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𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐞𝐫 𝐭𝐢𝐦𝐞 𝐬𝐥𝐚𝐬𝐡𝐞𝐫 || 𝐬𝐮𝐤𝐮𝐧𝐚
Tumblr media
summary: you thought that you’d never see your best friend’s twin again after he got locked up, but you couldn’t be more wrong
pairing: slasher!sukuna x afab!reader
genre: smut/dark content (minors + ageless blogs dni!! you’ll be blocked)
warnings: mentions of murder, noncon, knife play, object penetrating, pet names, dacryphilia, rough sex, creampie
word count: 1.7k+
a/n: posting this on friday the 13th was not intentional but i mean…
Tumblr media
sukuna was a legend around your town and not for a good reason. at first he was just known as a troublemaker but then one summer he snapped and went on a killing spree. they were the first murders in your little town in nearly twenty years and as a result they quickly through sukuna in a mental asylum the moment they caught him.
it was almost hard to believe, that someone you grew up with could turn into a crazy mass killer. it was even more mind boggling that he was the twin brother of your best friend, yuji. most were too freaked out by what sukuna did to go anywhere near yuji but for those who knew him they understood he was sweet. the total opposite of sukuna.
usually out of respect you and the other members of your friend group didn’t bring up itadori’s sibling when he was around. however today yuji was the one to bring forth the topic. “they’re letting him out”.
blinking in confusion, you turn to yuji. up until now you’ve been sitting in his room studying for your exams but now textbooks were the furthered thing from your mind. “what?”.
“sukuna, they’re letting him out”.
“you’re joking?!”.
yuji shakes his head. “i’m not messing with you. they’re letting them out. apparently he’s cured. not to mention we were kids when he went nuts. i guess now that we’re all in college they can’t keep him locked up anymore”.
you’re completely bewildered by this news. megumi and nobara appear equally as shocked, both their eyes as wide as baseballs. “that’s insane! you’re not going to let him stay with you, are you? because if that’s the case no way we’re doing movie night here anymore” nobara pipes in.
good old yuji, always able to make the best out of a tough situation, laughs lightly at his own expense. “no. i’ve given sukuna way too many chances. we might be twins but i’m not responsible for him. he’s going to have to take care of himself from now on”.
the entire group awkwardly chuckles but deep down you feel a little sick. after everything sukuna’s done he’s going to be out living amongst people. that’s an awful idea. you doubted it would take long for sukuna to hurt someone else and you’d be right.
you learned just how right you were a couple weeks after that conversation. your exams are over and now you’re trying to enjoy your summer. you spent the day at the beach with your friends and now you were back at home, sleeping off the exhausting yet exciting day.
with how hot the weather currently was, you decided to leave a window open. this was proven to be a mistake when you were pulled out of your slumber after feeling yourself being pinned down to the mattress.
a screech escapes your lips but you’re immediately silenced by a hand slapping over your mouth. your vision is blurred for a moment but once it clears you see that a man in a white hockey mask is hovering over you. the mask hides his face but you can still see his dark eyes and the huffs of pink hair.
you’re not sure why but instantly your mind goes straight to that this visitor is yuji. “very funny, yuji” you rolled your eyes, grabbing his wrist and pulling it off of your mouth. “halloween isn’t for a couple months. next time you break into my house to pull a prank, at least bring snacks with you”.
the man says nothing at this. instead he reveals a blade and points the tip directly at your neck. at first you think it’s a prop but the longer you stare at the weapon the more you realize… it’s real.
now your heart's thundering in your chest. gulping down the lump in your throat, when you part your lips this time your bottom lip is trembling. “you’re not yuji”.
“good guess but no”. the voice that rings in your ears is familiar. similar to yuji’s but deeper, more sinister. all the blood drains from your face when your mind puts the pieces together and you utter the name of the intruder. smirking, the man lifts the mask to show you his face. “so you do remember me” sukuna stares back at you menacingly. “hi [y/n]”.
fight or flight response kicking in, you try to desperate crawl out from under him but sukuna’s stronger than you. not to mention all he has to do is flash his knife and you freeze. the fear in your eyes makes sukuna cackle. “didn’t you miss me? i’ve been locked up for so long” sukuna hums, gently dragging the point of his knife along your jawline. “i missed you, pet. you were all i thought about”.
“s-sukuna please” you whimpered, terrified tears building up in your eyes. “let me go. i won’t tell anyone. you don’t want to go back to the asylum”.
“hmm well no” sukuna agrees. “but i can’t let you go either. i’ve waited so long for this moment”.
all of a sudden he leans down and licks along your neck with his long tongue. you’re not sure if you shudder then out of disgust or something else. “you know…” sukuna pauses, getting as close to your ear as he can. “i wanted to kill you back then”.
a sob echoes from you at that moment. “why?! i’ve never done anything to you”.
sukuna laughs as if you’re being ridiculous. “you really don’t get it. i didn’t want to kill you because i hated you. i wanted to kill you because i liked you,” sukuna snickered. “unfortunately yuji always got in the way so i could never have you but now my brother isn’t here. i can claim you as my own”.
you half expected him to drive that blade through your chest but instead sukuna tosses his mask aside and starts pulling down the thin pyjama shorts you’re wearing. you’re about to tell him to stop but you remember who in the situation has a weapon. it’s pointless. so you sit there shaking as sukuna exposes your pussy to the evening air.
seeing your cute cunny makes him coo. “look at this pretty pussy,” sukuna’s tongue swipes across his lips hungrily. “bet it looks even better stretched open”.
this is the part where he should have taken his cock out and stuffed it inside of you but he didn't. instead sukuna takes the handle of his knife and starts pushing it into your unprepped hole.
crying at the sting, you beg for him to stop but sukuna mercilessly ignores your pleas. “be good and i’ll consider leaving you alive,” he replies, pumping the hilt in and out of you despite how much you’re struggling to take it. it seems to last forever, being forced to take this object penetrating your cunt. finally he pulls it out to your relief.
you watch as sukuna licks your juices off his knife before placing it somewhere out of your sight. like a fool, you think maybe he’ll leave you alone. that proves to be far from the reality when you feel something else teasing your folds, the tip of sukuna’s cock.
you hadn’t even realized that he had taken it out but now you were back asking sukuna to not do this to you. the more you fearfully tried to convince him to stop, sukuna’s eyes darken even more with lust. he loves this and it only makes sukuna even more keen on shoving his girth inside.
there’s no easing into your pussy. sukuna bottoms out in seconds, making you feel out of breath. although your eyes squeeze shut immediately, you feel sukuna kissing away the tears that rested on your cheeks. it’s far too tender of an act for the man on top of you.
“fuck, you feel like heaven. probably the closest i’m ever gonna come to it” sukuna hisses as your gummy walls grip his dick so deliciously. “cum before i tell you that you can and i slit your throat, understand?”.
heart dropping, you nod frantically. the only time you’re given to adjust is the time that sukuna takes to utter his threat. the moment you obediently tell him that you understand, sukuna pulls back only to slam back into you. there’s no holding in your loud cries. for a second time sukuna’s hand slaps over your mouth.
“woah, sweet thing. better quiet down. wouldn’t want the neighbours to think that someone’s being killed in here” sukuna taunts, not letting up on his rough pace. “shit, can’t believe my brother has never fucked this pussy. who’s really the crazy twin”.
even if you had an answer to these words you couldn’t speak properly. your mind feels fuzzy as the initial pain turns into pleasure. what was wrong with you? you went from sobbing to moaning for more. this shift doesn’t go over sukuna’s head. smirking, he leans down to whisper in your ear.
“when i cum. i’m gonna do it inside. would you like that?”.
your brain is screaming no! no you shouldn’t let this psycho release his seed inside but the words that slip past your lips tell a different story. “y-yes, cum inside” you babble weakly.
“good, such a well behaved pet” sukuna grunts. “this is my permission to cum. wanna see you cream on my cock”.
at first you’re not sure that you can but when sukuna delivers a harsh slap to your sensitive nub while he’s ramming into you, you shock yourself by abruptly reaching your orgasm. eyes rolling into the back of your head. sukuna curses as he blows his load not too long after you.
you’re panting when sukuna pulls out, stuffing whatever cum that slips out back into you with two digits. “that’s it,” sukuna hummed, hitting your clit once more before retrieving his knife. your own pleasure made you forget about how scared you are, that is until you spot the blade again. instantly you shudder as sukuna a finger along the metal portion of the weapon.
“a-are you… are you going to kill me now?” you ask, sounding defeated. it was almost like you were giving into your fate but on the contrary, sukuna snickers.
“hmm no, i don’t think so but don’t get me wrong. you belong to me now and anyone who gets in the way, they’ll be dead”.
Tumblr media
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roscgcld · 2 days ago
how often does sukuna interact with daydreaming!reader and what is their friendship like, if that’s what they are?
probably happens from time to time, in the moments when yuji and her are standing together. usually, he is the asshole who, after yuji and her pass some random person while they are outside, would peak out on his cheek to make some comment that has the two of them fighting the urge to roll around in laughter. Usually, it's so innocent but snarky that it would make even the most stone-faced person let out a smile or two. (Nanami has definitely smiled from time to time as well)
But he probably appears more whenever she and Yuji are on cooking duty - for some reason I headcanon that Sukuna has a soft spot for homecooked meals. So whenever Yuji and Y/N are cooking, and Y/N would let Yuji lean over to taste something she had made, she has to spoon another spoonful for Sukuna to try as well. If not, the lips that appeared on Yuji's cheek will whine and grumble until Y/N gives in.
She finds him quite adorable, like an old and angry cat that seems to only like her and her only. And the others are just so bewildered by that relationship - because they are pretty sure she had somehow tamed the very dangerous King of Curse Spirits.
