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lan wangji’s quiet respect for wei wuxian’s sword has me YELLING though. he compliments it the first time he sees it in action, he always calls suibian by name even though everyone else is too embarrassed and just calls it “wei wuxian’s sword”. he literally reaches for suibian first INSTEAD OF bichen after three months without his sword

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Even if Suibian’s purple stripe during the core reveal was just due to lighting, it was good symbolic shot either way and lighting can be used as visual storytelling too.

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[id: six gifs from the series “The Untamed.” In the first, Wei Wuxian is giving up Suibian at Nightless City. In the second, he thanks Jiang Cheng for returning it to him after he returns from the Burial Mounds. In the third, Jiang Cheng asks him, “What about [your sword]? How long ago did you scrub it?” In the fourth, Lan Wangji hands Suibian to him in the Jingshi. In the fifth, Lan Wangji hands it to him while in the Burial Mounds and Wei Wuxian briefly unsheathes it before putting it at his side. In the last, Wen Ning asks Jiang Cheng, “Why do you think he never used his sword again?” /end id] 

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You ever get so obsessed with a show that you personally print out the ebook for physical copies and then you buy things that make you think of it and order replica miniature swords and buy candles with the characters’ respective scents and get gifted a custom candle with the quote that broke you or are you normal?

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Guys, is it normal to have a little emotional breakdown over a possibly-sentient sword that had sealed itself with the disappearance/metaphorical death of its master over 20 years ago only to unseal itself for the first time when its recently resurrected master (currently in the form of a paperman) is in danger and then proceed to fight the guy trying to run through the lil paperman? Asking for a friend.


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Perhaps the reason why the cultivation world was so afraid of Wei Wuxian’s return (and Lan Wangji’s last sliver of hope) was that Suibian remained intact. 

MDZS doesn’t follow all xianxia tropes and lore, but I think in CQL (or maybe the donghua) someone objects to Wen Chao’s confiscation of their swords by saying something along the lines of “修真之人,剑在人在。“ “For cultivators, if the sword is present the person is present.” (the book quote is ”修真之人,剑不离身。“ “For cultivators, the sword never leaves your side.”) The second half of this is part of common xianxia lore – 剑在人在,剑破人亡 when the sword is present the person is present, when the sword breaks the person is dead/gone.

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the world passes by but for me there is only you

by beeswaxing

M, 83k, wangxian

Summary:  Lan Zhan finds out about Wei Ying’s core removal from an unlikely source, and it isn’t the only secret the two teenagers have been keeping from each other.

My comments:  Such an interesting premise! Suibian, a sentient sword spirit, can communicate with lwj after wwx has lost his core, but no longer with wwx. Part of wwx’s core is in Suibian (due to a dangerous and irresponsible experiment when he was younger) and they think they can give it back to him so he can begin to cultivate a new one. Of course, on the way there, there’s much hurt/comfort and emotional hurt/comfort and family feels and getting together.

Excerpt:  [This excerpt just amused me, because the whole story is about swords and who they belong to, and now suddenly lwj is declaring that he’s a sword, too.] 

“Where is your sword? Are you so arrogant that you do not need your sword? Where is your sword?” the man’s voice is taunting, angry scorn marking each syllable.


Wei Ying’s expression transforms immediately, his grim countenance softening instantly, a small smile tugging at the corner of his mouth but few see it for their eyes are all on the breathtaking newcomer who had approached silently from behind the black-robed man. The silver and white of his own sword held firmly in his left hand catches the sunlight and reflects off the face of Jin Zixun, blinding him for a few seconds.

…“Hanguang Jun.” The man manages to slip in a begrudging measure of reluctant recognition into his tone. “Please do not interfere in this matter for it does not concern you.”

