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korathefairy2 days ago
Reminder that Sukuna, king of curses, over a thousand years old, is head empty. No thoughts. Absolutely winging it.
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ryuichirou2 days ago
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what a cool place to hang out at
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aeneozena day ago
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mafia gang leader! sukuna who is only nice to you, who only has eyes for you, who gets you the best for everything, who treats you like you鈥檙e the most precious thing in the world
mafia gang leader! sukuna who loves you so much, who wants to protect you at all costs because you鈥檙e not a ruthless killer like he is, who admires you because you鈥檙e an angel, so pure, so innocent that鈥檚 what he thinks
mafia gang leader! sukuna who tenderly makes love with you, who wants you to feel everything that he鈥檚 doing to your body, who wants to make you feel like you鈥檙e worshipped
mafia gang leader! sukuna who would fuck you so hard you almost black out, who loves the feeling of your fingers digging into his skin and the sinful sound of his name rolling off your lips
mafia gang leader! sukuna who ties you up and fucks you with his favorite gun, who loves watching you squirm and beg for more, he thinks you鈥檙e so very absolutely beautiful all the time but especially when you鈥檙e fucked out because of him and him only
mafia gang leader! sukuna who punishes you when you act like a brat while he鈥檚 making business calls with other gang leaders, who lets his 鈥渇riends鈥 gojou, getou, nanami and toji fuck you
mafia gang leader! sukuna who makes you gag on his dick because you were acting like the punishment was a reward, who edges you till your legs are shaking and tears stream down your face
mafia gang leader! sukuna who washes you up and helps you wear his hoodie before slipping into bed with you, who plants soft kisses on your face and play with your hair while you fall asleep in his arms <3
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denebolart217 hours ago
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sukuna is surprisingly bad with little wheels..
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laudthingcata day ago
Hi can i get an iced coffee with cum milk i mean cum milk sorry i mean your cum milk i mean cum i mean-
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theanimepsychologist19 hours ago
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Chapter 160: How much of Yuji鈥檚 life has been orchestrated? +聽Megumi the stage-five clinger
Happy JJK-Sunday!
If I had to describe chapter 160 with as few words as possible, I would say: Oh f*ck...
My favorite moment was, of course, Megumi acting like a stage-five clinger. His interaction with Yuji in this chapter is especially ominous in light of Yuji being adamant of protecting Megumi from Sukuna.
A second favorite was Sasaki showing up in this chapter because of the implications moving forward.
Let鈥檚 jump right in.聽
How much of Yuji鈥檚 life has been orchestrated by Kenjaku?
We start the chapter with Kenjaku talking to none other than Sasaki, one of the members of the Occult Club at the high school in Sendai that Yuji used to attend.
Of course, the bomb that Gege dropped on us in this chapter is when Kenjaku thanks Sasaki 鈥渇or getting along with my son鈥.聽
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Like... excuse you?
Not only does this 100% confirm that Kenjaku used Yuji鈥檚 mother鈥檚 body to give birth to him, but this specific moment + some foreshadowing from previous chapters also opens an interesting can of worms about Yuji鈥檚 life:聽just how much of Yuji鈥檚 life has Kenjaku orchestrated?
For me, the implication is that Sasaki had an assigned role to play in Yuji鈥檚 life that would inevitably lead to him eating Sukuna鈥檚 finger.聽
I am assuming this because although we don鈥檛 see Kenjaku鈥檚 interactions with the other people in Sendai, we get to see that, in addition for thanking her for getting along with Yuji, Kenjaku聽is incredibly kind to Sasaki. We also learn that she鈥檚 the only one who has received a special message from him (thanking her).
Ready to make this whole interaction more ominous? Someone pointed out that the kanji in Sasaki鈥檚 name means assistant.聽
All of this brings us right back to Yuji鈥檚聽free will--or lack thereof?
We already know that Kenjaku claims he made Yuji 鈥渋ngest鈥 Sukuna鈥檚 finger and that Megumi is rightfully concerned with this idea because he witnessed Yuji eat Sukuna鈥檚 finger 鈥渙f his own free will.鈥
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It鈥檚 also becoming increasingly obvious that Yuji was "created鈥 solely for the purpose of聽becoming Sukuna鈥檚 vessel.聽
What this new reveal about Sasaki does is that it makes everything feel like certain events have聽been part of Kenjaku鈥檚 master plan all along. While this still feels a little farfetched, it will come down to how Gege works this idea into the story moving forward.
Come to think of it, even Yuji鈥檚 grandfather鈥檚 dying words to Yuji take on a new meaning since we know Wasuke knew something was definitively up with Yuji鈥檚 mother.
Another possible bit of foreshadowing all the way in chapter 1: While the intersection in the second panel below could be ANY intersection in Japan, it sure looks like the Shibuya crossing:
Tumblr media
A quick note on the importance of kanji meanings in JJK before moving onto the next section: knowing the meaning of Sasaki鈥檚 name聽tells us that names are important in JJK. If you haven鈥檛, I recommend you read my break down on the meaning of Megumi鈥檚 FULL NAME. His first name is important, but so is his last name.