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seishirousnagi · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The King of Curses
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bananapolis · 16 hours ago
sukuna was a curse, one that you were bound to be trapped in from the moment you met. it was only a matter of time before you gave in to him, he was a curse of fate, unavoidable, inevitable.
the first time you meet him, it was at the cafe near your apartment. you had gone to get coffee and there you saw him for the first time - tall, broad-shouldered and loud, tattoos and piercings everywhere. looks like a troublesome man, you had thought. you had wanted to sit and read, but seeing him there, you decided on takeaway. you go to collect your coffee, and as you turn he steps backward, jostling your hand and causing you to spill the hot coffee all over yourself. you shout in pain, pulling the front of your shirt away from you as you drop the cup onto the floor and over both your shoes. you reach down to grab the cup and clean up but he turns and you would have thought he would be angry but he simply paused as he looked you over, and went oh, you couldn't see me with those pretty little eyes of yours? that ticked you off immediately. he grins widely, leaning down to wipe a stray drop of coffee off your face, his other hand reaching out to hold yours, stopping you from touching the hot puddle of coffee. maybe you should look a little closer then~ the baristas dash to clean up as you smack his hand away, taking the dry towel the baristas gave you to wipe at your shirt, now ruined. you really want to get upset, to curse at him, but you're feeling a little petty and annoyed so you look at him and smile as sweetly as you can and say, there's nothing much worth looking at, is there? he falls silent, watching you, and the cafe manager takes the chance to offer you a coupon for free coffee and you accept. you don't give him a second look, walking out with a frown as you try to manage the embarrassment of walking two blocks back to get home with a ruined shirt. maybe you should have just made the shitty instant coffee you stole from the office pantry.
it was since then. since then, like a curse, sukuna is everywhere. you just can't seem to get rid of him. you keep pushing off his advances, but he's so persistent and it's tiring to keep resisting, so you give up. you let him buy you coffee when you're running late for work. you let him join you when you're alone for lunch. it's annoying. how he so effortlessly covers for you, does everything for you. how he never seems to be shaken with any of your retorts or comments. how he always seems to be in control, while you are a bumbling mess, easily flustered and caught off-guard. how he sometimes looks at you with those stupidly soft eyes like he's in love, when every single thing he says feels like he's out to get you to hate him. you find yourself thinking things like if he would just stop being an asshole he would be a great catch. and you hate it, but you do think about him. how he would sound whispering those same flirty things in your ear when you're alone. you wonder about how it would feel to have his lips explore yours and if he would taste like the coffee he always buys. you wonder if, when you trace your fingers over his tattoos, what the goosebumps will look like straining against his skin. one time, he caught you when you tripped, large, strong hands firmly holding you in place, keeping you safe. and you caught yourself wondering about how it would feel, if those same hands were to touch you, hold you, what it would feel like when they push you up against the wall, pinning you in place, keeping you propped up so that he could fuck you wherever you two are. you're pretty sure sukuna knows what you're thinking. he's been getting bolder, leaning down from behind to whisper greetings in your ear, holding your waist to guide you when you're walking alongside each other, hand just lingering a little too long and a little too low. it's infuriating. you curse yourself for thinking of him. he occupies your mind.
it had been a bad day overall. you'd done badly on your project and your entire department was berated because of you. you'd been told to take the rest of the day off, and you were pretty sure you'll be fired. so there you were that afternoon, in your office attire, sitting on a bench by the running track in a park alone with a beer, about to cry. and of all people, it had to be sukuna who bumped into you. you'd chosen this park because it was far away, from your workplace and your apartment. he's obviously out on a jog, shirtless and sweaty in comfortable pants and sneakers. sukuna looked just as surprised as you. but he recovers a lot faster, a teasing smile appearing on his face as he wipes the sweat off his forehead. he sits beside you, leaving a little gap so your clean clothes don't touch his sweaty ones, and he grins at you. missed me so much you'd skip work to see me? how did you know where to find me? you look at his stupid, teasing, boyish grin and something inside you snaps. how would you have known where to find him! you just wanted to get away! and you've just had a terrible day at work, you weren't skipping out, you were made to leave for the day, can't he just leave you alone? and you fall silent, closing your eyes and biting your lip, knowing it's horrible of you to take out your frustrations on him. sukuna looks at the empty beer can in your hand and asks so what happened? and you, so tired of holding everything in, you break down and tell him. about the project and how the circumstances were not in your control. how you felt guilty that everyone had been trying to help but ended up getting scolded with you. how bad you felt having been told to leave and not knowing where to go or what to do. and you're just crying uncontrollably and hoping that sukuna will go away so no one else will see you in this state, when you suddenly feel sukuna's hands on the sides of your face.
you stop and open your eyes but he's already too close, lips pressing against yours, wiping your tears away, stopping the flow of words out of your mouth and replacing them with the hot flicks of his tongue. you melt into the kiss, hands moving to pull him closer instinctively. sukuna pulls back to look at you. feeling better? he teases, and you pout. i just. you kiss good. and you try to push him away but he holds on to you with those hands of his that you've thought about so many times before. oh come on, love. it's a free day off. let me take you out and buy you a coffee, he tugs on your hands, pulling you close, let me comfort you properly. your heart flutters at being called so intimately, and you curse inwardly for giving in, struggling to push him off you. he laughs and lets go of your face, only to pull you into his lap, one hand beginning to trace lines up your skirt and the other holding your face in place as he kisses you again, soft, strong, insistent, and you decide to respond stubbornly, hands and tongues and faces locked in a war as you both battle to take control while sitting on a park bench where anyone can see you. it's a lost cause, though. sukuna has always been in control. sukuna pulls you away, and in one swift move he picks you up and starts to walk out of the park with quick, long strides. where are we going? he's carrying you like a princess and even though there aren't many people out on a weekday afternoon, it's still embarrassing. my place, it's nearby. a million thoughts go through your mind and you blush, hand on his chest to stabilise yourself. never losing a chance to tease you, he chuckles. so you did miss me. you try to smack him in the chest but you've already reached his apartment, and he sets you down to open the door. you start to pull your skirt down, to adjust your clothes, but you don't get a chance. sukuna pulls you by the hand into his apartment and slams the door shut. you hear the click of the auto-lock but it's the least of your concerns as he pins you against the wall, spreading your legs open with his knee. sukuna kisses hard, fast, one hand holding you, your leg up on his waist, other hand touching you, unbuttoning your shirt and exploring your skin, not stopping until you're dizzy, grinding against him, lost in his touch. he leans back to take a look at you, dazed and flushed, and he smirks. he guides you to his room, discarding your clothes along the way, lips never leaving yours. so pretty, he whispers in your ear, do you know how much i've been wanting to do this? and you decide to give up. you let him tell you about how he thinks you're beautiful, how he wanted you from the moment he laid eyes on you. you let him tell you how he'd been trying to make you pay attention to him, how much he worried about you at work, how he was happy that you let him take care of you, even if it was just to buy you coffee everyday. you listen to him tell you how much he thought about you everyday, wanting to kiss you senseless, to make you his. and you let him show you. you let him show you how he wanted you, laid bare on his bed, spread apart just for him to see, wet, glistening, face flushed and pupils dilated. you let him kiss you like you're a drug that he's addicted to, let him touch you like he's memorising every inch of your skin. you feel him push into you, giving you everything he can offer. you hear his voice, rough in your ear, saying gentle nothings as he thrusts repeatedly into you, but you don't register a single thing he says, lost in pleasure and paradise. you let him hear your voice, begging for him, harder, faster, deeper, please, and he relents, bringing you both to a high.
sukuna brushes your hair out of your face, and smiles one of those stupidly soft, in-love smiles, and you smile back at him like a mirror. he carries you to the shower and cleans up, taking you back to the bed and holding you close. tired but still feeling a little high, you giggle into his chest, smacking him. i thought you just wanted to take me out for coffee? he laughs, deep, booming, happy. i wanted to comfort you. this seemed to work. feeling better, love? and you smile, snuggling into his frame. yeah. better now. can we still get the coffee though? sukuna pokes your cheek, we can, after you rest a little. you're tired. go sleep. it's been a long day for you. you yawn, affirming his concerns, and mumble your thanks. and as sukuna wraps his arms protectively around you, the idle thought wanders back into your mind: sukuna is a curse, and you realise that you don't mind being cursed after all. after all, it was inevitable.
this is brought to you by the me from last week, drinking coffee at work, sukuna plushie on my desk, getting upset and accidentally spilling my coffee. sukuna was safe, but my clothes were not.
ugh i also wish sukuna would hug and comfort me
please reblog if you enjoyed this
holler if u want to see my sukuna plushie
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poe-daydreams · a day ago
childhood friends au with sukuna lmao
little kiddie sukuna is very independent already, he doesnt like mingling with other kids that much and when he does, he ends up fighting them. i think maybe he just usually wanders around by himself or stays inside and reads, idk. 
yuuji tells you that sukuna doesnt like playing with other kids that much but ofc that isnt enough for you to give up. you befriended yuuji first but youd been curious about his twin the whole time lmao.
at first you stood around his window throwing little pebbles and sticks to get his attention but he always opened up to tell you to get lost before shutting it again HAHA happens so often that when you dont show up, he gets a little worried. claims youre annoying but is disappointed when he doesnt hear the clack clack on his window.
one day yuuji just invites you over to his house and the two of you play so rowdily running around while sukunas trying to focus on his picture books being like 🙉
lil babykuna uses difficult words already at that age, so whenever you talk to him you’re like “refuse? what does that mean?” and he is also the type of kid who’d just leave in the middle of a game of hide and seek LMFAO gets disastrous bc if hes the seeker, all the kids r hiding for ages before they realise hes left 😬 or if hes one of the hiders, theyll search for ages HAHAAH what a menace, hes already bored on the count to five
"sukuna, you cant just suddenly leave during hide and seek."