“I am his sword,” the man dressed in blue and white remarks easily, standing by Wei Wuxian’s side, his expression betraying nothing but he does not deign to drop his chin for the much shorter man, neither in acknowledgement nor in greeting. “You asked for Wei Ying’s sword. I am here. Are you looking to duel?”

canon divergence, fix it of sorts, sword spirits, suibian, sentient sword spirit, golden core reveal, communication, accidental marriage, family feels, brotherly feels, forehead ribbon, slow burn, love confessions, first kiss, mutual pining, fluff, everyone lives nobody dies, first time, wedding night, happy ending, @beeswaxing

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Not many people know that swords can scream.

Suibian certainly didn’t know. She thought screaming was one of those human things; something tied to the physical realities of flesh and blood and pain. She thought pain was one of those human things, too.

When the raw screech of despair against steel rips through the musty air of the Nevernight dungeons, she learns in the most horrible way that she was wrong. 

Suibian shoots up from the confines of her bladed body, spiritual form expanding to grow eyes she can widen in panic and a mouth she can stretch open to cry:


She knows, almost as surely as she knows the warmth of her own human’s golden core, that the sound came from Sandu. She suspects that the reverberating pressure the sound has slammed into her spiritual center is pain. The thought of how much pain Sandu must be experiencing to produce such a noise only makes the pressure worse.

Sandu!” Suibian wails again. 

There is no reply, not verbal at least, but a moment later, a violent rattling from beneath the pile of stolen swords jolts her bladed body.  Other spirits start emerging, mumbling in the dazed way of spiritual weapons who have been left unattended for so long they’ve started to forget they aren’t inanimate anymore.

“What in fuck is going on?” Suihua groans as he stumbles back from the shaking sword pile, raising a translucent golden hand to his translucent golden head. 

“I don’t know!” Suibian says. “Sandu made that horrific noise, and now he won’t come out!” 

Bichen sits up ramrod straight from her blade, posture impeccable as ever despite the avalanche sliding beneath her. 

“Does anyone see Sandu?” she says brusquely. 

Suibian wants to look, but the pain has become a rising tightness that’s making it hard to think, let alone do anything constructive. If anything happens to Sandu– her oldest friend of her own kind, her family

“There!  I see him peeking through.” A bow spirit Suibian doesn’t recognize points into the pile. “He’s that heavy purple one, right?”

Bichen doesn’t wait for Suibian’s confirmation. She dives in the direction of the spirit’s finger, her form dissolving into a stream of pure white energy headed deep into the center of the pile, then disappearing. The rattling abruptly doubles in intensity; then it stops altogether, and the room falls still.

“Did she just… possess his blade?” someone asks into the silence.

“Seems like it,” Suihua says. 

The room breaks out into murmurs. 

“That’s so dangerous,” someone else says.

“Don’t worry,” Suihua says, waving the concern off. “It’s Bichen. She knows what she’s doing.”

Suibian focuses on her pain and tries to let Suihua’s confidence loosen the tightness of it. He’s right. Historically, Bichen does tend to know what she’s doing. Her independent actions are as efficient and effective as the style in which her human wields her. 

And yet…

The silence stretches on. 

“What if…” Suibian begins, and then stops. It’s too horrible to think; she can’t lose two friends in one night.

But if that’s the reality, she has to face it, with strength and courage at her core.

She plunges onward. “What if they don’t–”

A gasping sound slices through the air, and Bichen emerges from the pile of swords, dragging Sandu by the collar behind her. His eyes are wide, and he’s gasping like a human that just emerged from the depth of the lake, but he’s here.

“Sandu!” Suibian flies towards him, grabbing his shoulders in both hands. She spares a quick grateful glance to Bichen before turning her attention entirely to Sandu.

“Are you okay?”

Sandu shakes his head. 

“What’s wrong?” 

Sandu’s hand travels down to a spot at the center of his chest; where his golden core would be, if he were human.

“It’s gone,” he whispers, and his voice is so cracked it’s almost unintelligible. 

Suibian, unfortunately, understands immediately. She stares down at Sandu’s curled hand in horror. No wonder he was making that horrible sound.