The plans moving forward
Going off to Tokyo Colony #2 are Panda and Hakari.聽
As the strongest, Hakari feels like he should take on Hajime. As for Panda, it looks like his focus will be on hunting down Angel.
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Side note: I love that Hakari is still calling Megumi names. Guess Senpai can鈥檛 help himself.
I must admit I was disappointed to find that Kirara will stay behind to report, but it is what it is. I am assuming Gege could see no use for Kirara and decided to leave the character out of the action for the time being.聽
As for Megumi and Yuji, they鈥檒l be heading to Tokyo Colony #1 to target Higuruma, everybody鈥檚 new favorite Law & Order boss.聽
This brings us to Megumi鈥檚 current state of mind...
Megumi the stage-five clinger
I had a hard time coming up with the title for this section because what I see happening is that Megumi is starting to feel the pressure of the looming deadline for Tsumiki joining the Culling Game. What his behavior shows, however, is that he needs聽Yuji with him and is clinging onto him but won鈥檛 come out and say it--opting instead for aggression towards Yuji, the very same person he needs most.聽
His behavior reminded me of how Megumi could be mean to Tsumiki even though he clearly adores her. Apparently that鈥檚 the meaning of being tsundere. I鈥檝e read about the term tsundere before but it never 鈥渃licked鈥 until this moment and I just love Gege鈥檚 interpretation of the trope through Megumi鈥檚 character.聽
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It goes without saying that it was REALLY interesting to me to see Megumi鈥檚 dynamic and interaction with Yuji in this chapter聽because it looks like Gege is letting us know Megumi鈥檚 state of mind continues to be one of desperation--remember that dogeza bow from chapter 157?
The thing about Megumi is that he looks stoic on the outside, but he鈥檚 actually an incredibly emotional person who doesn鈥檛 often show how he鈥檚 feeling.聽
I hadn鈥檛 caught on, but in chatting with @justafrenchlondoner鈥 about the chapter, they pointed out Megumi鈥檚 behavior聽in his dynamic with Yuji appears nervous and aggressive.
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Upon a second look I have to agree that Megumi is acting out of character and aggressive with Yuji when all聽that Yuji really wants is to protect Megumi from Sukuna.
And yes, let me go ahead and sound like a broken record as I remind you of Yuji鈥檚 rather ominous words from chapter 143 yet again:
Tumblr media
And this is the part of the chapter that knocked the air out of me: Megumi telling Yuji to stfu about Sukuna but Yuji thinking to himself 鈥渁s long as I鈥檓 around you will suffer鈥 back in ch143 is so damn ominous.
Oh f*ck...
But this is what REALLY gets me about this whole interaction and why I鈥檓 calling Megumi a stage-five clinger...
Tumblr media
Even though Megumi is calling Yuji selfish, in reality, the one being selfish is Megumi.
This is, of course, my own interpretation of the situation, but to me it feels as though Megumi is clinging onto Yuji鈥檚 strength for dear life.聽
It鈥檚 almost like Megumi needs not just Yuji鈥檚 physical strength, but also his unwavering conviction or mental strength.
If you think about it, Megumi has only recently started fighting to win. Remember how unsure he was of himself when fighting Sukuna for the first time? It wasn鈥檛 until he went up against the Cursed Spirit from the Yasohachi bridge that he let go of his inhibitions.
Megumi鈥檚 battles during Shibuya were the pinnacle of his growth as a character in that moment. If I remember correctly, according to the timeline of events, the Shibuya incident happened around two weeks prior to the current chapter. You could say that although he is more comfortable in his strength than before, Megumi is still growing into his strength at this point.
The thing about Megumi is that everybody and their Divine Dog believes in him and sees his potential聽except for聽him. As Gojo tells him聽鈥測ou undervalue yourself.鈥
Looking back, the way Megumi asks聽begs Yuji for help in chapter 143 is very enlightening of how Megumi needs Yuji鈥檚 strength:聽
Tumblr media
I initially had read this to mean Megumi needed Yuji鈥檚 physical strength. Upon second look, however, Megumi has always seemed to have admiration for Yuji鈥檚 conviction.
With the looming deadline for Tsumiki鈥檚 vow to join the Culling Game,聽as Megumi starts to feel the pressure to make his plan work, who better to keep around than the person who will always go for the home run and whose strength he admires?
In other words, like hell he鈥檚 going to let Yuji leave his side. Which, again, only makes it more heartbreaking to think Sukuna is up to no good regarding Megumi and Yuji wants to protect him from that.
Oh f*ck.......
The panel below feels like a bit of a lighthearted and comical moment, but it鈥檚 also interesting to note that this is the second time they 鈥渇ight鈥.
Tumblr media
The first 鈥渇ight鈥 having taken place during the Cursed Womb Arc.