you start following him around when he starts to wander outside and he repeatedly tells you to go away but you dont listen, and eventually you start taking charge which he doesnt like >:( “stop walking ahead of me, loser”
anyway the two of you stumble into a nice hiding spot in the woods, that you found. imagine him telling u like "u better not tell anybody else about this place" and then youre like 😐 whyre you making the rules when i found it smh smh
and then you get lost on the way back. youre like "o-okay sukuna, lets hold hands so i dont lose you" and hes like 💢 ha? later on, youre like "dont be scared sukuna, im sure we can get home" and hes like "whos the one thats scared 🙄"
this is a bit random but i definitely want to add how yuuji often says “thats why you dont have any friends, sukuna” in here
whenever he accidentally upsets you he cant think of anything else to do other than pick a random flower from the ground and hand it to you while awkwardly kicking at the dirt bc hes not used to admitting wrong
and surprisingly, it works bc youre simple minded and you accept the flower
after its snowed a lot, you come outside and draw sukunas face on the ground with a stick. it basically looks like >:( he looks at it and is like “who’s that.”
going into highschool, sukuna gets a massive growth spurt and he’s already over 185cm omg
maybe you’re upset again over something and crying behind the school building when he comes around (looking for you). You're both squatting, on the back there's a brick wall, and you (optional) crying and he's holding up a single flower, looking like 😠 but with 💧 all tsundere awkward, telling you to stop crying already
you look at the damn flower and start cry-laughing telling him that he hasnt changed at all! he gets mad when you laugh at him, but he says “neither have you” bc damn, the flower worked once again
sukuna wiping your tears away with his sleeve 🥺
thank you for reading my gibberish
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honey-buttered · a day ago
Scars are Beautiful
Summary: Gojo sees you doubting yourself in front of the mirror.
Genre: fluff - this is a short drabble.
Characters: Gojo Satoru x female reader
WARNINGS: scars, nudity? cursing.
Tumblr media
There was a party tonight.
You were in your shared room with Gojo, and he was still out having fun with his students. You, on the other hand, were trying to pick an outfit because you wanted to look good.
But picking an outfit isn't easy, especially if you're a jujutsu sorcerer who has plenty of scars on her body. There was so much you wanted to hide, but you also wanted to show a bit of skin.
You sighed as you looked at the dress on you. It was an open back, so that's clearly a no, seeing as you have the most scars on your back. You could also see the scar between your chest that went straight down to your navel from that time you were presumed dead and Shoko was about to start the autopsy when you came back alive.
You sighed. Maybe you'll just wear a turtle neck and jeans for tonight.
You didn't hear Gojo come back. You took off the dress and tossed it to the side, wearing his sweater and leggings.
"Hi, baby." You smiled meekly and kissed his cheek. "I didn't hear you come in."
He kissed you and sat next to you on the bed, "Hm, I was going to surprise you, but decided not to."
"Good call."
Gojo smiled and looked at the pile of dresses in the corner. "So, what will you be wearing tonight?"
You sighed again, laying down on the bed. "Probably just a sweater and some jeans.."
Gojo rubbed the sides of your thighs. "You're not going to wear that dress you got? I remember you're so excited to wear it."
"Yeah, but.. I don't know, it doesn't look good on me."
"Babe, that's nonsense!" He argued and moved to look you in the eye, removing his blindfold. "I've seen you in that dress, you look amazing."
You didn't answer him.
Gojo took the dress and helped you sit up. "Try it on for me?"
You sighed and took off the sweater you were wearing to try the dress again. It's not like wearing it a second or third time is going to change your mind..
Your mouth pursed as you saw your reflection in the mirror. Look at all the scars, the stretchmarks... You covered your chest to hide the biggest scar you had.
Gojo stood behind you, his arms circled around your waist and he rested his head on your shoulder. "Don't cover it up. That scar.. all of your scars.. whenever I see them, I'm reminded of how strong you are." He kissed your shoulder. "Every time you get struck down, you always get back up. And I find that fucking hot."
You smiled at his words. "Satoru, you're too sweet. You don't have to say those things."
"No, but I mean it." He looked at your naked back and also saw the scars. He knelt down and kissed every scar he could see. "I love this scar... and this one.. and this other one.."
You giggled as his kisses made you ticklish. "Okay, okay, I get it."
Gojo smiled and pulled you into his arms. "If you don't feel comfortable wearing the dress, that's okay. But I don't want you to think you can't wear the dress because of your scars. You can wear anything you want and look fucking gorgeous."
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akaashism · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
been a while since i posted jjk and i come back with this brand of clownery
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lets-curse-each-other · 2 days ago
Megumi: what are you fucking doing? We're going back to the school!
Yuuji: *screaming* i can't! I've killed people! So many people!
Megumi: it's our fault! Stop blaming yoursef!
Yuuji: not only that! Sukuna's plotting something involving you!
Tumblr media
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i feel so bad for megumi. imagine you’re a quiet fifteen year old, minding your damn business & just trying to go to school, but then some cursed spirit that’s 1,000 years old becomes obsessed with you and constantly tries to jump your ass for absolutely no reason, all while having to deal with gojo, nobara and itadori’s loud asses every day at school. truly an introvert’s nightmare i hope he’s doing ok
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dauntlesssunflower · a day ago
I have a strong feeling that Kashimo is a character that’s similar to Zaraki Kenpachi, a guy who’s overpowered and obsess with battle and that I think he wishes to find Sukuna because Sukuna is the only one who brought him ‘pleasure in battle’ similar to how Unohana did to Zaraki and vice versa. Ever since Kashimo was introduced he always complained about the sorcerers being too weak compared to those in the Heian Period.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
However, I always found it odd about how Kashimo addresses Sukuna. He calls him quite…nonchalantly? I don’t think nonchalant is the right word…but the way he just keeps asking about where Sukuna is— it’s like he’s very confident about something. First, Kashimo obviously know who Sukuna is and how he’s the King of Curses, I’m sure he has witnessed or heard a few of Sukuna’s fights and tales here and there but he addresses Sukuna in a way as if he knows that Sukuna wouldn’t kill him. It’s like a superior calling it’s student. Yes, I have a strong feeling Kashimo and Sukuna know each other.
Although, I have a feeling that Kashimo holds grudges to Sukuna, he doesn’t talk about him as if Sukuna is just another person who’s strong but someone who he somehow desperately wants to kill. Not to mention;
Tumblr media
Kashimo seems to be the guy that gets mad when one looks down on him, we all know Sukuna has that sort of personality but then again, it’s Gojo who’s more in line in that attribute, Gojo is quite blunt about it he basically shows and tell while Sukuna doesn’t say it but he sure as hell doesn’t spare any effort into hiding it. What if Sukuna mocked him and killed him and Kashimo is out for a rematch?
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bnpd · 10 hours ago
This is my first post <3. Why is this embarrassing LMFAO! Anyway I wrote this while I was listening to Empire State of Mind, and then it just HIT ME! I quite literally sat up like the undertaker during a WWE match. Just imagine Sukuna and reader living in NYC. I will def make this a series, and a whole AU on my feed. Anyway! Thanks for reading <3.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sukuna and readers life in NYC: 
♡ He’s definitely super scary, I would never approach him irl. Like bro come on. He just naturally has such a resting bitch face… if you want him you’re definitely waiting a long ass time to get something going especially in New York. 
♡ There are lots of places, and things to see. Most importantly, there are women. He is 100% a whore, and he makes sure to make it clear that all that relationship will ever be is strictly sex. For now... wink wink.
♡ There are lots of places, and things to see. Most importantly, there are women. He is 100% a whore, and he makes sure to make it clear that all that relationship will ever be is strictly sex. For now... wink wink.
♡ There are lots of places, and things to see. Most importantly, there are women. He is 100% a whore, and he makes sure to make it clear that all that relationship will ever be is strictly sex. For now... wink wink.
♡ Drives a motorcycle... *barks*. Such a badass fr. Don’t expect him to take the train because he thinks it’s gross. Will probably only take it if he really needs to. I think he would either walk everywhere or just take his motorcycle. NYC has terrible traffic so expect him to break a lot of laws. (LMAO) Sukuna receiving a ticket every week is wild.
♡ Just imagine him getting stopped by a cop, and he’s just rolling his eyes. He is so annoyed, and he is over it. The funniest part is that it’s almost always the same cop. “Do you kno- Oh Sukuna. Here’s your ticket, see you next week or something” LMAO
♡ He ALWAYS pays his tickets though because it annoys him if he does not. I don’t know why or how, but it just does. It feels like an itch to him. But anyway.
♡ He lives in a really nice apartment that overlooks the city in the most beautiful way. He is a minimalist? Sort off. His apartment isn’t decorated to an extent. But yk how some men have just a simple couch, a tv, a coffee table, a rug, and a clock hanging on the wall? Sukuna would have that, but it would actually look nice. I feel like his apartment is like cool? I do not know how to explain this. Bare with me bro.
♡ A nice modern sleek black apartment. I hope that sums it up for you.
♡ I think his house would be weirdly aesthetic? Like he doesn’t mean to, it just happens. He’d probably have a stop sign he stole on a night out with his friends with a funny memory attached to it. But he would never have it lying around, it would ruin the way his house looks. Probably have it shoved inside a closet.
♡ He’d have like cool art on his walls, not too much, but enough to make his house feel like him. I don’t know why but I love the idea of Sukuna being able to play the electric guitar. So bam. He’ll have a section in his house where it’s kind of like a music room?
♡ A bunch of nice electric guitars adorn his walls, and they’re all propped up on the wall. He’d have music records lying around, and some poster he hasn’t quite put up yet.
♡ His house will always be dark. He won’t ever turn on the lights, and if there is a light on, it’s just a small one that illuminates the room. Kind of like his domain. Dark.
♡ All of his furnishings are black, even his appliances. If it’s not black, then it’s red or something dark. This is exactly how I picture his kitchen.
