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I’m thinking about Suiko and Suiryu cuz Suiryu left for a long time and said that he hasn’t seen Suiko in years, which led to Suiko being teary-eyed. He actually ask her to join him which is nice of him but you know….fuck the Neo Heroes.

But my favorite part is just even the reunion, the conversation about the suit just….

Asgkkhdssg I love it


Even her he tell her to try it on, she just tells him to go home. Like that’s enough from u, go away.

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Hmmmm…it feels like ONE’s interestingly framed the recent webcomic’s Garou vs Suiryu and PPP vs Raiden fights in a similar way. 🤔

We have the representative fighters (of their own style) from the Neo Hero side (one in a suit, one not) apprehending a convicted (criminal) target, who’d rather stand his ground without seriously fighting back, while protecting what’s his (PPP’s prisoners, and for Garou, the truck/his job. Which are both respectively ‘lost’ to them by the end of the battle.)

The only major difference is that Raiden realizes all this and stops fighting where Suiryu takes it too far does not. (Much difference in their characters’ principles.) After acknowledging PPP has what it takes to be a hero and is not the type of typical ‘bad guy’ he seems…👀 (Gee, the same could be said for Garou, if Suiryu had taken notice too.) Both prematurely ending the fight and walking away without a proper victor. (And in the aftermath, Suiryu eventually ditches the power suit while Raiden decides to don it.) Hmm! Pretty interesting outcomes.

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Suiko: Brother let me introduce you to someone you might or might have never encountered before. I present you…Saitama!

Delusional manga and wc reader Me:




Delusional manga and wc reader Me:

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You got it


Suiryu kept his word and managed too fool everyone including the canon

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ONE is always a stealthy so-and-so, but this time he’s outdone himself, plunking down the first new webcomic chapter of the year without so much as a word on his Twitter (it’s Murata who Tweeted).


Even though ONE still hasn’t deigned to name most of the Blizzard Group, they’re still distinctive in their looks.   We open to see them glumly looking at news of Neo Heroes taking the lion’s share of credit.  They muse over the value of asking Fubuki for a transfer to the Neo Heroes. Power suits, teamwork and credit sound really good.


Not that Fubuki’s available to be asked any questions.  She’s been spending hours a day trying to get through to Psykos.  We see a literal meeting of the minds, where under an unreal sky (unreal for them), Psykos stands in a sea of tall grass and continues to tell Fubuki that she doesn’t remember who it is she has failed.  To say Fubuki’s getting a little frustrated is putting it mildly.


We cut to Suiryu biking off to A-City to see his little sister, whom he’s quite surprised has joined a hero association at the same time that he did.   He just misses seeing Blue there, who came over to make a proposal to the HA’s higher ups and ask questions about his father, only to be out-shouted by the Hero Names Victim Association and left disgruntled.


He finds Suiko outside. She’s come up to thank Saitama in person and to introduce herself properly.  She offers to exchange training tips with Saitama, who, being Saitama tells her what he did.  Her response is pretty classic.  Man, I feel for Saitama.  He looks like he’s given up on caring whether anyone believes him.


Anyway,  Suiryu gets slightly the wrong picture about Saitama and foolishly challenges him to prove he’s stronger or Suiryu won’t allow him to date his sister.  I’m not entirely sure Saitama noticed.   Suiko is super glad to see her brother well and working gainfully, but she’s not joining him, not if it means wearing a lame-ass suit.  Heh, who knew Suiryu was so vain?  Other than everyone who read the manga.

I’m so glad to see Genos is back.  Yet again, his doctor came through and has not only given him a repair job but what looks like an upgrade. I wonder if it uses any of the data from his sparring sessions with Saitama?   Blue tells him about his suspicions on Metal Knight, which Genos relays in due course to Saitama.  It’s so good to see them having dinner together even if they live in separate apartments now. 


The plot thickens.  We’ll see what their investigations turn up.


Ahh, I’ve been waiting to find out what Psykos knows, but gosh, she’s utterly shattered.  If I’m remembering Phoenixman’s description of Phoenixspace and how it’s a visual representation of a person’s psyche, I’d be curious to see the inner worlds of more characters. I wonder if Psykos will remember in time to say something useful.

Speaking about unreal,  the way ONE portrays Saitama this chapter is subtle in its brilliance. He is just white, unshaded, untextured, crudely drawn and usually 2-3 seconds off from responding to people.  As if he’s a character badly photoshopped into their world.


I can’t get over how the Hero Victim Names Association has only nine signatures to their petition.  Talk about low traction!

And speaking about things that make me laugh, Fubuki’s fear that Saitama would over take her in rankings has come true, but because she refused to give up B-Class Rank 1 until recently.  Serves her right!

That goes Blue, challenging everyone and everything.   Over and above his zeal, just what is this kid’s problem?