“What’s gone?” Suihua presses.

Sandu doesn’t answer. Neither can Suibian.

It is Bichen who finally speaks, voice measured but not cold.

“His human’s golden core.”

Several sword spirits gasp. 

Sandu’s eyes fix on Suibian’s, heavy with desperation.

“If I’ve lost my connection to A-Cheng,” he says, in that same raw, cracked way, “then he must be… is there any chance he’s not…”

The pain slams deep into Suibian’s spiritual center again. She doesn’t see how Jiang Cheng could still be alive. She thinks of eyerolls and wry fondness and a hundred afternoons spent together between the four of them; two sword spirits and their humans. She aches for the loss of Jiang Cheng, and she aches for Sandu. She can’t imagine what it would be like to lose her connection to A-Xian.

“Anything’s possible,” she murmurs instead, because technically that’s true. 

“It’s very unlikely,” Bichen adds.  

Suibian glares up at her.

“We’re in a war,” Bichen insists. “It could happen to anyone.”

“Not me,” Suihua says. “The Jin Sect is smart enough to keep its nose out of trouble. My human is going to cultivate to immortality.”

Sandu bursts into tears. Suibian immediately ignores everyone else and wraps her arms around him. He leans into her, shaking.

She’d thought crying was one of those human things, too.

“What am I going to do?” Sandu whimpers.

Suibian strokes the back of Sandu’s purple head. 

“We’ll take care of you,” Suibian says. “When A-Xian comes to get us out, he’ll take care of you. I promise. He’ll keep you sharp and active, and you’ll never have to fade away alone on some shelf.”

Sandu shakes his head. “It won’t be the same.”

“No,” Bichen says from above them. “It won’t be." 

Suibian is about to glare again when Bichen continues:

"But Suibian is right. Wei Wuxian will do all he can to minimize your suffering. And…” She hesitates, something Suibian has never seen her do before. “For the time being, so will we.”

Oh, good old Bichen. Suibian reaches up and pinches Bichen’s sleeve, tugging her down to join them on the floor. Bichen sits neatly and presses a hand to Sandu’s shoulder.

“What do you need?” Bichen asks Sandu. It isn’t soft, but it is sincere.

It takes Sandu a long time to answer. Suibian understands why. What he needs is Jiang Cheng. 

Finally, Sandu manages to speak. “I want to go home.”

Bichen looks down at the floor, and Suibian remembers that her home was burned.  

“I understand,” Bichen says. 

“Hey.” Suibian reaches out and grasps Bichen’s wrist again, squeezing lightly as she drops a kiss on the top of Sandu’s head. “We’ll be each other’s home, okay?”

Bichen turns to look at her, but says nothing. A moment later, Sandu nods into Suibian’s shoulder.

Suibian smiles. 

“I’m going to take care of everyone. Don’t worry.”

A few days later, Suibian is the one screaming.

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[other fics in this universe: suihua + jin ling]

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WIP I guess. The way it is now has a certain charm, but it could be… better. Anywho I was thinking about Jiang Cheng’s Public Breakdown No. ? and thought it was pretty sad funny when they were talking about him running around asking people to unsheath the sword.

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In highschool I watched Inazuma Eleven and was so obsessed with their superpowered football style that I started playing it and got myself into the school team, cue a year later after I achieved all my teamspirit goals my interest in it started wanning and unsurprisingly so did my skills so one day the coach called me up in the middle of practice and asked what the hell was happening and I couldn’t look this man in the eye and tell him it was because I didn’t want to be a weeabo anymore

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The first time I heard the name of WWX’s sword, I was like, “……….did I hear that correctly.” And Netflix subtitles provide only the pinyin, not the translation, so I just stared at the name Suibian and thought to myself “that does not mean what I think it means. Does it??”

But it was. Wei Wuxian literally named his fucking sword “whatever”. I absolutely lost it fndjsjfkfkdkdldl

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