♡ Moving on. His work. He works at a bar, no actually let me correct myself. He owns a bar. It’s called ‘The Domain” and it is one of the most famous, well known clubs. He works there everyday. Since I said he was a whore earlier in this, he usually chats it up with women when he’s “working”. And by working I mean standing by the counter judging everyone. He’s just an asshole like that. And don’t even think about starting a fight. At first he’d watch and get amused until it gets annoyed, and shit will GET MESSY if he gets involved. #trust.
♡ Don’t get me wrong though (on the judging everyone part) the customer service is great. And their uniforms are sexy. Most of the men that work there wear a white dress shirt, and then a black apron. AND most of them wear their shirtsleeves rolled up. Men are sluts. #menaresluts.
♡ His bar is nice and modern. Like his house, it’s dark. And he doesn’t open his bar in the mornings; he opens it towards the end of the day because who the fuck goes to a bar in broad daylight? It’s a no for him. Anyway his employees love him for it. They basically get to sleep in, and have a day off almost everyday.
♡ Back to describing the bar, his bar has a small stage and they use it on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays for Karaoke. It’s a big hit because a lot of people really like it. And although he gets irritated easily because he thinks they all sound like screeching dying animals he finds himself smiling because he remembers how much he has built here.
♡ The atmosphere of the bar is fun, and if you ever visit the bar expect to see a long waiting line. Which is why he plans to open more locations in the near future.
♡ Don’t get me started on his wardrobe. He’s very unintentionally fashionable, and extremely hot. New York Sukuna has a tongue piercing, some nipple piercings, black ear studs, and tattoos that resemble his canon marks. My favorite Sukuna tattoo is the mouth he has on his abdomen.
♡ Regularly hits the gym. Likes running at night because he knows no one will fuck with him. If anything I think they’d see him, and they’d turn around. He doesn’t fear a fucking thing. He also likes it because of the peace the night brings him. He is definitely a night owl. Does almost everything at night. ALSO New York is very beautiful at night, I mean have you seen it? Here.
♡ I feel like I’m forgetting something. OH! I mentioned earlier that he can play the electric guitar, and how they have a stage at his bar? Well every Friday his friends, and him play a few songs at the bar. I just imagine Sukuna with the most crazed look on his eyes as he plays. He enjoys it and he has a lot of fun. He claims it’s not true, but there are literally pics. Like whatever you say bro.
♡ It’s just a hobby though; don’t expect anything to come out of it.
♡ I feel like I’m missing something, but I feel like that sums up his life in NYC.
♡ Anyway, overall, he loves NYC. The atmosphere almost feels like home for him.
Your turn.
Readers life in NYC: I like to think that if you live in NYC you are automatically an IT girl. I do not make the rules. 
♡ Also think about it, you live in NYC. Just imagine that. 
♡ Let’s begin. You are the complete opposite of Sukuna, and his life style. You enjoy everything, and everyone.
♡ Anyway, you first moved to NYC because you needed a change in scenery, and NYC gave you the thrill you needed in your life. You weren’t going to pursue a career in fashion if you lived in a place that was not NY. 
♡ Things were hard at first but you got it going. Ever since you moved out of your old home where you lived with your parents, you’ve been happy. I don’t blame you for moving out.
♡ I mean the first thing you did when you got to NYC was get a tattoo, and some nipple piercings. (The cute ones with the hearts.) You were also thinking about getting a belly button piercing. But you got too scared, and that’s okay.
♡ It honestly took you a few years to successfully make it in the fashion biz, and although you aren’t super known, you are well off. Tbh it’s better if you’re not super famous because I think it works out. I mean you got money, and you’re doing what you love, what more do you need?
♡ You also wear the cutest outfits, and you always get compliments about them. Like you do not go anywhere without getting ready, even if it means wearing the cutest tracksuit known to man kind. You fucking work it.
♡ Like I said IT girl.
♡ You always have your hair, and nails done. You are just simply high maintenance, and because of this you have yet to have a serious relationship.  A few hookups here and there, but never serious. You want someone worth your time, and if you don’t want it, you won’t have it. And similar to Sukuna, you make your intentions with the other person very clear.
♡ Anyway back to you and your closet. You own a lot Chanel, Dior, Jimmy Choo, and etc. I also forgot to mention the fact that you have a room dedicated to your process of getting ready.
♡ Let me specify. A vanity, and all of your accessories are located in this room. I’m getting horny just thinking about it. LMAOOO. Give me a tissue I’m going to jerk off my imaginary dick.
♡ One of the great things about your closet is the variety of it. Your closet gives you access to anything. Wear whatever you want <3. It sounds like a super power.
♡ Whatever it’s another universe we can do whatever we want. Fuck it let’s give you a cute pet, a cute puppy. Hmm let’s say a pitbull [insert heart eyes]. BAM! You dress him up in bows, and cute outfits that he often ends up chewing but it’s okay because you have the money, and talent to make him another one.
♡ Your closet is something everyone is jealous of. You have a HUGE closet. It is one of the things you invested in when you got your NY apartment. I know I talked about you moving in a while ago, but I guess I’ll get into the details of it.
♡ When you first moved to NYC you lived with Shoko, your bff. It was amazing, but you moved out because you felt like you were bothering her. She insisted you didn’t but you didn’t move out of your parent’s house and NOT rely on them, just to move to NYC and rely on someone else.
♡ So you were able to afford your own apartment, and move out. Exactly.
♡ Your apartment is so pretty, your friends and you usually hang out at your place. You also live in a apartment that completely showcases NYC, and its beauty.
♡ Now what do you do on your free time? Simple, you go out with friends, and enjoy what NYC has to offer. But sometimes you’re at your house reading enemies to lovers romance novel. You have a great balance between your work, social, and personal time.
♡ Moving on, work. Your fashion lines are great, and most, if not all of the time, come out a success. Like I said, you are living the dream life in NYC.
I feel like I’m forgetting something. Help. Anyway, feel free to request anything <3
request or submit or ask <3
Tumblr media
©2022 bnpd. All rights reserved to the copyrights owner. Do not share, plagiarize, or translate.
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yoma198 · a day ago
Tumblr media
So i made... Nanami Bear.... a few months ago!! What do you think☺☺☺
Im opening order for local friends only 🇮🇩 If you are living overseas and you are interested kindly DM me! :D
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pulchritxde · 2 days ago
Smooth Operator
thirst fic }{ nsfw pls dni if a minor }{ sukuna x reader }{ smutty smutty smutty }{ twerking, mention of anal }{ not proofread and shat out for sure
Tumblr media
"This is the uniform?"
Twirling to the side, you looked back at your ass in the baby blue jeans, two sakura branches with the petals attached adorned both back pockets. You were content with them, they matched the shirt you wore; baby pink cropped tee with mid-length short sleeves, coming down almost to your elbow.
The uniform was form fitting, comfortable, and favored your curves in a way that was far past flattering. You were downright sexy and it made you wet just to look at yourself like this.
"That is the uniform. We'll provide you with more jeans and shirts as your time here accumulates. Now, let me show you to your desk."
You followed the woman out of the dressing room, bag in hand mindlessly thumbing the strap as you eyed the women you walked past. They too wore the same clothes, and you paid no mind to the occasional eye roll, or grimace when they saw you walking past them. Arriving to the seat assigned to you, your boss smiled and pulled your chair out for you, "You can get started when you're settled in. If you need anything at all, you have the script right here. This red light will flash and ding when you get a call, and this pink one will ding when you've succeeded each call. I'll be in my office. Have a good day, (Name)-chan."
You bowed to her and sat down in the chair, relaxing immediately when it started to vibrate against your back, massaging your joints and shoulder blades. You were almost dozing off when your red light flashed and a loud beeping sound was heard. Quickly grabbing the phone, you picked up the script and answered in the prettiest voice you could (effortlessly) muster while sighing into the phone salaciously, "Thank you for calling Susurrus~," slowly letting that word fly from your lips, you hummed lowly as you spoke again, "You're speaking with (Name), what is your wish, mister?"
The low groans from the man across the phone were less than captivating, verging on repulsive, but your first phone call was the deal breaker at keeping you around at this job, so you continued and let him groan before he finally spoke, "My name is Mahito, I-I want you to tell me how you'd piss on me."
Straight to the point, you thought. "Hm, well, Mahito~ I'd push my lacy, pink panties to the side, crawl over your chest and rub my pussy on your nipples," giggling between words in the sexiest way, "and I'd feel the drag of your chin against my pussy, rub my clit against it, and press it to your lips. I'd open my eyes and watch you open your mouth, and let my piss slowly trickle into your mouth, and I'd lift my hips so it'd spray all over your face, all down your neck, and share the warmth with your chest..."
He was breathing heavily now, you could hear the sound of a fist rubbing his cock, messy and wet squelching noises following soon after with a groan and the sound of someone else on the other side mewling about the caller being so cruel. "Oh~ are you cumming for me, Mahito-kun?"
His high-pitched moans hit your ears just as soon as you asked, confirming your suspicions, and he was slow to come down from his high, listening to you coo at him as the script had stated to do. "What did you say your name was, doll?"
"(Name). I'm glad I could be of use to you, sir."
"Thank you. I'll be calling you again soon, pissy girl."
You giggled reluctantly at the name, and let him end the call, another command you read on the script before the phone clicked and your pink light flashed and beeped lowly. Placing the phone down on the hook, you sighed and leaned back into the chair lazily. "Wow, great job, (L. Name)-san. I'm surprised you took to the call so well. He hopped right in there, didn't he?"
You twisted your chair around to face the voice, a cute girl that was smiling widely at you, "Oh, yeah, he was... interesting- how'd you know my name?"
She pointed to the name tag on the outside of your cubicle and giggled, "It's on your wall, silly. I'm Suki. I'd love to work with you sometime. You have a beautiful voice."
She was so cheery, happy-go-lucky, and somehow it warmed your heart, smiling and greeting her before she looked o her desk to see she was getting a call, and she quickly scuffled away before wishing you well on your next call.