He’s right about how Saitama works, but wrong in thinking it intentional. It’s just that Saitama doesn’t care and the HA doesn’t credit him properly. 

Since the MA arc, Genos may have a rather quiet and preoccupied expression, but not when it comes to spotting people who may be sniffing around his master more closely than he’d like.  Good to see some things don’t change.


We know that Blue is half-right about his suspicions, that someone is tinkering with monsters to make them stronger and releasing them to strategic impact. We know also that the HA and Metal Knight do keep monsters for various reasons.   What we know that Blue doesn’t is that all the monster-hero interactions favour the Neo-Heroes, and that someone’s behind the Neo-Heroes, pulling strings.   The call is coming from inside your house, Blue.

While Saitama has agreed to work with Genos on investigating what the HA gets up to, I’m not entirely sure he’s understood what Genos means.  Ah well, I guess we’ll find out in due course!   Whatever be the case, I hope Genos doesn’t attack Dr. Bofoi directly – all that guy has to say is to denounce Genos as the ‘mad’ cyborg and the tables will be turned quite handily.

Two things more.  1.  It looks like the clash between Puri Puri and Raiden did not end with either side taking prisoners, or they’d not be able to simply not talk about it to the media.  I wonder why the silence, hehe.   2.  Metal Bat? What happened to him?  If he beat those guards to a pulp, I’m sure the Neo Heroes wouldn’t be going about business as usual, and if he’d disappeared, that’d also be a problem.  Hmm…. want answers, please.

Btw, Suiko tearing up about her brother, *mwah*  She’s a good girl.

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Where, blushing? If it was her previous ch, she was still under the effects of drunken fist (literally, alcohol) when she pinched her cheek in disbelief, but for this chapter I’m seeing her interactions as more paying respects to Saitama, while also curious about his display of strength she witnessed. :O She’s nice and polite to him of course, as another potential strong fighting buddy to exchange techniques, but no I’m not really getting any ‘crush’ type vibes here. (Not that such a thing couldn’t develop later, increasing Saitama’s harem~ Plus Genos would likely have a word with that, heh.) Suiryu’s teasingly playing into it (as the insufferable brother~ also cause he’s a flirt in general), but otherwise I’m reading the scene as a joke not to be taken too seriously, aha. She’s pretty blunt and candid with her intent (vs Suiryu’s easy sleaze) I’d say.

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Webcomic ch134:  Saitama meeting Blue (Blast’s son), Suiko (Suiryu’s sister), and Suiryu (first time in the wc’s continuity it seems!) in sequence…

The whole exchange is hilarious cause Saitama for the most part is just standing there, clueless and unbothered, minding his own business spacing out as he usually does, while everyone gets worked up with assumptions, proclamations and plans to challenge him on their own. Suiko is nice, welcoming and respectful to him at least, but gosh (it’s like Sonic all over again), why does this always happen, aha.

Seems they’re always off on the wrong foot when it comes to awkward first Saitama meetings. :P

Blue’s there to get thru to the HA, but his voice gets drowned out by the protests of the Hero Name Victims squad, until he notices Saitama and tries to get thru to him (asserting his resolve that only he can overtake Blast’s position huh), only to be mistaken at who he’s addressing (gah! going thru all their unfortunate names)….that at that point it’s like…who’re you again? lol ok bye~


Well then! Saitama’s unlikely to take heed of those who rudely go off in front of him like that (also pfft the irony: ‘what a nice guy’) so if he forgets their exchange or dismisses the significance of their first meeting, I will not be surprised. :P

Suiko on the other hand is a good girl, politely wanting to thank Saitama personally and naturally curious about his strength…but of course, gets the classic, in-depth Saitama response. :’D


Heh. Suiryu then enters with his own brand of insufferable™, there to greet his sister but soon gets caught up being a jackass posturing to Saitama. Meeting him here (in the wc) for the first time, and assuming Saitama’s a prospective date for Suiko (pfft coming from the womanizer himself, oh please!)


(Wow rude!) Also, we get some classic sibling banter in response, thank you Suiko for the brutal honesty about those hero suits~


Meanwhile Saitama’s basically just…there for the entire time, phasing in and out of reality awareness towards all who interact with him, aha. :’)

Exception: listening and supportive towards Genos’ plans at the end of the chapter, however. Even if Saitama doesn’t fully understand what’s going on, or is only half-aware of what he’s agreeing to again, heh this exchange feels quite reminiscent, I’m glad the topic with Genos is enough to genuinely engage his attention at least!

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newest chapter of the one punch man webcomic has come out, and it’s confirmed that suiryu doesn’t know saitama in that canon?? ಥ_ಥ IM SO SAD THEYRE ONE OF MY FAV RELATIONSHIPS IM SO SAD THEYRE STRANGERS IN THE WEBCOMIC/ONE’S VERSION

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Welcome spoiling


As much as I like seeing Suiryu riding a motorcycle, I really want to know the conversation between Suiryu, Suiko, and Saitama. Also if I remember, Suiko said that he left for a long time so no wonder why she started crying. Also wtf was that kick to Saitama’s face. I know they barely met now but ugh. I just remembered that this is Webcomic Suiryu and not Manga him.