Tumblr media
If you will remember, Gege used the Cursed Womb Arc and the Origin of Obedience Arc to show us how much our favorite trio had grown.聽
Not sure Gege is going to parallel something here again, but just interesting to note.
Oh f*ck...
Ya, please excuse the French.
Despite the many words I鈥檝e shared here, this chapter left me聽mostly speechless.聽
I feel like I鈥檝e been trapped in聽Gojo鈥檚 limitless domain expansion and all I can think is聽鈥渙h f*ck鈥 or 鈥渉alloween鈥 (if you catch my drift).
Chapter 160 was incredible because it looks like Gege has finally finished putting all his pieces into place and is ready to go for the kill by:聽
Starting to unravel the story bit by bit, giving us all of the twists we both saw and did not see coming, and
Ramping up the stakes. Taking into consideration the estimates that JJK is somewhere around 60-70% done at this point, It鈥檚 not a matter of whether some of our beloved characters will die, but about who, when and how they will die
Tumblr media
One last detail
I love the last four panels of the chapter showing Panda, Hakari, Yuji and Megumi all wearing their uniforms (barring Panda) and getting ready to become official participants of the Culling Game by entering their respective barriers.
Knowing that Gege is a very talented artist capable of showing and expressing emotions through his art, I feel like these panels tell us a lot about what the characters might be thinking and I thought I鈥檇 expand on that.聽
Bear in mind this is my personal interpretation as an artist:
Panda looks excited and ready to fight, perhaps even confident. Panda is saying聽鈥渂ring it!鈥 with his body language
There鈥檚 a hint of something I can鈥檛 describe in聽Hakari鈥檚 face. It鈥檚 almost like he鈥檚 coming face to face against how big of a challenge this is going to be and yet he鈥檚 resolved to walk straight into 鈥渢he depths of hell itself鈥
Yuji looks focused, determined to go in and give it his best no matter what comes his way--that鈥檚 just who he is
And then there鈥檚 Megumi.聽I鈥檝e been drawing Megumi recently, and one thing I noticed is that he has very specific micro-expressions. In his panel, he鈥檚 warming up his wrists as though he鈥檚 getting ready to fight, he has a focused look on his face, but the shadows around his eyes say he might be feeling like he is carrying the heavy burden of the uncertainty surrounding the situation he鈥檚 going through
With all that being said...聽the Culling Game is officially starting and we鈥檙e in for a one-way ride straight to hell.
Thank you for reading and聽happy JJK-Sunday!
What about you? What did you enjoy most about chapter 160?
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xxminies-art2 days ago
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Tumblr media
what if sukuna reincarnated into nobara's body instead?
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averiina2 days ago
JJK Yakuza dad AU :
Sukuna : *holding baby Yuji* I am the father? And why is it supposed to matter. He's weak, mindless. He's fucking drooling on me! I-
Yuuji : *bite Sukuna's finger*
Sukuna : ...
Yuuji : *play with his finger with his two little hand with star eyed eyes*
Sukuna : ...what kind of milk do they drink at this old?
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meyrin82 days ago
i just read the latest chapter of jujutsu kaisen and i came up with a theory about Sukuna and Kenjaku聽
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So in previous chapters we found out that Sukuna was once human which existed 1000 years ago and here Kenjaku states that he has converted many humans into cursed objects聽
So what if kenjaku was the one who converted sukuna into a cursed object and what if both of them are working together and everything that happened so far was all part of there plan for the games聽
like what if sukuna asked kenjaku to seal him up (Iam saying this because someone analyzed that sukuna must have sealed himself up so he can wake up in a new era ) and find a perfect vessel for sukuna. So that鈥檚 why kenjaku has been hopping from body to body and that鈥檚 the result of the cursed womb : death painting (which are special grade cursed objects that has the mixed the blood of human and cursed spirit ) like choso and his brothers.聽
Tumblr media
The same can be said for Yuji鈥檚 mother, she was once human until kenjaku took over her body and yuji was born. So that is why he says thank you to sasaki when he saw her聽
Tumblr media
since yuji is already half cursed he would be a good vessel for sukuna as it would last longer than a human vessel聽
so what if to test it Kenjaku told Sasaki about the sukuna finger and that鈥檚 how she found it and brought it to her club聽
Tumblr media
鈥淵OU INGESTED SUKUNA鈥漇 FINGER... OF YOUR OWN WILL鈥 what if it was the curse鈥檚 instinct to eat the finger聽
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penny-art12 hours ago
"you're stuck with me now"
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"you're stuck with me now"
instagram : X
twitter : X
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banana-banshee2 months ago
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Another day on JJK sets with Megumi's happy floofs 馃幀鈽锔忊榾锔 PART1, PART2 and PART3 of my Jujutsu Kaisen Au!
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jack-olin5 months ago
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have u ever been really hungry and then ur pet ate ur food and u finally understand what it means to be god's fool
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