In total, you'd had around 48 calls that were successful and two that got disconnected somehow. It was supposed to be 50 calls on your first shift, but your manager allowed you to take the rest of the day off instead of keeping you later than your shift to get those last two calls in.
Tumblr media
"Just try to make up for those calls tomorrow. I think your first day went increasingly well, (Name)-chan. Let me give you your uniforms."
Following her into her office, she pulled out a box from the dark wooden, cabinet by the window and turned to you with a smile, "Welcome aboard."
You were eager to go home and give your friend a call about your first day and how well it went, plus some gossip about some of the men who called with odd kinks you'd never even heard of until that day.
You had chosen to get a job there because your friend previously worked there until she finished her classes and got into the career of her choice. She said they paid very well and the work was pretty slight, so you wouldn't have much of a problem answering calls and making the callers feel good by word-of-mouth.
When she answered, you immediately dropped the entire load of the workday onto her from the piss kink man, to the super sexy dilf that had told you all about how he divorced his wife per her demand and left him, taking her son with her, so he was lonely and barely gave the kid a name before he allowed her to walk out on him. He sounded so damn sexy and his grunts and moans were the cherry on top that made you so wet, you almost took a break to rub one out in the bathroom.
She laughed as you explained that to her, telling you, "Yes, that job gets so heated. The callers are just wild. Ugh, you're making me miss it all over again."
"Then come back! You got some free time you could spare for the job."
"No, I kind of made the owner of the company mad because I refused to answer the phone for his top-paying consumer and he told me to send in my resignation letter. Thank God it was right after I graduated, though."
"Damn. She sounds rough."
"He. He is rough. He is extremely rude, extremely arrogant, and he is an asshole. I'm sure you'll rue the day you meet him."
Not surprised to know it was a male that owned the company, you hummed in response, "Wow. I suppose he's not cumming like his customers since he's so rude."
"Believe it or not, he's actually dating someone. Well, was. There was some sort of leak about the relationship and he went MIA for a while because of it. He must be really hurt if he's disappeared. And it's been a few months since he was last heard of. People thought he was dead, but it turns out he was just vacationing overseas. Someone saw him flirting with a woman that looked exactly like his ex, but she was a model."
"Tells you enough about the relationship if he's looking for women that favor his ex, if you ask me."
"Oh, yeah, he certainly has a type. As a matter of fact, it's been confirmed by his truly that he likes black women. So, kudos, girl."
"Uh, that's insinuating a lot more than I care to unpack, my love."
Laughing together, you started talking about the job once more before your conversations tossed and turned, and you eventually let each other go to have your alone time.
As you laid in your bed, eyes searching for nothing on the ceiling, you couldn't help but wonder, who is your employer? Is he handsome? Would you ever meet him?
You turned to your side, staring out the window of your bedroom before falling into a much needed, deep slumber.
"She did very well. A couple of the calls were dropped, so she didn't meet the quota, but I gave her a window to get more calls in tomorrow, sir."
Tumblr media
The woman stared at the back of the chair, hoping it would remain turned so she wouldn't have to look the owner in the eye as she spoke of you so highly to him.
"Good. I'll be there tomorrow to do some audits. That's all."
She sighed in relief and quickly turned around to leave the room. But before she could even get the door open, hand resting on the handle, he spoke, deep, husky voice reaching more than just to her ears, "She has those sakura branches on her jeans, right?"
"Y-yes, sir."
"I've only just started working yesterday, sir. I'm still getting accustomed to the routine."
Tumblr media
You were nervous in part because you didn't know why this man was speaking to you nor who he was, and you wanted to play your cards right in the event he was someone important. "I heard you did very well. I'm glad to know you're taking care of my consumers." You shuffled the cup of tea between your hands, biting your lip and looking to the doorway for a moment before looking back at the man standing in front of you at the coffee pot in the lounge.
Nodding, you allowed a strained smile to reach your lips, "Very well, sir."
"Ah, Sukuna-sama. Excuse me, but you have a meeting starting in thirty minutes."
You watched your supervisor bow to him when he turned to face her, looking back at you and wishing you good and busy day, he turned away quickly and slinked off to the exit.
So that was the owner, you thought, placing your cup in your other hand to cool it down and walking back to the call center to get back to work.
It had been almost seven months working at Susurrus Inc your call list increasing everyday and having hateful coworkers at how quickly you progressed with the job and the fact that you had been requested, sought after, and switched over to from other operators, taking their clients effortlessly. You were the employee of the month for each of the six months after the first and it drove some of the women mad.
Tumblr media
You had gained a few friends though, most of which had been introduced to you by Suki, the girl from the first day who had offered a bit of encouragement to you and was now your hype girl when you were announced employee of the month, yet again.
Your pay rate sky-rocketed and you were making more now than you ever could've working a different job. It was a very pretty penny and you were hoping you could work your way up to corporate to experience a different air of the company.
"(Name)-chan, Sukuna-sama is requesting your audience."
You had been shown a different demeanor than what your friend explained, certain points from that conversation months ago had floated around in your head whenever you spoke with him, but he was kind to you that you couldn't find it in yourself to agree with, nor condone, such words. And upon telling your friend about your first few interactions with him, she was surprised but it quickly turned into a warning tone, something in the way she told you to be careful made you feel something you couldn't quite explain.
Did she mean he was a player, dangerous? Was he trying to put the moves on you?
"Oh, alright. Now?"
"Yes. He's expecting you right this minute."
Eager to keep him from waiting, your supervisor quickly stalked off, ushering you to follow her and you did, leisurely making your way behind her.
Twisting around stairs and through different halls, you came to an elevator that she pushed you into and pressed the button for the penthouse at the very top of the high riser. "See you soon, boss." You smiled at her as she nodded once to you and quickly turned away from the elevator and the doors closed.
You turned around to watch the scenery getting smaller and smaller outside, the glass of the elevator so clean, so clear that if you hadn't known better, you'd assume it didn't exist there. Lost in the view of the city meeting the body of water on the edge of the town, you didn't realize the elevator stopped until you heard a ding, and you turned your head just as the doors opened to reveal your big boss seated on a luxurious, black sofa with gold trim.
He waited for you to leave the elevator, turning your body all the way to walk into the room, it smelled of cedar and hemp, something you'd try to remember the smell of for as long possible because it seemed to relax you more.
"Good evening, sir."
You bowed slowly, pressing your hands together in front of your thighs. "Come, sit."
You bit the corner of your top lip when you looked up at him, breathing in deeply before letting it out and walking around the sofa that was across from him to sit on that one. He didn't seem very satisfied with your choice, and noticing this, you fiddled with the rings on your fingers and looked at the view behind him, showing the other side of the city view.
"Congratulations on employee of the month, once again."
"Thank you, sir."
You offered him a small, respectful smile and nodded once to him. He swirled his glass of liquor that you didn't notice he was holding until you watched him sip from it. Watching you eye it, he offered you a drink, leaning forward to place his elbows on his knees, still holding the glass loosely.
"I don't drink with people."
"And why is that?"
He watched you lick your bottom lip, thinking of what else your tongue could lick, how it would feel in his mouth, on his neck and chest, and on his di-
"I just prefer to drink alone. Safety of my own home, you know?"
You offered a small chuckle to keep the conversation light and less awkward. And with the way his hooded eyes drew over your body, pink shirt tied around your waist behind your back, jeans hugging your thighs in the way he wanted his hands all over them, gripping you tight and raising you up and down on his lap, he left too much room between responses that it was starting to suffocate you, and you felt like he was reading you, engaging you in his conversations to get to know you more than he had during those months you'd been around.
He personally went out of his way to meet you, having canceled an audit just to speak with you a few times. He seemed interested and you weren't sure if he was like this with all of his employees or just the ones he wanted to fuck.
And you wanted to ask him, but you felt like it might be too personal, too raw and rude to just jump out with such a question, perhaps a little too ahead of yourself, assumptive and you didn't want to be proven otherwise, so you kept your mind off those thoughts and focused on the small talk you were having. "I can relate. I don't find myself drinking alone very often anymore. Too many meetings call for group drinks."
He sounded bitter when his mind passed over those meetings, thinking about the pains he had to deal with from his subordinates in corporate. "I wanted to talk to you about a promotion. You're a promising woman and I believe you're an asset to my company, my services. What do you think?"
You looked him in the eye for a moment, lifting a brow and sucking in a slow breath, "I think that's a terrible idea, sir." And you allowed a mischievous smile grace your lips as you eyed him, a new feeling thundering in his chest when you gave him that look.
"Hm, why do you say that?"
"I'm a tyrant, in case you haven't noticed. I don't think we need more than one, right?"
He knew you were referring to him, the way he walked, the way he did business, and the way he had many ambitions that he carried out swiftly, successfully; buying out company after company. You wondered why he even dabbled in sexual services, but you quickly reminded yourself that sex sells and he looked like sex, so he could sell anything.
"Alright, girl. I'll accept that. But I'd love to see what you look like in a suit."
A moment of silence was shared, comfortable almost, letting your smile eat up the awkward air once again, and he wondered if your cheeks were tired from all that smiling, but he quickly changed it to wondering if your cheeks would get tired sucking him off.
"Why are you sitting so far away? I don't bite, pretty."
You rose a brow at the name, smile faltering and you tilted your head, "Pardon?"
"Come, sit with me."
You watched as his hand tapped the cushion next to him and you leisurely stood from the sofa and walked closer to him, sitting as far as possible on the edge of the cushion, cheeks pressing against either cushions and he chuckled before placing a hand on your arm and pulling you closer to him before you were fully seated, "When I say sit with me, I mean this," and pulled you onto his lap, you were tense.
He made note of that massaged your shoulders after sitting his drink on the side table next to the sofa. "Uhm, isn't this against your policy?"
He grunted under you, lips pressed into a line and he muttered, "It's my policy, and I'll do as a I please."