Don’t mind me, I’m thinking

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That’s very true!  ONE and Murata seem to have a jumble pile of ideas that are cool, but not necessarily workable immediately.  If they find something that wouldn’t work, they can throw the format away but keep the reason they were thinking that way and if it still serves to tell the character’s story and the overall plot, they find another way to work it in.

Suiko definitely makes for a great contrast to Suiryu. She’s talented too, but unlike her brother, is brave and hard-working.  As written in the webcomic, we seem to have gotten the unreformed Suiryu, that is to say the lazy, lecherous, money-grubbing guy who has yet to deal with any meaningful set backs.  When the two of them eventually cross paths, it’s going to be interesting.

I’m sure Suiryu will eventually be a force for good.  But first, he must be purified. Which, in OPM world, means extreme suffering.

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fijiflower asked: Hello new friend! Do you write for Metal Bat? Amai mask? Flashy Flash? Suriyu? Please let me know if you write for any of them. If you don’t, that’s okay too! Just use Saitama, Genos and Sonic. Regardless, could you please write some headcanons/scenario/whatever’s easiest for you for a breakfast while snuggling in bed style thing? Are they just chilling at home? On vacation? Special occasion? What do they make/buy for breakfast? Thank you very much, and good luck with the blog!

[recognize these headcanons? this is a repost from my old blog opmmadness!’ You will see this disclaimer above all of the content i have moved from my previous blogs.]

Metal Bat: Metal Bat can’t stray far from his little sister, for more than one reason. He has to be there to protect her if necessary, and she’s a bit of a bossy-pants so whatever she says goes. And because of this, Bad has to have his little breakfast-in-bed surprise be at home, when Zenko is at school. He ravishes them with attention, more than usual since they rarely get time alone like this. He puts on a movie, tries not to burn the eggs and bacon, and always brings a small present along with him. This time, it’s a little teddybear. Cliche, he knows, but it’s something he’s always imagined buying them as a small gesture of his love.

Suiryu: Suiryu was hoping to win the tournament so he could lavish his s/o in the fanciest of vacations and expensive gifts. But after recovering from his attack at the hands of Bakuzan, Suiryu is humbled by his encounter and decides to enjoy life for what it offers him now, in the present. Luckily for him, it’s him and his s/o’s anniversary the next day, so sets out to make a grand breakfast for them both to enjoy together. He revels in the way his s/o’s eyes light up at the sight of the food and him, squealing with happiness. He’s learned that the small things are important, while money and fame can come after.

Saitama: This man is so goddamn lazy that even when he plans a breakfast in bed for his s/o, he orders the entire thing in (he can and will Postmate everything, right down to the orange juice). Saitama and his s/o usually wake up later than most, so he sets the delivery to be brought at around 10:30 or 11am. It’s right on time, and he carries everything to the bed, where a couple things are nearly spilled. His s/o flips to their favorite game show and they sit together giggling and enjoying themselves. Saitama doesn’t need a special occasion to treat his s/o like royalty, he kinda does whatever he wants, whenever he wants. :)

Amai Mask: Oh yeah, it’s gonna get fancy. Amai Mask spares no expense for his s/o’s birthday, and that means a glorious breakfast-in-bed at the fanciest hotel he can get. Not only is it a suite overlooking the beautiful City C, but it’s got every amenity they love. All Amai Mask has to do is give the call and the food is already on its way to them, being delivered right in front of them without him having to move a muscle. While they wait, the handsome boi takes this moment to give them a few gifts he picked out that they had shown interest in earlier before (oh yes, he listens and is observational). Once the food is there, it’s all smiles as the most relaxing birthday ever begins for Amai Mask’s s/o.

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to anyone who likes one punch man here you go i dont know who they are

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I think that being a vigilante is a step in where his character development will go next. I think the big question is whether he’ll stay there, or if it will be a jumping off point for pro-hero work.

Garou’s already playing the part of the unwilling vigilante (beating the shit out of that creepy HA Donor, punching the slime monster that planned on kidnapping Zenko, protecting Tareo multiple times), so I think it’s a natural extension to his arc!

I think an interesting parallel that’s going to come into play then is the parallel between Suiryu and Garou.

Webcomic spoilers ahead!

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- Suiryu is the type of guy who wants a partner for the sake of having one. He likes to show you off and have you by his side, but anything deeper than that is non-existent.

- Most certainly flirts with others in front of you, but laughs it off as him being friendly and you being too paranoid and uptight.

- Buys you lots of fancy and expensive gifts to “make up” for it.

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