemin in awe.
They play cops and robbers that afternoon, and Taemin is glad this game doesn’t involve any toys that can get launched into any neighbors’ yards.
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