He gripped your hips, placing an open-mouth kiss against your neck, leaving a trail to the back of your neck and to the other side of it. "Sukuna-sama-"
"If you want me to stop, you can let me know."
He continued rubbing circles into your backside, letting his hands drop down a little further to press his thumbs into your back dimples and he massaged that spot firmly. He grunted when your hips arched forward, your ass rocking against his crotch. "I've wanted to do this for a while now, (Name)."
He turned you to face him, lifting you off of him so he could turn your entire body to straddle and look at him directly. He pulled your hips down, pressing your crotches together and his hands trailed soothingly up your back to push you down closer to him. "Been watching you work..."
You parted your lips to speak, but he had other plans and took the chance to connect your lips, a gentle kiss before his tongue slithered into your mouth, and you didn't mind biting down it softly, letting him grunt into your mouth when you shifted your hips over his to start a slow grind against him. Reaching a hand up to lace your fingers in his soft hair, you moaned into his mouth while your free hand caressed his neck, down his chest real slow, and to his stomach, where it rested against his flexing abdomen under your palm when he ground his hips up into yours.
"I love the way you sound."
"I get that a lot," you smiled against his lips, a small laugh forming and you pulled away from him, much to his displeasure. He didn't want you to move away from him, he didn't want you to go back downstairs with those clothes and that pretty face and neatly done up hair, he needed to see you ruined at the hands of your employer.
"I need to know something, (Name)."
You licked your lips and looked at him again, resting further up his lap against his knees, hands still on his body at his shoulders. Your head canted to the side in wonderment. "I'm listening."
"Do you want me as much as I want you?"
His tongue worked wonders between your legs, giving you exactly what you wanted but he seemed to be holding back for some reason, perhaps he wasn't as into it as you thought. Leaning up from your splayed out position on the sofa, you looked down at him, hands on your thighs in a vise grip and hair tussled around his head, "Sukuna-sama, is something wrong?"
Tumblr media
A single flick of his tongue against your clit had your legs shivering, and your eyes softened at the sensation, "Fine. Lay back."
"No, you seem tense, honey. What's wrong? We can stop if you want."
"I'm fine."
"If you want to be rough, I can take it. Respectfully."
Your eyes meeting in a fiery gaze, he licked his lips before letting a toothy grin display on his mug, "You're sure?"
You wanted whatever he could give you, whatever he would give you. You licked your own lips and smirked at him, eyes lidded and you sucked your teeth, "Freak my shit."
He smoldered at you, eyes darkening even further before he attacked your pussy again, rougher, less mapped out this time. His fingers teasing at your slit while his tongue flicked and lapped at your clit, sucking dangerously harsh on it and you were twitching against him, thighs slowly starting to close around his head when he nibbled on your clit. "Don't do that. Hold them open for me, let me play some more."
You bit your lip, bringing your hands to the backs of your thighs as you lifted them for him to continue lapping at your nectar. "Good girl," he whispered, fingers pressing between your folds to follow after his tongue, rubbing against the bottom side of your clit as his tongue flicked downward quickly. His fingers dropped back down to your slit, pushing inside slowly and scissoring his fingers to spread you open for him, pushing upwards and curling, dragging against the top of your walls. He was still holding back but it was far less than before.
Your moans were like music to his ears, sensual and soothing as you scraped your fingertips against his scalp, letting one leg bend against the bed in a half froggy position. "I'm gonna cum if you keep that up, my love."
"You say it like you don't want to cum..."
"Oh, not on your face. I don't wanna drown you..."
Your eyes were closed, only feeling what Sukuna was doing to you before he pulled his fingers away, climbing atop you in his half naked glory and ogling your fully naked body before leaning down to your face as you slowly opened your eyes. "Then cum on my dick..."
He was quick to pull his bottoms off along with his boxers, and threw them off the sofa, and just before he could press the tip against your clit, you lifted up and pushed him backwards to have him on his back instead. "Let me take care of you first, sweetheart."
Sinking into place between his legs, you took his hot, thick and long, dick into your hands, softly rubbing up and down it just as you licked his tip, a dribble of precum leaking out the head, and it tasted slightly sweet. "You taste nice, handsome."
Turning your head to the side, you sucked on the spot just beneath his tip, darting your tongue out as you sucked to curl around the side of his cock and you bobbed your head up and down, letting your tongue swirl over the bottom of his head and suckling harder before straightening your head yet again and taking the entire tip in your mouth, swirling your tongue over his tip directly now. You breathed in through your mouth, letting your suction of breath do the work when you quickly disappeared his cock down your throat. His hand gripped your hair, pushing you down by the bun that held your hair up, grunting as he pushed his hips up.
"Mmm mmm," you groaned out, holding his hips down and you pushed his cock further into your mouth, down your throat and pressing your nose against his mons pubis, swallowing around his cock and eliciting a pretty string of curses when you pulled back with a harsher suction before bobbing your head quickly, assisted by a quick fisting of his cock in tandem with your mouth. "Fuckk, just like that baby..."
His voice was slightly broken, hoarse almost and deep and husky as he praised your mouth on his dick, bouncing your jaw under his cock as you suckled at his tip again. When your clasped your hands together tightly around his dick, his eyes widened for a quick second before you sped up the pace, rotating your hands quickly and up and down while you threw your neck in half circles to further stimulate him.
"Fuck, stop."
He yanked your head off his cock, your hands still working him quickly and you smiled at him innocently as if your hands weren't sinning between your bodies. He growled at you, pulling you up to him, gripping one of your thighs before lining himself up with your slit and pressing inside with one inexorable thrust. He didn't let up on his rough, rhythmic thrusts and held your hips in place, the stretch burning so good inside of you and painfully so as well. You let your mouth fall open as you tried to accommodate his size, palming his chest when he gripped your neck tightly in one hand. "You were a virgin, huh?"
He placed his fingers between your bodies, swiping against his cock, slowing his thrusts to show you the little stains of blood on his fingers. "I'm so-- agh~ Fuck, I'm so sorry-"
Between thrusts that became harsher, deeper, and faster, he grumbled against your ear, "Don't... be... fucking... sorry."
Your back arched against his chest, he leaned forward, guiding you to fall back against the sofa before plowing into you at full speed and force now, pulling out a strong orgasm from you, repeatedly slapping that spot with his cock. You were shuddering in his hold, moaning out his name between thrusts and squirts of your love juice over his cock and onto his cushions.
"You've soiled my couch, now you can be sorry, slut."
Your pussy clenched at the name, harsher when he gripped your neck again and tightly held his thumb against the side-front of it, keeping your windpipe locked down and occasionally releasing pressure to watch you take in deep breaths before doing it again and again and again until you creamed on his cock that time. "Fuck, you cream and squirt... nasty bitch."
His hips dipped into yours slowly, feeling every inch of your cunt as your pussy convulsed on his cock again. Drawing out a low, long moan from you as he pushed his cock past your cervix after abusing it a little bit, he felt the delicious tightness of your cervix encasing his tip, hips pressed flush against yours now. Toes curling, eyes rolled back, you shook violently against him, clawing at his back, biting his shoulder and rolling your hips in short circles against him, he held you against his chest, thrusting roughly, sloppily into you before turning over and pulling your hips up and down onto him, too blinded by the tight hold your pussy had on his cock to realize your leg sliding up next to his arm, the other straightening out and you started to arch your back and meet his thrusts in a split.
"You must want to be a mother."
You licked your teeth, leaning your head down to him to give him a kiss before turning to the side and shimmying your hips up to the tip of his dick and slamming your body down and wining your hips in tight circles before quickly moving your ass up and down on his length. He threw his head back in a loud groan, feeling his cock twitching in your heat, you quickly rolled off of him just to turn around on the floor, place your mouth over his tip and suck hard, hands squeezing his cock once again.
When he came into your mouth, grunting and thrusting his hips up into your face, you swirled his cum around before spitting it out onto his dick and looking up at him when you stood up, facing your ass to him as you sat between his legs wiggling it at him, "Quick, stick it in my ass."
Fuck, I love this nasty bitch.
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Fallen Angel - Sukuna
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yall ever see a fictional character n be like "this is my rotten little man and i encourage his rotten little shenanigans"
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Tumblr media
A/n: Hey hey hey! So recently I have found my new guilty pleasure, the ✨omega-verse✨(╯✧▽✧)╯so I decided to make a series! This series will consists of three characters, Sukuna, toji, and gojo (and later on my beloved geto but first those three) Also sorry it took so long I kinda had a writers block and then I got an IUD (which had me bedridden like god damn all that for a breeding kink😭🤚🏻) and honestly I was just a whole MESS. ANYWAYS I hope you guys enjoy (*꒦ິ꒳꒦ີ)b
Synopsis: It’s the Sengoku era in Japan, and your a rare type of omega that has been hunted till almost extinction. Luckily you're able to escape and live a semi normal life, until your chosen as an offering for the walking god of the land; Lord Sukuna
Warning: Predator/prey dynamics, breeding, thigh-riding, Alpha-knot, mentions of murder/slavery/harem, squirting, dacryphillia, throne fucking, riding, heat cycle, mating, marking, DDLG, name calling including 'master', knotting,mating press, blood, virginity loss, choking, dub con/fear play
Consider leaving a like, follow, comment, and reblog (。•̀ᴗ-)✧
You never knew if you were going to live the next day.
Thats just how it was, how its always been since you were born in this desired body of yours. Though desired isn't your most favored word, more like cursed. Because it was this desired Omega body that was the cause for your hometown to be massacred and your family and neighbors either sold as sex slaves or harvested for their special healing blood. Luckily it was easy to hide. A small diamond shaped suppressor stuck on your chest in-between your breasts and a couple pills did the trick. It was even enough to trick the towns folk of the village you have lived in ever since you ran away, barley escaping with your life. And since then, life had been decent. You worked as a waitress to a small bar for most of the week, it was hard work but good pay. The owner treated you like his own daughter and the drunk patrons became like a family. And for a bit, death escaped your mind. Just for a bit.
