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#suing god

(day 6)

In a way, having completely mentally broken down after so many weeks (months, years - ) of pretending to be fine -

- it was really something of a relief, almost?


(Of course, not to say that this experience was in any way easy, no - confronting that his own self-loathing had reached such a point that he had physically transformed into a storys-high literal monster, had potentially put the entirely of Beach City in danger, had in a very real sense put his entire entourage of family and friends in mortal peril - no, that kind of sucked, whichever way you cut it.)

Almost, and the relief came in bit, small things he would’ve not looked for if it hadn’t been their absence that was so ringing - because oh, the things he had been holding back, smothering, keeping locked away were on clear display now whether he liked it or not, and there was no going back from that display he had put on of them! His hate had been sharp and scaled, and his pain had been pin-pointed pricks of pure energy.

It had felt - not good, no. But maybe? He wasn’t sure.

(read the rest on AO3)

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Check out Volley, taking a picture of the gems Yellow just fixed (Flint and Chert, I believe). It’s hard to tell, but it looks like she’s holding the camera up to her left eye, aka the cracked eye, so maybe her eye is healed now? Or she can see out of it, at the very least???

Actually, no, now that I zoom in again, she’s kind of holding it in front of her face, viewfinder closer to her right eye. Not that important, but I want to know!

This is cute, nonetheless. Headcanon that Volley loves photography, as well as horticulture, and volleyball. She’s a well-rounded individual.

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“wherever you end up, we will visit you to talk, to listen, to be there”

“whenever you need us, we love you, Steven”

“i love you too”

Screenshot redraw because i cried too much to do nothing for the final of this beautiful show (i’m still crying)

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“happily ever after never ends.”

god dammit steven universe. you make me so happy and so sad at the same time.

god dammit. i don’t even know what to say, just – just take this screenshot redraw. this damn song was the first thing i thought of when this whole thing was over and now i wanna cry.

excuse the gross bouquet, i’m lazy.

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When I see / The way you act

Wondering when I’m coming back / I could do about anything

I could even learn you to love like you


It sucks not having a normal childhood. Doesn’t mean we can’t have a normal future, though

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