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You were getting real tired of morning sickness. You were on the floor of the bathroom, praying for the waves of nausea to end, wishing that you could have spent an extra 10 minutes in bad, rather than hunched over the toilet.

You heard footsteps behind you as your groggy husband appeared behind you.

“You should wake me up when you get up,” Kyuhyun yawned.

“That’s not fair,” you groaned, not moving from your position.

“What’s not fair, is the fact that you have to suffer all this alone to bring a child we’ve made together into the world,” he said, sitting down beside you and gently rubbing your back.

“I’d like to say I knew what I was getting into when we started trying, but I didn’t anticipate feeling quite this rubbish,” you confessed.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I feel a bit useless. Does this help?” he added, as his hand continued its motions.

You hummed slightly. “It feels good, but what I really need is a glass of water.”

“Not a problem,” he said, climbing to his feet and placing a kiss on top of your head.

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Donghae worrying about Yesung’s health is just adorable. Yesung please listen to Donghae and the rest of your members. This isn’t the first time that they raised this concern. Everyone’s worried about you as you’ve lost so much weight already. You look stunning as you are.

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Reveluvs, stop underestimating SM too much. Remember, SM used to have BoA, TVXQ, SuJu, GG, SHINee, f(x) and EXO back in the days for comeback. Now, its mostly NCT, EXO, SuJu and Red Velvet, ngg and solos. I am not a big SM (company) stan but remember that SM is a very big company. They have teams looking after each group. Red Velvet won’t be ignored just like that.

….but knowing what SM did to f(x) could also happen…. 😣

Let’s all believe in the girls aka Red Velvet.

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This is the ABline argument that got everyone present worried. Both are known for their tempers. Leeteuk mentioned before that after a few minutes l of Heechul entering the bathroom he got worried and decided to check on them. But he just saw them hugging and crying. Lmao.

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