Until your 18 birthday rolled around and as fate would have it, you were chosen as an offering to the Great Curse Sukuna. It is supposed to be a blessing, a true gift to be chosen by a walking god that ruled over the land. But of course for you it was a death warrant. During the investiture process though you were deemed as unassuming and as luck would have it, 'unworthy' to be part of his harem. Instead you chosen as a part of the maid staff, which was fine by you. And once again there was a glimmer of hope that you could live normally. If you could just keep to your tasks, head down, live off of the food provided and sleep comfortably in the maid quarters perhaps you could get used to this.
In fact, in your two years working in the large temple you had never even seen the god. Only the bloody aftermath of a failed negotiation or a criminal execution. You had heard rumors about what he looks and acts like though, over 6 feet tall, marks all over his body, or as the gossiping betas of his harem called him, ‘a true alpha’.
though recently you had messed up.
“You there.”
It took you a while to realize that the cold voice behind you was addressing you. As you turned around, your eyes widened when you realized who was talking to you and you quickly bowed.
“Do you know who I am?”
You are many things but stupid wasn’t one of them, and you nodded.
“Yes master Uraume.”
Unlike Sukuna, mostly everyone had seen his right hand and aid, Uraume. The curse with white hair and a pink strip practically ran the temple and staff but other wise nothing was known about them.
“Good. One of the lords wait staff has been let go and I hear your good on your feet.”
You shivered, not wanting to know what he was implying about the poor maid.
“You will be part of his majesty’s new wait-staff. A true honor for a lowly housekeeping maid.”
Your heart dropped and you forced your self to give a small smile.
“Yes, thank you Master Uraume.”
“Good, follow me.”
As you walked behind the curse you couldn’t help but tremble and you noticed your breathing quicken. Is this it? Could everything end here, your cover blown and you killed or sold as a slave? No, calm down y/n, breath. It’s not all over yet. Yes, you are jumping to conclusions, you took your pills didn’t you? Your suppressor was still there securely on your chest wasn’t it? Breath. And that you did. Because no matter what, you will survive.
The throne room was huge. Or perhaps vast would be the correct word. The white marble floor glistened due to the setting suns rays streaming from the window, as did the aisle of black marble on the floor that led a straight lane to the tall throne. A maid was placed next to every black pillar that supported the ceiling including you. The only exception was that you were the closest to the throne, holding a tray with a ceramic yunomi filled with tea.
Your thoughts were interrupted by the loud boom of the tall doors opening and you did your best to keep your eyes glued ahead of you. For a bit all you could hear was a pair of incredible loud footsteps followed by the thunk of what must be a spear. Your imagination didn’t wander for long until he came into your line of view and you felt your breath hitch and tray shake a bit.
The first thing you noticed was Sukunas height, just how absolutely ginormous he was. Six feet? Try 8, and that wasn’t even counting his body mass. Giant arms, one holding a long spear, could probably crush you in a moments notice and frankly everyone in the room.
The second thing was Sukunas markings. One on his forehead just below his spikey pink hair, a couple others under his eyes and along sukunas jawline and one on his nose. His tattoos weren’t just on his face you noticed though, as you could see the markings on his bare chest left open by his black edged light colored kimono.
And the third, the only reason why you didn’t notice the third first being because he wasn’t close enough, but the third was scent. Being an omega, your nose was more sensitive to the scents given off by alphas. Of course you had been around some alphas with strong scents. But this, this was a whole other level of ‘powerful’. It’s sheer intensity and dominance made your knees wobble, and you could feel your self getting light headed. The worst part was that there was something sweet about it behind the dominating musky scent, something delicious that lasted on the tip of your tongue with every inhale.
“Bring the tea to his majesty”
Your eyes widened and you sucked in a breath through clenched teeth. You screamed at you legs to stop shaking as you took the first step toward the throne. You looked up, and that was your first mistake. Because as soon as your eyes met Sukunas cold domineering vermillion orbs, peering down on you like you were vermin, you felt your blood run cold. You did your best to pull away from his gaze and keep your eyes glued too the now rattling tea tray. Anxiety and carnal fear sat on your shoulder, sharpening its knifes into your ear. Even though you were no longer looking at him you could still feel his gaze on you. Why was he staring? Could he tell? You took another step forward, and that was your second and final mistake.
You felt one of your knees give out as you trip over absolutely nothing and fall right in front of Sukunas feet, the filled teacup hitting the ground and shattering into large pieces. A silent gasp from one of the maids echoed throughout the large room and your mind went deadly blank when you realized what you had done. You don’t know what goes through your mind for the next couple moments, if anything even did, but when you come to your senses you realized your hands had already started to pick up the shards and clean the spilled liquid with a handkerchief. Your mutters of apologies goes unanswered and you feel your eyes start to become glassy with tears. As you go up to pick the final piece, you feel the sharp edge slice into the skin of your finger, blood oozing from the laceration and onto the floor. You wince at the feeling and hastily put the last piece in your pocket. You quickly ran out of the temple but before you left you made eye contact with Sukuna, sending shivers down your spine; fully dilated eyes stare back at you, making fear take over your brain.
There is a silence after your ran out of the room before Sukuna opens his mouth to speak, deep voice echoing through the chamber.
“Who was that.”
“Just a lowly maid-” Replied Uraume before cut off by Sukuna
“Find her.”
You woke up to a loud banging on your door, and even without opening it you knew who it was. After the incident you returned back to your duties, since there was nothing else to do being as it was impossible to try to escape, and you went the whole day without being bothered. Maybe Sukuna had brushed off the incident and forgotten about it, or maybe the gaurds just didn’t know where to look, you were hoping it was the former. But you were wrong. So very wrong.
The guards had brought you back to the throne room, and you jumped at the sound sound of the giant doors closing behind you, leaving you in a dark throne room lit by torches next to each pillars. You were unable to change into any real clothes, leaving you in a old robe that barley reached your knees making you hug yourself for warmth.
Your thoughts came to a halt when your eyes fell on the tall throne a couple meters in front of you and what sat in it, leaning into his knuckles, staring at you.
“Come forward”
That was the first time you had heard Sukunas voice, it’s deepness sending shivers through out your whole body and echoing through the room.
You did as you were told, the familiar musky sent hitting you in waves as you got closer; your gut twisting with the urge to bury your nose into the source of the smell over and over again.
Soon you were at the foot of the throne where you could now see little things you didn’t notice before, like how the markings under his eyes were actually small eyes or that his pink hair was slightly pushed back.
A thick silence took over the room allowing you to hear the quick thump of your heart in your ears. Even though your eyes remained glued to your feet you could still feel the domineering glare boaring into your head.
You raise your head to see what he’s talking about and you see his hand patting on his exposed thigh peeking out from his kimono.
Your brain malfunctions and you stare at the curse in utter confusion, causing him to sigh.
“Are all of your kind fools or is it just you.”
An abnormally large hand wraps around your wrist, pulling you to Sukuna until your straddling his thigh, and you have to clench your mouth from whining at the slight friction of your clothed slit on his tattooed skin.
At this point the smell was overwhelming, and you didnt know if you were trembling because of that or because you were to frightened to even move incase you'd do something to upset him.
"Don’t be scared little one, you don’t know how long I’ve looked for someone like you."
You flinched when saw Sukuna move toward you neck, sending a shudder down your body as he breathed in your scent. When he pulled back, you watched his pupils dilate and a toothy grin spread across his face, facial tattoos crinkling.
"The men in your village are fools"
You barley have a second to take in his words when Sukuna ripped open your robe causing you to let out a shriek as cold air hit your now exposed chest, making your nipples harden into stiff peaks.
"There it is." You wonder what he is talking about until you feel a warm hand settle between your breasts and rip the supprecent off your skin, leaving a red mark. Almost instantly an immense wave of heat hits your gut, knocking the breath right out of you and causing you to hunch over in a mix of pain and pleasure. How long had it been since you took that thing off, years? This was exactly why you never did, because once the suppressant was taken off, years of hormone build up flooded your body system, triggering an abnormally severe heat. Sukuna watches as your face flushes a deep red and your breathing becomes abnormally heavy . You grab onto his robe for dear life with two trembling hands trying to prevent your self from falling off his thigh.
"M-Master please, p-put it back on." Your crying now, fat hot tears dripping down your face, glassy eyes pleading with amused red ones that towered oven you. It was too much, the heat engulfing your body with no outlet to cool down, to release , it felt like you were going to die.
"And why would I do that?" Sukuna moved so his nose was buried in the crook on your neck and breathed in the sweet scent emmiting from you, saliva pooling in the back of his mouth. It was nothing like he had ever smelled before, like snorting cocaine, he was addicted. "Not when you smell this good". Just Sukuna's simple breath on your neck had a moan escape mouth causing a dark chuckle to emit from him. "Why would I stop now when your body craves me?" You notice that you had been grinding your clothed slit on his muscular thigh, arousal pooling through the thin white fabric and onto his skin. It sickened you how much he was right. You had been around powerful alphas before but this was different, he was different, worlds different. It was as if your DNA was made to submit to him and you wondered if everyone around him felt this way or if it was just you. For a quick second you thought about what it would be like to be his slave, devoted to his pleasure, perhaps you could even be... happy? No, no no no that was stupid, why did you think that, can you even think right now?
More tears poured down your face, frustrated from the confusion you felt, how overwhelming everything was, and Sukuna chuckled. He brought one of his hands to cup your chin while the other wiped away your tears with his thumb.
"Shhh dont worry little one, I'll make it clear for you"
You dont even feel his other hand slipping under the hem of your underwear and onto your heat. Two fingers glide along your slit front to back, collecting your juices before pushing into you. The wet clicking sounds of your folds coated in wetness was almost embarrassing with how loud they are. Before continuing Sukuna brings up his fingers for both of you to see, watching them drip with your essence before separating them, gazing at the thick string of wettness that connects the two digits.
You could smell yourself, the sticky sweetness. You had always thought that your scent, an omega’s scent, was that of caramel, but somehow it stung like lemon drops on your tongue when your mouth fell open at the first finger that slid into your sex, the saliva pooling in your cavity hot and sour on your tongue. The first curl of his fingers knocks the air out of you, and you immediately tighten around the foreign intrusion. A hand flew down to hold his tattooed wrist but it was hardly to pull him away, no this was just you needing to feel any part of him under your fingers.You felt the twist in your stomach, the heat wrapping around the string that was growing more and more taut inside of you. You dont even realize that he is three fingers in, deliciously stretching your tight hole, panties now discarded somewhere on the marble floor. Four eyes stare at the sight of his fingers disappearing in and out of your leaking pussy, to the sight of them shamelessly spreading your folds, sliding along your clit, curving back inside you to swirl tight little circles up against your g-spot. Your skin buzzed, head foggy, cloudy with only thoughts of Sukuna's touch. You pressed back into him, arching off a second later and then your hips rocked down. You didn’t need to say anything, not with the way you were panting and twitching, so insanely close to your peak that you wouldn’t ruin it with your words.
“Do it,” Sukuna said into your ear, his words dripping with ridicule “I'm gonna make you come again and again, and then I’m going to fuck you senseless.”
He felt you clench and he grinned, knowing full well that squeeze around his cock was going to feel so amazingly good later on. For now it was about you, and about the way you were coming apart, gushing around his thick fingers and finishing with a silent scream.
Your left panting, head heavy and filled with pleasure. Your too lost in the pleasure to fully register that Sukuna had scooped you up bridal style and was now walking out of the dark throne room through the temples hall. Those in the hallway stopped what they were doing and immediately bent over to bow, though you caught the venomous glare of one of the betas from the harem making you bury your face into the exposed skin of Sukuna's chest in pure shame.
You jump at the sound of doors closing behind you and your plopped onto what might be the largest bed you have ever seen. There is a silence as Sukuna takes in your body; your skin alighted by the dewy glow of a torch in the corner on the room, exposed chest rising up and down and a pair of half lidded teary eyes staring back up at Sukuna. The hair on your arm stands up when he leans to your body and inhale at the sweet scent of you.
"Fuck you smell like candy."
His lips were so hot, trailing down as his hand pulled and yanked at the already loose robe around your torso. Your breathing comes to a halt when you watch Sukuna untie his kimono and the light color piece of clothing drop to the floor. Black markings adorned his extremely built chest, but what drew your eyes the most was his massive dick. Of course you knew it was going to be big but this was more frightening then arousing. Two black tattoo rings wrapped the width of his dick and the same marking on Sukunas forehead was also on the skin right below his angry red tip. Instinctively, your exposed thighs squeeze at the very sight of it.
"I-it cant fit, I-it wont there's no way master"
Even with your cunt still leaking from your previous orgasm, you realized there was no amount of foreplay that would prepare you for Sukunas massive size.
Sukuna simply chuckled at your trembling words.
“Trust me little one, it always does.”
He grabs the fat of the underside of your thighs, spreading your legs and pressing them against your chest, effectively folding you in half. Your face was engulfed in flames at the revealing position you were put in, instinctively looking away while Sukuna stares your body down. He watches the way your pussy drools, folds spread, juices trickling from your hole and dripping down your ass crack onto the white sheets. While still keeping one hand on one of your thighs, Sukuna grabs his cock and quickly swipes it up between your folds, letting the juices coat his tip, then moving to align him self with you. You squirmed at the pressure of Sukuna’s mushroom tip against your cunt, making your breathing and heart beat quicken in exheraltion.
The first thrust is excruciating, like your being split into two, and Sukuna doesn’t even bother to cover your mouth while you let out a chocked scream. He isn’t even half way in, the tightness of your walls preventing Sukuna from going any further. A droplet of blood trickling from where his dick was enveloped by your pussy caught his eye, making a maniacal grin spread across Sukunas face.
“Shit your a virgin aren’t you.”
Your too deep into the pain and slight pleasure to acknowledge his words until you feel a hand on your throat, forcing your tear ridden face to look at Sukuna.
“Look at me when I talk to you brat. You were saving your self for an another alpha haven’t you”
It wasn’t like there was anyone specific you were waiting for, you never had that someone in your life. But you were hoping that the person you’d lose your virginity too would do so in a loving and caring way, but those dreams had been quickly squashed.
All you could do is nod, hiccups interrupting your sentence when you spoke.
“Yes *hic* master”
“And look where you are now, in heat because of me.”
Slowly, he starts to push his hips forward making you arch your back and dig your fingernails into your palm. Every vein on his cock dragged against your velvety walls, catching on your entrance as he pulled back before thrusting back in. his thrusts were deep, the tip of his cock reaching spots you could only dream of hitting with your fingers
It was dizzying. Sukuna’s warmth, the buzz from your heat, his cock hitting your G-spot made your mouth hang open and drool slip out from the corner.
“Fuuuck you feel so fucking good. I’m gonna fill you up, watch you swell with our child, my heir—”His thumbs roll over your hardened nubs as he gropes at your chest, causing you to keen at the added stimulation, “—These will fill with sweet sweet milk." He returned his attention to your breasts, wetting each of your hard nipples with his tongue and drawing slow, lazy circles around them, squeezing the flesh of your breasts with one hand, and rubbing the other hand over your sides and stomach, nearing your pussy. You wrapped your legs around his waist pulling him closer to you so that you could feel his hard length deeper in you you, and he moaned into your breast, biting your nipple.
It’s overwhelming, being surround by Sukuna, your senses, your entires being craving him.
More, more, more.
You buried your nose into his neck, breathing in his scent feverishly, making the sickly sweet warmth in your tummy spread and envelop your whole body. You felt pathetic and small, slick dripping from your abused hole. He uses you like his personal cock sleeve, shapes your insides and bruises your cervix until your entire body jolts with sensitivity. his balls slap against your ass and he retracts his hips until the tip pokes out to admire the sheen dripping to his base before fitting himself back into your snug walls.
“So good- don’t stop, please don’t stop!” your babbling strung out of your lips without much of a thought other than how good he was fucking you, his thick cock driving in and out of your velvet walls. It was as if you were made for each other, your cunt sucking him in with each push and shove that hit at just the right spots.
“Not gonna stop,” Sukuna grunted through barred teeth, canines brushing at the delicate skin of your neck, “not gonna stop until I give you my knot-”
You’re a mess, hair sticking to your sweat clad flushed skin, lips red from biting them due to the pain of the stretch and the delicious pleasure that came with it. You were beautiful Sukuna thought.
“K-kiss” you barley managed to speak out, too lost in the pleasure. “What’s that little thing? Gonna have to speak up for me” Sukuna chuckled, slamming into you particularly hard making your tits violently bounce up. “K-kiss me m-master, please” You plead. Sukuna stared at you. He never kissed the people he fucked, always felt like it was an unnecessary display of affection. But something about your teary eyes desperately looked at him, like you needed him, like your weak omega body depended on him, made his hips stutter for a quick second and he leaned in to engulf his lips around yours. You were needy to reply, moaning sweetly in the kiss. His first taste of you is hungry and messy and desperate — his tongue exploring every inch of your mouth, not stopping the role of his back and harsh thrusts into your drooling pussy. It’s hot and wet, saliva smearing on the corners of your mouth as he leaves you breathless. Lips meeting again and again until you’re clinging to him in a dizzy mess.
The squelches of where your bodies connected were all too much, and there was not a moment when you did not drown in the immense ecstasy of it.
The budding swole at the base of his length took your breath away, the stretch pulling you apart by the seams as it only grew in size.
"You feel that little one? All this for you, greedy whore."
Sukuna's breathing was labored, back all tensed up and muscles you did not know he has rippling with each roll of his hips. His pants and groans got louder as the knot grew, each time it brushed past your entrance stretching you out in ways you had only imagined in your dreams.
The heat on your stomach is unbearable, you can’t take it anymore, it’s consuming you, driving you over the edge so fast that you can’t put a stop on it. Your pussy tightens so hard around Sukuna cock that he almost has to stop his thrusts, your mouth hanging open to scream but no sound coming out as you feel yourself splitting in two, coming with his cock buried deep inside you.
"Good girl." Sukuna says, grinning at the sight. He keeps up his ruthless pace his breathing becoming jagged and irregular. He grunted, watching the way a creamy ring of white built around his knot with each thrust into your soaked cunt. The gush of your orgasm had made a mess of both his and your thighs,cursing at the tightness that wrapped around him.
"M'too much, n-no more~"
You feel something come in contact with your cheek then a sharp sting on your skin following soon after, making you wince in pain.
“You’ll take it like a good omega, got that?”
Sukunas deep voice rings through your head. your ankles lock around his lower back and you cry out when the head of his cock kisses your womb, his balls twitch once more as he fills your pretty tummy with his warm sticky cum. “Oh fuh-“ His voice comes out breathless. It’s such a tight fit that a creamy white ring is created at the base of his cock.
Not once leaving the warmth of your pussy, Sukuna lays down on his side and brings your absurdly small body (compared to his) to his chest. Not a word is exchanged between the two of you, just an understanding that you were his.
Your barley half awake, too exhausted from your heat cycle, when you over heat the conversation.
“Master, the concubines are wondering who it was last night that you brought into your room.”
“None of their concern, in fact,” Sukuna pauses before speaking again. You can practically hear his grin. “Dispose of them, all of them.”
“Excuse me?”
“I’m not one for repeating myself Uraume. Kill them, all of them. I have no need for useless things.”
A/n: man I feel like that ending was so bad
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when he does this >>>
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this is the only reason why i prefer big bro sukuna over them as twins. this kind of dynamic
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ksendzy · a month ago
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loweater · 2 months ago
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Itadori Twins
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